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Ellen White and Food Documentaries

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • June 20, 2013
    4:45 PM
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fundamentally just thank you so much for this time Lord I know what only scratching the surface missing the rise and fall movements and revolutions counterrevolutionaries and Lord you started so many things in the world does not even know what we pay you give us a glimpse into what's happening in our world today to see and understand God more and more of which are up to and where you want us to be part of what he wants to be a part please bless us especially with the Holy Spirit is our desire in Jesus name amen all right in this presentation is called white and blue documentaries there's so much information here as can be very difficult for you to attempt to memorize any of this or even right now because I'm old very fast how about local very fast to the point where you can get the source don't but at the same time there's so much I couldn't put years of you feel like a little incomplete I totally understand I feel the same I know this one presentation on the new justice to this but will do as best as we can watch the Holy Spirit to bless us as we continued on name of this seminar gives hotel wine and food documentaries I looked up the word revolution now check the various definitions that word revolution business in the definitions and overthrow a repudiation of and a fellow replacement of established government or political system by the people governed as a sociological view a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence compare social evolution between a sudden and complete Walmart change in something the present revolution in church architecture very interesting has been for a procedure or course as if in a circuit back to a activist circuit back to a starting point number five I thought was very interesting single turn of this time I want to be discovering is that there is actually tuning in a while today on many health revolutions that have taken place but the question is how did many of these health revolutions actually start bullets into the house in this presentation is anything some very interesting things we are living in a moment of time right now with lifestyle that Ms. is running rampant with big pharmacies monopolizing and by the way when you go to Justin on the Cornelius is interesting to see a Walgreens and you'll see a CBS evening CBS with you some other sort of pharmaceutical place and you go in there and making money off the candy bar for both regular selling the big money is found when you go to the back of the place and you see all people these people lined up to get there what drawings and the reason that so interesting is because the Riley of you actually have actually have a Walgreens and CVS right next to each other I guess that there's so much business that they don't actually have to compete with one another that you set up right next to each other so you see what's happening out world today and overexcited healthcare system Doctor Susan B Cheney in some interesting ways people are searching for answers elsewhere revolutions have I have begun ethics even programmable revolution has begun demolition has begun was very interesting we didn't look at what's happening on media you begin to see there is a lot of help fans have been just really really coming up and a lot of people had become very excited about it oftentimes I'll be seeing on Facebook a lot devoid C-spine phasor marathons now a lot of people interested in running or jogging right to do a copy of all that juicing keyboard using today by the one hundred ten pages fast place for me I got all the time right or be what they are going wrong for a month salty things they can place people are interested in health today a lot of people going on diets even good chance of actually increased in on you can say in the comedy debugging gym memberships actually speaking with the membership as well which is very interesting to a lot of people interested in health because their site to recognize that the medical community is unable to actually help them with many of the issues so help is extremely important to a lot of people right now that was also crazy to get a lot of food documentaries have come out over the course of the last few years and many of these blue documentaries have actually started out the revolution audacity watch I will be right there called back figure nearly dead and gone into thinking things ideas for the data couldn't do anything that I also watch booting sweet earthy including books or not some of you want these in Maine is one but there is a lot of independent filmmakers right now were exposing these health revolutions that are happening and common sense things that are actually helping a lot of people in fact what would it be talking about today is the root of some of these food documentaries like that there's so much information to share that are not to be able to just pop up all the quotations by dangerous condition things in a way for you to see and understand how powerful the message of help that we offend damask actually half need to go look in our world today and you begin to understand that there is somebody who was right there at the court the root of these health revolutions her name was Ellen G White and this woman who in eighteen sixty three received her first health vision and continue to write thousands of pages of help have actually read directly or indirectly to many of these modern-day health movements these days modern-day health movement directly or indirectly have been caused by the ministry I repeat again by the ministry of LNG why are the well life is inverse like the message is right here now I have been given to our people in these last days whether or not my life is spared my writings will continue constantly speak and what will go for as long as time shall last month with them and did some major popping up getting when I read this ladies and gentlemen I began to discover that provides our bundle all the way till the end of time but leaning towards aptitude as many people have bought a prophetic vision and enthusiast counseling but as far as the major populations on the one hand in examining and reading what we half why would God send us more we have these writings and their workable for as long as times shell who asked my rags are kept on found the opposite even though I should not live these words that I been given to them being given to me by the Lord will still have life and will speak to the people any statement that was a hundred years later on a path about a hundred years old findings have really transformed the Senate began this movement is really interesting the books that actually appear not just Adventist pastor 's library the past is all across America forty and under that's what there was a survey that was done by Barnett they discover that element was asked considered a just a all wonderful source of reading and devotional experience but these books late endowment have planted seeds all over the world and these seeds have led to great changes great movements great revolutions today message on December thirteen verse seventeen said something remarkable Jesus is speaking about profit if it be where all fall flat profits will come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their what fruits do men gather grapes from thorn bushes are fakes or pencil even so every tree bears but a bad tree bears bad fruit when Jesus began to lay down the line of demarcation you can fit between a false topic and a genuine popping he really does not like that example by their fruits you shall know them not worth the life that they live in the past that they happen upon people around that will be a very clear indicator if they're genuine and when you look at the ministry analogy what you'll begin to see some very remarkable things about her ministry and they know this guy is Paul Harvey he was asked to consider one most trusted journalists of all time he died in nineteen thousand nine it never became a Seventh-day Adventist but he was attending Phenergan was attending his son Dennis Church but he wrote this about Ellen G White nineteen fifty blog American broadcasting Company news commentator and United features syndicated columnist but perhaps we should reread what you have thought the oil as the enemy all it is more comparable to animal oil fact that we know about cholesterol she knew fine flour lacking in nutrients nutrients elements to be found in bread made from whole wheat she wrote do not you are to be installed now we know we should keep the sodium intake low we have come to accept the wisdom of succubi so completely that it is difficult for us to realize how revolutionary theories were almost a century ago she heard their air sunlight and in the things that were to rest and exercise she wrote to battle the slow insidious but most malignant poison all the most dangerous because of the fact are slow and at Hartford 's hardly perceptible analyte was indeed ahead of her time are there additional recommendations which this remarkable woman urged upon us we have so far ignored to begin up a time which you live Paul Harvey remember this was in the days when doctors were still bloodletting and performing surgeon with unwashed hands this is very interesting this was a narrow north bordering on barbarism enacted it was the first presentation I did on atheism and without I highly recommend you get back and discover some interesting information about the repression of medical science during the dark ages because of the removal of the Sabbath day interesting the Oxford Encyclopedia of food and drink in America originally published in September two thousand four the significant intervention and social moments that shaped the way Americans view prepare and consume food and drink entries range across the focal peers in the trends that characterized them from the extravagant feast of the Gilded Age to the diet fad of the nineties this thoroughly updated new edition composition the American perspective on food and ensure that this title is both the most authoritative and the most current reference work on the American cuisine and what's very interesting when you taken a look at this business cycle volumes you begin to discover some very intense interesting information about one gentleman and this gentleman 's name is Paul Harvey Kellogg which is about Paul Harvey Kellogg no single individual to what the book says no single individual influence of American eating habits during the early twentieth century more than Doctor John Harvey Kellogg what else is that John Harvey Kellogg deserves more than any other person to be called no father of natural health in fact there am on a non- Adventist books about not having to sources that really look up to them are sort of the influence that John Harvey Kellogg had on his kind he actually has been influential in a lot of these modern-day health movement the client and the father of natural health what Doctor John Harvey Kellogg had a sort of philosophy that he used to practice when he was feeling the church maybe Bobby disappeared from the same principle evolve into the time is that even though he was disfellowshipped David and Paulson M.D. about the year nineteen thirty with what a conversation I see our Doctor John Harvey Kellogg number of years earlier introductory to the following statement did you imagine that in the late nineteenth century John Harvey Kellogg Andy was recognized as a walk leader in several areas of medical practice Doctor Kellogg asked meet in New York City twenty one years but my new outlet at the Battle Creek sense and was able to find yourself in the medical profession I do not know and then he told me these are the new thing is bought out in the medical world he knew from his knowledge of the spear posse the writings of Ellen G White whether it belonged in our system or not if they did instantly adopt it and advertise it while the rest adopters were slowly feeling our way and when it finally adopted each year five years the star on them on the other hand when the medical profession was swept off their feet by Sunday had if they do not fit the light had mean we had received decently did not touch it when the doctors find discovered a mistake they wonder how it came that Doctor Kellogg did not get caught there's a man was called the father of natural errors a man when she revolutionized American breakfast ladies and young and still to this day cooling to buy a second philosophy to help develop his ministry early on and it was that whenever something deeper that came to him he would check and match it to see if it was in the spirit of prophecy and if it wasn't you remove it and by that principle he was able to save five years ahead of his time five years this is what is so remarkable because you begin to see the one who was actually behind the natural health movement Clive and Mackay an aircraft mechanic very interesting to hear about Desmond he was American biochemist nutritionist and gerontologist and professor of animal husbandry at Cornell University nineteen forty seven to nineteen sixty three this individual was very influential he actually discovered from caloric intake or how much food you bring in a hundred calories you can actually save lives he was actually able to otherwise raft because you reduce their caloric intake chains and things in their diet he was hungry who was really experimenting with help the individual with actually cutting and stop during his time when a lot of people are just saying no no no you're completely off the animal protein and animal fats all these things into your diet he was saying some remarkable something that would consider heretical by many of the scientists and medical professionals during this time exactly what this book all the Cornell bread but an ever Cornell grad he revolutionized breadmaking by the way because of the ingredients you put into bread is very interesting but this individual came across the writings of Ellen G White it talked about like in the first place her basic concepts about the relation between diet and health had been verified in the news on the screen to create integrated by scientific advances of the past decades in a second right and one who attempts to teach nutrition can hardly conceive of a literacy leadership such as that of Mrs. White belt able to induce a substantial number of people to improve their diet in the workplace one can only speculate about the large number of sufferers during the past century who had had improved help if they accepted the teachings amidst the light finally one can wonder how to make her changes more widely known in spite of the fact that the works of Ms. White was long before the advent of modern scientific nutritional equities that no overall guide is available today no better she is no better overall guide is available today somebody was a PhD with nothing to do with Adventism when he was coming across her writings he was sold away by that piece of this moment is here I had of her time today's example what the Clive McKay what you're going to understand he had one last graduate student one student who studied underneath him and this individual I learned several the teachings and philosophies that Clive McKay really imbibed into his own food philosophy because of the writings of Ellen White feedback is when so much more about how marketing the quotations up in a Fox and our salmon solemnly different ways it helped him it was if individual key Campbell gets with his last graduate student the last duty who studied underneath him because the individual who have you heard of the China study so you begin to see something that remarkable that this individual was actually his he was actually inspired by a actually inspired she called him to begin studying and carry any completed and that the nutritional biochemistry at Cornell nineteen fifty eight where he studied under Clive McKay no research on nutrition aging and antiaging nutrition biochemistry microalgae nineteen sixty one also at Cornell and it was to enhance understanding and for the teachers acclimated that he began to spend time and year end money and influence and resources to come across one of the greatest nutritional guides of all time the China study he said that the Internet in Tanzania modeling the fingerprints of spare policies all over this book the vegans and vegetarians typically a letter to follow the diet for health reasons in his book called the China study American biochemist T Colin Campbell role by adding a prevention measure America's health is failing we spend more per capita on healthcare than any other society in the world and yet you adored of Americans are overweight over fifteen million Americans have diabetes the number that have been rapidly rising rapidly in fact he says this also significant part of his China study book that includes many people including the included individual Bill Clinton at the Bill Clinton on a vegan diet you may be in the resulting human being was because of his influence of the China study impact of the different quotes he was writing the the China study over and over and over again on American President Bill Clinton a vocal supporter of the China study two thousand and eight is only one part of the Senate and the ninth inning all the vegetables fruit and a protein shake every morning effectively leaving after being with us twenty four pounds returning to college late Sunday that CNN's chief medical correspondent constantly on the news all the time that his documentary the last heart attack in August two thousand one at the China study change the way people all over the well-being including the himself in fact the China study and this may remarkably religious I didn't find this remarkable principle that people who ate the most animal -based foods got the most chronic disease people with the most plant -based foods were among the help is intended to avoid a client disease these results could not be ignored and the China study is featured in the documentary forks over nice the last graduate students acclimated who came across the writings of Ellen G White which revolutionized his whole study with pass on to this individual who became one of the cheaper centers in this documentary when you begin just a trace what happened when climate they came across counsel for diving food and ministry it was those two books that will be impacted everything and begin to revolutionize his medical study and they are the ripple effect begin to take place one right after the other cognitive last graduate student who he really influenced and motivated to Colin Campbell who then went the next step of the China study which was featured in forks over knives and have a substantial impact in this movie the content lacking talks he had a interview with Steve Cusack is called vegan radio two thousand six what a radio station that being in radio he said that vicinity a copy in behalf for at least part talk about a son my son by the way was trained in theater at Cornell University with a accent inspiring afternoon Chicago during doing doing really quite well but he wasn't making much money they didn't have to work with me and he was on and it was very good in communication and writing until court detained at work with me on the book he became eventually so impressed with the time we were working together with all this information is now just starting medical school does not think was that all define Campbell and he's really not intending to practice a very different kind of medicine than that which has been traditionally practiced he and others call it lifestyle medicine before that terminology long time ago I might point out infinitely varies a religious group in this country a Christian -based group called Seventh-day Adventists who have really taken health very seriously I him very impressed with what they do have a number of hospitals in the country and have a medical school quite frankly a good and rather old medical school and Loma Linda California anything that that I've spoken to a number of these groups and I hope that that their message and I and I hope that their message and that they can get more opportunities to tell what impact they know but it started this concept of a lifestyle medicine and I really like it a lot I think it can be described best as described best as getting just getting doctors to think more about when I have a patient to work with and a little bit more time with them and that's always helpful of course but starting to talk to them first I cannot stand righteous but they foremost about the role of diet and lifestyle instead of solving a prompt and taking that as the force first course the first approach to resolving problems and so time is not an Adventist time not either but I must tell you on a really impressed with what that community does with respect to help keep Prozac is ongoing to the school year in California is that the decline Campbell no on fourteen doesn't know almost no medical schools that really offer this kind of program the Loma Linda school of medicine or school of Public health action only California and is probably the best at promoting this idea and are some medical schools the medical schools generally even before the public health weather beginning to think a little bit more long defined I mean their individuals at Buffalo I know what certainly more interested in this for example and he is and that is true and also in some other medical schools the medical school about what I understand has just won the new department that is going to give more emphasis to a letter asking proves that ended his enemies that's truly well the sea have been planted hopefully the consciousness will begin to change hope the same for him and he has never heard the negative pregnant but again call the Pritikin diet well-known is that you found the Pritikin program and he was at a time when people really promoting the kids back inside this was actually the rival the actions life which was promoting a lot of protein animal -based protein printing was actually come across a lot of revolutionary things he came across the writings of Ellen G White 's Ellen G White interviewing XE they had in the newest ministry magazine they talk to him about this Mister Pritikin your ideas and nutrition health are quite similar in many respects another Sundance the Dallas are you aware of the Adventist health writings many of them which are more than essential now what is it you mean the writings of Ellen G White yes what we call our help message is largely based on her counsel I have read all her books dealing with health topics would you care to comment down the concert she presents which we Adventist unfortunately have not observed as closely as we shut it but when they did that Loma Linda videos like minutes ago rest of the United States the twenty fifth I feel that if you admitted to follow the teachings in these books you would be a much healthier group I think that the Adventist dietary plan is really close to our nutritional recommendations it was marvelous at this one was able to write all that she did without any real scientific background of course we believe she was inspired said the interview but with it she had to have been inspired I don't know how she could've gotten this information without she certainly did tremendous job part time interview said advantages we believe that God 's decree of our bodies and that we have not just evolved than that our bodies are priceless and wonderful mechanisms only a mastermind could plan all the intricate workings of it he said the body is a wonderful machine that no one understands completely intermingled on Livermore once sure that you've associated closely with the advent is on your staff that you have such a close without it is understaffed and you know that our dietary plan is based on the original guide given to man as recorded in Genesis and the lipids were interesting while the goodies as well according to Genesis Mancini animal protein elected in abusers Cuba this was not the original diet meat eating was permitted only a single of witnessing happening right here on capital but with all the vegetation was destroyed the original back to the garden eating dinner demands that I have been advocating any herb bearing seed and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed these are the grains fruits and nuts you be interested in a statement made by Mrs. White regarding the addition of me to the diet she said that God permitted the post the movie and meant to eat the flesh of animals in order to shorten their wicked lives there's no doubt refers to generate the process of atherosclerosis caused by the high fat and protein diet prior to flood the record age of man with more than nine hundred years is very interesting and easy just tell somebody like you then kindly now with one hundred years plus prior to the time of blood that has been astounding statement to make at the time misguided in his interview predicate what he says that is interesting for antelope or animal positive products have certainly caused degenerative diseases very interesting year for the horses not even he sat himself down that's right these these are animal protein to cause disease mankind today what's very interesting is this Nathan Pritikin of the printing type that in nineteen seventy nine I think if you want to get back to the originator of the proper diet you have to go back to Ellen White she laid the guidelines that important are not being adhered to as strictly as they should be babies up but that's very interesting but that the drinking diet that was as we know the NEDs and stuff like that in a parking lot adopted it today book what's the big deal she is seeing mentor one person this individual he mentored one person I'll specifically his name was Doctor John McDougall you are Doctor John McDougall that was his mentor right there I thought he looked a stock solution digested tuneups the new McDougall cookbook is off the features and documentaries and interviews as well it's very interesting in fact Doctor John McDougall talks about Pritikin as well but here's in the books that he wrote he asked about many other books as well and died he was experiencing in the famous book would be the start solution I actually found up up and read it I went ready yet but he talks about Pritikin right here I think they're killing two people in my lifetime was working with them I've always seek eagerly awaited and one of them was Nathan Pritikin during my final year at internal medicine resident medicine resident medicine residency at the University of Hawaii nineteen seventies I was given a set of audiotape lectures I felt a sense of relief as I listen and realize that someone else had come to similar conclusions to those average during my time at the sugar plantation daughter of Doctor on the big Island wide between nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy six goes on a little bit more I greatly regret Pritikin 's untimely death in nineteen eighty five at the age of sixty nine the world would have been a better place if he had survived another decade or two the one Doctor Atkins new diet revolution would have never been as big as it did in the two thousand the world would have never met her code I've never heard of the most popular guides these days below caught stereotype is wisdom and strength when I saw this nutritional nonsense before it ever got started we would not be something the current US financial fiasco can't enlarge the worst gift that I could ever know people a night this would not be known as they are today for being less healthy I'm not my disease and disability and I at a younger age of people living in wealthy nations leaving him to see how strong these comments make it back Doctor McDougall begins to talk another quotations to how inspiring Pritikin was to his own work as well very interesting Doctor McDougall 's region some of who document whose as well your doctor lost as well another individuals very difficult that they can nearly get this individual actually had to individuals who were part of his inspiration Doctor Jewell tournament was also featured in their editor that last guy that buckled man jackal weighing the site one of them the manager think back to torment if you leave any mistakes he's constantly referencing Seventh-day Adventists he gets much of his diet on the config diet advice from Seventh-day Adventist studies over and over and over again and he's featured in the book that will be prosecuted when very interesting Doctor IDF of Jack Lane was a chiropractor mother was a Seventh-day Adventist and I noticed the passerby work than just recently tired he's mother went to his church in Santa Barbara and last night my former senior pastor at the duo Didier subject he said he would jump once in a while Italy so does mom 's mom was very faithful to come every single sound board is also very interesting to take a step further that Jack away with somebody Gore actually gone when learned about helping me on his mom although he denied himself confessed to be a Seventh-day Adventist and that sort of influence to help out him into spending more about health and age fifteen he actually went to a seminar by Doctor Paul Branca the bride 's amino acids what is also interesting is Paul Brinegar to not be going to the right rag website BR IgG you find the maker of this particular delight for the NATO that is that is a Gartenberg and the maker of the Gardenburger the guy but in Nepal when this individual somebody with Paul Bragg which is also partly in chuckling she actually came up with the Gardenburger he had helped wrestle never Seventh-day Adventist you go want to Paul Braggs website and job Paul Leonard talks about his sort of how he came across these things but he says right here Paulina I really haven't had any help on since I was seventeen when I was about six yes seven yes I do reading books on health and nutrition like Albright the miracle traffic in LA and the whites that's actually how does it on the website because you can see just like that he came across these lightweight so easily Ellen G White Ellen G White I just want you to think that she says on the website Ellen be white a writer for the Adventist churches LL.B. Y2K the thought of Ellen G White he came across a writing any start realizing that was a real connection between what you put in your mouth and what you do not put in your mouth between your house and how you felt so I can easily change everything about my diet we have to guard records that because around you it's connected that is endowment over and over again in fact this is very interesting several news articles about Seventh-day Adventist and the right positive the battle and you might will outscore the books are about after that I think a lot about the eighteen sixties and many mainstream Christian denominations are losing everything I think Advent is a growing coating partly because of the emphasis on wellness there's one another on our website about with National Geographic this is where this might be on Huffington Post talks about what home life is what was shaping the early church grain fruits nuts and that's what constituted I chose impressed by our Creator about how I know the figure locate the Adventist church very interesting you begin to see some of the benefits this does happen I believe in two thousand twelve Ellen G White was actually honored in Brazil a pioneer cofounder Sundance movement has been memorialized at failed Apollo Brazil as her image joined a gallery of portraits at the open University of the environment and culture of peace which is part of the city of São Paulo nothing correctly but this is the reason why Hitler analogy why do Pioneer cope under the Sundance movement is added to the gallery of notable performers at the open University of the environment of culture piece of sale Paulo Brazil the gallery commemorates Dalton's work had contributed to the good society particularly in the areas of sustainable debt balance and peace as well as social justice and well for this is a secular institution among the notables commemorative Brazilian apologist of applause abolitionist unfold nicely superfast I just cannot grasp of what sort and another thing I need in a December twenty twenty twelve family held at Municipal Court school of astrophysics in the beer up to apart himself followed the history mission and commitment of Ellen White's health principles what remembered during the ceremony the directory director of the national Center of memory in Brazil Adventist Renato Stanzel share aspects of the biography and work on downline he said much of White's writings concerning health principles very interesting and very ended if he hands over the outlook called the science them does not work for ministry viewing to everybody that Brazil publishing house here you have a woman who the seven Dallas Pioneer being honored as secular institution because of how much she impacted health recognized not just by adding visible by the secular world anybody ever undergone operation Michael is maybe too young to have operation Michael is before my time now I can across this maliciously is very interesting so I came across this book and this book I ordered from Amazon metadata tile this booklet is simply about government documents being declassified its complete legal vote was nothing illegal about that that that is something interesting to look at government documents declassified within government funding but right I don't never be deducted since laying on my counterfeit and when death is walking miles to fight back his check this book out the overtime and I opened up in several governments were these the government document that would recently declassified I opened up in the middle am reading and one of them mentions Seventh-day Adventist right when I open up in a Mike someone's watching me this is so strange no delegates alternates look up and went there and it was hot enough in advance this is not mentioned anywhere else in the book help you to visit Seoul 's Chinese this is what it's really crazy what was being declassified was experiments that were being done during world war two on people and there was some declassified documents that were being released about certain kinds of human experiments that were being done and what most young Adventist don't know about was during World War II Seventh-day Adventist Summit and many of them in obscene draft is something volunteered actually be tested by the government concerning diseases and will what's the big deal if I know what the big deal is the first half of the scientist was to find people willing to be affected by pathogens that can make them very sick they found them in the follows of the seven demonstrate that when that didn't seem like a gentleman although willing to serve the country when drafting the Adventists refuse to bear arms as a result many of them became addicts in the US was offering worked with an opportunity to help in a different manner to volunteer for biological test the way of satisfying their military obligations when contacted late nineteen fifty four the advocate anarchy readily agreed to this plan although there's some other questionable things about that for ten Dietrich scientific church member so watch it were a model test population since most of them were in excellent health and they neither drank smoked or use caffeine so there's that we got a test on a group of people some have very healthy people within the Armanino they found Seventh-day Adventist they don't drink don't smoke data really helping went to test our diseases upon them and sure enough I believe the vote was three thousand or twenty five hundred Seventh-day Adventist she tested is something called operation Michael conducted below to your church date you may find elderly people who participated in this very off-topic procedure and occultist ascended into called white coats emotional person as a Soviet Army state were you why in the last them the latitude they are built telling the story of what happened many of them did not realize what was happening things were going on they were being tested on they were being drug disease is actually great enjoyment we don't have certain diseases today because of the testing that was done on the Seventh-day Adventist much of the world doesn't even know about it in fact one-to-one doctor says right here I located a look at some of these things that were being tested on the other when families are not there some that are not mentioned quavering fever on Tulare Mia vaccines were developed on there some other disease it can violate one outside and someday my church she said her uncle was that she tested on with rabbit fever media sites you don't have rounded a verbena prompting because of the tests that were done on Seventh-day Adventists because they were so helping they were able to take Visa and of course some of them meet the Navy would be a big face the consequences of its own the never fully recovered from them still are disabled and crippled because of those diseases and nobody recognizes it in fact watch what this says right here and just marvel at this article upon click twenty three hundred seventy Adventist Army veteran served as Michael Bonjour somewhat with this doctor says right at the effects of that program had been felt on the remote jungles of Latin America to the desert sands of the Middle East to the reaches of outer space anything was actually the same thing what you begin to recognize the impact operation Michael Ashley had upon the world and not just talk about biological weaponry K we're talking about vaccines were developed and medications that were developed to have stopped many diseases today because of the test that took place during World War II an operation Michael and their many old Adventists who have this nonchalant this understand why this expense went through it said doctors in the book for God and country operation Michael nineteen fifty four to nineteen seventy three the reason Gemini begin to recognize why seven thousand chosen because they were helping and drank smoked and that partly due the ministry of Ellen G White when God gave her those health visions we begin to recognize directly or indirectly tell why has been part of many health revolutions to day to day he would lose all my well-known book that came out right and talk about the longest living people he also begun Doctor Altman Oprah as well he talked about the three longest living people group having them both talks about them down the average life expectancy of eighty nine about a decade longer than the average American this is so remarkable because here we begin to see that seven families that God has really blessed and those who followed through nine percent because of same Monday do all the right things you have the right diet and things still don't work out but God still wants us to be grateful to him and asked what grateful to him we weep in a general sense all the blessings that God can give based upon the context of our bodies and circumstances National Geographic talk about that group Loma Linda seven to ten years longer and now this is really propelled a lot of people to start using some damage studies secular groups non- Adventist groups even some Christian groups that are going out the back when Dallas is going to our path the holy night after the Glover the group of people of my friend and which were coming Auerbach walked to the car and I had to go left and there's Google people that this fatal barbecue stuff like that I just don't be so childlike photos go talk and I look thought I'd gone out the confinement facility I want to take the school in which you past that to them anything once you pass about one path that the draft out the dispute your ministry development and a house is located below the cost tired walking anything no you need to do and I thought okay he's imminently I need to do it since I walked over to the guy and the awkward instance but talking a man walked into group of white people though luckily I divide I had done that to me help you and I was like yeah we does not have to disclose and stuff like that is what I welcomed immediately begun the globe you like what this is a difficult about health and how you can improve your health and ghost you believe in this absolutely taken from the Bible because it's from the Bible and reunited about health and stop by to check out get more information on the back is good for my materials for this is interesting the way that the Comanche pastor of this church is the church writer ramming outing your Halloween because I dedicated a sermon series to help starting this month next coming month is a very unusual as a brother but Clinton is Providence has a new check it out there's more in there to keep on this track losing German business this message is so powerful few years but when used to present the health message in our evangelistic series the number one complaint would be with it automating clinically needs I'm leaving all that dietary restrictions now hardly get those objections the reason why because most people can see very clearly the result of following the Bible when it comes to help people argue that point things like these two twenty thirty years ago but we don't believe in unclean unclean meats particularly without law but now you present a health presentation everyone acting like that because they know you can back this up and this is our lot we have a beautiful way of really connecting with people and you want to say people can't really work this angle I'm working so much about people and I'll be like top applets and flyer containing radical health clinic on it I think the one who the longest living people on earth are like seven p.m. is believed they are the longest living people at one point how you can live the longest culture they got going on I work at work in the intellect e.g. okay because people want to know how they can live long how they can be helping a big relief just a really really just how good health and the time that people open to this job because I pass out pamphlets on this topic people people want to know about how they want to be helping down again be without my juicing is that like bandits about diet and running is not but we got that information even better we can presented to the anatomy present to them it's her right arm to bring the men in fact we are told that as we open a vegetarian restaurant as we open up our Jordan visa cooking school she said thinking men will come to me and they will see all the things that are taken place and then they will start asking questions and when the AC should talk about your observance of the Sabbath they were asked questions about this as well these things are super important for us like never before were told in Deuteronomy chapter thirteen verse thirteen and the Lord will make you what hat and not the a lot jail you shall be above only and not be beneath if you would see the what commandments of the Lord your God which I command you today and are careful to observe and thought that I will make you the head I will be David Alston on advantages I will make it to the top for the very purpose of bringing other people into the three things a mentor that these are the times that God is calling us to be faithful to take a good look at those writings to Google look at them and clearly experiment with those writings I always chalked them I'm only saying this e-book experiment with those my age he says something to do so I can see what will be the result shot and you will reap the benefits of this lease them if there's ever a time we need to really start examining those rights when it comes to health and by the way Seventh-day Adventist is less becoming a spiritual time it's now becoming more of a medical term it's now becoming a mentor medical term you what I tell people that the vegetarians right you don't hear about that it's fast becoming recognized by the health committee and is no longer just a religious group is now becoming a sort of a healthy Columbia good thing I want to be monolithic what are they doing and you can start sharing the things that we need a working community share what we got amen God wants us to be faithful God wants us to be faithful because these are the times relating with her father in heaven we just thank you so much Lord I know can we just scratched the surface so much that could have been shared by God we just pray that we be faithful with what we've heard but we just pray that legalized the world that we share books about how we talk about how God we just pray that all these things will be for one purpose to meeting people closer to their desire letting you know this media was on his life I was the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to rescind an audio and much more if you would like to know more about how the universe this is more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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