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Keys to Aging

Agatha Thrash


  • April 12, 2013
    1:30 PM
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nine nine to the presidency I have chosen as you thousand and eight and now there are these are as slow down the aging process applies I know there's anyone who has ever found the fountain of youth even though they have been many who have looked for it but so far as I know nobody has ever found and so we can all expect to age and we can all expect that eventually we will reach our and our aging and if that should be the interest that you have then I hope that you will listen to some of the things that I have the same first name you will notice that the item number one is to cut your calorie intake by about thirty to fifty percent after you reach a certain age not originally certain ages is no magical number about it but when you begin to feel that you're slowing down then at that point you should start cutting your calories and noticed that I didn't say that the fifty first you can cut even more than that and some of the animal studies indicate that if you cut more than that you would even longer now the next thing is that see there is an increase in vitamin E intake in people who are going to live much longer and that the unit you can get vitamin D and fill you can of course get it from the drugstore but I would like to invite you to get it from your groceries from your face and some of the things that can help you are we nuts flaxseed green leafy vegetables and that will result in a thirty percent a reduction in the array in many people Hong Kong's as that's where the dealing with such things as murder and suicide this is all cause disease and that will reduce your likelihood of having an now on this discussed some of these things that have a lot of vitamin E Lee is of course one of those but noticed that that is we is not refined we so if you want if you want to get the very best from your food get the whole grains when I speak of whole grains on when I speak of Audrain D leader of filing on the other whatever when I'm speaking of grains it is over those of the real rings now there are some drains that come in a reduced form as they are not very helpful to the body they do get energy but they don't have all the nutrients in it that you can have if you will take the whole grains I would like to encourage only a whole-grain and then I have a high intake of guaranteeing beta-carotene is the half molecule of vitamin a so you have a few easy needs either a Lebanese foreskin for hair and eyes for a general hell by doing a can be obtained from beta-carotene beta-carotene is obtained from green leafy vegetables of people know about that they think only carrots and other yellow fruits and vegetables will give them beta-carotene that you can get that certainly very well from dark green the Marines in such things as personally you can get it from that as well you should avoid drugs and pharmaceuticals no drugs represent the fourth leading cause of death probably in the world and especially in the United States but drawings are dangerous for the health and we should always think of that that even we going to go down to the drugstore and get something that over-the-counter we should still recognize that this is a powerful chemical entity can cause you to have your involves your mind and certainly a weakening of your immune system and a reduction in your life then another thing they can handle the Kiwi or a cup of blueberries are many other good friends and highly colored these will give you a good lease on life and you'll find that this will increase your help it will increase your immune system and make things so that you are finding work in that and obey all the natural laws of health these are those things like nutrition but also like fresh air a lot of water both inside and out and the Internet the water that you take can be freshwater not the kind of water that has a lot of additives in our contamination in and in such things like sunlight and you get the makes and that is controlled sunny control of signing will help you live longer control signing will make it so that you have less cancer and some in a statement best answer that everything you for skin cancer within the skin cancer and answer is no even skin cancer is less likely to view if you have control sunny now what does that mean that means that when you get into the sun it is enough for you your skin that doesn't have enough on my scan or someone else's scan but know who you are and what your skin is like and then you can make a decision as to how long you should stay in the sun and get the exposure to so that we encourage you with all of these laws help rest is another like to mention a couple of things about rest one is that you should take your rest before midnight if you can the rest that you get before midnight is worth roughly twice the rest that you get after midnight and so resting is by all means that most important of health principles it is one that gives you a hormone called growth hormone and growth hormone is something that adults need as well as children adults needed to grow children needed to grow but adults needed so that they can be organized so that they can be cheerful so they can keep their desks clean so they can remember their schedules lots of good things that are difficult and a number of other hormones among the defendant on growth hormone keep intellectually active intellectual activity can keep your mind right can keep your memory vibrant can make it so that you run a few other parts of your anatomy and physiology much better on the does this will help you to get a wide variety of other hormones are going well take the next one but things change with age some things do change with age one tends to slow down a bit as we get older we can do not be as strong as we once want to put on a number of other things happen also as we get older one is that personality may actually improve people may get more fiber they make it also a bit more personable they may be more healthy in their personality so these things are they actually get a but certainly personality does not greatly change that is not ordinarily become depressed or out of sorts for not pleasant to be around the personality generally keep Saddam Hussein vocabulary continues to as you get older that's a very nice thing to know that you don't have to lose your vocabulary as you know vocabulary can increase almost day by day also memorize Asian can also be better as one gets older so that as people get older they can memorize the Scriptures better you may not know that before but that's a great thing to know reasoning and problem-solving that maybe maintained right into advanced old age and should not be any worse than it ever has been minimal he declines that's true but what is remembered is remembered as accurately as ever but not like to point this out and that is no matter are you are wanting you are even my ten -year-old grandson is he has a problem with his family as well I can tell them to do something and he says grandmother he told me to do something forgotten what it will and may not of been more than ten minutes ago and so is your a very young person you may still lose your memory so many that it may happen when you're older that's no surprise that does not mean that you getting Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia or something else that maybe just that your memories he currently lives just like an advised that next year you may not remember some of things that are very bright in your memory right now this is getting should be enjoyed right up until you and your fans only like him in years and eighty one no wonder some predict doors of age things that you may find will help you to know whether you are aging on one of those things is climbing stairs can you climb stairs as well as you always have or maybe just a little bit of after you can become even a little better stairs and you were taken years ago and without blocking half of my walking the mile maybe easy for you but it may not be easy if you can walk half a mile and still be able to carry on a conversation with someone without a lot of effort then maybe outside you're not aging and on the other hand if you cannot walk half a mile without undue fatigue this may mean that you need to work on your hell or you can expect the your health is in Maine so you should be able to more normalcy you should not have to slow down as you know that you want an enormously if you walk up a hill or upstairs for accuracy and to be able to do that same kind of philosophy that you always know when analyzing easily chair mechanism if that isn't easy for most people and so I will tell you a little in a moment what you should be able to do at each age after the age of fifty maintaining your balance is maintained balance without two unveiling our without holding onto a chair or some other things that make help you hold your breath so let me encourage you to learn to be well-balanced person is seventy -year-old in the middle range are the strength of the things that I mentioned to you seventeen -year-olds are seventy five percent more likely to become disabled in the next four years than those who in the highest learning his physical health was the very best and of course we want to be in now those who live in these well favored and age are those who are in the least in the less than Lowes scale with these items of strength that I just mentioned in fact they are four hundred more likely to become disabled in the next four years as I so those are things that can help us out whether we encourage you only need to work on health now chairs they are no from a straight back chair without using the arms that means you're seated and you just hold your arms up like this and rise from the chair without any assistance no pushing and pushing a policy of pushing up on your knees -year-old generalized thirty and thirty seconds or forty sixty -year-old -year-old who lives twenty times in thirty seconds a seventy -year-old generalized fifteen times in thirty seconds an eighty -year-old should be able to live in time in thirty seconds can't do that that may mean that you have a problem some psychological factors present age the first one is conscientiousness in childhood for your conscientious child when your parents told you to do something where you willing to do it in you doing with the desire to complete those people tend to live the longest so that's good another thing is controlled personality that certain things that we do that we should be controlled and one of those things is our love of music and when we hear music we cannot refrain from standing up and down dancing around waving the arms this kind of thing that is assigned to my age quickly so now adjustments of any kind maladjustment to life to bring your finger on aging or whatever any kind of maladjustment maladjustment for your class to your neighbors your family anything that maladjustment does indicate a factor in marriage stability the most failure marriage greater the likelihood that you will live in Pennsylvania then volunteer work number of studies have been done showing that volunteer work is likely to give you additional years of life one two hours a week only can give you several years of additional light I like that you control emotional response to a variety of things like music that I mentioned but also to invitations and annoyances have control over your your emotions over your anger over those things that have to do with the way that you live with people do not have a control emotional response to line it is unlikely that you're going to live to advanced only now there's a nutritional factors that I like to mention first is folic acid I tell you what folic acid is most people know that's a thing that comes in the film it does but it also comes in off the fence on the food that we need to have daily or almost daily is that it contains folic acid if you know anything at all about you will know that fully a means page on the fence so the nutritionists stand early age when I first discovered folic acid they found it and leaves and so they called it the Eisenman leaves on the nutrient of leaves and so it is he does come from these so we get a lot of folic acid please add fully executed and are found in many other things as you will find that you especially need folic acid if you have certain conditions one condition is that will sustain homocysteine may be aware that you never certainly until about ten or fifteen years ago almost no one has ever heard of homocysteine is the physical condition ornamental condition but folic acid is especially likely to vote as may be especially likely to occur in people who are on the pill people who were pregnant people who have a low publicist since they are a people who have certain other conditions all of these may need more folic acid and if you need more public as it is more great facility soybeans do a number of things for us soybeans will help us with this will slow down the aging process it was slow osteoporosis and if you already have osteoporosis it will keep it from getting long where's that significant no and facilities will also help you if you have kidney disease and taking a little protein from soy beans not as the protein in highly purified protein derivative of selling but from the soybean itself if you have the soybean itself and take a quarter cup of cooked soybeans soy this will help you to build your shipping disease so he'd have a low functioning kidney and your creatinine is creeping up year-by-year UV UN going dear in your glomerular filtration rate is going down year by year you can expect that you may have dialysis somewhere in your future and you can prohibit a number of things that you and one thing is for the facility another thing that's pretty another thing was drink plenty of water drinking water helps to flush the kidneys and to keep the kitten is beautiful and healthy keep your immune system that means doing all these things of the laws of health having a good lifestyle eating your whole grains sleeping well getting a nap when you're tired or in the middle of the day surely somebody is not going to like the same that but that is just something done that show that people who gather at least three times a week during the day that they enjoy life on much longer and so that's a good thing in the vitamin E mentioned that before but vitamin E can be can help you with a number of very good things one thing is that it reduces the brown pigment in your nurse will sense that Brian is on earth can we do as we get older a brown pigment and the less good food that UK the less food that you think that is good more junk food UK the more brown pigment you want to develop in your nervous system your brain and your entire nervous system including your peripheral nerves move your extremities on your nerves get more brown pigment if you don't have enough vitamin E has to feel l-carnitine this also reduces the brown pigment in the nervous system will help you in the aging of the brain I think of all those things that we fear the most besides cancer probably has our number one fear I don't think that we really fear the most is probably that of Alzheimer's or losing on my and so anything that will reduce this brown pigment will help us such as a note that the contents such as is largely located in the fibrous part and not in the cellular UCI and so we need to get plenty of that that means actually eating the noncitrus itself and not just using the citrus or online dating I used in Florida citrus commission is very active in helping you know that is good you drink orange juice maybe but it is also true that the flava homes and labels can a large part of those are in the white part of the citrus and so effective that Marlene Bell pepper red bell peppers high in vitamin C high-end the life is higher number of antioxidant has many different compounds that make life beautiful and make it so that your brain stays useful and so that you can live longer one study was done in rats they gave a certain percentage of photographs diet as you may have felt that and they found that these rats could learn to walk through a maze much quicker than those who did not take an effort now the way they made them think it was that they simply took the red bell pepper D I grounded the afternoon their food and they had the same so they knew they were eating a very little than their one cup of blueberries will greatly increase the likelihood that you live longer and will help you greatly in making your life that antioxidants reduce aging and where you have not of course on fruits and vegetables and many foods in the what we might call the vegan group of foods and you also get antioxidants from vitamins C and selenium and the like a lifetime he always places where you can get antioxidants now lifestyle factors aging may include such things as the avoidance of solvents and a number of these solvents that you can easily avoid gasoline sniffing should not be a part of your system at all and many other solvents even though solvents that we used to clean house with many of these will increase the risk of your aging one study was done showing that women who clean their homes with the choice is best of the worst of the solvent these were more likely to live less long than those who used just ordinary service if they are cleaning in between housecleaning and he joins will also run the risk for you to make your life less long and how does that occur when was pretty easy if you have weak joins you're not than you have as good a fine balance as you could have a few strong following among them join and value are also more likely to follow you have weak joins a weak muscles and if you have these we extremities then you will follow and you are more likely to fall if you follow them have broken down by that may be your very first downward slope and fifty so I get in a plenty of exercise as your phone and joins and muscles strong now exercise also helps to have good lung function if you can take a big breath and blow out the whole case full of candles created good and especially here over the age of fifty and you can blow out the candles on more that's very good it's likely that you're going to live longer because of the fact that you can always cancel that means your lung function is good to get lung function in the avengers walk up the hill when you walk up the hill breathe in deeply through your nose and out through the nose you breathe in through the nose to prevent things from polluting the insides of your loans and you breathe out through the nose so that you can maintain the moisture that you would otherwise have lost and also so that you can warm the inhaling passages so that when you breathe in again you air-conditioned and warm the blood bill Ayers is coming into your lungs the lungs are filled with a network of capillaries and these capillaries will make it so that you can not take in oxygen and get off exercise also improves corn nation so that when you while you are more coordinated when you do anything we should practice such things as these no bouncing balls on the panel via any of the Asian by these little balls for their children but for their elderly and train to about this phone is one of the other you and they have to look to watch where they're going after move the mouse is the ball in the air and if you can learn to do that chances are pretty good he'll be well coordinated exercise strengthens the muscles prevent falling as is now here's another lifestyle is a nice spinach spinach Singapore five times a week maintains coordination and an balance and also helped you not to fall supports the eyes and parts of the brain so there many good things that can happen if you eat now I don't like spending time with any other grains and the other greens will also do the same thing as one lady told me that she had been unable to pass the driver test and her son told her that if she ate spinach at least five times a week and I felt her eyes to increase their strength enough that she can get her drivers license again so she did that very thing later she took her driving test again and was awarded a doctorate driver license so it might be that you have the same good experience okay let's take the next thing I love talking about this especially to those who are very like many of his onions are but I also feel it my duty to talk with those who are not very if your BMI and body mass index is over twenty five you have serious health concerns already in your schedule is coming and so what can you do if you have a BMI over twenty five is take the horse behind the ears and make a decision I'm going to make a change in how you do that is through prayer through the decision to a certain program that you play that you put in place for yourself let's say you have a problem overeating you just keep on eating after everybody else is finished then what you should do is to take your place for the entrée everything is okay for that meal nothing else is going to be allowed to take that trade to a place away from the dining room and away from the kitchen nowhere near the refrigerator and everything that is not going to be in should be put away thank you trailside and handling through a back door to get to the bathroom after your traitorous managed using all its own you will and going to the bathroom and brush your teeth if you will do these two things the only from the serving area and refrigerator and refugees after you're finished with it you will find you're much less likely to not want to give the MIB well usually maybe that I feel is from eighteen to twenty two years is a little under eighteen they all like to see the people who are down to fifteen eighty five you are providing fast and that and I you cannot certainly achieved that you simply try making a determined effort and the Galactic center is also good to have a buddy a buddy is going to be with you at every meal that means that your buddy is either going to call you I think you and you have to report are they are going to call you and report what he so that you can check on one another and be responsible to one another that is more helpful than one might think now if you just look online you can find out how to check your BMI I also had a here on the slide if you would like to to know what that is now you can you can there's an alternate way to measure your BMI but you just tell you that for most people is a simple rule of that will help you and it is for your first five three you get a hundred if your woman for every one inch and you get five sites for the first five three hundred next age of your woman is five next to it it will be from one hundred and three hundred ten feet to figure five three five what would you need to be the ideal way about a hundred and twenty five as a figurative way what about for me again to get hundred pounds for the first five feet then they get six or seven pounds per change thereafter depending on how muscular they are citizens very muscular person that person as much as seven pounds very that's about it I know big muscles only one more so don't feel that you can connect ten pounds because your you have found much heavier bones as Americans over fifty are chronically dehydrated you just tell you about one story group of researchers I checked out the medical school students those who are in medical school at the time they perceive that medical students will help people wrongly they are not normally help people they are normally of users of the Hilton almost every way and one of them is by feeding chronically dehydrated they found that the twenty seven percent of the medical interns and and students were already dehydrated when they were checked if you are dehydrated you have a number of things that are likely to be more likely to be in your future one is kidney stones another is reduced strength and endurance and this is especially true for women like to encourage women especially when they are likely to be losing fluid not only in the menstrual fluid but also in the scan and in the eyes and some women tend to get a little bit more talkative at this time there and so every for every hour that you all you lose eight ounces of fluid is to come from your blood your blood so if you choose different valve in your extremities and makes it so that you feel more energy adding and tenure here so in this way you can keep yourself stronger if you simply can't keep idea water on board many women will set foot there let's take upstairs on the lowest step on the stairs and then you can hold on things before they go upstairs when you happen to be overweight if the elites I have something to go and go as fast as you can if you have weak muscles especially with legs don't don't save that trip upstairs will immediately and I think it upstairs and go up fastest to come down slowly as you can because coming downstairs slowly and strengthens your muscles and there's an increased risk of stone of some cancers especially cancers of the urinary tract but also cancers of all glandular organs such as the long run liver the scan all things all kinds of granular structures in the body and require an examination of a fluid for their functioning these glandular organ are more likely to get an answer now that some cancers there's some good an increased risk of stroke strokes are more likely to occur in people who are dehydrated have a natural problem is to getting a thrombosis such as those who have hi I a high fat diet is going to cause a person to be more prone to clotting blood inside the blood vessels so leave all the fat if you don't like as you get plenty of water also means you visit or liability gases which will also reduce your likelihood of getting a phone eventually some some other cancers that are likely to occur in a dehydration and one of those ghost of prostate another is the bread another is something all of these require us to have plenty of hydration in order to avoid the relation of the joints is another thing that is that requires plenty of water Majesty is we often think that since mechanical wheels mechanical Paxil Paxil required Greece that our joints requires agrees that they don't they reformulate and rejoins unduplicated by synovial fluid synovial fluid is water for one hundred percent water and if you join this very if your knee is hurting inherent angles are your fingers hurt you have a crick in Bangkok Christian and from muscles the muscles functioning well drink a glass of water every ten minutes for our and is very likely that the pain will go away and go away the joint hurting some other lifestyle here is one and probably never will you know fortunately may cause brain cell loss you know that people proven it was only discovered I think about five or six years ago when they found that chewing your food well will cause you to produce more dopamine dopamine is a neural hormone and they these neural hormones will all work together and may make you so that you are less likely to have a problem with your brain high protein diets that's another first one was chew your food well small light Joomla! seems lonely that's the way he and another thing is high protein diets high protein diets are so customary and American diet that we can say that protein is the sense of Americans another way to say that is that most Americans are close to that doesn't sound very good but I have always thought is on the first date and the answer is no we have been wrong teaching that so now we're teaching don't eat too much protein protein can oxidize and can become a big problem for you oxidize protein is more likely to occur from animal products that promise is so get your protein from plant -based diet as the most healthful diet that we can live me synthetase is also a sense is something that we need very much and we can help to encourage long live and remain safe and that tends to break down some of the nose transmitters and also is a great healthy in our diet abnormal protein and animal protein called amyloid this protein is one that deposits in the brain and this time I felt when you ultimately about the brain and brain health and I'll talk more specifically about an emulate is a result of protein material is sort of a glycoprotein and both from carbohydrates as well as protein and this can get deposit in the brain because it is broken down nicely and is positive in the brain can then call you to be unable to transmit nerve impulses from one brain cell to another this takes and other lifestyle factors and one is calorie restriction if you reduce the calories as I mentioned in the beginning you will find that you you will you will live longer now I think that probably every item that I have mentioned here somebody in medical science has disagree with that but on this point so far as I know there is not yet anyone who disagrees on this one point and that is reduce your calories and it will make your life moves on the aging and are quite agree that the fewer the calories the longer the life the more youthfulness you residents who were given forty percent less calories and thirty percent longer life severely restricted they had a fifty percent longer life span those who are on an e-mail I need anytime they wish thirty percent reduction lowers cholesterol in and the blood and the blood pressure is also lowers your risk of getting heart disease question of excitotoxins excitotoxins is a very controversial topic some people strongly believe in avoiding all excitotoxins and some say you can eat some and some say don't need any so that's designed for life excitotoxins on these are substances that have glutamate and such as monosodium glutamate yeast various things that have amino acids in as flavoring agent and soy sauce all of these have excitotoxins on moving in and meeting many other things can you excited to send the theory is that they excite the nerve cells so much that they become so overstimulated that they die from the overstimulation it may be as my own personal attention way of looking at this thing is that the is unique in the middle like a little salt you can eat a little excited to talk a little soy sauce are little breaks in the nose some other thing is just like Saul a little salt and a little outing is a natural environment and is unnatural in the body now I processed foods firm in his fifteen these are all in excitotoxins how do we like who well as fermented foods has highly processed foods is reliability so human nature being what it is it tends to be what we like that is the most likely thing to make this so that we're not help to eliminate Zionism like chemistry factors trying to mention a number of things lifestyle factors psychological factors strength and sense of the phenomena they like him is your homocysteine is an old cause disease is also life is homocysteine is a byproduct amino acid in the production of sixteen from the fire so as that goes to sixteen there are several steps along the way and one of those is almost as you do not have enough power and strength to push the process all the way through from methionine and cysteine then you will probably stop the process homocysteine is saying is a end-of-life and is thing that is likely to intoxicate all parts of the so that all cause mortality goes up as your homocysteine is how do you know what your homocysteine is is only by chemistry test now I say that if you have if you are accustomed to getting a physical exam every year as an annual physical religiously do because you think you're supposed to and you don't have the money to get both a physical exam and laboratory exam then I say again laboratory is because there is a physical exam on herself everything you feeling yourself here are your functioning with some part of your body here and there on this part doesn't function well I don't swallow well can't talk well when everything is that you may have it wrong with you you are doing that physical exam on yourself everything so I say really is because more and you cannot know what your homocysteine is in any other way except by getting a laboratory is no question white blood cell count is Michigan let's let yourself you cannot know what your kidney functions on or what your liver functions are unless you so I say it's more important as the other thing is insulin resistance a divorce of their risk of easier I elevated now women are so accustomed to being told your iron is now your anemic you need to get I then accustomed to hearing it so much that they get the fifty five or sixty and the hemoglobin goes up to about fourteen grams they say that good is not good we now know that he is the ideal hemoglobin level for a woman over the age of fifty is only about twelve to thirteen three thirteen five nine fourteen although many laboratories will say that a woman could have up to sixteen grams and still not be over weight and I but I say to long for that is already acting her iron is a proactive role in pro- oxidant is something that accelerates the rate at which we and you know that all of our helpful on antioxidants and seven fruits and vegetables low regularly I usually these are more likely to be helpful for you then I is a high and down how can you do that is already in one is walking plentifully walking and another is not using going to garlic is also especially wrong guy God is not healthy as he is that insulin resistance insulin resistance means that yourself have come to the place where they do not produce insulin reset doors and cellular insulin goes up attaches itself to the molecules of glucose and would take it into the cell it can find a reset for what we might call a port of entry saying goes to a port of entry looks for it doesn't find it actually turns away with things that goes with it so your blood sugar goes up with your insulin level goes up as well when Angela goes up so that your risk of heart attack high blood pressure stroke cancer diabetes all of these go as insulin resistance or the port of entry for the as that goes down then these other things go and you're more likely to have crippling disease the next headline mentioned is a adequate growth hormone growth hormone for adults is very important for us it makes things run better we're happier where that's likely to be depressed we're more likely to be well organized and intergenic and so what can you do to make your growth hormone in good shape for years the only way we know and that is going in early how everything will at least three hours before midnight is about nine o'clock you can get into this I love you will not get into this midnight will not get the phone and because growth hormone is only produced during sleep and only produced during the early nineties and by midnight it's almost all gone as is as is only a and so that's that's something that you so the next thing that will talk about is is going to be please would you give us the next slide I have not has the antiaging herbs do not download or take a few first is a if you have memory loss anything you go it is quite likely that you will have a better memory than you had before so that's good so you can take ginkgo is not toxic so you can take it badly it also has a little and see onto the property anticoagulant property and it is a it has an anticancer properties so it has many good herbal properties like season its oil flaxseed is a thing that can help you to happen anti-inflammatory action yourself relaxing is one of the best of the anti-inflammatory that I know another another anti-inflammatory is that white willow bark one of the best in the world is understood now that the currently termite is that yellow spice that Indian cuisines use a lot and we can use it a lot and American cuisines and many other others or you can simply take it to the floor with every meal now you can note your taking too much termite in your stomach against a little bit and that is the stomach itself it may irritate your stomach a little bit that is something not everybody that some people will get and termite used in your food can help you to have anticancer properties constantly in your lifestyle it is believed that one of the reasons why certain groups of Indians East Indians certain groups of them have very little in the way of certain cancers cannot make it so that they is because they easily and thanks he can be taken two tablespoons salt freshly ground like myself you should get it all they are now flexing that's not a proper you will not get the anti-inflammatory properties you will also not get the omega three fatty acids from flaxseed which is one thing that we really don't make a three and yet that is already ground is sitting on the shelf for the grocery is Michelle for some weeks on on you will not get out of good credit is to take it fresh from the refrigerator grinder than loose e-mail by filling out and sprinkle it on your cereal ginseng is also good got you it is also good Ashland on the good actually I'm not going to say a word about Ashley Gonda is Hassan anticancer properties anti-inflammatory properties and finally the inflammation of the brain that causes people to get Alzheimer's disease that can highly anti-inflammatory herbs this can help here help you to reduce it slow down the aging process has gone the energy and especially so when they are recuperating from a unveils and in old age people who some high energy actually gone that can be helpful for them also and very we usually think of as very as the theater for the heart and it is it is one of the very best of health library also has an anti-inflammatory property that makes most people prefer at the library vice inflammatory properties that it's highly properties cookies in cookie fan is also called the big quinone is known as the word is means that is present everywhere and so you need to look for you and all your food this is the plant sources such as sans is that's another of these types of errors that can slow down aging subjects for Alzheimer's disease sometimes reviews memory that's why slowed on all things the slowed movements difficult decision-making and hygiene deteriorates in their lifetime when the lady who worked with me to her aging and in her home in your own home which also have in my home and she would always call me on Friday nights to come and help her get her and into that he gave at least one world that we can go that often do people together into the top is from Alzheimer's disease is one of the signs so if you're in his deteriorating in the hygiene is is my name is a problem is client -based drawing is interesting that people who have Alzheimer's cannot draw the twelve positions hours and put them proper hand on his hours on the outside or all of the moment one side only is amazing that this is such a good fit making changes another making change with the claims almost anybody who is enough to get in his own enough of a change was going to cannot do it then they must be a problem as REM is nicely this shirt again and eighty four dollars after going to sleep and as long as twenty hundred twenty minutes after going to sleep in it should be eighty four minutes this is as much as a hundred and twenty two minutes after going to sleep then is likely to represent an all-time REM sleep should is that I you can actually see someone a sense of watches him as he goes to sleep in the delays and having the best alignment you can actually see even in family and you will test for Alzheimer's disease spinal tap can be done as a genetic test but there's a pupil dilation test you go to the ophthalmologist case but the drop in the eyes and your view I have something else in the eyes again to make your pupils dilate and a sign allergy tests also revealed many allergies often present in person to is getting old is another certain neurotoxic chemicals in the environment that cannot make people against Alzheimer's disease on such things as high iron that can be in your water in your you can see it is not lost it drips onto porcelain sink iron accumulates in that he assigned that your environment is depression migraines thyroid disease diabetes hypertension epilepsy in childhood severe malnutrition especially in childhood electric field marshal their nutritional therapy in psychiatric disorders all the Navy something that can oncology and all use of the hill for long periods of time or use of hormone are for long periods of time those might increase your likelihood of an Alzheimer's disease early having frequent TIAs are transient ischemic attack trauma is a very thin deficiencies in vitamin B12 is a six and deficiencies and folic acid fortunately for cooking grains and no exercise all of these one thing about the cooking of any of you do not cook your grades are not then you the articles the grainy that does not completely hydrolyze during the cooking process may be small enough to get into your blood vessels but not small enough to avoid getting into some of your smallest capillaries so you have a capillary network which is the capillary bachelor the adrenal glands in the brain and that joins in certain on your nerves for cooking of grain can allow these to come along so they come along the main channel and then they get to a place where the capillaries branch and because it's too late to go through the small capillaries and big enough to get to hear that he can go through the small capillaries they are and then you stops right here and you get a little micro excess is blood vessels filled so important crooked lanes long how long is long well we tested in the laboratory as I have found that if we did not cook wife's more than two and a half to three hours is not cooked enough if we do not cook popcorn grits with a south bring on with me about five hours of cooking that means a slow cook overnight in fact all of these all armies in the smoke of overnight someone is safe for that means that you will save no some of the standard arguments will be long but they are also some very important micronutrient that we can get a sense in all prolonged legal and so let me recommend to you that you could value it brings along if you go to sleep in correct whatever condition it is making you have an night you have a person in your family who has Alzheimer's disease using join a support group join this was a fairly because you will learn a lot of things to take care of your aging maladies are aging by joining a support group one lady told me that her husband was such a focus after he got hold that you just want her out every day she was so time is so awesome that children support group to get a large mirror and put it in front of them and talk to himself and so he cheated and he found himself and she stopped she began to not go crazy all-time approval your your old house to one thing is if your old person is likely to be a wanderer things usually in a now most people don't know that the United States is most likely to have hip fracture since we have such I know I is very high printing pages although calcium and magnesium are likely to have you been to do is to ruin a wrong rule is a is not as high as the website is that God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse this is more so than is www. .net verse .org


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