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  • June 21, 2013
    11:00 AM
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welcome back to our next session were very thankful for the opportunity we've had to be with you and we are praying that you are blessed for we are certainly blessed by our fellowship with you but above all we want to prepare ourselves as individuals as families to meet the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes so our session that our last session today is always prepared to stand and we are going to be sharing how we stand in excellence in an age of apostasy and and apathy as individuals and as families let's bar hence as we pray for us as heavily father we know that you want to the very best for us and we pray that as we go forward in the days to come as we take heed to the lessons that we have heard and learned that he will show us the way that we need to go thank you for your promises which also sure as you will help us along the way as we wait for your soon return in Jesus name amen okay and in all fairness I was age of the sea and apathy is king and queen Judean hill can breathe or blowing through massive cedar trees to fan and five at effects of air this will receive an fire in the eyes of the contested land of heroes this man's name and instantly when my regular Bible characters it is not the son of Dodo the use of Abraham 's servant you at five my brothers raise their hands only thing is called Eleazar and Ellen my very favorite characters in Annapolis have you heard anything before you are him after today you can find historians against Daniel twenty three nineteen ten you can also find that another rendition of the same accounts in one account also in netbooks of the King for our pardon the Chronicles is the second Samuel Tony three nine into an interesting someone out there and the other gentlemen what LE is our the son of Dodo the Apple site one of the three mighty men with David would be defining the Philistines that were gathered together to battle when the men of Israel were gone away he rose and smote the Philistines until his hand was wearied by his hand claim onto the sword my Lord wrought a great victory that day is a very common so that he is defending the contestant landed here is my DVI defending this half of barley and you been I think the Philistines for years and have Israel has turned camera all three people in Shauna and Eliezer and the three of them come in and they these and the Bible says in acts of violence against the entire army of the Philistines and that his theory I believe that saying three people in the violin like I intended to react the way to the Israelites forget the bilingual play here again I like to know Dana John and Eliezer are standing yeah probably I guess the entire Philistine host and when the battle was over and the last Philistine has fallen for flat Eleazar who want to be tied to the patch of barley and rye his fingers off the sword handle one at a time because he had literally use today determination determination that we look at the pilot actually respond to the benefit is elected at all will be back next spring determination Eleazar and Doyle remembered him next time you're tempted to give up what defines a hero or inherent engage in a pop to see an acting really give you five to remember today and I've been down the defines a hero in a topography and apathy the first one we can take from Eleazar focus focus it is no easy matter to gain the priceless treasure of eternal life this comes in testimonies volume six page one forty seven is no easy matter to gain a priceless treasure of eternal life no one can do this and just with the current of the world outline will make any upward progress without persevering effort he would he would overcome must hold fast to Christ he must not look back but keep the eye upward gaining one grace after another individual vigilant if the price of safety Satan is playing the game of life for your soul swear not to decide single inch less heating advantage over you for certain Nehemiah Nehemiah chapter six I don't anyone find our realm I will hear outside of the Nehemiah as you know we might like to know in the book of Nehemiah is literally unveiled networking I think he uses to take the human family and how to revisit exactly like nine ninety nine or eleven if any of how you break them up the way normal brings the human family and that he did it powerpack will look at one of those today by the Nehemiah chapter six starting in verse one now retained Pat went out to buy continue reading the rest of our enemies heard that I can build the wall in it there was no breach though at the time I had nothing to do it upon the gates and sent into me saying me to get in some villages in the plane of the paper to demean Mister now and rather perceptive man in that he realizes that they got to do him Mister Ian Suleman all the time we made the invitation in our life I'll drive you away from what we should be doing is an invitation to the plane of owner anything that got away from collaborating with leading forty five parcels like Nehemiah was doing literally an individual in Jerusalem what we should be doing for our soul is known as the armor of the Lord in the New Testament government is one week away from that work guys trying to fortify for building a wall around our souls the delicate economy and grenade here and anywhere you think I am in a life but there's no way posted be I don't have provided the technical candy what right I will whatever he wants to blow on the people never got intention and maintenance in the handedness of the pain that was never my intention the time we come away from the work to guide and advise you of forty five are sold by manpower to meet you you knew something out the invitation to the plane of owner watching something that will drag us down or if there are things about the trip down the plant on listening speaking listening to them is anything that they take our mind down to my right is not an invitation to the playing of owner doing e-mail was supposed to be drained and innovate in times even for everything of course e-mail than it would be very positive emissions that will so e-mail is a much bigger part of my life and I think I would actually get however sometimes a little phone it has no theoretical push notifications I should just turn them off my phone yeah my committee can pray in public is a little e-mail and Angel God sent Mary that the amount stated in the detector archive in a invasive accident pray what would happen if you didn't ask invitation to play on the calls to be felt that their kindness using very now of course and quickly doing right and appropriate means not being there is of course hand-delivered at choose to allow ourselves to be distracted when God has called us to do something this is not just a new visit the moment by moment choices is also a graduate that God has set before you a goal that he wants you tricky thing to do that interview that he was ever an waste our time as England to Congress in tracking down to the slaveowner and anyone notice something seem not to notice we can find it in verse three I meet with university they are doing mischief he said I is the plot again whereas we often check down at thinking of this is just a diversion I think that in a minute what is the answer for three and I sent messengers unto them saying kind in ring work that I cannot come down watching the work seats while I leave and come down to you yet they sentenced me four times after this sort and I answered them after the same manner watching the work here stop while I come down to you that the plaintiff out of temptation it actually does know how to do now what say you know you can't only always be guarding yourself will run your talking time to relax you sinister surprisingly that even things that are certainly defined but there are things that are not trying to watch it sometimes we want to put our mind in park of the great controversy for a while and relax the degree controversy never ceases because we had the list boat and we haven't been sleeping on the processing that sounds exhausting like what you identify when and why not the only thing I can be contacted ground actually we will always be contested graphic images of break when we needed he gives us the encouragement we need but the answer is time after time after time when the devil is trying to distract us from what God is calling us to do no know know why should I come down in the work stop by come down to me review it only by the grace of God whom mercy of God me can receive this training is hang out the full of the flash and the devil that feature paintings page five seventy specially today while I history of closing the Lord requires of his children and vigilance it knows no relaxation focus until the conflict of the People's one nine or less to struggle alone hallelujah angels help protect those who walk humbly before God never Lord betray one picture in RISC and less f-number to focus dear less fearless one of the things I love most about Christianity if the hero is that it turns into the world from the most unexpected places you and I and from the most unexpected circumstances I mean Christianity is a school of thought that is that is driven and undergirded by the concepts of submission and surrender where enrollment is open to the weakest and where love is the ruling principle where meekness be surprised for conquerors always differ on but out of this out of this matrix comes these great men the lions share of a bravery plot city this great that makes the world stop and scratch their heads and say where did these people come from these these warriors wield their weapons would do the bravery and that has to be the audacity of the Viking him whether similarities and because though they are brave and strong the lead on their swords and pick up a broken little bird life in the cradle of the hands like a mother does in the world can't figure out what is a reasonable configure out why I love the last of such men that are awesome and ten percent may in the same time to process all the traits that's all the traits of a softness of sensitivity of love bus your view of us lead out in a challenge to memorize the book of acts and say what that was an experience and and to this day I think one of the things one of the things I've done in my life because I will the texture and the of the personality and the book of acts just lose this and more the source in the book of acts dispose my mind every time the fifth chapter records the date and when Peter was preaching and healing and at the high end they're a band lithic success suddenly the high priest rises up and they were within access and the whole lot of them are confined to prison to be kept overnight are seven little tonight is Lord opened the prison doors came to be here instead arise in the Temple entries again actually do early in the morning out straight the Temple once they were just arrested yesterday and high priest author of parties arises later in the morning rolled out of bed calls together all the Senate of the children of Israel makes it down great pop in seconds as they saw the need to listen regards to the prison to have been brought and when the guards go they find the prison the twenty second José was Julie finally left side we sat with all safety and regardless getting the dark but when we opened it with him I have no manufacture and on their heels comes in an attempt that yes that amendment used during the president mayor standing in the Temple teaching the people in the name so what are they giving listed with the listing of what I left off and here they are preaching out with the guards go and and and make the kind of tiptoe into the Temple and so they brought them without violence because they fear the people I think they fear them into but finally you know always restore the Senate is ready and they're sitting there and the men are brought in and the high priestess splatters this is when I command you that you should not speak anyone else in the same and I would wager that the novel could you and Peter any other response with no makeup on this menace while you see in all I was talking about the lack of euros selling an option we ought to obey God rather than what is it with these guys and others another story a few chapters later whereas Paul is on tour and he goes through to Antioch and I told him this this is Star Trek fourteenth goes on to you I claim he finds a a not still warm welcome and so they continue on they go to Lysistrata and the ECL this man this is sitting there and so I believe it's great time saver comes up and I think all the Gaza comes out of your life imagine the grief of Jupiter in the another already amazed sacrifices and many of neither heroes of the faith that the day when all the festivities and that the apostles monotonously like what you doing we also suspect we also are men of like passions such as youth and increased either you might turn from this company sanity is still a God what if you're not God 's will on this juncture come in choose from from and gently funny religious left and they the unbelieving Jews access start of the people so that they stolen the hall dragged him out of the city thinking he was dead in his letter because Paul was just about to be crowned you know God but unbelieving Jews come in and that I do their thing straight the people and now Paul is is bestowed dragged out for dad and any left it but fourteen verse nineteen says our verse that no one universally says how do the disciples stood round about him he rose up and did what it is any president went back now if I involved and I working on my reflexes I was just stoned there they drag me out here they think I'm thinking I'm dead out in the open button will pop against the presence up on now guys I'm okay to him to be regal really he's filled with this with his fearlessness that defies reason in the Microsoft even make sense but you know Paul this is not the only this is not an isolated circumstance upon later in his ministry he's bearing testimony to the Corinthian brethren he says the service of Christ the second fifteen eleven twenty three Harley ministers of Christ I feasible I am more in labors more abundant in stripes above measure imprisons more frequent and that's all I been killed several times he says another Joseph five things receive the authorities to save one thrice I was beaten with rods once I was done thrice I shepherd suffered shipwreck of their placement in the defeating journeys often imperils in perils of waters in perils of robbers in perils of my own countrymen imperiled by the heathen in perils in the city in perils in the wilderness entails losing a pair of all brethren it really is endless in Watkins often in hunger insiders in fact things often call and nakedness beside that they which are without that which cometh upon me daily the care of all the churches and then one of his next statement is back at twenty he's making this where he's making his defense and speaking speaking before Roman authorities about all that has gone before the man I became from Verizon on text twenty two getting ready to go to Rome and one around this is surrounded by fear saying enough someone has prophesied it really going to come back and his words none of these things me that excellently for none of these things to be just that this is my experience yes the development of the things that make can I say the same no pain no sacrifice no public opinion no surrendering of my rights no unfair treatment no insurmountable task no thankless toil no perilous labor no peer pressure no intimidation personal weakness no fear no fear can move me the fearlessness that led them to leave even their lives behind them in pursuit of the glory of the kingdom with the thought that even brushed aside danger that brushed aside the thought of the cost of personal sacrifice this this this dare to rebel against the status quo to rebel against the deeply entrenched habits and strongholds and generations of stale tradition this rebel yell in the midst of the generations being rocked to sleep by prosperity the prosperity of flourishing trade audacity we need that in for all we know how those things are we not suffering all the same maladies that were suffered and gave more that were suffered by the dinner that by the society and because generation are we not even more prone to fear that there is such a thing is possible I'll had a secret in this secret I believe we need to understand a fearlessness industry sense is going to become these is when we found through this is a product of selflessness fearlessness is a product 's office selflessness the next words out of Paul's mouth after he says the next twenty twenty four none of these things move me by news account on my life dear unto myself so that I may finish my course with joy and the ministry which I have received the Lord uses to testify to the gospel of the grace of God Edwards my life my little life is not really that what for the glory of the kingdom it's all about Jesus it was all about Jesus 's life was all this ministry which I have been given for this taken away in my store and laid my grave and I will rest until it's over and in the meantime your mind for you and me all of us really this intrepidity disputant distractibility of meaning in his civilian life this brings for recognition of the invincibility of Christ it springs from the fact that we we we had confidence since he cannot fail I cannot fail and even if I do fail for that matter we need to do how a whole lot more fixating on the work of the gospel and hold lot less of thinking about ourselves or maybe satisfy a whole lot more fixating on the work of the gospel and a whole lot more for getting about ourselves so spiritual excellence in an age of apathy and apostasy was our first focus on was the second one fearless all rights I would like to speak on a third one which is fidelity and write it down Fidelity remaining absolutely safe for or loyal before God and your conscience and your fellow men I want you to look briefly and the life of a man to understand what this really meant living a life of absolute fidelity from me to Daniel the very first chapter we can see in the life of Daniel let's let's start reading the very first first-person in chapter one it says in the third year of the range of color tinting of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon and Jerusalem and besieged it the Lord gave Joachim king of Judah into his hand with part of the methods of the house of God which he carried into the land of five sign arts in Houston is God and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his God verse three and the king spake unto Aspen Aspen as the master of his UNIX that he should bring certain the children of Israel and of its thinking seed and of the princes children who was no blemish but well favored and skillful in all wisdom and coming in knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability to them to stay in the king 's palace of whom they might teach learning the kind of Italians not just for the contractor to live in there's been a war and its all of the children of the fetuses Judah drafts maintenance interactive to Babylon and the things that remove all of those those smart and good-looking to administer that would be to be no benefit in my and my my estate in his comments were looking for administration thank you Dan Daniel and his companions were chosen this is actually a very privileged position to be in because of you can imagine that that have actually is is even the case today if you are part of initiative in Concord undertaken as a slave even the name of the connotation of a slave him you're not getting the life and cost living conditions rice but yet these young men were chosen because of their sniping in the love they were chosen to be taken to the King 's house and the structure goes on to say that the king told is that his sermon it wasn't hard long units and enemies these young men decreasing stable so they were highly highly privileged but yet Joseph has a problem right from his study of the word of God that he cannot do the things that that making this blessing on his table now it goes on and from after verse seven I believe yesterday to speak and listen again of those in your quest pay can we not even setting just enough vegetables can use them as pulse and the things these beings eat now can you imagine considering all that I just finished saying about the fact that their slaves they were highly privileged enough to be put into the Kings have been tingling and risking offending the person that is in charge of you and being demoted from the life of of of comfort that he had the slave in the house of the king can you imagine going in and and risk offending human being sense and living the life of a common slave in bondage Joseph never stopped to consider Dennis R Dingell never stopped to consider what that would be he never stopped to to think himself you know things are pretty good right now I think I better just lie low for a little of it and an and see how things go she remained so faithful to his conscience ask me faithful to God that is true fidelity one action did Daniel and his companions apart from duty if they had in fact friends that they the book of Daniel past verse seven ugly never would have come to be and why do I say that because listen to this quote from thinking four hundred and eighty Q four hundred eighty three it has no power no influence to dissuade them from the principle they had learned in early life by studying the world and works of God should they compromise is wrong in this instance by yielding to the pressure of circumstances their departure from principle would weaken their sense of right and there are reports of Ron the first staff would lead to others until the connection with having suffered bit.ly away by completion Daniel knew this and he refused in this very first time the very first test right after that the captivity not steel tended to temptation if he had I do not believe that Daniel and his companions would have gone on to become some of the most powerful political figures in history and he would've gone on to you to write to the book of Daniel Lex felt the media a quick of quick example of how important it is to to remain even just the little things we could we can consider that this was a very large tasks for Daniel and his companions and I would agree but the reason he was able to stand back tests that large test was because he was faithful in all of the small little decisions of life I was I was reminded of this election review in my own and my own experience by my little sister a couple months ago yesterday I mentioned a couple of things about the units across it what do well during and after the testing process we had to go into all of our clinical door to get our licensor and one of the requirements that we had for licensure was to start so many IVs and hospital and the nurses to sign off with a lot of ideas in class it had to be actually in the clinical setting well one of the requirements and exerts on the IVs and you had to actually connect it to and about you actually had fluid and running to the patient and have been documented what we were allowed to leave it was a requirement with antennae these we had to have a actual IDs that had fluid running into then we can start to have lots which is just visiting that day they can either drop what you are putting medications do but as I say not fluid running through we were like two of those and I remember I was the first of this on the clinical 's son was the second one wing on a couple hours to a hospital summerhouse the hospital and were all eager to finish for articles and had home and I remember Natasha was the last one is working on her requirements and we had one ID life of a renewal in the home and a patient came into the emergency department and Natasha started the ID and she came out as well I just got an idea but they haven't hung the baguette and she argued on her maximum requirement of the tube life issue that will start that she had take paying a bag on the patient and she's like I I'm just going to and just having to wait physically see if the hospital was saying about because they haven't offended the doctor is coming etc. and my thought was all so want to go home she just felt right I mean don't actually wait to see him again they will not write in my pussy and I just just I'm thinking I might can't we just write down on the paperwork they I started in as an IV in the last days eliminating a catheter came into being and I would've ordered it also lets you him however but possibly not she's like I need to weigh the vitamin maximum etc. in a Michael PS this is right this is right as possible with attending she was faithful to the digital even though he decided to write it down on the paper that she had she had ordered for the teabag invented by GDL law says that nobody would know nobody would number the top to easier that she was remaining faithful to her conscience and incidentally the hospital decided not to put it back on the IV and I was like my hopes were so because I was so looking forward to getting home but I was relieved at the same time that even the thought and come into my mind to Jeff lives a little bit and just say if I had a bad habit I this is what I would've done presidents it is the fidelity in these little times these little moments the little opportunities that add strength of character that will enable us to stand when it comes to big temptations for thinking big trials like lifetime Daniel had here let's fast-forward really great sign for very quick to you one more example from the very same man's life for many many years now I know Darius the meeting is making things have kingdoms that have come and gone games and have raised the power and have had perished and in every kingdom in every instance Daniel is respected and honored because he is a man of fidelity now it's it some serious thinking and Daniel and is set with the with two others like the heads of all of the king 's access and actually the King that since racing out of the mixing intended him from both Daniel to be the head of the reason unity ahead of all the things live in the second most powerful man and of course as we know that the storytellers were all familiar with the story but it is that his people that Rodriguez became envious of the Gonzales of Daniel as we went thinking and the behalf picking this command even though the team did not really understand what they were what they were trying to do everything that I know to be in the realm could worship anybody but himself what was Daniels Daniels reaction after all these years in the face of this promotion or perhaps he just recently been promoted to the very top fifty seven ago directly against the command of the King but again Daniel never stops to consider again in the face of promotion she never stops to reconsider he never turns to compromise that answer in the face of parents impossibilities some of us might think to ourselves feel that that's use Daniel was clearly a man of a fidelity she surely a man stood at the as spread roughly said as faithful as true Avenue of the blog I forget the exact exact words I wish that I could do that I was that I could live my life and and and detected in such a way be taken in front of some of the Senate to be able to live my faith or whatever the case may be but friends we should not be waiting for some great opportunity to show our allegiance to God that opportunity is now in every decision that we have listened to the thing became four hundred and eighty seven said many are waiting for some great work to be brought to them while daily vitamins opportunities for revealing faithfulness to God daily daily they fail of discharging with full hardness the little duties of life while they wait for some large work in which they may exercise supposedly great talents and facts satisfied ambitious longings their days pass away from the sniper that I'm not one to be one of those that daily misses opportunities to express my fidelity for God while my days passed away staying surety purpose in maintaining absolute fidelity before God and conscience in my fellow man it is this that makes a man or woman great before standing for God in an age of the fee and apathy Jeff face in discouragement Israel had departed from the right ways that life that year by year in light yeah the role of long years of prevailing had prayed that they would return from idolatry to their allegiance to God hating with a deadly hatred if he was by Queen Jezebel and the print preview bail you like you nevertheless the fearless faithful to God boldly declaring for McCain and if you let it what they are saying that had brought such calamities upon Israel the land has suffered great drought through the curse of having a temporal temporal blessings of life had been removed Elijah being a man powerful faith when he was I bring her Reformation unloader caramel he had showed that the God of heaven what I question is to appear here to bail he had invited the people to repent humble their heart into returns of the Lord into it knowledge God the God of their fathers is that true living God selling points is that it was because Elijah was a man of law marriage they think I could use in his grace crisis in the history of Israel as he prayed his faith and reached out for a the promises of heaven and he persevered in prayer on Hill expectations were answered to his face and faithfulness of temporal blessings were restored in the land for such severe drought was refreshed with an abundance of rain in spite of a signal victory obtained for the powerful faith of this man Elijah I don't believe that twenty four hours had gone by had quite a laugh when this mining man of faith fell victim of discouragement and unbelief instead of its faith and confidence in God becoming stronger than before that marvelous miracle on Mount caramel he found himself this fleeing for his life running with terror from the threat of death just it would seem that after some showing courage so undaunted after triumphing so completely overcame and freeze and people than Alan White Elijah Clinton Amber and I cannot wait to see your better off into the community but he who had been blessed with so many handwriting fans of God 's loving care was not about the frailties of mankind and you and I and in this dark hour his face encouraged for silk profit thinking page fifty nine profit thinking page one fifty two tells us into the experience of all their time times of keen disappointment and are discouraged friends disappointment and discouragement cracking underneath to face their something blocks that Satan uses very skillfully in our experience in our faith and prayer experience to hinder into calls us to lose our whole God I have been sorely tempted with herdsmen in recent times and I won't go into illustration of those experiences not because I'm not willing to share with you but because our time is limited is an and part of it I can tell you that credit has something to do with that the season of life that I'm going through with enough hormone levels that are therefore always and and often circumstances that are forbidding seen him much bigger the greater the urban life and soul the Lord has been teaching me laugh on faith and he continues helping me define victory over a state of mind that hundreds morning my faith and my prayer experience one of the things that they you are hurting to be very different enough from those circumstances that feel my and the effect on our lives as it relates to prayer and to face is the same and the solutions with a similar last thing I seem to want to do when I am greatly discouraged is to pray when the devil fees that we have the greatest need of divine aid he will try and eat back from that point says that my life today page twelve it is not necessary to give in to discouragement I like to share with you for lessons that the Lord has impressed upon my heart as I have been going through those experiences and he's teaching me to walk by faith not healing in dealing with time when we are tempted to be very discouraged and the first one is for a without ceasing we had a command to do that don't we pray or place of command directly is that it just an amazing thought my life they take a few our greatest need in times of discouragement you've got and have power to help us rethink the devil so that he may flee from us and we had promised that he will my greatest temptation during those times if you feel this is from God and to need to let my personal communion with him there is a habit that we all seek to cultivate in our family and that is the habit of going apart for you for at least a few minutes in the middle of the day Daniel time face in prayer in times of discouragement or down I have found in the will I can't wait until I feel like going there and spending that the heart-to-heart kind of got in the middle of the day I must do it simply because I have made a choice that I'm going to do that we are told that the power of the film writer-director will impart energy to the whole being friendly and even that fast even in times when we are the more you off the lead of those are likely feeling a faith that we all know what don't feel like we can be fast fast even when those are absent by simply choosing to me choosing for instant to pray when we don't feel like training choosing to delay our perplexities before God and resist the devil setting are hard and following God no matter the cost is not here and waiting patiently to dispel the darkness while we engage in the work that life here simply to our choice everyone pictures and property page four thirty seven everyone who seeks to follow the path of duty will times be a sale I doubt and unbelief the way will sometimes be sold far by obstacles apparently insurmountable at the Cardinals will yield the discouragement but because the skies saying gold award Junior and delete any cost and difficulty that seems so formidable that will net fill your soul with dread will vanish as you move forward in the passive obedience humbly trusting in God Café same time he knows your needs he hath all power is infinite love and compassion never her weary and fear not you will fail a fulfilling his promise my faith my grace is sufficient for me for my strength is not perfect in weakness prophets and kings page one sixty four for the first liking to pray without ceasing intimate data dependent on your fees to make a choice choice of the will number two look the way you laugh life when temptations assail you wouldn't care perplexing and darkness seemed to surround your soul look to the place where you last saw sunlight in Christ and under his protecting care you know looking into the place where I last saw the light this reminds me on the thing I'm journaling how many of you journal many of you have a prayer journal I for years by the time you know I have my devotional time and I can scarcely see what I mean into one-to-one course so I can't think that for years but many times I saw my children who that is that as lifetime discipline more over the last few years saw combat from the mountain with facts and make your website strength and energy that you know what I can afford the team not to do this often started doing that and it has been so powerful for me when I'm in those times of discouragement to actually go back to my journal to see to be in that way before I last saw the light is a shot in the arm phone number to know the plan to play for you last on the light number three B words of faith even if you're not feeling them you're not being a liar you are having exciting phase half-hour talking feeling are strengthened we are told as we give them honoring is little sign that have the more you talk phase the more faith you will half speed out that there is power in words words have such influence on and in the work that we featured on all needles that are around us I remember when we first moved to New Mexico and it was we were in a place that was very different from all the friends that we had were part of a little church family when they were no other children and if he chose as I'm not there to be worth on excitement and joy over the opportunity that would have to be in this place to have compatible with that thumbnail social evil wicked shape so I waited we have a log cabin that you know we can view into this beautiful canyons and rocking out in the morning and look at the Canyon is a children's you ever just think we can go and explore nature we can see the wildlife in my children which is getting why limit flattening you were to be words of faith and faith will come and finally act in harmony with the life that you have you know there is a very powerful relationship on the body mind and spirit there is a reason that we have given getting a lot of healthy shot physical blessing is also spiritual blessing I discovered that at times when I think it is very much in a hurry and feeling Allison Erickson that is not the time for me to let go of fresh air and water and sunshine and although things over the past he leaned properties is so I have learned that I have to pay attention to the loss of health because it influences my face in his presence is fullness of joy in this age of apostasy and how quickly we can achieve spiritual excellence by cooperating with God to build a faith that will pierce the darkness of fear doubt courage and disbelief so we've been sharing with you examples of spiritual excellence in age of apostasy and apathy and I'm sure by now you realize that the excellence of his nonaccidental is intentional so what is a dirtier heart when you hear the stories that I been shared with you today the stories of the focus of Nehemiah of the faithfulness of the fearlessness of Paul of the fidelity of Daniel and the faithfulness of Elijah the essay yourself anywhere in any of these stories while the jury of the Bible is that if you don't see is often one store you can certainly find yourself in another pencil I want to share with you the last one today of someone who's suffered but remained courageous of you ever suffered and never suffered and I'm sure that you may have in one way or another but I can imagine I can only imagine that you are suffering those not compared to the suffering of the mind when you are denied things that are very basic to each and every one of us cool doesn't want to be loved and accepted who doesn't want to be loved and accepted so imagine that you Re: favorite child you are the son of achieved and your father will love you and all your brothers know what you have everything that you could watch life is good and then you have these dream in your dreams you see your father and your brothers bowing down to you and your totally innocent naïve and away and you share with your brothers your dream reacts amazed with this dream and your brothers are not happy with you your brother reputation in the community especially toward your brothers one of them is called women's golf Simeon me tell you my fear does not even begin to explain what these brothers alike you mess with his brothers they won't take you out you still want to be accepted by them wouldn't you like to be accepted by your classmates by teachers by friends by your family so one day on an extended Aaron for your father is going to seek out these brothers to see how they're doing because your dad wants to know how they are doing and when you finally come upon them tired hungry probably Thursday instead of them accepting you with open arms they throw you into a pit I don't even give you water to drink and the Bible says and they took him and cast him into the pit and the pitch was empty and there was no water in it what you do when you're suffering physically mentally spiritually we want to be fat we want to be cured for we want to know that somebody cares what you do when you your expectations for nourishing mountain acceptance and love are dashed to pieces when you do when the nightmare gets worse the Bible says and there passed by Midianites merchantmen and being shrill and lifted up Joseph out of the pit and they sold him to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver and so they brought Joseph into Egypt as for the sovereign Lord says the thought of being sold as a slave was more joyful to Joseph meant to die he manifested the deepest anguish and appealed to imagine that the appeal first the one hundred to another of his brethren for compassion some of their hearts remove updating but through fair and derision of the rest they kept silent they all thought they had gone too far to repent of their racks for Joseph not now exposed them to their father and he would be exceedingly angry with them for the treatment of his much loved Joseph so they steal their hearts against the distrust and would listen to his entreaties for their father 's sake to let him go but they sold him as a slave here you are the son of a much loved man wanting compassion from those that you want compassion and acceptance from and you get a free worse than death forward you do not have a natural view to be in despair wouldn't you feel very alone what are your long are you alone in your suffering I'm just asking are you alone Joseph was greatly affected to be separated from his father and his bitterest sorrow was in reflecting upon his father 's grief you are not alone in your suffering you have heard the spiritual no body know this is the trouble I've seen no body knows but Jesus is a true do you believe that you know the rest of the story but he remembered in a very difficult situation Joseph would not be persuaded to deviate from the path of righteousness and trample upon God 's law by any inducements court directs and when he was accused in a base crime was falsely make this charge he did not sink into despair in the consciousness of innocence on right he still trusted in God and God who had been there too supported him did not forsake him what gives fortitude as the last half forty two fortitude is courage in suffering what gives fortitude is to remember that you are not forsaken you are facing trials that are bigger than you do not forget that you are not forsaken though you may not be able to see the future does though you may feel broken for gotten hungry thirsty unloved uncared for Nazis God knows have confidence in this you can trust God this passage is found in I forget when WMS page three hundred one a life work and welfare Ministry page three hundred one a life work was that of Daniel and Joseph as they bade farewell to their child at home how little the nature enough their high destiny faithful and step class C yielded themselves to divide divine guiding so that through them God can fulfill his purpose the same money truths that were revealed through these men God desires you reveal to you that you and the children of today the story of Joseph and Daniel is an illustration of what he will do do those who yield themselves to him and with the whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose focus the fairness of fidelity be faithful have forty two for God wants to do a work in our lives that he could not do it we did not come through the trials that are before us the greatest want of the world is a want of men man who will not be bought or sold men who enter inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fair to call sin by its right name man whose conscience is as truly to duty as the needle to the poll man who will stand for the right though the heavens fall education page fifty six fifty seven I just have to say that God is looking for men and women boys and girls young men and young women fathers mothers who will be faithful no matter what the circumstances of life that we will one day as we look back if we are faithful we won't say when we are seeing what life has brought us to we would not change a thing because we won't be on the sea of glass saying and it was well worth so much what is my encouragement each and every one of us is do not break faith with the past and the journey that God has given to an higher range and fortitude and focus on fearlessness go forward God bless each and every one of you as he seek to be faithful to what he was called us to work in a close with prayer and then our young people will sing a song walkway a big thing of its long and then if they want a slice of them they are free to do so but spring heavenly father we just want to thank you for the opportunity you give us to be faithful in our trials to be always prepared to stand for truth mom out of the heavens fall thanks for giving us the precious privilege as we go forward trusting in your memory is one of our minds as they are in this media was brought audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. on universal .org


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