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Planet In Distress, Part 3

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • July 13, 2013
    4:00 PM
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him wondering who I have others give you real quick background by way of Celine is something else twenty five years ago well along time ago in nineteen sixty two my parents twenty five years ago I was marketing director one of the series of sales and marketing directors for the Center for health promotion delete next door working for an art trying to figure out how to get people to purchase something that they fundamentally want self and and and I was the only one who couldn't figure that out turns out people actually do want until they pay for it and use it for a while and there is no point in the zone the zone point of attraction to make a sale it's something people still haven't figured out got married which is a really good story and review with a long story accurately with a short story I was a youth leader on the campus of the church something called on young Adventist ministries in really bad and we approach the pastor say we might have a mission trip to Mexico and the new youth pastor was Hispanic he said yes to that is needed in the budget from you and I you need to write it down to the floor to be very careful because once you put something on a budget and improve you can change his things usually get very carefully no band gasoline is an was approved in my place and I went and ate a bunch of copies seven hundred copies of flyers so that we could distribute them around campus until we went to the girls normally said Mahoney players do you need me since six hundred and thirty oh this is really at six thirty we all had only twenty seven hundred and we were in one are we going to do this how we can tell times were going and then we realized it really is when guys are so guys thirty four young women it was the dream to the man anyway to marriage is not a natural zone guys you know how to do it but anyway I met my wife Mary D go to Libyan mission in New Mexico were women now went from there to Mongolia the first country director for the has developed really means agency address and being in each of the places I went the munition Mongolia I saw and experienced things which I covered last night so I buy something experience things that were fundamental in forming my thinking around my book which I guess I should pull out just so review and Herald those in doing my job moving the book but from Mongolia and China where I saw again momentous things taking place in society resource constraints that were now population pressures that were profound watching the and the accelerating decline of natural systems and how they impacted that does densely populated society from model from China we eventually return to the US settled in May for four or eleven years I worked in the firefighting technology development Center figuring out is slowing trying to raise money for a beautiful thing build models and eventually build factories that would turn trees into fueling chemicals and that was fascinating and of course it had environmental aspects was dealing with a lot of stuff there that was an error through a very strange twist of events I left that sector in retrospect actually the Lord leading but I didn't see the design finished this book is published and became the trust services and storage of Director for the northern New England conference so now somewhat astonishingly intimate conference I didn't see that coming but the Lord works in amazing ways and one of the interesting things is before I joined the conference I was trying to get his presentation in as many places as possible and some places were quite on now will they ever will pay your gas whatever someplace is absolutely wooden here the last thing we need is a timely guide to the congregation all your God is stay away these are administratively disabling the only and we don't know who you are and you're just one of those but when I became a conference employee all that saw the conference with no added and the doors open Cisco I mean he is constantly trust is like what's up with that anyway for those of you who are find that you wish you had seen Leslie 's presentation as invincible to be recorded it's available on but also commitment to church next weekend same thing don't come from a sermon what was the Friday night if you decide you want to see only Freddie ninety seven I welcome more if you find it there's something here to recommend others resume those of a crowd over there everyone is welcome nobody next weekend is seven o'clock Friday night and an assassin is sorry and then known to law as the afternoon session okay lets you those of you who were here last night my tendency is to train review last night to drag down in New Orleans have you just keep going so I'll try you know anyway last night we went through global system we went through the systems that God created here increasingly and how those are visibly measurably to scientific analysis being shown to be in season accelerating decline we talked a little bit about how our society is built solely on top of the systems that are crushing one of the updated today tomorrow resources lesion and complex societal collapse these forces from these three different directions are each individually driving us toward the fulfillment of prophecy we could we were seeing the fulfillment of prophecy read each of these but together they're driving a standing sorely for the time from those in this happen before the close of probation those events that Christ talked about in our foundation text Matthew twenty four six zero eighty three talking about the him who made me systems critical systems that underpin our global complex society oil and money really talking about resource shortages including a number of resources perhaps several critical resources you probably never heard of were going to be talking about complex society and a little bit like talking edition on water we all live in one we don't recognize it we don't see the pattern we don't know what's happening and is perfectly understandable complex societies had to really got has every one of them is ever been known to exist as glass every one of them before it collapsed went to war now there may be some set size complex societies who don't know about them sure there are maybe if you escape this pattern the trend is very very firm so also are we talking about the destruction of all really talking about what is going on on earth in the days to come and the parallels to the Israelites leaving Egypt outlawed short and humiliating the gods of Egypt and what that has to do with today and I'm a little trouble saw well over also was most like Rosalind talking about what we should be doing at this time in history what we can do and I said last night all of my recommendations almost all of my recommendations are spiritual you won't hear about food in your nation back and read online she says don't do that absolutely don't do it you're supposed to be relying on the Lord do not hear about how they negotiated by you or how you can the right selling gasoline to stabilize insulin is really time and trouble that five gallons of gasoline has gone past the run your car and none of that what you hearing about the end is whether or not you have a friend you can trust in a really difficult situation is Jesus your friend because that's who we trust in difficult situations we turn to friends is the concept or is the self oil oil has given mankind more power than ever had we cherish for we means we reform the surface of the earth not just with our society I don't know how many of you ever heard of the lowest plateau project elbow PSS most agile project in China they took a massive area link farming Rhode Island and they they did their hydraulic studies between valleys where the river valleys and hills where they were hills they were trying to re-create the land because of the absolute devastation from overgrazing long-term stuff will I needed it and it seems like it is working they're beginning to do some of it in Africa we are reforming our dark on the g what we set our minds to do we can mostly to answer it as a result of having amazing power at our fingertips we got amazing buildings we got amazing technology there is a medical center we've got an astonishing global complex society it runs on it we can have our oil gas or school will we be doing what we do or how if you are a society this has had an extraordinary catalyst we built these complex societies in order to glorify God by this is Hong Kong right to live shot from Victoria's Secret I didn't take a picture but I recognize it beautiful city at night you know when you know that it's call the land of a thousand stakes looks great but man is very likely sweating quite a while and fabulous eighty four degrees and ninety nine percent humidity anyway interesting place ground zero for global reminiscent that city is all about money all day long every day all year that's what Hong Kong is about and Tomoko LA San Diego Portland me though to a lesser extent but there were smaller and were catching up a legal complex societies and what we've done is we've insulated ourselves from God we've used our color push them away we have become more and more and more self-reliant who needs to rely on a Wii console problem ourselves we come up with a series of brilliant solutions that ultimately creates much much much bigger problems in the end you actually do need to recognize that great a button aside in pursuit and gentlemen the desires of our hearts with pericarditis is the last thing I remember you need it you're forgiven everything in my area for and clear so you know I got some pretty according to the photo that I used to having personal knowledge but I use a slide and I couldn't get permission to use it couldn't find only and being more more careful about nothing because I'm here in town to take a DVD series I was with LLC talk more about that minute and so whenever I was using was the only area and the Fisher had beautiful jet plane with a private jet with the stairs down isolating the beautiful Ferrari and a woman in our own describes a very expensive dress lubricants and in a very ugly little dog and Anna I would look at the plane and I look at the woman I looked the car and all three of them I made him so we can make our own problems but we use our power to pursue things that glorify us we use our power to uplift is and is noble ourselves we use our power to pursue and Andreas seven billion people is a those of you who were here last night shadow is nominated as you know what happened right here I heard Industrial Revolution absolutely so in the Industrial Revolution early on was powered by water wheels in all it was very small very modestly turning out textiles but as soon as really started getting into some service call is as loyal as you as soon as oil and gas boom box we produced astonishing amounts of various seafood and as with any natural system a super abundance of food supervisors population we went through all I don't spend time on it now but this graph is entirely dependent on oil exists this curve exists because wireless astonishing amount of oil that is long enough to give we didn't use oil in industrial agriculture would have been nice percent reduction in our global harvest ninety percent reduction in global harvest so we rely on as so many ways on oil MS because there's only so much of it now this graph was generated by the word regarding intellectual errors really designing team covers cover letter can cover was working that the twenties thirties fifties I believe he was one of the geologist and he started out by describing the production curve and down person will not describe production curve for entire oilfield and was very good at will companies were astonishing okay he can figure it out we know we need to draw more this is really great he started working on the Hubbert curve for global oil supply passed away his intellectual heirs finishing on global oil supply because of areas that haven't been adequately look at discovered is that I see and yet it's it's it's not so risky because the easy oil has long since been found what you see use a router base Wilshire by me less and less oil write about now now is to curve probably wrong I at least a little bit because you didn't take into account tracking and tracking it turns out makes only a little difference here is seed and nut oils that his daughter that is the dramatic decline in the nineteen forties to the current in the last line using global production doesn't take much to say okay those those two trends are in conflict we have to use everything we discovered certainly there's been instruments of oil in the Middle East was discovered long ago still there were nowhere near enough supply to supply the huge amount eighty million barrels a day eighty eighty eight million euros in the world uses the Middle East is a fraction that now this final wrath is reflected directly in a social frustrating but what we see here in two thousand eight through the current is one hour usually perhaps slightly exceeding the last five the United States where most of the tracking oil is is is producing right now is by far the world leader in tracking and we had a dramatic decrease in the amount of oil we import so in great shape I the problem is that the substance that are global complex society is so reliant on is in demand by everyone else and we've only loosely at the same time over finding is that correcting Wells only last a few years initial draw and they have to keep drilling services in an impossibility dollars a barrel do everything it takes to get that oil of an angel the most productive wells for the low hanging fruit as far as they tell so from everything we see with a few years of experience this phenomenon looks like it will be short-lived in the meantime we continue diverging reusing more and more oil every day now this is a phrase that oil will price from January only to the January two thousand thirteen includes only includes all twelve looking at this chart is only one year I had the highest price for the year average on her a lot of stuff that was NOAA payroll is one you universally be right it is not quite very close last year was the highest ever year-long average price for gas or oil on the detail and of the global recession there is so much growth in developing economies especially in China so much demand for this stuff and looking looking during the recession I mean granted we killed all the desert I believe is you don't really see in my in my opinion anyway this price chart does not reflect the up-and-down cycle that we saw with our global recession the great recession we see medicine and high prices oil by way is up two hundred and sixty was there I was a thirteen percent in the last ten days variety of reasons which would bore you I think by that means you'll be paying about four dollars forty cents in about six weeks it is the price of oil goes it flows through the refineries each should load of oil is more expensive this is our six weeks to flow through the is easy to say what's Canadian about six weeks is that it is him for those of you here last night we talked about how there is Mary laughingly between the price of food in the price of oil dictates of six months to work through that system in we got a three five billion people making less than two dollars and fifty cents a day and price of their food just went up about fifteen percent you drive past the gas station and no but these are people who only by the absolute minimum to live on some of them anyway those making the dollar they are less in their hundreds of millions of his people and we're talking about significant suffering with our modest little to pay four dollars thirty cents all of this is connected the last time we went through global system decline we talked about many things we talked about disruptions in natural systems and interestingly enough aside from everything else disruptions in our natural systems also disrupt our ability to gather and distribute oil so as I am always other problems we well got an urgent problems I guess is the point when it comes to oil we really really really needed is getting more and more expensive and were very very willing to keep for very willing to compete I some of you may know the BC negative supply of oil in Iraq I had no small amount to do with the decision to invade who has oil were better warriors there a better business they cost us how thirteen trillion dollars for the ride around Iraq and Afghanistan wars were knocking them back to talk about our global financial system in a few minutes this is a training in iTunes Tanzania appreciates Tanzania and was completely unremarkable trade usual graffiti loaded with completely unremarkable dark brown rock that you probably have never heard this is fun and only six countries producing commercial quality quantity and Canada is one US doesn't produce as much of it actually China is one of the China has who is producing but it has flaws that make it financially absurd to try and mining and export it in China so they cannot not in a way to avoid confrontation they shut their system down because there is only twenty five years of life less than twenty five I phosphate is part of fertilizer those of you were here last night we talked about her little sister who will prevent soil and how we measure soil and dirt something that was living in the something 's dad and there are around the world absolutely has to have inputs with our new reasons Lance and sellers he takes massive amounts of water out of it are all first in case a tremendous amount of fertilizer you can have an but if you don't have possibly him fertilizer don't bother ABC is dead more than a ninety percent decrease in output don't have prostate twenty five years for in the last six years the price of phosphate rock has gone up six hundred percent and now need is a meaningful price part of the price of food is going to keep going and the poor are going to become more and more and more press donations have they have to have metals minerals rare minerals the country is live in Mongolia very quiet sleepy backward country it was hermetically sealed by the Soviet Union had no concept of the outside world what was like in the Soviet Union when they went to Mongolia they they control Mongolia building and remain an independent nation because they needed one more human but it wasn't an independent nation in any meaningful sense of the work and what they did was examine the Soviets would look around this country 's history natural resources and so they sent out serving teams and it is amount of medical case is amount of mass in his amount tools and a fitted amount of food in the amount of vodka if they had not given them the final cut they probably would have discovered the astonishing energy and mineral wealth has been discovered since the Soviet Union collapsed astonishing and obvious alcohol costs money and our Mongolia movies four nanometers ago the world 's largest copper mine in God a copper deposit in cool they got silver in a little bit of your oil on a happy radiant they have iron in their right at they were happier when China wasn't looking at the looking is less Mongolians no longer need a passport to travel to China which they hate because when they enter China the Chinese say don't worry you are our next promise you alone as you are Chinese so country three million seven hundred one three billion and there will be conflict as RSS is into more more constraints we energy oil and gas for their two watermelons you extensively last night water is being commoditized more vigorously than any other natural resource right now geniuses on Wall Street essay for years and years and years looking ahead seeing all these things were talking about tonight completely not putting a spiritual interpretation on it and deciding where our lives they could put the chokehold so that people have paid our money in order to live a Wall Street extreme if they could they put their hands over the mouth of the poor are and water is being claimed be home especially in developing nations this is the guy in the common outside the developing nations international companies are drilling well takings dramatically lowering the offer so the village wells that have been productive for hundreds of years of drive and they sell water to villages bottle I bought my bottle and sensibilities can afford it people who were not previously said get sick this is a downward spiral for the company to make money so is okay Landon sees looming over the excessively last night that our ocean system is crashing that will affect our man in a system is fresh air from the system on top of that our oceans will be virtually one hundred percent if you in twenty five years or less for writing reasons one billion people have transitioned from a seafood -based diet to a land-based diet putting the starting extra pressure nations have had any life for when everything is going when you say his full throated friends we can afford diplomatic but when we went to resource constraints we immediately run into conflict that's just how it is Matthew twenty four six two eight usual here wars and rumors of wars nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom meeting on that later recession started but what we are seeing is very concrete progress toward the complete fulfillment of prophecy and piecemeal receive entire countries that are still only a growing list of countries that are completely fulfilling Christ's name twenty four are we look at oil we will receive in a very cursory manner manner and I apologize it was too short but when we look at resource shortages probably you read enough and not enough headlines the resource shortages should be obvious to you well as global financial system and this is just such an appropriate picture finally anybody who wants copy of my PowerPoint presentations last night and today I do is our e-mail address at the meeting I used to choose the word Jesus is coming soon and why I am convicted that he is so our global financial system is what it is global is absolutely not separate from the natural world God created it is absolutely built on the natural world and not creating when an entire inland sea drives us at the ceiling Chad and in the RLC and increasingly in the Caspian Sea when a significant resource goes away you get a complete economic disruption late Chad four countries rely on Lake Kathleen million people rely only on Chad for their life and their industry their economy and over the course of fifty years that led nine ninety seven percent because her desert is expanding his invasion is going on so when it comes to our industrial society around the world we've got to have the freshwater we got to have a functioning ecosystem when we got to have the supply of food you were all tied together we like to think of yourself are air-conditioned buildings we got our comfort regard are the most stereo generator for the entertainment of the screen TV and nations out there but that's not the way it is where city forswear on top of the systems that are in accelerating decline including our financial system in fact financial system is an early warning as he slows as you become more unstable our financial systems become more stressed and more unstable no Canadian country that has sound financial system here's something China is no notice of the old China saw the last one having lived and worked there for me together a growing economy but they are living well if someone is someone said on is a link unit is other people 's money to you they get other people 's money in an instance other countries are failing and much of it that counts on China beginning of this religion were there it is such a sham is such a house of cards there is so much financial deception in the world 's ultimate menace to society where money is more than worship I don't want where the worker would be very busy and is the center of the entire society tragically so many Chinese country companies I worked with very more stable company big companies more than a billion dollar companies meeting with high officials while I was working for a international of my refinery company up in Montréal flying back and forth to China meeting with Chinese companies in the usual conversation goes like this we like your technology we can get money a lot of money from the government we can start building factories but they need to know that your technology has advanced to this point which has yet so you need to supplement has to need to live and will give you the words you just signed paper all and will need to have scientists sign off and have them ready no problem and and were little concerned about capitalization but we we know you will have a really great to me conversations were astonishing blame China financially is a house of cards so much trickery going on every level which of course is what ultimately with Lehman Brothers little bit was that they continue to with that person should blame and her brothers and that was another trip up the system and put us into a descending spiral started great recession that is not compared to what will happen in China religious house of cards US Norway we had is trillions and trillions of dollars of debt to store our wars and not including what were the devil taking on trying to swim our way out of this recession what the economists hold you in an inflationary 's scenario so we can inflate our way out of this recession now that we've spent all this money and done and really people the EU no way there is a country of significant size that has stable financial system may be time to time there that is no way no way we get into that discussion later they made some headlines recently about the levels of corruption interception Japan no nobody is helping at the same time our global systems are indicated putting extraordinary pressure on human society were getting more and more erosion in our global financial sector now the global financial centers and centers interleaved we got this idea that we all joined elbows stood together and crash him only when Molly Salcedo is wrong and problem with that as we come to find that there is one irresponsible idiot in the minor fall down everybody goes and so we are less stable by being globally interconnected and we were being alone will be shockproof instead and some irresponsible country where there is working all around I mean Ireland okay Portugal Ireland Greece and Spain the IGS country will but as you gaze because Portugal Ireland Italy Greece is in so here's the thing we put our faith and money we chastened all time it's a metric we use to measure our status in the world we want money unfortunately but the people who watched plenty of people whose lives are dedicated money are people who are going to be so distraught in the days ahead as this primary metric this measurement is a use this thing that they chase all the time is becoming more and more and more unstable as the world becomes unstable no less money to pay for the disasters or adaptation we talk about climate shift last night and about how society is built on assumptions and where we put our power grid or road warehouses as it is literally across all based on assumptions and when those assumptions become invalid because of the shift and this is so you know this is a huge burden to society has been rebuilding in relation to relocate to whether it is our agricultural work or anything else we don't have the money to pay for adaptation supersonics and sixty five billion dollars was the last figure I heard before that I was just fifty billion flavonoids on by will be talking about Sasser here pretty quick and how they are increasing at an astonishing rate and they are already a financial burden globally to society of Israel is under anyway at this point in a global society complex society here we go equals fertility so as you raise your hand if you suffice to if you grow all your own food by portraying no one else if you roll the fire is whether his plant or animal to vilify wrestling on her own clothing major shoes yourself you rely entirely on your transportation whatever he is just you made yourself materials that you gathered yourself if you rely on no one else for anything else you'd only now let's say there is never had anyone raise her hand in hand anyway if you're good at one thing is things and you do that and you're compensated for any trade credit card or everything else you need in your full-fledged partner card-carrying member of a complex society and that's just how we do it this is just whether you call it civil society human agent everyone this is why societies to we specialized and we use technology now may not think of what the Roman Empire did as technology but to DSL and over everyone else when they had bows and Shauna little farther when they had shields were a little stronger when they had elephants who were little further they had technology advantage and they ruled the world in the same way we pursue technology we got to Dallas Olympic technology is technology in the world lasts another hundred years only looking at our medical equipment under the cost so much of me in a home teeth the dating on everything from individuals but the problem with complex society is it absolutely required specialists as it grows the problems of conflict society faces become more and more and more complex more and more and more difficult more and more and more expensive and the problem of the solutions likewise become more and more and more expensive related always to population growth and resource shortages this is what I'll always holds the knees of a complex society resource shortages including capital coding money in that category but we require more and more specialists to come up with one more complicated solutions more more problems cost more money eventually the middle to squeeze through a tremendous expert and the system begins to fall down people began to say his tax return for the crazy there now in other societies met in Ottoman tax rates that might affect the environment and their children and my point is to say the system requires so many resources from the bottom of the pyramid that it begins to crumble when you hello complex societies and the state of the world right now we are in a pre- glass state we are teetering on the brink and we could be triggered on a global basis a number of things we do the first time in notice because we don't know for the flood for the first time and no history we have a global conflict society has never happened before Ross joined together Rawlings together with finance financially with technology with trade where one for better or worse and we could be the trigger in beginning a slow collapse is selling people who curtain drops the the dismantling of the global complex society triggered by anything anywhere in the world now that I wrote the book on this is Joseph Ginger he wrote the collapse of complex societies very academic if you have trouble sleeping I highly recommend this book what fantastically sedating if you can get through it in court if you can get through it Joseph take your class class size who with his usual simplicity and straightforwardness said the root cause of the collapse of complex societies is a consistent overaggressive and is listed in environment running marginal returns another result in question what that really needs is that the society faces problems that are larger and larger recording more more resources from the society and with less and less of an impact and initially is like the problems and become to be for us to afford we can't figure this out or going to have to cut someplace because no spending money left tax anyway were very close to that our society is various stages of resource depletion and spiraling complexity read every last day that's where we are and establishes us towards conflict because of complex society will go to work before it except for we more fossae need more philosophy and you know there are many Canadians there would be the top you know countries are either old or push towards conflict as we become more and more unstable on a global basis and the gloves come off you will appear powerful nation and you and I were already beginning to see the number of points are many so we guys are old-growth and in a complex society maturity decline glass were pressing on maturity were beginning to like slaves into this for me this set of converging forces in the world has never seen before all of these problems that we don't have a solution for any of this article consisting because of global complex society global complex society in order to keep going and many days from developing nations and bring our some of you are here because of the opportunities where you could go from developing nation to a developed nation in such problems that are better or who are instances but something larger because you bring intellectual capital was you need to not only that but we need developing nations we need to resources the CRS and the need to buy some are stopping you more and more and more stuff to see because the point of collapse if we don't have the inflow of intellectual financial and resource and natural resources our society comes under more and more and more strain so therefore it's a very serious thing when nations reverse their development towards Libya Egypt is quite reversed yet another or Haiti only goodness are always in trouble country really now so that all three NASCAR around the nation there are around the world there are fifteen nations who have completely reversed course and have completely fulfilled the conditions Christ described in Matthew twenty four twenty four versus six two eight that's a big deal and that list and there are many more relations boys ready to join this list is happening before our eyes it's happening on our watch we are products of a complex society and so we always ask this question is always an engineer for four or ten in the audience while talking there figuring out okay well agriculture visa will have hydroponics and don't forget that I honestly thought he well knew it an animal with a lot more solar energy solar energy we can't make can make all the Stockholm plastic Alzheimer's so we will have some files and everything is why the answer is no technology is used in the growth phase of complex societies it really works when you get to maturation and he can decline technology the low protesting pay and everything else comes the declining marginal rates because Saul ultimately implement your solution is currently working or not working all desperately are not I compare the earth to an error and seven billion people on that airplane few people know that airplanes and there are either trying to get the other passengers off for their ignoring the situation but they know it's going to crash and they know how to get off the plane every one of the other seven billion people on that plane are entirely engaged thinking re: scratching working sweating to get an upgrade from coach business from business and first class they want the very best see when not playing it's the ground and feels everyone who isn't all it's insane and it's the world you guys know how to get off the plane are we as a church and as individuals entirely focused on trying to tell people who are extraordinarily this is a change not that interested are we trying to tell people that there is going to crash and they will die get off the plane were done will they think you're crazy yes happily that's really not we should be telling our message should be about Jesus telling people about what we're discussing today is not a winning strategy brothers and sisters I'm here talking to you because the church needs to wake up and because I'm passionate on this subject because especially within the misunderstanding I can point to prophecy and scripture point proxy server proxy point to what's going on as Brothers and sisters do you agree what thoughts are connected to your great short and INS question are we doing what we do but when it comes to talk to people about what's coming doesn't work we have to talk about who's coming that works is the only thing that really works scaring people into the church is a waste of time and resources part of the physical and human society locked in an accelerating decline the two are inseparable with all our society with all of our institutions with all of our wealth global basis were still built on planet Earth and when sin the cumulative effects of sin we spent a lot of time last night does anyone here we spent a lot of time building the case with Scriptures your privacy for sin affecting the physical error if you do see that I met a missing foundation here but sin affects the physical or were seen the results of Santa Fe my book when it is stress as well since I look at it as environmental deteriorating deterioration and the great controversy I'm in my defense I named it something else for the publisher in their wisdom and I was listening to so this is the past wrong and everyone are especially including I is are hindered by no bias in the whole history of the world crisis .com therefore he will right away normalcy bias what is normal will continue this is cognitive state that we are all in we have to overcome this to say we have to watch so that we can see the signs we see the signs of becoming an Jesus really is coming and he really is coming soon then we get to the point we in the meantime it's easy to non- estate is very interesting it's interesting that said go right back because of normalcy bias because this is how we think and it's comforting except that turns out wrong what happens is denial of course a lot of that going on accompanying my total lack of preparation company might have a hand in anger is an okay looking and in the Christian community certainly the worldwide Christian community and probably in the address community very much from unanimously looking for one of his little ridiculous I like you know what message will e-mail you know we get caught up in thing after thing after thing this is this is the one all of this is the one I see it coming a family who hurt us start rightly or not old enough in the learner listed twice this is Gorbachev that the beast man who we lose credibility and Mrs. will you know it's as if NOS and other conspiracy theories government control and whether it has a secret bases in the black helicopters in an underground tunnel syndrome on his it is as if the great controversy between Christ and Satan wasn't enough we've got to have someone else we get distracted we waste time we don't we talk to people about lunar things and not a necessary and so we can looking preventing the things that it's the little things that matter are becoming convinced that those quarters are together I just know my understanding laws of physics say is not quite possible by a anyway because I stretched the photo to fit the screen I don't know but it's each small matters is not permitted in one big thing is the accumulation of things are happening while we were watching this as well as a Christmas ripped this off log off the Internet from a company that sells what was a princess from an investment will get one frustrating is tomatoes and now I and is reinforced seams according to the company that selling a win is use this useful welding and when that molten metal when you get a son in their and the sparks the A and they don't hurt the person who's lonely baby little more than anywhere serialize molten metal is the letter leaves little more goes away sometimes when there is a big piece of metal leaves a bigger mark on an overstatement but it was a strong it was made and it was made at times maybe do its job just as God created the world and perfection and maybe resilient and needed ballast so we could do its job but rather reason they're still selling those because they were out enough little pinholes in a pretty soon it's got more holes in it molten metal is through Isaiah fifty one six for the heavens will vanish away like smoke and will roll like environment and those who dwell in it will die in like manner thankfully this is promising first but my salvation will be forever in my righteousness will not be abolished this world compared to what it was created as barely growing the way it is still below and that's where we are right now while watching jaw with related ad is not already been litigated at I say to somebody on that but let's look at this now I am not insufficiently not predicting when Chris I think of them in my lifetime yes if you are the sermon this morning so to my great grandmother grandmother thought some of whom were wrong I might be wrong in his mercy God is my further delay so the maximum number of people can be safe what I had done is the impact on society of declining global systems as disastrous as well and on the current trend were on when it hits in my according to my research went when I look at it and these are my opinions and come someplace as income from research to research but when society as we have it now comes untenable looking at the percentage of resource depletion on this graph will read is that okay Lorenz we blew blue is good to get it okay it's uncomfortable increasingly notable were talking about however as we discussed at length last night I bought and fisheries something that effects well because of the phosphate in a global industrial food system something that affects just about everybody on her a few tribes who you are everyone else is affected by recent it is normal human tendency to look this is a twenty one all are your holiday doesn't matter but on SOIC in the impact was seen I don't see how the twenty third I'm not saying that's when Christ comes God has carried has delayed the coming of Christ only he knows that they are the outward and that carrying carry-on or sometimes as a whole are things I don't know I don't see him based on information I have available to me now I don't see how he made a half here certainly between here and there were no humans on people and we would like to evangelize is getting really bad in a lot of places will be sure the evangelizing will die opportunities will be lost if you look at this essay I don't see personal pain till know that he is going the point is that every day is harder harder and harder our mission is enough so we are global system degradation and here you see our systems oceanic atmospheric food production for freshwater on their known contracts of degradation as I have researched the wind ocean being absolutely worth and the thing is I don't think oceans actually the words is the most extensively made we have the most data in the most experience going back hundreds of years with the ocean we don't have the atmosphere don't have that the claimant we don't have that with food production no retention of production data so as to class myself but I strongly suspect that the others are out there anyway and were coming out of blue into the and into dramatic and disastrous times the thing that interests me as I looking more and more projections that other people are making for resources lesion for difficulties is the day is as mildly as financial but they all match size of the one they all have an exponential growth and they all have about twenty five years and they all and in really bad situation him very credible studies unless I ocean fisheries France's so when we see global devastation while we won't not for the closing probation it is doing it uncomfortable and the Bible says except those days were short no one would live with these systems are going to crash completely resisted is going to get worse and worse and worse and Matthew twenty four sixty when the film aggressively fulfill in the US however will see unprecedented levels of disasters alarming to see you met and responsible physicians will not only enormous size to themselves but from the sacred desk will urge upon the legally observance of the first in the week leading traditions and customs in behalf of this man-made institution they were going to cloudy Sunland SC the storms and when Leslie earthquakes the destruction by fire as judgments indicating God 's displeasure because Sunday is not secretly observe the calamities will increase more and more one of disaster will follow close on the heels of another and those who make void the law God will point of view working the Sabbath of the fourth commandment as the ones were bringing rap on the world and white southern watchmen so where are we natural disasters will be a good want to look at this graph very carefully and with some skepticism please nineteen twenty nineteen thirty nineteen forty nineteen fifty no railroad right but the process is let's see why cessation is a read more disastrous for you what was going on in so Warren Siberia and Mongolia or in China they didn't make it into the New York Times didn't make it into the database a lot this is not a reliable known not reliable in the nineteen thirties over getting a little better not rely on nineteen forties after World War II were doing a better job making sixty nineteen seventeen you know what to get a lot better at understanding what's going on around the globe nineteen eighty CNN I think we can use nineteen eighties baseline for normal or maybe nineteen seventy six the year by that that increases you see this honestly increases the is not the result of a few disasters in the Amazon link note around the world were seeing more and more and more disasters and they are becoming larger and larger and larger these calamities will increase more and more one disaster will follow close on the heels of another and this will usher in the Sunday law something that shouldn't really wakes up but even right now which is this lukewarm Laodicean church there are those who are becoming cold and there are those that are becoming part and we're stopping being Laodicean 's happening slowly now what does it say to have people who are waiting for the opportunity to call personally law we need to heal the land unless I winging to the Lord we need to keep the Lords day you can practically hear the argument but will never resume after Superfund Sandy know not when after superslim Sandy and after the very large tornado in Oklahoma city we had about three weeks where it remained in our consciousness about three weeks March disasters make about a three-week impression on us people who run after these results were saying we should build this is insane all everything is being rebuilt while clinic boring and willing investors insurance cover is going to so the US in order for the disasters happen close enough that we had a continual impression on us the US would need to see at least a tripling of disastrous from our current level with all when the world has already seen a tripling of disasters in the last thirty years when the world has seen a tripling of disasters in the last thirty years the US has seen more this is a theme in particular disasters went back to the nineteen sixties you can see you will find enough they are getting up-to-date numbers two thousand and eleven ninety nine declared disasters starting in nineteen eighty and twenty five declared disasters going two thousand and eleven four hundred percent three hundred percent world four hundred percent United States down in two thousand twelve Lebanon it looks like we'll well seventy eighty disasters get more in the fall and and CNET fires as Plato 's numbers so now we're told that in the United States calling the national son-in-law is going to be an increasing disaster we need to see approximately tripling from this number or a smaller number of a very large disasters if we had an issue since July if we had for hurricane format virus two tornadoes in early that you fill out the calendar all that is possible Lord willing I hope it doesn't happen but this is the track were on were rapidly approaching the time of the trial I have a couple copies of this if you want to let someone put a lot of time and effort into this and is faster really shaking time we are building up to the time of his son-in-law after that time a little trouble for the close of probation we are seeing in real time to build to the fulfillment of prophecy and the actual fulfillment of prophecy that would astonish people who founded this church where watching were seeing we may or may not be comprehending what all there were not even aware that say folks are more awake than my usual Sabbath afternoon audience because usually I do Friday night and I can certainly have a potluck and then I do two o'clock seminar for people and warm truth it's so nice to look out exceeded seventy percent are asleep really is very gratifying thank you appreciate how many of you likely have been happy for you all this room is why it's you is a time crisscrossing twenty four six zero eight but it is a serious Molly him Equatorial Guinea Eritrea North Korea North Korea especially only eases Libya Somalia sorry Western Sahara South Sergio which is Soviet Georgia wars and rumors of wars famine pestilence earthquake earthquake but even these in time of MSNBC rushing at us show a merciful God remember the great controversy is about the character of God being on trial universe you want a vacation that's what it is basic character of God and my argument is that even what's coming is a sign of a merciful God to understand that accidents so the Egyptian glass on parallels the community is in place and tenderness strike parallels this is some John Martin fantastic art is at its peak in the eighteen twenties and the Tate Museum in London dwelling UK anyway astonished he was eighty I seems even grandly as so doesn't do it justice at all I perhaps you are aware of the place systematically crush not describe what humiliated because of the Egyptians the Israelites didn't know God they had lost he was communicating he was establishing himself I am greater than these thoughts that you know I am gone I Yahweh he was telling them about himself and telling us and he just was a sense of humor some of this stuff at this he humiliated enough mainly on a laughingstock so we can differentiate himself define himself and he also showed it keeps his word and follow through on what he says do so the turn their lives in the curses so whether God was from now twenty eight eleven a Chinese restaurant and I love I love working in China and Chinese food is financial but what if what no related day as many times as they possibly can into their phone number Chinese restaurant everyone was trying to number one number is no close in love a is in China by dressing up in China there is no fourth floor just as we portion of his thirteen there was an American design hospital in China that has four floors and four wards and he working for best and so the more one were to read one and then there was floor one four four work for this one three fourths absolute death for his death in Chinese and Chinese numerology in four four four people would even if there really were brought in finance were bleeding if they were interested in April so and so a lot is a video in the Chinese culture and luck is a big deal was a big deal huge deal in the Egyptian culture if you software all dyslexia four leaf clover and sulfur on Ron William Ron is there in your closet and food in your overwhelmed whenever they are absolutely everywhere good luck turning a horribly bad but the Egyptians believed that there were gods hearing on Sarah God is everywhere one of his diocese is gone in the air flies reduce years when the fly was a files close by he was listening and maybe help you well they might sees Linux because as you possess the presence of army don't get me started about black life in Maine just they make us crazy I'm part crazy every time you might just find another but I can sympathize with his thoroughness is less like going on in my backyard I don't get away from me twice is horrible we hate his time here as they turned the gone into a purse now what happens in the end times turns Argonauts indicators the things that we worship the things that we used to separate ourselves from God the things that we pursue instead of God entertainers money pleasures status vanity while what is coming what is starting now is the destruction of Argos the disassembling of Aragon everyone are one hundred point moment you all know what it's like when the power goes out within Mongolia was always one original was like when the power goes out you didn't know your house was so noisy right like Moe is so landing your heirs will everybody will have if that quiet moment when the silly silly I don't have our attention and later become a curse to us in his mercy God is taking on Muslim this is part of what's happening in the time and your life is focused almost honest if you are your energies towards pleasing those the game or this is no one right way nothing against Melbourne or curse boobs already have gone to become a curse people that have pursued vanity and Hilda tremendous debt will be incredibly distressed in the days ahead are not supposed to enter these days that saw the bridegroom is Terry in mercy we think all is horrible but there is this balance where the absolute maximum number of people will be say as best price at the same time you will only be allowed to go so far organizations invest the number of people visiting forever under your will be allowed to slide only so far and there are these lines that cross we don't know when that is but we are supposed to watch we are supposed to know kind of what is known of the daily hormone was supposed to know the science and they are they are in abundance is tearing time is almost no we can see it is disastrous she growing exponentially as I have the cause of the effect of sin on our global systems it is after seeing growing as they had we can see the Sunday law and what brothers and sisters if sees are going to sprout they need to be planned well ahead now is the time were trying to get someone's attention when it's obvious to us that we finally we will have blown Willow wasted the time the Cherry time when our Savior expect to be working looking at two twenty four six two eight you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars so as we see systems accelerated as we see pressure on human society as we see resource shortages as we see the maturation and beginning to Oracle global public society all of these things are pushing nations or pulling nations to conflict there to be pushing or being dragged in aching screening very reluctantly will see the sign but we are not to be troubled these things must come to pass there is a great controversy there is a progression of events character must be justified say this system must be shown to be fatally flawed to be fundamentally corrupt to be completely lies down and I'm convinced and I think anyone else in the universe is whether there will be no basis for questioning Satan will have no excuse these things must come to pass as what's going on in the bigger picture are you deciding that no provision has close we have to stand these things have happened nation shall rise against nation wars between states in addition you know that's worth living space or within people groups tremendous amount of conflict must have there shall be famines if you were here last night and you look at our global food production system hopefully this is jumps out at we see pestilences certainly this is consistent with what's expected in a claimant should scenario those of you who've heard of the gospel nineteen thirties really dried out you are a now unless you're in epidemiology unless you have some working knowledge you probably don't know there was a huge epidemic of just physiological and well done on policy pulmonary is any way to release respiratory and respiratory diseases in many cases undiagnosed in many cases and I also will win over beginning to see it again when we get these huge dust storms in the Southwest emergency rooms are flooded and when there were huge dust storms throughout the gospel especially the young especially the old sitcom tremendous number of deaths and one oh one were not supposed to breathe this stuff is in the soil when you get a shifting climate situations change you get more these writers work somehow I can explain it to you but will see a he earthquakes in divers places now when I began as a you know what to say I was saying well Satan cannot even balance for the creation was as if and then I read a book I bought a book thirty five call waking the giant and there is an guy who wrote it classifies disabled is about seventy percent evolution and millions of like I will have to buy a here is basically these easy as absolutely fascinating and and fits perfectly what he says is that the Earth is in a dynamic state and it's in other words this is like a supply when you announce the Messiah this little tiny breeze solid things that plan they had and he triggered by a real little things and dynamics they said that when we call the offers of the earth out which were doing when the sea level rises which is when the amount of water in the sphere increases which is warming or when the August melting of the ice Greenland and elsewhere this may all of these things make a small change massive change really a relatively small change in the rest of your and we are in a dynamic state and eighty two earthquakes that are triggered right now by small changes in points is he says the more we see declines in these global systems are recessed my phrasing of what he says and what we see this happen the more we can expect to earn an earthquake began earthquakes he also says that something is never seen before has started happening and that is specifically starting in two thousand and nine and full earthquakes happen along the edge of the place and uses this astonishing we saw massive earthquake out and were beginning to see this played full and that means inevitably on the surface of the year is going to rearrange itself now you'll see earthquakes that hit just over twenty thousand years before that will be long well I work on a different timeframe but it's a fascinating book and it provides a rationale that is less superior to me to read I had previously so homestretch you know with all it's coming on the world one will you does this information served a response or is it something that is interesting intellectual if we can really see Christ coming doesn't need there be a change in the way we go what will you do I have a suggestion of to prepare yourself develop and deepen personal relationship with Christ so that you know him as a friend you know how it works some happens that at home something mechanical happens I'm not good with that I call a friend a time one help me I take this thing happened on my car and I don't know so I hung next time I know I'll call and he was a deacon at the church I laid nice guy nice guy calls himself really committed four hundred this is amazing nicest guy ever met her one of them anyway and he comes and helps the news my friend now ideally there's something wrong went wrong with my engine and talk to Jesus right yeah ideally what I call my friend the point is with what's coming on the world we have to have Jesus has a friend not this intellectual concept not this is God Jesus the anyone you is not part the way you all seen the pictures knocking at the door patiently is just flavorful it's not that he's uncomfortable if Jesus is our friend and by the way friend is someone who when you call him know that they will help and you looking forward to seeing you Jesus is a friend who don't have any troubles will will have trials but will make it through unless he chooses that really one of the ones who were marred but it is our friend is what matters is whether noise our friend number two study Bible and Torah in your heart you heard this Scripture says it is for prophecy says it but it's absolutely true media for not reading his letters is targeting a friend for not reading his letters develop a vigorous firm I will say how can you not talking to a figure is currently taking place figures are we are talking to your friend and expecting a response familiarize yourself processing inattentiveness we have this incredible resource your prophecy is inexplicably to me has lost its cachet in church has like throwing wisdom out though I don't understand that I is I just don't get it but we are required spirit of prophecy says we are required to know the signs of the end they are available to us it's not like there exists like you or your family we need a really big on decrease your dependency on the world now that the decreasing entertainments that means decreasing the extent to which we want the world may be in any planting a garden this might not be the right audience to say that to his I see my son 's struggling little garden lives on Emerson Street for things they allow we may have blacked my singing voice we can grow stuff and we don't have to water the range is it anyway is interesting we were told by Spirit prophecy and darkness in order to supply ourselves in time we were told to plan gardens in order to put our hand in the soil in order to see nature in order closer to our Savior I don't know places your prophecy where we're supposed to me provision so that we don't need God in the rest of the world not supposed to do that decrease your dependency on the world how do you hello how can you distance yourself somewhere withdraw from the influences of the world from his entertainment is divergence from its distraction withdraw from the pursuit of things in the pursuit of delivering the practice simplicity this is where my wife and I arrived at mortgage and everything were all calling out the wallet just your fingernails as it is so rewarding in a little bit of the progress of difficult occasionally in the home anyway raising your own more time in the garden or in nature and is marital growth strategy is spiritual growth strategy has helped to what to do to prepare your friends and neighbors drawn so close to Christ people can see the step number one is not go down the street with my own on all the doors that a day work on yourself first draw so close to Christ as a friend also posted price that people see him in you that will make a profound profound difference it may all because these crimes doing the work you we are like tools we are insufficient to the task but with Jesus as our friend of Jesus telling through us we don't matter which is the messenger hold 'em resonators and prayer and ask God to create opportunities for you to witness so number two you haven't gone out not to be glorified with him the shyest people in this room do those first two days old people of prayer talk to your friend about look for opportunities Julius and so interact frequently with me how can you just with a friend or neighbor what will bonus or you need is out there in Israel and they hear you and I is you cannot or whatever you drag frequently given yourself a normal person not a stretch were normal people how we could result in those books and articles that you actually read and you've actually read molecular loses on the table until we know it's old enough that you can throw it away without any guilt three months is the only most of us occasionally how articles in the realist really depressed but anyway she seemed very occasionally I have had so I have these books articles we were you know what's in them and when you're interacting was talking brother has had these brother has to be and will and you shall learn and then this is exactly what I say in all the other programs is not just as you will single each program and someone is actually the reverse is like this great article and get it for you so you are not really relevant to we have tremendous resources that you said but if you know people if you pray for people if you have Christ in you you can join us starting work I simply had no literature as well it was a lie and if so no one 's room looking for the city the people you're going to make an data I they were on and wait until somehow they could take it home and read halfway through it is not intimidating you being in their face knowing there are addressing is reminiscent of buttonholes people in Hawaii they have garlic breath they usually do and just it just doesn't work makes it harder for everyone else finally offered to pray with people when you know that well enough when you interacting with them when you pray for them when you become close with Christ when you work on all these things the spirit will tell you when it's time for a window it makes a profound difference when we pray with people amazing things happen and if they say yes please pray with me and you're praying for their brother with diabetes just a quick prayer and you're asking this theory works please things have everybody here can do this God works with Linux tools there is anybody here as I have a son my phone has been buzzing out here I noticed him he calls me all the time is twenty two years old snee


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