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A Purpose Driven Life

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 23, 2006
    10:00 AM
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the title of our methods call a person driven life some familiar my purpose today in this message is not to discuss the material contained in the best-selling book by author Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in California neither am I trying to chat at hand or just credit hand in any way I just like the title and it fits of what I'm trying to present today but what we're going to do it we're going to look at the book of books that can give us a purpose driven life and at this one right here the Bible but before we go any further let us bow our heads for what fun in heaven I ask that as the open new word is the study about the life of a purpose driven individual help us to find the divine purpose you have given to each one of us and maybe learn to live our lives surrendered to that purpose we pray in Jesus name by the end of this message today I hope it is instilled ingrained in each one of you that God has a purpose for your life whether you know it now or not he does have one for Anaheim going to propose that our willpower on our choice is greatly determined by an understanding and our surrender to the will or the purpose that God has for us so the name Catholic this way I am proposing that the strength of our will is directly related to the understanding that we have of our purpose in life so let us first define what is this film will what are the steps to Christ page forty seven paragraph one what you need to understand is the true force of the will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or choice everything depends on the right action of the will how much depends on how well everything we continue reading the power of choice God has given to men it is their heirs hours to exercise you or we cannot change our hearts we cannot ourselves give to God imperfections but we can choose to serve we can give them our will and he will then work in us to will and to do of his good pleasure thus the whole nature will be brought under the control of the spirit of Christ everything depends on the right action of the will and what is the will simply put it is our ability to define the freedom of choice this evening I get a frontal lobe where decisions are made reasoning power that is the whales the one hand the word will and decision and choice are all synonymous words are not the same thing and today in this world we see that suicide is at an all-time high we also see that depression and emotional and psychological diseases are on the rise we see a significant number of or level of attrition or backsliding from Christian churches there are less and less inhibition in general towards evil I guess the last thing and immorality ultimately the reason for this the reason why people do anything because they choose to do it that's the simple answer why do people get depressed well there might be some physiological insights of neuropsychological reasons are outside of the control yes but to a large degree people choose they allow themselves to become controlled by circumstances and they choose to allow depression to seven why do people become violent immoral and choose to do those things whether we like it or not we have responsibility we can choose what we do how we think how we live what we do what we say people make bad choices because they have meet wheels the power of the will is not sure rain to go I guess the natural tendencies of human nature and one reason I'm not trying to be exhaustive in my explanation today but one reason I believe what humanity is losing their willpower is because they had no purpose in their lives besides why should I restrain my appetite if there is no good reason for me to have good health why should I love my wife stay faithful to her if there is no good reason to do it why should I overcome sin and temptation there is no reason for me to overcome in life is just living on this planet life is just living until I patented when I can never be perfect I can never find favor with God anyway why do it why should I not let circumstances did the best of me why did I not get depressed and discouraged if there's no reason for me to be otherwise why should I give people what my best effort to be full of integrity to do my work so that I am faithful even when nobody's watching if there is no good reason for me to be faithful and use it how it is integrally connected to anything having a purpose in our lives and ability to make good and right and more rule decisions if we have no purpose in my face it we don't have the right purpose which is God 's divine purpose we cannot will not make good and right choices on wheels will continue to be weak so what I want to be today if I want to look at the character Joseph and this is good because we just went over an hour ago says fresh online and we can look at the story while it is on the tip of our economy and we can identify qualities and Joseph or look at situations events in his life that perhaps can help us gain an understanding of how to live a purpose driven life and in turn make good decisions so Joseph did he have a purpose in his life and if so what was it and how did he find it from your Bibles with me to Genesis chapter twenty two Genesis chapter twenty two we begin meeting in verse seventeen Genesis chapter twenty two and verse seventeen go here to speaking to Abraham who is the great-grandfather of Joseph notice what is God speaking in blessing I will bless the net and multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the star the heaven and of the sandwiches on the seashore and I enemy shall possess the gate of his NICs was at the gate of his enemies verse eighteen and in fine seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because you have obeyed my voice with me now in Genesis chapter twenty six Genesis twenty six versus three and four Genesis chapter twenty six beginning in verse three speaking out God speaking to Isaac 's sojourn in this land and I will be with it will blessed before under the did I see I will build all these countries and I will perform the oath which I swear Abraham thy father and I will make thy seed to multiply at the stars of heaven and will give and to thy seed all these countries and in five seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed both looked now and Genesis chapter twenty eight Genesis twenty eight verse thirteen and fourteen Genesis chapter twenty eight beginning in verse thirteen and behold the Lord stood above it I said I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father and the God of Isaac the land whereupon now lies to be will I give it and to thy seed and I see each of the of the dust of Europe and also spread abroad to the west to the east and to the north and to the south and in the and in vice city shall all the families of the earth be blessed this was speaking to Jacob Bullough all all through his family history to Abraham Isaac and Jacob Joseph remembered he learned he had heard and gone it has been in the line purpose dogs that are in your family through URC shell of the entire world all of the earth be blessed through the seed of Abraham the Joseph was brought into this world he was he had the early aunt got been instilled in his mind I am from a peculiar people God has given me a divine purpose I am in this world for a very special and specific purpose a look back however at another passage in Genesis chapter fifteen and we're not just touch on it now and will come back to an amendment Genesis chapter fifteen versus thirteen and fourteen God is speaking to Abram Abraham actually budget with Abram at this time noticed was that chapter fifteen of Genesis verse thirteen and God said to Abram know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not bears and shall serve than invasion of click than one hundred years and also that nation whom they shall serve will I judge after which they come out with great substance so another promise was given that before the nation of Abraham 's family will become the mighty nation that will bless the whole world that will be in bonding for four hundred years to a different nation in which they are strangers and after the four hundred years that they will come out with great substance keep that in mind keep that in your brain somewhere within a come back to the Lucknow Genesis chapter thirty seven Genesis chapter thirty seven verses five through eleven actually for the sake of time I'm not going to read all of these verses I know at least and the lessons study group I was with me read it already but let's just read verse five and Joseph dreamed a dream and he told that his brethren and they hated him yet the more a dream to Joseph Dreamcast had to drink the first rain they were binding sheaves of wheat and his brothers to bow down to his and the second dream was there with the sun moon stars and all of the celestial bodies bound I don't know how the kids held that celestial bodies could pay it will be a census was as year two oh one but somehow they connected with brought home that somehow someway sometimes Joseph was going to be a ruler and his family can abound down Joseph recognized that in his life there was a divine purpose his purpose was bound in being a special group of people a special messenger a special need that through which the entire world will be blessed Joseph had a purpose how did that affect his will how did that affect the ability for him to define and to choose what I want to do now for the remainder of this out together I want to practice a Bible study strategy to get off and I've been asked how do you study the Bible how can I read the Bible and get something meaningful out of how to have morning devotions well unless walk through one such study method with you today is a well-to-do we're going to look at various aspects of Joseph's life taking events I went through I would take ourselves and insert ourselves in Joseph you when you study the Bible especially the story the Bible are are primarily made up of stories if you just insert your cell at the character and you begin to think as though you were in his or her position all of a sudden Bible study becomes vibrant because you are able to understand what is going on why do they think that way how did he come to that conclusion and we begin to see that attention and the conflicts and what happens in the mind would be able to understand those things that is loaded with elected justice life and there can be many questions that we could ask want to just ask too many questions to make questions first question would be what in the particular circumstance and event that would looking at what was the decision that Joseph made what they decide what they need choose to do how they can choose to react at the number one question what was his choice whether you decide the second question is why how what reason was there that allowing him to make such a choice okay go the two main questions that begin Genesis chapter thirty seven Genesis chapter thirty seven verse twenty eight I'm assuming that we know the background to the stores online and read all the verses just the primary ones that will tell us where we are at verse twenty eight Genesis thirty seven twenty eight then surpassed by Midianites merchantmen and they drew invented of Joseph out of the pit and sold Joseph to the additional life for twenty pin pieces of silver and they brought Joseph into Egypt we know what happened here we know what the background is the story Joseph had been betrayed by the Brothers K gold is relevant about the sound to the Midianites down to Egypt and in yourself now chain and shackles walking down towards Egypt's new families can just over the hill that way and you're thinking to yourself what would you think how would you feel what are some words just simple phrases that can describe what Joseph must be going to what evening nothing but promote there are many words in one needy tree scared in adequate unprepared lonely heart traumatized in it sure maybe he can maybe feel like I don't know how to react I think it wasn't all feelings that Joseph must have experienced during that time and now this is the question what would be the natural reaction if any of us are any normal person was in his shoes what would be the natural reaction to such a circumstance or something of that magnitude such a traumatic event happened to URI what would be the natural thing for us to listen and intercell in just a few out there you know I would I would be tempted to give up this spare exactly become bitter to become will full of vengeance to become hateful to be depressed and can you imagine if you succumb to those feelings what would be the result of the rest of the story Joseph could have ended up being a fighting bickering cursing swearing their young adult recipient like that almost every day if it were not for the Lord 's grace and the power of choice we would be missing and that is the natural inclination of the heart to become controlled by her circumstances and we might say just about every right he grew up in a broken home he didn't really have the proper training that he needed to deal with such circumstances but yet what did he choose one of those name questions now what did he choose to do each of if you were here last week ever the path of computer prop she chose that regardless the cost no matter the price he was going to be faithful and actually stand out of a recognition of his purpose Joseph was able to say yes this is that yes I know but God has revealed to me to my family to hear the divine purpose there is a reason for this I mean I understand now it may not look like it's going on right now for me I'm going down to the pit the agent by God has a purpose for this and because I know it by faith I can choose to ride upon the circumstances that's the power of the Potters House Joseph how do you think he found one he was elevated to the position of chief steward perhaps in his mind he could begin feeling maybe this is he feels justified perhaps maybe a little complacent maybe he begins the field this is what God had in store for me because the inverse of the looking a little better now the natural reaction at least for me having gone down to the slave block being betrayed by family and now be trusted by one of the most powerful men in Egypt I could sit back and begin to think this is not too bad become complacent to be redesigned to the factor assumption that this is as good as it gets even in success is it possible that we are making poor choices is it possible that there is a time when we must exercise the will power to go against what we feel is right what will give a earthly intent world success is it possible when Ms. is not a protected Joseph what what what what what evidence on Fox I went through the mind of juice what if I offended Mrs. Potiphar does it cost me my life but this is what God called me to do things are looking up for me I can do that but yet deeper within his soul he recognized that his purpose of divine purpose is far deeper than simply being a chief of the servants in the household on and he was able to say no I will not commit this great sin against God because Dawn had a grander great her purpose in my life and he chose to go against what would grant him continue to secure the what we give him a comfortable think that life because he knew he had in the line purpose when you're thrown into prison how do you think he felt that again the second time perhaps he might be tempted the field gone there is no good reason for me to be faithful to you let me down why should I be faithful still where are you now I thought things were going up I would like me by the people and you did for a while but why am I in the line I am now again that would be my natural reaction again feeling of bitterness depression brokenness her wallowing in the mire of what was in the martyrdom syndrome but was that what Joseph allowed himself to go into what was the choice that he may how does he decide to exercise as well the Bible tells us that he ended up being the chief of the prisoners he began to take responsibility than he was instructed in prison and when the baker and the butler came into his life and they were downcast they were no low-lying misjudged range of issues I will come to them and what was then throw a pity party all I find that very however all these guys are no good anyway I've never done that whining company in misery but what is the new what was their choice what they will do he said was wrong child as a result of the selflessness and his heart he was able to interpret the dream and a chain of events you know the rest of the story brought out the pit of slavery but when the when the story of the Butler was ended happily happily and he left the prison he said I'll remember you just how do you think Joseph felt when he waited day after day month after month expecting word from the Butler hoping against hope that there is some glimmer of freedom of end of this tunnel but only to have his hold extended to a law gruesome death it was truly years before the Butler remember Joe's if you are injustice shoes in that prison during those two years how would you feel you've gone down and when you think you can go any lower he just went down some more and when you think you got the rock-bottom but the drill and drill down for more and you are at the core of the art blessed hope in their Joseph said to have said themselves I give a John UIQ much for me forget it what good index my life under the blade but what did he choose what was billed will this vision the power of his will what did he decide to do you're still faithful he was still courageous he was still doing his work faithfully at the end of those two years Pharaoh called Joseph how do you think he would feel that when we say just another one of those experiences all just go and help out when I'm going to throw me back or maybe he should've come out as the bitter unthankful unrefined untruth cursing swearing slaves that he could have allowed himself to become geek comic book there I said that Beth Butler on helping forget it can imagine it's been thirteen fourteen years of being misunderstood wrong betrays the yes what did Joseph choose to do instead he changed his agreement and he shaved tomatoes of look proper any presented himself before Farrell with dignity and how could he present himself in that way because he understood one very important thing in that it had gone have a purpose or at any moment he needed to be ready to accept that the door is open and now is the time to go and he recognized when the wind of employment or when the Sarah of Egypt called the door was open and he could choose to decide and he made a decision based upon an understanding that God had a divine will chorus line and is so much more we can go into when Joseph becomes Prime Minister how do they feel what decisions they made they make he could've gone home flight that his new coat of many colors before his family look what he did to me when you went to one of the new data but even he could have killed his brother but he did he forgave and how could he make such a decision it was because you recognize the divine will price you and his family through this family of broken people gauntlet and let the whole and he was going to do everything in his power make every choice possible to make that purpose occur and take place when Joseph was about he made mention of his bones he should carry him I don't take me back to Canaan don't bury me here how can we make that choice because he could I said Bill Bill Neil monuments building up how let's make some great legacy for me here in Asia but he said no he can make a decision because he recognized that the purpose of God for his people was not an agent always back in the land of Canaan and he wanted to make his lasting legacy for ever indelibly more into the mind of the descendents there is a divine purpose for us God 's people this was a very herby discussion of the life of Joseph you get the point our lives and our decisions are driven by or is if not why not do you recognize dog than mine Mill and purpose for you because he surely has I can't tell you individually what each one of you is reviewing the work I can tell you that but what I can tell you that collectively as a body of believers God has given us in the line purpose and our individual purpose just like Joseph individual purpose must must be compatible one thing within the paradigm of the grand there greater purpose God has for his people someone of that purpose what has God called I had eight people to do Revelation chapter twelve in verse seventeen Revelation chapter twelve and verse seventeen and the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ we are now a part of what's called the remnant of this the bazaar worming about God promised Abraham what the shell all the earth be blessed and after the after the death and resurrection of Christ we are now in the Christian era in which Abraham 's seed is now transferred to spiritual Israel the promise and the purpose that existed in the life of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Joseph and the main purpose for Seventh-day Adventist remnant church of God today God has given dreams and visions he has been assigned in the sun moon and stars in the heavens to identify this movement and the final one and God is saying what you drive no longer then normal line who no longer to live like anybody else and make decisions and often when our will on the vision our choices must be found within this paradigm within this sacred circle of the will of God the purpose that he has arrived at the final generation that will perfectly reproduced the character of Christ in the world and show there are lines words and actions every nation kindred and people is there a purpose for us to as the how are we choosing how are we living how I'll be making our choices this width in the double-blind will reveal the God people in this book I can't tell you how to live your life but I can tell you that God has a claim over you and your decisions somehow someday you will be accountable to God and why not live our lives and making decisions as Joseph did abound within the sacred sanctity of God 's will to live our lives in harmony with the divine purpose that God has given to this movement as I design today you want to give the Lord your with because upon that will add briefing the is dependent we cannot give of ourselves of ourselves to God but we can shoot and that is much worse today most of our father heaven we are men and women of the week will and we recognize that often is because we have lost sight of the purpose for each one of us and collectively as the body of the Lord to recognize that we are living at the remnants of your seat that is Joseph had the divine purpose of the lasting the entire world the two had best singer help us to make the decisions and to conform our wills and our lives and our words and our fine actions and habits for ever according to that with me we live in harmony of the revealed will which is found in your word and help us be faithful like it was no matter the cost no matter our feelings no matter the apparent circumstances and consequences that may come help us to have strength of will to live according to your purpose for us today blesses we pray in Jesus and


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