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Prepared to Seek

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  • June 20, 2013
    9:45 AM
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hello friends were delighted to see you here I am the head of the number family but that there would be no family Father's Day just pass there would be no families there wasn't anyone with me and I'm very delighted that I have my bride with me here Maria and our three young people there are four young people in my family as young adults young adults for young adults but one of them is now a part of a another family and so we've adopted him as a part of our family as well so we say we have five people in our family and the she now lives with her husband in Oklahoma so I will talk a little bit more about their story in the next breakout session but our session today is the always ready for family be ready for family and shot was good to begin our session this morning and our message this morning is entitled prepared to seek socially of our heads as we pray heavenly father which is so thankful for the opportunity that you give us to be here today to share together from our hearts and we ask that you will teach us what we need to know for we desire to have families that are modeled after heaven and we want to be able to enter those pearly gates with our families and social and teach us what we need to know that we are ready to go home with you when you come in the crowns of glory as a family in Jesus name amen all right always ready for a family of the Lord will read he implies a certain level of preparation yes preparation without which any dreams of success are a just a phantom so you were talking about being always ready always prepared but that the theme of this conference is always ready not always prepared so as we are going to do that sort to do is is briefly and hopefully clearly asserts some foundational principles and as we go along and build on this foundation to explore the tangible reality of how these principles are applied in real life so as we seek to interweave the concepts of preparation the process of preparation and the concept of being ready right now not at some some point in future as we do yet were not established this morning five critical elements that are absolutely necessary to for our future happiness and usefulness not only as individuals but as families so in this and a starting section word I dive into the present practical yet the indecisive over the guiding principles incoming segments will dive more into the price publication S Robinson amigo so this is sometimes one is the segment of the seminar is entitled prepared to seek fundamental foundations to build in your use Matthew six holds a very common very well known principle investors letting all familiar with and that is this seeing ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added which was supposed to me something very important everything that we he will fire if we pursue our quest for readiness our pursuit of having our desire to bless and heal our desire to Judea to live fully alive to be a blessing to all of those things start in one place and that place is with the sinking of heaven of nothing else in the universe can be more truly said if you don't have it on this case you don't have him if you don't have Christ written anything so to find anything good we set by seeking Christ over and over again the writers of Scripture lessons of history nature itself a trumpet discharge in our hearing seek God first and always about the foundation of the house is basically useless so will remember this first hour is the preparation of seeking the foundation of that seeking Christ that seeking God with seeking righteousness plays in our readiness to be all that God wants us to be an average of new Scripture caskets with you to Mark chapter eight versus thirty four to thirty six biblical passage of Scripture is going to service our blueprints for the next hour and are outlined if you will mark chapter eight thirty four through thirty six I will just be by begin by reading it together and will kind of Brittany down to be says Mark chapter eight thirty four to thirty six and it reads when you call the people under him with his disciples also he said unto them whosoever will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whosoever will save his life shall lose it but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and for the Gospels the same shall save it for what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul not -based Siemens best description before the very first first imperative which is let him deny himself there is a very vital implication whosoever will come after me in that coming in the implication whosoever will come after me this is were talking about in this first day I also see command actually my question is why why come after him in the first place and I think that this lies at the very foundation of our deeds of the process we want to go to the reasoning process that is laid out in the Scripture someone started telling a story that you start at the store that I love is about a beautiful girl at least he thought so she was a companion to fix and saying she was the best in her class smarts alert educated dedicated unwaveringly determined and they made a winning team sheet with our senses he would his training together a weapon of war he was a soldier she was a German Shepherd and the two of them were on assignment in Vietnam and they spent their days here patrolling the perimeter of the base error sifting out snipers are even as soldiers and their dogs do but when a patrol not one damn patrol officer on patrol daily on patrols the two of them would be out walking jungle trails I would often stop in Jackson soldier instantly responsive to the queue would stop his wound and the dog with no sphere and second and Sergeant Josie found the thread the filaments often that a trip wire to my bed was a sign of dental floss and even get his hands and knees until he found it in the end the two of them together window over under around whatever was required in time and time and time again the dog seems those life that was located and over and over again he to his understanding of tactics and save the dog garden the dog from enemy fire and rejuvenating the community but there came a day when the dog that came a day when the man on control the soldier on patrol his footfall sound depressing Catherine the dog and the man were both thrown in a ball of fire and how long he'd been there he did not know but when he started to regain his consciousness in the fall of the blackness is slowly creeping away his first thoughts was a guessing I was not to see okay waiting a long two weeks to answer that question because he has his eyes cracked open the first site he saw was the face of his dog leaning over looking into his looking into his he's his eyes with Herne blinked with an expression that only family a document and at all at once it's hard less if yes she was alive but then a moment later a second thought followed hot on its heels as he looked down and he saw what he should never have seen what we're used to be using if I see one of his lungs and one of his arms list mangled almost completely gone and the thought that followed Hollifield where's my dog is she okay is going to die here in Oregon follow how the heels of that .net was she nice not watch me and so this soldier grips with it with a determination that watching and I would not be the last gift he gave to his friend he mustered all of the strengths he cut an command the dog to go home and the dog stared at him as if to say I greatly not always an obedient dog and I sold to review the command go home the dog turned and walked away a dozen paces then hesitated and turned and came back and the two ends that the soldier which seated the charge with more fervency with more loudly more strength goal home the doctrine again on five or six paces and returned again and finally to the Marine raises one the one on mangled arm strikes a dog with that was his friend with all the strength he can muster to grinding T says go home and she does but only one or two pages and then she returns and lines down by the side of her dying friend as if to say I'm not going home without you what happens when you when you put a lot of against love everything in this case you who wins are wins in the dog one because as if suddenly gripped by a new thought see John reached down and in his strong jaws to what was left of the caller soldier that was her friend and planted all four feet and he got the idea and raised one on angled arms around her neck and she landed four feet and timed and dragged the soldier that was three times away to the road where he was fun alive in English we have a word for that outward his devotion a lifetime later when this man with gray hair is telling the story 's tears are still streaming down his face as he as he talked of how he was flown to Thailand for emergency surgery talks have housing disconsolate dog walked around me run around the army base the entire afternoon looking for his friend in the community is hot this must be selling says for the Dominick 's helicopter to China Thailand and how the dog and runs in the halls of the hospital found the soldiers that it jumped up to rest upon the rail to reach for his face with a broken voice the white-haired man right here soldier now an old man asked the question how do you think a dog that saved your life the first of five pillars of what you talk about today is just this one write it down devotion why come after him anyway whosoever will come after me let them why come after him anyway we love because he first loved us there is a simple answer there is the simple answer because it is Christ that stands over me when I made a misstep and I slowly awaken to the fact that I want to die here because when I tried to send the way he tells me and tell him he deserves so much better than I was when they got us into this fix in the first place he looks down and says I'm not going home without you one look into those eyes is all that it is required for love to spring up in return my question is do we dare look into his eyes the first devotion to God paves the way for our relationship with God and that relationship informs defines and redefines every other elements of life so this is the first foundation for us to build value and vibrant relationship with God said that by half it's a faithful prayer and study that we might see him in his beauty that we might see him as he truly diversified pillars was devotion settlement about to talk about for a few minutes here is the surrender and return back to our passage in Mark chapter aims you during this part of the Scripture in verse thirty four with Hazlitt who several will come after me that her son discussed let him deny himself this does two things if you want to follow Christ who want to come after Christ the Scripture points to two things deny himself and take up his cross want to focus on the first deny himself and my question is what does it really mean I yourself admittedly understand what it means to deny herself why is the command there why is it necessary to deny ourselves in a strong voice in commenting on that verse need the definition you could say of the night is to do so reject or refuse it sounds like some pretty strong language rights to deny means to reject to do so or to refuse can't you do that to oneself in each of our lives we are we are run we are motivated by one of gymnastics and we all know that if we purchase him a picture throughout all of her life but the truth is there a fee there were either being run by fax big facts oppressive ruler but the Bible calls the flesh of the old man all our lives are run by God right and so in each of our lives there is as ad aware if you will with me there is a thrown sex and there's only only one of those two rulers can sit on the throne of what you are flushes in charge of our life and our first flash is sitting upon that ground God cannot bring their infant daughter sitting upon the throne the flesh cannot bring their now I want you determined me really quick and in your Bibles if you have been to Romans chapter eight and lets me really quickly Romans chapter eight verses six through eight starting verse six of chapter eight sent for to be currently minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is MAG is energy against the not afraid his son Absalom God neither indeed can be so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God not in the basketball presents the problem the NBS that problem it is truth yes Jimmy Conley minded means that we can have nothing to do with that that God is not as part of our lives because the flash and God cannot coexist together but to deny oneself practically means to to lay aside to reject to refuse this that that carnal ruler in our lives and to allow God to give us that spiritual mind that spiritual power and reality this process of denying oneself is is a process of faith because we need to to access the fact that God has given us the promises that are in the Scripture when he promises that we can have victory over sin when he promises that he can and empower us to have to have power over our adversary and that he can rule in our lives that we can all remain and abide in him and he can give us power over temptation this is what it really means to deny yourself this is the process of surrender and you know that that that that when we swear we choose to allow God to rule and that director chair of the Joshua life the flash will continually be clamoring for attention saying what about me don't you remember those you need me to solve this problem by friends in the process of denying ourselves if you buy safe to look at either say no I do not need to all I thought the flesh God recently the director of my life you know we attribute allots to grace you for the same we aware of the grace and fundamentally I agree with that premise if you were not for grace nothing spiritually would be possible sanctification but not a possible victory over sin would not be possible the love of God would not be possible because first we do not deserve the love of God we do not deserve all of the unmerited gift that gives us however grace is not the only ingredients because God has given us the power of choice it's a very small thing but yet it's a very large thing PC got instilled into us the power to take the very first step to him and no one in this entire world not even God himself will force us to take that step once we have once we had chosen to take that first step towards God once you've chosen to get up off of that throne in our life that allows not to will their then it is grace that covers us is not the transformed life it is not our own actions that transform the life yet God has instilled us with that part of Jews in fact that's what what one of the things that differentiates God from our enemy from the enemy our adversary because you see when it is a double desire that when we sit down on the throne of our lives we sit down and we are governing our lives to keep us shackled there and I want to give us the choice in fact if we don't choose NFS it is choosing for the double booking to let the devil doesn't doesn't really wants to give us that liberty which however God wants to will their lives but he will not force us he gives us the power to choose anything anytime with a needle and God I would rather govern my life I would rather make it is the choice is now the decisions he will of course which is in his life I get up from the chair and allow us to our lives friends that is not going we need to realize that the power lies within ourselves to take that first step towards that it was just amazing it encountered in child guidance page two hundred and twenty three and let you before you really quick that's a three quotes this first quote as a child guidance page two hundred and twenty three two and three event enlisting the power of the will but you often give her proof is gained only when the wrongdoer himself is led to see his fault and is will it enlisted for its correction when this is accomplished pointing to the source apartment powered her cancer those who train their people to feel that the power lies in themselves to become men and women of honor and useless will be the most permanently successful while the power lies within themselves now are we talking my son mentioned this morning pulling ourselves up by her own bootstraps no because no amount of actions the amount of energy and no amount of effort on our part will ever get to heaven it will never save us will never give us get this education only God will however is that first step towards God in the next choosing to to remove our natural carnally minded net will the heart that tries to keep his back shackled to the lust of the eyes and let the classified of life is that choice to allow God to rain in our life instead that is ours to make I want to did you mark quotes that are that are really beautiful promises before you read the Scripture the first one is again in child guidance page two hundred and nine three and that everyone may place his will on the side of the will of God may choose to obey him and bypass linking himself with divine agencies he may stand where nothing can force him to do evil in every youth every child's life the power by the help of God to form the character of integrity and to live a life of use fullness the second quote is in acts of the apostles these two hundred and ninety nine one and it says the surrender must be complete every week touting struggling solely yields fully to the Lord 's place in DirectX with agencies and enable him to overcome heaven is near to him and he had the support and help of angels of mercy and every time of trial and if need from God has promised God 's promise that if we take him if we except the promises that he is given given us if we except abiding in him we can become impervious of the temptations of the devil Christ tells a parable a story to his disciples it can be found in the book of Luke chapter fourteen in chapter fourteen starting in verse sixteen sitting sitting identity each with them he says in verse sixteen a certain man made a great supper and being many incentives services you say to them that were bitten for all things are now ready and they all with one consent began to make excuses the first set under him I have bought a piece of ground I must needs go and sell MCI's gravy have me excused and another said I've bought five yoke of oxen and I go to prove them by Brady have me excused and another said I have married a wife and therefore I cannot come so that servant came and showed his Lord these things than the mass of the house being angry setting him twentieth serving go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bringing him to the poor and the maimed and the halt and blind semi questions first it seemed like they were overlooking the story begins the exactly where I was going with it now prepared to suffer and he's arty invite all his friends and is undeserving to go and tell them it's time and they are valuing their things how really family above the invitation of their master because of that they were passed by they did not intend that the the fees that this man this great piece this minute now I have to ask myself how many times do I do the very same thing no God daily invites me to feast at his feet God daily invites me to spend time in communion with him and you are because of my busyness passing by lessee I cannot come in I live his life I think that all of us would say that if we were asked with all of the busy life this is bit today in today's society everybody seems to be busier because Russell around twenty things to do we as you travel around these themes on the students and and then I have many iWork and I have many different and diverse volunteer at the responsibilities including the existence of his director of our volunteer and one service and are our community and when we get told out in an ambulance call which could be at anytime of the day that automatically means six hours maybe because we live like two hours for an hour from the closest hospital to us in the closest more reputable hospital in all of these things on my plate went when I'm in the middle of my day I've chosen practically what God has taught my heart to do when it when he says I want out I want to be able to rule your life I want to sit on the throne in your life if you let me and I chosen every day at noon due to spend time with God Communion and prayer now practically where this choice comes down for me where where I need to make the choice that first step towards God is my new rolls around and I'm in the middle of of studying managerial accounting and I have actually left on this chapter and I know that directly after lunch and then I have to work for a couple hours and then have to go to to town for ambulance meeting yada yada yada etc. etc. at that time when my God is leading me come with me feast with me the feast is ready it is prepared do I say Lord Penn twenty pages of managerial accounting I cannot mercy somehow these men in the story in Luke and sometimes I myself we value our own plans family session whatever it may be in your life and my life do we value those more than the value God somehow do we think that we're actually been received fulfillment from these things were nineties of failed my family to be fulfilled by how friendly were never meant to be fulfilled by loving things for people as dear as a meeting we were created to be fulfilled our relationship with God by spending that time with God denying ourselves and allowing God to be the ruler of our lives denying myself deliberately means but rather do I deny myself means deliberately rejecting my natural self and being willing to give up my my my dreams and my plans my puny little human love excepting God 's life accepting God 's goals God 's possessions in God majestic ocean of an ending divine life that's what it really means to deny myself and print any any amount of labor any amount of of conflict or struggle that it might take to achieve that is well worth that privilege he that would finally I have chosen to follow Christ have you chosen to do that it you are here and I have chosen that I was to live life devotion peaking and sent to all the ones devoted to that soldier I have chosen I made sure to be devoted to Christ and so I'm learning thinking to myself moment by moment daily basis and take microfluidic call you what that means to me and taken up my cross to follow him I am brave and worries thing that exalts Christ in my life and I forsake everything that Nathan decreased that make them dwindle in my life was when I take up my cross it necessarily involves a separation from the world because you don't feed the world picking up their to follow Christ to what we see in the world is demanding and women boys and girls for choosing to follow their own inclination and the end result is very fast so separated from the world we must be in light of everything that we see happening in our modern culture our culture friend has been picked here rating at an alarming rate biblical and traditional values have been I think it is an old worn-out garment immorality runs for everywhere we look our senses are constantly unblinded by images of the modesty that are boldly portrayed billboards books magazines TV and the Internet it is highly ethical if not impossible only possible by the grace of Christ to remain pure innocent until anything adult as a child is extremely difficult to remain pure purity of thought which leaves the purity of life happen without a great deal of intentionality in our culture nine years ago and some of you have a hardening share this illustration nine years ago we were in a shopping mall in Albuquerque and the cost wheat is out for the past fourteen years we have lived in such a sheltered country environment which has been a huge blessing this is more than thirteen -year-old girl were so shocked were so offended by the images that she saw portrayed at the mall that she turned to me she said they never come to go again and I wanted to ask you a question on your senses offended they shot if you see those images and do you turn away from many horror Halloween at your purity is being destroyed or how we desensitize friends our culture is drenched with humanism a worldview or philosophy that in one way or another divorces gone from his universe it makes man's happiness human achievement comfort and club convenience the main goal of life leading God God out of the picture the institutions of our land are a family Stone the foundation of this humanistic philosophy even our schools do not escape these influences altogether although I'm confident in thankful that those running this particular institution child for the honor if is a joy to see evidence of that and then and not compromising the truth as it is taught to our young people who receive their education here but that's highly secular humanistic society has affected often is enough every day in various ways our knowledge of God is distorted our discernment is diminished our sensitivity to the spirit in the old are values are corrupted reflecting more than that you use reflecting more clearly the values of our countless societies in the biblical values in this case regard are happy we often fail to discern right from wrong weekends and worldly in ourselves because the world as a mighty washing River is flooding our souls continually no one is immune to these influences and dangerous not even a conservative Christian homes such as ours we have to go looking for same friend thing comes looking for that dabble clip fitting our path for instance you have to go to Google and put in the war cartography to encounter what a nine years ago three of our four children were exposed to it instantly by stumbling into it because of a new laptop that we had just purchased and were putting to work and became a greater something blocked one of those three children until that child chose to come and come fighting I'm thinking a very sad picture far culture with its deteriorating norms and values I invite you to reflect on this and make it personal to you think about it what do you think that has shaped or a shaping right now your values and your standards what determines the way that you try the way that you eat the choice of music that you listen to the book that you read or the educational options that you pursue is that your personal inclination the figures hasting appetite is it your desire your inclination to fit in to want to fit in with others in the standard of living that you want to achieve is more in your recognition they feel like they are alone you've been bought with a price and therefore your fault that purpose of the glory of God the development of Christian character and the advancement of the interests of the kingdom happening in your own heart in your own home in the life of your family within your sphere of influence I'll is a Christian supposed to survive in this environment we first need to become wide awake Christians we need to recognize Satan 's final grip on ourselves and our families if you have your Bible turning to Romans thirteen were going to be reading verses eleven twelve fourteen Romans thirteen eleven twelve and fourteen and it states and that knowing the time that now is in to awake out of sleep for now is our solvate and when we be the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore hast all the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light verse fourteen but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and may not provision for the flash to fulfill the law they are all friends we need to repent of our own spiritual blindness in conformity to the world and being willing to walk in those old path and Jeremiah spoke to spoke about in Jeremiah six sixteen we individually go up to the Lord and the Lord how people would happen cast off the works of darkness in our own life I don't know what it what influences you are exposed to what is in the uneasy holding onto in your life but God knows the works of darkness creep into our lives in various ways I know a lady that I would counsel with me over the years she and her family her husband and her children would attend camp meeting family camp meeting every year because she had the desire to to raise a family for Christ to seek spiritual glow of growth in her children to see a growing love for God in all of their hearts and we know that only by unwilling to separate from the world and delivered legal counterculture can we have that abundant life that is promised willing her case she told me one of their downfall was they still had not given up altogether and every year they went to Camp meeting in the genus him would be higher they would be encouraged and they would make a fresh suspicions that they were going to go back home they were going to turn on their TV anymore my thought life one hundred and twenty ethics rather than keep that conclusion there all the time nevertheless she said you know we come back can we do it we just get rid of it out we just don't you know we do we do other things but there was something that was driving them back so that each time had a friendship that a friendship with another family my friends and her husband found best friends in the other husband-and-wife about other family and ultimately get together unfounded after church they were going to spend time each each other's homes and these friends of theirs had a habit of enjoying watching movies on Saturday night and so the lady that was sharing this with me with Tommy and anyone think that there are wholesome movies that are okay to watch the sheet which might influence our friends in the choice of movies that they that they would make but often times either the choice had been made in the five that they would end up watching a movie on Saturday night which would wet their appetite for the TV back at home so friends in this case my friend this lady was allowing this friendship this allows for the couple to be the influence in the World of Warcraft heart that would create into her life into the life of her husband take away the convictions in the decisions that they were doing to pick up the and follow Christ friends our allies need to practically speaking reflect the conviction that this world is not our home we are only pilgrims here when I hear the case elsewhere looking for new happens in the New Yorker and God God 's Word promises us and revelations twenty one were not interested in to this culture were not expecting to enjoy the worldly advantages that conformity to the world may yield our homes need to be easy a few which are please will be billed only culture a place where the world and its influences and its practices are intentionally shot out and see if of reality is the substance of things hoped for our homes into the play for faith is instantly nurture and encouraged for our children for instance the love of learning to be speaking about the love of God by joyful praise by the songs of Zion and most of all by the word of God because we told the Roman seventeen ten seventeen that see comment faith cometh by hearing we need to close the windows of the soul wherefore and we need to open those windows have an way God wants our families since Jesus joy of fiber and happy life that is connected to him that end that is therefore unplanned being in love joy and peace even in the midst of trials he wants our young people to e-mail from personal experience one brings true and lasting joy family have tasted those pleasures and our young people know that the pleasures of the world are from God have nothing to offer the only resulting disillusionment and a lack of joy and peace and bondage to the enemy and broken pieces in the spirit is bringing conviction to you of specific ways in which you argue children need to separate from the world you can't just grit your teeth and still is a hard thing take the initiative to eliminate that from your life in your children's lives without paying attention to the replacement principle as we take things away from our children because we come under conviction it will leave a void in their life that the devil will be very earned fill in their life if we replaced with one of homes with what is good and if I remember the parable of the unclean spirit in Matthew twelve forty three that unclean spirit that went out of the man and when wondering about and found an old rest and so he returned later and said that finding the house empty swept and garnished he took possession of it along with seven other spirits Elimite commenting on that fit that it is not enough that the vessel BMP it is not enough that we make a conscious choice to abandon those things that are undermining our spirituality it must be filled our vessels not the film grace Christ the Lord for wisdom to replace both things are you denying yourself for the feet shaking up your cross and following Christ replacing them with things that will shine in your joy in your full fulfillment in the Christian life friends like our submission to God by parental wide leadership in our homes we can make the Christian life so attractive to our children so attractive for our young people that they will turn away from the broken systems of worldly pleasures because they have pasted me why front of living water so as we talk about different principles which will come to me and deny himself and take up his car and I don't need on a seminar in our family while in reality to think about it in the next session really doing after the break is about Leftwich 's relationship and they were in the afternoon to believe that the foundations for servicemen tomorrow into how to heal the relationships within the family etc. really all those things have no going to be accomplished unless we can build a foundation that is completely dedicated to fighting the first session for this follow me try that been more than just a note to thank you through the victim the world out of our lives there arguably traveling to it every morning and read about because we must didn't have to do with what lengths will you go to be with the King to what lengths will you leave other things behind their separating you can have a life as in testimonies volume nine page one eighty one we had not patterns to follow your five we had only one nice Christ Jesus is encouraging the Christian bookstore and any you can find tremendous resources that legalistic regime most amusing I'll also bond proposal in the ER and help you with this issue with that issue the other issue and in reality even if the script is anything between your fingers and the mind I am dissolved all problems in all relationships all the world forever anyway they yielded a comprehensive encyclopedia on your world issues would be the facsimiles but actually not it can think between our fingers that is mind-boggling power in our lives in only one example to follow and that is the Christ Jesus to what lengths we go to communicate your family in our personal life for young people as we are and what are you thinking about a family someday in the future three families that can transform the world do not just happen by accident in August they have to be intentional and we have to build those foundations now by following bikini now to what lengths are we willing to go to make sure our future home follows or if you if you have you hungrily follows the pattern of Christ we can go and opening up all the books in the Christian bookstore we can open one but both those books can certainly be helpful but we can open up one book and find one pattern and if we follow after that one time we will receive victory and have you not like you have to be recognized when I read over the Bible I find the tremendous reality is there that the Bible speaks of is just like the plain fact is that the others never intervene they doesn't have to be singular from a furnace on fire for God and it is not an Bible says you can have consistent him be no roller coaster effect in our walk with God these things don't happen we fear we'll have to have worried the present I'll be thinking like crazy in wife is still in my experience word of God can become real reading if we go to it that I look and see that in all the realities of the Bible have not become reality in the talks his life where do I have to go Christ is the word becomes less heat in the Bible who is doubtful the Bible that's a description of him but yelling works either way so when we take the word of God comes into our life becomes a part of our if the same ways we can live the life and youth led because that would be the word come into our little frames and lives out before the world slightly inward follow me just recently earlier this year I was in the room Bolivia for four weeks and weeks something like that is what it experiences the first time in South America we really enjoyed it and down there the first section of our time we were speaking are really really busy schedule and time was under the first two weeks to act reasonably with ad so loosely exhausting wife that is like I had recovered addict going to write the Bible like Lord Buchanan give me strength to continue that any singular strength to get through to these speaking our trip to Vietnam it would be stationed there in extra time so we could work on the writing and the course of the time we were not actively speak they were still speaking on the weekend during the week we had off we were working on our books and the one that was having connection emotional times reading praying studying the Bible thinking of something by the my wife and my priorities Michael's education on a level not really driven girl and I have these been figured out know what I wanted to record a year ago he happily things will breathlessly going into thinking out uncertainly so the kind of disconcerting for me and says the more I thought about what perplexed that became MMI middle is going on the right track but I was thinking about all the things that came intact in my heart your mom I'm perplexed I told her I was in the room with it we're both working on about ethnic market to think about what is I feel you education only things I'm doing at my gigabytes available of unwanted speaking out always allowed to her and she's like will you actually got it he has a plan for your life that you swallow that you'll be fine he and your word is like I was having an attorney when you remember me and don't I have some ideas here everything else he got had an idea only five feet to follow a hill shown in his time but in the other side my heart was light coming in which the athlete he's really an Orthodox great it would be activated to minute video really as their chaplain last night socially awkward or something like a fragile state of readiness are you I couldn't offer some suggestions immediately a really unorthodox really awkward to what way will you go to follow the any socially awkward our elected Quinto do it himself wildly neopagan back with a crowd cricket Kenya ministry when the service in the power of Excel services with any pencil if parking is is is coming to earth to death receipt fifteen which had already on the claims to buy his wife what are they secretly in the in the ministry of the cost and the servant does not need to have the sector and local current annual throne the sermon had the costuming was reminding me of that now nothing about how fast do something socially awkward obviously at times he died at the studio think the question is what was legal in our family it are relationships in all the different things are we willing to let things go so we can be with the camera read a Scripture just briefly first Corinthians three eighteen two twenty three no man deceive himself among you seem to be why the world let him become a fool that he may be wise for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God for it is written he taketh the wise in their own cracking is again the Lord Nelson talk like they are being there was no man glory in men for all things are yours whether Paul or policy speakers or the world or life or death or things present nor things to come all are yours and he archived and cried if not are we willing to pay to try receiving if we are we can build a foundation now underused we can build a relationship that can build into your home and our lives can be used by active change the world in we are willing to truly follow the workcenter solutions to the conclusion of the whole matter as your personal leadership this morning from Matthew chapter Mark chapter eight we covered the aspects of devotion surrender taking up our cross and following him and what's the point of this whole thing refunded in verse thirty five and thirty six for whosoever shall save his life shall lose it but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the Gospels the same shall save it you know if we decide as young people that we want to gain the world then we lose our soul what will we have gained as a very significant decisions for us to face I don't have time to going to my entire story of how when I was a young person what over the things that I wanted to gain what do I want to have but when we look at what matters the most this taxes at all if you want to save your life you lose it considers this to be foolishness you want to gain the whole world you granted for every gusto you have but instead what we know is what matters is what matters eternally the question is for us what does it take to be ready it takes time to seek regional knowledge is not enough we must then choose to surrender our lives based on the knowledge of his love for us it will result in us living lives based on the word of God and not on the world 's viewpoint we will follow him and we will live lives that will seem to the world to be foolishness but it will result in eternal life for those that believe so let us be ready for he shall reward every man according to his works Charlie Barr hence heavenly father help us to grasp a hold of these truths and let us to make them a part of our lives that we may gain what you would have us to gain and that when we look back we will see not only how he will lead but how you have led us into the kingdom of heaven thank you for your promises which are real helpless to grasp them here and follow wherever Jesus Mahar is a matter of this media was brought by audio parents or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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