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Did God Actually Say? Always Ready with the Word

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • June 19, 2013
    7:30 PM
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heavenly father we are come together just now seeking your presence father we need you more than anything I'm praying right now it would turn our minds away from ending the busyness of the week from trials from whatever may be going for minds and just now that are our minds would be locked into your work I printed your Holy Spirit would rain down upon us that you would teach us what you would have us to know and that you would make us the people that you want us to be that we would be transformed by the renewing of our minds father we give the time to premature give wisdom to give the words and anything that should be left out be left out and exactly what you have in these moments would be spoken to me Jesus and your word be uplifted we pray this in the name of Jesus amen you have your Bibles tirelessly to Genesis chapter three the beginning now you may note Genesis chapter three and obviously you go back there right to the very beginning to Genesis chapter one you have the story of the creation everything at the end of chapter one the Bible says everything was very good then we come to Genesis chapter two we have made a kind of a deeper understanding of what was taking place in Genesis chapter one and then in Genesis chapter three we have the depiction of the fall the fall taking place it says in Genesis chapter three beginning verse one Genesis chapter three verse one fifties is now the serpent was more subtle or cunning than any beast of the field with the Lord God had made and he said unto the woman him as God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden also known as the very first picture the very first mention of this serpent that we have in the Bible the Bible said that the first words that come out of his mouth is he a has God said so in the league as the serpent is portrayed in the Scripture now we know there's a background story we read Revelation we've seen easy deal we know what goes on in Isaiah in the background story of what happened in heaven when here in Genesis in the very beginning the outset of Scripture we see a picture of the service and immediately he's questioning God 's word has God said has God said this is what the serpent asks them as we think about this we live in a time where this question is still being asked obviously in the context here it was about food it was it was about food at that time did you lose me or is my audience along okay all right so the question there at the very beginning was about food has God said you may not have eaten you may not even all the trees of the garden obviously the question is asked in many different ways noticed that receives response and within the woman sent to the server we need it each of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God said you shall not touching you shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you die once interesting were told we are specifically told that these actually overreached at this point she spoke more than Lebron had actually said no gone had said while you should not be there but she added just a little statement she sent neither shall you touch it you can actually look at other working you can look up network overreached she called her reach what God has set an weekend on the danger we didn't handle the word of God is something ever so small that happenings in the work actually bring difficulties our own spiritual life begin to imagine if he is just in your imagination sleep the serpent somehow got into this talk is an bulbar Onset of Utah State new new I guess what you just touch the inhabitants die cease immediately after the word of God we can put ourselves on a dangerously but nevertheless this star brings suit begins my ass in the question has on in the same thing happens in our lives today whether it's in our own mind whether it's by outside influences maybe we asked the question sometime I know my wife was sharing in a camp meeting one time a young man was basically asking the question of how God said really that we can commit fornication that we can't have free marital sexual relations in these kinds of things as God said we can begin to rationalize why maybe certain things in life are okay as gods and we denounce feel-good new good list everything 's able to pass the savings you cannot you do have to keep all the ten Commandments but what about the fourth one was not important someone's house God said virtually every hour every question how about skepticism from the Bible begins with every resident has gone really set and we know that we live in a time or one of the very clear things and has asked his house of God truly said that he created the world being six states has gone really said is that really what the Scriptures teach on you I know it says God created in six days because it really mean is that really what the Bible means to meeting those first six days are long in definite periods of time some might say right but if you read the Bible very clearly says in the evening and the morning were the first day writing an evening in the morning with a sixteen and those on the recent there was one evening and there was one morning the Bible is very clear to the skeptics ask that very question and we don't even care the revolution CDs don't really care what the Bible says that they think the evidence of science seems to show that the earth is roughly four six billion years old that the universe is fourteen to twenty billion years old and this whole idea that the Bible gives is just a figment of some Julie's imagination this is what the skeptic would say cancel the skeptic laughs and says and to Christians leaving your little imaginary world will live by faith when we scientists lived by side we live by what we can taste what we can time travel we can replicate in the laboratory to you you pathetic little believers you believe by faith you believe my face what is God said has God said believe that God said that he is not scientifically must not be a God I miss is the idea that what you think about this is remote using true that all the Christians live alone my favorite antievolutionists are living in reality they are living by science NASA and asks now been ordered to answer that first of all we have to do meaning and definition real quickly what is space what he is saying now the evolutionists are you happy we have science keepers Chapter 11 will be resembling the mathematics is seen to be scientific or a religious word scientific or religious work I'm typically we would think of it as a one a religious works so in the religious word and you must mean a religious definition for that work and what better place to go than the Bible for the definition I and you may know he was Chapter 11 very important verse in the Hall of Fame Michelle eleven was one of the Bible says now faith is the substance of things hoped for the Amerindians when the conviction of things not seen he was unresponsive and now faith is the substance of things hoped for the Anthony's when the conviction of things not seen so faith is believing Mormons at all I believe somebody is having a conviction based upon what the Bible calls and meetings Faith is believing in something that you have never seen based on what you believe in the evidence right according to the biblical definition of his bleeding rat happenings that have convicted him to believe in something you've never seen very simple I want to think about this if you believe in God have you ever actually seen him yes or no vast majority of us I think it were honestly as I haven't seen God right now there have been people actually claim to see God yes or no Moses and God healed him in the cleft of the Rockies he was only allowed to see his back parts of the claim at least it seems uppermost as he was living by faith but also by site but most of us and we would like to think about this for a moment so if you believe in God you never seen by your believing by states as of the evolutionists and how you believe and I think we believe only by sight or maybe not decide what things we can either type check we can discern with our senses or the mathematics award through scientific empirical data that you live my thing but let's ask is this true that evolution is based everything may have upon hard to assess scientific data that people have seen not listening to mothers from him I have an article on that I only I had the original article and the computer but I just typed out the quote here in the April two thousand and two discover magazine noted in my disease in secular nonreligious periodical is not a Christian our new publication here in Discover magazine in April of two thousand two hundred cover story that said where did everything come from winning and raising come from and this has actually been under that title had some catching which read these words is this the universe burst into something from absolutely nothing zero not having out and housing on bigger they became filled with even more stuff that came from absolutely nowhere how is possible ask Alan good his theory of inflation helps explain everything now according to keep in mind so something amazing what I think evolution teaches that the universe meaning there's always been matter matters always existed and so we universally finance that is not the truth science actually teaches that there was a time when there was nothing absolutely nothing on time space matter or energy but there was absolutely nothing and he said this state of nothingness there was an explosion that created the universe Bellamy asked to rush did anybody ever see the big bang yes or no no resolving that is multi- saw the Big Bang you could shoot was to believe it but that would be believing and based upon things you understand so it's a St. Louis music habitats American lobbying family with and for the Big Bang we have written shift and when you look out through telescopes to see that talk when you actually looking in the business shipped a huge change to read and as a result that tells us of the planets are moving further away on about the plans are moving further away anything out there moving from the way they used to be in a central location courtesy they run a central of you will find timing before that when there was nothing no I think there was a time when there was nothing I solicit what we believe that based upon what we believe in the evidence but the Bible says if you believe in something you have now seen him based upon Japanese people have seen and you want to the fact that it has an evolutionist and as a creationist begin with the same foundation and that he is safe the idea mapping from floor and nothing put forward is that you have to say the name assigns a friend of mine were sitting with an atheist in Iceland and talking with him about it and as we talked he finally said you know you're right it is your right anything we should don't think he was running yellow people aren't enough momentum to the blaming the reality is people base to base our understanding of the universe around us based upon things legally this is taken from new scientist magazine another secular periodical and this is an article by an astronomer being the darling this astronomer David Donnelly 's article was called on something from nothing meaning I never talk to you about something coming from nothing as the actual believe in evolution notice what he says what is a big deal the biggest deal of all is how you get something out of nothing this is amazing to me remember this is not a Christian you know article it is as so he's talking about something coming from nothing in any sense of control the cosmologists trying to kid you on this one they all have a clue either despite the fact of you doing a pretty good job of convincing themselves and others that they didn't this is really not a problem meaning nothing becoming something decent home and tricky one if they have no idea how that could of happened eagles on a safety business is cohesive in the beginning they will say there was nothing no time sleazy matter or energy then there was a quantum fluctuation from which any sense at all stop right there you see what I mean first there is nothing then there is something and the cosmologists try to bridge the troops who would be quantum flutter speechwriter of uncertainty that sparks in all and they are away before you know it may have pulled a hundred billion galaxies out of their quantum acts what he's saying is this whole idea is nothing more than a magic trick how can nothing become something and the answer is including something nothing never becomes something and an honest astronomer and honest evolutionist anyone in the University is it really possible for nothing to become something using now that is an impossibility yet evolution teaches that there was a time when there was absolutely nothing else to make us no time energy not think an exploding now you can believe that based upon what you see the evidence but keep in mind that is believing based upon what the Bible calls faith you see I want to think about this when I hear to put down a decent talk about how dumb they are not at all many of them are very intelligent thinking people and the fact is beating them over the head by showing them how house it leave their interpretation of the world around us probably is in a convert very few of them would you agree you think you made the kinds of people coming to treat you poorly inside how stupid you are no this is not what I'm using on it all we want to learn how to show them off what's very interesting is which came on a newspaper just a few weeks ago actually and it was an article in the specific article is called listening to young atheists and secular newspapers call listening to young atheists less as for a stronger Christianity by Larry Alex Totten and businessman Larry Alice thought it was a part of a group of people called the six point foundations and what they did is they wanted to know more about young atheists so they went on to secular campuses and they these groups these secular easy as they were skeptical groups and they wanted to interview these young people to see what makes them tick what everything really respect in these kinds of things silly interview them literally they had these these personal interviews with these young skeptics and what I find fascinating and inaction may surprise you from this article listening to young atheists we read these words speaking of skeptics he says they express their respect for those ministers who felt in the Bible seriously skeptics respect ministers to the Bible seriously and then he goes on this missionary Alex started skiing he had been in a personal debate with Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens was a staunch ABC Digest a few years ago you can go to be very old in cancer is a heavy heavy drinker and he was kind of philosopher NEDs to debate Christians and obvious leery house talking and debating him and he says that this is in his article he says following are two thousand ten debate in Billings Montana I asked Christopher Hitchens why even try to salvage me on the stage the way he had so many others these reply was immediate and emphatic because you believe it this lyric lyric the wind you wanted to salvage me on the engines really terrible like many of these other Christians are debated and is the easiest response was hiding out in the chew on the stage so severely you shall believe what you teach and he respected him for being a loving genuine Christian he respected him for that we now feel our former church attending students expressed similar feelings for the those Christians unashamedly embrace biblical teaching Michael a political science major at Dartmouth told us that she is drawn to Christians use of scripting that is drawn to Christians like that happening I really can't consider increasing and good moral person if he isn't trying to convert me as an atheist is an inherent atomic number convert me I don't consider you a good moral person interesting angles on the surprising as it may seem this sentiment is not as unusual as you might think it finds resonance in the well published publicized comments on pain Gillette the easiest illusionist comedian I used to heavy drinker now drink at night as I was getting ready for bed and I be sitting watching David Letterman in the evenings and potential lack and Intel are these two comedians are member watching them back then and there these two comedians and is this large guy with long hair and tell her is a very small mannitol or never speaks ambiguities magic acts and so forth and antennas a comedian says funny enhancements mean was magical while these these are well known magicians well-known atheists noticeable and Gillette this these popular skeptic says this is the CDC says I don't respect people don't proselytize I don't respect that role if you believe that there is a heaven and hell and people could be going to hell or not getting eternal life or whatever and you think that it's not really worth telling them that's because it would make it socially all were awkward how much do you have case somebody to believe that every everlasting life is possible and not tell them that they some Iranian glass of water if you can these men as easy as says he says how much must you hate somebody who doesn't know about Jesus if you believe in eternal life and is a him him again and held the Sean and you don't tell them how much must you hate this eighties and I don't respect you I don't find it to be a moral person if you're not trying to witness to people and are not trying to share your faith than others because I have no respect for you these atheists are saying listen I respect people include me of what they believe legal eagles on the same comments like these have caused every Christian to examine his conscience to see if he truly believes that Jesus is what he claimed to be the way the truth and the life friends I want you to think about this from the word of God the Bible says is quick and powerful right in the beginning me the serpent has been trying to get us to question the word of God right from the beginning the questions and ask time you really trust in God 's set has gone really really sick and even skeptics only maybe questioning on when they see Christians who actually live out the word of God he touches their hearts these stores are hard it stirs their soul I just sometime in the was reading a true story about a piece skeptic and atheist when he was amusing was going around his town and he was debating the Christian ministers as he was the meaning of Christian ministers time and time again that you brought I appreciate the time and time again had had sinless I beat them at their own game I didn't identify all of their lodging and as he said this is decent as can be done at their own game as anyone from pasture to pasture any of them may be imagining a frustrated and got angry with him and finally one day to resort team when sweet young man and he began to throw off his accusations against the Bible try to demean integrating the Scriptures in this young man instead of trying to debate him with philosophy and trying to debate him with Joss logic you know this man and this young man included the word of God to every question the skeptic is this a skeptic would reason objection against the world on these young men look for the word of God back to him and anyone raised some other ostensible question from another angle what ended up happening again what you need to include the word of God came after hearing yesterday 's heart began to be convicted true stories this is happening is hardly unchanged and he said after speaking with this young man after speaking with this young man he said I now believe which I for what I formerly deny study the Bible with this young the word of God touched the heart of this atheist he appreciated the sincerity not just arguing not find I'm more intelligent than you I know philosophy better than you I know science better than you but rather I've been working on I have I have seen what the word of God says it is touched my heart it is changed my life just this week I was listening to the testimony of a man who had formerly nominal believer he wasn't a believer in believing a word of God and his wife though she was a believer and his wife was in a classic church in this class they had to they were memorizing Bible verses you are memorizing seventy two Bible verses and the end of the course they had to quote them to somebody and sunny and make sure that the recording and accurately send and receive the role you know whatever and she was she went to her daughter and she said we can cut I quote and I quote designed to go over some some new contacts would you let me share them with you and Jason Jan busier and I can do it right now in Houston overheard you know exactly what she was talking about anything I'll do it what was going on and she handed him these seventy two Bible verses and she began to tell him and he and Artie said he would do it know so we sat there she began school at the first verse Nancy quoted he sees his wife sharing the word of God and shingles on the second third the fourth ten twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy and worse and searing the word of God from the memory of his wife anything you know I actually do slice of life ending Jesus seems reasonably be signal I really did appreciate the lifestyle of my wife I I like the way she was acting in the home and when she got through the seventy second verse he said my share stood up on the back of my neck and he said I began to think maybe maybe there is something to this book he went to bed that evening the next morning he got up his wife was was getting ready for church in leading the church with her the next morning he got up put on his shirt put on a tie and he went to church with his wife for the very first time and he went right to that class where they were memorizing all these Bible verses any signed up to memorize those seventy two versus that next Wednesday night he gave his heart to Jesus Christ in the next week and he began memorizing those seventy two versus the word of God change this man's life where where Justin Bates we're trying to show your angel here creates brand intellect would not have one the word of God lived out in the life of a human being as a witness we know that the Bible says in Matthew twenty four and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness notice it doesn't say the Gospel we preach just by creating a documentary sharing the Adventist message me to share with skeptics but I do not believe that just the message alone is going to do all the work for us in the last days this is the message will be spread as a witness on nations God 's people leaving out the word sharing the word from their hearts the word that has changed their life is the living Word of God 's word is as powerful as quick and active as he was the former 's twelve sets God 's word is transformative do you think about this news this week is the text that we are basically starting his first Peter chapter three verse fifteen which has but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to everyone that asks you on the whole magazine new with gentleness and respect there is a King James is with meekness and fear someone to think about this for a moment is to be ready always to give an answer to everyone but before it says that he says but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts one seventy if we are to be genuine Christians we number one to sanctify the Lord God in our hearts number one we need to have gone wholly hard to sanctify me sinusitis holy right gone it needs to be set aside as holy in our lives God needs to be the center of our lives God needs to be the first thing we think about when we wake up in the morning gone instantly our experience in life when we wake up in the morning set up a finger off going on Facebook and seeing the show eat a burger last night instead we open up the word of God we open on the word of God and we are being transformed but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts first of all in our experience in this life we need to be made right with God 's we gambled the answers we can amble in this evolution we can have all the answers the philosophy we can have all the answers to the skeptics we have now sanctify the Lord God in our hearts there will be little if any power to the message that we share we need to be spending time zone and challenge of you are spending time daily in the word of God you will not be ready when Jesus comes back in the closet if you are not spending time dealing with the Savior me holding him in his work you will not be ready when Jesus returns to sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an answer France we need to be ready we need to be ready after we spent time of the Lord we need to begin storing of God 's Word in our minds and in our hearts we need to be the people this atheist is talking about these and I respect those who tried we don't come bashing over there not all the Wheaton comes in and unlock leaving out the life of Christ but also sharing many times we want I know I know it's very easy and with such a place like California where we can have a social gospel where they actually went on in that same article that I was reading there to say on TV some of these young atheists I think now we we went to church and we heard about social justice we heard on all these different things but we really didn't know what Jesus meant to us person to talk about social justice in helping the poor helping them we should do those things for sure will one reason only we can help the poor and we can be lost in Italy lost returning this pendulum this this this magician is eighty is as if there's any turning and turning again and you don't share it with summary because associate we all kinds if we don't feel a desire to share with others I believe Jesus was a lesson you need to be born again he needs born again even he seems since the meeting a silver something wrong with you if you don't want to share Jesus the way the truth and the life with people we need to store all sorts of number one we need to spend time of his pain and his wife number two we need to find answers we need to build a Bible study can you get a Bible study can you do someone to be saved can you teach someone from the Bible what baptism is all about can you teach people about the ten Commandments and I thought holy forthcoming management can you teach people about what happens after death he needs old ways and be ready with the word of God we need the word about stored up in our minds and in our hearts this is something that is very near and dear to me for years storing up the word of God in my mind and my heart out to the initial reasonable early on when I came to the truth I knew there's an end coming there's a time of trouble I knew that and my thought was is a time of trouble coming and I am a hard headed knucklehead and I know this is my thought is not true some wrong about what I knew but I thought I'm so hardheaded I probably need to be persecuted I probably need to be thrown in prison angle using very difficult times and so I better memorize a book of the Bible so if they take my Bible at least had something with me and their is to memorize the Bible just because I thought someday I will do a lot of trials right saturated and I've been storing up the world one definitely not the best reason to do it but it's been a phenomenal experience since then using the out mowing the lawn and have a better devotions then when I was having devotions morning finding out shoveling snow and have a deeper understanding of the word as I'm going through a chapter in my mind because the word of God is living and active learning to meditate upon the Lord in the days and nights as it says in Psalm chapter one and in Joshua chapter one three zero zero Joshua chapter one verse eight this book of the law for us that would be the word of God Cinemas find Pentateuch this book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth but thou shall meditate therein day and night that thou may just observe to do according to all that is written therein for then shall make thy way prosperous and then shalt thou have good success we want to have spiritual successor let's talk about financial success is finding success in a career on talking about a spiritually successful like that we need to the Bible says that God said to Joshua we need to meditate upon God 's word day and night with this world would always be on the tip of our tongues Proverbs has a beautiful passage that tells us out on your ear twenty two seventeen and eighteen out on your ear and hear the words the wife's fly your heart on to my knowledge for it is a pleasant thing it helps even when a new patient with all be seated in your lips the word of God if you're thinking about if you're paying attention to it they will always be on the tip of your tongue to always be ready to have an answer for those who question you how you have hope in Jesus why do you believe in a silly story when you share a word of God that is touched your life and change you listen it will convict they may not shall we see on the face but it's the word of God has power windows share the word of God God told us he told us that he is worried in Isaiah chapter fifty fibers eleven is word does not return unto him for you but it accomplishes that which he pleases and it fosters anything where to intersect every time user you can know that is prospering in our meaning they can soften out they can find the word not when you're sharing there is power in the word of God there is no power in debating philosophy with the skeptic is not even power in debating evolution there is power in the world that we can have answers for evolution I do seminars on creation and evolution I mainly did for Christians because all my friends several of my friends were atheists are non-Christians the NATO summit Sheldon and creation was more logical they were transformed by the light of a genuine Christian and by the word of God after they came an appointment enthusiast that is even scientifically more logical but it was the word of God to transform their lives but I want to think about this maybe some of you are afraid to witness meaning you can try medial trying to win this and you have people scoff at you and see we have something that's even a little more difficult than your average Christian average Christian Jost talks about Jesus and Jesus alone inure with the change of iDisk in Oceanus and SDRAM running I will write guaranteeing a matter as the average idea right but parents we have something more we are calling people like the Bible promised to repentance to faithfulness to the law of God to a true transforming change life and is not always easy because many the Christians we must often make fun of us Jeremiah knows exactly what that's like you may remember the story in Jeremiah chapter nineteen Jeremiah chapter nineteen we have that picture features Jeremiah chapter nineteen gone tells existing hotel is realized the people of Judah specifically the people of Judah that they were sinners that the internally from the onslaught and Lisa go take a popping smash potters vessel smashed in front of incidentally these is what is is going to happen to people of Judah and he will not be able to be put back together and so he began to preach to the people to the Israel are the people of Judah I should say and as you preach that just after you get in there was a mammy with Asher the son of humor was the women the cheese cheese guard of the house of the Lord he was a teaching governor of the house of the Lord this man and he came unto Jeremiah and he struck him at least whether you have somebody else do it or did it himself this is a disjoint journal mile and put them in the stalks in the beginning of Jeremiah chapter twenty one the stocks in the Hebrew were a mechanism a machine that window which he delivered he was the body of the individual was put in the stocks so he's beaten these are seemingly flawed and input indicating contraction of contorting and putting his body into a painful position and Jeremiah is struggling in a situation to think that would be an easy thing to go through the religious people around you the religion of all those around you there mocking you because your preaching the truth from the word of God remember he was preaching the truth he was freaking to follow the commands of God the PeopleSoft data they made fun of them literally the Bible says that they were they were scoffing at hand and make them even persecuted him and Jeremiah was so troubled to think about why would you allow me to go through this and in Jeremiah chapter twenty he has an amazing statement in verse nine he says then I said I will not make mention of them were speaking one his name Jeremiah decided I'm not imaging on to speak anymore in his name gone through all these trials I look like a fool for God 's sake what is the purpose of preaching the ten Commandments which makes me look like a moron to the nation to the kids at school what is the purpose and then he said Van I said I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his knee that was his decision he said but his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones and I was weary with holding back and I couldn't wear the King James as I was weary with I was weary with houses are forbearing and I could not stay so he says listen I decide I'm against me anymore about one hundred and speaking his name anymore I'm not into it these are trying to do that to his word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my balls he said I couldn't hold back I had to speak I've been storing up for some years the word of God my heart just this week driving on here I designate documents specifically for skeptics for nonbelievers that they can see the advertisement and the truth and I was absent you don't look kidding about the with my wife and I was unlocking in business longer God and immediately in my heart was this feeling you need to go get immunity for vaccines and my initial thought was I will not speak any more of him or talk in his name not those exact words you understand but no I wanted to and I got inerrant Chinese know nothing about it and the guy behind the counter goes and makes in my burrito for also I feel my heart give this guy once who him him just on a thing among the new just before they see in my mind seeing this exact verse of Scripture into my mind but he's word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones and was weary with forbearing for I was weary with holding back could not say I couldn't do it so I don't want to reveal and delete on the road with my wife delete on the road on their lamps outside of Stratford and then I and and so before Maisel illustrated as I pray together and then I said all right of the next I ran out of the car and grabbed a few DVDs I ran a guy at the counter I gave him a DVD and I and I ran to the long-haired Kitty 's history door and you peaceably the dozen sites that I really got along and I gave each of them one and the long hasten to thanks know and I just knew I is also blind leading grant I know wholly great guy I knew it was the word of God it was shut up in my heart God 's word to speak to us if we haven't stored up in our hearts maybe maybe it's hard for you to witness you don't have the word of God in your heart because you have Facebook in your heart maybe you have I don't know later in your hearts maybe you have some television show in your heart and you can talk about Facebook you can talk about twitter you can talk about the television show you can talk about your boyfriend or your girlfriend because they are all in your heart that I get things in my heart that on a beer also the Bible says in first John two fifty sixteen love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world of love the father is not a I is so maybe we have a love into many things little and his workings and as a burning fire shut up inside of us as a Wheaton we don't have an in-house we can tell you right now I am actually not very good at memorizing I'm actually not found with tingling the people were passed at it don't do it very much I'm not one of the iPhone something going on in the present chapter today no company can to the moments and omeprazole tablets looking at me almost never stick to it the people who would actually know and it will start people can do it easily this is a challenge to you you can do that you knew it but it's is a constant repetition and evening I need to stick to it it is the state to a music not the strength of doing it Monday that makes you better put you can store God 's word in your mind and in your heart the Bible says that we read there in Romans chapter one verse sixteenth maybe you're ashamed of the word of God and you need something to help you be a witness in Romans one sixteen for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for each of these the power of God unto salvation we will now believes to the Jew first and also to the Greek the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and mouth and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart when you speak the word of God is a sharp sword in the heart of the movement in the individual that hears it was shareware and there is power in that you can share your testimony between the number one spend time in God 's work dealing spend time in prayer and spend time getting to know the Savior sanctifying him in our hearts daily we can ask you all through the Old Testament is customary separately felt like it was customary for God 's people to store his word in their minds and in our hearts Joshua Arnott Joshua Deuteronomy chapter six verse for the most popular birth to the Hebrews hero Israel the Lord God is one Lord oral verse five says and you shall love the Lord thy God with all the hardware on my soul and with all thy might Jesus comes along the New Testament says that right there is the most important commandment Scripture verse six says right after the most important in our Communion Scripture says in these words which I command thee this day shall be hot and he was the best years and restore those words up they would memorize the world not even take it seriously intended to their children when they want when they were not house when I walk by the way when it would how many would rise up and restore the word of God in their minds in their hearts and God has called us to win the last days to store were actually told me know I didn't aim for the gold in my notes that we are actually told the time will come when many will be good five of their Bibles we are told also that if you have the word of God stored in your heart you she says no one can get from the sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asks you but the reason that is within you the hope that is within you rather with gentleness and respect friends we not only need to spend time with Jesus not only have an answer we need to show that answer with gentleness and respect this first Peter three fifteen cents when you share love with compassion showing a single we need to be sharing the gospel as a witness to me as a changed life and how we changed as I said earlier and he will desire to share the word about other people continue to be born again but the question is how the nice thing born again was a meaningful to your natural man Ukraine the things the flash and Jesus is craving the things of the blast off this is the only thing five visits remain after the flash they think about the things the flash but they never happened the Spirit the things of the spirit for me commonly minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace so naturally we create a visible meaning to be born again how are we born again that's exactly right the Bible says in first Peter chapter one verse twenty three being born again not a corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of God which lives and abides forever first Peter one twelve one twenty three tells us snowboarding him him or not so you spend time daily in your devotions spending time in order not speaking your Savior beholding him and his matchless quarries as you read about him in the Gospels desired it is as you behold your born again by the Word of God friends at times in a calm when many are in any time to their Bibles how are you witnessing I think there's a verse that says the times about the soundness really think there is these actually good enough we can store up knowledge under the first the story promise versus that's more important to begin with we can be ready to have an answer for everyone asks us thought the reason is within us gentleness the hope that is within us with gentleness and respect we need to stop the war worked on in our minds but I would challenge you to store promise versus storm water pond and promise versus the also person that help you to witness to others is your story the one on your life is change your life is transformed I want to make a challenge this evening in closing I said earlier that if you are are not daily springtime of the Lord Jesus in personal devotions and quiet time daily he will not be ready for the end even if you are someone who sang tonight and I don't spend time with Jesus Jesus is saying to you tonight 's the night to make innocent due to do that maybe there someone here who wants to say your enemy is almost easy for you this is a challenge for everybody if you are to read the Bible every day in a major answer how many of you would like to make a decision to spend time daily every single morning or if you have a crazy hour job when you wake up whenever that is I want to make a decision to spend time daily in God 's word every single day with you if you are into it with you don't you want to make a decision which would you raise your hand just now in number two this is the simpler one this can come harder it may be maybe there's someone here who would like to say you know I see that the need to have God 's word in my heart and my in my mind stores out there so that I can meditate on it day and night to be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters that brings fruit in its season as it says in Psalm chapter one I want to be someone who knows the Lord of .info 's oldest and not very good at actually seen I stumbled through it sometimes I'm up here but I don't give up anyway I just keep going but the point isn't it maybe it was idle much of the whatnot I want to start our economy and our challenge of the next two months for the next two months on challenge you to memorize verses per week for the next two months how many verses with Abby while this for weeks in a month roughly there is a a week Tommy versus the Debbie sixties seventies soul into monster now you have sixteen verses memorized is there anyone is as I want to accept that challenge to memorize two versus four week for the next two months and nine Abelard when you have on your verses memorized the selling quite a few hundred verses memorized now this is a hard one I'm not expecting you all does not in general appeal but maybe there's someone who wants to go to the next level see what I want to make that same commitment but I want to make a commitment to memorize tool versus per week for the next year then you have one hundred and four verses memorized a year from today out of the would be nice to know you at hundreds tax swimming around in your brain that they could speak to you in situations that the Holy Spirit is speaking more clearly maybe the never before I'm not I'm not some of you may not be ready for that nice of you don't feel like you're not a Christian funeral razor hands of the sonnets that's not what I'm saying but is there someone who wants to take the next level and say I wanted to challenge to memorize two verses per week for the next year is a someone who wants to take that challenge human human and you know if you mess up you can pick it back up and still memorized a hundred versus right and about I'm not here to judge you can it continue if you don't do that I want to challenge what would it be like to have a thousand verses I heard about a guy from Africa and he came over to one of one of the seminaries and he said he believed it he had memorized verses and I was not writing the daughter was not because for the Waldenses it was intended that you would memorize massive portions of Scripture pigeons stored up in your mind and in your heart for me he was the Old Testament when he repeatedly was a given entity to Jesus seventy eight times we see him disclosing the word of God and he will not easy to spot because he learned by the Nina 's mother we see the apostles no less than forty times in the book of acts flowing for universe is not just write from the heart they knew in her heart is in a given and will check out until around nineteen hundred people stored up as wording of mind and heart he stated away because we have iPhone 's nine I'm not that's why but my point is we do what my Google tells me everything I want to know what the Bible right how Google in the time of trouble I may need to have awarded by the time will come where God 's people will not have the wood of a sovereign challenging to number one be spending twenty minutes were number to the store up his mind in your store this word in your mind and your heart let's close with WordPress father we need you more than anything father your word is living and active Jesus told us he told Nicodemus that she needed to be born again father we discovered we are born again by the Word of God that before going to be a witness is interviewed by sharing what you've done our lives and sharing what the word of God says not debating people because are smarter than them and we know more facts about science people 's lives are changed by the word of God father may our lives be changed by the word of God and we spent time he was sanctify you daily in our hearts maybe because the people are believed to be the people of the book are pioneers as they would preach the word some of it sounds imitate you about a contest the captain showing in the diagnostic remove the word of God restored it in their minds and in our hearts manifestly a little bit off but when you know Lord you know that we are called full of the book and my prayer is that we will become the people of the book again father cleanse us from our sins this is not it's not a magic trick to memorize verses in all your problems go away we believe by faith in those verses the Bible tells us he was former storefront loss was the gospel preached as well as unto them as well is under the Hebrews but the world by the nonprofit man he was not being mixed with faith in them that heard it father we realize it's much more than a number I started to be a full on legalistic memorizing thousand text but it is living by faith in the Savior Jesus Christ through the word of God through me being born Monday and I were going to him and me as being a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. audio person .org


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