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Near the Cross: The Eleventh Commandment

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI


  • June 5, 2013
    8:00 PM
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him father in heaven tonight we pray that the costs will be uplifted not only in song in this message but hearts speak to his father we pray in Jesus name amen we receive a lot of calls and letters here three amen I'm amazed at how many telephone call came through today and June Elliott was calling and she told me an experience about her mother I won't tell the whole of experience her mother is merely an FF and LA was a devout Catholic but she began to wash three ABN she wants all the different messages when Dwight Nelson was preaching on the subject it was very dear to her heart she stood up in the middle of the sermon on the television this in front of the TV and told her daughter I'm not be baptized she made a decision the subject one you would not think when they touch the heart it was purgatory but it was something for which she had struggled and God gave Dwight the wisdom the message to open up from God 's word that there was no purgatory in a colander heart and she made her decision tonight in his life speaks near the cross the eleventh commandment him three ABN family and pass a bill on an honor to be here in this beautiful part of God 's country so that I go down this afternoon about six hour drive I had forgotten how flat Illinois six but you know what it was in it's just the first bindings of spring I love your theme showers of blessings is the first budding substring and you can see these disease manicured rows of fresh green sprouts thinking maybe corn would that be dominantly corn coming of getting ready for the harvest I thought to myself this is what you need to see when you look down to this plan the sea is implanted the sprouts are coming up and work were counting down to the harvest votes and honored tonight to be a part of a ministry that is focused on preparing this planet for the harvest Eddie coming from all over that kind of thinking that happens here all over really all overall over really while nice to have thank you for coming on thank you Ron Lewis that was absolutely powerful across a saloon down the cross said it all mitigating the cross together you and I in him before I think my friend Jim Gilly for his kind invitation to come and communities living over there tonight away back he helped raise over four million dollars is defined in Webster's split on those if you've been to this campus churches on those wings you know each other real well and that he was helping he was actually overseeing the faith getting ministry had a part of the primitive than a apartment at four a few years Danny Shelton behind the scenes here this evening this a few moments ago Danny and I hope way back nor I could hang around guys who go way back from hanging around from the farm one normal way that CA that includes you so it's an honor to be here with the treaty and team been in this place a few times and how God has used this dream planted years ago raised up by the Holy Spirit for such a time as this may living on the edge of eternity you know that I believe my beverage on the second coming in the series believe Jesus is coming soon I believe we are on the edge effect of two weeks ago and free my friend trust has to thruster knees Icelandic and he passes the deed South Bend first Seventh-day Adventist church stop by the office down chair in my office are the kind of memorial church and against vendors University music by going we we we just on the conversation we were talking about an emphasis we been having at at Andrews and Pioneer of his last four weeks coincidently our theme song at the end of every one of this that this little three-part miniseries every every installment I think signs than showers of blessings were sensing and I told the thrust of the story democratizing that are really debated upbringing that series but I need to get back to basics the meantime for the other newer websites there but the source of the customer were claiming Isaiah forty three nineteen I thought this verse is also the bylaws I define these words everywhere you can it's only in Isaiah forty three nineteen remaining amount listed below evenings that he will good Isaiah forty three nineteen oh one by morning and my teaching in just a moment but that's speaking Israel he says behold I will do a new thing under a new thing women sensing in our hearts advantage University Nevada Memorial Church that we desperately need God to do a new thing in our midst a lesser with that new thing is until you you you you read the verses right after verse nineteen and got to talking about why talk about water in the desert and rivers in the wilderness four times he mentions wise as soon as you said although nothing he talks about what a funeral just a few verses down there no chapter divisions and Isaiah wrote that you can Isaiah forty four verse three were God says I listened this promise because showers of blessing God says I look for water on those who are thirsty and floods upon the dry ground I will pour my spirit upon your descendents and my blessing upon your offspring with three thousand six hundred and the offspring of of the church our community of faith three thousand six hundred children of the church in Orlando University Wittenberg that God do a new thing in our midst for this generation just coming on board the any children in your family a miniature linear heart tonight that you want God to do a new thing in their lives aren't you just aren't you training for God for other spear and somehow catch that Young might turn that pretty just as host that hard to turn toward him you put your finger tomorrow morning when you get up early but your finger in Isaiah forty four first three Saint God I need to do a new thing you promise to pour out your spirit upon our descendents and your blessing upon our offspring to a new thing in my life do a new thing in my family do a new thing in my church 's ongoing fresco this is if I want a something 's revival this year if such a document revival yet you're right this reliability guess what it'll never happen until the due prison Jesus come true to prayers you talk about is them talk about the two prayers in the upper room the second prayer is in John seventeen where Jesus 's father that they may be one as we are unity unity and your contribution back home unity in Dawsonville unity and a finer memorial church unity in our community of faith that their midst that they may be one the first privately that he prays in the upper room is are seen tonight so this little this little miniseries of the IIIB and candy tonight tomorrow night Friday night Sabbath morning and not Sabbath evening some miniseries is entitled near the cross to take the last seventy two the last 24-hour send the first twenty four hours of Jesus life the last twenty four before you guys the first twenty four when he's written resurrected with a Thursday night in order Friday to spend several sessions on Friday then we'll go to Sunday morning Sunday something in that fashion weekend that is essential and that first further thrust was talking about when it turned right now the Bible really going is this what the DJ holy father were here from all points on the compass we come to this little cornfield in southern Illinois you raised up six is going from this place to the entire inhabited globe come the night is a little worshiping community we want to hear the voice of Jesus speak to holy Scripture if there's a fire that needs to be answered yet in my heart and in our lives wholly give God make that prayer clear as we track with Jesus as divine just saying across it it also retracted Jesus through Calvary made across say exactly what we must here at this critical moment two thousand thirteen we humbly pray in Jesus name on the amend is dying when he sits on death row is not in the fluff is that it is it's just spinning a yarn or passing the time when a man knows that he is about to die he chooses his words extremely carefully your battery here John thirteen is a sentence Jesus strategically placed in his upper room dialogue with as it turns out now only eleven disciples the twelfth disciple has slipped out into the dark shadows of that Thursday night to do his nefarious deed juices gone just eleven are left with Jesus and his John chapter thirteen glad you got your Bible to go back to the will we will go back to Thursday Friday Sunday right here again and again John chapter thirteen I'm in the new King James version any an EMR rehab assignment in the Bible North or where I present the status of your phone call out your TypePad death of this generation it is that they have thereby would you don't you be criticizing him for not having a Bible they have the Bible they just look it up in a very different way the fastener because it is not said in an is junk at the thirteenth Jesus speaking you know these words hardly new to you but I wonder if my friend thruster is not right when he says unless this unless this comes true there will be no new thing this revival that we've passionately been praying for it will not come until these words come true thirteen verse thirty four Jesus speaking in a red letter edition bright red just at the thirteen verse thirty four Jesus speaking a new commandment I used to home I give you that you love one another as I have of you that you also love one another verse thirty five by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another can have unity without love this is the foundation I give you a new commandment I give you a new commandment that ye love one another as I have loved you do you also love one another by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another I gave you a new commitment were hard at ten and are intended the disciples are in attendance this of course he did some of you know commitment as a replacement sent you getting this command is a summation of alternatives is not I give you Newcomb I love one another by this whole world will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another what's on the hardest man is about to die what's on his heart is to think analysis of the line along the way and make me a gentle nod towards love and he gets on the Holy Spirit is under the fruit of the vine on until one time I sat down and read all all of the upper room discourse them to get the third injector for dejected fifty Jeffrey sixteen and they go to the garden we praise the high priestly prayer chapter seventeen and I was stunned to realize that love was not a passing fancy we give the eleventh commandment a new commandment it's not testing and feedback I went to encircle every every word that is love or derivative of love loving and so on I went through and circled every word and in the new King James are the new King James the word love appears thirty three times between John thirteen in John sixteen thirty three times thirty one of those times because of the Chapter thirteen opens with any love his disciples to the any member that life so certain one of those times the word love is on the lips of the one who begins in less than twenty four hours this is not a passing fancy this is not before I forget bodily love each other this is an in the heart of his last appeal before his execution I give you a new commandment that you love one another and Geneva call it new hardly feels like a new commemorating the disciples of grown-ups as they were knee-high to a grasshopper they've grown up with that have any Leviticus chapter nineteen and got been got hunger from Mount Sinai you shall blank your neighbor as yourself what he said from outside use hello your neighbor as yourself hardly a new commandment is the basics of a Jewish upbringing and yet Jesus looks into the finish in a flickering orange event dancing porch he looks into the eyes of these eleven who were left as is I give you a new commandment that you love one another and with them he knew about this commandment in lesson twenty four hours they will see the love defined in cleansing colors as never before in human history as I flew Sunday night to the North American division for a committee them on some underground the word is little playing Delta Airlines in Detroit when you go to BWI Baltimore Washington international Airport and the Vatican 's overworked economy for the playing out your heart to safely pull the plane over the siding agency raided Gaza something 's gone wrong the word is is is is massive thunderstorm over the nations capital so they shut down jealous they shut down BWI to shut down a Reagan national Ronald Reagan national Airport revert at airport average Dino Ronald Reagan former President of the United States once upon a time getting into this upper room discourse and shows of verse with love and admitted on national television semi remember this is the back and not on thinking may be that the winter of nineteen eighty two when he realized that they need to pray for and I just give notice artist okay so you are nineteen eighty two a member they air Florida never therefore tragedy Internet all off and ready to take off to the southern climes of Florida on it was it was national airport back in with massive airport all are ready to go got held up frigid January afternoon got held up on the tarmac many the story got held up on the tarmac unbeknownst to the pilot ice began to develop on the wings it didn't deice that the parody too long stationary finding he's put in a line and it wrote with Aurora those engines understand that thunders down the runway and just as he lifts up you member the granting of Jeanette ice meant there was not sufficient lift and the plane right into the Potomac River right into the UU member the story don't you found that Potomac the fusillade burst open disgorging all the passengers they are hopping now no time to put anything out there laughing in that icy frigid Potomac is back in one eighty eighty two that are a whole lot of CNN nine helicopters around but I remember the news footage don't you remember the first of all those helicopters hovering over that that piece of broken fusillade there are human survivors the helicopter the rescue helicopter comes at you members during the drops that he got sick O-ring he drops it down to a man a baldheaded man all right so you don't lose it all under their paramedics now along the shore everybody's race for this emergency hold onto the ring and would just drag you across everybody knows that the keyhole in the ring and a pick you up and drag it across the magnificent ring instinctively begins Anna realizes this there is a flight attendant just just a few yards from him and he swings that the ring overheard a member that threat so they take against to get her to safety him the man they dropped the ring back to him remember the story finds another survivor he hands the ring however I remember how many times that the group that little ritual took place but one time when they came back again for the baldheaded man it's the thing that a frigid president Reagan went on national television that night to intone the sacrifice of this stranger you would first decoded chapter fifteen years I will chapter fifteen is one of the love words in in the upper room this was chapter fifteen verse thirteen you can say out loud witnesses read out loud together greater love has no one than this then to lay down one's life for his friends the president of the United States after whom know the airport is knitting breeze on national television John fifteen thirteen the words of Christ now has greater love than the light of his life for his friends in less than twenty four hours via love will see the truth of that one definition there is no greater love than Calvary is never know where life is knowing this in a later life later life for her friends that was new bigger this from kindergarten days love your neighbor but now I give you a new commandment that you love one another as I am loved you you love one another by this all world know you are my people if you have love for one another as I brooded over that eleventh commandment we call it is routed over these words your John thirteen versus thirty four thirty five I him myself you know what's new now this morning brew none of the more it it hits you you know what's new about this commandment was new about this commandment is what Jesus did not say name is good-looking those upturned faces and that orange glow flickering shadows you look in their faces as Sybase all were no you are my people if you remember the key the Sabbath day holy couldn't have said that this remind you is German everybody never was a sanitary and forth in that room is keeping a status that the pre- incarnate Christ gave to the human race the Sabbath was made for man a man for the Sabbath everyone in the room is a solitary wisdom is understanding I believe with all my heart and the forthcoming I believe that for the Commandments will will will shine brighter and brighter as we move to the end of time you know why because it calls people back to the creator rejuvenation now that is not absolutely as in the opposite direction flowing out the creator didn't know there was a God out of the seven day Sabbath is a gift whose time is gone but I find it a fascinating is that were just talking here of watching a three ABN and you and me I find it fascinating uses the exhibit is over we know you might you keep the Sabbath I also find it interesting that he didn't say by this overly will know if you are my people if you cling to the blessed hope that I'm coming soon I don't misunderstand me just a few breaths later after getting eleventh Commandment Jesus was speaking is worth saving with me let not your heart be troubled you believe in God be the also in me in my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you here comes now I will come again course that is the blessed hope burns bright in all of our hearts but it is rather amazing to me that he didn't take either half of the name that I bear some of the evidence and sent by the solar window your mind the Sabbath of the syndrome is done the point is you go through all of all the great teachers of Scripture he did a lot of he said by this whole world will know you are my people we gather together and you drive into town and yet suddenly burst the population are little at a farm community you do business in town by this everybody will the way you love each other at something reference rest are safe sitting in my office three resources you know what my religion and my mother second when the site until we learn how to ask God to answer the prayer of Christ at night before his execution verse thirty four new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have loved you did you also love one another by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another unmistakable unequivocal unconditional but is already in yellow black and white by this all literate and illiterate socially marginalized economically disenfranchised by this all oh well known you are my people the way you love each other and you love them then back to because you can get it straight up here to listen carefully you can get it straight up here and have it all wrong here there were people alive at the time of Christ who had it all right up here but they had it all wrong down here in the dog Jesus took to his death they arranged for Jesus to be drained they had it all right up here but they had it all wrong down here by this the whole world knows the UR my people posts you might search if you have love for one another within twenty four hours and we did less than twenty four hours before his death in women is on the desk on his death row he tends to cut to the chase and speak only of what matters so the question of making the ask is are we loving people I be loving people are we as twenty centigrade put it are we good in the worst sense of the word there may ever met people like that good in the worst sense of the word 's home or I and proper in their behavior so right and proper but please Lord don't let me live next door to them please does all the demonstrates God in the worst sense of the word like that like a little English girl pray O God make them bad people good and the good people nice him us the seller will know you are my people have love for one another are we loving people only nice are we good in the worst sense of the word the show starred review Philip Yancey told the story and this is ministering but what's amazing about Grace it's a true story heard from a friend of his was a social worker to worsen the down and out and she got undressed by Chicago to come down here today right so this is this social worker friend speaking now a prostitute came to me social worker friend says as prosecuting a man record straight homeless sick unable to buy food for her two -year-old daughter this often tears she told me she'd been wrecking her daughter two years old to men interested in kinky sex they just can't believe she made more running out her daughter for now that you can earn on her own in a nice you have to do it she said a supporter on drug habit Beltran said I currently bear hearing her sordid story for one thing it may be legally liable I'm required to report cases of child abuse I have no idea what to say to the woman class I asked if she'd ever thought of going to church to a church for help I will never forget the look of pure naïve shock that crossed her face charts she cried while I ever go there I was already feeling terrible about myself they would just make me feel worse the incident reflects on the story what struck me about my friend stories that women much like this prostitute flew toward Jesus not away from him the worst person felt about herself the more likely she saw Jesus as a refugee has the church loss that you evidently the down out of if you are no longer feel welcome among his followers if yes what has happened brothers and sisters what has happened do we have it right up here but do we have it wrong he is outgoing fortunately that's not our denomination I had a letter I got a letter from my someone in a church somewhere in this country outside of my community your best to Nelson about five years ago another close friend of mine died of AIDS his name is Jackie died at the age of thirty four Jack was baptized as an evidence that fifty months before he died and I knew him mainly from the weekly prayer meetings Jack was infected with HIV several years prior to joining the church he never knew we had HIV until he got pneumonia surviving a monumental neighbors and his ravenous containing the truth is how do you unfortunately she goes on a few members of the church could accept you because he had AIDS some start going to church affirming because he was there and if you're getting a tiny error sitting in the same room as him my former pastor try very hard to educate these people but they didn't want to hear it went when pastor 's name spent time in hospital Jack every day before he passed away they would say something like I hope a passable get is not home and come back and redo all of us how Angels this week she rides in heaven for the hardest of hearts even a professed Christians last line thank the Lord Jack remain faithful until the end and even had a spirit of love and forgiveness for those members who shown Chandy and Jack knew how much Jesus loves them and that was enough I'm not sure that woman is right I'm not sure that's enough I'm sure it's just enough to oh yes Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so apparently Jesus doesn't feel it enough either Jesus is the seller will know you are the people because you have love for one another as I have loved you you love each other didn't he say that on the eve of his execution didn't he say that he must mean it he must be series this whole world will know people have love for one another you know what I'll I'll I would laugh off these the most stories worry about his aberrations I would laugh them off were it not for the fact I know my own heart I know my and know how easy it is for me to dismiss somebody who doesn't believe like I believe somebody who takes a little different theological nuance and he doesn't I know how easy it is for me to have it all right up here but to walk my people down here and have it all wrong eleventh commands from me and you buy this whole world will know to my people 's love for each the word gets out you can't hide it will love it out but as the whole world will know you are my people if you have love for one another in Matthew is the updated and embarrassing ask myself this too could be that in arts him right over the fourth commandment we neglected the eleventh commandment could be that in a generation notice I have these kids this generation I have a young brightness struggling to carve out meaning in this life but if you want to talk about the millennial sets the generation now that's on the scene in the in the eighteen to thirty the money is your you know what attracts the attention of the millennium and presumably boomers are garbage images that the consumer was in every a thing of the past and I'm a part of itself as I want Jesus to complete scum category that doesn't do you have something to do that will do my seven billion Earth children I want those children older than color them in my name teaches and those are all things and don't forget to include the eleventh commandment when you teach all things but this generation know what what they are looking for is David Drew you know this is your notice your grandkids you notice they are looking for authenticity they're looking for transparency this document 's head stuff do you miss which you practice what you preach to live out that's what they're looking for a three thousand six hundred and thirty University they are struggling as well just like your kids and grandkids but there are bike by Finley this site here you will have no connection this generation now this was that this generation in America we read causes in God we trust our coinage every day that goes by their less people to trust in him in America you know the story course what's good and what's coming what's going to reach those hearts by this all the world will know you are my people if you have love for one another is outdoor now an examiner grow the church will grow the church doing what we do best here doing what we do best fares at Andrews is to send more more people out there to win souls amen amen amen a quotation about LSU revile other woman five foot three hundred years ago she wrote these words or even do you look all welfare ministry having welfare caring for the good of our neighbors was in this line if we would humble ourselves before God and be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and pitiful there would be one hundred conversions to the truth where now there is only one don't tell me that Jesus got it wrong just before he died this whole world will know you are my people if you have love for one another car tenderhearted pitiful means full of pity for big that raises our lack of love this is the love the man this is our greatest page six forty one love demand if the earth were manifestations of the love of God it was to impart this love to make us children of one family but the King of glory became one with us and when his parting words are fulfilled love one another as I have loved you when we love the world as he loved it then for us his mission is accomplished and we are finished for heaven for we had half in our hearts in a beautiful city for having one but haven't blogged about how many want to go to heaven of course anything is random love one another as Iomega says where we love one another we are sinners for heaven for we had happen in our hearts Barry Jesus really did mean to speak thirty one times about law before you die apparently the eleventh commandment is essential for the ten Commandments to take root why new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have a view that you also love one another by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another Friday dice Thursday night crisis telephone rang in the final impurity there on campus I say there is said by there is a woman on the phone I'll recognize her voice and singular names you want your name your think a golf course and golfer said hello Giselle S&Ls as in this sixth I been listening on the radio we would never rated telecast set job of listening on the radio and I love his God is not somebody to be afraid of was somebody to be a friend of I know I knew I could call you for him and the moment she said helped a voice inside me said get ready she's going to ask for money I'm embarrassed at Davis just like a sissy finance you watch what you watch she will ask you for money you better have an answer either at fast as he would at the Salvation Army and permanent United Way at the police focus as close as no good I'll find something to said I knew I could if I say yes what would it be just as well I need some and she said I'm just getting ready I'm just getting ready to respond very politely the Holy Spirit comes up and he said this this he said I actually have a thousand dollars waiting for me in Chicago but after listening to these teachings about God describing I know I can go back for that thousand dollars and in the story tumbledown to little kids resorting to what they call the world 's oldest profession could keep food on the table plying her art in the sullied suited doorways of the Windy City I could go back but I don't think I should assist you what right made arrangements for this woman to get the money to her anonymously I see you come into the church to be in envelope here it will have money and may God be with never some months later I'm at the back of the church front of the church reading their worshipers is leaving at the second service in a tall woman comes attractive she says Professor Nelson do you remember me second half life of actually getting a sorry then she just said a few words I said oh I remember you to set out in a mind of the children Ivan coming to worship year that few Saturdays price inflation are you are you are welcome to worship your any time is your family entire nation never knew it one her face came out of that baptistery with water listening on her countenance and a smile of a thousand watts I knew the truth if any woman is in Christ behold she is a new creation all things are passed away behold all things become new I almost turn that woman away too much about it for me on the time of this your Bible argue theology we can talk to money I almost an embarrassment to almost turn that woman away Jesus is a win way this is the only way that women know something radio that states that satellite it saves I say few people who want and loving people if you will love one another the whole world will know the whole world know you are my people by what I want to love like Jesus don't you one of love like Jesus of the trust is right until that prayer defense how could God ever do a new thing anyway blessing and across the honest thing near that cross every noticing this together you and me he you mean you across their precious fountain Street well you have your handle on your phone Jesus gave me near the garage their precious fountain free to all the healing stream flows from calories mounted in the cross be my Laurier Stanwood and stand in a single thing was he watching on television right now you join us a of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more we would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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