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Jesus Predicts His Death

Alvin Cardona



  • July 20, 2013
    10:00 AM
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the host is really happening these are busy guys and a mask behind the blast this week and he and I think Motorola is that we have received today an opportunity to de jure out and hopefully you can connect with opportunities to be involved in I personally think this really seems like things only times a financial complaint is wishing you could do something for God was even involved in something I nearly have a wonderful opportunity restoration coming up in only a couple of weeks that's something I really want on the think of our enviable artist law this morning as I was as we begin like to share some thoughts on the word of God in the beginning was simply saying that to me there are very few things as tragic as land a warning goes unheeded and lethal tragedy is something that really breaks my heart and this week I read a story that really stuck with me made me think a lot lately eighteen hundreds it was a wealthy industrial matting to identify they want to have a very special place outside of the hustle and bustle of the city when they can go all the retreats like kind and nature and the hills of Western Pennsylvania is a league pool some money together and invited all their combined fold down it's been going for a while already and will be credited writers and has been maintained very well leave my family makes positioning and hunting club where people like themselves and go and relax a little bit and said using their money and made them metaphysical to bring it up to where you should be advanced that invested in other things and when the dam starts leaking everyone in a while it simply didn't get the mind and sung straw antipasto him very often over and over again because of them really isn't very good condition than one morning May thirty first eighteen eighty nine Pennsylvania Muslim he has a great amount of rain falling in the damages to grow and grow and grow in the front that is all the hunting club get up the next morning he finds the one already wealthy the very Irish others very stressed down and he very wisely so that all his work is highly clear out all of the different avenues by which the water could possibly try to skate in working working on making no progress pretty silly the title was starting new new avenues for the wireless are going through and then the president of something that says there is no hope anything about this man called John Park cousin of the street saying global telegraph office and wine all the cities downstream of the spam without the brick should safety bluesman rice as fast as he can assure you that he may sometimes be able to send out to telegraph messages telegram messages to the cities downstream they are received by the operators but this'll happen because of them is so old for the first time the warnings have been sent as the latest time to time is like every other nothing is going please do not even notifying officials who have the ability to help people to find sages find a good spot pretty soon the water race in this huge wall of water something less than the twenty million on the water is flowing through this little little free bad slamming his way through the brush and nut trees in the rock the first time away is able to share the water coming she was grumbled his way down so they are able to escape and only four people die a little bit later him how is coming up and I blame the water is moving up one mountain home and had lost sixty feet high water meaning speeding towards the town and they are not able to listen to it Sheridan time and by the time everything over and estimate two thousand two hundred and nine people died and is considered one of the worst disasters in the history of the essence of the and it just brings home to me the fact there are few things as sad and tragic as when a warning even and brings about trying and this morning I want to do with you today is look at the Bible and specifically studying one warning one prediction made by Jesus that went unheeded I've asked to join me give my father leaving so much because your merciful God your loving God and you do not FISA warrant to have patience with us the tried to prevent suffering and pain and applies as well NSB study report this morning that you would really impress upon our hearts the gravity of the times in which we live in and the last thing that we have to have such a merciful and loving God they asked all these blessings the name of your son does we start out like to ask you once again open your Bibles are going to be reading this morning from Jesus found in the book of Mark book of Mark chapter eight marks after a medical warning prediction rather meetings that we've all heard and Jesus is not as him very important thing to warn him about very important and the warrants is also he begins March eight chapter thirty one and verse thirty one March eighth Mark March eighty first thirty one he said that he began the descent of the Son of Man must suffer many things and being rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and after three days rise again what is worrying about this crucifixion is beginning a process of trying to warn the disciples of the day I'm going to begin to describe and I'm going to be given to the religious leaders I'm going to suffer ongoing than harass any specified at home mom is going to remain in her state he specifies three days as we know this is the first time the first time that Jesus made this morning is not the only one delete the portal through a very specific warnings and predictions regarding the three very specific warnings is the first one he begins by saying these things than what I want to the north of the wood of the England that immediately follows this morning with his prediction for thirty two in his book is worth openly then Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him but when he had turned around to look at his disciples he rebuked Peter saying get behind me Satan for you are not mindful of the things of God the things of man you were not mindful of the things of God the things of man Jesus very begins by making a prediction of the debt making a warning of is that this is immediately followed by a mistake made by the disciples it is a negative of the fact they do not understand what the warning really means to this is the order in which things are happening what is a during this thing was thirty four when you call the people himself with his disciples also I wanted to know that he is worth calling people himself they are very opposite of teaching vocabulary to find people as she sitting them down getting them ready and I'll say something that is educational the left and right so he gave nothing he said to them whoever desires to come after me and not himself and take up his cross and follow me for whosoever desires to save his life will lose in the whosoever loses a life from my estate in the Gospels will save you will save itself Jesus made a prediction you going to die he's going to remain in the amount appropriated is going to write up again Peter says I would just knows I don't want to die I don't want to listen to this he reviews Peter or having a heart building of the earth enough of these and I and this is followed by a less than I ever blessed with God Jesus specifically is saying and not yourself your cross and follow me is the only response they misunderstanding of his worn a lesson in response the misunderstanding and the consequent sharing of the cross is a very interesting when it's something that is easy to read and we imagine the digging of our crossing probably need digging up the island is named on the love the identity of the more taking up our cross we are different denomination different kind of people you know I am really sacrificing here to pick up his identity but in the to make the world a more practical for myself I found this photo Evans is home biology white page four oh nine four hundred and nine and at least four meters really while the concept of sharing up your cross and the following uses advisable for the number that says say firmly I will not spend precious moments and meeting which will be a no profit and was only unfit for meeting video service to others I would live the life time and my thoughts for the wiring is that you are God 's servants I will close my eyes and the frivolous and simple things my ears are the Lords will not listen to the subtle reasoning of the enemy my voice shall not in any way they felt this way will that is not under the influence of the Spirit of God my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and every power of nineteen chubby consecrated the warranty sacrificing yourself to the cross and following Jesus is not something that happens from here out it is something that is followed by a complete surrender of everything that makes you you everything that we live for every passion in every aspiration that is taking up the cross and following Jesus but Jesus is not stop there she makes a second attempt at warning his disciples a second attempt validity of Mark chapter nine months after nine this summer reading verse thirty marks over nine first thirty and they departed from there and passed through Galilee so they are in the process of traveling and moving through the countryside and he and he does not want anyone to know because he taught his disciples and said to the ascent of man is being betrayed until I have the math and they will kill him and after he is killed he will rise the third day very similar predictions the one which is right and felt that this time he is adding or hinting that the net that all the meantime will him those people anything is going to be training right so you got things a little little victories leaving the train is going to the people that he's going to write up the thirty now last time we saw the average is made in relation one out of the disciples of the understand yes or no no rights because of their misunderstanding probably an example we only index that they will make a mistake related to the misunderstanding so we go back and reread personages are apathetic that they do not understand the saying and were afraid to ask so once again they misunderstand this time though they are afraid to ask him as involving related to the lifetime peter out and what happened then was called safe and stimulating thinking there little hesitant of late about this thing I don't understand is is moving on and then we find that interesting example of what happens was thirty three then he came the Capernaum and when he was in the house he asked him what was it you disputed among yourselves on the road they can silence on the road they had disputed among themselves who is cool would be created and we go back to the first warning that his does reviewed the new says deals reviews and because it is hard on what they love the earth right he does not have it on a set of love and this time they are made found out having this no maneuvering going on the discussion going on with all their collective conditions are battling each other this is a complete misunderstanding of the mission of Christ ministry I Jesus said the problem is the next thing lesson a lesson that Jesus is not the teaching language of the first thirty five and he sat down on twelve King said to them and anyone in the Shelby of the law and certain servant of all for this time is the same aspired to servant 's father the seven p.m. zero the response a misunderstanding of the warnings of Jesus Christ Israel the feast in lifestyle of service in lifestyle servant hood is a word we we have built a theme so far we see that Jesus was a warning after the warning the disciples misunderstand and therefore make a mistake and Jesus takes a mistake and turned that into a lesson circulation of the map chapter twenty verse seventeen to nineteen Matthew chapter twenty in Matthew chapter twenty in the last relation the Jesus makes it is also the most specific one that Jesus makes Matthew twenty four seventeen Latinos going up to Jerusalem at the twelve disciples aside on the road and set up behold we are going up to Jerusalem and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief reason is that the scribes and they will condemn him for that deliver him to the Gentiles that mock the scores in this crucify and the third day he will rise again I specific evidence Saddam going to be betrayed I'm willing to demonstrate a religious leader this will do the planning Guild he had a meal or to the house of the Romans are the scores mean they are going to make fun of me and finally they're going to what was fine for me many of them arrived the day is very specific you specifying everything the trajectory that he did not follow you specifying how it is going to die any specifying was going to happen after he dies I will understand a single obviously I think we can expect they do not understand and so we read very nice and happens in the mother of the sons first twenty Q the human person kneeling down and asking something from him anything to her what do you wish she said that having friends at these two so the mind makes it one of your right hand and the other left in your kingdom Jesus answered and said he do not know what to ask unable to drink the cup them about the drink and be baptized with the baptism that I'm about to be baptized with discipline and we are able so he's other than you will need to drink my cup to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with but to sit on my right hand and on my left is not going to give but it is for those for whom it is prepared by the in life abuses is warning prediction of is that the list is British and initial by saying that something is going to go to his show I don't need this way of the moment along with here comes the mother and his sons saying the what our ambition wants me one person we want to serve as leaders and ending people to get in my by monsoons and find a new laugh as those of you guys are guys that have really high all the variations in the work of God but the lake and waited on a magazine that have high aspirations high aspirations and his assistant occasion describes the five that is not something that they will in fact to God by his baptism so they made a mistake in one evening in the thing what you think is is is is is one for a lesson he uses his moment for lesson and we read in verse twenty four when the ten heard it they were greatly just leaves the two brothers of this cause a lot of Division I but Jesus called them himself and said you know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and the great exercise authority over them you shall not be so among you but whoever desires to become great among you let him be your servant and never desire to be first among you let him be your slave just as the Son of Man did not come to be served with the service and again it has a ransom for many the time in which it is very clearly saying that a sound that you have foundational properties through is that he is bringing redemption T helicopters to making the claim it was honestly say you live in and in this mess of confusion and all you want is currently glowing horizontally laid again feel you may think you're on the right side of the game with the right eye but they are your expectations and aspirations of both our full is on something that is currently filming in his focus inward and is the same verse willing to sacrifice to place my first be willing to sacrifice your own aspirations and ambitions goals for the sake of your neighbor is always fairly free bonds does make a prediction the disciples misunderstandings they do this figure makes an opportunity for life in every single case it seems to go right over their hands I read the description of I think anybody who's kind of sacrifice this kind of mentality that Jesus is trying to describe I found this in the book of the apostles page five hundred and forty three to the apostles five forty three and says the one who stands near the price of the she was drunk most deeply of the spirit of self-sacrifice and what love and bond is not itself is not puffed up fix not her own and not easily provoked thinks no evil love and will set aside books will the Lord to give off to live in labor and sacrifice even under that for the saving this is the answer to misunderstandings regarding God 's warnings and predictions so in summary is a saying successor aspire to servant hood and aim at denying self so that is what it do any good what happens after this I want to the goal of me now I look at the actual manifestation that everything the diesel 's warning about before that happens he begins by saying Matthew twenty six thirty two removal of the faster here Matthew twenty six thirty two p.m. to him before he dies Wednesday May twenty sixth first things and after I have been raised abalone for you where Dowling where one of the cycle the dog after gallery from your Bible knowledge in your head where is the disciples will uses the non- ego and not enveloping so we know we were to see this and just as the reason why these three relations of Jesus is that he does there were three main characters with a fungus that was when Jews were involved in the first encounter of Merrimac Lane refound and find it in Matthew twenty eight are going to begin in verse one thousand twenty euros one seven Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to Jerusalem and behold there was a great earthquake for Angela Lord ascended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone from the door and sat on his countenance was like lightning as clothing as high as snow and the guards shook procured him and became like dead men women and lands of the woman do not be afraid for you whether you seek Jesus was crucified he is not here for he is risen and that is that how it is with alert say and go quickly and tell his disciples that he is ridden with that and indeed he is going before you into Galilee there you will see behold I pulled so they need an angel they are surprised to find that he is no longer the great and seemed like the woman at this point are believers they believe that Jesus had risen the angel reminds them of the instructions but I doubt the fact that he's reminding that probably means that they are not going to begin reading verse seven politically and causes that overstate him from the film with fear and rage on and romantic break the cycle are nothing more than a disciple behold she does not than seeing regionalized so they can help him by the feet and worship him the visas of them the operative phrase how my brother the Galilee and their Bay Wellesley me the original out of any Dunlap what happens when these women make it to the disciples this is really nothing going to march Mark chapter sixteen seems like the book marries you have this amazing experience they are both believers and the only way to stop they go to the disciples Mark chapter sixteen starting first line eligibility written earlier the first day of the week she appeared first to Mary Magdalene of whom had cast seven devils as you want and told them they had been wet and I lay Warren and left so they were mourning and weeping crying all locked up in the little room for some lemonade when they had heard that he was alive and had been seen of her what we then believe first encounter with Jesus the woman believed the disciples hear about it in this way can be a candy even the other day even though he is betrayed even though he was given for the milliliters even though he was handed over to the judge telling crucified and the third day account the second encounter mocked up to sixteen same chapter were reading the cyber sixteen so for thirteen very nice encounter after that he appeared and another form of the school and then they want someone to your event only nominal the will of the way through in the spring awakening as you come down for them and even walking another normal child I didn't recognize an afternoon now being the leading flyer for the event log of the news amazed how and what happened and how they are those that is going to give them a listen he explains the properties he shows how is prevention the British legitimate organizations in biblical prophecy right I was again yet yes or no no they got to the weather going to make glad that he is going beyond the invite him into the house and the house they are going about the regret he does open their eyes finally they are able to see him they are seldom drive like that of the very moment you leave them in within the next and go back to running and making a struggling record time they got the weather going and what do they happen one day in the news the three worst thirteen women and they went and told unto the remnant remnant neither believe they are now we have ways for people three to four people eleven witnesses of Jesus 's resurrection in the syllable if their incomes there is encountered in the summer reading from Luke book of Luke chapter twenty four Luke seven twenty four verse thirty six twenty four thirty six third encounter in addition to Jesus himself stood in the middle of them instead hello me so Geno said okay and the like I'm not going to be able to finally know so I have to go to the Lulu even although a lot done everything he suddenly appears before them as TV and use research evidence but they were terrified and flighted off right it is appointed they had seen a spirit verse thirty eight indecent about me trouble and my views why do thoughts arise in your hearts people at my hand they might be edited I myself handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as you see me for sporting and when he had last spoken he showed them his hands and his feet and multimedia believed not for joy and wonder he said to them happy here any meat from the Icelandic business failure before the make and let offense that is the literally different home and you lose the location it says I'm going to help you get a little blog on a cellular hungry I am like you will flash bugs is trying to do everything that he can it is still cannot believe the wheel of the more old has been finally little bit original ovals and slow of heart to believe all the right-wing is forty three executive and that he before them personally for anything other than these are the words which is spoken to you why was it with you that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning so he finally finishes this last thirty by saying look back at the warnings litigated at all of this is not has size while students begin to getting frustrated by skepticism in his Manhattan I'm not even worrying efficiently enough to convince makes me wonder no one lady stands in the way of me being able to catch a glimpse of God 's will for my life it is these men were being given the right coalitions repeated once twice and three times as I look at her seeing what was really in the mind of God wildlife for the future of the television to make a lighter could be eliminated sometimes I am playing my felt by some thing inside of me that is preventing me see when God 's will is my life furthermore the story makes me question his name is also something that is keeping me from having that they in the resurrected Jesus that is able to think and that is one is able to experience the power of words and you and looking back my friends at Jesus three warnings in the three lesson that he connected Willows I don't mean the theme is going to listen that in the face of divine revelation self-denial servant hood and sacrifice needs to be our aspirations and ambitions in the face of divine revelations of the Nile service and sacrifice needs to be our aspirations in addition I believe my friends that this was later raised by the disciples in the early church we read acts of the apostles before him heard one person saw his brother the revelation of the my love and benevolence one inch was revealed on the subject of any lessons to all others will be merciless to reveal the likeness of Christ character and the labor for the enlargement of this kingdom you guys are not that I believe that he now may have been falsely completely in harmony with the planet half of their life they are able to see that God has this possibly in which he wants to restore humanity of the middle class variable to see how they enter the base schema things and part of the reason I like to suggest according to the lesson the deal brings out is that these guys and on the point where all their life was one complete sacrifice and service of humanity and the service of Jesus Christ complete sacrifice of the year that one can trust prevailed there was nothing but for the place of Jesus in their lives and that is my final reason why the thing that we see something that we long for the really have the potential to eliminate us precepts that when I attempted to first three I think Jesus God is instructing us the very same thing in the Old Testament of an ion temperature limits the rate of feeding the Lord all you need to the earth who have held his justice see righteousness see humility and maybe you will be hidden in the vein of the Lord in righteousness fee things that we think can make or break us the disciples were first driven by these aspirations of being right being right religious leaders being great political leaders I influence over the coming kingdom of the world they want to be on holiday him what to do the time to reveal it when denizens medicine truth of his was going to bring salvation to all the amazing wonder what kind of aspirations what is in my life are keeping from the revolution obviously we wondering this is not mean the same as the life of sacrifice is envisioned about the boys of aspirations is not the case but rather thing the disciples with station blunders teaches every desire condition usually as either a building block or a stumbling block for faith in the resurrected Savior with him again every desire goal condition restoration is either a building block for a stumbling block the belief in the resurrected Savior and leads me to ask myself some questions because I believe that you are not like the disciples live in the face of woman she was warnings Revelation chapter one verse three says blessed it blessed is she who read reads and those who share the words for his process of this prophecy and she knows things are written in with a time is near and I wonder how do they have worked for all my life and I look forward to accomplishing the future could be that that is actually father for my private the online religious aspirations my goals of influenza and lesson for the world could be the simply way for me to feed and just an inability foreseen cause for this dust off my life and my prayer for you guys some for myself today is really that we would make those aspirations all school that we have we would sacrifice on the altar of Jesus Christ I believe that if we do that every image in the priority she pixels aspirations he pixels goals and he points them off the face of the places he could never satisfy both good guys were really not very amusing to look at her and how before Jesus holding them in the end they were massively and for the right reasons they lament the service distribution because of their humility and sacrifice men willing to sacrifice anything at a hash and it was a self for the possibility and the little reach world that is why my frivolous today that we would seek sacrifice we would aspire to servant hood we would gain self-denial whatever the cost in that affair of Romans chapter twelve verse one to the overwhelming lives which says appeals you therefore brothers by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship to him for this world see the things of the world in other words the transform by the renewal of your mind that by casting you may discern what is the Lamb of God and by passing my discern what is the will of God that nothing will stand in the land on revelation because nothing says no way between you and you will find out what is good and acceptable and a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe as Moore asserted in www. done on universal .org


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