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ASI MEMBERS from around the world share how God has led and blessed them in ministry as they’ve been willing to lay all on the line for Him. This is an evening of miracle stories. Your heart will be touched and your spirit revived as you gain a vision for what Christ can accomplish in and through you personally.



  • August 8, 2013
    6:45 PM
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as a bar or have him as him him him him him him him him and him to him and him to Anna for to him and him to a is and him and him and him to him and him him and him a error for your and is you are or are the and that is him and him to him and him and him to him to to him as a him and him and him and him and him him and him and him a him a him a her to him that had him in him and welcome to our evening meeting on anyone who is I see every hand on a good read here on Thursday evening in ASI healthcare how long have we been coming to a assignment actually and thirty year we haven't missed one convention in late May also have visited every thirty years a row I see one gun here's a few it keeps getting better and better essay because you said you wanted on advertising when we all get to have gone at him to him now is him and him to him and him and him and him and me all him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him to him and me all him and him me all him and and him and him him him that that is a him and know that I is him to him him and him him him him him him him him him him him him or is as him know him and him him me him for him to know I is a him to I have been a man him that is as bad as him and him him him him him now and a night and then loaded the next two officer of ASI any use please give is Mister chair the following recommendations come from nominating committee for general vice president Andy Hunsicker vice president for evangelism Norman Wright vice president for recruitment and membership Steve Dickman vice president for finance Stan Smith vice president for communications Wayne Atwood Vice President for logistics Denzel McNeil is and to members at large van how to and Rusty McKee and I'm okay the report is moved is there a second Saturn minimum began Allington know if you have delegate card with your voting card with you tonight and ask you to take it out there if you don't and can ask you to take your handout be ready for all of those in favor of such things this report please list your delegate to order your voting power or your rights please may and any would be opposed to the report by the same size and I'm very unsafe kind of unanimous vote here the people who voted so we're going to invite Frank Fontaine to bring out his theme and introduce them to you at the present time I think we would be appropriate to give them praise God I have him in thank you Pastor Dan Jackson North American division president and Debbie Young on the Lake Union maybe he's the president also my privilege to introduce you to these fine folks are going to start with the general vice president this is Andy Hunsicker and standing next to her is Norman Rice he's going the vice president of evangelism him and Steve Dickman vice president of membership in recruitment and there we have Wayne Ashley Vice President for communications behind him about the eyes are the newsstands and he's vice president of finance is next to him is Denzel McNeil is vice president for logistics and standing at the end of the line is Harold Lance and Harold Lance is the president of emissions the end he's a member of our ASI executive this is our theme for this year and I think it's a asked him to going to sing a song a wholly annoying as we include our worship and singing however like all the standards like an always on aren't you standing on your thing let's stand up and resting wholly by the Matt him to high him to have him now is in him now you know him and him him him I him to have him do him him and I and him him know I is a known as I and is in a and him him him him now I is him him him him to go in and him and he is in a world with much love and mercy towards us we thank you for your women together here we will solicit your home from very far away we thank you for the day we've had today inspired him while the meetings and everything refers the people we've met as we all prepare now to enter into the service which is asked Lord that you slow us down that you clear your thoughts in our minds and help us to focus on you we just ask that you remove all distractions from us and we thank you Lord that you arm of the Pentagon that you are that you love us so much that you would use sinful flawed beings like us to do your work that you and him you would use us here in the Zen times and as we listen to members in action monitor the you speak to the members that you will we will feel your presence here and that you'll be glorified by everything that was said tonight in Jesus name I pray amen good evening why are you here but the person next to ask the question why are you here why are you here this is the Adventist church is meant and are we really supposed to be here isn't it about time isn't it about time so why are we here why are you here why the Adventist church year why hasn't Jesus that's been a be the subject of a panel discussion on Sabbath afternoon and we have some special yes but we need your help we do notice how startled the person looked next to you when you ask why are you here and you wondered why I was asking you why are you here is that a fair question for a church that saying they are the Seventh-day Adventist church and proclaims in countless meetings that Jesus is coming again for over a hundred years of even saying Jesus is coming why isn't he here would you like to ask that question of Elder Wilson of the older family of Elders Sidi Brooks of Ed Reed of Lewis Walton only give you an e-mail address where you can ask that question and were to be on old Main putting them on the spot organ to be asking them why Jesus hasn't returned I may think that's an important discussion how do you want to ask a question of that panel here's an e-mail for you and times question Gmail come I noticed some of you are not taking your pens out the pen looks like only a little smaller take it out and write down an e-mail and I want to get a bunch of e-mails and I'm a pick those questions and Morgan have a wonderful time on Sabbath afternoon asking those questions also I think we also have and the Hunsicker on our panel as well and I received two questions for her already and so sees on the panel as well and got times the question at Gmail dot COM so I want to get those e-mail questions and those can be a wonderful panel discussion were to break it up and the three segments and were to be able to ask those questions on seventh afternoon the other day I was visiting with the person who had never heard the message of Jesus Christ said that he was an atheist was not interested in religious things but after he went through the treatment of the depression recovery program after we had been singing hymns and usually one is people that say they don't believe in Jesus I sing Christmas carols and after I saw him singing silent night I know was finally given the assignment from the assignment was he came to me such a look I want to know maybe more what would you say about Jesus I said doesn't matter what I say check out and pad of paper and read the Gospel of Mark and asked two questions what did Jesus say about himself and what did he do he went back to his room he wrote out what Jesus said about himself and what he had done we came back and he talked many said we really need someone like this in the world today how can I get in touch with Jesus when is he coming back that's working to be discussing was that a good quest that he asked and times question Gmail .com I'm go to be looking for your questions were to have a wonderful time of discussion on seven afternoon with our esteemed panel God bless you for are error or are a hardware or are her her as I is is is and is said to him and as he had an is in her mouth and all in all gave go mad and as I is an all you will and him for the UK I know how God is in an and you and I had a and a knife and you and I will be in a in and you and for the and I are well-built always nice to see your shining face hearing a fax that you know I'm sure you're busy guy we got a lot of these panic convinces you like to go to a white he may fantasize such a priority as I want to be around people who have mission and focus each year is the Adventist review prepares for this event are pulse beats a little quicker because we get the chance to talk with people who really are active in the mission of the church when I came to my first ASI convention more than thirteen years ago I went home and wrote an editorial the title of which was addressed to me your Church is too small I learned that at ASI I had thought of the church as the institutional church did in prepared I hadn't known what God was doing and I made a commitment there and I make again every year to come back and cover all that God is doing in the Adventist review so tell me don't been the executive publisher of them magazine like this review I'm sure you have the inside scoop on the amazing things that our church is doing so it was just a little bit of juice right now what are some exciting things that the average church is doing right now what you turn to page six now you'll see there that I talk a little bit about what's new in the charts I get that question a lot and Scotty's playing off that in fact what's new in the church and that it's exciting the latest news about a committee decision on a direction that initiative is taking what's new in the church is that people are praying more following the Holy Spirit or the getting involved in service more one of the privileges of working at the Adventist review is that I get to see the church on a very broad scale I can tell you there is a wind moving in the top of the mulberry trees folks Spirit has begun working in this church in so many places in prayer and service in obedience it's a happy glass data via anadromous and be working in a magazine that gets to report that when I walked in your today there was actually a whole group that was trained in the back over there and I just want to praise God see our church members just praying over this room with beautiful women to tell me I'm really excited about this next phase that the Adventist review is moving to tell you what what is the digital footprint that you guys are getting involved in many people are aware that our digital audience on the Adventist review website of his review .org is already four times the size of the print subscription list more than a hundred thousand unique visitors a month come to the Adventist review .org site not only to get the content of the magazine but all kinds of other exclusives and specials breaking news of the church that audience is growing or redesigning that site to keep up with what our audience is asking for they want inspirational content the best news in Adventism they want hope we can we intend to deliver that to them and in fact this week every year for one week at ASI we unlock the entire Adventist review .org website can go there and see anything hey nothing to your friends about nothing wait a minute it is rarely anything for free in this world not being nothing this week alone during our year for ASI we open the website up to everyone invite your friends to go in navigate and see what's there a note telling you found out when the speakers appear to nine checking that out but Achilles done so tell me in on ASI in the end this review always get this opportunity to work together tell me about this partnership and in and what is it doing for you guys almost ten years ago I began a conversation with ASI leadership and I said work were talking about the same things were dedicated to the same principles yes we share the same biblical beliefs we approach mission in many of the same ways one of you will find a way to work together to share services we like what we call non-cash fields meaning that we trade services with each other to create awareness and exposure of mission activity of truth of inspiration we found this relationship to be one of our most secure partnerships and were delighted to continue partners partnering with ASI not only this year but well into the future unit also tell me a little bit about the philosophy that Adventist review is getting into it's pretty simple we are preparing the people for the kingdom were preparing people to meet their Lord and peace if this magazine does what it's been doing for a hundred and sixty four years now it's preparing this generation to meet Jesus soon the line from John Bunyan 's Pilgrim 's progress that I have always loved he puts it in the mouth of the character he calls evangelist and he says this let the kingdom be always before you and firmly believe in things thought impossible that the personal motto with the kingdom be always before you that's what were doing at the Adventist review keeping the kingdom in focus for this generation of address and their friends we want to be ready to meet the Lordship bill praise God for your ministry thank you so much for this opportunity to work together and let's all get everyone ready to meet our Lord and Savior amen have even less already I've enjoy so much this first day they assigned tomorrow we have another wonderful day I'm in you this evening to introduce you the speakers for tomorrow's seminars and whether Europe of Lehman coming here to learn more about personal evangelism whether your pastor coming for professional development whether you're a professional health professional there are seminars for you and so were restaurant right here with Lewis Walton and tells about your seminar and why people should come in and listen learn okay I'm Lou Walton tomorrow morning and forty five and F2 will be talking about three major current world events and comparing those with enzyme prophecy but were not going to stop there it is the clearest indications of Christ in return are not what happened out there in the world or what happened inside God 's church will discover the way you talk about current events and prophecy you have to talk about what's happening God 's church all give you one quick example Ellen White predicted a development in the church and she said when that happened the close of probation is not far behind will talk about tomorrow eleven exciting seventy five minutes and zero chose myself why would tomorrow at ten forty five we be having a discussion about obesity but not in the same way that most people would imagine what would be doing is using the obesity crisis the obesity epidemic to talk about what the voices out in the world are seeing about health it would be surprising for you and for many of you do realize that we have all kinds of different theories about obesity and all kinds of different ways to treat in such a manner that Seventh-day Adventists sometimes get confused as to what it is that we really should be doing if we could be completely healthy and with the technology we couldn't be living forever what would be the sense of what would be the reason for living healthy anyway we be exploring that the adjacent left Flagstaff Arizona my seminar falls under the category of health afternoon it's titled applying what we already know I was a college student farm in North Dakota and started attending the Adventist church in the community there suddenly realized that the average Adventist church member new about as much or more than many health professionals but as I went and got to know you have been a Sonoran eventually joined the church start realizing there was a disengaged between head knowledge and application so tomorrow because my seminar you and I can necessarily come for knowledge will do is talk about how you can apply the knowledge you already have because I realize that we as Adventists we also struggle like so many other people making lasting lifestyle changes so reductive strategies and how we can apply we arty have Internet such mama tomorrow afternoon at three thirty good evening recently a young Adventist woman was riding a bus in Arizona when she was health and overwhelming conviction to get a Bible pamphlets of the man who was sitting next to her she didn't know this guy to look afraid but she eventually mustered up the courage that a Bible tract gave it to him almost expecting the worst each of the Dracula Dagny Cedeno I was just praying that God would give me a sign if he didn't want me to commit suicide and I think that this is it my name is Nelson I'm from central California conference where we have a program called below we've printed over thirty one million tracks we come to were some armor to talk about stories about his passing out literature all across the globe and were to give you techniques on how to get literature in people 's hands in your local community how many people heard of new beginnings raise your hand how many people think new beginnings is just for training in foreign countries razor hands what you're right it's also training for here it works great in the North American division and working to do a seminar order to the abbreviated version of a seminar on how to do DVD training in the new beginnings training is not a DVD anymore you can download from our website so tomorrow you got the time and hear how to do new beginnings training in your church and how you can have the stories of how the training through these new beginnings helped your church relieving my ninety seven MSN 's I would like to invite you to a seminar called using your business platform for evangelism I'm not good to be the presenter by presenter will be the offset of a businessman from Czech Republic from Prague and many many of you know him I'm sure and the moon like to invite you to join in the in the workshop where and when you are sick what is good another good place to plant a church and made a business park is not the best place that you would pick but all things are possible in Christ and we have decided to do so to plant a church in the business park so those of you who are interested to listen to the story how it's possible to build a church in the business park and how God has used a businessman by mighty way as a tool to proclaim the gospel please come to the workshop and will be happy to share with you our experiences and exciting things that God has done in Czech Republic good evening my name is Wendell Lawrence from a dentist in the Detroit area and we excited to be here to share with you the possible things God is doing in the Detroit area city that's playing with bankruptcy loss of jobs people have a medical balance arms but God is using or dental office special way to bring a message of health healing and hope name of law seminar is the team approach to healthy eating and hope and we will show you practical ways in which you can use your medical training anybody physicians dentists health professionals just and will show you how God is using us and he can use you also in your place of business in your office in your community to make an impact for his kingdom good evening ASI I am pastor Dwayne Turner a pastor and Northeastern conference for the last twenty years my specialty is prophecy I love to talk about prophecy and I'm going to specifically be focusing on the takedown of ancient Israel what happened from just over the crossing of the Red Sea to the time just after Christ went back to his father why did Israel lose that special designation I hope by the grace of God you will come to the seminar because we're going to learn what were the central reasons why Israel is no longer God 's chosen people what parallels what lessons can we as spiritual or something my in Israel today how can we understand ourselves in light of what happened before I hope by the grace of God will be there is going be at Pensacola at three at three thirty tomorrow afternoon hope to see you pick up less good evening if I my name is passing out and in the past of the series church in central California conference I'll be doing tomorrow's presentation on Ellen White outside Adventism these days are many documentaries have come out from food Inc. the forks over nice fat fit and nearly dead and you may discover that the real amenities many of these documentaries was actually the writings of Ellen G White's come out to month wind up the link how these things took place the powerful connections also in tomorrow's presentation you'll learn about actual government experimentation that was done on Seventh-day Adventist whose results have been felt all the way from that jungles of South America to the deserts of Middle East to the farthest reaches of outer space you do want to miss that that small print tomorrow's presentation at ten forty five Pensacola Auditorium Beth F 3-D ten forty five God bless you all right thank you and isn't as exciting I knows how to be hard to make the decision while the presented as leaving the platform I displaying courage you know there's a lot of good things we can do it a aside as one of the knowledge that we can gain that if each of us would make a goal to not just learn something but even to find something were to go back and put in the practice of getting to be a wonderful thing if ASI actually change our lives changed our ministries changed our practices changed our businesses and so I does one encourage you to make that one goal that goal of finding one thing that you will be different after ASI you know there is there's just so many things that we are blessed by to be here error at ASI and that these seminars are one of the treasures I want to encourage you to avail yourselves of and if you're watching by our viewing audience today I does one encourage you may need to make plans next year to be a part of the SI convention in person because these seminars are just power pack information packed blessing that you can you can take part of if you're here so thank you and please enjoy the seminars these prisoners have done a lot of work to put them together and to make at a top-notch serial available for you thank you good evening ASI once again this is your offering and action segments and I am really happy to bring the segment to use some really exciting things are happening I think you'll be really blasted this evening I'd actually like to start by sharing a little bit of an update on one of our projects the one day church projects and you may remember if you were here or watching last year that we highlighted a couple of projects that were happening the building of one day schools we had a classroom model here as well as one-day clinics with a model hospital room sign I should like to show you just a couple of pictures they give you some indication of the progress that has been made thus far so this first is one of the schools in Africa don't notice a bear and all of the one-day classrooms are asked by Nathan Green long and at the front of the classroom a banner that says Jesus loves you these children need to know that they have a savior that was them and wants to save them in the next picture we get an idea of the response of these children learning to pray and respond to the teachings that are being given to them of a loving Savior the next picture actually shows some deplorable conditions in the hospital this particular one inch had in the Barry Hospital and we're grateful for the one-day structures that are providing new and improved facilities to build the care for individuals in the region so that will see that we have bad and a structure that are actually going on to be able to receive individuals who need care this is actually on the compound of the Barry Hospital in Chad and I believe that you'll see all the structures that have already been erected there are many more things that are going to be happening and we are excited and lasted by God that he has impressed you to build to support this great project yielded even more that we need to understand about the one-day project I might even ask my good friend Alan Mills come out and join me and Linda Olson is the departments I still see the development director at Riverside Farms in Zambia Africa and he has done with one big truth is how many churches one picture his head he supervised going up while I'm dealt or supervisor had my hand in around five hundred churches and schools five hundred and that's really just a drop in the bucket of the number of one-day structures that have been built today you know I'm curious Alan could you share with me a little bit of what the response might be from individuals who are blessed to have a church home now but you know I have the opportunity to be right on hand for many of these churches that are built my hands helping Bill working with the people as they put their hand in their sweat into the building that's just the first part of their responses response to help us but as we drive away it's the thankfulness in their hearts I don't know if you've ever seen a happy African lady jumping for joy she laid your hands cutting your hands together coming over to you with her arms around the response touches your heart that you shared with me as an indication of how quickly this happens and how shocking it is for the community around them the gentleman on his bicycle to me about that story but one morning we had pulled up to a site where we were going to build is the oldest church there next was kind of half dilapidated and out the man was driving by with his bicycle order near the road and he shouted greetings to his friends the church members who are helping us good morning good morning as he drove on his way to the market or wherever he was going we spend our time building the church and had our lunch we are having our little dedicatory prayer after and we heard someone coming down the road we look as the men coming back from the market and as he's driving his bicycle he 's going to treat his friends again and he's looking any season all building up and you are right off the road and fell over on his bicycle to surprise a miracle happened that day a miracle is true and we just don't pull up for our last picture this congregation a one-day church and allocation with me the response and how glad they were for this particular miracle in their lives this church was in Western province in the real rural area and they had built their walls up and had a thatched roof on their original church had been asking us to come and help them with a roof for several years before we are able to get a chance to book them well in the meantime one day church program came in and they didn't really qualify for that when they went to Camp meeting one during the summer and during their time I can't meeting someone came and lived there grass roof on fire and burn their church down and most of the walls fell down as the timbers collapsed and so forth they came back from camp meeting supposedly with joy in their hearts to find a church are down for delay are booking his to come and visit them within the next couple of months and we came there and were able to build them next to the burn down chart church a new structure for them to be worshiping under and I can only tell you a little bit of the joy that those deeply can see that saw the new waving their hands they were saying thank you ASI for the help that you gave us a miracle had happened only once thank you for your sweat equity that you are putting in to supervise all these churches going up for people who really need a home so that they can worship and thank you very much coming to the foothill with me now is someone as we interrupt our offering an action for a special reports by Olga Ted Wilson thank you so much for joining us this evening is good a delighted to have you here thank you Debbie it's great to be here with you while I understand that some really exciting things have happened that's kind of my claim word exciting and we like you to be a will to share little bit with us about what has happened in New York recently it didn't give us some context tell us when it occurred how it happens and what your role was in the New York thirteen series well this is one of my favorite topics so will try to make it brief somewhat both some time ago let's say a number of the years ago actually we had a great vision try to see how God 's power and truly be seen in reaching the people of the cities and so as we began to talk and to plan for the future we felt that New York City has Ellen White has indicated in the book evangelism that New York is to be as simple as to how God wants to work the rest of the world that that ought to be fulfilled in some special way so as we were working together with our colleagues and with my good friend Mark Finley who was such a tremendous help to the church as an assistant to me and to the church and evangelism in many other ways we began to formulate a plan that perhaps we could do something in New York that would set the pace for the entire world for our emphasis on mission to the cities you know that in the book medical ministry page three zero four it says that when the city 's our work as God would have them the result will be the setting and operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed so we wanted to work the cities as God would have us do that and as we worked with the North American division we had strong support from Elder Dan Jackson from the Atlantic Union the Columbia Union there are five conferences involved in the New York City area at Allegheny East New Jersey greater New York North Eastern and Southern New England conference as he began to formulate plans and as a pastor Don King took leadership in the NY thirteen coordinating committee things began to come together I can go on for four hours talking to you but I'll make it very brief this year NY thirteen emphasizing New York there are going to be over four hundred public evangelistic meetings in the Metro New York it are you during the month of June there were about one hundred across the metro area and I had the great privilege of preaching in one of those you see we you can't reach New York or any large city with one particular venue you've got to reach all the different sections of the city and so is a great privilege to be in lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village one of the most sophisticated secular money to places in this country in the historic Manhattan church Seventh-day Adventist Church on West eleventh Street it was such an exciting event now I understand I even as a seasoned preacher that he used him a familiar tool to us to impart those messages I did and it's available to all of you and in fact the new beginnings is one of the byproducts of that revelation of hope which is an incredible series of about twenty eight subjects and written and produced by our wonderful colleague Mark Finley and it has the sermons that are right on the computer if you want to use them in beautiful graphics you can read the script you can adapt it according to your own need and it is such a powerful series every time I preach these precious messages I become so reinvigorated with the precious advent message that we have and it was just a thrill to preach five nights a week for three weeks in New York City I was there for three and a half weeks never left the borders of New York City until the very last Sabbath when we had a tremendous combined camp meeting Northeastern conference in greater New York conference first time that it is ever happen we had over twelve thousand brothers and sisters and many visitors there we have baptisms taking place it was like Pentecost it was an exciting time except that it was quite an undertaking out what kind of partners where worked with you in this effort well obviously as I mentioned the the conferences work heavily we had very strong emphasis in the area of comprehensive health ministry to be hearing much more about that from the General conference and North American division in the entire world field because were told that the last work that we will be able to do be medical missionary work and that it is the right arm to the gospel it's not the gospel but it is the right arm and Ellen White said it is the best thing you can do in New York so we had tremendous help from health ministries from North America act cocky Reiner helped us tremendously there in New York itself they have a tremendous help outreach he trained many people we had ASI participation Denzel McNeil us was there helping to train people and knowing how to give Bible studies it was a tremendous collaborative venture it was not just professionals doing it in terms of the pastoral staff everybody and laypeople were just vitally involved in what was so exciting was to see the enthusiasm of the local church there on West eleventh Street and how the church members just came alive it was a thrilling experience and God blessed with miraculous that baptism sending lots of things that happened thereafter we adjusted name a few we had a Chinese architect and his wife joined the church they were so impressed we had a a wonderful gentleman who will be baptized very shortly and whose who actually has been to become a pastor he is a very high ranking sales representative for a very strong hotel chain and was just attracted to the message there was a Ukrainian lady there didn't speak any English but a faithful person sat next to her and just translated the sermons and she just she was rebaptized a little later and she told her pastor pastor can I just be baptized now I want to be baptized now and another wonderful gentleman who grew up in Greenwich Village lives on the east side he and his brother Cain just about every night was thrilling to see these things happen and for me to be able to baptize that particular gentlemen John is his name and I know he's never be a great great blessing it just precious to see souls who are attracted to this advent message and the Lord is the reward us as we work in the cities according to his method also we just have a little bit of time left times and struck with your report as I think about this is a segment of offering an action that there's so much that we can do with our hands and with our resources can can you share with us what we really should be about as we look to the future a series of a happy and subsequent cities in fact everyone will get an opportunity everyone can have a chance to participate in mission to the Siddons divisions all across this world all thirteen of them are now planning for specific endeavors in their own large cities were talking about over six hundred within the next two years or so everyone can get involved praying for these initiatives giving their funds to assist in missions of the cities in their local areas and participating becoming involved in every aspect small groups Bible studies medical missionary work every kind of aspect of it it's been a be an exciting thing because as it is a collaborative thing it's not just the official organized church doing this this is every member involved in the last final proclamation of the three Angels messages and the fourth Angel a revelation eighteen I'm appealing to our church administrators also take time for evangelism I carved out time on planning next year to have two reaping meetings one in Vietnam than one in Papua New Guinea another major meeting in Manila the following year a major meeting in Harare Zimbabwe and that perhaps in another location as well that's still under discussion we need to lead by example by humble example and I just want to urge every single one of you and those who are listening on the air to become involved in God 's last great proclamation to this world Seventh-day Adventist have been called for this time Jesus is coming soon elder Wilson thank you so much for that special report and for challenging us to be partnerships in ministry IQ and let me just thank ASI for their vital participation thanks a lot for him I have even while I went to be two very special people and you've been hearing all evening from a professional sort of and how to get here from the laypeople there is not what are your name is Brian and Wendy Swartz and where are you from Ohio Ohio anybody do that we are both physicians told your physician yet now I know some doctors and I have very little free time there's super busy all the time and I would imagine he would have know what I did any kind of ministry or my model yesterday that I work hard and I play hard but over the last few years we have tried to use much of our time for ministry opportunities that we have off all Catholic ministries so we been about with various mission trips into Russia and Africa several times tried to develop a ministry just even within my practice had no right to overseeing its wonderful but not everybody can get that opportunity is there something that other professionals can bring ministry into their practice at home so we been involved in trying to turn my medical practice into ministry and every day I pray with patience I have discussions with them but also warm bubbly ministry called a mountain several physician and dental families involved with that food like to do different activities started thinking about being what should we do with our other time or vacation time and the Pentagon is going along this way you're hiding your vacation time that when we wondered as were getting closer to the end of time should we even be taking vacation and we decided well we should think about that but what if we turn our vacations into a ministry now that exciting it's just taking vacations that there but but not good enough at doing a mission trip on a vacation that some really interesting idea to tell me how that works my wife was very skeptical at first but several families the Guthrie family of Natalie family Chung family several of us and others had got together more brainstorming or something that we all like the doing which is to go skiing in winter time and we thought anyway because they rallied in various places but the last couple years in Colorado Colorado is a very nice thing very nice guy and we decided it was do something world of the community was doing evangelistic series of the end of the day after skiing and invite people from the stela from the community people that have fallen on the comments in evangelistic series of sorts that was on help but we decided to try it I think the key season game at people all over the world I do mail at Christmas time Dell and Beavercreek are the two places that we tried us over the Christmas holidays the airport has business jets and personal jets lined up for one of the other would very influence and told families there anything high powered people yet and I would imagine they'd never gauntlet that they admit evangelistic meeting so this was we advertised Doctor Natalie 's optimizing your brain seminar solid solo but cloaked in a way that they be interested in one mother brought her one mother who flew in on a jet husband 's a CEO from New York had two sons try to get them in the Harvard they just took their SATs she came and brought her son because you want to know how to optimize their brain okay okay so now you're your reaching a settlement of the population that is very difficult to reach and you didn't know if that would work yes I I thought that we were going on vacation and I thought to myself due to build this as a mission trip was reaching and it was an attempt to sanctify our ski vacation so I was really I was skeptical for the many weeks that we are planning it can be arrived I was skeptical payment shopping for groceries I was skeptical I was a quite negative person so what changed your mind what I want to read close that Ellen White wrote season with them in several places but an just couple of lines this is from an obscure publication councils of the church we talk and write much at the neglected poor should not assume attention be given also to the neglected rich and that she says the Majesty of Heaven came to our will to save lost fallen humanity 's efforts included not many the outcasts adults and places of high honor ingeniously she says he went to obtain access to souls in the higher classes who knew not God and did not keep his commandments so I thought perhaps me where it was a legitimate use of vacation time okay and will win you don't let the program asked me what so ever where very specific about this affair to do it we want to do it well so we rented a hall we advertised that Doctor Danley had several Bible workers from we mark in a couple weeks early Barbara Taylor who is a member of ASIS in that community and she helped organize the actual program Doctor Nunley did here last year but down it emphasizes our applicants health message we talked about Sabbath rest we talked about abstaining from alcohol we talked about faith in God uses many biblical examples through the and as a result we we we had over sixty to eighty people attending it was one of the most successful evangelistic series we done this a couple years the Roman plan to do it again and one of the most successful evangelistic series I've been involved with with people from around the world who flew in from Russia ask myself on a sick of Europe Mexico and from New York Wall Street and that in that time and what the outcome might have you heard any result we get up where she made available at copies of the great controversy at the end of the program is in the twenty seven of them thought a copy of the current controversy and were there were some locals that also attended that heard an advertisement some of them are now in studies or have been studying with Barbara Taylor still there in the copper Colorado church so and I found even your vacation can be a anti- evangelistic effort and that they come either here now we had next week not professional coming his name is Doctor Matthew Hayden and not complaining you and Randy Meyer are here because you have a national project and tell us what that the name the project of our project is international caring hands okay and there's my brother also has started a ministry called turning handsome oak and programming the office manager for these ministries are little better popular thinking that the pictures yes we have several pictures that go along with this the first pages it will be showing is not a one-day church that we built in Livingston on Christmas Day this last year and we built several one-day churches and Mullally in coordination with the mayor and author and we also built some one evangelistic centers with Riverside Farm Institute and were very excited about the possibilities of combining that with medical evangelism in the future our next picture that's coming up is of one of our mobile dental clinics this particular one more working coordination with address to send to Madagascar and it's fully equipped any Dennis can drive it it's an automatic and so we believe that even a dentist can safely highlight this to the locations where we would be providing dental work yes I then visited multiple dental clinic yes they'll leave you are able to do everything that a tenant office can get exactly we have all of the equipment the drive back to compressors the seven twenty K generator that operates the unit it does not require any power so they can go anywhere provide services we've been providing services in southern Zambia quite effectively through this mobile dental clinic program and we we want to see Dennis come and join us and find out what it's like to have a wonderful experience and then this next slide is one of my favorite slides of Doctor Matt Hayden of his patients and you know there's just something about doing mission work that smile on Doctor Hayden space there I think says it all Adventists you can go to work hard in hundred degree weather and and smile at the end definitely you know that the Holy Spirit is working in relation of the process our next picture is actually a picture of a dental clinic in Tacoma Washington we worked in coordination with address and this dentist Doctor Gladys Randolph contacted us and she is from originally from Africa and her goal was to see her dental clinic when she retired go to Africa and provide mission work so we coordinated with the address staff and address shift this clinic that Mozambique and it will be providing dental services in a dental clinic in one of the one-day structures that you saw earlier in Alaska this last picture is a picture of one of our dental clinics in Micronesia in the state of Chu and it has hydraulics systems on the outside that allow it to be loaded and unloaded without having a crane all we have to do is have a semi truck to be able to deliver this fully self-contained dental clinic and we felt that the housing on the back it's it's fully self-contained and anyone can come and stay there provide the dental work and we look forward to dentist visiting us in our booth to see him learn more information about our clinics thinking that maybe a year on census is a full-time practice can't even find time to do all this and how did you start doing this ministry I been in practice for about nineteen years in two thousand and eight I grown up in an happiness home missions home I got as a missionary when a small child and a came to me that I was just going through the motions of being a Christian the rededicated my life to Christ and to estimate and I decided us a question was Christ want me to do and I started trying to find a purpose for my life and I took a trip to Africa and I saw the extreme lack of of guilty are available about one what a better way due to spend my free time and my extra income into fidelity of Africa and that's how this came about nine to talk to Doctor Schwartz and I were talking to a dentist in my free time it seems like well you know my wife I wouldn't agree with that we spent a lot of our holidays and used to spend in other activities developing the program going overseas we been African about five times now we go a couple times year we've been spending Juster our free time in this endeavor of this I would say that you were just living the regular average American life what is that mean well I was very very busy and in business it wasn't just a normal practice that had my brothers and I developed a very large business structuring Oregon we're we had more than twenty offices in the state gaming two thousand nine exchange my life we sold most of it and we use proceeds for from a lot about you start these charities okay so I don't have to scale down not the world that has sacrificing but how would you describe it you know it's been a ratings to dance like when you are talking about you go over and you need these people energies so appreciative some at times when we treated people in the making speaking Leslie said you know it just so wonderful that someone from the states to take their time to come over here and think enough of us to come and help us in any again I don't have and other professionals herein our audience what would you make a family affair thinking about maybe my life to change maybe my times to collect in my time to change what would you think well you know we split the Senate this charity one of the goals was to involve the people nationally regardless of what it is and how it said everybody here that you can you can do something to change the lives of people in Africa because everyone here knows a dentist you while you are in the same position each wanting you become wired news and pick up a card and go talk to the dentist the hygienist to treat you and say there's a great opportunity if you go to Africa and change even one person 's life you can do that and what is that working two thirty two and will be there tomorrow combined say hello it's a few hundred mission opportunity relatively little and tell such a lot thank you so much after Hayden Kate Nash we have somebody very special and you come all the way from India his first name is Ronald D and I can't say exactly what you want me to believe that Hitler we loved as a rock PT tape Ravi on I I heard about your life story and it's very touching it it is something that I can relate to it that was a little bit about your early life when my mother died and was one near road my God my grandmother is near for forty years and one opportunity for four years and she died when I was five years old and then now know good it took me to his house and I thought I'm going to be one of the family members but dating a DJ with his sleeve and I understand that he took his oath to send me an use only do one of the beach man who cleaned kosher as you were four years old I was five years zero light-years audience any and easily one of the rich man's no religion and bikinis Goshen gave for his callous obviously were a slave at five years of age just was bound to be his name you negotiate but it's mine out and how long were you in that situation was about one year they had and has us do that this may working with it it's been my day began in the kosher in my day ended up in the ocean and wireless going to the coast of the morning and I met when Adventist pastor and he asked me if I would like to go this click of the children in the weeds August so you are and how did you meet in is not a ministry one fine evening when I was being the cause back to the shed from the file then I met this implement Headingley with Adventist pasta that I was small and I went in with a fine redbreast mind and the Yglesias link if I would like to go to school and how to you needs to be an emergency and that gave me a call and I thought this would be better than the negotiate all and all this man is a Georgia release and that he's taking yes and you promised me that he would come back and do a tedious and dignity please read I can have three meetings a bed to sleep and I can go to school then as he said he came back and he to me out of the coast should I do not know what he had with the arrangement but noted that those should than you brought with you one school with remediation needs and Ellis three in that I think the schooling I can have three meters and can go to school and I recognize that this lease all cats that that's wonderful I one person can make such a difference in another persons life and soul long were you at this age H&H orphanage I was there from age five from nursery in my recognition that Mister University okay not waging a work on a sponsorship program from each sponsors if you have a nice front of anyone sponsored from necessity in my graduation so you have one sponsor that wants to get from nursery all the way through United eighty okay what university was that spice of memory and cognition in the year of the one sponsor sponsor John Alito now what subject did you take it I then computer signs major and theology major also what makes it all-time wonderful and so not your life was saying your rescue and how what you do not know whether the issue need to give me a positive permanent change in my life Sammy I've been able to rescue for students who are good invoked by the enemy is not enough you were crazy in a full-time yes year of your representative that right yes and in that position you were able to rescue for other children use a comedy about one of whether there was one good lab was in the same life that I finished that she was to have the funeral of the houses and this was not doing it one of the nation it are one of the school to radiation of programmers in the schools I will I visit one of the staff in the school is about to minorities then I could get its hands and was evicted with a tent with you want to see in the house and selected student smears when I doesn't listen to the school but she was nice you has to be in the house and went for it on and I put up the girl and says he can come to the school dance was really happy when I think I'm looking at the school and now seasonal enunciation it's who is going to school and communion so you were rescued and in turn you are able to rescue this girl just can't get your talking about another person that that was rescued she was forced at the end nine billion and tonight because I'm listless again nine nineteen one to be an unnamed source and out of the schools and she has no other way to go and CSC approach one of the schools and e-mail recognition program and a snack has come forward to sponsor graduation she graduated and to the nation it gradually she graduated and she is working one of judgment excludes in India so you rescued this woman she was a young lady yes and and because she was rescued now she is ministering to other children and teaching them about Jesus this is what Jesus God was wonderful though a few you know you may not be a doctor you may not be a dentist you may not be able to set up mobile clinic you may not be able to reach that the very wealthy but this is something that everybody can do is sponsor a child one I think it makes so much difference in a in a child's life and you never know the return that you will get an idea you want to relate I was one of those orphaned and abandoned orphanage was sponsored as though this is something that everyone can be as about Asian aid and find out how you can sponsor a rescue child thank you so much thank you as seven days Adventist youth we has been told much pain and the different parts of the world locally and internationally Ms. song Lily are not the thing for you from Zimbabwe and if they even though there is almost paying one day when an adult our fathers have been having I will walk on streets of gold on brother and mother father that had a entire where rain is gone that he will be asked in the ad and yeah I know that he will need to add a time that in the ad is a I I I I and I have had and I had to know if I and him and him and a and him to you a and then the day and I and you will you and the man he had me in a him me I is him yeah him time to and and and and him and him and him only as an continuing on more thrilling stories and being joined your own platform with Doctor land perhaps but when you tell us where you're from and what you do line from Loma Linda I you Tillman University and chair of the Department of Earth and biological sciences which gives degrees in biology and geology that you mentioned to me previously that Loma Linda has got a unique distinction you would think that many Christian colleges offer doctorates in her sciences that's it you said that that's not necessarily the case as I correct but they do offer graduate degrees the difference is like you says you think they would they offer not good biblical programs but other Christian universities and colleges if they have something like geology they teach business is to get pollution or our evolution not not a biblical concept of origin so Loma Linda has ability -based program that offers a doctor yet we are the only place in the world where a student can get a doctorate in biology or geology and have classes from teachers who ask to the biblical story of origins okay then how is it that you can get past the theory that the earth is billions of years old well in the eyes of most signs of course we don't get by we're but the we are loaded out of it but we can teach our students learn what science has to offer the best evidence they know what other scientists think they also know what the Bible says and how we can reinterpret that evidence in a way that that really helps us to understand geology better than we have a short video clip and not many details open about what's on okay some of us do geology research to understand better how to how to explain the rocks how to interpret the rocks and that we find that if we take the Bible seriously the Bible concept of a global flood a few thousand years ago that gives us clues it helps us to see things that other people don't notice and so we are indeed making some progress in understanding the geological and an to say one thing in the end of the video we talk about hypotheses in a couple places it to us the global fund is not a hypothesis that's reality but when you get to the little details there are real the Bible doesn't give us those details but the Bible helps us to think up hypotheses of how we might interpret that evidence and then study rooms let's watch the video now okay are our senses allowed it has been shaped by water flowing water has the power to the road even on routers and then banks especially since then the police has hopefully want to talk and see the same result displayed by the beautiful what you will learn to dictate these magnificent structures to geologists from the Malindi University and Southwestern Adventist University Doctor Linda grand and Doctor out the Chadwick a seriously asking this question and seeking nonsense here we see an impressive clip meandering across seventy where the flat cliffs skyline the Navajo sandstone forms the magnificent walls of Zion Canyon two thousand and an enormous amount of one community would be required to view Road these high clips what type of what the is required to form such a long continuous click that this is not possible in this such as occurs on the signs of remote valleys is part of a series of clips there are no rivers flowing along these clips that couldn't run the these examples and many more the Doctor Brandon Doctor Chadwick who think that the usual geologic unity millions of years of gradual erosion are not adequate to say the land into its existing landscape that they believe that serious study of how a very large flow of water could explain the landscapes will provide much more realistic explanation future research will receive these noticed quite a little bit of walking you walk everywhere that you well it is closely can you let walk after I understand also that a size that are not met anyone also and in your work is accurate they happens for this wonderful let me ask you in today's educational environment just really how important is it to have a biblically -based geologic program geologists interpret the evidence in ways that can be very destructive the Christian faith students who study theology and Christian students who studied geology and other universities have a hard time because they can they can describe the evidence in their interpretations very convincingly and it is difficult for many people to hang onto their faith in spite of what is being there being given and so it is very crucial it's throughout the Christian world and even madness shirts there are those who are pushing towards a theistic evolution and much of Christian Protestant denominations there's a big movement among the scholars in that direction so it's a something of concern and but with our research trying to understand it better as some of them as educators we have a responsibility and a great privilege to define ways to interpret the evidence according to the Bible other questions we don't have answers to but I will always have those but we can be a great help for students and I can just give you one example a member of student took a class from me and after the class is over I got a phone call now I did try to make this anonymous but I knew who he was found but he you thanked me for the classiness of your classes opened the way to faith nothing very privileged to get responses like a doctor brand it is been a real pleasure talking to you and his encouragement all of us to know the Loma Linda is holding the standard is like a close of with one other comment my lovely wife was not able to be here so I just like the two tell her happy anniversary thanks so much him a again I I think that it's an incredible privilege that we have it and he said the clock it's incredible privilege that we have to be able to have a biblically -based program in our university domain as Doctor Willard reaches to tell me just a little bit about yourself and NM what would you talk about I'm a retired physician and nuts and talk about what I've been doing okay I should do this should very go was about to say now I am to start off you it told me a little story unfortunately because use of the clock and Artie started and you can see back there we have the long version honor telephone call that they were not have to have a clip nose version this evening but how did you get involved in the end the work that you're doing now well what you're really saying is I've been to Romania and why did I go to remain here I am too much my birthday is in what's your birthday what what what age are you well eighty nine starting sunset today how about that and I had to pay the clock is running I had I and a man the more that's right that's right I've had the opportunity to go to Romania fifteen years ago fourteen years ago thirteen years ago twelve years ago in the eleven years ago five times and last February eighteen months ago I had a human among the surgery so I know I would never go back to certitude and remaining again and I was never laying around at home and sitting than wishing I was I could go back to Romania wasn't gone through my mind but the pastor that I worked with all those years was the same pastor his name was John last and John Maverick on the on the telephone he had five churches he got transferred to Tel Aviv not the time I left I would be eleven years ago and he had transferred to do that Belgium as you know your geography Romanians in between so they had our family reunion and I got an e-mail just this last item on a year ago now and August said Doctor register why weren't you here for our reunion well I said I'd have you missed me but I know guy like maybe years old it would be presumptive to get on the plane and come over there all alone well about a month went by and my wife said she she yelled running down the hall and said we need some groceries so she tossed a list thereby the phone and I think my new nap but I couldn't sleep I couldn't go to sleep nothing bothering me I just couldn't go to sleep so I thought I just didn't pray so I got on my knees I thought in this happier necessity from God I think I'll just say and think of prayer I think I just think the prayer I don't the devil to get involved in this process so this is what I thought if you want me to go back to Romania have John last few call me on the telephone so when I got up from my prayer I thought well uncle get the list gone to town because I can't sleep anyway so as I picked up the list the phone was flashing the phone it was John last few about that so now what do I do folks do I tell them our nonviolence I was just kidding so I went to Romania and my brother and I during those years that we were there we go five churches and John having been transferred from Tel Aviv to do to Belgium he asked me to speak the first two I two of his churches in Brussels on February the second of just now and then I went on to Romanian spoke of the other churches I'm telling you my friends it's nice to go back like Paul did and visit for you then it's nice to go back now you know I did I go to your questionnaire will knows about this you know I don't even know I don't even know why I went but this is one thing there was a fellow that I always make a call I always make a call when I go .com in the good in the big church of vulture Romania sent how many of you been able to remain behind sure there's a lot as a handbag her anyway this fella had been in the church money helping with the church building the church 's life as a Seventh-day Adventist for thirty years he had never responded to a call when I called he came forward and it was amazing you should've seen the look on their faces so maybe maybe that's why I want to Romania I'm being honest with you like that yeah I don't know why I want the remaining there were other people that were convicted and came forward but there is a sellout here in this audience someplace maybe some of you know I am he told me that this is an absolute good Aaron K he said the Lord during the first week of the millennium will come and tell you why you want to Romania to guarantee that was told to me by her Douglas properties out there in the audience I said is that a guarantee that I'm going to be there the first place I guarantee that Jesus would come tell me what happened so where are you Herb come on stand up anyway I'll take on the object I guarantee you that the register were to have lined up you know it but will wait a minute there's a couple things I want to tell you not to honor and it's a humbling honor to talk to people like this all of you out there are working for the Lord Jesus Christ amen I want you to know a calm peaceful see never developed any skilled salesman and sailors did you what it is a calm sea never developed any skilled sailors you might write that down are all of you having a calm ocean out there and one last thing if the sea they sang to me through the use of my time is right for you fraction of a second when the Lord calls you all and a man what a blessing to have these members the next business we have young and the old man here together today all working for God 's purposes have with me this evening based on Academy we have their principal Alexis Alexis Fernandez and Jerry and Heidi so thank you so much for joining us tonight for members in action now let's say you're the principal and a star already been the principal I have as of this summer become the principal okay so this can be a new challenge for you this year but you


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