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The Passion

Ty Gibson


Once upon a time, all the passion of the most beautiful love imaginable unfolded for all to see. And now it’s time for that passion to embrace you at the deepest level of your heart.


Ty Gibson

Co-Director of Light Bearers and Pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, OR



  • August 9, 2013
    7:00 AM
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good morning again was great to be here and I feel like I'm echoing maybe you don't hear that am I going yet with a little outdoor gathering up while I am glad to be here this morning this is a very early meeting for me my my body is in Ireland right now and maybe it's not really I just feel what would be the word to describe what I'm feeling right now let's see discombobulated that would be the word I don't think my body knows what time it is right now but it sure feels like it's the middle of the night does anybody else feel like this okay just one person the rest of you are just alive and ready to go well let's just began with a word of prayer in the lunch right in father in heaven Lord we approach you this morning with an eager interest in your heart we want to know who you are how you think how you feel the kind of person that you are father we want our trust for you to grow and to deepen because of what we see revealed of you in Jesus Christ father bring peace and rest to our relationship with you so that our Sabbath keeping week by week would truly be restful in our souls Lord in our hearts we want to know you more clearly so that we can serve you more passionately more intelligently help us to that end in Jesus name we spent our time yesterday basically talking about the fact that Jesus came to the squirrel for a very specific purpose wheat we pretty much narrowed it down we drew upon the theme for ASI this year gets time to be what about our father 's business which immediately takes the question as we said yesterday what is the father 's business that we need to be about and we took note of the fact that this theme title is drawn from the words of Jesus as a twelve -year-old boy no less when he made his visit to the first Passover feast and he encountered the mysterious ceremony of the sacrifice of the land became engrossed in that sacrifice and began to realize with greater clarity his identity and mission as the Savior of the world of course he then went on to engage with the scholar 's in the Temple and Mary and Joseph lost their little boy Jesus and when they had finally recovered him he simply and profoundly said to them but you know I must be about my father 's what business and then we saw in Scripture that the business of Jesus that he came to our world to undertake is indeed lofty and wonderful business of magnifying the character of God the life of Jesus was we might say and unfold being of God 's identity the way God thinks the way God feels the way God behaves the kind of person that God is we recalled yesterday that everything that Jesus is doing it occurring on a very very particular stage of events there is something that has gone before him there has been a rebellion in heaven among the angel in that rebellion has now come to earth and the entire great controversy the great war between good and evil we mentioned yesterday is based on misrepresentations of the character of God by the father of lies the fall of mankind was premised upon receipt e-zine I see this concepts perceptions that were spewed and distorted regarding the identity of the creator of the universe adamantly did not sin they do not rebel in a vacuum they rebelled on the premise of a misconfiguration of the character of God first before the act of disobedience was engaged in before Eve reached out her hand to take the fruit and perform the act of disobedience and rebellion something had changed in her hearts trust was broken she believed with the serpent told her regarding the character of God and once trust was broken the natural follow-through was rebellion on the behavioral level so the same problem obviously needs to first and foremost be rectified and corrected on the level of the heart we sometimes call this the new covenant what is the difference between the new covenant and the old covenant will there are historic differences in the own unfolding narrative of Scripture but there are also experiential differences between old and new covenant the old covenant is essentially the idea that the why God is imposed from without this in order to merit or to gain God 's favor in response his response to our obedience where is the new covenant by contrast if the law of God being realized as the principle of other centered love within which then manifests itself in outward obedience Jesus came to achieve to establish the new covenant in the hearts and minds of human beings to clear up the misconceptions regarding the character of God that broke trust and gave rise to behavioral problems behavioral misdemeanors and rebellions now when we look at the life of Jesus yesterday we noticed through the gospel of John that step by step incrementally one event after another one interaction after another Jesus was simply error-free step of the way revealing the character of God he said in a summary statement to his disciples if you have seen me you have what seen the father and then in John seventeen Jesus defines it what he was up to his business as work that he had now finished you remember he said to the father in John seventeen father I have finished the work that you gave me to do this is the business that Jesus was about it is called later in Scripture or earlier in Scripture actually as we'll see later in our message it is called not only the business of Jesus and the work of Jesus but Isaiah fifty three called double lever of his soul Jesus underwent some clean on our behalf it was perfectly calculated to reveal the character of God with unprecedented clarity and that climactic clarifying events was the cross of Calvary Jesus is pouring out his life with absolute others censored self giving love revealed that the truth about God beyond all shadow of a doubt on white rest of language around the cross event like this she says at the cross of love and selfishness stood face to face in Mortal Kombat and loud gained the victory Jesus at Calvary gave us a clarifying revelation of the character of God now the cross which was the pinnacle of his business of his work that he finished the cross in Christian theology is sometimes referred to as the passion now think about this language with me for just a moment in this particular context the word passion the passion of Christ is referring to the extreme mental and emotional and physical agony anguish saw or read what Ellen White calls the sufferings of Christ this suffering that Jesus endured was not merely of a physical nature and this gives us a window into the magnitude of the sacrifice that was made on our behalf as were about to discover the physical dimension of the sufferings of Christ which has been magnified in general Protestant and evangelical preaching on the cross was actually him a normal part of his suffering the physical torts sharer Ellen White very insightful Lisa has was by comparison to his mental anguish as it were nothing Jesus endured something in his mind in his heart he underwent its a degree in magnitude and enormity of mental and emotional suffering that eclipse that the completely transcended physical suffering why go so far as to say in volume two of the testimonies two hundred and two fifteen coldest sufferings of Christ that chapter she says that his mental agony was of such intensity that his physical pain was hardly felt her words not mine to Jesus Eddie hangs between heaven and earth is getting a revelation of the character of God of the love of God by the suffering that he is enduring that he is undergoing at Calvary and were going to spend our time together this morning exploring the passion the suffering that Jesus endured for no other reason but will love of your soul and mind now the prophet was a is a great window a lot she had a few wealth into our discovery of the passion of Jesus Christ pose that is a unique profit profit you will have to agree right all the other prophets received his visions and dreams right this is kind of what we might call secondary knowledge is not experiential in nature if the vision it's a dream it's a metaphor it's a set of symbols you see it in your mind and then the profit comes out of the vision out of the dream and simply writes down what he saw in the vision right but not Hosea God did something different with the prophet Hosea he said Hosea I'm not going to get to view a prophecy I'm going to make a prophecy I'm going to ask you whose attitude in act my passion to live out its an experience before my people and before the world down through time that will reveal what's going on in my heart in my mind in the divine psyche if you will what has God experiencing in this great controversy between good and evil so God said Hosea visited a tough one but I have a mission for you was at chapter one verse two as the book begins the Lord said to Hosea God alone take yourself a wife of harlotry for the land that is the people of the land has committed great harlotry by departing from the Lord so soak your accounts that God is revealing to us through Hosea that he has undergone a lean what we might call relational pain John Hussain Hosea I want you to personally as a human being to experience something that will be as it were a living type of what I'm experiencing as God with the people with the land the land has rebelled against me the human race has violated the covenant of other centered love that should exist between myself and my people Hosea I want you to fall in love with a woman who commits adultery later on in chapter three and verse one God reiterates this theme he says the San Jose on love a woman you what everybody love her love a woman who is the difficult part here is the relational and that God is going through your years of the violation and the key violation that we call the sin problem but is depicted in relational terms here go again Hosea love a woman who is loved by a lover and is committing adultery now notice the next two words after the Joss light the love of the Lord for the children of Israel Hosea see that woman there that unfaithful woman that woman who has a wandering rebellious heart what I want you to fall in love with her specifically her owes it was a and once you have fallen in love with her once you love this woman Hosea is going to be a tough experience because she's going to pursue one illicit affair after another and Hosea when you feel what it feels like to love somebody with every fiber of your being only to have her not love you in return tell my people that this is just like the love of the Lord for the children of Israel Hosea feel what it feels like to be violated on this deep relational level kill what it feels like Hosea to love her and not be loved back and then tell the world but that's what the sin problem looks like from God 's perspective that God deals the sin problem not is merely the breaking of rules on cold tables of stone but God feels the sin problem is the violation of a passionate other centered while that has given everything and received only rebellion in return Hosea that's what it feels like to be God tell them no of course sin is the breaking of the Los Angeles transgression of the law first John three four but we need to remember something about that law before that law existed on tables of stone given at Sinai that law existed as the tender inner reality of the character of God sometimes we set this with them at the evidence we save a life the transcript of God 's and so it is Romans chapter thirteen in verse ten the apostle Paul cuts to the chase and the silence love does no hurt no harm to its neighbor to anybody love does no harm to anybody therefore love is the fulfilling of the law the law of God this is the love of God manifested in a codified form one two three four five the committee I tend that law is love it is essentially what other centeredness looks like in action relation only and God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit have known this love with others centered law this principle of self intervene love they have known this for all eternity past as the very essence of their being of their identity this is how God operates this is how God thinks at God is love in the most extreme others centered sense imaginable you'll literally never happened inward focused thought or feeling God always thinks and feels and emotions and behaviors with outward reference to others and this finally led to Calvary Calvary is the ultimate manifestation of what it looks like you forgot to log all others above and before himself to use the words of Alan light in desired ages she says of Jesus as he's trembling in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane she says that Jesus has come to a decision this decision is made quote unquote he will save humanity at any cost to himself and all the cost it would cost him error-free thing not merely a few hours of physical agony and pain but in eternity of weights of separation from the father that he felt to the depths of his being and with no sense that the Gulf would be greatest it was literally blocked from his awareness that there would be a resurrection from the death in which into which he was sinking in for a sustained period of time as were about to discover Jesus felt to the depths of his being what it feels like to be completely relationally suffer in other words he felt the sin problem in all its totality Jesus felt what it feels like to be separated from the source of life and air first step of the way it shows the UN made on her not just his own present tense life in the physical dimension of the suffering Jesus chose your internal life over a gift on eternal life he chose you over himself with a loud that it had no boundaries no ceiling no floor no edges Jesus proved beyond all question that God is love in the most beautiful sense we could possibly ever conceive and Hosea is the media am as a living enactment in his life of what it feels like to be God in this great controversy Hosea having now modeled this in his life God now tells Hosea we looped back we got to chapter one in Chapter three now were back in chapter two and God now having the same problem on his hands follow carefully he has a rebellious human race on his camp what do you do about it how's he going to quote unquote see us healthy going to achieve atonement oneness how's he going to bring back the integrity of the relationship one is Almighty God as we noted yesterday because I guess hypothetically although it's contrary to his character but hypothetically he could just pull rank and exert the sheer might send my soul is Almighty omnipotence because they listen your race of rebels I'm God you are not basic arrangement to what I say our house but that would immediately if that kind of exertion of power would immediately circumvent the ultimate objective of God truly units he's only interested in able well it is rendered voluntarily from the heart because we want to not because we had better or else and so John won't exert himself in the plan of salvation with coercive manipulative power to force himself Revelation depicts them in chapter three standing on the outside of a human heart knocking behold I stand at the door and knock the implication of the imagery is that this door is shut both of them locked from the inside and God is on the outside knocking gentleman that he has and that is an understatement because of the deep ontological reality that he created human beings with free will so that they would have the capacity for love and that free will that creates the capacity for voluntary love is the highest perspective that God has taken on you and me he looks at you and me and he sees us for what we are by original creation free moral agents who have the possibility to potential the dignity of voluntarily saying yes to our relationship that we commit to because we want to any system to you and make you so so so I don't want you to be my servants my site I want you to my friends I didn't come to this world the strong arms you into subjection I came into this world to achieve your salvation by higher principles by last year a and so Hosea back in chapter two this can blow your mind God this is God speaking this is the Almighty Creator of the universe the person who possesses omnipotence and omnipotent God tells us exactly the means by which he will go about saving us therefore behold he says to Hosea and to Austria José I told I will what's the word they're saying out loud it will be uncomfortable for you say this word especially theological context garden say the words in the Bible behold I will a little or her I will bring her into the wilderness and I will speak comfort to her another versions that I will speak words of love for will mean word drawing words attractive words are going to relate to her that if the falling human race in all its rebellion and relational violation underwritten that link to the human race to save her to save the human race on the premise of all the worrying not by contrast coercion or force the word O Lord here is not used at all in the elderly sick sense of creating an enticement it's illegitimate it simply means to attract guys saying I'm going to save them by attracting them back to me I'm going to put forth a beautiful revelation of my life for them that will in turn produce a response to meet its voluntary I'm going to a lure them back to me as interesting because of their goes on Chapter two Hosea is his first fourteen it's prophetic of the cross of Christ 's were going to see in a moment Jesus himself constitutes the ultimate allure the ultimate draw the ultimate attractive force that got inserts for the salvation of human being but here in verse fourteen he says okay I'm going to save the human race by a alluring them by attracting them to me with love okay the notices for sixteen initial meeting in that day says the Lord that you will call me on my husband 's you will no longer call me my master fear God is contracting two kinds of relationship dear God is saying when you encounter the old Lorene unity of my love for you in Christ you will undergo a deep psychoemotional paradigm shift you will cease to relate to me as as a slave relates to a master and you will begin to relate to me as a bride is a wife relates to a husband now of course a good marriage is assumed here in this imagery right don't make the immediate dysfunctional crossover from whatever you're going through okay the point here is that marriage is marriage is intended to be marriage as God designed it to be in which there is this this kind of this all the other person and his upturned face not as downturned posture of all telltale do what you say because of authority and power that you have over me no no no God says when you see the alluring love of the Savior you will cease to relate to me like a slave relates to a master all of that year will subside and give way to a whole new mode of existence you will begin to see me as a loving husband and you'll begin to love me back this is the new covenant in beautiful form relationally win that Al Gore occurs he goes on and it's kind of a divine proposal this is also in chapter two going on you'll seems to relate to me as a master and you begin relate to me as a husband and than got kind of gets on bended knee before you and me and he says I will betroth you to me I will betroth you to me forever at the seal of God ultimately achieve that the new covenant irrevocably achieved in the final atonement this is God saying that there's going to be a marriage between humanity human beings and the divine heart that will be sustained forever rebelling in an unfaithfulness won't ever enter into the relationship again once God achieves this and I will betroth you to me for ever yes I will betroth you to me in righteousness injustice and loving kindness and mercy I will betroth you to me in faithfulness and you shall know the Lord and the worst fear is not taught in the Hebrew it is the very word that was employed in Jan SS when the Bible says Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived and brought forth a son is the word that is used in Scripture from matrimonial intimacy and God is using it here as a metaphor is a symbol for the kind of atonement the kind of union the kind of oneness that he anticipates a long scoring desires between himself and his people got essentially says here I want you to marry me will you and he awaits the whole plan of salvation is God putting forth the alluring beauty of his love and waiting for our response to the proposal will you marry me and is waiting for you and me to say yes I love you back let's see you'll this relationship for ever no turning back while this is a compress Hosea is what I'm going to call a compress prophecy of the cross of Christ and its ultimate effect as it will be brought to completion in the day of atonement José is a prophecy that traverses the entire ground of Sheen says dying at the cross as the fulfillment of the allure of God 's love and the ultimate response of God 's people individually asked down through history but finally on a corporate level in the final atonement in the ceiling God will have a composite right if you will a people we sometimes say it is described in Ephesians five and Revelation were says that it the bride of Christ has made herself ready and the language they are the bride of Christ is the corporate body of gods in time church who finally as a units constitutes a love relationship with God that is beautiful and attractive for the world and invite guests to the wedding to behold our union with the maker of the universe so Jesus comes to the world following through with this matrimonial symbolism followed carefully when Jesus then is incarnate hosanna made his prophecy God is going to put forth some kind of amazing allure in Jesus comes to the world and when he comes to the world the disciples of John the Baptist are saying hey hey who is this guy and who are you we thought you where the guy but now she's kind of eclipsing you aren't you the one John the Baptist and John responds to those who have been following him and he essentially says no I'm not the one he's the one and then Chirac's language around the identity of this one who has come he is the bridegroom John says and I'm just the best man I'm just a friend of the bridegroom it came you need to now turn your attention to I change merely to proclaim that he was going to our arrival now he's here you need to focus your attention on Jesus because he is the bridegroom is the best man and I'm just pointing to him so the matrimonial metaphor is now initiated in the ministry of Christ Jesus has come and the world has a lover seeking his love these come in the world with a mission to allure the human heart back to himself and so from this point forward through the Gospels the life of Jesus is a well-being process step-by-step as we discovered in different language yesterday morning she then is putting forth beautiful revelations of the character of God in order to elicit a response if you've seen me you seen the father he is like I am I am like he is all the goodness and love that you see in me is a reflection of who he is come back come back come back to the father the things you believed about him are true after all and I'm proving to you in my incarnation my wife my teaching and ultimately my death I am demonstrating to you in what we might call the Christ event the whole event of his incarnation life teachings death ascension and his heavenly ministration Jesus is demonstrating the love of God with unprecedented clarity so that when we come to John chapter twelve in verse thirty two Jesus talking about the cross hi what I am lifted up from the earth will be what I'll do how all peoples to myself the allure is going to be exerted with gentle beauty that preserves the dignity of our freedom by not pushing shoving not demanding not forcing but drawing I will alert you to myself and here's the allure Ellen Y Rexx language around this verse around this concept that is just amazing language she speaks of the cross event less than as the matchless charms of Christ in another place she refers to what happened here as naturalists love that is love it is without match it has no parallel in all of reality or any experience a relationship we've ever had this is a love according to the song of Solomon and it too is a property of the Messiah this is a love that is stronger than death this is allowed that sets his heart upon the likes of you and me with a determination to save us at any cost to himself stronger than the year of death Jesus puts forth the allure the drawing power of his love as he hangs between heaven and earth on the cross and then as I said the prophecy of Hosea is a compress prophecy of the cross and then it's ultimate effects individually but then corporately at the end of time John chapter seventeen is what Allen White called the day of atonement prayer of Jesus in other words when Jesus is praying in John seventeen just before the cross anticipating the cross he is into him again be on the cross to its ultimate effects down to our time in what we call the day of atonement in the final achievement of union between God and human beings this is a prayer it refers to eighteen forty four and beyond in a very specific sense this is the day of atonement you and Arlene and D and a typical day of atonement and Jesus before he went across praying a day of atonement prayer and noticed the language of this prayer this is eternal life Jesus said praying to the father that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent again using the language of matrimonial intimacy Adam knew his wife and she conceived Jesus now takes that language moves that in the New Testament and gives it the spiritual connotation of salvation and atonement eternal life is to know God with intimacy spiritually emotionally intellectually to intersect with God incomplete union this is the plan of salvation Jesus goes on in his prayer he uses the language of atonement and oneness in matrimonial union I do not pray for these alone Jesus says but also for those who will believe in me through their word that they all may be what's the word he uses that they all may be one as you father are in me and I in you that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that you sent me Jesus is praying for atonement for oneness these teeth again reaching back into Genesis or Scripture had said that the man and the woman were married got performed at first marriage ceremony and the Bible it said that the two shall become one flesh Jesus reaches back in a graph that oneness language of matrimonial intimacy can brings in the New Testament he said that's what I want when you I want completes restoration of relational integrity based on faithfulness that's what I'm looking for Jesus goes on in John Chapter seventeen verse twenty three I invented you and me that they may be made perfect in one and that the world may know that you sent me and noticed this have allowed me love them as you have loved me there's got to be one the mountaintops of Scripture Jesus literally says here that God the father loves you and me rebellious fallen sinners quarantines to a planet in isolation and rebellion Jesus says that God loves you and me with the same quality and passion of love with which he loves the sinless Jesus Douglas you as he loves me Jesus has there is no difference in the quality of this love God is love and then Jesus comes the conclusion of his prayer father notice the language notice the passion of the language notice that is not sterile notice that is not distant notice that is the language of desire and Jesus as father I desire that they also whom you gave me maybe what if you want with me where I am that they may behold my glory which you have given me what is that glory for you love me before the foundation of the world that's the glory of God Ellen White wrestling which around this and she said that it is the glory of God to give the love that is the essence of his glory of his character God is the ultimate servants living for others above and for himself Jesus as you and I have this going on before the world began before the foundation of the world thought you loved I love you with this project other center in love and father let's bring them into that union but let's restore them to relationship with ourselves so that they can experience all righteous father he closes the world has not want not knowing you but I have known you you and I where connected we're type we're in union I know you you know me they don't know this beautiful relationship they had access to I know you know but notice this and these have known that you send to me and I have declared them your name and I will declare at notice this fact or so that are in order that or to the end that the love with which you father have loved me may be aware in them and I in them that's the atonement that salvation salvation is God read in fifteen following human beings into the relational integrity of other center love with himself with his son and the Holy Spirit the circle of relational faithfulness was broken and Jesus came to restore relational faithfulness that's what it's all about but here's the thing in order to experience the drawing transforming power of God 's love we must understand the magnitude of the sacrifice God made for us in Christ this is one of the key premises of the theology of the apostle Paul in other words because we are free moral agents and love can only be rendered in the exercise of freedom we would be so far because were free in love can only be exercised the freedom is absolutely vital Paul teaches that God approach us on the level of communication he is going to give us a revelation a demonstration a manifestation of his loud and then leave us free to respond so Paul says that the love of Christ must be comprehended in Ephesians three in order for it to access us we have a mind we have a hardware rational and we are emotive and we are volitional creatures we think we feel and we choose and so God must of necessity approach us at the level of our rational emotional and free will process by revealing his love so that we can say yes or no to it in the cross is that revelation we might we need to understand it now this is where within very carefully and I will make this clear at seven and seeking out Seventh-day Adventist fellow Seventh-day Adventists this is precisely where Babylon has done its most dastardly work this is precisely where the enemy of souls has done his quote INS diabolical work by Pauline off on the world 's the doctrine of natural immortality and eternal torments Satan has effectively blocked the theological perception of the masses of Christianity from proceeding what actually happened at the cross and Seventh-day Adventists were intense than among other points in its incredible doctrinal packets that God has graciously given to this people among other things God gave us the truth about death the state of the net doctrine and the truth about how negating eternal torment and opening therefore a passageway of understanding into what happened at Calvary the Bible says Jesus died for us what does that mean what you believe in natural immortality and eternal torment you cannot possibly access what went on in the heart and mind of Jesus at the cross because all you can see is an outwardly imposed torture there's going to be inflicted and you don't understand that in terms of the contrast between first and second death Seventh-day Adventists and alone with this theological perception this biblical perception I'm going to add that there is more than one kind of death there is what we call the first death and what we call by contrast the second death Mrs. Langley which is theologically rationally be evangelical Protestant and Catholic Mike doesn't even know what to do with his language but we know from Scripture that there are two different kinds adapt to follow this carefully in Revelation two hundred eleven were told to you who overcomes shall not be hurt by what the second death Revelation chapter twenty verse six again Blessed and holy is unit as part in the first resurrection over such the second death has no power all a carefully if there is linguistically logically a second that there is a necessity what we might call a first step SM the address we understand that the first at is merely what is the word that Jesus repeatedly does merely a sweet the dead know not anything they lie in the grave awaiting the resurrection but then there's my contrast cul-de-sac in depth what is that Gina says describing the second death do not fear those who kill what dimension of the human being the bottom is the physical body don't hear those to kill the body and cannot kill the soul but rather fear him who is able to destroying that the transition in the language both soul and body in hell Jesus here in a single sentence draws a contrast the first and second that is dead is merely the killing of the body the second of all when imminent this encompasses not only the body but the soul and the word that Jesus uses your first sold it if your English soul is in the Greek psyche is referring to the inner dimension not just the body but the thoughts the feelings the identity of the character the totality of one's being that resides in the character the mind the heart the psyche is the second death and it's a deaf film which by implication and explicitly stated out elsewhere in Scripture is the death from which there is not to be anticipated a resurrection this adapt this one out this is what we have advanced coal annihilation is some in contrast to eternal torment eternal conscious ongoing torments okay what we see in Scripture is that Jesus came into this world and he took upon himself our human nature and in taking our human nature upon himself listen carefully now become aperture and that the speed amount for the pedal to metal gear consummate you look hungry okay so listen very carefully as we move forward Jesus came to our world and by virtue of the incarnation he submitted himself to a set of limitations okay it would make the second death new theme reality for him according to Hebrews chapter ten verse nine seeing we see Jesus who was made a little lower than the angels for why was he made lower why was incarnate for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor that he by the grace of God should taste what for how many people for all human beings Jesus is tasting what do he is tasting I'm really the first step because logically theologically if we can only be saved from whatever Jesus endured for us if she doesn't only endured the first death than he only has made provision to save us from the first step but she says saving us for eternity and giving eternal life Jesus has saved us by his grace by tasting the full horrific reality of the second death now Philippians as we try to stop me okay Philippians registered door opener Philippians chapter two verses five through seven here I'm in I just compress the idea for the sake of time this morning or I in Philippians two we see the incarnation and the cross and the relation between the two but this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but what is this version saver seven made himself of no reputation the word there is to know all in the Greek which is the verb tense or the verb version of the noun can assess which just needs to empty and so the idea translates this the one who was in very nature God made himself nothing another version says he am him himself whatever the content of Jesus was practically his incarnation he emptied himself for our salvation the Philips translation translate this he laid aside his divine prerogatives and advantages in other words Jesus who was always and only ever divine sharing the divine attributes of omnipotence omnipresence and omniscience when he came to our world and the incarnation he submitted himself to the limitations of laying aside in seeing himself laying aside his divine advantages and prerogatives Jesus laid aside omnipotence for our salvation put it in remission if you will I can have mine own self he said to nothing everything you see Jesus doing is as a human being tapping into the omnipotence of the father he said of himself regarding omniscience I don't even know the day and the hour of my second coming only the father knows Jesus has submitted to the limitations of laying aside his omniscience why omnipresence he laid aside why wonders the truth of the matter and being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross this is Paul building a bridge theologically between the incarnation and the cross is a Jesus became human and submitted to all of its limitations in order that he might authentically genuinely experienced the death of the cross Jesus in other words did not hang between heaven and earth and with his omniscience and omnipresence transcend the sufferings of the events now in evangelical and Catholic theology that's the only sense they can make about in other words when Jesus is quoting Pope suffering in general Protestant and Catholic theology it is a projection it's not a reality for these not really suffering Jesus is merely giving a shower of suffering is not a reality for divinity because there is no sense of the magnitude of the condescension here but Jesus went all the way down he became nothing and as he did he came to Gethsemane and to the cross and he experienced the full ramifications of the sin problem for you and me and Jesus came with them his disciples to the place called Gethsemane and said to the disciples sit here while I go pray over there and watch this and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed then he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful to the point of death would you say the difference tween the first and the second at once do not fear those who kill the but are not able to kill the rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell Jesus then uses the same language to describe what he's experiencing when Jesus is in Gethsemane clutching the cold ground use the words of Ellen White ethic to prevent himself from being drawn farther away from the father Jesus in agony in Gethsemane begins to sense this separation and it's real for him he doesn't transcend the event is not within Omni present also up in heaven looking down on himself and get summoning these not with omniscience transcending the event insane no biggie I'll be through this in a few hours or a few days noted yesterday it's Mamet its colossal genes this is experiencing the full horrific Tallahassee on your sin and mine and it is creating a psychological veil between himself and the father so that when Jesus hangs between heaven and earth and he feels the guilt in the shame of our sin he feels as though he has been separated from the father forever Isaiah fifty three all we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of how many of us on assault Jesus psychologically in his soul in his psyche psychologically emotionally Jesus is bearing the weight of the sin of the whole world yours and mine included NSB bears the iniquity of the world the Bible goes on and says it pleased the Lord to bruise him he shall put him to grief when you make his what an offering for sin is Saul and offering for sin he shall see the labor of his soul and be satisfied by his knowledge my righteous servant shall justify the many for the show having to save us he shall bear Miami's body merely putting his mind and his heart he shall bear their iniquities in other words Jesus will experience the full dark Harbor acumen shame and guilt you will feel what it feels like to be separated from God by this huge chasm that sin imposes and when he feels that the cries out on Calvary my God my God why have you for setting me Jesus Saltz as though the father had receded and he was alone and isolated in sin and guilt in the resurrection for a sustained I was blocked from his perception Ellen White says it this way he could not see through the portals of the tomb bright hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave is a concrete for the restoration of his father 's approving smile now he's there alone in the darkness feeling the separation to the degree of agony longing for that relationship that he had always known with the father but now it was all gone and the separation was complete on white describes it this way Jesus of the cross experience something that the father and the Holy Spirit also experience she says what we witness there the active event of all universal history was the sundering of the divine powers that is the father son and Holy Spirit they underwent a sacrifice a magnificent of self giving sacrifice for you and me in which they separated in the sun on the other side of that darkness unable to bridge the chasm with the hope of resurrection Jesus literally chose to save you and me at any cost to himself at any point in the process he could've called twelve legions of angels to deliver and get told Peter 's back is against the law he's not hanging on the cross because there's no way out when they mocked him and said a few the son of God save yourself come down the irony of it is he could have each does not remain there and he sunk and plunged into the darkness of that separation by voluntary choice because he literally loves you and me more than his own existence this is what Paul calls loves that passes knowledge it soars beyond mere intellectual computation you have to experience it by faith believe that God loves you like that and it will take you to a whole new realm of relationship with him and you will know in your own soul the reality of atonement you will see in Jesus the creator of the universe on bended knee proposing marriage and you will be willing in the spontaneity of your returning love for him you will be willing to say yes to his proposal yes Lord this morning yes we access your love for us Jesus in a in a a is you is my audio is more in line with this maintenance if you would like to learn more and I signed a lease that you will not answer I is him and more as a online service is www. nonbelievers


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