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Change Your Clothes

Alistair Huong


When we think of successful Bible characters, Joseph is one that frequently comes to mind.  A classic rags to riches tale that seems so hard to believe, that it seems scripted.  What was the secret to Joseph's success both in the earthly, but more importantly, in the heavenly sense?  It was because he learned to change his clothes.  This message shares what that means.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 29, 2013
    11:00 AM
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pray for my father told me when your word have an richness that is found in the thankful for the Holy Spirit who comes to suggests and to guide us all day may help us to not just need the words may the words change our lives and then he Jesus how many of us here today want to live a successful life I think that goes all the course every time I hear something like that stated in the old days yet the preface that they are the world measure of success and then is God 's measure of success and we obviously want to be measured by heavens estimation but when you think about these scriptural character or scriptural characters in the Bible Bible character I think one name would probably come to mind what we asked who would be going to consider a successful person to get many many many that we can list but at least the one I think of it might be because he's one of my favorite Bible characters in Joseph and classic rags to riches tale in fact his riches to rags to riches it's like a well scripted story the conflict emotion the resolution all of it is in there but in the midst of all of this we see a person who live a successful life and even to the I initiated an uninitiated though they do not believe in God to fill in an individual that someone with no response of the God will look at everything wow something special happened here but of course more points was Joseph is one of the most sterling characters in the Bible some might even say he's one of the few characters in which there is no sin recorded no immunity from God or the prophets and in fact in the book of Genesis Joseph story is given more attention more space than even Abraham Isaac orgy more than atom more than the story of the fall more than no on-the-fly Joseph story takes up more chapters in the book of Genesis than any other and when we read about them we see that he is indeed a character that were the emulation so that the question we want answered that Jake Jacob Joseph how did you obtain such success how did you attain success both in the world dies whether that's important or not is debatable but how did you become successful in heavens arts how do we fulfill God 's purpose for his life because I believe that we can glean the lessons from his life perhaps we can live a successful life as well I am here to propose that this secret the secret to Joseph success was that he learned to change his clothes Joseph learn how Hain is core what can one mean by that if you have a virus let's begin in Genesis chapter thirty seven Genesis chapter thirty seven and will be personally I somewhat familiar with the familiar now this this famous story we've all read uncle Arthur's Bible stories that so let's just pick high points first three chapter thirty seven of Genesis now Israel or Jacob love Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age and he made him a wife called out what many colors I think the conversions me stated differently but we seen that picture I the rainbow coat the code that signify me is that special one some have even said that the coat the coat of many colors that could represent a long rope long please which means this child doesn't have to work your out of feel they are shattering short roads is after Ron instructions why do they so what does this coat of many colors represent to Joseph in records that had a boy old childhood is represented by seeing what the favorite the hand heard one and maybe there was a little tinge of immaturity maybe naïveté I mean honestly what a streetwise young person go around telling his older brother that he remember the much older and he knew that they were jealous and they are sort of rough people in the story of Levi your all around you are not your gentle mild-mannered older brothers and this tile in his childlike innocence maybe he was being bratty I don't know because it tells a dream that someday Juergen am now down for me what child wouldn't do that if he had a little bit more sense about not singular than what a terrible childhood he might just be a little young and inexperienced and that's what represent you remember that's not the end of the story about that coat let's look at verse twenty three same chapter Genesis thirty seven verse twenty three and it came to pass when Joseph was come unto his brethren that a strip show them all I was told his coat of many colors what happened on that day Joseph Kane he looked for his brother and brother that half if I can get even with his brash they took off his coat relevant and eventually sold one days experience was the turning point in his life and that day was the day he changed his close what does this say about page record profits page two fourteen on his way to each of the display Joseph 's sole grilled with the high resolve to prove himself true to God under all circumstances became a subject of the King of heaven he would serve the Lord with on the mind and heart she would need much while of his lot with fortitude and perform an evening with fidelity and making commitments here a commitment that hey her young spoil baby of the family would not rain is obtained to happen here the Joseph on that day I continue reading alignments is very clear one day 's experience had been the turning point in Joseph's life is terrible calamity had transformed them from a child who may file full courageous and self possessed so what happened on that day is sure in that day in that moment when a long coat of many colors Joseph went from being a spoiled little child to becoming a man that the first step to success the child must become the me and what does this mean in this passage this means that he made a commitment to our visa run the car 's future plans the God who does not matter what happened at serving God and I are ongoing and will not identify anything that happened I will perform an green duty with liability he was no longer just a child he's now man and in fact keep your finger Genesis were coming back but looked over to first Corinthians chapter thirteen because if uncle Paul does something very similar something similar that we ought to take apart first Corinthians Chapter thirteen verses eleven you know this is the love chapter all of these things verse eleven near the end he says when I was a child was taken away as a child understood as a child I thought as a child but when I became on I went to I put away I hope this means that what happened with Joseph when he learned to change his clothes the change in how I was being enclosed out of his coat of many colors indicating that they put away childish things within the to put away childish things when I think of the workers highly stress I often remark with you to me market my mind open Jesus said he must be a little child that he would if you're entered the kingdom of heaven one yes is there a difference with being childlike and being childish there is so discounting at all what Jesus said the meaning of faith in our heavenly father as the innocent humble child but we are to put away childish things what does it mean to put away childish things is it possible for someone who has outgrown the age of childhood disability child law we need to be the judge of that but when I think an childishness and I think I might have a little experience having been a high school teacher for a while in my mind I think you are I see this attitude of I have my way if I don't get my way will we start counting our system is not marketing you know that picture right child if I don't get my way and him they are being unfortunately at this kind of attitude in the root overvalued because of what happened next the child grows and is used to getting his way and we as a vinyl didn't want away not to do what I will tell and you can tell me what you like you can tell me what to do my teacher didn't tell me what to do and certainly not tell me what to do and we end up with other dahlias are we doesn't want anything to do with the that is why that is why we've got to learn to change your club we got to learn to put away childish things and how old was Joseph when this happened in his life seventeen years old he was a thirty -year-old grown man he was a teenager I believe that in today's society and have mercy of this happened in the church as well but I believe we expect too little of our young mail out into the children and so far into adulthood when Joseph was of him when he was seventeen and education for years in Academy was okay with all of the course was taught the principles in his father 's home so what am I trying to say before any boy or girl or man or woman before any of us can attain success that is found in fulfilling God 's will in our lives his purpose for our future we must learn to change our a clone to put away a child they recognize that we are responsible human being that we can make the choice to serve the Lord with an undivided heart we've got to get to that point and that the first change of clothes that Joseph went to change as close again you know that let's go in Genesis chapter thirty nine what happens next Genesis thirty nine Joseph is working as a slave and conference house and verse seven tells us of Genesis thirty nine and it came to pass after these things at his master 's wife cast ride upon Joseph issues that lie with me but he refuses that is not his wife the holy matter what if not what is within the house and intimate all that he has my hand there is none greater in the South nine either Kathy kept back anything from me but the because you are his wife how then can I do this greatly and soon against God the kingdom half as he stages of the by David hearkened not to live primarily with her making the past about this time that Joseph went into the house through the business and there was none of the men of the house there within she caught him by the environment saying line with and he left his garment in her hand and fled and gone and now he didn't just change his clothes he lost his close but the question is why David is the Joseph said he committed as part of his life instead lawyer either being shipped off to a foreign country as a slave by committee I will live my life I will do is bring me in my power to be the for any individual in person one evening at bearing the devil in the world and the devil is for sure not going to let you get away with things like the one that he's going to write in upon you the pressure is going to look for the meek areas in our armor and control cannot he cannot ride is going to send this is going to run with the wrong way he's going to try and make us all and that is actually what happened to Joseph as the Joseph learned in this second exchange environment the next lesson you learned what he was accountable to God all she had to learn that he must do what's right even when no one is even if no money no fee is still in the site of a holy God pager profits again page two seventy if we were to cherish a habitual impression that God needs engineers all that we do and say and keeps a faithful record of our words and actions that we must meet all we would fear to says let a young ever remember that wherever they are and whatever they do they are in the presence of God the very motives others are open to divine inspection every act every word every if this is the only more as though there were only one person in the whole world and the attention of heaven were centered on often we teach and I'm guilty of this communication young people older people that we should one right because there is only one if you want to write about a video around God will deliver you just like Daniel just like the regime voice in the fiery furnace but we actually need to learn the lesson of Joseph and we need to do what's right even if there's no mean we need to live a life of integrity that got an offer for a if we tell the truth yes you might do that feel if you tell the truth you still get in trouble if you are honest you might still lose money okay are you I still love her but that doesn't change the fact that we are to do with what society we would be here if we didn't learn those that will but you know there's this thing called here pressure let's admit that your pressure is not just a teenager from teenagers yes perhaps with a more pronounced syndrome but even grown men and women suffer from this the result of peer pressure as well oh you hear what the neighbors thought old year with so-and-so did well last week at potluck I overheard a so-and-so did such as the way it is a veracity and the mindset particularly in a country like the US alone Barnett on the Billboard Boulevard on the radio on the Internet on TV that we need more community like this person would be like that person we then I thought only person we're trying to please God and indeed sometimes standing up for our convictions going again I am here fresher truly does feel at all as if there is as the strip naked by Joseph I think that's an apt illustration of what it takes some time the current case just as awful are conditions to stand up to that is wrong and I am not going along with that and then let me in the second change of clothes we need to learn to do what's right because it's a right not because we get rewarded not because someone else pointed out with simply because it's the right thing to do and it might not be as big of an issue with adult but remember that he that is faithful in that which is least will also be faithful and much and you see we really can't get to this point of being in having that type of fidelity and integrity to God we had our first put off a big load it we had not learned the childish things because now we need that she really to live accountable in the site of a holy God to be willing to leave our environment in the hair of the seducer Joseph learned to change his clothes but he changes his close the gap and this time it's the prisoners enough he did what's right where one is to do now while does Joseph do now Genesis forty one verse fourteen axis spell it out here Genesis forty one verse fourteen then Pharaoh sent and called to live in a brought hastily out of the dungeon and each day in himself and changed his rain came in unto Pharaoh 's of the morning the Pharaoh he then has a proven close I read this in a dressing propaganda page two eight he helped out this phase and patience his years of faithful service had been most cruelly repaid yet this did not render him arose or distrustful he had seems that comes from conscious innocence and entrusted his case with God he did not intrude upon his own wrong but for godly sorrow in trying to life the sorrows of others he found a way to do in an God was preparing in the school which are greater usefulness and he did not use the needful discipline is the in the dungeon Joseph changed his clothes again and this time what lesson he learned he learned to not just apply not just to get by a hard time you learn to arrive in hardship you learn to do well in the word in the school of flesh because look what happened his righteousness was rewarded with imprisonment he helped the Butler remember the king maker and Butler had a dream that he interpreted the dream and it came through an admin but was reinstated your member Joseph 's final words remember me when you set the bar we member me I'm not trying to say that you have whether living office on Lala land an e-mail and he didn't realize he was in prison only marrying well-recognized where he was easily as close to rise above it and even after leaving the earth by the R Butler from God which you sometimes amino acids adding insult to injury he's already innocent he doesn't belong there and before for two years how easy it would have been for Joseph and lying liar who felt any all morning I've had such a rough life all I had never even expected that what I did to deserve it all of the terrible people my brother however his wife and mother grumble grumble grumble admitted that probably what we would and then we were in his shoes I don't have what I would know how I know because I complain so much already yet if everything we had learned that change at all shows that cheese is to relearn healthy and what does that mean he learned apology and an example were told in first Peter chapter three going to turn their but it said that Jesus entrusted himself to himself they handled just in righteously we know the end of the story yes someday God will humble give a reward to the righteous but until then Joseph learned that all the or line a fair and we need to learn to not become biased but to rise up on it and that the lesson of the prisoner 's uniform because you know the difference in the life between the life of the Christian life of the unbeliever is not that there is an absence of hardship for the unbeliever are they were joking no kidding ourselves only think that sometimes we think all Christians get all suffering all the misery we also kidding herself only think that Christians have no problems right everyone has problems related as well that is why even if you don't believe in God you might still lose a job like that happening all the time and the difference between the Christian than an unbeliever that the Christian life 's in the hearts that this but of course we can she's not but we have a source of strength and able us so it's not possible for us to reach this point to be able to provide integral role in the school of affliction if we had not yet changed learn to change our for our sleep club because a childish person is the person who complains is an I'm not getting what I deserve so I'm going to let everyone else know I'm with rotating my eye Ms. do what I want and we lose our peace and were skimming my cards God because he will allow this to happen to us when you learn to put that aside but when I graduated that we might say I'm not a childish person I'd only on that kind of young acting up so we come to church in ways they all have is how are you oh I'm having such a blessed week but inside were grinding her teeth and we say old old how could you do this to me oh Lord then you see what I put in the offering plate last Sabbath how can we allow this happen like this is why I really don't carry that anger and jealousy and bitterness toward that person wrong happens one years ago and we carry that burden but out beyond the day long as nobody perhaps we need to learn to change your clothes I chose to be able to put on the prisoner the health and safety at I don't wish to be in this circumstance yet I pay you I am suffering the Lord Jesus I'm simply walking your footsteps and I entrust my ways what would you have need to learn in the school of afflictions strengthen me for the future that how Joseph live he changed his clothes but he doesn't change his clothes one more time that in Genesis chapter forty one verse forty one Genesis chapter forty one verse forty one Joseph has come to fairly interpreted the dream and given advice verse forty one said Pharaoh said unto Joseph C I have set the over all the land of Egypt and pharaoh took office ring from his hand and put it upon juveniles and the Raven investors of fine linen and put a gold chain the main arrive in the second chair in which he had the crime before him bow the knee and he made him ruler over all the land Egypt on final drive Joe is now getting adorned with the Prime Minister rose and finally he reaches that place where God yes now erect now you are ready to save the world because it is not really exactly what do the dog has to immediately through all of those experiences in life to get him prepare this point where he can now be the thing you are the more Moses had the records of Egypt as a fugitive and hard seat for forty years before he delivered his have to go through the experience of the drawing brother he had to live with a widow and her son in the homeschool their path before you send a height of car Jesus himself had to do or thirty years the ridicule of his fellow brothers and his friends working in a carpenter shop thirty get a fast before we can initiate his ministry Daniel was taken captive to admit a unique in that it was enrolled in the Babylonian University he was tested before he received the gift of prophecy over and over again we see that Halloween holy holy history every successful individual went through this frost of training of the changing their clothes and I think you see by now what am I trying to say I'm really not I don't really care what your closer outfit what color clothes you wear whether the coat of many colors are not the point here you understand all were talking on your character development the development of the our relationship with the God of making those choices in life that enable us to make it one step further along in the Christian journey and you know that is exactly got planned for trying out for Scripture reading in Zechariah chapter three Zechariah chapter three will actually read a few more verses your than the Scripture reading will begin in verse one Zechariah chapter three verse one is set and he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist the Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you Satan even the Lord has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you is not the subbrand out of the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments stood before the angel Joshua Abhay Prejean represent God 's people answered as they can to those listed before thing take away the filthy garments from him and him he said people are on document would need to pass from me and I won't change I will close the with change of raiment and I said that instead of their minor on his heads of a set of their minor upon his head and clothed him with garments and the angel of the Lord stood by you see the point here is that the judge also representing God 's people what God has brought purpose God has for us if you change your call one way this is why two men and women might just what indeed is only happen through the grace and merits of Jesus Christ killing them can do nothing on his own just let me have nothing to recommend not so but we must allow in our mind Jesus can do that change or front to say I don't I don't want anymore I want to change the club 's I want my ladies clothes anymore I want to change the close I don't want my prisoner uniform anymore Lord change my clothes and you know something is wrong to get in the book of revelations are in there with me the book of Revelation chapter seven there will be a group of people went changed clothes revolution chapter seven verse nine after this I beheld and Lowell a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and people at times still before the throne and before the Lamb clone with white road and Paul in their hands and he cried with a loud voice a salvation for God rested upon the throne and unto the land God wants to change her clothes and going to be a group of people standing with the white rose that Jesus offers what really I wanted to find a number don't you said today we want to be successful in heaven are just like use of what we don't need to be the president of the United States for the following are glad when the President of the United States but we want to have success that has been here is the reason the world Virginia the high-fat heart baby of the family member in the coworker classmate made in the friend in person for the kingdom maybe you can make a difference in helping the poor maybe it's making an impact making a dent in the world in some small way whatever it is that's what I want to do whatever the Lord 's will is for my life so that is a desire today with me as a lawyer I'm willing to change my clothes and by history gracious father we thank you for the story of Joseph Lord if you are able to do such wondrous works through him or me after you do the same for us transform us change is into that man or woman you have us talk courageous self-possessed willing to be faithful not at the cost and able to endure affliction as our Lord Jesus did in that role through that experience in final able to fulfill the purpose you have in store for us in making your kingdom on this earth it with us as we go from this place he doesn't just train us in the coming week meters the us in our hearts Jesus this media was brought in by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio tours .org


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