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Creation: A Bible Study

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • August 28, 2006
    11:00 AM
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just before I went to Minnesota there was a time magazine in my house help explain the binary log magazines know how much helpful in the foot this one caught my attention because there was an article about the danger of fundamentalism talk about religion I did read it the man was writing it indicated that there is on one hand atheism there is on the other hand fundamentalism the takes everything and hear exactly how reasonably is whatever it says and then there's our rational position of moderate religion kind of central human saying that fundamentalism is the cause of the world 's serious problems fundamentalist Muslims are the ones who are becoming terrorist fundamentalist Christians are the ones who would like to and he went on no ones whose kill abortion doctors for example then when I got back my three-week trip I had another time magazine and I just read the letter section and yours a letter responding to the article and art the letter said that according to the author taking the Bible exactly as it reads is bad leaving a somewhat with a grain of salt is good and the author said can we only take this one step further and say that no belief is best before the logic of that that's bad have good whatsoever there I wrote a letter to Time magazine for a primal but if I did it would go something like this secular humanism was the religion behind the Marxism and communism and though you can find people that have serious believe the done terrible things you can appeal that had moderate belief that the terrible things that for example would be Hitler who incurs Lutheranism you can find people like Lenin Stalin but no belief at all that did terrible things it's not the religion that makes men do terrible things to follow the trend indicating that letter there something else but it's a trick of the devil this whole process legal to doubt the words of Scripture and the people I know who it take this Bible just as it reads an event in the born again are the ones for causing this world problems transferring your Bibles to second Corinthians second Corinthians chapter five when speaking about this morning is the idea of creation in Scripture second printing chapter five and looking at verse seventeen says therefore if any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new what's the word we've come to think of the word creature can't have a synonym for animal blood work features related to the word creation was the passage mean is a new creation is manually created if we do not believe that God has the power to create at least according to testament we don't believe he has the power to remake a life because these are the same power with organizing Christ Jesus he is a new creature if I could speak so briefly on this point we begin going into a Bible study will spend most of her time the Bible this morning those in this centrist position that I described their view is that religion is a good sign if you don't take it too seriously but certainly evolution is true if a solution that is the way that God has brought life up to its current level existence which came first the sin of man or death disease and pain sins certainly came first in the Bible view what would come first and evolutionary view no pain and that would come before Adam and Eve before the fall of man then who is the author of pay in suffering then the kind tragedies that happened in the backwoods everyday so in the Bible view of Satan but in the evolutionary view it's God 's chosen method of development and it would it would lie squarely on him not the curse that is here because of what and when you have done that God organize things this way anyway it doesn't so much what you'll spend most of the Bible we will turn us mean your Bible to Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two look at verse three assessing God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in that he had rested from all his work which God created and made Iceland together one idea from this verse and ideas God 's employment will kind of work does God do you exactly if you're a plumber your Russian plumbing on Sabbath if you are Shoemaker your rest for making shoes but what does God rest creation is God 's employment is the kind of work that God does it's his his vocation then what kind of creation is he doing today or very first verse talked about it will kind of work that you do if anyone is in Christ Jesus he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are in this is the work that God is vocation look with me at some hundred and two Psalm one hundred and two inverse eighteen says there shall be written for the generation to come and the people was a say which shall be created shall praise the Lord Salgado traded out of the knee but that God creates Eugene in RG and Titus certainly claim the song it wasn't just out of any but the work of creation is ongoing it is God 's regular employment it is his vocation turn with me to Isaiah chapter forty five in verse eight Isaiah forty five and verse eight it says drop-down new heavens from above and let the skies poured down righteousness let the earth open and let them bring forth salvation and let righteousness spring up together either Lord have created it it's a metaphor the whole verse but it's one that was illustrated by art children's sermon if you're listening to the children's sermon which you heard is that God in the human heart causes something beautiful both Ralph and that illustration dirt represents something the plant represents something rain represents something this verse is just the children's sermon for dolls what does God cause to rain down no it's righteousness from jolts it we understand that that righteousness and rains down this is the power of the Spirit rained out the life of people but one guy causes ices to rain down isn't just to stay down once he caught for what is he doing this with us and diverse yet he's creating righteousness to us here out to spring up if I could set up a simple as I can God 's word his regular vocation is creation this is what God does for employment and what kind of work is he doing his causing it to grow op in human hearts righteousness he is maturing and developing the human human persons were beautiful thing God 's work of creation could be divided perhaps into two types her enough first ticket creation God would say something like let there be light and there would be light or God would say let the earth bring forth birds and artists would be full of birds but there are other things that God said that are still happening he talked about the land springing up and having seed and multiply and Adam and Eve he said that they were to multiply and fill the face of the earth some parts of God 's creative word creates in some parts began a creation yes a process that is ongoing so today with acorn falls begins to grow that is still fulfillment of the word of God back there in Genesis let that person spring forth and bud God 's employment dislocation of creation is that when the human life also for example when God says you are righteous part of that process is instantaneous and part of that is like like a process that is beginning to cause to grow a new instantaneous gynecology righteous and released to you as if you are righteous he treat you as if you're forgiven what is the process is the righteousness coming down by the power of the Spirit working in you to cause righteousness to spring up so that we are called trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord turned back just a few chapters in Isaiah forty one as if forty one and looking at verse twenty just have to tell you what it's about it won't make sense to Google reader first Isaiah forty one twenty says that they may see and know and consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord has done this and the holy one of Israel has created it but you don't actually know is what it is it is the fulfillment of prophecy that is that God said about the landing is a cause it says spring up and have this country and that kind of three of barren place to become fruitful and then when he does it then people can look and see the fulfillment of prophecy recognize that the change was the creative work of God I decide I thought another simple way what is God 's location we've established that he creates one of things that God creates is the fulfillment of prophecy when he says it will happen then it shows work causes it to happen he creates the things you said would come to me this is one Bible says he cannot lie because if he says it is it will be a lesser something profound and just listen here the best you can men who do not believe in a little creation do not understand the book of Daniel though the book of Daniel is not about creation but the book of Daniel is about prophecy and when you see there what God said would happen and then see that it did happen you see the power of God and then the idea of Genesis wine is not even incredible because it's not anymore credible forgot to speak and to create the earth in six days and it is for him to speak about the next five thousand years of verse history with detail and accuracy what we've seen here in Isaiah is that one of the things that God creates is the fulfillment of prophecy and if I were looking for a creative way to reach an evolutionist who might consider need to be a neophyte in terms of scientific knowledge nurse this afternoon doctors will assure thus some scientific evidence is in favor of creation there may be so useful for you dealing with your uncles and your aunt singer cousins and her nephews but they might not help you so much with the proud professor that make sense to run this ad though they are accurate yet he might not consider you qualified to give him instruction I would suggest you that you come from a different angle with him goes the prophecies of Daniel two and seven if you can see what his guard is down the creative power the amazing power of God and for telling me a suggestion turn forward to chapter two Isaiah forty two Isaiah forty two and looking at verses five and six thus saith the God the Lord he that created the heavens and stretched them out here this brought forth the earth and that which cometh out of it he that gives breath onto the people upon it and spirited them that walk there in the first verse just establishes that the regard he said God made the heart birth God made the heavens God made the grass that grows in snow trees that grow to what kind of idea I does God draw from his his power were in his position as Creator look at verse six I the Lord have called the EN righteousness and will hold thine hand and will keep the and will give the correct covenant to the people from light to the Gentiles is true about Jesus but it's also true about you I can say the subassemblies I know how to say it what practical value does God 's creation have been my life when I read this verse I I really like this God made everything God holds my hand for why my work week for what my concerns what will make me afraid God made everything and what does God do in verse six and will hold the design hands if the one holds my hand is the one that made everything that I have support in whatever I'm endeavoring to do for him turns me to Psalm one hundred and forty eight Psalm one hundred and forty eight were looking at verse five it says let them praise the name of the Lord which you might not guess you didn't read before it's too than MR is not your neighbors but verse four praise him and he happens of heavens and you whiners that be above the heavens verse three crazy hands sun and moon praise him all you stars of light look at the last half of verse five four he commanded and they were created this in our profound thought it requires more thinking than saying creation is obedience when God says in the thing happens the happening of it is obedience we got to very light and there is light the appearance of life is obedience God commands and the things are he commands they stand fast when God places the loan in its orbit when he tells it what to do and it does it make sure creation is obedience to God Satan hates creation for the same reason that he hates the law of God creation is obedience and if we would like to be in harmony with the universe there is a very simple way is to do with universe does into other turned back to Isaiah forty five Isaiah and now are looking at chapter forty five Isaiah forty five and verse twelve it says I have made the earth and created man upon it I even my handset stretched out the heavens and all their host have I commanded I'm looking for in our verse in this chapter that says E*TRADE the earth to be inhabited just a moment verse eighteen look at verse eighteen for thus saith the Lord that created the heavens God himself that formed the earth and made it he hath established it he created it not in vain he formed it to be inhabited I am the Lord and there is none else is this idea that the communist morning you should note I did this morning this morning I looked at just about one thousand four hundred verses in the Bible that use the words related to creation and I'm not go through them with you but there are some ideas that are deep and meaningful and this is one of them that God when he creates does not create in vain he creates with purpose as an example Isaiah mentions that he created the earth what was the reason for creating the heiress was a say in the passage he created up to half people on it yet Matt has cents and God has to destroy the he dinner already wants to do it again but if you create your conveying that if the minimum to be destroyed God is going to re-create the earth and refill it with the man who accepted his plan of salvation that's the illustration of the thought the illustration God made earth for a purpose things went terribly wrong no matter God can do what he does for a reason and he can make his reason come the past and when it's all over the earth will have the very purpose that he gave to it it was made to be inhabited and it will be inhabited and what did God make me for have things gone wrong in my life kinds of gone terribly wrong in my life so that my life is not the same as what it would Baylor fans are not gone Ron and it but my life is now fulfilling God 's purpose like it could be if I had never done Ron does that mean that God 's purpose in trading me is in vain knowledge we read the great begin with but she and a man who is in Christ Jesus is a new creature Colossians three ten says that he is renewed in the image of hit is renewing his mind after the image of God that made him God did not create me in vain he did not rate you invented his purposes for you will be fulfilled I'm not a preacher a profession I'm a teacher I feel responsible until you're tired once we I like to stand up for just a minute when you stand up and had to sit down and I will have your attention better you'll go to pay attention are you going to have a seat on the right turns me to Malachi chapter two verse ten on the speaker seven more minutes and I'll stop Malachi chapter two verse ten it says have we not all one father does he mean no water out of our God he could refer three has not one God created us listen carefully why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother by profaning the covenant of our fathers that the logic in this verse is valid if I do say it another way God 's creating of man in his image as the source of human dignity if there is a reason why secular humanism led to Stalinism and Leninism the ideas in this verse is because it without God 's image in man man has no purpose if he wasn't created he has no reason for existence or Farmer's word is reason come from it comes from the maker a man makes a hammer saw hammer has a purpose but for rock is formed by a volcano volcano had no idea it for wind made the rock and therefore the rock has no purpose purpose is dependent on claim why should you be nice to your children and to your parents to your neighbors it's because God created down for a purpose their dignity and value derives from the reality of the creation in Genesis look at James chapter three verse nine James chapter three and look at verse nine speaking about the time it says there with the last week God even the father and there with curse we man which are made after the similar tune of God new here the implication the verse about whether that's appropriate what's the source of our human dignity it's that were made in the image of God and for that reason to speak ill of our neighbor is one of the worst things the Bible describes that men can do I could say that thought is simply as I know how there's more involved in this business of creation than meets the of this middle group of Christians they don't realize that in throwing out the reality of creation that they thrown out morality the value of life the dignity of man they thrown out their own purpose in their own hope for regeneration that by ignoring God 's invocation of blog knowledge that he exists they have created an idea like an unemployed in God in relation to their own life how hollow and religion the far last verse Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation fourteen part of the message for this time is found in verse seven the says this saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is here it's come and worship him that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters this is the idea that when God commands worship and he does not command in many places but when income has worship he commands worship in connection with his right as creator he commenced we worship him as Creator then charged that does not acknowledge God as creator is a very hollow thing indeed what is worship at its root this technology of the fact that we have to purpose that God is powerful that he has the right to authority in our life it's the knowledge meant of his position as creator and if we don't even believe that position our worship is something hollow summarize these thoughts a few of the hundreds you have the rights and you want to yourself to find out if creation is really true one way to go about his listener the lecture this afternoon to hear cyclic evidence is in favor of the fact that it is another way you could is the state of prophecies of Daniel and see the reality of God foretelling the future another way could be to try and see that the Lord is good by allowing them to change her own heart if I know what you can do there is evidence that he can do miracles anywhere else if you find that the Bible is true you have to admit the creationist it is the reason you should be nice and kind why should speak well of your neighbors with enclosure lets enclosure eyes appropriate times as the source of her reality is the source of God 's right to be worshiped it is the basis of all unless what happened first in the beginning God created the heavens and the still further our father in heaven I asked that you would pardon our forgetfulness of your creative power we knowledge that you have the right and the ability to create a clean heart and us to renew a right spirit within us to cause us to spring up and grow as you've caused plants to grow for six thousand years on this planet we are dependent on you to use us to hold our hand to comfort us with your might not ask for those gifts in the name of Jesus and


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