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How Can God Know? Always Ready for the End

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films




  • June 23, 2013
    9:30 AM
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heavenly father right now I pray this but I don't know his name I know what he does for a living I know where you came from would you send them brother and that meeting that evening for a reason were praying our hearts right now all of us your father all unless you're praying in our hearts this individual or pray in the Holy Spirit my prison today this very day he will give his heart to you help us to preach the word with power and with love and the sound mind a second Timothy one verse seven says not with belligerence not me thinking I have it all right you have it all wrong even though we do have the truth we have been told is as sure that we have the truth is that God leaves the father maybe not look at that with pride maybe look at with humility racking recognizing we have a message that needs to go to every nation teenager and tongue and people not just another message not just that you know another church you have called a remnant in the last days father and we want to be a part of the faithful rent father we want to be prepared for the end is aware asking you to prepare us because we cannot prepare ourselves we have no strength in and of ourselves when you are the God of all power as it says there in second Corinthians two fourteen now thanks be unto God which always causes us to try on in Christ father may you make us triumph we pray and blasts now with wisdom what you share in the name of Jesus and through your Bibles in Malachi chapter three I think this passage is a dual application for the initial coming of Christ and of his the one who prepared his way John the Baptist in verse one Malachi chapter three when it also has an application to the very last days the one God will be doing with his church which is renewed in the last days and all the world is called to join into this movement of destiny the entire world not just improvement people you know who attended church on on the Sabbath he's going on the Internet church right it is this message it is all of the time demands on his nine of them Morgan began in Malachi chapter three forty media numbers to the word of God reads but cool meal by the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he is like a refiner 's fire and like a Fullers soap and he shall sit as a refiner and kick cure a fire of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness we want to be an offering to the Lord in righteousness you want to give your body you live being sacrificed of the King of Kings it says in verse form would be nice to know you make God happy with what and what you can see Jesus right now and he was smiling at the decision in life you were living the good is verse four then shall the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem be flattened until until the law as in the days of old and as in former years when it be nice to know that the Savior is looking down I knew it he says I am I literally brings joy to my heart to watch you live for me Isaiah forty three verse seven says even everyone is called by my name for I have created him for my Lori God says he created you for his glory to reveal his character to the universe to the Angels to the universe to the other beings and to the human beings and planner God has made you to reveal his character and the question is in the last days of cool cooler still abide the day of his coming as enemy is going to be ready easily purify the sons of Levi he is going to be working on the hearts of his people standing as it were working on the substances like gold and silver as if all he is working on some clothing with them for so God is pictured here as actually doing the work in these people and cleansing them and perfect preparing them for the end of time God is going to the people the Bible says who are victorious that are over commerce Revelation twenty one resources and he that overcomes shall inherit all things God is and how the people that overcome but it is not going to be in their own strength and we do not inherit eternity because they deserve eternity they inherit eternity because there is a savior that died in their place and by faith in the live for him cleaned him and in result at her as the response of the salvation they had in Jesus they overcame not to be saved but because they have been saying Jesus can and will be the ultimate victory over sin and temptation to those who live by faith in every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God this is to be a really simple message no great you know amazing philosophical or theological bullion no I ideas is to be a simple message how can we get prepared how can we get prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ how can we be ready the first way number one realtor mediator different ways to prepare for the coming award number one is the simplest one and is also simple but it's so it's the absolute most important one number one we need to except Jesus Christ as our personal savior very simple very very simple you don't the Bible says in James that the demons believe and they walk me tremble this but that will believe that Jesus is the Savior and while yes or no he believes that is he going to be saved by that yes or no excepting Jesus Christ that he is the Savior of the world is a good thing but more importantly we must believe and accept that Jesus asked is my personal savior sometimes the devil comes to us and makes us think God could save that wonderful old lady at church gauntlets in the preacher thought could save my grandmother or some nice man in charge but when it comes to me I cannot be saved I'm too great in the center have mercy is right excepting Jesus Christ as our personal savior is a reminder the Bible says in second reading chapter five verse twenty one for God hath made him Jesus to be sin for us who knew no scene meaning he knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God we can second twenty five twenty one God has made us seem to be seen for who for us for God so loved the world now how many people does the world encompass all people of every nation kindred tongue and people that has ever existed on earth when Jesus went to the cross is substitutionary death was efficacious for how many people seems all people saints meaning and about what we forget sometimes is had you ever seen and then maybe you got into many times he told automatically do this reminding you stumbled back into the sin again and then you felt so guilty you felt like maybe go on not forgive that sin remains he wasn't willing to forgive them I never felt that way before maybe most of us myself included but when we are in those situations we must remember that it is not as if we have to coax Jesus to get back up on the net cross two thousand years ago to die for that scene the one percent every single scene was paid for on the cross praise the Lord by and when we feel that field we can look to the cost of local weight for myself and remember that were not trying to convince him to die for that safety died protesting while we were yet sinners amen is that good news you can see why the gospel is called the good news to die for us when we didn't deserve it and guess what even when relenting for him we still don't deserve it your new getting and so we have to turn to our Savior and recognize that he's substitutionary death what that means is that is that he so I will knew no sin was made sin for us what that means if he took all the filth that has committed all the field that you are committing the things you don't want anybody to know and he will all look down upon himself and the Bible says that he comes off in response and we accept it by saying his righteousness we see how the substitution you deserve that righteousness by faith yes or no the Bible says in Philippians chapter three verse nine and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ he says that we are not going to make it in our own righteousness and being found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law sometimes we want to look at the law and hope the law could save us know God is calling us Jesus said John fourteen recipient if you love me keep my commandments high to the ten Commandments save us yes or no pretend to know what it's impossible there are faces that there is a weakness in the ten Commandments and the weaknesses that were designed to give you eternal life right they can help you overcome sinful what are the ten Commandments to the reveal your same as the Bible tells us in Romans chapter three verse twenty one the seamlessly thousands of the work got shelves as he reveals us our sins but once he reveals us our sins I want to reveals to us our sins do we want to be cleansed by the S&L it can cleanse us we had to turn away and turned to the one who can cleanse us you do understand some number one for any ready for the lassies with accepted Jesus did not just die for great-grandmother with a minister in the church but that Jesus died these substitutionary death to get to take all my chakras is filled away he has me his righteousness and returned if I accept it by saying the righteous is likely goes deeper than Joss that righteousness might be the list of the next level and he not only includes it meaning he not only says you are forgiven and you are now cleaned we just one part that righteousness might be able also meaning keeping us to give you the strength to overcome but who's righteousness is it all the time all of the top is on God 's righteousness all these writers and readers even though you're living out by his race you are still not been enough your self-righteous the even though you may be living out my face is still him working in you both to will and to do up your good pleasure is Philippians two verse twelve and thirteen tell us God works in us both to will and to do so all the goodness every good gift and every perfect gift down from the father of lights as James tells us in wonder seventeenth all the goodness comes down from him in righteousness migrate is accepting that I don't deserve to have been I need a righteousness and what I do will never be good enough in meaning I can cleanse myself I need one to two lines meet to wash all my past sins away and I need someone to give me righteousness not only convert me but enable mutual is the way God is called the people to leave in the last days and we can do that alone by leaving it out by faith amen number one is except Jesus Christ as your personal savior for me to be ready for the end is not going to be alone because they go to church on Saturday and by the way just going to church on Saturday does not keep the Sabbath and of itself you understand right is a twenty four hour sunset Friday to sunset Saturday it is a sanctuary in time that was when our senior Jesus Christ and our heavenly father is a memorial of creation that we spend with him isn't all they that we spend following in a relationship with Jesus Christ number two fits along with number one we need to recognize that Jesus is the standard Jesus is the standard meaning that I do not judge myself if I don't charge myself amongst ourselves I have become foolish the Bible says Jesus is the perfect standard and so I do not set a goal of becoming just like another human in the church but I continually look to Christ and as it says there in second Corinthians chapter three in verse seventeen and eighteen the Lord is our spirits and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty when the Holy Spirit comes in your heart there is liberty he's a complete with animals on the same rethinking the way all with open face a new translation think we all unveiled face as of the veil of darkness has been taken away from us but we all unveiled face beholding as in him near reporting James is more beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the law the text says that when we look in the mirror could be holding our Savior and when we look at Jesus and we continue to look at him it reflects the mirror reflects our image with the more we look at him guess what image we begin to see we begin to see that we needed to reflect Christ we are changed from glory to glory even by the spirit of the Lord Samir change as we behold the Savior as we look at him in his words as we study the Gospels and make the entirety of Scripture as we study you don't have the desire of ages and looking at the life of Jesus we are being changed day by day into the image of Jesus Christ and he is our living example three if an enemy ready for the last days we need to study and read his word and we need to have a devotional experience and has for not just reading it to prove points other people but we delete out answers for the payment we have absolutely we need that there's no question we saw a quote earlier in the Bible to set we arty set of standards on again are our theme this week is for members because of the three verse fifteen but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts that's the beginning that's the most important part important part of the whole equation but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to everyone that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with gentleness and respect with meekness and fear so we need to sanctify the Lord God first we need to be studying for me to be spending time in God 's word if we are it we are not doing that if we are not preparing we will not be ready for the last days if we think about when I get out of college if when I get out of high school and then when I get out of college and also studying the Bible you'll really get down to business after that I fear that you may never get to the point where he will study God 's word is you want on your estate is not to put down any of our schools are thinking last night about what our brother was speaking about using if you want a secular school you need to be converted every day I agree hundreds of Protestants but I would say if you went to one of our schools you need to be converted every day I time and time again you may hear stories of going to some of our schools God forbid I don't hope I got reasonably that's your Lima but God forbid that some of our schools are leaving young people astray that the majority or all of the professors doing that but a few bad apples spoils the bunch that's our modern-day rendering the Galatians fibers nine says a little leaven leaven in the long Friday lends a whole lot a young man that I know was one of our schools and he was struggling with with skepticism and he went over better seating seeking to find answers to his questions relating to be solidified and what about Angels are present on looking for something to help solidify my face in the world not in the professor gave him a book that actually was a book of skepticism he almost became I have been getting it all and skepticism for a time but by God 's grace ease back now newsletter here this meeting this weekend another young man that I went to went to another school and as he was there he he would hear in class you and your things like this book Alan Weiss says this in a historian citizen so-and-so says this male kind of hundred identity does not not explain why that one was accurate now this is these are in our schools and announcing them to put on our schools what I'm saying is wherever we go we need to be converted every day this young man went to the score they were pretty taking three different things and you probably surprise you at school it was but nevertheless what he decided because he knew it was such a difficult thing to say faithful he decided regardless of how much homework they had he was to study the Bible for three hours every single day separate families classwork and he stayed faithful through all the bits and I would add to what brother Nelson I love the buddies a friend of mine be on one of the things I now had that most of you probably wouldn't some of you on a putting anybody down but it now had already studied out these issues of creation evolution I have studied out these issues on creation and evolution I do seminars on its if you think are gently nudges going in there because you know God created your arguments also unconvincing you have another thing coming there are answers very good answers that we have discovered is creationist very solid answers actually that actually can can literally if we wanted lobotomy when I seen a man to listen to the evolutionist and is mopped the floor with every single one of them he wasn't doing it in a Christlike manner we have answers we should not do it we can do with gentleness and respect to the character of Jesus Christ but the fact is available underneath these Fielding and secular schools you are studying these things out before entering Hotmail story was powerful because he had studied before imagine you sitting there would you enable to get all the evidence that a now asked about in class and I don't say this to put anybody down the fact is if we are to do the things we need more than just to be converted we do need to be converted absolute as number one is prime that's one of the most funding lassies to be right with Jesus but number two if you want to be situated we need to begin study for ourselves to have an answer amen and I'm not here to put down our schools are the schools outside God has use education as a means of enlightening the intellect but we need to make sure that in a process that we are faithful to the Savior Jesus Christ and you may have to see one I guess that is much for class missing this young man in our school also chose not to read certain books and asked them to because he believed it went against the Council that we been given when the teacher tried to convince him to try to persuade anyone really but he wrote a paper anyway and he pass the class he did just fine but many young people are not willing to stand firm for what they believe in we need to be converted to matter what school we go to when you go to school or not your plumber if you had whatever we all need to be converted that is a reality which we are told specifically if you can go to the schools you need to be converted every single day we decided when I was in a state of America page two fifty three you now have an opportunity to change the greatest intellectual power to the study of the word of God blocked if you are in the linked and failed to dig deep in the minds of the minds of truth he will not be ready for the crisis that is soon to come upon us all that you would realize that each moment is golden these you live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God he will not be found unprepared what he says as if were not for preparing my digging deep in the word of God we will not be ready if we say I just don't have time I just don't have time and often a minute he decided to do this Guild says there in Job twenty three verse eleven and twelve my foot upheld his steps this way am I can't and not declined neither have I gone back on the Commandments of his lips and he says those words we know I've esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food a friend of mine decided to know what I want to live that out so I will not be saluting any day until I spend time in the word of God that was his decision three does anybody even if these busy and he doesn't have time for you note for whatever before food enters his mouth the word of God comes first I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary you may have to let go of other aspects of life right with God 's word is not an option the Bible says as we've already discovered in first Peter one twenty three that we are born again out of incorruptible seed but of incorruptible by the word of God we are born again by the Word of God we need to be converted the elites we need is constant born-again experience that takes place as we writing in the word of God will be handed they were talking about the word of life inconvenience was conceding us as we meditate behold and prayed to the one who was given us this message so we need to be reading and studying the word of God to be ready number for the number one is accept Jesus as your personal savior number two is recognized Jesus is the standard number three is read and study God 's Word with all of your heart studied in a you know the first Aaron second only to fifteen study to show myself approved unto God a workman I needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth we need to study number four is watch and fray at as you have never prayed before Luke twenty one verse thirty six is watching therefore and pray always that you may be accounted able you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man is is watching therefore and pray always in the context there below is the contacts are the signs of the times and the coming of the Lord and the difficulties that come upon the earth what is says is watch and pray always we need to be in prayer we need to be talking to the Lord needs on a connection and communication with our Savior and our heavenly father we need the Holy Spirit giving us strength at all times so we need to both watch and pray Jesus gave that command to you know the three disciples there in the garden with them as they are there he tells them to watch and pray lest you enter into temptation Ryan Sweeney to watch meaning there are certain situations that you know that you come into and you falling you stumbling for some it may be when you're all alone here on your computer for others it may be when so many frustrates them they get angry and shower horny and angrier when the blame being that we all have things that cause us to stumble and if we watch when we are entering into those situations we can watch again therefore and pray always we think on it I recognize I'm coming into this situation right now I want to get angry the father you promised me in progress of the fifteen verse one a soft answer turns away wrath but grievous words stir up anger funding give me a soft answer to share with this person and father me you may you give peace in a situation to me and maybe I be an example to the other person so we are watching always when we recognize are coming into our our situations that the health of our triggers are worth of our switcher whatever right we need to be watching and praying from biting in crisis talks all about there in John chapter fifteen Jesus says I am the vine you are the branches I is a beautiful pieces I am the vine and my father is the husband of these is that we bear fruit through him so we need to be spending that's how many will be abiding continually with Jesus in prayer to number four is watch and pray as you would never prayed before and number five is this witness you'll sometimes I see that I was once of this church I've never ever heard the search for ever maybe one time in school I couldn't remember if they're talking about us if somebody else but maybe one time imagining class they might have actually said there are these people that keep Saturday this is a mainly memory I don't even know if this is what he is talking about a lot of vague memories in my mind my whole passes out of a big memory feeling pretty long for the world by something in Iraq but my life is my one my wife at the Council he said you remember when we landed this and I ask a man I don't remember that the this is the radiance and on and on and on and on I'm like I think I remember that now I sadly I have that problem but nevertheless we need to witness I never do something is cool and I think the professors at the leader these people will go to church on Saturday and I literally got why on earth would you do that is in the Bible and then I just stopped thinking about it is oh so confusing even comprehend the idea never thought about it again if that isn't smelled anything like the vague memory self is far as I know that's what happened it wasn't until I came doing a series of meetings any totally to thought when I saw the word of God said to me there was no option it was either I reject the word of God or I'd sample of the word of God says it wasn't I couldn't just go on acting like I believe in the Bible when I don't live out that wasn't an option for me as a my God 's grace he gave me the victories he help me overcome and the point being we need to be witnessing one of the things that I see sometimes in the church as we have ministries appraisal of her ministries that are trying to reform both in the church but the reality is only trying to do is fix the church awareness of wobbling church as they were told that time will never come we are also told ugly within the book actually apostles that the greatest way to overcome temptation the greatest way to overcome temptation is active service or witnessing for others so what if we want the church to reform the greatest way to overcome temptation is active service are witnessing the birth so it's not as if get yourself perfectly right mingle witnessing what it means is share what you know and God will start making new rights meaning when you want to work with somebody else can you see them struggling anywhere what key without Waters is watered also himself when you share what I was using a brother and church struggling getting into encouraging you may have struggled without mentioning into encouraging your doubts begin to fly away as we are actively working for others many people think that it's because we don't understand the nature of God and I think that is because when I living like Jesus Christ that were not like Jesus Christ many times we think it's a mistake that a doctor alcohol people just understand things were a little bit better and yes it will be good to understand second-rate Philomena to understand many different things but the question is probably actually living out our leaders arguing theology I believe in this message I mean and as I wore our message I live our doctrine maybe all we do is enter on bigger about the new job our doctrine thinking that if we just get the maneuvers are right I'll become right doesn't normally work that way yes or no you only see people those arguing sessions more like Christ and think I just wanted to serve other people the best way to overcome temptation is active service sharing the message with others of the new example young man who came to me who was struggling with homosexuality friend of mine off I began he was really really struggling and he tried he tried again this myself and I said I knew what the Bible says I know what the spirit of prophecy said that the best way to overcome the temptation of active service from the brother and you thought going into full-time mission work overseas things that no he came to me about a year later with a smile on his face and he done this and he went to work for the Lord and as he was working for others just what wasn't much of an issue himself because when you walk for authors are you thinking about our oceans meeting about anybody anyway is anything you want there's also after actively thinking about the castle always thought of all others is that it himself Jesus you understand so I agree we need accurate doctrine on the part of his church but sometimes people want bigger about how much you know Jesus was is and how much Jesus was that there was not even living like Jesus right to me I remember meeting out the scholars debate about stuff and I want to preach Christ and him crucified Jesus was fully man and he was fully God the Bible says Drew in the Bible also tells us that we can become like Jesus walks he will give the last he will give acting in any generation was willing to enable the Bible prophesies any of his last Gary said he will give victory to the only quibble I will not just be accurate in Bible knowledge they will be people who live out the character of Christ it says when he is when his character is really producing his people in his work is done and he can come to bring us home it doesn't say when they just dip in the news right then they are ready and able to help then it will spread the gospel to the world we've got it backwards we need to spread the gospel my Fresno practiced whenever thinners are hiding all the answers to a few who are not even on very well and so I went and studied with that I study with Jehovah's Witnesses can I knew they said they are the truth and we can thought we did two and athletes and so forth and LL putting editor not everybody does but field us to tell exactly those witnesses notes contacts just if you and I I sat down with this guy he was a Jehovah's Witness and he really knew his stuff to it and I know what the satellite and in the evening I sent on this annual kinds and singles to all these tax and he did not identify the Baptist he never asked what I was taken I believe in eternal hellfire and he finally said Ozzie leaving trial far as I know what is in the reason why he's in prison he said it's just a fingertip it's just staying in a illustration when nothing happened a dynasty and Arsenal the Bible says in an and I knew I had a text preparing to examine my benefits home and I was like going over how don't fully remember indexes are doing I don't know so I guess I I open my Bible and praise the Lord it opened in June seven and I write and you know June seven says that you may know and second last of the Bible need ESA 's Venus on the more in the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire sources of filing the more I think this wasn't just an allegory that fired anonymous right and he said no he said the converter that there any new goals against this season you know and I know nothing more than I share going to ask I can remember that when I had Artie forgot right the point is share the little that you know and God will give you more I studied out more than any other subjects I study the divinity of Christ the nature of Christmas is the divinity of Christ and to see the fact that he was in a meeting of the ozone is a debate that he don't know he's just you know created sometime and he is a dog is not the God Almighty and so forth I studied out a knife this is this is this is wonderful there was a man who actually became a Seventh-day Adventist but not accepted the divinity of Christ even a Jehovah's Witness in his life and I met him I said would you study with me on this issue and is now the low bar to try to me I just don't see it possible would you just be willing to the study with Manning so he said sure so we began going through the Old Testament is all the Old Testament said that it say things like God is holding is the only creator the New Testament says it was a greater Jesus many authors as Jehovah is the only Savior and the New Testament says in second in any chapter one verse ten feet says that Jesus is the Savior sale customers and all the Savior New Testament says that Jesus and the Old Testament says that Jehovah is the first and the last and in relationship to wonder seventeen and eighteen say that she is us is the first and the last and we went through several more citizens and slides it over the DOC that the Bible teaches that Jesus is Jehovah is how I summoned us luckily the sentiments of you you see that someday is the Sabbath no it is broken it would be hard to receive that would not endanger nothing is not an easy thing for him but you know going to study I knew that was once asked that I didn't have an answer to that I hope he wouldn't ask me I have a good answer that and so we get all the WCD UC that Jesus the Bible says is older and you he does look on his face and he said it seems to say that but I just have one question and he asked me only tax that I love that an inanimate answer to and at that very moment God gave me the answer to that question not because I needed me but because he goals share with people you don't millions it is always at work at later times I totally answer is a wonderful question I will look into the sun is out we'll talk again later share with people with no more than most the world knows anyway you know that right Sharon the little you do help and Daniel realize your needs and Nomar what you need to know you are not going right it is amazing and that's the point of life is made up of kindling and as we did we end up receiving we need to be witnessing we need to share the Bible tells the three Angels messages right and begins I saw another angel relation for the mercies saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having been absorbed blasting what gospel to preach on while I'm here and to every nation in kindred and tongue and people the Bible says this everlasting gospel is preached to every nation and guess who does it in the context it is mainly in charge and it doesn't mean just don't some minister gets up on stage and it needs every single person who believes the message is called to witness for others use and share the little bit cannot be limited to perform up with yourself you have to then go home and find an answer you have to then go home and find an answer and you could be a little crawlers you look a little ridiculous you don't know what you should know and that's okay it was not okay but it's okay now and then got annoyed and when you study out you will never forget those answers because it is a part of your life because you have experienced it and now that word is not some old work it is the leaving more than you were living out my experience number six this one is not biblical I see this in my own opinion dynamic load cells of everybody some people may need is what the Bible says in Mark chapter nine verse forty three and if thy hand offend the was a center cut off if your hand up and you cut it off for it is better for you to enter into life maimed than having two hands to be cast into hell fire in the fire that never shall be quenched we know that never fire the numbers claims the city of Jerusalem Berlin unquenchable fire bennies of the fire you can put out when it burns out designed the fire that will destroy the sinners but so what this means is if your hand is offending you can't only save your answers if you are I think you cut it off your foot offend you cut it off now we we know Jesus year the site is being illustrated he's not he's not saying you know I you know if you've been struggling with a just black and often you'll do a little bit better right amino acid to it there are things in our lives that are causing us to seem right is a true there are situations there are dividends of identity causing us to see in being important to inherit eternal life we have to at least get away from those things long enough to see how destructive they are to us all give you an example I was the reason the city was a reason to say that I lived a simple life and I went to the missing collagen during the missing colleges around the country inciting going to while writing the laborers and country in why was there I didn't see you all dirty things there are you know women scantily clad because it was like living on holy ground it was like amazing there won't wind up happening was is that I went on at some point in the upper month or so into Walmart and I saw the magazine on the magazine rack and I was like long will I believe they'd put this up in public I had seen us up my whole life and never bothered me because I was used to I had been due to become just the part like you look at the ladies in the magazine aisle and you just take a look and you go on Byron 's return it wasn't until I actually got away from it that I realized how dirty it was them a sense when you swim and mock it's hard to tell that your dirty right when the pig models and bottles in the month he doesn't necessarily feel learning is not even may be right why would he know it won't make a challenge for you to cut off your hands spiritual maybe maybe for a time I sounds and this is not something every one of you but I think it actually can be used by most people in here and I want to preface it very quickly with its IAEA basically in a wheat we having a knowing and reseller documentaries online and so forth and so on and so we have to check my e-mail and so forth there's something that have to be done on the Internet but we can get caught up in the inner utterly immoral stop pornography which is obviously wrong with you you can even get caught up in just watching the news on television or online that something I sure would be more moist than just what's happening in a what's going on the world is about what's happening with this trial is taking place right was going on with the NSA what's going on with this annatto whatever and then I mean what the prophet says and she says that the Menzies news papers reporting the scenes of the people corrupt those who are reading them all the time heart I thought maybe we shouldn't meet Ashley towns only can join in on I have to check my e-mail because people write this letter we received revision but only to check in every twenty minutes if you have to for your business you have to adapt to I want to make a challenge this is not the final appeal this is a sign of unity in a couple here this first one is I want I want to challenge those who recognize that your Facebook time is keeping you listen to you I think about this before I bought a Facebook Vineland pornography although think you feel right now like you are close with Jesus Christ I'll raise your hand this is not helpful time I'm feeling real close enough with being on my right now in the silence of your mind nobody else knows that you actually feel close to Jesus Christ and not a name and this is not testimony on the day you actually feel like you learning tools connected relationship with Jesus I can tell you this is not my neck my best money this a few weeks ago just just recently I was listening to the news and traveling on the road listening to these things and then I finally help basically just get away from it and spend more time in God 's work more time for meditating upon his work more time Frank and I can tell you very quickly a transformation is taking place in my life right today so I challenge out join you in the towns of forcing anybody if you get angry with us in this nature convicted I'm not forcing anybody but I am going to make a challenge for the next month you may have to go take care of a couple things in the next couple days so they can get off I challenge you and able to isolate the check my e-mails as part of our life we have to do that but I don't have to look at the news I don't have to go check other things I don't need to check work in film and so I can find out about equipment all is I don't need to do adult time I want to challenge to put aside every unnecessary form of media checking the news checking your Facebook and that you have to have to do it but I know most people they look I'm not a big Facebook guy but I know that people struggle nothing like crazy even if is not bad stuff these waste your life and you're not storing about thwarting harmony could be to Allah challenge you I want to challenge you to take a one-month media blackout and if your super close to God in your ear spent a lot of time on Eric you feel like you're in your ears relationships increasing increasing the new pricing all this is not necessary for what you're saying what I be ready today and Jesus came back and you say you know I will be ready maybe something 's happening in your life many of these evil things up but it's just stop crowding out Jesus Christ Jamaican challenge and enjoyment starting this Wednesday through Sunday it is a Tuesday meeting Monday whatever you want to start a balance in the next enigmatic many of us might happen to go on Facebook and understand that we gone on to be here anymore in this imaginary place for the next month here's my phone number if you need to get hold me call me or e-mail me this is an e-mail to happen I was completely wasting time on their news is not a pill for everybody and I think you'll do the same you write about it you really really really a close eye out on time on their door but my fear is that many of us don't feel Coco 's in the Lord and were wasting our lives without the Lord is there anybody that would like to sing along with chapters I would like to take the next month and it's for any unnecessary Internet television movies whatever I want to take a full media blackout for the next month I noticed a hard one is it anybody who would like to make that decision he meant human not here to judge I just want to challenge them and see if the months one month when you watch television we don't want to open you don't see how you feel spend more time in the word about and see how you feel in your relationship with God afterward I don't believe Facebook is innately evil I don't believe only loses innately evil but could it be that we are things that could even be potentially good social relationships could be used to just block out Jesus solemnly challenge you to do that so my immediate number five is a media fast which really isn't number five it's really about cutting off your hand something 's keeping you from the Lord six thank you number said we got we got three more actually removed pieces of equipment it says being faithful in the little things look sixteen cents ten cents fee that is stable and that which is least is faithful also much Johnson the least is unjust also in much to the best for the little things you have been diligent in the small things and God will give you positions in higher things be safe the bottom preparation for the second coming number eight is memorize God 's word we are commanded and I'm again in Scriptures we are I looked quickly yesterday on no less than fifteen guys in the spirit of prophecy were in different ways he challenges us to store the word of God commit to memory the portions of Scripture silver overcoming temptations resulting in all chapters can be used well financed in this manner to overcome temptation that so I went challenging to do that to store up in your mind 's Corrie ten boom tells the story she tells the story of when she was in the OC was a Dutch woman and her family help tighten the Jews long story short she was persecuted of her sister died in a NEI concentration camp and this woman a than God and she later she went through a time of trouble going on for studying a time when she went there without she went to hell anyway but nevertheless this later shoot she went on average is printing out from the one ended up happening there was see four days before a new government had taken over this African country and they called a group of Christians to the government office and when they got been there they executed each one of them the next day another group of Christians are called in government office and they shot them to death the next day they did the same thing executed each group I was shooting up however they executed the fourth day she arrived to preach in a church Corrie ten boom and she began to preach to the people there about Jesus and she was sharing with them about the Savior who is in a continuous strength of Chino is not what the congregation was listening and as a sustainably she looked at the people should other advantages should I need to change what I'm doing right now and she said let me share with you a story and she began to Sentinel story Albert she said was when I was a child I began to fear that I wouldn't have enough Faith to be a martyr for Jesus Aziz and I went to my dad and I told him I couldn't I don't think I'll have an update to die for Jesus and her wise Dutch father said her Cori when we take the trip in Amsterdam when do I give you the money to get on the train divided into three days before she said no visit would like to be the money she said you give it to me right before I get on the train instead Corey is the same way with being faithful as a martyr for Christ he doesn't give you the faith to be a martyr when he hasn't called you to be my bully cons if we are faithful little things he will give us faith to make it through that time she told us for the people listening there in that room with naked lightbulbs with bugs flying around in there with no screens in the buildings and these people work once for not listening more terrified they were they are initially were looking back and forth at each other thinking if she can be the next one to die she didn't even ask one after hearing this this story made turned to each other smiling and now they knew Jesus would give them the victory and he began to sing a song in the suites by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore two weeks later half of that congregation is executed and a month later the rest of them were executed and Corey says these words she says but I must tell you something I was so happy that the Lord use me to encourage these people for unlike many of their leaders I have the word of God I had been in the Bible I discover that Jesus said he not only overcome the world but to all those who remain faithful to the end she would give a crown of life she was honestly how can we get ready this is the one who went through persecution who went through in essence a time of trouble and hot as someone who's been through it they suggest dealing yet we get ready he says this how can we be ready for the persecution first we need to feed on the word of God I just didn't make it a part of our being this will mean disciplined Bible study each day as we not only memorize long passages of Scripture but put the principles to work in our lives from someone who's been there before time they bring back a message to us if you want to be ready you need gone for now because we've been told the time will come last eventually sixty seven the time will come when many will be deprived of the written word but if that word is printed in the mind no one can take it from us we got prophecy telling us with somebody coming beforehand to share with us to prepare us and last of all tonight on the junkie store up the word of God in your heart God will use this work to bring it back to my best comfort and strength for overcoming all trials and temptations number nine user opinions and confess all known sin first John one verse nine says what if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness we invest all of our sins with Charlie and as we know Jesus may reveal more and when he reveals more sensitive health don't give up in despair was a Jesus thank you that you are still preparing me right Revelation three nineteen tells us that very important thing it says as many as I love I rebuke and shapes to be zealous therefore and repent first one he says behold I stand at the door and now if any man hear my voice and open the door I will comment on Jim and sup with him and he with me view one eighty with a Savior Jesus Christ he's calling us to be overcome her family free sends your mind will have no hold on and off all my family I think these things again and cleaned that will turn away from it in turn of the Savior is a difficile fiasco I my heart is deceitful above all things the waiting is comes into my mind but as a savior who brings back the word of God as a savior who helped me to turning in Calvary for my saints finished with the story Jesus is calling us overcome some a dizziness I just read this morning and touch my heart so deeply is called a cold in the room in that place between wakefulness and dreams I found myself in the room there were no distinguishing features except for the one wall covered with small index card files it comes to a room and it's filled with files they would like the ones in libraries that list titles by author or subject in alphabetical order but these files which stretch from floor to ceiling and seemingly endless in either direction had very different headings as I drew near and the walls are files the first to catch my attention was the one that read girls I have liked I stopped and opened it and began flipping through the cards I quickly shut it shocked to realize that I'd recognize the names written on each one and then without being told I knew exactly where I was this lifeless room with its small files was include catalog system for my life here were written the actions of my every moment big and small in a detailed my memory could not match a sense of wonder and curiosity coupled with pork stirred within me as I began randomly opening files in exploring their content some brought joy and sweet memories authors a sense of shame and regret so intense that I would look over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching a file name friends was next to one marked friends I have betrayed the titles range from the mundane to the outright weird books I have read lives I have told comfort I have given jokes I have laughed some more almost delirious in their exactness things I've yelled at my brothers others I couldn't laugh at things I've done in my anger things I have muttered under my breath and my parents I've never been I never said I never cease to be surprised by the contents often there were many more cards than expected sometimes fewer than I hoped I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the life I had lived could it be possible that I had the time in my years to feel these thousands or even millions of cards but each card confirmed the truth and each was written in my own handwriting each signed with my signature when I fall out the file marked TV shows I've watched I realized the files grew to contain their contents the cards were packed tightly and yet after two or three yards I haven't found the end of the file I shot it shamed not so much by the quality of the shows the more by the vast time I knew that file represented when it came to a file marked lustful thoughts I felt a chill run through my body I pulled the file out only an inch not willing to tested size and drew out a card I Shiner adding detailed content I felt sick to think that such a moment had been recorded an almost animal range broke out in me one thought dominated my mind no one must ever seen the scars no one must ever see this room I have to destroy them in an insane frenzy I yanked the file out in size didn't matter now I had to empty and burn the cards but as I took it at one and began pounding on the floor I could not dislodge a single car I began I became desperate and pulled out a card only to find it as strong as steel when I tried to tear it defeated utterly helpless I return the file to its lot leaning my four head against the wall I let out a long self pitying sigh and then I saw the title for people I have shared the gospel with the handle was brighter than those around it newer and almost I I pulled on its handle and a small box not more than three inch small fell into my hands I could count the cards contained I can count my money and the miniatures game I began we saw also relieved that it hurt they started in my stomach and shook through me I fell on my knees and cried I cried out of shame from the overwhelming shame of it all the rows of files shelves swelled my tear filled eyes no one must ever ever known this room I must lock it up in height the key but then as I pushed away the tears I saw him no please not him not here anyone but Jesus I watched helplessly as he began to open the files and read the cards I couldn't bear to watch his response in the moments I could bring myself to look at his face I saw it sorrow deeper than my own he seemed to intuitively go to the worst boxes why do we have to read everyone finally he turned and looked at me from across the room he looked at me with pity in his eyes but this was a pity they didn't anchor me I dropped my head and covered my face with my hands and I began to cry he walked over and put his arm around me he said so many things but he didn't say a word he just cried with me then he got up and he walked back to the wall of files starting at one end of the room he took out a file in one by one began to sign his name over my on each card no I shouted rushing down all I could find as it was no know as I pulled the card from in his name shouldn't be on these cards but there was written in red so rich the still dark and so alive the name of Jesus covered mine it was written with his blood he gently took the car back he smiled a sad smile and began to sign the cards I don't think I'll ever understand how he did it so quickly but the next instant it seemed I hurt him close close the last file and walked back to my side he placed his hand on my shoulder and said it is finished for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have eternal or everlasting life the strange thing is he knows all of what we've done and he loves us anyway is calling us to be ready and I'm ashamed to think I've been wasting precious hours on worthless things of this earth how many names of enemy in our file of those we have witnessed to how many names are there to be of those coordinate eternity because of our efforts is there anyone is there anyone in your file Jesus is calling us to be ready he's given us a message to prepare the World Series so calming and are we going to be ready the meaning of somebody just now I don't know I want to give the opportunity is there anyone here who has never accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior is of someone who is never accepted that Jesus died into all of your sins he must give you eternal life by giving his righteous life in return is there somebody today who would like to stand and sing is the very first time that one would set Jesus Christ for the very first time as my personal savior is there someone here who was never accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior if there is just one would you please stand is a one person who senses the Holy Spirit is calling them to accept Jesus for the very first time if that is you would use and has now been my hope is that this means that we have all accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior of friends maybe you have been accepted Jesus already when Jesus is calling you to a close walk maybe you have accepted Jesus Christ sometime ago but maybe there has been any one of those besetting sins we read about in Scripture this scene it may not even be the deep dark terrible scenes of somebody else but you will have a sin maybe it is the dark one but maybe you have one it might seem a little cleaner but either way you recognize there is something in your life that is keeping you that you are not in a cool blog with the Savior like you need to be right now even spending time on things this will may be working too much of your family aside whatever it is this is something in your life that is keeping you from the Savior Jesus is saying outlet cover that one too I want to write my name on that one but if you hold onto it if you're not willing I cannot take it from you Jesus knew this day would come and he knew you would be here and you have an opportunity to let go passing we are not asking you what that is public sentiment on this public secret sins should be confessed secretly long for God is there been a sin in your life that you have been holding onto Jesus is saying today is the day today is a significant salvation if you hear my voice do not harden your heart the Savior says as if someone who is been holding onto the things of this world and you now than putting Jesus Christ verse 's word has not been first in your life and you want to let go of that today and you want to see Jesus I want to come to probably around pen and I want to be ready for your soon coming as if someone would like to stay and come to the front dismounting Jesus and I want to be overcome and I have there been things in my life and keeping me from you is there just one who would like to come for now is a varsity now becoming forward to I want to be ready for his coming I want to see each and every one of you there there is no reason for any of us to be lost there is zero reason meaning Jesus had prepared the ultimate way we all ultimately for salvation and he died for the sins of all to use any application Savior he is a God of love and he looks down upon you though he knows all the things you committed deals that you hold the world can never read and Jesus said I read it all and yet I look down and you with pitying love Jesus says I love you with all my heart is there anything anything that you would allow to come between me and you Jesus as he let go and bring into the alternate or I need to my Savior I want to say Jesus I love you maybe want to say Jesus I love you my Savior I do not certainly we know something we will not deserving from eternity after a billion years living a righteous life we still don't deserve it it is still about the loving grace of Jesus Christ friends alanine overcome her I don't want to be unstable as water one more day I want to be as it says in first Corinthians fifteen Mercedes seven fifty but thanks be to God which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast unmovable always licensing always abounding in the work of the Lord notice would help to be steadfast on movable always abounding in the work of the Lord friends we need to be sharing the message of Jesus is little as we know and when we share he will give us more frenzied swastikas victory let us bow our heads just now addressing you believe me now Gilda reach so well together sold to stand praying the Lord knows our friends Jesus wants is a beguiling little back quickly before we pray today that challenge that media blackout even if you don't think you have too much of a struggle in Allentown he tried anyway and see if you see like I did when I went back in Walmart that things were dirtier than I realized they were actually dropping in I didn't even know it so I would challenge you to take that nothing if you don't you're lost but I'm saying give it a try one month letting all these things unless it's absolutely necessary for business importance you helping Sunday out of whatever it is the tri- media blackout the radio television Internet movies whatever music even even even when you look at the music you listen to you I be terrible and I don't constantly have in your state signed a silence of war for appellee father we know you have a generation that you will make ultimate over commerce meet with him is that if we read the Scriptures we can read if we read those read books you can have a generation but it's not like their own strength it is not divine strength of Jesus Lord we are guilty the old saying guilty as sin that is us our record is inscribed and it cannot be it cannot be erased by some eraser it can only be covered with the blood of Jesus Christ I thank you that you thought you knew that I was the chief of sinners and that you died for me anyway father we have made a commitment sink is the one labeled the scene that has been so easily be sending us it could be a anger problem it could be the last problem he could be a someone here may be struggling with a new you have issues with food you need to purge and all these things or whatever it is a bulimia anorexia whatever your temptation it's Jesus is saying if you come to me I will give you the victory you will you as our Savior I promise there is ingrained these ten four and five you ultimately tell us they are in verse five that you can bring every thought into captivity to Jesus Christ and if every thought is brought into captivity every action will be brought into captivity every habit and then every characteristic of who we are will be captive to Jesus Christ father help us to put away the things of that sometimes leaving I just don't know I don't have a spiritual life and maybe it's because were not well spending our time with you in your daily and maybe it's because were not praying throughout the day and meditating upon your learn him they were allowing things this world and we don't even realize why when I close but just because they were allowing things that may not even be bad to overrule our time with that which is better father my prayer we don't have to live this way my prayers and we would become over comers is my prayer that this would meaning that we can put these things like we know the Bible says in John says zero personalities written these things it unto us that we seem not in first John chapter two but Eagles back we look back in verse nine verse nine chapter one it is as if we confess our sins so even if we stumble from this day forth may we not give up in despair but we may we remember if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to give us our sins and cleanse us from unrighteousness may we always get back up again impressed for the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus father may you come with your son may you put your arm around her Sunday redrawn around us when we come the father before the atomic rate your son will blot out our scenes from the books but we know it's our choice if we want to hold onto them we want to leave them here beforehand before judge father we pray that you would cleanse us may we live eternally I want to walk with these people in your kingdom Jesus is not a game is not a two-story this is reality that reality is more real than reality right now is that reality is eternal father you told us you told us in your word for all flesh is as grass and all the glory of men as the flower of grass the grass with the risk and the flower thereof fall of the way the word of the Lord endures forever and this is the word which got by the gospel was preached unto you in first Peter chapter one verse twenty four and twenty five father may be applied in that were as assessing cautious three sixteen let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom economy your word abiding in us maybe talk with you maybe we find victory with you as Jesus said in John fifteen or seven it would be if you abide in me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will initially on father mainly abiding you more than just the motions the morning mainly abiding you and your word abide in us and me we commune with you and me we walk with you in this last generation as he knocked it and maybe not the found interest to members in the name of Jesus and this media was brought by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. done on universal .org


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