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A Deeper Baptism

Eugene Prewitt


In addition to this recording, please see the file attachment for After a Deeper Baptism entitled, "Baptism: the Cost of the Covenant".


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • November 18, 2006
    11:00 AM
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like Utah resume in your Bibles to first Peter chapter three in verse eighteen first Peter chapter three in verse eighteen for Christ also has once suffered for sins the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God I've stopped there for a minute why did Jesus suffer at least one reason is to bring us to God there's something about the suffering of Jesus that draws us to him University said that I and I I be lifted up will draw all men unto me in the process of Jesus being put to death in the flash but quickened by the Spirit Jesus died and then he was resurrected verse nineteen by which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison which sometimes were disobedient when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah that is Jesus was preaching through the ministry of Noah what it was level called the ministry profits it's called the spirit of prophecy and revelation were given more information were told the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy sought a prophet speaks is communicating Jesus is communicating through profits did Jesus communicate through Noah Jesus communicated through knowledge to those disobedient people there for the flood while the ark was a preparing where in view that is eight souls were saved by water out of your notice those last three words and wondered about them if we were writing this verse we might've said saved by arc or saved by obedience or saved by God or save from water but I don't think any mess would've said saved by water to follow insane we wouldn't send out a notice verse twenty one the like figure whereunto even baptism also doth also now save us not the putting away of the filth of the flash but the answer of a good conscience toward God this is baptism saves us in figure notice into the verse by the resurrection of Jesus Christ do you know why we don't use to use this passage of baptism when we preach about it so complicated refer know understand but it's so beautiful I want to dig a few thoughts out of it for you first of all the because we Artie said why did Jesus suffered back there in verse eighteen is to bring us to God Jesus died and he was resurrected Jesus preached a people that were in bondage to sin through the ministry of know what and then those people were saved by the experience of the flood by the water they were saved in the flooded by the flood and inventors what's the parallel in our experience to the experience of the flood notes baptism in the flawed most things died in a few things lived most things die I and a few friends who had been your knowledge now and his family were saved by the waters of the flood because the corruption that was in the earth was destroying the earth and destroy morality and what have eventually destroyed them I can destroy the family of lot in the same way we are being destroyed by the that part of us that is corrupting us our old man ourselves is destroying us and in that sense you can say that baptism does now also save us terms in your Bibles to first Corinthians ten and looking at verses one to two first Corinthians chapter ten in verses one to two more overbroad run I was not that you should be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea ironically we think about so little that were nearly ignorant of it but it is important apologies think about something about the Israelites when they were on their way into Canaan before they even got started they had to go through the sea and when they went to the sea some layout and many died and who was it that died it was an symbol Egyptian slavery Egyptian slavery died in the Red Sea and those that were leaving a slavery behind them went through it and when they came out it wasn't just they began marching wherever they wanted they were in a class and that clown was a guide to them on notice verse two and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea on your wondered about baptism the Old Testament where it was or how come it just suddenly appear the time of John the Baptist the court and New Testament whenever baptism is the new debt exist in the old but in different figures there is the baptism of the fly there was the baptism of the cloud was the baptism of the Red Sea tourist in your Bibles to Colossians chapter two I looking at versus ten to thirteen Galatians Ephesians flippy and Colossians Colossians chapter two and looking like it's in this counter is not a father were in this room is Kathryn I just happened to us but there's a chair right there is for you Colossians chapter two overlooking in verses ten through thirteen it says and you are complete in him that in him as Jesus and you are complete in Jay's us which is the head of all principality and power in whom also you are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands assist take a piece of time and how are we complete in this passage is certainly in Christ without Christ in this passage were not complete there's something about us without Christ is not made up is not like it ought to be and in Christ we are completed help is it that makes us complicit in this passage SSL console audit says circumcision is what makes us complete but of course it's evidence that spiritual circumcision is not what is done at the hands but it's kind of odd to think of circumcision making someone complete because circumcision just take something off isn't that what baptism does baptism causes some part of us to die and leaves the rest of us alive Colossians two and reading in verse twelve buried with Jesus in baptism we are in also you are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God who hath raised him from the dead hour sunrise we looked at so far and then just go where we haven't gone before we've looked at an allusion to a number of things in the Old Testament in the Old Testament there was a flood in the flawed almost everyone died but a few were left alive and then adapt and others make any difference for those that live you know it's spared them from a corrupt future then his experience of the Red Sea at the Red Sea there were people that were trying to escape from slavery but when I looked behind them it looked like that they weren't really going to escape they had made some progress but it works and miracles but the entire situation appeared like there was really no way out for them then God opened the Red Sea and they went through the Red Sea and the end the rest same lands the Egyptian bondage within their different bottoms come out of the Red Sea it died there and did not make a difference for the Israelites and then there's that experience of that cloud in that cloud there was direction when they follow that cloud they made progress and when they rebelled against that cloud it set them back forty years then there was the experience of circumcision it was an experience that set them apart from others as God 's commandment keeping covenant people in that experience parts of them died the rest of the nails Lebanon and the rest of the mail layout but all these things are made to beast comparable to baptism the New Testament if I could just help you understand something that I've come to understand in the Old Testament there are a number of covenants that are made with the people there is a covenant that was made with Noah and that covenant had assemble that symbol was the rainbow become the other rainbow the visit and then there's the covenant made with Abraham and it had assemble and disassemble the smoking furnace the color with Abraham had a active symbol was required some participation that was the experience of circumcision and in the covenant made with the children of Israel involve the crossing of the Red Sea if I could say this is simply as I know how to say it these three experiences all represented the same thing they've got they were symbols of entering into a covenant with God and becoming God 's covenant people in the New Testament were told about a new covenant and this new covenant has a new sign we almost don't need to identify it because nearly as well everyone in the passes you look at so far identified the site of the new covenant was the site of the new covenant is baptism baptism is baptism in every case the start of the new covenant is baptism did the Jews have any reason to expect a renewing of the covenant and their time you know we started it before I want to spend time on it now that Daniel nine cents find that during the last seven years of Jesus 's ministry lusting after years of his ministry he would spend it renewing the covenant with the people and that in the history of the Bible when there's a covenant there is a sign of the covenant all in front to communicate up to you up to this point was a few thoughts but here's the one rebuild on the people had a reason to expect that their covenant relationship with God as it was renewed with require on their part some sign and when John the Baptist suggested the son of baptism was an aunt signed them I want to tell you that it wasn't as onto them as it seems to us it was in some ways familiar because the use of water was part of the regular sanctuary service for the washing away of sin when you come into the sanctuary you have a labor and what does the priest do it the labor he washes his hands and he watches his feet lest you die I can hear his nine talks about the decision was full of all kinds of washings using water to put away sin was not an unfamiliar idea to the Jews and they readily submitted to the sign of an entering into the covenant with spend some time in our key passage today is from one six versus three to six turn therewith in Romans chapter six and versus three to six million that so many out of laws as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death if I ask you a quiz question how does someone ends up in Jesus Christ in this passage how do we end up in Jesus Christ in this passage is baptism into his that's how baptism into the death of Jesus 's baptism into Christ verse seven she is me verse four therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life I try to make a little graph of this in some ways over here but I couldn't a lot simpler I jumped ahead of myself I'm not that hydraulic now but the idea is simple that Jesus was alive and when he was alive he was bearing the sins of the world that he died bearing the sins of the world then he was resurrected that one was resurrected he was no longer bearing the sins of the world in fact it was in a newness of life that never will and perhaps under this was made assemble for us before we know Jesus were alive and enormous overbearing our own weaving our own sense then like Jesus did we are to die bearing our sins but we don't rise bearing our sins verse five Romans six verse five for if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection or any simple way excited you really have died into your sins you really are to have a newness of life that at least in the human situation there's no parallel to Jesus being the great that is you unless it's that a few seconds of your underwater in a baptismal event there is no there's no living dead to sin without living with newness of life verse six knowing this that our old man is crucified with him that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin and right here many people their minds start to wonder because it's too many metaphors I want to sort of borrow the metaphor from Romans seven is the chapter after this and try to explain it to you simply in Romans six and seven it speaks about me as if I am to men not simultaneously invite in series I have an old me the old maid is married to my desires apparently this is the kind of marriage where the a the other spouse is the one in charge because it controlled me and I'm married to my desires by control and desires are they controlled me desires control me I didn't know I might want to get out of that marriage there is no good doing I'm united by the way I made it to my desires and I live serving them regarding Ryan were killed there in this particular sense of the grade that idea when your talk about the marriage metaphor of a cargo back to what it uses in Romans right right I'm married to my desires and they are controlling me some people have an idea that they can unite themselves to Jesus while still serving their old desires and what Romans seven teaches is that that is a spiritual equivalent to adultery their bedroom at seven yes this might sound kind of odd to you but it's there it's plain as simple as can be wearing up my desires die Paul uses this metaphor so may times I thought mortifying the flash bring the death the body of sans yet all kinds of ways of saying it but the idea is that I'm denying my desires in that way I put them to death when my desires die I'm released from this bondage and now I'm free if I want to be married again in old metaphor Mary this time if I choose to buy Mary Jesus I bury the old man and I live in newness to life is what about the represents baptism represents the old man coming to an end of its existence but is this man who is in bondage to his passions is appetitive desires she goes down what comes up as a man who is united to Jesus in service and ministry fellows been raised this way are God 's covenant people second Corinthians five seventeen is looking for minutes as the classic and beautiful passage second Corinthians chapter five in verse seventeen second Corinthians five in verse seventeen therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new I could summarize we said so far before we go on trial last two passages it would be that our spiritual welfare is in danger before spiritual life begins that even though you want to be like Jesus and want to serve and want to come close to him there is a part of you that is so corrupt that it will pull you down and eat at you and destroy you and like the men that were before the flood it would continue doing its work and held the thoughts of all men would only be able continually if you are going to make progress that part of you must be put down however symbolized in ancient times by the flawed there were all those men died by circumcision where a part of the body was cast away by the experience of the Red Sea where those strongmen of bondage that had been so successful enslaving us we locked and suddenly they were all gone and in the new life how does it happen happens through baptism but this is the problem and this is why removing on because the symbol doesn't make it happen there are desert baptism does not kill the old man baptism does not break our connection to our desires baptism does not give us newness of life the symbol doesn't do it the symbol is a symbol of the doing of it I will still escaping the section because we live in a place where the Baptist Church is huge and all other churches with the exception of just a few small ones all understand this truth tell you what these two passages say how is a man baptized the answer certainly is by immersion is certainly yes in acts eight thirty six and thirty eight you have the fellow being baptized and develop you have that if the opinion and being baptized and that Google is in the water it's the day if you're baptizing by sprinkling you don't both go in the water is by immersion says that they didn't they went down into the water and why do John the Baptist pick where he didn't baptize the Jordan had like most little rivers and places that were slow indeed as are fast and then I've heard one that was slow and deep the Bible says because I have much water is just very good and in the work that is in itself means to immerse that's how maybe a more relevant question for life is when should someone be baptized for the electric for passages talk about them and will be done with look at Matthew chapter twenty eight in verse nineteen I feel right now to reserve the right to change my mind a few minutes and go on after I finish I will do it for long Matthew twenty eight in verse nineteen Jesus said go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and low I'm with you always even to the end of the world to ask you a trick question I'm not asking you to trick your twenties you think in this passage are you taught before or after baptism in this passage is both business clear the passage that has teach them baptize them then teach them beyond exactly right one of the qualifications for being baptized is being taught to understand the baptism means there is nothing more hollow than assembled that is not understood if you think about rep I just talked about this fund up resembles the one of killing the lambs and on Isaiah he says I hate the killing of animals it stinks I don't like it but isn't he the one who directed the direct he is he gave me give it to them for reason so when they would be killing the land to be thinking someone will have to die for my sin death causes sin death is terrible that Sam is terrible sin is growth I hate sin but when they forgot about that and it was just time to kill another thing for supper the symbol became worse than useless it became a disgusting hollow figure it's the same with baptism baptism has meaning and when the meaning is understood it makes you think it makes you adjust your life that changes the way relate to so many things it's beautiful when baptism is not understood to whatever extent is not understood to just the extent of the hollow thing it's a meaningless statement and in some ways worse than nothing because you think it has meaning when it had no meaning in your case so I can say one of the conditions of baptism is being taught but is at the end they are teaching certainly not there's much more teaching to go look at acts eight thirty five to thirty seven acts chapter eight in verse thirty five to thirty seven then Philip opened his mouth and began at the same Scripture and preached under him Jesus and as they went on their way they came into a certain water and the eunuch said see here is water what does hinder me to be baptized and Philip said if you believe with all your heart down they just and he answered and said I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God what's the condition annexed eight thirty five to thirty seven it's believing there was some teaching going on about Jesus and having understood up what was required is that you believe with all your heart was go back to chapter two verse thirty seven to thirty eight acts chapter two and verse thirty seven and thirty eight now when they heard this they were pricked in their heart and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we do then Peter said unto them repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the Holy Ghost what were they to do in conjunction been baptized but listed before it turned from their sense that was at the turn away from their life of sin the conditions where to be taught the blame of all your heart that Jesus died for your sins and to turn away from your sins because of that it's big for Dennis and Jesus when you think about that means you to turn away from your sense this it really isn't a fourth condition those are really the only conditions bods it's an important line because if I say to all of you repent I illustrate what that's like it's like saying you please get me some in your answer would be some want repent is a very vague command you repent but if you don't know what your sins are you will never succeed in turning away from them the command to repent makes much more sense when you're speaking to a group of people that understand the obligation to keep the ten Commandments this might be a surprise to you and maybe it would be and maybe never thought about us he wouldn't be surprised that in the New Testament there are thirteen events of baptism two of them are huge nest the baptism of John the Baptist and about his inherent error and asked to and the other eleven are small in twelve of those thirteen examples most of which are in the book of acts in the Gospels going to the whole world it's easy to show that the people being baptized already believe that basically in that Jewish Old Testament were already worshiping Jehovah were already keeping the ten Commandments and it what they learned additional it was about Jesus and the thirteenth there's just not enough information is the jailer was baptized but there's enough hands to know that it wasn't out of the blue that he was baptized because the first thing he said when the when he approached the apostles lies men and brother and what must I do to be saved the typical he then know to ask you what to do to be saved if all I'm saying by that that there in Peter had been preaching in that spot for some time 's policy was Paul's letters post- integration that area for some time there was some background but let's leave that ours are blank spot alone we can say that the men who were baptized New Testament already understood something about what God required of the life that he required obedience what they didn't understand this helped how to render what you required how to have deficit how to be alive in Jesus how to be converted when they understood that they were ready Mister and Luke three verse seven the fourteenth about half of all the references to baptism in the entire Bible are about the story that were about to read in the four Gospels Luke three in verses seven to ten open the store even though there's not much oxygen out there I'm about five about lost most of you Luke three verse seven then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized from him O generation of vipers that is don't bring us next or in other words seed of the serpent and not a seat on the woman of generation of vipers who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come listen to verse eight bring forth fruits worthy of repentance and do not begin to say within yourselves we have Abraham to our father for I sending you that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham and now also the ax is laid into the roots of the trees every tree therefore which brings forth not good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire farrago on the sis review the question people asked was whether they ask known about to ask them asked yet but he is he saying we are coming to be baptized of me and what is required of them certain types of fruits there certain fruits as they are ready for baptism and certain fruits as they are ready to be cut down that clear enough in the verses we just read verse eleven the people asked him saying what shall we do then learns what kind of fruits ought we to be bearing verse eleven he answered and said unto them he that has two codes let him impart to him that has none and he has food let him do likewise I was interpretive verse twelve then came also publicans to be baptized stop for a minute to the general multitude they have their various sins but the summary of their sin is selfishness is the summary and what they really need to do was to break off their sins by righteousness and our iniquities by showing mercy to the poor maybe to know what was a quotation there are moderated the Daniel four twenty seven two thousand eight passenger indicates that the way that you break off your additions to send is by getting your mind off yourself and serving others doing things for them giving to them helping them and wanted John the Baptist and the people will be baptized young was talking very poor people they said give away half your stuff is sent if you have two coats give away one of them a few thousand extra food get to someone who doesn't have it as to the general class but Nelson specific classes come to him verse twelve then came also publicans to be baptized and said to him these are tax collectors Master what shall we do and he said unto them exact no more than that which is appointed you which was a radical requirement for tax collectors the test because tax collectors in Rome are not on salary they were to collect a certain amount and whatever they got beyond that they could keep in the only collect what was their deal would be a significant cuts into their well-being reserve likelihood we do need that air that you have you and thank you look at verse fourteen and the soldiers likewise demanded of him saying and what shall we do was asking soldiers and he said unto them do violence to no man is at a significant call for us know that ten Commandments they don't steal and none of us should steal but to tell public and not to steal all this figure fell a very difficult assignment in the ten Commandments say thou shall not kill but did tell a soldier not to kill is a very difficult assignment post in the next for the story I'll tell it to you and then there was a man who came to Johnson what should I do it was Herod the king and Herod had married unlawfully his brothers wife erroneous and what a John stated him it's not lawful for you to have your brother 's wife John the Baptist risked his life to teach legitimate requirements for baptism to tell an adulterous man that he was required to break off his adulterous relation before he could be baptized to summarize what I'm saying and him and to be done the new covenant we started it before it's a submission to let God right the law in the heart the new covenant course of several faceted there is the fact that we like best I will remember your sins no more that's the part that's represented by the going down into the water and then there's the part that says all right my laws in their hearts that's how the man becomes a new man baptism represents submitting to them submitting to die into the our old desires and having a lot written in our hearts but I want to say is being clouded by modern technology most people don't read your letters for you don't know I mean by but if those fine prints that your post you have to read them all say I read and accept this before you click and make any progress anything are trying to do on the computer are you no one talking about and about half of us God isn't like that God will not ask you to submit this something that you don't understand John could have done this you can assert our right hand and by John did baptize every go and now I have some news for you to understand the kind of sad to the public ends I baptize you and meet me next week for some startling information but that would be a trick that Beatrix to ask him to be baptized before they understand the conditions of the covenant to ask someone to be baptized before they understand that it means submitting to have the log in the heart before they understand the obligation of the ten Commandments is a very odd thing it's a half Hollow request I would want to get but I think that those that are here have had the tank man is presented to them and can understand the obligation so were beheaded here those of you that haven't been baptized haven't had a baptism that's meaningful that is where you understand what it means I been baptized twice out on all that casino I been baptized twice what I baptized twice is because the first baptism was made not understanding what I'm submitting to it was hollow no one be baptized in ways that represented something so I had a meaningful baptism is there any parallel to that is estimate rather than nineteen people who understood that they should repent and understand the newness of life by the power of the Holy Spirit what are they doing they learned about the Holy Spirit I had a meaningful baptism when we can understand what it means baptism is the symbol of the covenant by which we enter into God 's covenant keeping people to beautiful thing seven evident questions of science for our father in heaven I thank you for finding a way to save no way his family for saving the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage for making a way that we can be free from our old life and a symbol of that freedom I asked if ready here that ought to request that simple that you would give them the moral courage to do it that you would glorify the power of your new covenant we can see the beauty of being part of the people who keep it and I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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