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Living with Hope

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 26, 2013
    11:00 AM
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him whose son was starting a home on the eastern slopes of this e-mail follows the road from dad you know Israel will altogether that amazes to his friend Mario from Jerusalem but again that you have to leave Jerusalem prosecutors Valley Goa the Western slope of Mount of olives and down the eastern slope five hundred and so when Mister Selden was due to his new home on this beautiful section of the Eastern slopes of Mount of olives as the construction and were eating the foundations they came across a large open indicating no part of the world often leaves were used for burial grounds for families many families with very there together was like usual standards Amelia Senator when you are eating in Israel if you come across one of these caves you stop immediately important archaeologists and so that's what Mrs. would be right in your analysis does eighteen seventy four seventy there was a French archaeologist by the name of Clermont God is that he was working in Israel they are renowned archaeologist is thinking it first began he was deemed that he immediately can use any stereo plotters two thousand years old that is significant because it took me back to the first century the days of Christ as they begin examining the case is one of the first things you look for his honest Americans ossuary survive coffins of their stone coffins and look at the ossuary recently studied short the isomers were two thousand years old our resources where is getting back to the first session the next thing you look at his symbols or names now remember your dad your family and necessarily well-to-do antiserum is the greatest two thousand years old as soon looking at the ossuary as they know this one this is Marilyn they noticed another ossuary this is Martha by the wheels begin in your mind they look at another one Emily Acer now Eliezer is the Hebrew form of the Greek word Lazarus so by this time Professor car it is absolutely amazed because he senses he has to than two thousand years old that is next Saturday this is family to him as no doubt of the ossuary 's office of Mary Martha and Lazarus further studies on to buy the world 's leading archaeologists discover that he gave his observations were right one of the most amazing stories in the Bible is the resurrection of Lazarus he was resurrected from the dead live forever so obviously you care if your drive and I hope you do take your vitamins for John chapter eleven because this morning we want to study than the zoo story of Mary Martha analyzes this story speaks hold any encouragement to us today in this story brings us hold for this challenging days ahead there are challenges on the horizon you are initiating his crime and the economy hangs on a slender thread natural disasters are pleasing and every single week and month and year it seems the next terrorist attack is just around the corner last weekend I was in New York City as alarm meetings there is no general conference president out of that will probably add RFRA for this to be a man whose deeply entrenched in the security systems of New York and he started he has he drove us easy as you know this is the leading officials in New York the mayor or city the controller of the city the financial people of this city and security felicity know that another terrorist attack is coming we just don't know when it is so as not to give there will be a terrorist attack is planned that there will be a terrorist attack natural disasters a crumbling economy terrorist attacks viruses increasingly unprecedented numbers in our schools the Newtown Connecticut shooting and it seems that you turn on the news today and there is one disaster after another you look at the uncertainty in northern Africa today nor an accurate risk becoming the new holes for Al Qaeda and the recent kidnappings and terrorists attacked the Algerian oil refinery in this case is northern Africa is becoming incredibly unstable it seems like we deal with Al Qaeda in Iraq Al Qaeda in Afghanistan but like mushrooms in your thinking is framed they now had a seems to sprout up someplace else and now northern Africa and where it what will you do if the economic bottom America what will you do now will you see with the president 's numbers what always defined as easy as eating everything we know change is life as we now know it is changed where we find our as we study John eleven chapter there are seven great principles that enable us to live with hope in times of crisis there is sad and great principles that enable us to live in hope in times of challenge you know the story well it begins in John chapter eleven verse eleven now a certain man was sick John eleven verse eleven will follow this story throughout the text John eleven verso verse one general-interest one to a certain man was sick Lazarus of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha we lost their jobs for a moment Lazarus is set in the ancient world names had a significance that a massive ways God is like a goddess fight have in times of crisis goddess might have with the economy our God is via when does the limited ground beneath my feet shaking God is like a terrorist attack seeing God so the very theme of the one that was resurrected from the dead cease home and car if you do within the today now a certain man was sick Lazarus of Bethany Lazarus God is in the primaries tomorrow it was that Mary who anointed the Lord with fragrant oil right one is the winner here whose brother Lazarus was sick therefore the sisters sent to him saying Lord behold you whom you love is sick of this is significant here this is the home of Lazarus is Mary and Martha Danny was this little village outside of Jerusalem Jesus could go there away from the hustle and bustle of Ratigan go there away from the forms and peace this is the cynicism of the Pharisees Jesus was able to go walking in the home of Mary Martha and Lazarus in duty to reveal feelings among friends you sit and happen if you want to do or he could openly discuss each one his Lawrenceville law is wonderful thank you great atmosphere in your home there is little or no tension and atmosphere in your home working okay so you will end at home I is primarily relaxed that's the way Jesus out of the home of Mary and Martha now in verse three there is something quite significant it is us who are first principles was in the viability with these services was that he is but when you look at things legalize the innovative UCSD is a universal conversely there therefore the sisters sent the insane war behold he whom you are sick first why did he not say there is no urgent requests here there is no petition for help here there is no game for viewing here there is no way Jesus did call here is requested all is classified as Lazarus used in any style you enter an market José Flores a feeling that they don't say will be visiting our facility John will slot floor will miss you they don't even ask Jesus to notice first really amazingly said First Lady Laura is who you thought you said why the question is why him Jesus while they flee from you what you say Lazarus you say here is seen with why the answer is this thing is missing cross that they knew he would be there when they needed because friends and made today and have to coerce you can schedule as his crimes they knew they would be there with a CFR it tells an amazing associate interest in making syringes ransacking the second world war these two friends are all that the battle is fierce the bombs were dropping the shells exploding in one of these two soldiers was shot in the legs and he was lying in the battlefield I is the trenches of the enemy forces were here in the trenches of the Allied forces were here in this case will I be pleasing to their that meets those shells exploding and use the gun firing machine guns is not with friends looking for some twenty years and he is by his childhood friend called on his son out to this man resumed his life is easy for you to spread his arms to carry them back his friends then one day I knew with I do he would call him and Mary and Martha knew that Jesus was no doubt in their mind at grade at the time of their greatest need when Lazarus was sick and needed in most there was no day there is no additional length there was no bleeding and him what are your greatest times when you mouse Jesus is granted easier John University here always I believe you would draw those little horrors of that soldier they are works of Mary and Martha Lazarus was sick and needed help in there was no doubt as to the sisters my because they knew that friends help friends being verse fifteen the words of Jesus Jesus said no longer do I call you servants for servant does not know what his master is doing I called you friends for all things that I heard from my father I have made known to you Jesus said I have called you what friends I love the song rehab in Jesus all our sins and reduce their what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer aren't fair trials and tribulations is there trouble anywhere everyone in the steps across the stage a hundred hands these words he wants your joys your sorrows your players in your seriously for God you cannot burn him you cannot Katie and everything that perplexes the mind not an easy greater for their freedom holds the world seeing tools over the affairs of man and is not unobservant of our affairs is the first principle of our best friends rules over all the universe and life Mary and Martha now what is worth we have nothing to fear because just when I need him Jesus is here him at Hillside they are in John chapter eleven verse four seven great principles in times of need the first place as always we do have a brand you as they are easy for me Stephen and knows that we need these low and asking me to need a lot of prayers as always when you help us before we even ask you to hear principal numbers do you find that you enjoy in a reversal or when Jesus heard that he said this is not only the Buffalo glory of God the son of God be glorified through it this is since this is not a death or glory of God did Jesus mean in John when he said his sickness is the glory of God was surface response to that is that God raised Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and bring glory to God as the service response is right it is only partially true how would the resurrection of Lazarus bring the greatest glory to God one of the things you notice about John's Gospel is that Jesus is constantly talking about God 's glory and waiting it with his own death here is an example of that attorney Jonathan sent me because there's something unpleasing here that doesn't appear on the service John seventeen Breslau Jesus spoke these words into his eyes to heaven this is frustrated disaster report father in the as you review opinion John's the holy hours is one hundred five V power across the irony of Judaism and Israel in the theater would deny out in the Thomas put it down the power that the Jews would reject in the disciples forsake him and the Romans would crucify the hours they are still in the hour see how useless is your personality PR will see it he's asking how I has chloride your son is so they also glorified so the power that Christ went to see his uncle were the power that he saw the post the hour is gone and the shame of all humanity that was the where Christ is Lord how does this relate to Jean Schachter you are reimbursed for so obviously I sure cannot hurt you and Bruce for Jesus is going on I understand the role because he says when Jesus heard this he said this is not only that but I will glory of God that has sort of gone baby or I would so yes Christ's greatest glory is a time of his death what does the resurrection of Lazarus is with the death of Jesus we get a flu shot chapter so that your Bible and John Chapter 11 University three John Zachary verse fifteen hundred here the Bible says in John eleven verse fifty three was Christ raises Lazarus from the dead and from that day on a live leave the civil as this describes the Saracens at home singers he had divine power Damien is the only way they can deal with Jesus was putting to death the resurrection of Lazarus listed for vertical and the scribes and Pharisees median on Jesus that it was easy to review his greatest alarm so you the resurrection of Lazarus is in a Lazarus ninety five administrator whining that Jesus Christ is why Jesus Christ to their more than is needed for reviewing the greatest glory possible because of the cost Jesus reveals to the father is low on the cross Jesus answers that he is glad his rhetoric on a person on the cost Jesus casts out the principalities and powers of the civil there reveals Jesus greatest alarm because it opens the door for the scribes and Pharisees as you know you do is know what you are standard across what hereby Sandra Ross and he will stand in he was seeing nails driven through Jesus and you are seeing a crown of thorns placed upon his head you are watching as Jesus cruises lasting jobs so you are not standard across the Polish your eyes are not divinely enlightened well you never thought of this easy and will be whatever had no clue that this was done for the glory of God little all when you will John chapter eleven there is a deeper meaning here Jesus is the him the search process the disease we play we face in our aimless that are mountains and seem to harm the time their difficulties the problems will those be understood in your life are going Green for God because Christ that he sneered the price leader Fred and everything is frozen issue and bringing God 's glory and will feast cause me to try and will everything is finished you and cause back is is is used to be a victory for this day number of years ago nineteen eighty nine I was in England we were living in England at the time and I was Mister Secretary the trans- European division which means that the seventeen hundreds of our division Yugoslavia all the Scandinavian countries and all of most of the four hundred and will learn yours Finland Norway Sweden Denmark is going to someone else looking at the Los Angeles London time sitting there I have little while began to read the London Times is eleven times about a church in activities that Faith assures government releases nineteen eighty nine in the church was and remain at the scene dictator of remaining was the life just I just still had ordered that Seventh-day Adventist Church feed totally destroy him and he did in your rooms he said well to build a new road in this part of the world of the city and we need to the church so what has he given her anything is sure no problem you can feel the road will have no problem with that as compensation for anything this conversation research where while citizens of the state is just as if nothing nothing don't you getting anything at all in all we are seizing your church we are seizing this land and reveal the road we owe you nothing no compensation is there this earth and God was not injured down and worship in the church the fourth such artists as to surround the church is a standoff for about three days the administrative church and singing praises to God they were in the church and they were just the choice pretty soon Jeff Castel got a number of his worst criminals left the prison I came to the church 's national windows broke down the doors drag the South and East foods for research on it it was just strong the next step is the same site and download broken glass and twisted metal and is shattered country yet is working on her site and resume the site was cleared the road he said he had was a terrible situation room you are cold in winter time and will you use it there is sorrow greater disease of the true God everything is just wanted over fast forward about ten years I was visiting Romania to hold the meeting is that we saw on the news was on was finally at full communism that is available I spoke there I sat her just as educators that I just don't and do we have thousands him us him how Ceausescu was there in limbo his head and he was right now liberty had come to Romania and so I said to my post I said please read this story ten years ago in times of leisure what has to seem to the storeroom tell me is the wealth of the story is how if you like to go to that church love you yesterday I will staff within the sanctuary golf he shall be one of the most beautiful churches in your everyday in my life it was actually gorgeous as we were driving the present conference presence and they are more of you in the street is as if no victory Street jeweler number of victories for this church is built on no number seven in three straight short stands today and already so what did Jesus say in John chapter eleven is our second principle that burns its way into our hearts God 's grace glory is revealed in the most challenging situations it was for Mary and Martha and Lazarus Jesus resurrecting Lazarus it was for Jesus on the cross he revealed God 's greatest learning is for you to and is for me the message verse four says this is not under the Latin America raising this child is not under the financial rehearsal dinner experiences is not bankruptcy this sickness is not that you are currently this is not in this challenge these capabilities now but I will at the more I read he is going to bring glory just as he brought glory sunglasses disease is as elaborate as revealed by their Internet service is Mayor Martin is selling her that he is listed as PC will be the place where he was crazy things from his percent as an you is you want to say this is what I have right now is you is is is is is is sent using their isn't that what Mary and Martha Jesus waiting two days and will and so is there hello there not asking for a is perplexing what's the difference is in hold because the snow then when you want to see never get a hold yes they just don't happen the way you want the data in your diet they Jesus timetable timetable I be different to us in the Bible is the timetables as tax mark that one person working in the part Chapter one God has a design timetable that was true at the birth of Christ it was during the baptism of Christ Christ is that the market one verse fourteen is the now after John was imprisoned Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the insane him Jesus was that is on the deletions for the first floor God is my desire to see the rush that times a hellacious loiterers women but when the fullness of time in what is so portable that Christ was born of a crisis that is John Jesus is Sunday was the first six Jesus was born Isaiah Galatians four four Jesus is that sometimes are one person working in fifteen from five hertz there for when you were still without strain he was that the job was that at the right time Christ died for the underdog Jesus was born on the relations look for Jesus what is the market will receive even sixteen Jesus was crucified on the wrong side of her students know that this statement is our biggest age thirty two but like the best stars in their the purposes of God no case and overlooked the purposes of God no one knows the case or they don't know anyone I decided I'm going to die is a slow and really really now I need you today okay Uranus city six months from now the Internet you will graduate next six months or delicately immediately and will and desire to the side I will give as Jesus right now right now don't wait a month don't waste your time yesterday he is sentenced in mind God as the senile God 's delay is not the CIA Santa Fe God 's way is no God CIA is no timetable for this because every single purpose with Mary and Martha do they understand the purpose of your duties as a relentless drive struck down and talk to have noticed the response of Mary and Martha and will rule why Jesus litigated a strap third and fourth day there is reason for John chapter is looking there John chapter eleven verse twenty one Martin's new Jesus on his way Johnson eleven verse twenty one Denmark the city Jesus Lord and Savior my brother would not was more right when she said that she was because Jesus walks into the room Saint is when people was the areas that Jesus is the anniversary to that whenever any where Jesus was in so if you don't honestly save you more you would hear my brother would not go one Jesus here's why the Jews have very unusual belief that there was that person was not unique and at least four days that is the from creative losses the that there was a spirit that horror over the person slot and that is a lot different than what every other miracle in the New Testament where she raises and their and see what this person dies in within twenty four hours Jesus raises the dead that's actually what is is or is he so Pharisees are circulating his law and Jesus raised from their the little girl and when we say the damsel and the little girl gets easily a hell raiser there shall see soon they say she really did she make you sleepy so Jesus is not some divine miracle worker and is all so what is different greater will he lives in ways today's lost in the third because final four game last slot is going to be decomposing in the two will now that Lazarus was because the delay only by how are you and it brings Hastert in a delay the delay will only five power and the glory of God in your life when God works and is that your full in your life delay is not denied by the delay in the early and salts the glory of the film Jesus Mary Martha wanted you to go to Lazarus would heal the disease is the resurrection of Lazarus was the crowning miracle of Jesus life it was the greatest sadness that he was sorry he raised the dead people are will you the Pharisees and their will be in the hope that they not see an immediate answer to your prayers I see the fulfilling your dreams and the apparent delay but Jesus is preparing to reveal his glory in a miraculous way in your life free visit also are what are the number one Windows RDP server to our greatest glory is revealed in the most challenging situation referring and little because Elaine is not denial really bizarre thing in a prepared customer greater miracle principle number four story will because she is available to us as it was the last is the way to your digital camera five John eleven verse twenty five what is resurrection is to live with restraints so with Harry's spiritual and senior transforming Resurrection power with Harry's spiritual apathy Christ brings new vitality twitter is Laodicean complacency cars resurrects us as your children where there is any relationship with his son to her husband or wife somebody is strange for you Christ can bring new life to that relationship there is resurrection power what Lewinsky again trusting the resurrection we know is in John chapter eleven verse twenty five as it says Jesus Senator I am the resurrection and the life he believes in me will make thy seed shall be noticed when Jesus says I am the resurrection and the life I will bring spiritual life Time fitness him at this meeting when you think Islam Jesus I have been resurrected he is just like crazy heels that I was with Jesus I looked at as a lookout that is all in all his life in the Jesus Christ brings new life I love the phrase usually a shot every person is my favorite phrases in the Philippians chapter three people there are these rumors and Philippians three moving their verse ten is that you may know the real price and his resurrection in Christ and how is his resurrection resurrected Eos my wife and I know all of those years that now is there is we visited what is your world it has about six thousand and twelve while there is the Internet it was very interesting as the afternoon service I thought the Chinese government is deceased and him I started a thread I have an disheartening representative is rejection slip so as you can see will definitely be on it visually as you and because of that was Vice President Joe Congressman Watts is yes the bottom of his readings so when the church I said in yesterday 's date against the new greetings how will we see Jesus as Messiah and I said I will bring you greetings and wishes he could be in his latest job even as thousands years ago I is a job see you here I was telling you what he will tell you if you are really here and here I hope please turn around what time is honestly want to honestly say so even more not sure if this is the one you see she is as accurate as you as long as you see any surges one six oh three thousand so is yours after we were there for we came off and in this little room associate pastor and delivery associate want to be primarily one of us is a lovely desire you mean I'm surrounded by Satan and while it has to start and pastor of the associate of science is to the chassis it will not only explain the conversion story came to the associate pastor see Exodus as pastor 's ass is as is the first time that is an asset will hound you have to ever possibly know is in prison he's it will disassociate path who was in prison is allowed as story telling the story is that Sony said we had surreptitiously Gossen books of Cozaar ages alike across the assessment of underground prices in China and Asia where thousands and thousands of books it is a fascinating story regarding is not really with the angle so the there is our energies and secretly are underestimated asserted and you are in our case and industries that so the pastor and how our ads are as alike as they were coming to train him close when they were the police noticed the back that they had all these designs using bags of potatoes on the top of your e-mail his army using government potatoes and so forth as we saw an arrest the pastor was a webmaster is assist passengers when he was in prison in Chinese prisons are there really well he was terror and other precision beam up and so they were taken to administer you the honest laugh is on humans son-in-law is in Sioux City a in Uranus is not their strength on Trent Lott one of the most ruthless prisoners would not join the fun at the end sat there and watched the evidence has to be to with regards on those occasions when the other prisoners left the room the prisoner will send out a something that will I can't understand this you will be your career there is no cursing and swearing at all why are you like that he's a Jesus changed my life and when Jesus on the crossing for a father forgive them for they don't know what they and these people just don't want there to that criminal sitting there says that got my attention the all of a sudden we examine prison for a six-month sidebar is on what label will release from prison this ruthless gang leader changed by the power of God changed by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ changed by the living Christ began attending the finish church he was working with the begin the seventh sure showing that you are sure they will transform with a help in this shirt is passed I was sitting next to the man was beaten in prison who was change our lives and God uses Jesus say in John chapter eleven he is saying the power is shifting change your life by Tatian you are faced whatever seeing through his action is John chapter eleven saying it is saying that the power of the cross is stronger than the power of the evil one why can't we hold we get a hold because Christ is greater than the power of evil one principle number five is to be a secondary market PSN area tomorrow that I have the resurrection in the life is that how little he reinvigorated FSA began to breathe new life will flow through Austria but Jesus calls Jesus here in John chapter enter John Caroline and verse thirty eight thirty nine Jesus tells the Jews there were more secondary market is their cry Johnson is thirty eight thirty nine and Jesus again groaning in himself to do what Jesus will say because they're in line for him so he was hurt he is going to do is sympathize with their weaknesses he sympathized with their sorrow Christ sympathizes with our side as well it was a theme is the only instant Jesus said to me all the way the snow take away the stone bill here is the principle we collaborate with Jesus and if you see a mirror she as you will is the Jesus could have spoken and the stone rolled away but Jesus said those that can go a few the latest of this is amazing say and is are a few safe certified Christ will desire of ages page thirty five Christ could command this stone can lose any one of these lawless so the price of medicine that will be his last time he could have been the Angels were Rolling Stone as being invisible hands would include the so by you was being taken away by human hands now here is the next two sentences the price show that the physical operate with impunity while delivering power to do divine power is not summoned to laissez-faire principle I want to be deeply in your mind will and power is to define power is not so limited it is why human power can do divine power is not so limited in all our guest for a list church will will bless your soul will say one thousand liturgy in the church will break at the belligerent Iran this is something to Jesus Christ and lots you and saw that it is my relationship will always as our world something to you sorry you will fret about it right human power and power is I have but I believe in Jesus day as I is for an outright fluoride in will bless your soul she also ideas this is my brother out there capable of just an exercise as you will see these are not to be eaten by angels I than I am for a seller by soliciting what is zero recs I wonder why you lost in your books I don't like to do in a way is to say all the way this Jesus says human power can do I never I cannot do it without him but he will never do it without me right Jesus Foster the Holy Spirit in their decision but I cannot do it without Jesus but Jesus will not do it without me my friend tells the story of his father 's hair there are times when tobacco many years ago that nuclear genocide is not his will and you know in the morning people who works in the foreign state is handcrafted and so we had a few I saw my father walking among those cornstalks and was looking for some what he was looking for when he was looking for the him from the more I question you think God would find the time that you shall see God it initializes the morning thrown away later this is the acronym to write guys which was operated as bad as it was I don't run God is used for but a few in a way while the so personified cooperation with Jesus she is seeing a mirror is a Versace I was even there for me this is the sort say they see the mirror thank God for the marital people in your thoughts and your marital thoughts Jesus John Chapter 11 verse forty one is the latest all over the place within a day in his life and Jesus lifted up his eyes and say father I thank you flat facility who is in is there and what you say Jesus say Jesus say that you alter your people are easiest for me were the hour and brains is not the echo before you see the answer that God uses to work there while Calhoun was traveling in Europe United States reports the handling is traveling to the America sure Fontaine in any movie with his abilities that we need to pray as so as I believe that prayer is there a time 's recently needed for a fitness that will follow as I is him at the thing is a list they go down right before a single prayer dear Lord I know that I is in your hands I know you gave me disappointed and I know you don't want is I believe you have received the fog lifted and if you don't get this law in Jesus name amen P even among humans and you and you reasons why he only got the answer for anyways a versa is pretty useless if you don't believe secondly our answered my prayer that authorities within a half an hour o'clock lifted moonbeams point learners and God as he is working before seeking working for God don't tell God what to do is not old I pray this person would be healed yes as I feigned a very few reported in the diet with this person in your hand is to glorify God either by feeling them or by revealing your power through that person in their sins God I will decide later to be glorified in all of this I feel your glories that he revealed God US I've been walking around is appreciated as needed at Franciscan are I a better phrase you can glorify you before I see the answer last things the last principle designer for the job Chad seizes peace as Jesus Jason Johnson he says will race John Chapter 11 you're looking there at John Chapter 11 verse forty three family and send these things he cried the voice Lazarus come forth and see where I think what about the end is with great close this was the case uses that he was in Jesus and Lazarus Lazarus come forth and see what we do life all of history is only one grand and glorious climax in the risen Jesus and Lazarus come forth is because I guess that come for all you know that there will floor was eighty days finishing out the resurrection will take place when Jesus dreams down the corridor this guy will live first because Jesus we are in this easy-to-use is easily what we know the second diesel also turned down a few the glory for his name for Jesus apparent delays only reveal a greater power for Jesus resurrection power is fine when I second it is not clear to his spiritual life five Jesus illustrated in the SI cooperated with the six Jesus will renew our thankfulness and praise second Jesus is the resurrection and life is worth and what job is a house that was a long time is that losing your life you were stated in it does not impair or diminish all the horror that is the second coming of Jesus Christ is resurrecting the leading riders arrived and we traveled for her and her family live in all eternity Jesus says let us go forth one day Jesus will come one day the sky illuminating with his glory one euros and resurrected in one day Google pulled into her phrase is always English environment him him to see what the next chapter of life and tomorrow is sweet to us the choice is life this is likely that SEC was not a citizen while balancing the Christ is victorious I give you C++ classes they are Christ is always there is in Jesus this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain it is www. done on universal .org


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