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Mental Illness: Its Prevention and Treatment

Agatha Thrash


  • April 13, 2013
    3:00 PM
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nine nine and it is now my topic is and is and first about a wonderful brain have and how it works somewhat the first thing is this book at a number of euros that would have even said there are little ones in England those that branch those that just sit there and these are neurons are nerve cells inside the brain it's estimated that at least a hundred billion brain neurons are present in each one of these has thousands and thousands of connections in fact every single nerve cells has lies various connections even it even though it may be a circuitous route has managed has connection one way or another with every other brain cells so that we can communicate with each one one no room communicates with as many as two hundred thousand other neurons directly and that is through hormones neurotransmitters neurotransmitter a neurotransmitter is a hormone produced in a nerve cell or N/A nerve organ like a nerve root and then gets a little burst of its activity sends an impulse to the next neuron and then in that way goes from one place to another not helping you communicate what you need to communicate in your name and in your life and what you now characteristics of the human brain are the number one it is complex and by complexity that means an normal sleep complex some have said that the complexity of the human brain is more complex and all of its functions in all of its ramifications than the end time starring universe is would be surprised if that is not true because of his great complexity is also extremely delicate so that you can have an accident and I get on damage to your neurons which may make it so that you cannot transmit your nerve impulses as well as you could before Johnson's various kinds can also cause a problem can make it so that you cannot think as well you cannot store memory as well you cannot recall from memory as well and so we need to be very careful about drawings and about then the brain is very sensitive to toxins what kind of toxins various kinds anything was in your environment is GM's like exhaust fumes and fumes from industrial plants all of these can also make it so that the brain has it in his changes minimal loss of oxygen just a little reduction in oxygen in the air where you said they make it so that you cannot breathe so again I think so you cannot apply that you have learned so well on the loss of water from the loss of glucose Puerto Rican glucose it is only from the food we know the food is then stored and then we can break down on energy a little bit not limit from glucose the brain uses only glucose and does not use that does not use protein so you must use glucose how can we impair the brain surgery on the flying is one ever not really able to do any kind of surgical procedure on the brain that's on the brain itself that does not leave us with a scar and with some loss of brain new job on brain neurons and so the trauma and accidents surgical trauma all of these can cause a loss of neurons there is an diet sensitivity that can cause a person had a brain allergy so there's some things in the diet that may make it so that you can have a migraine headache or that you might have a and ocular migraine and these can make you have a reduction in sensitivity of the brain strokes stress jobs most licit and illicit all of these are likely to reduce the effectiveness of your brain of course everybody understands alcohol it causes intoxication of the brain and alcohol can make it so that you can become permanently disabled in the brain every time a person really has a sincere intoxication with alcohol one loses about ten thousand brain cells are about what is not very much we still got hundred billion that are almost back for next to exist hello hundred NASA pounds and that so is not very much is it doesn't sound like very much and it really isn't very much next time next time in the next time you have about an alcoholism and time you begin to safety management of your total number of nutrients and neurons that make it so that your brain becomes even smaller in size and will show you that in moving now most of us might say when I don't drink a bit I never drink alcohol I don't think anything alcoholic but I do overeat sometimes you know that overeating can also make it so that you produce alcohol in your intestinal tract is called elementary alcoholism and there are many people who are drunk on not with alcohol but drunken with their food their overeating television causes a rewiring of certain neurons in the brain and is rewiring can make it so that you default into shyness or you may default under certain conditions into a depression for your rewiring my closet so that you cannot think in a certain right way that you once knew that you could and that can cause a serious problem for you wrong music especially loud and sensuous music can cause out rewiring of the brain so that we default into certain thoughts and in wrong way caffeine can also cause a rewiring of the brain look at this humankind in a spider with a high caffeine of any just described this video the one man in the middle as a web from a spider who customarily makes this kind of web who has had no caffeine at all then you can see that certain others of these have had various kinds of neural toxins and the one that is caffeine is immediately beneath the one that is normal do you see that number this this little spider had one little humankind the spider cup had one little equivalent of a human cup of caffeine had that one little spider can't of caffeine injected into his circulatory system so that he was able to make his way and still but look at what really made and not very usable is it and that happens to us as well when we get this kind of caffeine don't recommend connecting to you for anything it is a toxic air in fact is one of the most toxic herbs that we had that we use customarily does not recommend coffee at home it also encourages cancer of certain kinds so if you take one one cup of coffee per day increases your risk of getting cancer of the bladder by three times if a woman takes two cups of coffee per day it increases her risk of getting cancer of the ovaries by two two times and so important that you not take caffeine out the great complexity of the brain with so many connections and so many more possibilities and probable interconnections there is no wonder that malfunctions might sometimes occur especially if one considers that the chief custodian of this wonderful complex apparatus the chief custodian has had no special training in the care of the equipment and usually believes it is not needed it doesn't need any special attention it's going to take care of itself and so the brain ages Alzheimer's disease is a global impairment of cognitive functions it isn't just that you think certainly it isn't just that your memory is of a certain kind is as year all over your brain is not functioning well so your mother compartment your healing ability all of these things are not so good as they would have been if you take good care of your brain that strong handset suggests that Alzheimer's disease is linked to the Western diet the kind of thing that we noticed this excessive intake of total calories and probably never thought about the fact that our overeating could make it so that we're more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease refined sugar that is white sugar is also very likely to be a toxin to the neuronal refined carbohydrates of any kind like white rice and of course my children and white pasta white drifts those that have been refined white suite white bread all of these kinds of refined carbohydrates they can increase the likelihood that you will get Alzheimer's disease animal products also increase our likelihood and that principally because of the fact that the protein from animals is much more likely to become oxidized that is the protein from plant sources and these oxidized proteins go to around the brain and make it so that we're likely to develop Alzheimer's disease a sedentary lifestyle will cause you have Alzheimer's disease in fact there are two things that we can say about almost everybody who gets Alzheimer's disease and one is a sedentary lifestyle and the second is overeating and so those two things can make it make you less likely to get Alzheimer's if you control a real estate here on the left you'll see a healthy brain this is the way it looks you will see on the outside RAM this handy area you'll see that what is called the gray matter and then and now midsection you will see the white matter in Alzheimer's disease both of those are involved but more likely the gray matter than the white matter so an advanced Alzheimer's disease you will notice several things in this section you'll see these two holes on the left and help the brain is a small hole on the right and the advanced Alzheimer's disease uses a large hole in the middle you will see another hole but you can hardly see Scandinavia Central Park can hardly see that the whole but and I down in the bottom part and once within the temporal lobe you can see there another whole and this whole is to the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle and notice how large it is you can hardly see it at home on a healthy brain on the map also in the cerebellum down the love which is the part that gives us coordinating movement this also becomes bad in person with advanced Alzheimer's Alzheimer's using the wrong vacuoles in nerve cells and then assure you that in just a moment there also tangles and nerve cell fibers and amyloid plaques which have to do with the protein as well as on advanced glycation and province and the advanced glycation end products come from carbohydrates you are alive how do you do live from your diet advanced glycation end products very easy if you burn your toes you get advanced glycation end product overcooking especially with a microwave will cause advanced glycation end products not cooking your grains well in chewing too little not using too many dishes at one meal all of these will cause us to get amyloid plaques in my opinion now here are Hanoi's plan to see those little black dots all over these black dots in a section that you see here these black dots are analyzed plaques in an annoyed plant interfere with the with the communication of one nerve cell with another number I sort of section in the midportion is the white matter that has to do with the with someone like our telephone lines and this is great part of the brain that even in a manner there are as you can see some anti- lonely planet 's none of this this part these are microscopic offenses of the brain and these little fuzzy areas down below they are a adjacent to some of the nerve cells these fuzzy areas are a part in an annoyed plaques you can also see I don't know if you were to look but if you look inside the cells you can see that they have some streaks and those streaks are the nerve tangles and these tangles make it so that you cannot transmit nerve impulses in this section you can maybe see the tangles that are on the right you can see that neurofibrillary tangles these little processors that are necessary to transmit nerve impulses and they become tangled in Alzheimer's and in the end plaques are easier to see investment in one before that lets take this idea the first stage of Alzheimer's it is that a forgetfulness of recent names and meet somebody and I can't remember them they can remember in recent days are recent events they become lost in familiar places and there is also a personality change the personality changes largely due to the fact that they realize they are not functioning in mind as well and consequently they want to withdraw and not want to be around other people because being around other people reveals the fact that they cannot think so well this stage to is that they need help making decisions can you help me to build to buy a car can you help me to buy a refrigerator can you help me decide whether I should go here or go they are so they need help with decision is held with that need help with money they cannot make change well they forget to pay their bills they get depressed male partners are depressed because they aren't functioning as well as they know they could or should but they also become a depressed mood also no problem for functioning of the brain not just that they are aware of it but it also functioned poorly and they default into a depressed state and they withdraw because of all these things stage number three is that they become aware of time or place an advance of close family relatives they may become very suspicious in fact one of the prototypes is that thanks somebody has stolen her purse and that's a very common belief that the Alzheimer's person may have an food got my first I had it right here and therefore I know somebody has taken my goods now let's take a look at this next thing and that is when your aim as a caretaker should be first paying for their independence as long as possible kingdom cooking their own food maintaining their own rooms helping to get decisions made maintain their quality of life as long as they can one of the things that we often do old people is taken into cramped quarters where they have to be cared for by someone else or they have to be locked in an apartment and I think they become prisoners in there and the home of a relative second thing is to get a power of attorney as early as possible because when the decision is decided that yes mama papa cannot function anymore than it is often too late for them to even participate in signing the necessary papers to give someone the legal power of attorney to do that fairly long before the need arise the third thing is John a support group that much better understanding of how to care for your relative you can also feel much better about your own plight because of hearing about the plight of others who are also heading to take care of an elderly person on one with advanced Alzheimer's and by the way Alzheimer's disease is occurring at an ever younger and younger age so we want to do what we can to trying to plan for the future our mobile phone 's involved in Alzheimer's disease there have been some people who have found and I have been and I have maybe a bit of a some shocking news that meant me first say that there have been some studies done in Sweden at the various universities where they have felt that the use of mobile phones lead to an earlier onset of Alzheimer's disease in younger people according to the research done in Sweden now watch the cell phones and all this that some cell phone front because some newly published reports say that exposure to cell phones at least and nice actually erase the damage caused by Alzheimer's disease I was quite interesting so maybe we should say bring on the cell phones will and nonmembers continue to look here is another thing that you might be interested in seeing is that scientists at London University Hospital say that the microwave radiation produced by mobile can allow harmful proteins and toxins to cross the blood brain barrier and rats causing significant damage of new nerve cells and so maybe it is true maybe there is the problem for us with with cell phone and we can only hope that it is an hour in our advanced stage of communication how is it possible to live without a mobile phone certainly do that we may have to learn how to protect the device from making us have been microwaved elite otherwise would hand Alzheimer's disease and a DVD promoted by insulin resistance what is insulin resistance it is not on inability of cells to make a point of entry for a handsome what happens first is that insulin attaches itself to glucose and then looks for a portal of entry into the sound so if it finds none it goes back into the bloodstream and the both of my children and the blood insulin increase and that increases your risk of cancer diabetes hypertension strokes heart attack all of these are more common in people who have insulin resistance so we want to avoid insulin resistance what is the common way of producing insulin resistance the commonest way is by overeating so not overly learned in the smallest amount that you can identify with it then decreased endothelial production of nitric acid nitric acid here's a substance in blood vessels that causes the blood vessels to have relaxation and dilation this makes also the blood vessels in the United States or non- elastic it is not there is done in a blood vessel becomes nondomestic it is is there witnessing lasting and able to explain and to contract with such things as he and water and the like free radical access access such as the excesses that occur in city traffic and over exercising is true over exercising as I under exercising these can be both a problem for the body under exercising can cause Alzheimer's disease over exercising can cause excessive free radical production and the free radicals and then I increase your likelihood of getting Alzheimer's inflammatory metabolites if you have nothing to get an annual laboratory testing that includes also the highly cardiac specific CRP or C-reactive protein which is an index of inflammation in the body at least in the heart and arteries if you do not normally get that out in my regular doctor for that type of test so that you can find if you have a large number of inflammatory metabolite if you do then you are likely more likely to get Alzheimer's disease homocysteine which is the lack of power that we were caused by the lack of power to transmit to transfer out for from methionine to sixty and can cause us in inflammation prior to two thousand the year two thousand estrogen deficiency was also added to this list that he did not have enough estrogen that you are more likely to get all time refusing to the actual wellness study this for a moment before two thousand nineteen million US women to women were on hormone replacement therapy it was purported to help maintain sexual vitality supple skin energy lack of certain our resistance against certain cancers and certain other diseases and supposedly the hormones also come to osteoporosis and preliminary research suggested that HRT on hormone replacement therapy might protect the heart reduce the risk of dementia and protect against declines in memory and mental skills but subsequently studies demonstrating the benefits of estrogen or not conclusive and it was found that the benefits from estrogen were not completed but estrogen prevents or delays Alzheimer's by a flood of work has clearly proven that estrogen has neuronal effect consistent with a role in cognition and memory that is clearly that is not that is now proven not to be true but research data a little later clearly shows no improvement in mental function in older women taking hormone replacement therapy and more disturbing a twofold increase in the risk of dementia so not only does it prove provide protection against dementia is a twofold increase the likelihood that you will get Alzheimer's disease or some other kind of dementia so let's continue how can we prevent no one way is by increased insulin sensitivity to exercise production of refined sugars and saturated fat from meat and dairy products do not overeat I cannot over emphasize that point so many diseases are related to overeating so our our hope and our effort should be taught using only not do not eat more than is necessary for you yet vigorous exercise that all your life may say something happens to your fate your ankles your knees and hips and if you want you still must do exercising one of our staff members that identifies figured out some ways that you could not walk could still get abundance of exercise that is my chair exercises and they figured out a number that we're using themselves on stretch equipment on pressure equipment and made it so they could get his exercise and the timing must be the same as the timing of being out of doors and understanding that you can while the average person can walk about a mile and twenty minutes then twenty minutes remove the time that the person stands in the chair exercises so getting plenty of vigorous exercise is should be a lifestyle a total lifestyle change and constant one on one's life now fatty acids improve the memory the increase in the ratio between omega-3 and omega six fatty acids respectively from flaxseed walnuts that omega-3 's and various seed oils and strive for the anti- act antioxidants like folic acid B6 B12 selenium vitamin C vitamin C can be obtained from almost any uncooked from France or plant food like fruits or vegetables and so we eagerly tell you aimed toward being vegetarian constantly hanging toward being vegetarian vegetables whole grains nuts and seeds and legumes now herbs for the memory that's the first rosemary Rosemary is a very common plant around the household and many household has a very aromatic aromatic odor and most people like to have a Zen garden some people will put it in their mailbox and shake it anytime they go by and I hope that people who won't buy one also check it so they can get a little nice fragrance from the rosemary it improves the memory by slowing down acetylcholine which is a narrow hormone a no-no on Longhorn neurotransmitter that transmits the temples one nerve cell to another nerve cell there are six compounds and Rosemary that John R capable of helping to slow down the breakdown of acetylcholine by cholinesterase the use of the aromatic oil on the skin is also a helpful in improving memory in the next one for the next earth for the memory is to go jingle for memory for dizziness for anxiety for the new hostility on your food from ringing in the ears from alertness sociability concentration ginkgo is very good to overdo it because an overdose can cause you haven't diarrhea they have to really take a good bit to get back irritability headache can also occur from an overdose and some people are thinking too much income now the next thing as ginseng ginseng is good for alertness and a general tonic qualities you will find that ginseng is used in many nations around the world for general improvement and no one's energy his garment garlic is probably one of the most medicinal foods that we take and it slows down aging improves the memory and of course Bialik is also able to bring your blood pressure down to help you in fighting germs of various kinds including germs in the bladder cystitis germs in the gastrointestinal tract if you've been taking antibiotics and that just germs you have anywhere on the scan are in the body so only seventy articles and use it freely and now you're cooking and trying to increase your memory along with it now the next one is personally purslane is a little weed is not a very invasive weeds in your garden but it is quite capable of making you unhappy because it grows so lush and has such a nice and beautiful little flower sometimes it's such a nice little we nice looking lovingly that you forget is we don't want to do is find just a given music in your silent is very good for that purslane is antiaging is rich in the file the file is also one of those that can slow down over breakdown the increased breakdown of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that can transmit impulses between tumors purslane also has the privilege of being that lead that has the highest analysis of omega-3 fatty acids so don't allow that person in your garden just break off the leaves and use them in your silence is very good for you another one is for small which in addition to the two others are mentioned will remember break down the excessive breakdown of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter more herbs from the memory Brazil nuts are very rich and Colleen and a word that I have used is a neurotransmitter acetylcholine acetylcholine is essential for proper neurotransmission of nerve impulses helping high high encoding on dandelion flowers poppyseed soybeans among names many other beings are high income leave and I you can feel that you can even free for you father games have more acetylcholine protect protection than most anything else that you will also recognize insolvencies that followed beans have held out the four people who have motion disturbances for people who have Parkinson's disease they may benefit from using top of the someone is going to say that I don't care companies and that may be true they are they may not become your favorite game but on the other hand you can learn to make them very nice dishes such as making a sandwich spread mixing together to welcome mixed together let's chopped olives are some chopped cucumber and making it into a very nice spread now arteries on aging and Alzheimer's walnuts flaxseed are high in omega-3 fatty acids and they help to reduce cholesterol so if you have a problem with cholesterol here is a way to reduce the walnuts are also high-end L-arginine which is a source of nitric acid for this like you guys to do in the arteries makes them more relaxed makes them able to dilate better and to constrict better so that you can get your circulation going better these two factors help to protect against artery disease aging and Alzheimer's vitamin B12 deficiency is easy to avoid many older people suffer from deficiency of life and twelve which is also called cyanocobalamin reducing the memory because they are the twelve how do you correct that the simplest way is simply to get a feel and take the pill all B12 on this planet is made by germs and if we consider the fact that the germs that make the big twelve are often found in whenever we would not want to have twelve produced along the table from that particular thing of the colon is a very rich source of B12 unfortunately far adult the headings of the development is way down makes it to find down for it to be absorbed well home or absorbed even has all and so unless one has an extremely healthy extremely healthy lower ileum which is the last part of the small bowel they are not likely to be able to absorb from their own now the big twelve and certainly would not want to absorb B12 from any other person or things and so on the best way to get it is just down to the health food store to the drugstore and get some B12 the best kind is kind dissolved in your mouth and you have been the salivary factor which helps to absorb B12 the use of medications to reduce stomach acid treat Helicobacter pylori infection and inflammation of the stomach lining hereditary production of intrinsic factor in the stomach and problems with the pancreas can all contribute to the development of B12 deficiency so try to protect twelve medical researchers at Queen 's University now report that daily supplementation with a multivitamin containing two six to three seven micrograms of B12 is enough to prevent a cook a COBOL and efficiency in most healthy older adults I prefer getting only the big twelve and on the will because our nutrients many of them have a C solid relationship with each other so that they do not they are not capable of maintaining their proper balance if we take a multivitamin and mineral especially the minerals are likely to be out of balance if we take above and so unless you know that your decision in a certain vitamin or mineral in my opinion it is better philosophy get your nutrients from your food and not from some lofty multivitamin multimineral now what about junk food and addiction people to junk food eating hamburgers chips and fast-moving junkfood could be addictive you have scientists have said they believe high calories fried foods could trigger on changes that make it difficult to control it using a single fast food meal could contain a dose of fat and carbohydrate large enough to cause changes in brain chemistry and structure could usually associated with addiction to drugs so fast food I think the best place for you and the answer is no the best place for you at home in your own home where the cook knows something about how to balance nutrients so that they make up a very good meal for those who participate in India in the mail generally speaking the highly colored foods are very helpful for you so the more highly like blueberries watermelon tomatoes all sorts of various other highly colored I will prove on vegetable highly colored please tend to be very good for you those that are not highly colored I also have a good heart such as cauliflower not highly colored but also very good for your for your nutrient nutrient much of the violent behavior found in prisons especially among young offenders is simply due to subclinical malnutrition they live at the fast food place they hang out at the place where they drank their beverages some of them are being hard some of them are not hard but any kind soft beverages or hard beverages on these tend to make a person more likely to have a health problem and violent behavior and unpleasantness in the home very likely to be due to the person has a clinical life some clinical malnutrition now because the person is overweight does not mean that they are not malnourished they can be very overweight still have a strong malnourishment nonviolence and violence another less group of researchers point out that omega-3 fatty acids are important for the production of mood altering neurotransmitter the one called serotonin they tell you another thing about serotonin if you exercise and fresh air and out of doors in the sunlight early in the morning you will find the suns rays come in for your eyes and even though your eyes may be turned aside the very thing that the that the sun sun 's rays come through your I increases your risk and increases your production of serotonin serotonin is the precursor of melatonin which occurs at night the same night that you got the exercise in the sunlight so again exercise is an important part of the laws of health and would encourage you to get outside when you know that is going to give you melatonin is melatonin is a substance produced in the pineal gland deep inside the cranium not actually in the brain but under the bottom surface of the brain and they are the melatonin is produced when it is dark and when you are asleep so melatonin has many advantages it encourages sleep is good sound sleep but it also helps you not to get cancers of various kinds melatonin is also hopeful and making strong and healthy and I giving you a good long and elder animal life long lifespan now let's take another thing that causes a problem here with the mind and that is allergies you have probably heard of grain allergies powers findings suggest that exposure to antibiotics ten years is associated with an increased risk of asthma in a dose related manner more than two courses of antibiotics compared with none so if before the baby is born if the mother takes two courses of antibiotics before the baby is born then they have to a greater likelihood of getting a that's known about and is that if a child before the age of two is hospitalized for any reason for a longer period than one week their likelihood of getting has is greatly increased similar associations are present for other allergies like eczema and hay fever now the effects of sleep on memory four to six hours of sleep a night and one group of subjects for fourteen consecutive nights produce deficits and cognitive performance equivalent to going without sleep for up to three days in a row now think about this for a moment fourteen days just four to six hours of sleep a night makes it so that your ability to function in mind is reduced as much as three nights of sleep around what what what kind of zombie would you be like if you had not slept in three days mail this will let you know what kind of problem you will have if you do not sleep four to six hours every night for fourteen days yet those who are in this research project were unaware of how he appeared they were because they still felt good and they would tell you they still felt good find ways of intelligence remarks philosophers such as anger control discrimination in the choice of words quality of music or friendships the mostly long the greater the impairment so the effects of sleep on memory can be significant and we need to guard against not allow yourself to become chronically sleep deprived how do you by watching when usually if you I having chronic insomnia are you are three days the insomniac that does not immediately do some kind of measure that will help you to sleep because you do not want to the same song at the last week if it lasts a week is more likely to become chronic so make it so that you can sleep at night what can you do have some solace or magnesium sulfate can help you to sleep that's a very good that also helps to bring the blood pressure down it prevents chronic magnesium deficiency may cause also make calls chronic constipation so a little bit of Epsom salts on his may be helpful I make you so that you can sleep St. John's wort which is a fine pair of ten help you with sleeping properly St. John's wort is customarily used for depression and it isn't good for that St. John's wort is also good for the memory are not quite as good as ginkgo is good for the memory Saint John's wort is also very good for sleep you may need to take a triple dose of St. John's wort in order to get a good sleep production but it does not give you a hangover the next day so that's very nice to know St. John I more about lost sleep reduced cognitive abilities abilities to think in modern and sleek new visibility to pay attention I react to establish as when driving or monitoring airports reduced ability to think quickly and not make mistakes will also occur even with a slight loss of sleep reduced ability to multitask to hold talks in the brain in some order on doing something else these all can occur with even a slight loss of sleep you can see that in the beginning of this talk is the brain is very complex it is also very delicate and yet in many ways it is also quite tough clientele so we can expect that it will last you a long lifetime and still function well and the Stone Age more about mostly most like to the average person needs eight one six hours of sleep during a 24-hour period only slight differences between individuals it's of interest that man can conclude a little more sleep than when no man very light surface area I knew that sound like to encourage my wife to get up first and get things going nicely well don't get too settled in because it's only about ten minutes more sleep than they need so the ten to twenty minutes that they might need is about enough time for someone to get breakfast going make him feel this is the case is that everybody does best with evenings late rather than morning sleep even though you may think yourself today and how not alarm larks are naturally you house are not naturally human beings and we don't get growth hormone unless loosely very limited at least three hours of sleep to get good growth hormone when we are adults now some firms for sleep from memory for anxiety or depression for fatigue and mental illness all of these are herbs that we had in our very simple armamentarium St. John's wort which I mentioned already St. John's wort and very fair people in a constant have an increased sun sensitivity now many people who do not like hers will tell you this about St. John's wort that it will cause people to get some sense of it but it's only a very therapy and not in people whose skin is normally colored little darker or ten more already and say and Saint John's wort is not merely as sunsets it is prone for the person as maybe over a hundred different drawings that people customarily take so I'm not very concerned about St. John's wort if it is a very fair person and I prescribe St. John's wort to them I usually tell that the picture from the sun catnip catnip is safety for babies and we can get it for chronic is coming that babies get because of their food of their food sensitivities and as you as you take the cabinet recognize that it is a nice seventy jingo is not good the memory lemon balm passionflower lavender man who will help you do stop having I had a an almost within ten minutes sniffing on the lavender you will find that your headache is it is a most marvelous essential oil which I like very much manager is also good loosely lavender is good for a dermatitis if you dilute it down with a little olive oil integrated on the dermatitis such as an eczema there's very good there is a product that's commercially available called Avondale which can be sprayed on the skin and eczema which can be another skin sensitivities and skin rashes which can be very very good you can also make your own I putting lavender oil with some kind of virulent endogenous spraying it on your skin skullcap Valeri and Cutshall and chamomile you have difficulty sleeping take a cup of chamomile if the he still loosely taken double strength and then up to triple strength if you still need a problem with sleep hops is also extremely good to encourage sleep red clover has many compounds and that are very good for a human being one thing is that it is good for estrogen deficiency in menopause it may be one of the best things red Clover is also known to have anticancer properties and is a good bit is a helper in anticancer properties then mineral deficiency may rob you of sleep such as a deficiency of magnesium salt which can be replenished in all of his soul and magnesium aspartate and so forth can readily induce sleep some more herbs for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's rosemary Brazil nuts beans and mentioned those that stinging nettle and got you velvet beans which is good not only for dementia but also the Parkinson's among larger dandelion fenugreek sage willow ginseng evening primrose all of these are extremely good for public nerves and of this kind of thing father Bean sprouts have ten times the own of of every man of the end of the phone companies themselves to sprout the following themes which you can usually buy the health food store and sprout and that would be a ten times the element sixteen ounces of cooked fava beans are required to give you enough how ill never to furnish them in the anecdotes with you again in the pill but if you take it as the health of enough of these that that one thing just the fact that it is from a natural source buildup the helmet of in your body and make it so that you have a good likelihood of reducing your Parkinson's disease now there is a thing called the biblical grain foods to the biblical grain foods soup was made by a friend of mine named James do is famous herbalist some of you know he has done an enormous amount of work on and some herbs and has developed a number Perl good Amazonian herbs that are used around the world he has in his brain suit Barney that's well cooked barley and wheat and barley requires about four hours of cooking in order for it to be the most helpful to you model board dandelion flowers and most abominable when it's young and you can slice it up like a cucumber and put it in the suit dandelion flowers and the dandelion greens beans of flaxseed the lentils poppyseed stinging nettle ground walnuts actually in a number of seasonings balm Rosemary sage savory choose the being of the grain and about three other ingredients for your soup and you will have a good brain sleep now some errands or obsessions and addiction that's probably the gold standard for obsessions and addiction and can help you much with various kinds of mental and emotional problems St. John's were slippery and home marshmallow marshmallow marshmallow is a soothing air so if you have any kind of irritation or any kind of trauma any kind of long term irritation if you use marshmallow root you'll find that it is soon to four babies it's a soothing earth for their comic and they can be very happy with Hawthorne Mary feverfew feverfew also has a profound anti-inflammatory properties and then you can rheumatoid arthritis porn movies right kind of autoimmune disease or any kind of inflammatory process that you have going on charcoal I remember when I was in medical school our pharmacology professor said if you are going to be shot and shot to a planet and you can only take ten drugs with you what would you take one most of us will that is one of the first that I was was aspirin and now I would not use aspirin at all I consider asking the if it were presented to the FDA today we do not pass I is is a causal half minute hundreds of if not thousands of people about five thousand people for years may die off from nothing but Ashley and so I do not recommend it for people who are going to prevent a stroke but rather I recommend a totally vegetarian diet low in fat low in sugar and high and green and whole grains and those will help you to get clotting inside your blood vessels and is much easier to control much less likely for you to overshoot or undershoot digest with your food such article can be help it someone once as I would certainly take if I had to be shut off to a farm planet where had no medicinal agents and all the next thing is to guard your thoughts habitual negative thinking can lead to psychological disorders and anxiety depression panic attack attacks and phobias and these phone on your mind so that under certain conditions when you see somebody or a certain thing happened new default into this negative thinking this psychological disorder such as anxiety this is due to the pro- inflammatory cytokines that are produced in the brain and the brain by the thoughts such things as tumor necrosis factor interferon and others that tend to promote these kinds of psychological disorders not depression weakens immunity and we need to always try to guard against negative thoughts and depressed thoughts research in Brazil has indicated that depression may reduce the immune system 's ability to fight infections or depressions are part of various diseases a factor that could affect the development of cancer of course it would because a reduction in the immune system naturally makes it so that you are more susceptible to cancer now what about depression exercise is actually effective as medication and psychotherapy in relieving depression did you know that before and everything exercise is better for you than to pray for depression in psychotherapy and medication walking thirty minutes daily improves depression after the drugs typically do that's an amazing thing to watch the person is depressed you take them far along you encourage them to see me out of doors leaves and flowers that those rocks on the ground the various things that are in nature and animals Ashley 's soon these things on their mind is drawn away from themselves and away from their child they are reduced this depression that they may have had such a good thing for you to know that exercise reduces depression some groups for depression and mentioned some improve the serotonin with the early morning exercise with the sons raised me close to you then there's one called motherwort on the onerous cardiac lead to liberation movement Hypericum are St. John's wort ginkgo half lemon balm hostage Laura skullcap malaria and actually gone actual gun is very good for depression and health has helped many old person who is tentatively home to depression and then I can help to get over a depression some other ways to treat depression improve low zinc levels one way to do that is by you may not think of popcorn as being a regular food but it is treated properly it's popped in a proper way and not loaded down with fats and sugar and salt this can be a very good food for the family it's a good breakfast it's a good breakfast cereal is also a good supper a little light supper if the children feel they need to suffer chromium is also very important for relieving depression and can need obtain from many fruits and vegetables depression may be related to diet such as low fiber and an inflammatory I fiber is anti-inflammatory and sell and so are a number of foods Apple is an anti-inflammatory substance and most vegetables are anti-inflammatory thiamine can be found in many fruits and vegetables and environment is the good disposition vitamin avoid sugar avoid caffeine and avoid alcohol caffeine is known to be depressive some years ago one psychiatrist do the research project and found that in individual study there were at least ten thousand people incarcerated in mental institutions for depression for no other reason than that they used coffee so I would think that all mental hospitals would vanish caffeine from their armamentarium of things that would entertain people but not so not too long ago a patient of mine I was treating a physical ailment affairs and a psychiatrist was treating her for depression she was in the hospital she heard that I was going to be nearby she sent word for me to come visit and she needed some counsel so I went to the little mental hospital and walked in the door and introduced myself and they are nurse and the receptionist desk said the doctor said it over here and the bodyweight somehow I get a nurse to take you there have some coffee and I said no thank you but I did sit there and wait so presently somebody came to show me the room of my patient and we went down to the end of a kinder and had to wait there until the those of me to produce and while they had to wait for somebody to bring the key then they introduced me to place to sit and to Doctor 's it right here until the person comes with the team on the waiting have some coffee and I said no thank you but I did sit there then I went up the stairs and said at a place by the door warehouse to go emphysema patient had complete their exams on the life on the ground another key from somebody else alerted the nurse is there no doctor sit down and have a cup of coffee I have three times to get him before landing to see my patient the if I drank all this coffee might be myself in here receiving therapy so remember this with Kathy and a common depression and alcoholism another common cause of depression in people sunlight therapy sunlight therapy and also I have people who are depressed if early in the day they won't get an hour or more sunlight is good there Sunday's and a similar area where there is no son sometimes only so in those days there is a way that you can help yourself and one way is by as soon as you wake up go into a room where you have several bright lights these can be properly purchased and positioned in the two produce a bright light in the entire room so you can you turn on the lights position yourself so that you can see that you can be touched by all of the light and bright light can also help you depression to over the depression and charitable dues you may not think of the fact that many people can't get over their depression by helping others not to be depressed now licorice root is very good for depression and no other plant has as an antidepressant compounds as licorice root at least eight are male and that's monoamine oxidase inhibitors and they are very good is it is very good for depression it is also there is is also a very good anti-inflammatory substance it also is good for diarrhea but there is a word of caution and tell you that is that some people will only retain sodium and if they are a sodium retainer and if they are from a family often having the high blood pressure and the retaining of the Soviet Navy enough to make the blood pressure so use care about that if you are one of the types of people who if they use more than five cups a day for long they had lethargy headache sodium retention transient hypertension potassium loss tryptophan tryptophan is an amino acid that is generally on companies a high carbohydrate meal so that's the chicken soup idea with sleep and also as it was his antidepressant functions but there are many other good carbohydrates than chicken soup chicken dumpling soup carbohydrate triggers the brain to raise grain levels of the amino acid tryptophan the pen this amino acid is a precursor for serotonin so a good high carbohydrate diet is good for depressed people do not overdo the protein never overdo suites very important in depressed people not take kindly sweetened things tryptophan Thai food and sunflower seed competency and evening Primrose oil ginger is also good for depression are slain sixteen antidepressant compounds where did I tell you get purslane get it from your garden it's a little green and most gardens will carry this little purslane all over the United States it grows in the fleshy as a flexion the end is very good in salads they just believe in yourself letters in Greenland 's borders watercress thyme rosemary on the home are good for depression ginkgo especially for elderly is good for them not only for the memory but also good for depression ginseng caraway celery Curry Andrew dill fennel not made all of these are my own inhibitors learn that a vegetarian diet is protected and ninety different conditions in fact I don't know of any condition that we as human beings that cannot be better I totally vegetarian in fact we can say that the most the most important I love advantageous diet that a person can take and losing is the vegetarian diet and total vegetarian diet is best known anxiety affects the immune system so we need to avoid anxiety and anxiety can become that much the same way that depression so those things that will help you not to have depression can also help you not to be anxious hops catnip of valerian root trip to find all of these are very good to keep you from getting anxiety information gathered in Norway suggests that people who suffer from anxiety maybe a higher risk of developing cancer so if you want to avoid cancer or if you already have cancer and want to try to combat the and try to prolong your life you cannot get rid of the cancer then this is one way to combat anxiety scientists from the University of Bergen have found that those scoring highly on anxiety assessment were twenty five percent more likely to have abnormal cells in the taxpayers anxiety increases your risk of cold and flu and other very simple things including such things as rashes and ever tried a number of other things that one might have on the skin I hope that these very simple things is simple herbs in these simple instructions on diet can help you take care of your mind I will a and him and is is is is is that God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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