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The Supreme Transaction

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina




  • June 22, 2013
    10:30 AM
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have you know when we meet then meetings like this we was really available the bus in front is on stage and everybody else is the audience right let's change that a little bit we are all on stage God is our audience so I'm going to do my next mirror and be up to your mock but I'm going to do my best to speak well what move you in the next less than so no one will escape don't let your mind wander out there to a ballgame on to your family forward to even lunch just stay right here and you and I is for fall of God that okay God has placed in his church first apostles second prophets third features then miracles followed by that is gifts of healing the ability to be generous the ability to organize well and finally the ability to speak in different languages and we are exhorted with the milk of this healer Marquis because cerebrum is a here are a few good and clearly says for a second time and on we are exhorted to buy her next New York form the higher one the friends send brothers and sisters fellow pilgrims when you are at the bottom of that list by the middle of that list more at the top of that list that is something that automates all the spectrum it is called the more excellent way for if I am able to speak the languages of humanity with the eloquence of Angels and do not have that more excellent way which is about paid then all I'm doing is not making music but just an editable noise like a bong I think I have the gift of prophecy understand all of ministry Maltby Street and all knowledge and if I have all faith that I could remove mountains and have not this excellent way is more excellent way then I am a site for nothing and if I empty my bank balance sell all my assets and give it to the poor and the extent of giving my body to be buyers of the sacrifice and do not have this more excellent way than the record books of heaven the credit balance would be exactly zero because this more excellent way suffers long and is kind does not envy the parade itself is not puffed up does not behave will be does not selfishly seeks it all with does not yet easy golden into a reaction thinks no evil bears all things believes all things hopes all things and dealers all things in that love fails that goes beyond prophecy beyond language beyond knowledge for what you and I tend to talk about it don't mean a partial way but when that which is perfect is come then that which is in part can be laid aside but remember when I was a child I spoke to the time I talk to the child I understood as a child but when I became a man and I don't than I have to but delayed those immature ideas similarly today we can see in him in the mirror and fall EN hazy but this coming a time when they would not even be a meal you to meet face-to-face while today I known it little bit about myself but one day I will know as I am no fool and through Baikal there are three things that must remain because they are indestructible for it faith gives up it was only presumption if whole loses its funding labels only wishful thinking and if to put us all eleven guys out there it was not true no part in the midst of despair and hopelessness and a headache that's all around us treating things will remain free hold and love and the greatest of these is off more excellent way impressed by what they had no no no impressed with a more excellent way how about a description award picture his face was marred disfigured more than any man and his bodily form more than the sons nations would amazed things and they must what they had not been for the limiting to see what they had not heard they had to consider because who can believe this kind of a news that God would reveal the right hand of his strength he viewed the right hand of his strength when it is just a little bitty little sapling and actually more like the room out of dry ground no form of structural attractiveness and when we shall see him there is no air date that we should desire him he is despise rejected of men a man Saul rose I'm well acquainted with grief and we hand our faces from him he was despised we didn't care surely people of Greece carried our sorrows and it acknowledged contest and esteemed him stricken smitten not by hiding the knot by the Roman soldiers not by the chief priests and rulers but stricken and smitten by law but he was wounded for our transgressions he was the list for our iniquities the punishment that brought us space upon him he was beaten and lashed you when I learned he all we like sheep how many all except me right now all all from their and their their their their their all we like sheep have gone astray with Todd at me one of us to his own way and the Lord has need on him the iniquity of us all he was oppressed of it tortured but never did he opened his mouth to meet one single company was taken of them to the slaughter as she demolishes as silent so he did not open his mouth to make one single complaint it was bound they go to a mockery of a trial and finally to for my best transgressions aggression willful violation of his father willful violation of his golf was key afflicted and torture and he made his grade the village and go at his deck because he had done no violence to anyone nor was any deceit off also found in his mouth and yet it pleased the Lord will is he really the grief and when you make his soul knocked around not of bullet not some fine flour with oil know when you make his soul an offering for sin than usual CCed and prolong his days in the face of the Lord shall prosper in his hand by his knowledge my righteous oven shall justify many therefore I will divide a portion of the grade and he shall divide the spoil among the strong because he poured out his soul on to an and he was numbered in his final days not as a hero alma mater but none but with a common criminals and he bore the sins of many and he will flee and happy interceded for those who willfully violated his law I think if we really must understand this we need help with lives of bread God our father we really need you and your spirit because it's you who wrote this down goes contrary to what I think but I confess that there is something there that I really need to know I want to know we want to know father so we welcome your spirit we want your spirit beings and yes open these words to us so that we can understand we need to know what happened to this print please because he prayed in Jesus name amen I listed a few words this morning yes the morning but because I'm good to see these words the person who speaks that must be given the liberty to use certain words somebody are certain words give them my all definitions are meant in general definitions as well but they are something that need to be discussed and as described before I tell you the story so we go to look at some of these months irresistible the blue with my vocal cords must work justice for everything that's what a word right justice and fair it requires three things all three stocks with our and requires is truly I did keep the rule you get a reward but if you break it to develop attribution on all three must be completely changeless and is flexible then it will be justice nor can you disregard magnitude of what you're doing give them a helping crime then you go to have big punishment and that's why write the beginning i.e. for rent by two photo to be big God primitive and vengeful neighbor to be a little bit morning of advanced but that is the highest form of justice and I forgot to a life for a finger would be authoring justice I would be yes that is why it is said I do not add and remove on them law books and read section and subsection and caveats and descriptions are so old that we've been doing this on I think it exactly equal is equal to begin possibly may contribute back is justice we must have just as a Matthew when the all relationship was to be breakdown because nobody can claim to have brought all the rewards that is supposed to get on our own the punishment is that he was supposed to know there's something that comes along and helps eliminate the need to put it out so they can understand the school nurse see more C cannot talk much just dance you cannot touch those three more state comes in at only one point in its alternate sense if can have justice in the max must fall my seat cannot stop performing it can come in at only one it can shift into editable but it cannot stop it just as the cannon than most takeout stop defining the last but it can turn the ten year that is all that Moshe can do and yet retain justice for if we stopped happening with the three rules reward retribution than in the arbitrariness and once you get all bitterness but you know what you want you have neither justice nor mercy mercy his mercy on me because justice is in flexible I'm totally utterly changeless that is why we can talk about mercy righteousness and work right goes back to medieval times of those women be thought to have a halo around the head like chess real righteousness to do with what how did you find righteousness is doing things correctly right past the righteous wing and right but you can knows some things right with a bad plan so than is that righteousness liniment on dogma when Kendall 's okay great okay with a good plan what about Muldoon so using the basis meaning seems to be modeled to seal candelabra thing with a plan motive know me best you can do and may stay with a bad man but the good mode to accept above so what makes it unacceptable what makes it acceptable I've gotten that bad a simple rock bottom definition I guess if you go to give me the liberty to you violence the way I want to so here's my definition of righteousness for simple words you first not by it is simple it will run the deepest in your life to another with out at me any given situation manual called upon to make a new session you must not me that's the motive best of days after that even if you make a mistake you're still righteous on righteousness and sin than would be exactly the opposite I fussed not you thought you are demanding that my friends to be unrighteous will be seen for just as yourself first dongle and green wicked deed on has come because of this simple principle need you haven't why he described heaven in terms of old strengths of all I remember that James Burleigh against Ohio foundations while GM's white doctrine of a picture because our minds are warped is like this morning Chandler and Buddy were telling us we think things are treasures the greatest treasure we think will be a chest full of diamond no we're going the wrong way the greatest treasure on the is a beautiful hot hot relationship heaven is not heaven because of the board and books heaven is heaven because there's a beautiful person you loved the way and wherever he is it's heaven so when UNI forged a good close relationship and become friends friends brothers as does fellow pilgrims that is him and anoint when we have a good relationship finally settle in us and God then it is having Evan in heaven and when that relationship is between God and God then it is even better than having a litany what was the opposite of heaven and hell what we think about old fire skull the skin of the neo- scream out loud each of us what you think right and well that will be fired in I was on thriller that is written in the Bible but hell is not held because the fire held is held because the relationship has been shuttered permanently and a feeling of impending doom when you realize that this is really going to goal all get back to heaven everything is a relationship that is most precious possession of it all Lula were sitting together I'm going to a lot of them hey what do have a good and exchange out take your love to hear the name and individual guidance alternately they found all around and put her out of that place and then into minutes nothing can take the place of loving relationships it is your greatest treasure therefore hell is up drinking all that permanently how many you'll do that with another brother and sister of yours here then that is has on our own bring it being held there don't bring it here not in your life and menu and God decided that it over my decided choice permanently then it becomes held for whom the buzz at home in the choice that's would be pink right but when you make the choice in the guns held for both antedated the the main blog and on that has to be torn asunder that is worse than half deck the Bible describes to one is just the consequence you do something the consequence that happens and it is temporarily from distemper me that you will rise up again and I can be a resurrection that is something also known as the arm that the second dad which is time limit the first one follows on and be one every the second one is needed not only to bulls who have made a set of definite to the and final choice on the wrong side only they have developed of them the second and the word death has two meanings that he goes to bus nine use of a peculiar phrase the suffering all day I is I think that suffering all day Weldon the suffering happens when your life you cannot suffer that much of it is gone so the suffering of death must big plays when you are alive the last few words of that excess basting then how do this but don't update all your taste then that I knew sulfide that when you are alive it is a sense of impending doom almanac your bundle anything about it in his heart about that's when you suffer that it it's actually have some of these was the story the possible meal was just settled sick on a problem that upper room and made their way towards the garden outside his full moon you know that every possible has to be full moon because the Jewish calendar is an calendar to stop the first of the month new Moon so fourteen will have to be full-blown it was phone that night peaceful except for one individual he was struggling I believe in the Gospels Matthew twenty six if you want to go there he was staggering and his friends looked at him as inhalants will will will what's happening here I dug them and said my soul is sorrowful even unto their pennies reaches the garden and he says he'll hear you guys please stay here I want to go a little farther to pray that it takes Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he goes a little further and he says no you also wait here you're not going to see me you not going to see my face when I'm being with this you just be there and pray I need your prayers and while his walking I don't know what they reached the place where God says he fell flat on his face clutched the ground than you said and when we hear about isn't it enough I cannot carry on can we take this cup believes that breaking it or not in front of me putting I just cannot carry on it is too much I cannot bet at this life a once happening here is that I was doing before the storm and Sunday you demons living of the waves stop it right now and everything became human to the blind innocent website I ask you to come back even to the paralytic and said with a loud week over the escrow I'm telling you the walk stand up and walk big event also involved in the infested demons and they would just turn resumes based anywhere are doing being accustomed to things he would go into the front double Clark 's stand in front of a Clark's answers stand up and come back to life I am sending you and a corpse comes back what's happening here they lost faith suddenly began to whimper against those goals got our goal is for him a little uncomfortable now shouting any of these behavior from this combat up with whose that intrepid warrior for God listening he was born that the state it was customary for them to put the fragments around the state and the one who would like the state would regulatory the Latin life from back then was customary and who was was being burned at the stake he called out the demand was being the torch to light the fire and pay don't go to the back come in front of my face and liked it in front of my face if I was afraid I wouldn't be here the women and children in the quality of the room they could hear those gates rattling going to be open in just two minutes and one individual they held hands upon the little circle and began to seem on to God who washed us in his plot I think those people could go back what is most singing what's happening here no most of us think when we look at the cross we see a few things hate the jewelers hated the Romans without passion I mean they couldn't stand each other and yet when came to Jesus they got together and poured that combine hatred on this single one individual hate available to shame physical shame those were crucified in those days but all was crucified start making physical shame that was also mental and social shame your own people throughout no spiritual shame of a tall rock he stated that he said you are given the capital punishment and that punishment is my hanging that everybody should know that the lesson was hanged was the worst of all Deuteronomy shame and yet the record says he despised the shame that washing them also physical suffering no question about it the Romans had had enough invented that it would give you the greatest pain and you did not die a all blood loss you died of suffocation and their food would go on and on our opt out day after day the average person who hung on the cross to die on there for three days the bully guy and that what if there are instances when we know that some of them and that was seven days before dying they would kneel them to the cross and pick up gold cross picket lipids with as opposed to put on the block and just drop it boom showed is distributed and then we'll showed aggression into your neck and then the blood supply to the brain is slowly getting less and less and within a few lives you lose scream and shout because gone and then so there was physical suffering and most people want to feel that it dawns another nail in the spirit inside look at my Savior dying weight on many issues that was his suffering then he should have been able to sing through it all because the others signed through something similar while inducing Jesus did not come to just die on the cross all crucifixion did not give Jesus is kind of a payday that these memo to say that the cross to him he did not come to die on the cross only he came to buy salvation for you and me if we say that the cross and the nails in the pause and a spear is what you want your salvation than what we are saying is that Satan is an pilot than the Roman soldiers and the priests and rulers got together gone and started working out our salvation but that did not happen it may have happened at the St. Petersburg two entirely different even it's only God was looking out salvation oxygen so Knowles Cardinals or no cross most know nose lashing bought your salvation on my end what did without rebuttable back in history the government revelation of Freddy and sharpening both of them that he was a lamb slain from when following and every other foundation nobody was than Ottoman item that is something that was said way back there when we know God relationship between God and man in the Bible we often make it into two covenants of you are not old covenant new covenant at Sinai covenant Abraham a covenant right first second these are all continents between boss and humans if it was before the foundation of the world something have to take place and it had to be something which they embarked on an endeavor and to do about with more than one in the bathroom you are going I called it the primary company it is the primary covenant that saves my friend not the first or the second whenever humans come into the picture it's a failure with his first or second this primary covenant was not made between God and humans this primary covenant was made between boys and I did last time that the poor and entered into a binding old but it if ever a man found and would bring man back to patronize any cost to themselves that is the covenant that seen in volume as the other covenants and scuff steppingstones but this is that since but in that covenant somebody had to do something somebody had to come down and become human the word the second person whose name finally became Jesus he volunteered to come undergoing human but if you become a human who got stopped becoming clogged enough still have to be God so how do you do it it when I think of this I really think that you have the understatement overstatement I do not I think is absolutely genius the Wikipedia even geniuses got often a humiliating film we called each other geniuses of the something that's on this creeps me out and do it anyway he will this item you will will goal to become a human eye when you do it is not to stop being God but doing their aside all the rights and privileges and prerogatives up on redesign and Lenny wanted a new name as a human but humanity had already flunked the test in to know if you must become that in the human while that's risky pretty big risk so one more genius idea you will the prerogatives of God you will take on the fallen human nature of man but you will deny that nature not needed why that meet chat but you when the end by the morality and the strength of the wisdom that your father would supply moment I eyes to one know how come you spent nights in prayer after ten minutes I'm done what more to say he was a nice and I guess in the vibe of the mic so I can say what I want today I think one of the things he spent was visiting his dad a yesterday was a good behavior note this will happen on thanks thank you again and then tomorrow son those please send rule out pretty crafty is not the best smart you know how with how to make you lose your balance and they will say things that are make your Mac in Atlanta at eleven you will get mad just before you do look to me I will stop you from getting I will be right back where Neil Hatfield when the big last year was the truth of the matter and you can start thinking what shall I say son you don't have any wisdom and to me I will tell you what to say when you want to perform a miracle like this title comes tomorrow this was that was going to do tomorrow and even tolerable and when you look at you want to how can this guy be healed on your phase will tend to fail you don't have the strength called Apollo thirteen am done to me I have backed our argument do you feel that level from Honorable 's goal every day every day was chock every day he lost from his father that was not a single statement not a single parable not a single doctrine not a single miracle that he and all performed without the express permission of the power and wisdom of his father that is why John five but even I cannot myself do how much they and then in chapter twelve and what the M forty nine buses and even the words that I say I got from him and reword from him on entire his father was the son nuclear like dependable chain Jenna 's source of everything you need not labor for Emma nobody could trip them up nobody could make them angry nobody could make insanely because his father was right and he was dependent on the father the people tried to get physically don't even from the dead on more than one time John seven twenty they tried to do it not punch him why because his father was bad I am in the father is there who said his time is not income you can't document all project the same thing as John eight thirty you can't touch and Ms. dynamite income I am taking care of them and don't you dare touch my son then something happened with all the confidence he had in his body was dug up and say on whether you decide I'm going to tell this story I'm glad to have this matter both on the digitize all I'm going to make miracles optometric of the healed the sick raise the dead but suddenly off the possible immune all that confidence is gone my soul is sorrowful even unto day of the menu goes into the garden is select the columns like I what is happening here you know that slipped the best bloody sweat is a physiological phenomenon it can hold car on the CVS stress and grief the blood vessels rupture in your sweat glands and in Columbus swept bloody sweat so what's happening here it's a complete paradigm shift my friends my dear fellow pilgrims for the line and all but five of June was now becoming the sacrificial lamb all law and the Jewish sacrificial system the sacrificial lamb had to meet a great avian he had to bear sin and so on this never unknown what Sue walks in Expedia never able clock that you would ever do anything against his father is hard was Peter Cushing before his father on this man was eluded the citizens of the whole world from Adam to the last one revenue and many of us think that well he was enough to give them a like a big load on his head maybe or maybe something big oregano heavy on his enzymes may be a cloak like this the same knowledge very peculiar because when he spoke to his father he says they does up a cup is meant to hold something in what was and it took a big it was the deadliest poison in the universe called sin full to the brim so I'm supposed to program this if I drink this most potent poison I will not survive do I have to drink it okay if you wanted I and once you drink it is not that of my friends it is no longer a note in your hands it is in you and therefore second Corinthians five twenty one says he made him not just a bear sin but to be and see an holy righteous broad cannot coexist God was dealing with sin and therefore in Romans the fourth chapter in the twentieth fifty Weston says he was delivered up for our offenses delivered up to whom and what the pilot Roman soldiers G Grayson was no no no no no he was delivered up to the full and final basement of sin God holy righteous God said no you can't exist so they have to move apart and hanging alone and forsaken him across that day there was only one place in the entire universe that had seen it was not sent across and from that sent across the holy and righteous God had to separate himself and send the message as they arrived to the full and final punishment of sin called how holidays sold no date will our relationship being broken really broken I am never felt it before father never even got a really broken this is the fundamental difference between Jesus and every other motto not every alma mater had gone right there is sustaining comforting presence was that the Angels would guess around that any of the assurance that you are on bonsai stand fast and you can boatswain amount of suffering my friend with God on your side you can phase any circumstances on and to sing but when God is taken off when the line between you and what is correct chair no bloody canvassing not even the son of God for the source of the song has gone up producing that is the difference between every monitor my friend on this separation began in Gethsemane he hated it that's the cry can we not do something else can I will discover here not the hour author of the separation became worse and worse sometime off to Gethsemane the father failed silent because he cannot have any truck with sin bad about science wow you look over it was on your strength no morality your wisdom your wife's financial will enable everybody but if you can make all the rise of the third day is actual I know I agreed another drawback but please all Bob one word game a one word about the enough where are you when now I need you the most and then as the idea and recognition dawned on him that this was the punishment for sin by an righteous law this was a judgment to which there would be no repeal this was a street mocked no return that was pulled out from both pay upon quivering lips though they prescribed his unit was when I hear Eli Eli sawbuck punish my God why have you forsaken me where I don't know when I needed on most R you this is the cry of a soul that has been up to the end the cry a window tenant of justice points and there is no mercy to shifted away this is the cry when access is about to come down and that nothing that would change its directional fall this was a central act of the mercy of God the axle supposed to follow and ask for mercy directed here it was a cry from the depths of his soul and is a description of a cry that was sinking into hell itself blog was being corn from God which is worse than hell in the midst of a superhuman agony there was one meaning stinging temptation that came to him the jewelers than he does with their around the cross they in St. Louis at the sign-up on you think you look like it do you think you feel like it but I think that you'll come down and we will behave the other son of God I was like a breeze but just don't let it go than I did on your site the something unusual and Magog know something and all the line that very medical is staring you in the face they were asking for a miracle so that they could believe in Jesus as the son of God and right before then was the greatest miracle of all voltages greater to come down on the stage dangling their cultures piñata she am not debuted not know that he he was hello there be cause he was the son of God for him to come down would have controverted the very fabric of his scattered but invalid dying for four your all people regular Romans and got you there in our own dreams and realize my new dealer all disciples that they menacingly when you one of your on this type of betrayed you one of your inner circle swore that he didn't even know your name we are thankful how to talk the prospect of dying for hardly anything to show any acumen to voluntary find a knife my brother and sisters across is just a choice one goes this way the article is likely a simple single piercing choice save yourself or save this world of blundering practice was their choice the Majesty of Heaven the beloved commander on the whole heavenly host annual and me wondering who this boastful self seekers a bunch of us was what the choice and yet he made the choice because love has no reason that they love has no reason it just exhibits and expresses its the fact that I think I like you said you given me the liberty to say like I want to say it that was one factor that caused them to disconnect Ireland make a strike by any state hanging what was that factor unrelated personal you can make it but level yourself the fact it was my face he saw me do about it later all dualism battered reasonable for hemp as a whole the sleek sliding down a slope straight to perdition and the White House and he did not want me to go okay it was already tasting it Wiley was tasting it is no no no way for this man not Doctor Barnett and that where the up in his heart such a wondrous compassion from the default blocked about himself and then you try to me and you and in the most brilliant clear demonstration of righteousness what the definition of righteousness -year-old first not I and the most brilliant demonstration of righteousness hanging on the cross he done to me and he later said he was not I ain't done to his father is a route that's the choice then take them to as five B goodbye for ever and somewhere along the hours as he hung on the cross the father got himself off from his son in the consummate act of justice against sin and the hiding of his father 's face when all hope of resurrection he could not see beyond the borders of the tool in again guide with you and me not himself on his mind what now you space all my soul all myself what wondrous love being as best is this is without our text not that we know but that he now costs but on the fact that it will will well this is kind of a jarring thing is it wasn't high in Davis he did not like the site about alchemy rose up again brush all believes of our own opinion 's and let's come to the crux of help him he rose up again he was gone and never stopped being gone even the slightest insult to a God who demands in the realm of infinity becomes infinite in some even the slightest humiliation to one who is in the realm of heat and energy becomes infinite humiliation even the slightest suffering tool to the one who is infinite in nature becomes infinite suffering and therefore the suffering they will not lead would like to horror and suffering horrendous suffering to a broad was in pain and suffering and he shall see the agonizing travail of his soul and shall be satisfied that justice laws done for every single sin from being from Adam the last one were evident at a covered this infinite sacrifice and he himself had never assumed justice would still remained in it about a month because he himself had no sin and soul in the angel Gabriel came to the government simply pushed aside the door and he said your father cause for you from the depths of that I was sent darkness he came with life that was his own original on Dubai on both but within the tying of difference he had sacrificed it now he couldn't have it all by himself he would have to share it now with who so ever believes and that's way we read in Romans eight chapter the twenty ninth list will needed be designated also conform to make him the first born among many brothers and sister before the cross he was the only begotten of the father off the cross you are the firstborn among brothers and sister and one day school so and I'll be yellow and me Hebrews the second chapter in the eleventh virus he who sanctifies and then live being sanctified are all of one God one family one race the family of heaven and the family of have become one dance floor says that same voice he is not ashamed to call us his brothers and sisters they cool should be ashamed of how shall not be ashamed Cain is not ashamed to call out the old and made his brother and sisters but we remove is still knocking on the door on it than that then you go next door not here I got to check it out that is what my time and effort for you understood whether it's worth my time and effort to the next door fellow pilgrims he is not ashamed of us why are you wishing in every religion on North it is the human who must bring a sacrifice to call Christianity is the only religion web log brings his sacrifice to you and says is there a chance that you might accept my sacrifice but you would Jill get it some consideration on which Eppendorf I'm a gentleman I'm not but when you could you possibly think that you might accept my sacrifice for you what is your response my friends did you allow me to speak my own words thank you I enjoyed I spoke of this minivan scores of patterns and minivans in secular universities but anytime much of my voice still jokes it's amazing what this godliness and that's what somebody will know him is to love him what is your response with missing the closing song three hundred and twelve and those of you who will be eating out you can come up and I am going to call for a commitment today it meant a lot that at that I'm not good at all for a commitment but today I am going to call for a commitment and it is very very specific is there somebody here who has never yet accepted this man as your man but Junot realize that he is unique I'm not just being unique he has a unique love for developing baptized basketball never been baptized you never taken his name in a serious way is there anyone here I would like you to please them up to the left side here while we sing the Philistines on Jesus keep me near the Cross please stop no force in Abbas either go against your mind to stop him to for him to have a second call was visiting you haven't been baptized making a final commitment you would really like to know some more about this man and if you really want to know in from deep inside anyone to have somebody take you through what is written in this book about this man would you come to the right side without help you looking for the book and let him describe to you what this man really is that you can make a decision while visiting the second stanza back on anyone who must know more about this man please come to the right side with things I can send them and he hated on that day him and him baptized and you professed his name but you been sometimes ashamed but today it would take those words from Romans eight twenty nine and from Hebrews two eleven he is not ashamed of me so I am not at the going to be ashamed of him if you made up your mind on that one point you'll will not draw back you are going to go on and speak boldly no matter how soft drink will leave you will never be ashamed occupy this country never again will you be ashamed of the snack is I know that some was allowed to make up their minds as all this opportunity my friends so if you didn't stand up now and didn't come up now think about it and many are doing made up your mind on which side you want to be that somebody may be the leadership of the DY C with maybe the foster home team here at Weimar maybe the hospital is by regularly attend church the door is always open all you would never regretted missing the last stanza and him saying I do in the laws him and he and I will choose as the is my privilege to come down with you Ms. negatives article I to make up my mind that I shall not ever be ashamed of him this spring God our heavenly father the wonderful great marvelous I do not know how you sent your son but you'd be there are no words that I can say God to really thank you for that unspeakable gift and you give it to us free here's my heart is my life do anything you want with it because in your hands is the safest place my life can never be take these decisions God you can see every heart we want to follow you in spirit and the truth of your word in let nothing stop that God made us span all lives with us hold our hands bowing just the way she leaned us we are waiting to follow Dayco consecration not me God proceeded to us is this is our man in Jesus name of an a this media was brought by Nautilus website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. done on universe .org


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