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The Sabbath and Atheism

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • June 20, 2013
    11:00 AM
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father we just thank you so much for this time thanking God that we can learn more about this world that were living in a God we confess that we are unable to understand great and mighty things and we need the power the Holy Spirit father we also claim Jeremiah thirty three verse three that is if you call upon me I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know and so Lord this is our desire that you would bless us with tools information stuff that can really help reach this world thank you in Jesus name we pray amen all rights my name is faster now cannot ascertain that series the Modesto area I was privileged to be here the name of this presentation is entitled the Sabbath and atheism the next presentations going to be entitled insane or infidel what happens when held does not go out the door presentations going to be titled Ellen White and blue documentaries and even when some wonderful things about modern-day health movements and will last days at the root of modern-day health movements so you don't want to miss these presentations on as I said before the name of this presentation is entitled without it and atheism the Sabbath and atheism when you take a good look at all well today especially in the American culture the secular culture you find out that there is actually a strong movement called atheism in it wasn't until the eighteenth century that somebody identified themselves with the English word atheist since that time that movement has turned into something big and it's like a juggernaut I was reading very statistics in America about atheism and has found out that that is actually that movement is actually growing a lot of people are no longer identifying themselves with the religion or any type of spirituality or sure many of them are simply saying I may not stick why many atheists who are atheists in the combination of two words in Greek the Al Fortier the negative and feels God potential what atheism is simply saying no God I do not believe in God when I believe in the non- existence of any deity very interestingly to go look in a media outlet and books on the Internet you find out that there is a new breed of atheism and if this kind of form of militant atheism and over the course of the last seven to eight years there have been many best sellers that have come out and many of them are about atheism and the belief in all the non- existence of God some of these men into atheism you can take a look at these for right here one is Matthew passed away Christopher Hitchens these are called the four Horsemen of atheism because they're very vociferous atheists whenever they have a chance to talk about atheism and why Christianity is wrong they will take that chance twentieth opportunity and they will speak the most Ben-Ami things very right there Christopher Hitchens he and Daniel Dennett and you have Richard Dawkins and your client Sam Harris each one of them has done bestsellers that reach the top of books on with about atheism these individuals are many of them are philosophers and doctors and molecular biologists and be gone into various debates you going to YouTube you can listen today's debate from these guys and you can see the type of spirit that behalf what this group has really taken on a large following and so this has actually turned into a great movement since the eighteenth century now the name of the seminar presentation called that sounded and atheism people ask the question wait a minute what does this sound with actually have to do what is a moderate movement of atheism I want to share with you for five powerful ports on inspiration that make the connection between the habit and modern-day atheism is the first quotation right here within this one here is a constant witness to his greatest wisdom and love patent that found it always been sacredly observe there could never have been in what baby is born and I don't look for what she says here I have always been tapped man's thoughts and affections would have been led would have been led to his maker and the object of reverence and worship not want to use it right and that would never happen in idolater or what in a theater or infidel men want interested in my years powerful demand that always remember to keep holy the Sabbath there would never have been anyone in atheist or an infidel in our world but Sega has made an effort to keep on out of the mine has worked as planned so as to accomplish this and having banished gone from the memory of man he puts himself impossible in the place of not even go so far as to exalt himself above God in compelling the consciences of men which God has never done enough from the review and Herald the watch 's other quotation right here had the seventh day always been capped there would never have been and what idolater and atheist or an infidel the sacred observance of God 's holy day when a direct in the minds of men to their creator the true and living God everything in nature also would have brought him to remember it I would have one witness to his power and love again and again and again you can see what I want to think that had the Sabbath and kept like the way it should have been that would never have been atheists in our world today there is an apparent connection with savaging for the lack of Sabbath keeping and to leave them and want to find out how that connection goes about what she said right here when the foundations of the world were laid then was also laid the foundation about what a rabbit so there you see from this inspiration and inspiration that when this blog was created this habit was actually part of the fifth of this world I was shown that if the Jews out it had been what there would never have been a infidel glory what an atheist again and again and again she's keepers you keep repeating the same point you can see the common denominator in the fabric is kept in the sound would've been captive should have been kept by the way shouldn't that would never have been an atheist so that he makes the connection over and over again that the lack of Sabbath keeping actually connected to atheism I want to see how that connection really comes to the surface the observance that watches the observance of the sound it would have closer of the world from what I thought would treat idolatry guilt when I was meeting his quotations I was really trying to understand this how does this sound with Louis or the lack of the Sabbath keeping movies atheism what is the clear connections that we can make fun history and see how one event actually leads to one another another movement you see when God treated this world he created a perfect world the Bible says in Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter two anything God would create it with what God right and everything he was created was constantly good right when he finally created man he said it was very good right mankind was that essential the linchpin for all of these systems everything that God created with systems that were in turn dependent upon other systems as the women fallen man to way to gaining a fact upon the entire world being in it like this when you put car engine right everything in that car engine much of it was together and it's connected in fact when you dig a look at American man's diagram of a car engine you can see how complex how intricate and how in turn depended to send them with inattention if I is the pins out each system is based upon another system and what's very interesting when I had a call and she came I brought this uniting around with a lot of cool realtors and minority before we went there okay well when you spend a lot of time in Northern California get used to a lot of people down these big old Jeeps what is vagal trunks with these huge tires will have some good friends while some get some hard-core formulas they like going rock climbing or are they just like going into the most difficult places with these huge trucks and jeeps one day I decided to get into this I don't know any Indian people who do for women but I thought I'd be the first one okay I got myself a Jeep got a good price on it how does the Lord with reletting the Jeep Cherokee two thousand one low mileage I was really excited about this and so what I begin to do was to take this stock vehicle and began to change parts in the stock vehicle one of the things I did do that I took out the best law the stock tires and a place size thirty five inch tires on there can thirty five and it was a big geez Arthur size thirty six prior to that it ignited a myopic of the constant rubbing against the tire will I put five thirty five inch on these tires on this GHD I changed on the engine and you begin to take place immediately my gas bill went up right I sat about seventeen eighty all sitting down with this gene now I wasn't feeling thirteen miles to the gallon thirteen miles to the gallon in addition to that injury was actually having to work harder easier something to understand from a car manufacturer when they produce a car each one of these systems of the clock are solid deadlines in such a way to bring about the greatest amount of fuel efficiency like if you're dealing with I can import right or select up for years or something like that everything is designed to bring about the greatest amount of fuel efficiency the size of the tires when the engine is any manipulation or change in engine core in that car will lead to less fuel efficiency for when God created this world he created this book with the found part of that system and when there was a change in the fabric it led to a breakdown in other parts of this planet can you say many contract with the S&L and felt like to place with the change in the sound can begin to lead to operate down in all their systems on this world in fact what is very interesting when you take a look at the ministry of Jesus you see the Bible says something very interesting acts chapter ten verse thirty eight who is only just exemplify what the ministry of Jesus was all about but what about this writer asked chapter ten verse thirty eight how Jesus anointed to try God anointed him Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good and ceiling all to go look at the two things that Jesus was doing number one she was doing good and number two he was what ceiling these two things one part of his ministry Jesus was essentially when he was doing good and healing he was bringing have been to people he was bringing how many people in a lot of people say well Jesus into thinking any man so that he did miracles while the purpose of those miracles it was simply an Avenue sincerely that was the purpose of those miracles to what Jesus was doing with evangelism and ceiling and that was part of his ministry when Jesus went around all over Israel this is what he was doing now this is very important because you're saying what Jesus 's ministry was all about it was about restoring in man the image of God that was lost through sin through Decatur Dan degeneration now the early church had that same mission when he read the book of acts you can read how they essentially have two things to principle they went about ceiling and they went about doing demands it was them over and over again in the book of acts you see these things taken place with something took place at the and of the book of acts Paul starts getting warnings to the church warnings to the early church because he knew that when she would die in the last disciples would die some unusual things would take place in the church Paul actually worn to the Ephesian elders that when he was going to die some people would try to come in acts chapter twenty verse twenty nine for I know this that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking what perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves therefore watch and remember that for three years I do not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears Paul understood that when he went to I many of these false teachers would come into the church and the dabbling using these teachers would attempt to destroy the church from within now this is a very important point is that when you leave the epistles that John wrote Dino Thomas felt the longest only when the fire you know that right it was also the youngest disciple he lives he outlived all the other disciples as far as I know every of the disciple was killed but this one disciple probably died of natural causes the attempted to kill them think about their some extra biblical sources that show that they actually tried to get joy in burning oil and when he came out unscathed the antisense into the island of Patmos where he had that vision revelation but this is very interesting John in his latter years when he was writing the epistles of John when you read about it he's constantly having to deal with certain false teachers who were known as Gnostics you can already see what's happy of the church all these disciples are quality are dying and her dad and what's happening it Satan is sending you the ads on messengers into the church and the church is starting to basalt many problems as it starting to grow more and more and so that's why John's letters over and over again he's the only antichrist spirit teasing with these Gnostic teachers but Paul warned about this adhesive when I am gone this is what happened to the church these savage wolves published instrument under breakfast for the church never destroy the church and sure enough after the last disciple died in the second and third century monk began to take place teachings started happening in the early church specifically there was too false teachings number one it was the change of the Sabbath in fact will you go from A.D. three twenty one when Emperor Constantine changed the Sabbath from Saturday to find it that was a public declaration established change but did you know many false teachers prior to that time were already attempting to change they were arty attempting to change what is also very interesting was that there was a focus on the immortality of the full see a lot of great philosophy began to enter into Christianity and what the place was various church fathers like Oregon and other individuals who begin to place a special focus upon the mind or soul to the point when they are saying that the body is completely evil in fact that led to a lot of monasticism or these monks coming about he was also saying that the article is evil and that the article is completely sinful bodies do so back to my wannabes monks they were going to need some sort of these unwanted theories anyone with themselves because they were trying to destroy their bodies and just where we just focus on the mind these two errors entered into the early church didn't want a removal of the sound and it was a focus on the immortality of the soul now this is something that was written by causing free concert it was a father with Andrew the police is right here talk about the early church banality of Christ and his creation with violence in the Christian church early in its history disparagement of the Sabbath in the writings of origin went hand-in-hand with repudiation of the body and the neglect of the give attention to nature ground all active attention to nature ground almost to a halt it was almost in part to the fact that the ideological framework to evaluate sure what lacking member what the purpose is out of it who does sound across to the creator and his creations and so would no longer I'll focus on the Sabbath there was no point to focus on the creator or his creations the study of nature the study of the organism the study of the body began to cease in fact when you take a good look at Catholic theological schools during that time they place theology as a priority and science as secondary to the poor now what science part of science was actually being outlined because they believed it was all about the mind and the soul and about spirituality and they were completely neglecting the body in fact well let's is a great controversy for centuries in Europe had made no progress in what learning are all what civilization a more intellectual prowess had fallen upon Christendom with the Bible being outlawed with the sound of no longer being kept with the focus on the mind the immortality of the soul all of a sudden culture all of a sudden the court all of a sudden everything that had to do with sort of way but development of the mind and body will soon lost sight in fact what is so remarkable look what I think the concept is right here believe in the immortality of the soul with the key factor in the Christian estrangement from material world this is the lead today she managed interest in nature because concerned for the body brings no apparent spiritual benefit the body is only the present of the full Y explore it the aircraft no place in God 's ultimate reality he's going to store it why study and this became the framework of the ideology that was persisting during the dark ages into the Middle Ages in fact with what else he says right here plus the groundwork was laid for a millennium of indifference towards the body and the natural wood time this outlook resulted in unprecedented helplessness in matters of what hell and disease why because they were no longer studying science people not only lack rudimentary understanding of health and hygiene they do not take the kind interest in the physical world I have led to invite my within no one in danger because they were moved the Sabbath focus on creation in fact with really interesting when you think you go look at medical and medical science during the dark ages into the Middle Ages scholars and historians have noted over and over and over again it was completely repressed he was held back because they thought it was sinful and evil in fact I found out many historical quote about some of the medical practices during the dark ages take a good look at this beyond belief two thousand years of bad faith in the Christian church James McDonald would fit in Christian D three hundreds around seventeen hundred all serious mental conditions were understood at symptoms of demonic possession the medical community since illness was thought to be caused by supernatural agents sure had to be essentially supernatural dwell in every curvature was literally miraculous and these miracles could be affected only by prayer penance and the assistance although saying the claim otherwise with radical and blasphemous that the glucose what else he says were near the practice of medicine was monopolized by the church silhouette a manual practice it became criminals then the church stopped certain clergymen practicing as well one of the medicine was prohibited by the sign-on of climate in eleven thirty pence for the practice of medicine was reserved to the secular clergy a generation later in eleven sixty three the Council court interpreted the maximum ecclesia write off they went which means the church a boy the shedding of blood as meaning that no judgment could practice surgery no treatment and practice articulate delete anything with evil and sinful and nasty outlining during the Middle Ages into the Jeff Bagwell said King Arthur was filtered using exorcism consecrated belle relics biblical readings holy water and torture the insane were still regarded as possessed by evil spirits we join later explained that mental illness was the real cost underlying the symptoms that had been attributes which is a evil spirits the church denouncing and this book was placed on the index keys himself was accused of witchcraft I was obliged to flee for his life this is what was not taken place during the dark ages you can see that with this repression of scientific studies basic rudimentary understanding of how watch what he felt threatened what was it right here's an interesting freelance anatomy for original research with illegal find just like Leonardo da Vinci were obliged to carry out an attack upon a local artist and I'm only now anatomical thank you very much a research in secret that will need to go look at lot of Leonardo da Vinci 's work is done in secret you have mirror writing taken place you a lot of stuff that was hitting that was discovered a hundred two hundred years later why because it was illegal to study the human body in such a way that will visit Leonardo 's famous mirror writing was used to disguise his findings in case of church authorities found out about them if not a little more than two hundred years after his death Michelangelo was another secret I taught my goodness I'm having that word is defined in your vocabulary okay autonomous mega- budget will anatomist thank you very much he apparently managed to work some of his anatomical data discoveries into his heart including I want just the creation of Adam affection of this fresco in the Sistine Chapel ceiling in fact when you're starting out the fifteen Chapel to see some of your studies of the human terrain part of the artwork people would look at it when not realize that anyone who are assigned to minor online with single if it was just a minute that decision is a lot of the stuff was done in secret even when Galileo began to discover some things about our solar system within the church to persecute him why because he was too legal to think outside of their simple framework that the use of filtering is up and what does this have to do with atheism but did not want without this is right here bishops license all manner medical practice and surgery took physics and midwifery which gave them control of all these disciplines bloodletting was failed the standard treatment for all manner of guilt in the sixteenth century and will continue to be for another three centuries anyone who suggest that the ancient Hippocratic medical techniques might be superior with charges of heresy when per year or thought a pair of advocating Hippocratic techniques he was considered a more heretic then Martin Luther this other individual professor medicine at all ones that belonged us know what most of the warming I now use in draft for plastic surgery he was charged with impiety and his rhinoplasty operations nor prohibited his technique was not revived until eighteen twenty two sometimes it is difficult to tell what advances might have been made in Chris I'm having the things Italian names in China okay very good with us on Christian rats a work for which he was burned at the stake in fifteen fifty three Michael submitted mentioned pulmonary circulation realizing the function of the lungs three generations before William Harvey would now generally credited with discovering the circulation of blood by the Middle Ages medicine McGrath on all fronts in Christian lands once ones who came into contact with Christian Castle Somme did during the crusade was shown by the community of faith and it was not only medicine public health tube along with a shotgun when he says whereas Muslims adopt a public bath and insisted on watching before Neil Christie and adopted the view that it was long to watch it was flying in the face of God to Brazil to clean off his August Christian Bale like all brother you he would give a watch in your hand so God can clean you believe these guilt trips on people and soap washing became a radar thing Christians were obliged to accept the will of God and the disease and misery that went with it Queen Elizabeth the first was famously said to update twice a year whether she needed not can you imagine what she smelled like a CD for the things that were taken place why because you are an institution that was repressing number one the sound and was focusing on the immortality of the soul and finally did you know those two concepts were told are going to play a key part at the end of time those two savings you can see the effect it had upon the world shortly after the early church what took place by the removal of this special institution that was a focus on the creator and his creation and the focus upon Howdy of the full beginning to lead to some agree just errors in the world is wealthy says useful research was not possible by the church exercise control in fact the church is ignorant and often a medical follows all the greater in other epidemics what we are devout Christians gathered in churches to pray for deliverance in doing so they printed the infection to spread much faster and stubborn high mortality rate as a result present and some French talents can find local prostitutes to let the house is during the holy week you can only guess at the consequences of this particular cut of piety we were positive during this time to put you in the leper house so you can see the ignorance that was prevailing and what took place when the church and that they had combined and the repression that happened ladies and gentlemen God system is extremely perfect anything into that and we need to go back to what he has created the black death also known as the black plague entered through this dyslexia placard at that park for enabling thirteen forty eight through the sports that you had to have this very interesting ship Mussina and was coming it at it with a plate ship they were not let still plague people onto the into the English length you want bailout their supplies and with the supplies came wrapped in working with both rafts fleas in your body play anywhere happen it began to sweep solid to Europe to shortly thirty million people were dead offenses to as high as almost to hundreds million people England's population was wiped out this is the this is that the new config the climax of interfacing what was the climax of his ignorance right here because when you take a good look at what was happening during that time basic health procedures was solved problem basic scientific knowledge on the same variance from dying this was the climax of what was happening when you remove what God has placed there from the beginning and you'll begin to insert bearers and backward look within right here during these years the population to walk by as much as fifty percent in some locations much higher the play continued to exist into the fifteenth century and with much would you let intensity in the sixteenth and seventeenth century and you begin to get good look at some of the pictures that were painted during that time plague it was just complete why cannot people get dead bodies all over the streets didn't know what to do with them people are dying left and right because of this place and it was infecting everybody wins in general mortising okay we just know my history and read about in the history books missing out there was a backward do you understand we're talking to a close to two hundred million people were killed by display Apple country 's population was wiped out imagine something happened to the United States of America half the population completed by now my disease that was such a great thing I was taking place in fact with great confidence is right here historians of medicine have look to the prevailing Christian view of the world at that time as a contributing factor in other words where they were in medical knowledge and science what a contributing factor to why that disease was so rampant and could not be stopped the invaluable disaster could not be attributed to accident dollars account for the absence of even rudimentary insights by the fact that the universities of that time under the jurisdiction of the church which was suspicious of discovery and novelty compared to theology medicine was seen as a secondary five five medieval understanding what happens on by the most basic belief and ladies and gentlemen when this was coming down to a caught up close at the end of the reign of the potpourri of the papacy what began to happen a moment started and it was known as the French Revolution a lot of people live intellectuals and philosophers and politicians was so angry by the way that the change church state was suppressing people and by the ignorance that was really pressed upon the people and they begin to rise up and you have what was known as the French Revolution and this took place with Jeff at the end of the end of the family end of the seventeen hundreds and going into the eighteen hundreds you have this great movement known as the French Revolution and it was during this time that many people began to be atheistic they were so upset at the way that shirt was running the world of that time that they actually swung the pendulum and they said you know what there is no God invent what they did they were marching through the streets and killing a lot of people what they did then he took a local dancer they pop drop in the know this pray and they said this is the goddess reason we are no longer subjecting ourselves to theology we are now following reason in fact this is very interesting LYS he talks about several the capital increase during that time during the French Revolution who actually said Nina what will it join the crowd as well they became atheist which he says right here the constitutional Bishop of Paris was bipolar to play the principal part in the most impudent and scandalous farce ever did in the face of a national representation he was bipolar in full procession to declare to the convention that the religion which is I hear what everyone is backed up even a priestcraft which I know foundation either a history and what they could to keep the intelligence on an explicit terms the existence of a deity who will worship you had been consecrated and about himself computer to comment on it all liberty equality virtue and morality demand laid on the table of his episcopal declaration and received a fraternal embrace from the president of the convention several apostate priests followed the example of this really as well in fact fueled on a little bit more men publicly defied the king of heaven but if there is an old they cried how does God know at his knowledge and the lowest price on Sunday three eleven but with blasphemous boldness almost beyond belief one of the priests of the new order said God if you exist of venture ginger name I'd be due to finance you remain silent launch your funders who after that will believe your existence when Echo is it unfair was the man who is to hold blood that I should obey his voice I know not Jehovah this is so interesting you see what started in place of movement of atheism actually came at the end of the seventeen hundreds because of the results of these oppression and repression of knowledge and people during the dark ages he will actually not a religion I wanted to do nothing with science and then the pendulum swung at the beginning of the agency said at the eighteen hundred fifty one now actually had a science that wanted nothing to do with religion and this is what I taken place is what atheism saw just the collective steamroller because they were so upset because of everything that was happening during the dark ages and Middle Ages because of the removal of the Sabbath in the focus on the immortality of the soul that it while any other when they said we want nothing to do with it here you can see from yesterday think about that removal about the fact because of the lack of focus on creation and the study of nature and the human body it led to atheism in fact with O'Reilly factor I think it has but beyond opinion leave the real cause of atheism just to begin from the eighteenth century which we just talked about the French Revolution top health atheism to center stage for many modern era religion eleven oppressor atheism was a liberator there is an important point to be learned here where the church is seen to be on the side of ordinary people a few things have relatively little appeal still the cultural appeal of atheism often seems to be determined by social context rather than by anything intrinsic to its ideas where religion is that your press can find deprived and limit atheism Nevada property Nancy a larger vision of freedom and there you begin to see front the front from the French Revolution you begin to see individuals like Palm is paid will begin to just be announced gone through that runs in background my talks about Palm 's pain some of his writings and you begin to hear about people like full ten percent and ended just a few hundred years the Bible will become an obsolete book and you begin to hear about individuals like it was during that time that Charles Charles Darwin began to make his discoveries and we begin to promote a theory known as evolution and that you begin to have individuals during that time like Walmart to begin to just write some literature about atheism and you have individuals like Frederick Nietzsche and you have solid school also promoting this country hold minority who can see how this juggernaut of atheism to play as a result become the dark ages and back to life is a powerful set quotation in which he says right here in with potpourri had begun the work which was atheism was completed we look at how well can we see this monitoring movement that started because of the removal of one of the institutions that God has placed their the sample ladies and gentlemen we look at how well can we see a world that has systems that are broken we live in a world today and we see parts of it that are in complete chaos why because man has made it is choice to remove what God has placed there ultimately for the benefit of humanity by Jesus said man was made for the Sabbath to Sabbath was made for man and ladies and gentle men need to look in a woman we see this moment and we see a lot of people want nothing to do with God but we need to do is go back to Dole dole is too powerful fundamental principles and we will actually have a tool of reaching people who want nothing to do with God do you know we are told over and over again about our health message powerful it is that you can't only talks about how only do cooking schools and health presentation she said thinking then we can't do these presentations that will come to our best ones that will come to what were doing in regards to help and they will start wondering why we are doing what we are doing as you will read them the following God and you know the Sabbath can play a part in leading people to in a world that is full of stress and anxiety of the stock into a two young ladies that when you go out into the city there's just a general what do you realize that general irritability when you leave the city am going to please let me know however that is just peaceful I grew up in Southern California irritated stress you look at people 's faces and a way like this in the series and now you would like the bay area any of the brain on Google like form talking a little BMW the government helping going to a flower bed and everyone is so busy that was his anxiety on people 's faces they are concerned about everything that happened there's all these pressures that are coming from Iranian sources but when you take a good look at the sound it actually is appealing to people a day of rest now here's the thing how do we communicate the Sabbath to people when they want nothing to do with religion how did God go about witnessing with the Sabbath message lottery big about it against the chapter Genesis chapter to this mixer valve in the back to need some Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two second chapter the Bible with inches in advance chapter one abridged version of creation in Genesis chapters actually a focus on God 's favorite part of creation mankind the flap is then subjected to look at verse one the heavens and the earth and all the whole memo what finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done and he went on the seventh it which units from all his work which it done then God blessed the seventh and think about it because in it he rested from also work with .net treat inmates this is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created in him the Lord God made the earth and heavens noted patrons and less on asking the question now when did God bless and think by the Sabbath should be obvious when did God bless and sanctify the Sabbath day what would you say of these early finishes work of any males and foundation of the epidemic of okay that's a good getting rid of that she actually blessed and sanctified the Sabbath after he wants this in other words and name whenever keeping the Sabbath went on the very first management knowledge was blessed and sanctified another watchlist which experience that God was communicating the beauty of this and asked Adam need began just to enjoy all the things that God had created at the end of the goddesses by the way did you know that this day I have blessed and sanctified this may is actually a special day that you can do to keep every seven day know why that important for us one of the best ways you can win people to the Sabbath is by keeping the Sabbath with them not knowing if the Sabbath yet voting so Friday nights why go to church I shall be in our Bible study never home-cooked food often times I would invite new people attended a class or whether any people out of a coupon after this Bible study development it's informal and there's good food to eat the committee and they're enjoying it and it would have some nice music we will just a wonderful discussion phone rings desserts always good to have something sweet unless a payment and is enjoying it today and just enjoying it again I'm preaching to mile your invite the con man what happens so combine their combined income to church and I fitted this can be especially once at my house when she shall go to do today okay but they go there when we go to the walk in nature there's a park nearby that has a little stream go for a walk well done that is coming to close invite some friends over the clothes and how investors manually discarded like many Adventist boardgames popcorn importing and fruit smoothies I really my anywhere they say is just a special day I just really enjoyed spending time with good people and felt shipping it just seems that one person communicate with the just seem to be something peaceful about this time easy with having when you teach the found through experience that people will really will love the fact think of it they begin to realize there is something special about this day what he did not want to spend time with their family it is anyway Sunday need not to spend time with her family on Saturday many times they let them go out to the movies on Saturday one because they are in this general feeling that the weekends I just want to rest is in the heart of humanity ladies and gentlemen and as we get people opportunities to get to spend us out of with us you won't be distinctly they start warming based on showing your backfield through interesting workforce something very special about the fact that we haven't experienced it you know they're still a special blessing found that most people have not experienced it most Adventist like this writer I thought we should realize but little of the importance of the found to what we should realize and know it's importantly Lloyd I thought we knew not what it was to why upon the high places of Europe and to be bad with the heritage of Jacob Dean which according from she's going from idea fifteen verse thirteen where God says if you start getting on working on pleasures become what to do my work think my work and do my pleasure she said the Bible says that you will write upon the high place to do anything with a heritage of Jacob and when you get this out of AA gun you keep your week up how anyone to think we haven't yet why when I keep a godly but when the reference unilaterally will come from the presence of the Lord that the referent object A and the glory of his power we shall know what it is to be bad with the heritage of Jacob we don't even know what templates and yet and right upon the high places in Europe then we shall see the sound of Mueller and its importance and glory ladies and gentlemen an institution that was lost I was pulled out of the frameworks that have led to chaos in this world and this planet and movements that should not have existed God is calling us back into the field arm with the sound armed with a beautiful message of health and through these tools were going to be able to reach people who want nothing to do with just to recap here we can see from the early church and their removal of the Sabbath and the focus on the immortality of the soul that have led to the repression of science understanding rudimentary understanding of health and that eventually climaxed with the black plague and shortly after and the result that was the French Revolution as I said before people look at a religion with nothing to do with science and now the pendulum swung and they had to find something that wanted nothing to do with religion and since that time things have progressed but God is calling us back to bring back those special things that were lost because amen that's about it but what a prayer father in heaven I know what we have heard today is but seen seeds of change God Lord help us I really think upon the moment and unions will then you are sneaky and was not as hot as it is worth to read sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. .com universe .org


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