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Self Control

Magna Parks


Magna Parks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, and president of Be In Good Health, a health education organization. She conducts mental health seminars based on science and the Bible and inspired writings. She has authored books and articles on various mental health issues.


  • June 6, 2013
    12:00 PM
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father we thank you so much for all you are and for what you seek to do whom they are methyl ethyl such as myself and others if on SSN before you people I ask the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and direction and pray that you may be with everyone listening that they may be able to take one now get from this that will draw them closer to you we thank you for the privilege of being able to come before you in Jesus name we pray amen time in your Bible philosophy on the screen but tirelessly to first Corinthians nine versus twenty five to twenty seven first Corinthians nine versus twenty five through twenty seven any agrees and every man that striving for the mastery is temperate and how many things all things now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown but we an incorruptible I therefore so run not as uncertainly sulci I not as one feet in the air but I keep under my body and bring it into subjection that bad by any means when I have preached to others I myself should become a castaway Paul is using the analogy of training in athletics to help us understand part of the dynamics of the Christian life in particular the focus is on an ingredient that within an ingredient in a talk about the heat of the single word but when he talks about running not as an certainly fighting keeping his body on this objection is he talking about here self control currently when Paul came up with this to the Holy Spirit he thought about not only well we do in life but the hall was also looking at what we can do as we ran on this earth a Mac and self-control is very important now I believe if I went to this audience and talk to each one of you you can tell me one area that you have problems with controlling I myself am speaking to you about this but the areas in which I have suffered so that each time I created on also preaching to myself we will world today if you want get it thing about resisting unhealthy desires emotions have it I encouraged any idea self-control is Lawrence and many people we sometimes desire but warily always successful with it God and his word admonishes us about self-control the more self-control is not used in the Bible Adina admonishes us in different ways of looking some example a former twenty five twenty eight you can read it with me he that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a seed that is broken down without long when you can't rule your emotions when you can will your thoughts your spirit is life you have no defense that of self-control I'm not that we often talk about the fruit of the Spirit analysis five twenty two but the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness say neediness 's rants against such there is no law something we used the works of private self-control synonymously different but of the same were told by the side of the line the temperance of the favorite things are modeling using judicious legal things that are good for self-control interestingly when you looking to target people University for the work of the flesh they also lack of self-control I've got three slight occasion I found extremely strident murders drunkenness on the work of the flies show a lack of self-control sometime whether the head neck original and any dryness to another meal the first is but enticingly when China gives the ammunitions in the different age groups into the different generating on my feet off the aged man he'd lost faith in women younger men young women than ever wanted to talk to you today but if you are the other one that he constantly uses live ammunition to each of the nest towards solar he wants them to be sold for each group now in order to be sober summary first to clear thinking and I exercise self-control we must be yours a man are designing our argues are tendencies must be up front with staff will rationale clear thinking someone timeless and admonition he's a tell all the men I want you to resell right to exercise self-control young man I want to do the same these somber young women older women now all he had to leave anybody out when he talked about the idea of celebrating themselves in an and exercising clear thinking now of the Bible as we had time we can look in the biographies of Denny's people in the Bible and see that most of them sadly did not exercise self-control pain and get the feeling that they understand imagine if you thought whenever he saw came in from working as well it was very hungry he asked inside a lack of self-control when he said that I believe the way I say he said please give me that pot of lentils I will do anything ultimately blessing for you to get a departmental example of a lack of self-control will show some self-control and is one of my favorite characters in the Bible was John went out of his lifetime and he will add one of the best in the nihilism is relatively and he was successful with it you are the interesting remember when I was what really you need any Saudi Egyptian man doing something feeling and was led these are the cryptography instantly went on and feel that Mangini was a sense of what is in the wilderness to learn you need to control yourself because even immediately with an hardheaded people and I for one he has a job in Israel I shall a lot control until Byron and when he struck that Robinson is the demo had an up-and-down history that God is merciful in spite of that still taken to have the merciful God that we ship that we serve and in the history with bashing the shore only showing a lack of self-control that sounds than the strongest man in the world also the weekend the genre lack of self-control and using women these on Atlanta Falcons run I believe that was original many date of the Psalm one day before that he was the trip them up and make it seem to make at the time they knew they were able to get the answer remember a leading leave until several animals and and did several things showing a lack of self-control that he can get a gift the garments they often than you are not a favorite of my characters progress in his heart that he would not become himself on and on about the different characters in the Bible deceived me and you get the idea many of them suffered and struggled with the official but we can also look to history in ground concrete all these nations but I believe that history tells me correctly I is lack of self-control and then we have coming up to more contemporary times we have and falling because of different problems with affairs in people having problems with drinking leaf reading online and all of history and then when we come closer to home and looking online some of us have problems with appetite some of that had problems with this thing that I'm using right now the time some of us have problems controlling our emotions the list goes on and on self-control is a real issue and in areas that are prominent for looking at self-control not wanting to look at one today in missionary has odd behaviors and activities our words and our thinking is also emotions but Gaddafi focusing more on behavior and activity snap the studies using done by the Barna group government and the Barna group a group of people do a lot conduct the research with a lot of Christians in the in the United States and a studying the favorite sayings and in an attempt case is that people admit to in the USA I have a job and I was able to show that is some understand that people admitted to was eating too much spending too much money being feelings you feeling porn engaging in effect in a sexually inappropriate behavior lying cheating you know the interesting thing is the worst temptations see where people admitted to that is hard for us and that's what we having problems with advanced asked to respond to resist temptation what do you do when temptation comes your way it was just interesting eighteen percent of knowledge to his father says that they are so sad then they you always reason and reminders process that they just say no do you remember Nancy Reagan having that campaign I you kept the we find that campaign didn't really work people became more aware of my views that it did not set on this crazy people using drug three percent use down power which sometimes is also use anonymously with self-control and one percent I thought it was cute they said they does go to bed they resist and so that you will get different way that we deal with self-control now you have become very interested in this area good thing I like about how God has led the Aggies in the practice and many of the things I think in practice and a lot of press me that some of those things enough biblical I don't believe in counseling but we have to use that method the men but what I'm getting excited about that I love you research on seeing that I'm not crying out and many of the things that .com was founded many years ago science is starting to sound and psychologists have become interested in this hall area willpower some of them use the word regulation some of them use the word self-control and anyone interested in this analysis yes I met with you today view my dynamic teacher more than a preacher okay here are some of what I've found out it was a study done way back in the nineteen sixties with several preschoolers by Doctor Walter Michelle and this is what he did the reason and with the choice of eating one marshmallow now or to marshmallow fifteen hundred years after he had minor the second fifteen minutes later the music and a preschooler if you need is what I'm not regularly get one right now but if you weigh out his YouTube and it was just doing what he found because he thought these people for decades later he founded timelessly with me on the screen the one cool way for fifteen minutes they had better relationships in the right order and they are still abound just then they were less likely to abuse drugs they had better relationships that were better at handling stress they obtain high degrees and they earn more money down what is waiting for fifteen minutes determine how successful they were in life later on the Congress on research and they found two major things that help people do well in life one is intelligent and what is self-control which one do you think they found the most important of those two self-control when I run the reasons I said to myself this is why we see some very smart people not doing well in life they lack self-discipline they lack self-control and is the only people not to simply as I am then when I signed this document I recognize the reason for many of them have to do not learn how to be disciplined and not learn how to control themselves and wet and still is it still is cool exercise self-control and Mary school why am I likely to suffer class on time there am I likely to start their homework earlier and are not likely SNL nineteen dollars an hour different and then going to do what they needed to on about self control not likely how you can think of how important self-control is now the wildlife there he's a psychologist and he studied this topic for about ten years any luck with them as ingredients that if you're writing a legitimizing down because you're usually a selfish chat with other people about West UPN increase South control what is a sound and it only can you think of biblical principles the sound I can install you have to have a long-range focus is a set of my here and now focus on following that it is now all I would like to be a doctor I would like to be a lawyer off my hand in the way that we like to be and you see that in your mind you won't be more likely to exercise self-control do you see any analysis of the Christian walk if we are recognizing that an eternal world is an eternity there's a time when we can live without them the things I'm doing now will either help me live that long Tylenol all take away but if I just love to hear and now exercise self-control is much that's one thing that Doctor bought myself out and he is not interested this is just your science I'm not he found that I thought was kind of Biblical he said he felt a cell fun careful attitude develop a self forgetful attitude distract myself from you all and designers and difficulty with Sarah and I talked about earlier with the young people to be civilized if I was awake again and again marshmallows right in front of them with a wonderland of fifty minutes they looked around the rule they say who they look the way you act on the marshmallow 's children but we don't need to do the same thing only dealing with things that were struggling with it can be just about focusing on that particular thing you wanted that you want to say what do you have to have a self forgetful attitude being so self deficits will a lot but insisted I identify myself and about you saying that he found was to have what is known as a free company that strategy you have to commit yourself are you going to do ice actually when you know you really get into situations when that temptation will be real for you Daniel Vicki purpose in his heart that he would not defile himself with making the meeting will free commitment as a starting talk about Henry Stanley and I'm sure you heard about David Livingstone David Livingstone went went on Africa one of the soccer slave trade and do some other things for years now my heart from David Livingstone and Henry's family to a group of men and you reside all that he will than a fine David Levinson during the time he was mounting they ran across many things seen by men across people getting sick and dying from malaria they ran across people who were on escape from BTL dying and getting sick but nothing happened to Henry Stanley estimates and nothing happened I think that he kept calling me what he said he took asylum almost and he says there will be one lonely alcoholic remains in me I will not be tempted to read the resolution I have found that I think about this I see I live limiting son alive no matter what happens he will miss in his diary and do you know Henry's family ended up fighting David Levinson he may truly a management strategy but as we need to be making some strategy I am struggling in this area about how I committed that I'd like to address this in this way sometimes that's okay but not enough striving to become in the strategies I'm not BallHype star and his researchers found was make your resolutions in front of another person and that person has to mean something to the research shows that what we like a resolution in front of another person you know I have this problem in this area and I am committed to we are also also become the legal and accountability partner have you read that very helpful in dealing with issues that are struggling with I'm not saying that he said was set up leader rules for what after temp temp attempts to set up clear rules for whatever tension is interesting what he said to me that he said if you are a smoker or drinker and cannot be applied in any case I'm just using the zero two examples of processing yourself to drink or smoke not really is not good enough this and other farming boundaries with an obvious point at which you go from moderate to access these as you have to say I now tolerate you can't say I'm struggling with suites of this committee once me today I went tomorrow until you have victory over that you have to set a clear I know the week until I get the victory over that don't follow me novel has to be a clear life and moment how is this actually can't tell that this enrollment may not put raisins one two full field the last arrow meant anytime you make of it has been effective in the story with Johnny you had to start regarding johnnies mother said Johnny do not go swimming in the pool right one day she came home Donnie came home wet in the Madison County what did you do well I brought my babysitting case I wanted to swim female roommate is one of the last e-mail I sometimes we have to send back clear rule now the next step is the last of them mentioned and many others on it and talk about a few other things after that but he sat me from more consistent now realizes the secular psychologist and but at the research him I wanted this event with religious activity I thought that was so interesting societies shall map for the most part religious people when you compare the nonreligious people do not think that many people struggle with self-control but when you compare with nonreligious people think I can exercise my self-control and their families is that it for why remained in the research shown the health of power to read they study children the Sunday school and this was interesting children who would be vastly attend Sunday school and we can add status hi we are on test of self-discipline they also found that religious the mouth children tend to be less impulsive and also improve the monitoring behavior not only are we thinking there is a God was watching us but being a religious group are clunky as a lifeline for these these artifacts this is like the fact that the store you know a you mean that the monitors are behavior and he had to exercise now that the ostrich wallet when they feel that no one is watching and so the idea of having the fact that there might be a god or supernatural being paying attention to what you do that you had respected because someone was gone because I given diverticula become too wrong I'm not saying that but understanding that he's watching NFL things he requires of us are doing it out of love because it is not that we only got the best one I've found that religious people is that for hire him again and even secular psychologist for a house because it forces people to answer their daily activities in order to bring someone you have a bad habit of interrupting I received the pray that you now have some self-control with you and I think using our pastor talking with dancing original field he met a woman we had known for Wiley not especially lost weight I thought you said you wanted to do when he said I pray and if I don't make sense to him but he's an all-around in myself and he found as he proudly views and self-control increased desire to do more things and in different areas some Marian pointed out when your time since I'm sorry people praying or meditating faithfully strong activity in parts of the brain that is also important for self-control is when a measurement rain and you pray activities going on in the herring on the brain it also helps you with self-control the price is really something it was a document month McAuliffe and him and meditation are a kind of worked out the self-control these I can't run anymore from the importance of religion when I was going to graduate school religion was pooh-poohed I was twenty something years ago yellow magnet your religious person but now I can't understand no longer run fanatic on religion the reason is dreaming is that we have to look at religion was really interesting the Spanish cell that the reason that you attend church can also affect and self-control if you are in charge because you want a permanent time if you bought a work charge because you want to see your friends first has gone to church because of a relationship with God this got me show you will have less self-control isn't that interesting there we found which you delete activities immediately to attend sharp to have it haven't had on how well you can control your different things after struggling with and this is not anonymous on that handing out to look at will they found that people who are struggling with hypoglycemia validation of them is always high you have a problem with self-control to actually do this many with prisoners in a monitored it was glucose levels in the prisoners who had the lower glucose levels they were less likely to come back into the prison is so interesting and honest is related to self-control now we talking about religion and assignment of the line west on how I decide to find out about the importance of related and self-control she said something and you see on the screen about religion she says she will related scenes in his cell control that we should rule related sheets in itself is wrong I just think that he doesn't affect religion teaches self-control light she says sure you will religion teaches self-control model and that he had whose youngest remark from a desire to he said the time evidence of nobility in a Christian and live cell control the highs and minutes of nobility and a Christian is self-control that all these strategies are talked about free commitment strategy are talked about setting clear boundaries you know and talk about other things but not as this is not only the human parts of self-control she will self-control only comes when time experienced pain within us have to analysis five twenty two spent the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace temperance when gone while living in fact when we get Mitchell self-control and this is because when you look at different of different people exercising self-control abilities powerful features like somebody fainted I play many Howard and building things but when you look in their lives they lack self-control and on a you because next to a piece in this him only thing I do understand that in the long run is that we look to guide him we were not happy that she will now control the Bible says I can do anything at all I know I would strengthen it but I didn't miss is that these again I could not talk about people as much as I do what problem you have you can do it all through Christ which strengthens if you live in talking about take meeting at the problem from the Ananova that the only example I keep thinking of Shannon 's fans are in his will that you who work is in you both to Leo Gillett in the film got to be admitted in order for us to really have that you self-control and influence held by the Senate and the Lord again Suzanne will now power is to be under control I went somewhere where someone said nobody pointed out that regarding self-control there is a difference between godly self-control and more self-control on the things that I just gave you earlier the difference 's tips with self-control is that the world with self-control and make you successful but we want self-control that will not only help me resist you do well in school I just now will be when the self-control that will glorify him that's what we have to keep in mind as Christians was striving for the self-control father glorify me on lifetime and I will glorify you as so put away these things because I want to be a better witness for you and nevertheless ever keep in mind that the most we feel really all the way down with a thing about self-control a guy can be viewed to be careful as you can bus and we will him while adhering it on the screen and how freedom of age as children of God to hold fast the profession of our faith without what wavering at times the masculinity power had taken seems to his hack our real power to do what I most add to exercise a seems utterly contrary to all the evidence is of itself are emotion but how will you know must be kept on whose side God sigh I'm talking about willpower self-control today but had a slight difference between the wheel and willpower the window has to do with making a decision some have problems with making a decision you ever met people like that they also like the problem with self-control but that wasn't to make decisions and not waffle and he sat here and if we keep at decision-making power you need the humans live on his side he will help us in the area of overcoming those things that tempt us now on the model of self-control that we know and that's ever lived on this art season of life the alternate model and self-control through July eighth to imagine being brought before rulers being spent on the face torn clothes torn off and just standing there and doing nothing talk about self-control especially when you had to go guiltily aside and delete these people commit mindless self control at the mouth he was mistreated but he showed self-control especially in the wilderness became overcame an appetizing pride of life in various areas him him him him I told him away our father Adam failed especially in the area after that we told you and one of the seasons of the self-control that Christ exemplified was the fact that the glory of his father was more important than what he desired one and what he wanted the glory of the father was more important than what you desired and what he wants it all I like to get to that point don't you well on the decisions you make a seeking to glorify God more than self something when I been insisted every single day you have to make a decision in my glorifying God or my glorifying self and anything that we do listen to this while you see on the screen and may be asked for contrary by enduring lesson theorists test for our sake he asked the size of what a sound stroll and stronger than hunger or just trying to imagine what the self-control that is stronger than hunger and death among migrant really wrap around the thigh believe these words because they are inspired and he is born of self-control he decide a self-control that is stronger than hunger or death and he did it on our behalf self-control is that they would as so many of my difficulties there are people who come in smile and you see them happy but in the deep dark recesses of the night of the crime closed doors some people only within things some of you might be sitting out right today in only some of you may be listening to struggling I pray that's something that I sent today saying you can solve working on and asking God to have you been will will control in your life you will you sitting down what do you think to yourself and make that recommitment in your heart even now father this is an area I want to give to you because I'm struggling with me and I believe that you can give me the power and over no amendment in your heart today even as I taught each one of us have an area that we have to work on it maybe our emotions I mentioned earlier for some and maybe I'm not just right after this as you both alive self control so maybe I thought I is my problem one of my problems is worried sometimes I speak before I think any knowledge of the people self-control if you are even I mention I thought there's a hot mess that we have to get rid of ninety different areas that almost in dealing with things be not disguise no but Christ said I will come to life while the weekend the electronic is now the Lord God tells us send you that you're self-employed to God recent example that he will do what you want to die and he will not exceeding James Zelda and Captain five versus seven and eight we must make that determination in our hearts and ask God to give us the strength that he immediately got a new ministry that you need down with me as we just called in and in a little early but does that with me can only pray for anybody who struggling with self-controlled myself out with me father you know your people their precious people who are sitting before me today who were listening out in the world of television was struggling with things happen that they one overcome father desires after struggling with words and they need to get a control of emotions appetite and you know whether things are more likely for each person him they make a commitment in the heart make that resolution find someone if they can work with to overcome the areas that they struggle with father we believe that all things through your possible then we believe that when we asked if you will do it for us so I present my people before you and I thank you for what you've given us in our work to overcome in May we believe your promises and trust then we submit ourselves the devil will flee from being with our precious people today thank you for this time to hear in Jesus name we pray amen do you think you this media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about hothouse as you like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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