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Short Lecture on Seals and Unconditional Prophecy

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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they are in the sixth seal if I was the second coming lamb the six CLE on the spiral the pardon yeah people hiding in calling for the rocks to land on them and then you have something after that the seventh seal but what happens in the seventh seal we read in Revelation eight one is not much to happen the seventh seal nothing happens in the seventh seal their silence in heaven for the space of half an hour processing time is not too hard to calculate sought the day is a year what's one twelfth of the day someone has been mathematically inclined to hours two hours of the twelfth of a day that lets its wealth of a year I'm not right you know but felt the years among so two hours of prophetic times a month than one half of vitality fifteen days than a half a perfect time would be about a week what happens in the laboratory second coming their silence in heaven for about a week does that make any sense surely it does from early writings we learn everybody on that trip to heaven visiting the planets and how it taken a trip a week the seventh seal is unopened at Christ's second coming and then we spent a week on a silver on the book seven so what is the book concealed and if you got seven things you have to unclasp the take off your shooter she was not classically one class the last people that simple logic the summer but with that so far the benefit of those listen record and missed the first six minutes is that according to place obsolescence page two ninety four the book is unsealed at Christ's second coming the book Revelation four and five that doesn't mean revelation for and finds a picture of Christ's second coming at all because the book is unskilled in relation for North unskilled Revelation find it begins again he'll never wears an unsealed the seven seals opened in Revelation chapter eight and that as a reference to items immediately after Christ's second coming at that point the vindictiveness of the decision the decision is said his blood be on us that decision is going to appear before the Jewish leaders for all that it is a logo to our second point second point is why is the history of the church given twice and while there may be more than one answer the answer want to give you a significant target for your Bibles to revelation chaps that's not limit the site to Jeremiah chapter eighteen probably knowing that you've had Mister Clark is a teacher you've already looked at Jeremiah eighteen at some point in some class Jeremiah eighteen is the classic passage that describes conditional prophecy Jeremiah chapter eighteen and looking at verse seven at one instant I shall speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom the plot got enter poll down and to destroy it if that nation against to my pronounced turn from their evil I will rate parents of the evil that I thought to do unto them and that one instant I shall speak concerning a nation concerning the kingdom to build the plant that him them on my site but obey not my voice then I will repent of the goodbye what I said I would benefit them in summary when is a prophecy conditional all prophecies that speak of reward or punishment are conditional a sensible why would a prophecy of reward be conditional as you might turn away from the condition of receiving reward a lot of prophecy of punishment be conditional you might repent of your sins prophecies of punishment and reward to individuals are taking guns are conditional are all prophecies in the Bible conditional and if not all promises are conditional and how do we tell one from the other party for your Bible to the book of Genesis Genesis chapter forty one Genesis forty one and were looking at verse twenty five this is speaking about Joseph's second experience in life with dreams session this is a start experience Joseph his life is full of dreams Genesis forty one in verse twenty five and Joseph sat on the Ferro the dream of barrel is one God has shown Pharaoh what he is about to do you have a dream of fair the tribe one dreamer to dreams and oriented dreams one dream was about the cows in one dream was about the porn aside from the fact that they had entirely different pictures that your dreams are very similar the letdown at verse thirty two and four that the dream was doubled under fair out twice it just because the thing is whether say established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass it's a simple question-and-answer why did God give the vision the Pharaoh twice because it wasn't a conditional prophecy because the thing was established that very apparent from the story it's barrel doing the right thing to avert the disaster no he did the right thing he put Joseph in charge he gave him authority he humbled himself and he did what he could and did avert the disaster it did not convert the foundation and that convert the pain and the thing you're surviving Norse it still happens it certainly happened different than if he had responded why did God give the prophecy twice under different symbols the state was not conditional as I help you with the prophecies of Daniel for example your wondered what it got get across in Daniel two ten Daniel Sabin then Daniel laid been Daniel eleven why does God give the same prophecy more than once the show is not conditional to show that it is a determinant prophecy it's going to happen first in your Bibles to Matthew chapter eighteen Matthew chapter eighteen were looking at verse seven were about to look at is up Rob and that is a combination of conditional and unconditional elements now I hope that make it clear to you how to tell one from the other elements of our conditional elements that are not conditional Matthew eighteen Amber Sabin and says a wall unto the world because of offenses for it must needs be that offenses come but what of that man by whom the offense comes the prophets in the Old Testament about Jesus being betrayed those prophecies are unconditional there given that more than once to show that it's going to happen but was it unconditional that Judas would be the one who betrayed Jesus that with condition there was an unconditional element Jesus was going to die and there was a conditional element who was going to betray him who was going to kill him there was an unconditional prophecy that Jesus was going to ride on a pony of people would be praising him there wasn't on there was a blessing the shortness of the unconditional there was a confessional element of flu was going to praise him what would happen if the people were quiet whenever it means when it's a metaphor or letter on the rocks would cry out that is there are conditional and unconditional elements of prophecies blended what's going to happen many times is determined who is going to take parts may be entirely conditional on Wednesday so we talk about the history of our church for example if we say that the church is going through there's an unconditional prophecy once the conditional part of the prophecy in what was going through unconditional summary of the second plenty were making today is a very simple one it's that when God wants to show that a prophecy is determined that it's going to happen a method he uses is to get the proper seat several tolerance under different figures like the one different figures show the various figures show the emphasis I illustrate that with this so one figure with Joseph's dream show the corn in order to emphasize preventative famine related to the crops than the other dream I showed it the cows would show that if famine related to the livestock in the contact Daniel chapter seven there you have the basin it shows that these devouring and going after one another and these are beasts of prey what's it shall shortly history of the world emphasize on how one nation conquers another military development of the world that we can't do chapter eighteen what are all the symbols of chapter eight about exactly you have the sacrifice and they continue all of the sanctuary in Iran land and four horns and everything in an attempt rate is about the sanctuary was excellent with the top is going over the same history of the world but the type of figures used shows the emphasis of that particular prophecy said about again to meet the first time God gives prophecies more than once to show that they are not conditional he uses different fingers each time to emphasize different aspects of the story in each prophecy so now you justify Revelation two and three and now you have the seven churches the history of God 's church has been emphasized a very interesting way not to go back into up as you just wanted to but now we come to the seven seals and that we have the history again on the best time at least when it begins it begins with beasts the first beast we find in Revelation these I guess there's four horses and five writers now were moving on to our second point why is it if a beast represents the nation army inconsistent if we say that a horse represents a church I mean and Danielle we said that a leopard as a nation and a bear as a nation and out go as a nation and a RAM as a nation and a weird looking beast as a nation and we've gotten pretty consistent with this all through the Bible and religion sex he also has the program trying to bring up retail force the church translated Bible to Revelation chapter nineteen Revelation chapter nineteen are looking at verse eleven and I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true and in righteousness he doesn't judge and make war his eyes were as a flame of fire and on his head were many crowns he had a name written that no man knew but he himself who is this on the board the person the Lord Jesus the Lord Jesus is writing the white horse in Revelation nineteen verse thirteen and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of God verse fourteen and the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses white horses clothed in fine linen white and clean and relish nineteen you have a picture of Jesus on a horse isn't the only horse in Revelation nineteen get a bunch of horses Revelation nineteen and until their following him how to describe those other horses and their riders what are they the armies of having your heard the term the kingdom of heaven and of course you kingdom is just another word for nation as a nation have nation of heaven has a king nation heaven has declared war statements it and his angels fought against him I told him to books the kingdom of heaven a nation is mentioned elsewhere the Bible Jesus said if my kingdom were of this are then would my servants your next word wizards and fight it denies Jesus had a kingdom on her like the capital and a nation that was his mandate his sermons would like to disband that little area worth visiting them as an habit of his sermons fight negative right revelation twelve his sermons lightening up let me just summarize on getting financially more evidence the seven seals are about the church and when the church is controlled by Jesus it is part of the kingdom of heaven and that kingdom is a very literal kingdom that had very much does come close are just sad that when you go into a city if they don't receive you that you leave them in your life the dust off your shoes a rumor that parts of my mental picture beside the let them know the can of heaven has come near to you further your Bibles to Zechariah chapter six Zachariah chapter six for you shy because I'm teaching me to require respondent and ninety seven committee will meet on Monday Revelation chapter six looking at verse one Zechariah wanted to say one of Zechariah thank you for not being shocked rights after six and verse one and I turned and lifted up my eyes and looked and behold there came for chariots out from between two mountains and the mountains were mountains of grass if I read this before it's one most interesting pictures it makes great artwork for modern artists you got mountains of wrath and flaming chariots coming through them and the horses are for the church the horses are in the chariots of soul management verse two in the first chariot were right for thirty milliseconds sure yet black horses in the bunch are you white horses in the fourth chariot and Rezulin by horses that's unfamiliar to you is about the same colors in Revelation six and the angel answered and said and to me these are the four spirits of the heavens which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth the black horses which are thereon go forth into the North country and the white go forth after them and the grizzled golf forward go forth for the South country without waiver exposition of Zechariah six I just want to pick up that these horses taken are not literal horses just like Arnold Little Mountain bluegrass registration evidence of that look at verse eight then try again to me and spake and me saying behold these that go toward the North country have quieted my spirits in the North country where these forces their part of the kingdom of having that is they take orders from King Jesus King Jesus sends in his agents part of his kingdom to go accomplish things on this earth to his Angels copper spends on this earth we know Daniel don't you really have their guy Gabriel fighting with you or the whole thing in Daniel ten of course represents a nation just like every other beast but the white horse in Revelation represents the church rents under the control of King Jesus than any questions about our first three points one Anna born into the dark yesterday I just put before the Board what I did put in the board is only starting to remember what was it wasn't about all the time the book was unsealed that was in charge of the book was until the second coming of it right doesn't have to forget again for moving to our third Wednesday of the point is not the parallels between the seven churches and seven seals they are interesting in the area some of this in the first charge namely an emphasis was emphasis in charge of all love here all of corruption it surely was full of purity I mean a hell of a problem they had lost with the fact to remember it was just commended them for their unwillingness to put up with problems a pure church then you go to smart smart was even more pure new member having anything to say about Smyrna CL Smyrna and Philadelphia the only two churches of the settlement received zero review they were the persecuted church and at what is the color of the second horse its rat is just not too hard to figure out right when you come to does large church the third charge is permanent and her MS is possible to be over now it's not right that a professor and I felt like a tenured asset as we can on Monday Deborah Perry Fork whereas Latvia short one we didn't do much you are dismissed


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