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The Power

Ty Gibson


God is up to something, and you are at the center of His agenda. He’s about to empower you in a whole new way, if you’re willing to move to the next level with Him.


Ty Gibson

Co-Director of Light Bearers and Pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, OR



  • August 8, 2013
    7:00 AM
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Robert a bar or in Onset like you come this early morning session I considered not coming myself but here we are so lets in this time together in a very productive way exploring this morning God 's idea of power more specifically I want to spend our time together discovering the power that God has made possible potential he ate a late ten in Adventism psalmist prayed together as we get started father in heaven Lord we invite your presence here this morning we want nothing more than to be led by your Holy Spirit product take charge of my mind my time give me the privilege Lord to speak effectively and clearly on your behalf in Jesus name amen as we explore the biblical idea of power I'm reminded that some truths are best known by contrast to what they are not so let's begin with encountered I recently had personally with an extremely powerful person the fact is this individual was considered to be in history so powerful that my first encounter with him that is the historic memory of him was a life-size painting and very few wires in all his powerful glory it was King Henry the eighth and I was just standing a couple of weeks ago at Hampton Court Palace but I stood before this painting of this extremely powerful man in a particular weighing a hall rather of this palace the audio guide that I was listening to with a very somber and sober voice that this team had walked this very hall in which your spending would you have the courage to lift your eyes to meet his and then there was a dramatic pause knowing that at will he could lop off your head and he had in fact lopped off many hats including two of his six wives right there at Hampden Court Palace so I was standing in the presence of the memory of a very powerful man and then suddenly out of nowhere as we stood there taking in what was history out of nowhere King Henry the eighth will not himself but in enactment of him came out of nowhere and he was a man pretending to be King Henry VIII dressed like King Henry VIII remarkably you looking like a painting of him on the wall and would recommend being an intimidating tone he pointed to a number of us men who were in the group and commanded us to follow him to his chambers and so we got and we found ourselves sitting in a room with the unspoken expectation that we men would all play along with this display of kingly power he began to describe to us how he was going to take another woman as his wife but there were certain political maneuvers that must be made for which she needed our support and then within intimidating glass dictated to us that our heads were at stake if we didn't go along with the political maneuvers that need to be made in order for him to move out of one relationship into another and you could just feel feel the power of this enactment of this ancient team will this is precisely the kind of power by contrast that God is not interested in exerting over the world this was the power of a friend sentence but that presence conveyed intimidation this was the power of coercion this was the power of the force of a larger will over our own and the threat of harm or possibly death if we didn't go along with the program this is a kind of power would you agree this is a power that plays upon our emotions and appeals to our sense of self what preservation that's right it is the power of an intimidating year now I'd like to suggest to you this morning that if I serve God under the influence of that kind of power in other words if I harbor or cherish in my heart a picture of the character of God that has me intimidated before him and serving him or quote worshiping him or even obeying him out of a sense of obligation and duty because after all he's not and I'm not so I had better or how in my relationship with God is grounded in that kind of power then ultimately I'm not actually serve being worshiped in obeying God it's still at that point is all about who me and self-preservation not only does something very fascinating with power in this regard she talks about the fact in the book desire of ages that and I quote now it is not the fear of punishment nor in the hope of everlasting reward that leaves the disciple of Christ to follow him than what power isn't it it's not hear of punishment it is not the desire for reward than what he has said that prompts what's the impetus what's the monad is that God is really appealing to or actually trying to stimulate and re-create within us she goes on and says Beatty holds his matchless love in his death on Calvary 's cross and the size of him tracks now seem very very interestingly uses the word attracts there is the contrast in this quotation between two we might say kinds of power on the one hand there is the kind of power that drive this by intimidation and fear and then there is the kind of power that what's working is again attracts we have to ask ourselves the question this morning and at every juncture of our Christian experience are we in a relationship with God through Christ that is attracting us to do is there a voluntary kind of outreaching third God or is it merely an exercise in self preservation the fear of punishment or the desire for reward because the fact is as long as I'm serving God each other what I might have threatened upon me or serving God because what I might get in the end by way of material goods in the posh and luxurious heaven and eternal life in the streets of gold and all of that as long as here of harm to myself or desire of reward to myself if the motive for serving God then really I don't love him for who he has I love him what was in quote marks here you understand for what I might avoid or evade or what I might gain so at that point self still occupies the throne of my heart and no actual conversion has occurred I'm going through it on why calls the motions of up here in the north serving God in a way that houses for following him but is in fact avoiding ongoing through the external motions of a relationship with God but no actual relationship of the quality that God is looking for is actually there so let's look at it this way God is a God who is operating listen carefully now God the one and only true God is a power under kind of God not a power over kind of God DC the contrast that God is not interested in exercising a power that is imposed from without in order to extract from us but he's interested in exerting a power from within that produce voluntary oh two God and this is the highest possible form of relationship imaginable now I love the theme for this year 's ASI you notice the theme haven't you it's time to be about her father 's business deal like that you like it while it's from Scripture you you you hear something there don't you I don't know if you've recall or looked up where this is taken from but this is the question if it's time to be about our father 's business what in fact is our fathers business what is it that the father is all about and in the title we have here a direct reference to Jesus at a mere twelve years of age you remember who had been busying himself in the Temple first encountering the Passover sacrifice for the first time you remember twelve years old imagine Jesus the son of God God incarnate standing there watching the sacrificial service the Lamb is slain before him and burned to ashes and Jesus is looking on you remember his omniscient and omnipresent had been put as it were on the whole or in remission he has really become a human being the very Scriptures that he has inspired the profits to write Mary is not teaching him at her mother 's knee geniuses can't sit under a Jerusalem sycamore tree and reminisce about what it was like with the father and the Angels before he came to this world now according to Scripture Jesus in Luke chapter want crew in knowledge and in wisdom he learned things he said later on himself no man knows the day or the hour of the coming of the Son of Man but the father alone not even myself I don't even know the day and the hour when I'll return because Jesus was a real human being now he was moving through a developmental process and the little boy twelve years old he stands there watching misattributions serve he's been taught by Mary to that point no doubt she has walked him through Isaiah fifty and it's dawning on him as he looks at the mysterious service and the sacrifice it done that this is all pointing to my mission in my identity now this is important because when his parents find him as he has now encountered his first Passover is a twelve -year-old boy and now sees in among the scholars asking questions and getting answers when Mary and Joseph finally find him and their little perturbed as parents would be when you're twelve years old and you have wandered off Jesus don't you know that I must be about my father 's business it is in this context the context of realizing his identity and mission that Jesus said to him about my father 's business mom and dad to see you know it has begun it is time and now something is going to unfold before the world and I'm realizing precisely who I am and what my mission is now his mission his identity Jesus unfolds before us and will just use the gospel of John as our main text for this part of our message this morning in John chapter one verse fourteen the Scripture says this is chapter one of the gospel of John verse fourteen the words speaking users became flesh and dwelt among us one version says God moved into the neighborhood up close and personal and we beheld notice we beheld not just with physical eyeballs but with our hearts and minds we saw something we realize something in this encounter the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld what everybody his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of two things what are they grace and truth the word glory here is the word throughout Scripture I want take the time to demonstrate desk it is the word throughout Scripture that means that equates to the character of God the word means to reheat outward to shy to become luminescent with whatever the inner content is whatever the inner being is about signs for in Jesus and what is inside of him his precious cargo the contents of his Harken 's mind his thoughts his feelings is the glory or the character of the father son chapter one of the gospel of John when Jesus comes in the world when his feet and landed on planet Earth and is competent to real time in human history Jesus is here to get something done he has some business he's got some work to do and according to the Scripture what he has come to do the business that he is getting down to is to manifest so that we might behold what precisely the character of God now in verse eighteen of John chapter one this theme continues watches that bill is now one no human being has seen who God at any the time notice by contrast the only begotten son who is in or has been for all eternity past in the bosom of the father that is a metaphor a symbol the bosom is assembled here for instrument friendship fellowship with the father the only begotten son who is the intimate fellowship with the father for all eternity past notice what it says with the father he has declared him through Jesus I is on a declaration mission according to the Scripture became in the previous Scriptures of the we might be hold the glory or the character of God now the Scripture says he came to declare something what has become to declare what the Scriptures say you got to have them on the screen what if you come to declare the father what about the father now you have to remember that there is a back drop here when you look at Scripture as a whole you can go all the way back to Genesis and realize that a great controversy has erected in God 's universe first in heaven with Lucifer laying charges against the character of God essentially Ellen White says that the whole great controversy arose among the Angels because of the claim that Satan was making that God does not love others above and for himself that God is really all about himself and everybody had better in fear serve him now when the great controversy comes from heaven to earth the devil in Genesis chapter three lays out before the human mind a series of propositions in Genesis chapter three the devil formulates what we might call the primal why he is called in the Gospel of John in chapter eight the liar and he as a singular lie to tell and it is a lot about the character of God God is arbitrary God is capricious is basically like King Henry VIII and you had better get your act together because he relates on the premise of intimidation and coercion and fear that was essentially the lie that Satan 's hold at the launching of his rebellion against God now fast-forward from Genesis fast-forward from the beginning of the great controversy where lives are told about the father Jesus comes in the world and immediately he goes about the business of wine declaring the father revealing the truth about the father in distinct contrast to this cycle NFS am lines regarding the father that Satan has palmed off on the human race Jesus comes from the bosom of the father to declare the father later on in the Gospel of John in chapter five in verse nineteen Jesus fills out our understanding of his mission watch this the sun speaking of himself can do nothing of himself but what he sees the father do for whenever you see that is Jesus the son whatever seats usually whatever he a father dies the son Jesus also dies in like manner what is Jesus just said here is basically saying everything that you are beholding in my life errors every single episode and interaction with human beings everything is a revelation of who the father so he's continuing his mission his business you come to chapter fourteen verse nine and Jesus just as in the previous persons the disciples Thomas on this occasion I believe not usually fill up with the spokesperson for the disciples and defense show us the father and we will be satisfied and Jesus says he who has seen me has seen the father in other words the theme over and over again Jesus has come for the express purpose the business of revealing the truth about the father and again the backdrop is in contrast to the lies that have been told about the father that have estranged human hearts from God listen God has created us psychologically emotionally and even biologically in such a way that we are wired for relationship based on freedom and voluntary love God made us to be and took him out and to behave in such a way that our freedom is preserved but the integrity of a relationship with him comes in ten dumb with that freedom God doesn't really love he doesn't bypass our freedom in the plan of salvation the preserves are free well and brings us through what Ellen White say what was of orgy years by a traction he draws us back to himself so Jesus is all about this mission of declaring the father revealing the father if you see me you seen the father the gospel of John continues this is fascinating Jesus now coming to be in his ministry is summarizing what he's been about his business that he's been about the summarizing any tells the disciples says that chapter sixteen of John verse twenty five these things I have spoken to you and what kind of language you have to account language everybody what cuddling with everybody else figurative language right Jesus is even speaking in parables and stories figurative language yes or no if he happens Jesus up on talking you all along and figures in parables but listen the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you again figurative language on the context Jesus is going to the cross here Jesus is saying all the metaphors all the stories all the parables all the figurative language is about to give way to a concrete revelation of who God is in the cross I been talking in parables but in talking to you so far in figure language but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you entered of language but I will tell you plainly about who about the father hears a scream again everything 's going to give why all parables and stories give way to a revelation of the father now he continues in verse twenty six and twenty seven and he tells us precisely what it is that we are to encounter in him as a revelation of the father in that day what day context Julie the day when all active languages laid aside in a concrete revelation will be given at the cross in that they you will ask in my name and I do not say to you that I shall pray the father for you we've been approaching Jesus all alone through the father we pray in Jesus name this is called mediation but now in simple language Jesus is taking the whole scope of our encounter with him at the cross historically I am reading straight through our personal experiences right here and right now where through the revelation of the father in Christ we continue to approach him in Jesus name of course we do but Jesus as Messiah I'm not going to continue to have to approach the father for the because something has happened what's happened he says and I do not say that I will pray the father for you notice that this is probably the mountaintop the climax of the key hacks of the teachings of Jesus these simple words for the father himself loves you enough their words in the backdrop of this great controversy were relationship with God the father was broken on the premise of lies about the character of God which put our hearts in rebellion against him on the premise of these lines now Jesus comes and reveals the father and here he said there's something very precise something very specific he has come to teach us about the father and what is the father himself why this is what he himself loves you what would Jesus has been saying all along you encountered me you know that I love you you see me receive the children to my knee and to bless them you've seen me with the woman at the well and in encountering one person after another lobbying and lobbying and carrying and sympathizing and forgiving and the woman you see me with the woman caught in adultery I don't condemn you sin no more you've encountered me you're about to encounter the scene at the revelation of my character and love for you at the cross but I want you to know Jesus says here I want you to know that in every juncture every step along the way it's not just me the father there are so long as you and all the love and goodness and beauty and character that you are encountering in me is precisely the love and goodness and beauty of character that is in the father forgive he wants us to build this very very beautiful psychological branch between what we see in him and what we see where in the father God the father is accurately revealed in Jesus as when he comes to the cross becomes to closure and this is the prayer he prayed right before Calvary just right before he would go to the cross and notices carefully in John seventeen Jesus Sethi speaking directly to the father now the father who himself loves us and he says father this is eternal life that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent you see that bridge again father eternal life UNI father we know what this is all about eternal life is encompassed in them being brought back to a relationship in which they now you and know me as the true revelation of who you are this is how we're restored this is how were saved eternal life itself is to know God as God really is for who God really is will in this context in verse four of John seventeen Jesus says I have glorified you where on the earth that's his mission again what was his mission to glorify the father that is to magnify the beauty of God 's character before human hearts and minds to reveal to us the true glory of God 's character in contrast to the lies that are at the foundation of this great controversy between good and evil so father I glorified you on the earth notice the language now I have sinned the one vote work which you have given needed to what is no work context Julie that Jesus clearly is referring to we walked through the gospel of John stopping at various junctures along the way noticing that Jesus who came from the bosom of the father from intimate fellowship with the father has come to declare him to reveal he comes in the closet this ministry said listen listen all the figurative language needs to give way to a concrete revelation who the father is and when you see this revelation you will now in your heart of hearts that the father shall once you and then he says to the father okay Gotthard on were done the father has now been revealed the work is finished and then he comes across again in the Gospel of John and he hangs between heaven and earth and as he is there pouring out his wife's blood for you and me having love us gospel of John chapter thirteen verse one having loved us to the end love this to the end of himself revealing beyond all shadow of a doubt in contrast to the lies about the character of God that have formed this may ease of confusion in which the world finds itself in which God is feared rather than love Jesus has gotten it done I revealed who you really are hanging between heaven and earth he cries out after receiving the sour wine it is one it is finished any doubt his head and gave up his spirit what is finished what is the what is the mammoth huge colossal it that is here referred to what we've walked straight through the gospel of John stopping at that point along the way where Jesus defined his mission over and over and over again it is finished means essentially the plan of salvation in principle is fully achieved in me dying on the cross the revelation of the father 's character is now perfectly revealed in this substitutionary sacrifice of not putting himself in the person of Christ in our place and therefore basically showing us declaring to is revealing to us that God literally allowed UN need more than his own big system God would rather die forever and to live without you and me and high this God of infinite other centered self giving love this is very God that Jesus came to declare this God has achieved something astounding and monumental as Jesus starts in the cross what has he achieved Jesus revealing the father has shown us beyond all shadow of a doubt that God 's love exceeds beyond transcends all self-interest and right there there is a kind of theological rational emotional sigh of restful relief is the most powerful person in the universe omnipotent Almighty God the person who literally with words can speak worlds into existence if the most powerful person in the universe the one who occupies the throng of infinite power is just kind of God what piece with absolute assurance the illegitimate year of punishment gives way the mercenary desire for reward gives way and you begin to know him as he really is and in the knowing something spontaneous not strings not force something spontaneous begins to transpire in the heart you begin to love him you begin to long for him he began to appreciate him or to use again our opening statement from Ellen White we begin to be attracted to him and we find ourselves with Jesus before us on the cross in this sacrificial act of love we find ourselves under the influence of a power that does not exert itself over but a power that comes under in service him him and self-sacrifice incoming under in service it rises in costs like a beautiful new life it's called being reborn were born again were converted in that moment before the cross as we realize God 's great love for us in South the business referring back to our thinking the business or what Jesus called the work in John seventeen that he had finished the business that Jesus was about was the business of giving the world an accurate portrayal of God 's character reviewing the father 's glory this is the father 's business that he said as a twelve -year-old child that he must get about and this is the business that we buy parallel as a people by parallel to Jesus must be about describing the mission of Adventism and that's a bold audacious claim I understand but here we encounter the movement of Adventism in symbolism in Revelation chapter eighteen in verse one and the language is crucial I saw another angel coming down from heaven having what everybody great power and the earth was yielding illuminated illumines with his glory no as Seventh-day Adventists we know historically we believe historically and we have a clear testimony of the writings of that modern profit that voice among us Ellen why this is an fan and extended an elongated event that he will not moment in time but a unfolding of and experience for the world in a final revelation regarding the character of God we know this is what is referred to buy online at the loud cry which is to be attended by the latter rain are you with me so far this is a prophecy of the final phase of the admit movement and what will be achieved by that movement this movement if we could humbly and not with arrogance grass the enormity and the privilege of this mission now this angel this messenger is depicted is coming down from heaven because there is a message of heavenly origin that is to be given to the world and this angel comes with what it is a great one great power but notice in the tax notice this source and the nature of this power that is exerted exerted in the world by the movement it is the power to eliminate it is the power of explanation is the power of necessary niche to convey to the world the glory of God this movement comes to the world freight sheds if you well when glory and week we discovered or we mentioned without looking at the biblical proves that when we read the word glory in Scripture it in a reference to the revelation of God 's one God 's character this movement via had been movement that is here described comes with great power is not a manipulative power it's not corseted power is an authoritative kind of power that is exerted over rather it is the power on a message that he illuminates the dark chambers of human minds and hearts so that the character of God is accurately and clearly now by contrast to a collection of false teachings that have misrepresented the character of God so in the immediate context here as the prophecy unfolds it says that Angel this messenger this movement on heavenly origin of prophetic significance becomes to the world with great explanatory power if you well this movement that illuminates the world it's global in scale this movement that illuminates the world with the glory of God will produce an effect and that verses that follow two three four and on to be in the chapter describes the all the final fall of Babylon and Babylon in this context is a metaphor at the symbol for false religion bad religion all the religious systems of the world they purport to represent the character of God but in effect misrepresent the character of God Babylon confusion Babylon his theological confusion it's irrational confusion if the emotional confusion regarding who got that is brought to the world in the system of doctrine and teaching that communicates things about God that are patently false and therefore exert a certain kind of intimidating coercive power over human beings the Genzyme Babylon can only produce a service to God that is rendered in fear or a service to God it is rendered with desire for reward by contrast the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to communicate the beauty of God 's character in such a way that human freedom is preserved while voluntary love begins to be brought forth have you ever wondered why as a people why Seventh-day Adventists have what we call a religious liberty department at every level of the church but the local church level whatever religious liberty department the conference level of the union level division level general we have a religious liberty department why what does that have to do with theology what does that have to do with our mission of the people will simply it has to do with the fact that at the base of Adventism and pervasive throughout Adventist doctrine is this idea that God is a God of non- coercive love who is looking for a kinder a quality of relationship with human being that is momentary not coerced or forced the moment you join either in history passed during the dark ages or in the final eschatological battle between good and evil the moment you join church and state together you have this lethal mix of God and the worship of God with the exertion of civil power with the exertion of the power of force and coercion under law for self-preservation the reason we believe in religious liberty is because we will we not disallow in the most beautiful extreme sense imaginable we believe that God allowed if the only motive that is where the on a relationship with him in the light of the lot the incredible and beautiful person that got it he's not interested in human beings getting on their knees and going through the motions of worship under the threat that no man can buy or sell these interested in a relationship that is grounded in liberty it is grounded in freedom preserved and love rendered voluntarily when Jesus came into our world and reveal the character of my we have hormone gods motivated as you might not ever born maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a shot and him and more as a online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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