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Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

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  • December 30, 2006
    10:00 AM
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James the five starting at verse fourteen when the reason is any opposition is sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up and if yes committed sins they shall be forgiven him confess your faults one to another and prayed one to another that you may be healed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man of me with much on message this morning 's prayer in a prayer and the let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity we ask more than she would show up in our message this morning I saw the garbage you make me not be seen the Lord you would speak through me this is our prayer in Jesus 's and then James is a powerful writer and spoke very well on many subjects and one of the subjects that I like that James wrote about is this idea of prayer and community inside the church in order to gain victory this is something that sometimes seems to live in many of our churches where we we we seem more antagonistic inside of the church rather than cooperative inside of the church and army in order that people gain victory sometimes we focus so much on smaller issues that huge issues are overlooked so in other words sometimes we focus on what that family is eating let's say rather than how well the family communications how well the children and the parents connected of course I would weigh in on the books like that is whole and and and messages the young people write a lot on the civil aspects of the family how well we communicate how well we get along well we all fall into order in the home a lot of times because we can see inside the home the church can't neglect some of these issues is still reacting when George walked very unhappily married yet everything on the charge of a smile in the end they sing in the dress-up and become mature but realistically their homes are miserable and anyone who wanted children turn eighteen or nineteen and twenty and to leave the church and never come back why did the children this was in the church family why would children leave and never come back what happens of his family because you can see a side of the family and so often we in the black speeds of the issues of the family is that we look at what we can see it we judge often based on what we can see of the family so we all mastered to some extent most about a mask that inability to put up a charade office saw that when we come to Georgia when we go to school when we go to work everyone looks at everything always looks like it's okay even when at home or in five volt whole world model reality maybe in payoffs James that if not it's not supposed to be that way you're not a member of the Church of God in my Christian and you can be totally confused at it you can have no support footage of you you wander aimlessly without others who believe disappointed James says no that's not the way it supposed to be instead we looked well let's look at prayer in Roulac and see how God expects us to function together not even just as the nuclear family but as a church family that expects us to do certain things in order that we receive support I submit to you that one of the biggest challenges facing America today is the challenge of a people feeling well and supported and feeling encouraged even a visitation from our document will be open with your company now called an hour static load the aliphatic load is relatively new concept it is a concept based on the Palm allocations which is common the next step from homeostasis they've now looking at the fact that the body changes in order to survive just like homeostasis brings us back to stability in order to survive but we find that if you are climbing a flight of stairs spacious kitchen and your heart rate goes up and you might even if you exert yourself enough that the release of some endorphins and so forth and and and even some on Google Court avoids indefinitely like adrenaline like to get if you're really running up the stairs fast as anybody changes in order to the deal with the stress has been placed on the stress of running up the stairs of stress of a fast-break basketball game the stress of the test you heart rate might go about your you know you focus a little bit better because of the adrenaline nobody changes in order for you does a lot what what size is finding out is that with the house that our static changes in with what is happening those changes are not properly if in other words if you begin to change to survive yet the stressor is never removed from you then those allosteric changes begin to cause disease so in a set of monkeys there was an experiment that would express the monkeys and how distress among the put too many of them in the cages but can't pilot once you've indicated they can study and when they test their blood they had higher levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline they were really at the cortisol levels in the morning or higher and the monkeys were really abducted by acting up and wrapping up the systems and getting them stressed out the monkeys were able to devise better in the short term a far better for food it was stronger than they could they could clear up space with him in the being overcrowded and what they found is with time we had an accelerated rate of atherosclerosis compared to the same monkeys put in different cases with enough space so I must face as he can so they can survive better but without removing them from the stressor bodies began to literally break down they began to set up disease state now I say that because in a way in America were like the monkeys in the cage were going so fast try to do so must try to accomplish so much all of the time that we wonder what is the X factor week week because you know people who do well in a drink of water is sunshine and love the Lord yet still come up with serious illness there is an X factor that extract is out of spaces if you have not settled more recently deep in your mind that if you are super sensitive to stress you can ask them accelerate disease is like trusting God is one of the principles of the health message the wind that in this new year as I've been studying this up and wondering how do you change that what is not built in what should we be practicing certificate here in medical school or residency your nursing school and public health the pharmacy or if you were caring to try to go into retirement on or about that much out of your hoping that guy proposes that he seems to not want to how do you deal with the stress the Scripture gives his word in this new year understand that prayer then becomes more than simply something you do to connect the goblet of prayer in a prayer is one of the few things you can do to reduce your aliphatic low I believe this is one of the reasons that the Adventist health study comes out the window you noted in one article that will be published this summer and probably I should mention this to the primitive articles before the release is recommended by someone here on campus that African-Americans in general all across the United States would live better if they all became Seventh-day Adventist the study the science is overwhelming that if all African-Americans converted to happen to them and lived in after the lifestyle all African-Americans would live longer and less disease burden they would do better the study is overwhelming based on what we are weak but we've gotten instead data from you have a self-study but I believe the X factor in this is trusting in God when we have a problem as Christians we can take our problems walked into the feet of Jesus and laying them down then we don't have to carry the load like the monkeys in the cage instead of God is given us a mechanism through which we can get rid of our stress is not that we don't have to learn to become stronger or to develop but we don't have to do it in our own strength we'll have to run on our old adrenaline to become more powerful will have to rely on are overweight or old brilliance in order to pass exams by the grace of God we have been getting a system by God in which widely practiced what God has taught us to practice God shows up in our lives and make out unlikely to mold yields eight times the scenario is the equation so to what seemed like the highest rate and the impossible God opened up avenues and both of the state can imagine how stressful it would've been for the children of Israel just left Egypt ten plagues the firstborn of the Egyptians slain not a stock which will rock the sea and she and the chariots of Pharaoh coming from behind the one of those stressful situations all through the old all through the story they will do the same line flexible agent they can handle the stress and eventually to read a lot of molded soft being unlike endless runs very well either when Moses calls on industry that opens up a highway where there was more gone it lays the enemies of the Israelites however submit to you that the dog that allowed the corner children of Israel to walk away from their enemies on dry land is still available to you Jane says is any sick among you the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord I submit to you that maybe we don't do that kind of intercessory prayer like we ought to let maybe when we have problems which shocked the real estate was struggling in school or having trouble with American is difficult because you trust with such sensitive information by challenging additional year to find a circle of friends a circle of believers whom you can take your deepest tissues to so that you walk in price over that issue I challenge you that this year you make appointment you don't carry all of your spiritual bargains and wait on your own instead you find others that you can gather around and play with weekly old or daily or however often it is possible and if you leave your tissues there with the group in prayer Jane says that this power in this is organizing to pray that because the Bible describes God who listens to his children and so when we play I believe that energy to placed part of prayer that God hears and sees the benevolence of his people and almost the only because of group of believers that shall inflate the price is not as all right let's work this thing out we not do it if you pray will show you will be pray together with each benefit of seeing how God works about one other person and by seeing our balance of any other person each person in the faith is strengthened verse fifty seven the prayer of faith shall save the sick and a more gentle raise him up and if he has committed sins they shall be forgiven him the prayer of faith shall save the sick I remember when my mother was it's been a little over a year not Obama the past about in November of oh five from a disease of leave is very much stress-related multiple myeloma and questions dying out there in the hospital the hospital she ironically was an administrator of the Sylvester Cancer Institute University of Miami in Florida I remember asking God as we were praying for her healing on the last weekend of her life why wouldn't show up in healer why it is that God would allow her even though the Bible says what it says here why was it that the prayers didn't seem to change the course of action and of course she died that month early that Monday morning late Sunday night why when I read the text again God showed me something the point of prayer over the sink isn't simply so that the sick are healed and upcoming come back to their full strength in the physical term plot of what is supposed to happen is that you have committed since this as we begin but I'm not one of people that walks around saying the gospel toolbar heard God say something I don't do that not that he doesn't but this time I could feel a strong presence from the Lord and my mother was dying and died and I was itemizing what God is the one you would allow it to face the same in his church I could hear almost a little with the word of God Satan she has been perfect why would you want to hold her here and began to make sense of the players and I think her process of dealing with the real you look at the one of the perfect artist yet begun to really let go of this world to get it all out whatever in our character got me the chills await what I needed to change the seller and I like that she had been changed and as we were agonizing over her and she was praying that they will make legitimate and not all the wisdom that at this point you can sleep and I seamlessly with the about allowed herself as one around in the big scheme of things when you look at all of eternity that's the best ending for the story because one day I want to see her again and if the story ends the way the Scripture says that end which I believe it will not really did not say goodbye to my mother at the funeral all I needed to say was so long prayer is that because prayer changes the way you see this work prayer takes its origin no longer see the physical world you'll begin to see the spiritual world allies over the circuit when the servant said look the armies of the enemy are all around us I in more open eyes what I am open is able to see that is able to think and you'll doesn't realize is serving a looking up and seeing fiery church areas all around you I submit to you live in our daily lives we would be in the if we can see the presence of God working on you prayer causes you to stop focusing on what you can touch and feel and helps you to focus on the invisible spiritual world and God 's sometimes we pray and we pray just what we can get out I was reading the Bible as we can this am what worked where I am I believe a believe what are you listening to Solomon which movement is whereby adopted the author it is a different dress was really the Lord is makeshift wooden translations for beautiful poetry compared back to one of the older ones that we didn't have a little bit of grounding him him lose me but I believe he says the husbands should love their wise so that their prayers will be hindered edited in place when the Bible says that James of leave he says pray you have not because you ask not abusive and when you ask you don't receive because you ask only so that you can get what you want and what he means is world we want is a new drivers but when we play this year praising a different type of prayer prayer selfless prayer let's focus on playing for someone else this year but all the zombie of privileges you because the things of the over sixty assets confessed the fall one to another and pray for one and one for another that you might be healed the effectual fervent prayer of unrighteous man of day with much confess your faults one to another archer Jamar Ramona Norton will now over six and she would ever notice that we started a powerful men's Bible study group the first few weeks I went to Bible study I thought it okay to the bunch of men that Bible study this should be interesting if nothing else different opinions what is happening is that the men had never had a form with which to confess their faults so we wound up getting really get to the Bible on Friday night because the men what they are talking about the struggles in their marriage the struggles of sexual purity solvents struggled with pornography on gambling all kinds of things when the men came together and week after week confessed a false talk about this in talk about their weaknesses talked a lot about half and eventually he began to see the men's lives changed as we began to pray and I think daily now all over them we saw a man come back to him marriage is restored with him and come back and had been reunited with children the courts had taken from them we saw men were on the brink of the voice of them that was put back together we saw the woman battling sexual addiction tell us that they were living free about addiction for the first time in Canada twenty years the Bible says confess your faults one to another so that someone can take your fault and use them against you by opening a month and soon you have the weakness saying you have a problem you invite God into the situation and then with others began to pray and what will frame it here's the problem with sinful addiction is sometimes only half for a doing the things so much sometimes you don't really open up and pray like you said on the issue because even while you're praying you might be planning the same again the working drug allergy to tell you how many times they fought and tried to quit doing whatever they do I remember being in Atlanta this year the Congress and were outshot among the church were Martin continues to be associate pastor and his father was passive across the street was a center and a gentleman walked up to me actually for two dollars and I simply want to outsource only by next system clock in the afternoon six ounces at two o'clock in the afternoon into the distorting my great thanks that would facilitate what was walk to the store not by an example to set nominal its way down there you walk that far of course is looking out of my detail that he was addicted to probably crack cocaine right outside of Martin Luther King 's church in between the church and is and is and is monument right across the street there is a man asking me for two dollars leading Mumbai cracks of what I did as I said looking at a camera traveling with a table are maybe two dollars but I want to interview you on camera for young people that they can hear your testimonial story short optimality doesn't matter I even got a friend in Baltimore gave detestable toothless testable busy right and selling areas given the story and he began to talk and tell us how many times he had been in rehab and only time you try to quit crack and he told me that I haven't that cost him fifty two of you home four hundred dollars a week depending on how you get that walking around the streets in assessing what would it take for you any reason for saying this on the streets you smoke crack cocaine until you die there is no freedom he said there's no way out of this addiction we pray over him I got spirit to rest on it but I don't know because how could he even seemed like one who really want for a four freedom from the thing is not in its current condition some of us are like that man we know what we're doing is going to show us was virtually not enough savings are working to destroy us yet we want to be free on a level but but we don't Friday I was supposed to because of unbelief we don't know that God would free us from it and on top of that will be really sent it so pleasing to you it has become a part of you with a study done on pass through the old basketball across the United States in one study I randomly will increase in their years ago forty percent of the passes responders had been a problem with Internet pornography addiction forty percent of the past if the pastors well let's assume that the funds are less prone to addiction than the members assume that whatever the sooner more members but maybe somebody would argue it to go the other way at the end of the day when the devil gets his 's claws in you with addiction to a sexual sin especially but anything the devil does not let go so James says confess your faults one to another interesting of modern psychology especially if they do something with the group therapy has become so popular wireless group therapy work if you have a bit of any of the BMC RVA group therapy sessions for many the part of things I believe because it applies this biblical principle I can use Sabbath school prayer meeting Bible studies whatever you have used them and ask God to show up as we talk about our weaknesses you may have for quite important thing that women's Bible study men's Bible study maybe married men but merely make the circle smaller and smaller but this year let's deal with sin for review not to superficial manner not where everyone can see it but this year let's deal with the core issues that are destroying each of us this year let's pose ourselves must come before God in humility and let him agonizing in prayer ask God to free us from sin the Bible says that Jesus is coming back for church without spot or blemish but as we near the time of trouble and believe me we are coming close to a time of significant trouble out of all of you saw the discernment of Christmas are met here on Fox news network where I am of the pastor of the church Saddleback Church in Orange county Rick Warren preached a sermon where he describes it as being an attitude that if God loves the party downloads parties and where you basically mapping and did an incredible job watering down the best am sorry if some of the big fan of Vermont village on the best and please when a peace plan and he wants to bring all denominations all religions together again I submit to you that the end maybe very much closer than we think it is time now for us to pray without ceasing for us to look at ourselves and ask God to urge us M that's what we thought the church and with good soda we are acceptable in the Santa Barbara let us pray father God we thank you for your word more this year let us not pray simply so that we get what we want not simply praise and we did move things along or or or or extend our careers Lord you bless us with those things as you see fit but fog obviously but is pray for deliverance from sin father got this year let us pray that we have new characters father God sin would become more detestable to us than the foolishness of this world would become even more foolish in our eyesight father God we would become your chosen people chosen because we live a life that is acceptable to our God father God let's let us not be so concerned about other people think this year this year father let us keep our eyes focused on you and in pleasing you is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen


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