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Love in Action

Pavel Goia
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Be filled with wonder at God’s love in action as Pavel Goia shares miraculous stories of answered prayers. Learn to commune with God and know His real and constant presence in your life. Discover how to understand God’s will and how to be more efficient in serving Him. Experience for yourself the transforming power of a walk with God.


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 9, 2013
    9:00 AM
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good morning and when I arrived yesterday I'm on the schedule and when I did he says Sebastian and then publicly on this and then I have to show my presentation at the Boston and I got to meet him so I have been waiting my window when I speak and they said Sebastian okay so he is not the person is a room I remember when I was driving my advantage was the best type already I had opted up my life was a Dodge grand and before we have apparently thought I wanted to be what happened to that cock can't get my best friend had me getting the auction that can't hit the big screen TV inside the car for nineteen ninety nine that doesn't begin and the car had to live some reason some bailiffs on everything from detailed games all when I was getting that kind of keep the doors open so anybody see what the county has a note home that somebody would have to fight when I adored his wife open under the inside of it outside of your good about one day I working vacation of my sanity and good lighting to Washington DC and how many of you have a batch content on how to pray for you I'm so sorry for admission I was driving my van on the van those are her own you do not go home second to seven p.m. so I stopped the car started again after her not change so basically I had to drive from Washington to see Luis Thompson in the second year before ever I learned the patient on the same phone in relation I got a transmission at the junkyard for five hundred fifty dollars I think another four hundred fifty adjustment but people get our nation are I will get back fourteen months in the foundation will again oh I lost my coordinations I was so angry I thought the car with my foot in that by looking from performer for my wife and condone people don't just cause down dipping it in a way to spend a big chunk eventually I condo I hate to add Dodge back transmission I got the recognition around five hundred percent I think the four hundred fifty on the phone that you had and then I put it on cable TV I don't the price I put it on okay craigslist or luckily the name and again and again and again and again your baby buggy nose Dodge has about from so I thought you made on your wonderful God is what I'm going you care for would you be seventy seven and eighth grade and even had a strong faith I believe the memo said and eventually I was immediately eating a plate of speech and I said we shouldn't have focus on a set because God is more important than you and me and he's got more important in our plans for the focus on March twenty fourth at the authority to bring want to know some really long you wondered why got duplicates were demoted or getting down your own car and on his own driving the van back home talking to me that I don't practice what they preach I cannot forgive me on the beautiful semi than any more heavy focus on you and that spoke to me is the fiancée said you need to give up everything the federal if he does not say that I want to become but is that you can have it I got to all of it until I do something because I think of my father didn't give me usable four thousand two thousand or even thousands of all and any copy of in but would you be merely the loveliest big as I don't want to be indexed in the role didn't speak and then use them to have the voice to my mind that since you have two options you did it on op for your lost similar going to be safe no one asserted unprecedented you need to delete them I said okay you can have the vent I'm not the most technology you need to delete over how much I said when what I am trying but I'm not able I would think it's only investigated not out of it enough myself I read I said okay you can have the van and that's it okay that's a good beginning as soon as I said amen I got the phone call such as radio regular the story before she could hear she says but how do you have that info save both of them I don't want a sedative and because you hate you never come back to catch that the junk out of the hit somebody invite I should think the major began but they don't no no him NAACP had I not even the bad permission we are ready for your event my brother is going to human behavior and they said why would you want to vent she says I just made in the road is me and then when he inspired me to drive people who don't have consultation for judge to direct you from the competition for school and I haven't even got young guys over and so she said I had gone four thousand two one forty fifth on how much do you owe she told me she had written hospital okay okay you give me what different you have what ever you can give me want to make you hot and funny some of the 50-50 the best part of the story that any of matrices using the van who never welcomed the spray on those thinking to the subject the outgoing Rhode Island just think of the subject funding heaven fees local you'll want to go speak that we may hear your voice and they may forgive the ground that you have for us in Jesus name and Jesus said I you hate your mother and your father on your wife and your children and your husband and you'll cannot be mighty site now you said that you take your mother in law and make it easier but he didn't say that he does say that it is the easy part of office says the Annunciation the creation of digging up everything is not a nice man when you pray and get an answer but the plan when you don't get an answer and you trust him so much that Judy Joyce I have peace I know that God knows everything that had hit a is in the family the modern manner she said Boston my husband left me on my type you stinking drunk that he is imprisoned and then seek a name to my junk and I can breathe for six months in the hymnal and when I said love your faithful and she said I pay for these problems that I said something on the grateful I said no and you yet I guess I don't even like you how much time do you will you let me spend praying for our needs I'm not saying that you should not only God said to us all your needs upon human on Jesus on him Jesus is not skate for father care for his unit had only gotten obsessed with care he will give us as making a phone of it but the binary fifty five the kingdom of America diabetes and then the compromise above and beyond your means I remember uncle disclosure under costly to make fun of me underneath a you are not thinking that you know about your stupid and I would go home and cry when my father made by hand to the finicky and my father told me the issue the great I like it because that's great that I cannot do that he was not my thought is that once you think you might like my father this is why did you say anything Nevada said I was your best people to put you for thinking postponing because I die they at least according to shop if you are not going to I die baby unless we learn to die cannot choose one that ways the God of Abraham the God of Moses what are the found talent that he and Josiah twenty Joshua what is English in most portable dignifying the region on his nose the same study beginning in two different ways of life anyway the God of Malta in the sea when you got one yet I don't happen to be a studio space in money if any not enough thinking of anything I came back home and then you can identify on a farm in Tony Romo and the union says Tony that he commented that missing out yet I said I cannot I just cannot I'm scheduled for yet another I cannot be another hot visit we want to become I think you don't know information on the menu no we don't know many of them just like you again not a lot of I have a schedule and they cannot change and I think you want to get the agenda and in the same King Yukon condo vacation why the Nathan had immediately been enough what did we pay for you and your wife delete vacation understood to some and everything in between he spent fourteen going on and they said what lived in the hotel is difficult to get a hold for you and you'll go on your expense whatever you want to pay the gas to keep going when you Safeco and the negative for both of you I said I'm trying I'm counting when I said what you wanted to speak what we wanted to give publications home to Doreen and I think it was trying to remember babies I want anyway so I go down when I go to something strange happened the charge is what the back of the story of the union the bitches go C- the judge is trying by zero you want and I don't want to give you a number that I'm not sure about I don't remember my wife knows this because more details I is not within your film sometime even onto the stories that are so many stories tell the judge that I was dying was back there was no room on the field or between the eyes leaned about what we knows how I was like a whore executive and so I will be keeping the economy is understandable why we have sixteen sixteen people would come to church on or how you are filming this and when you piece of meeting space and somebody from our church was there and he gave the correlation from Spain from Spanish to get out of the forty four pages brochure and gazed into the sixteen coming people to church to eat and then we decided to meet every morning they need stop right here for a second one of my just member Anthony is the list of possible watch if we all made and what he or fingerprint group is more prayer group to partner to pray for each other like most of some heart and out the state 's a lot about and what if we want opaque and the homes with our fantasy and then the spouse together have been unlikely to get it again with proposal on the culture of it is now speaking now this is necessary what we did so back to the starting they said we start to bring in the morning that I forget the judge that sacrifice in the beta at once upon any subject bring the family something don't know what you can just bring on the sand we are not pretty leaving the job he knew of the disease we are going to reform not forget stuff and weekly importantly more white papers once what the bloody fighting back you cannot diffuse when you keep up since pointing the tricks remember this is the Psalm sixty three in the wilderness of Judah follows is just that not sure I hated by thing is for something with no answer you could bring as befuddled Vikings sorry he's on baby doesn't pray for protection of the rape of adjusting nothing playful water doesn't pay for four years of economy with you is a fascinating they defend in a dry laugh you know what I mean you your pregnancies and that of their life the identities of influence after I would rather spend a thousand if you with you because one of the theories that have been a thousand if you thought what if I spend on with you don't he won't talk to the point that you forget your tenth forget your foreclosure you forget your province forget your divorce he got so that you say is a vital one night as long as he's bloody fight in what goes on what we did when I'm here Lord behold or the Bible to his own not one of eczema have dated and gave up seven and therefore not even what he did in document to you or me before and surely a because if not we're not making when the crisis comes so that you will need to focus on the many duplicates of fighting these about a week of being together how many days a week long time but they said we pray like crazy we premade bingo tomorrow we believe that Jesus was coming we would be stuck you will close we are baking knowledge we bring in a week somebody came from the neighbors is happening here you had just need a weekend subdivision that you can't have coffee bemoaning the fact that there's something going on we definitely want to print when we just preformed on investments in the places where you know my wife is calculated based on when you pay for what ever you pay the single is crazy I think even be in the family would happen eventually cost our mind that something may happen and only later that I counterfeited you know my wife was in the third stage she had seven nineteen forty four seven months and she went to do they are not of God why did you think you can write but I think it would be would you pray for you son he imprisoned me paint an internet-enabled and they know it and I know I did and that can compete again and again I just happened to be motivated and when and Jesus said I know what you need to be sure that definitely because you said we should love one another Jessica should normally I don't find your niche on the draft is in I him is nonpublic to be my disciple that means nonchalance before John got to come to your house and your more dispatches from the hospital like what you know that it should come before us on a desktop and document that the people instead of denunciation and then is a composite and I don't have so got to come before you make a death because God doesn't accept ninety five percent he did all noticing Icelander old Jesus allegedly God doesn't take a divine God doesn't fix a broken heart not even God can fix a broken heart got to think and then he makes you want he would create him gone he knew I knew how it would be particularly divinity that he is after you died with meeting you and you will be like Jesus nothing important I have been crucified and I not already but in economic finishes up I felt basically this is the principle that says I cannot save you and I cannot hear you before you invest and there is not easy seamless and easier find to be safe than things because he knows nobody around and digging up the phase never give up that doesn't ask us to give up just tell us what you want to give up our righteousness to whatever we are right you want to delete up to just want us to delete all are not to be on tour while I'll write it on five nineteen and that's difficult to remember we studied about establishing the kingdom and there are just a few people before you might what we maintain please send ten thousand patients in Holland we make available upon the Windward dual one cold is bitter as anything is going to be evangelized so we sent to the people on the response back and how much I like the people didn't understand so we thought the church and they got them in and turning them into human people and eventually we found a seventy six by both payments of two hundred seventy six committee member hitting the end of the studies in front of the church and was a young ominous eighth-inning company and she has a pretty dubious life pressure after I didn't just come to church and I don't you want me to come to church and I don't go to work you can print at home so when you say I am with you therefore I cannot think like you say I think so identical to the doctor process that is deposited in the light on the blood wasn't able to do nothing so she said I cannot want even to come to church moment to give a private party so excited I wanted a part of the niceties you we never go regardless because God didn't ask us to come dejectedly back to Augusta County just and they were never get everything before you shadow you are arrested in the domestic so I said he'll come to judge what the other schedule is little and she said that I am not wanted to go there myself with the defendant anything you just go do something with them this is the DVD is the date later David David got anything good job that you have abandoned along the reading all that vocational what to go Charlie five and I'm singing with the Doppler mean believing he's not I bought the thing nobody opens the door for me I said I wanted to stay I want to get your company you got your message and then you come back to okay finally they according to unionize unfunny to did you hear what I said I wanted to bring it on you get special and wanted to see their own wake up dad and go to recognize it when I wanted to stay hand on the praise on the you get your not going to do now but you don't she said that but what do you think that's what you think that I want I have any signal you don't while he and I have a job now you don't don't you have a life you know just but since I already got in and you authority that the idea of embrace company have only mounted the moment ago Home Depot him should be the greatest pre- blog you got the answer she told me to alternate energy like honey you would not be caught down anyone happened I was playing on train your brain is like one alternative I am not lucky enough to bring the brain to bring somebody comes in the door go into the trash container that would advantage is that I don't be reflecting that mean I don't apartment to give Putumayo but I used to know if she's not home to underdog but guys I am happy with you I said with me please and because I love my defendant on each McCain as will I when I go back to getting another one for the pendant okay honey is demanding the water main on Diablo media noted in the book as she comes in you can see the bikini go before the door behind him he's done she's on the leading apartment in an intentional criminal fight and they confidently eliminate us they all want to buy what I did I got is you don't want to do I'm with you my nice portable identities so many years ago I am important I don't even want to do but this is what I have the DVD despite the bank he says well for posterity when the company because both of them would be bluntly honest enough but you gave wanted to go to the DVD of the adhesive wildly now resizable to have a bachelor session to session at a active donkey how do you feel bulky and she started crying he's indelible to say that they did not just your body you don't just save you stop focusing oneself while eliminating the Elohim Hamlin before we learn about I forgot about it luckily you have fun there thinking how much I just left Thursday for most ridiculous so many stories I want to do more writing story after story after story or we cannot serve all of what you learn how to bring something than nothing you question you how long can it take for the church and I'm not talking about the church I'm back about you and me we the judge will we make a decision to be like Jesus coming tonight how long do you think before you make that decision I remember when I was found to the accident travel I pay for my too heavy they think we should do nothing there's nothing wrong with that the parties by a beautiful complex that is not the debris for your job or for your head or for your children upon municipalities who comes first we believe that the important part of your life and on the bottom we have hot thing to give up until once accounting that we have is because he never gave up because of our kingdom against that so I pray for my child my wife made but we pray for them like a one days my chunk of the accident another consort and the four wheeler accident in college and he young people are stupid they may give my buddy sometimes these of whom he had Monday's no footage of insight and he he I think you said I got the economical checking what I said what happened it dreamed that we can be dabbled to school and work Saturdays this evening when I am off I don't what I dongle describe the love they do not begin to what people I go on the lake is my feeling of it when I can have fun for some go to church all I cannot take this on go to church you going to make something out of Sunday I do write papers so my wife and I were painfully one-day course of events for most than I had an accident I was on the and I will share with us he tried to make the ability and the hand the team might get off when they might hear but then they got mean the bullpen I think her name on the year the doctor said that the hand of sincere attending the instantaneous he said nothing my life next summer painting judge did he go from there he said let me explain how you have an explanation we can explain anemia of a waste to the amount later he fell asleep driving the car he jumped twenty seven before any seven feet before him in the pond kind of what they were in the costs into the water and it will lead system which is owned in each of the forty six hours to find and called Mrs. that the round he didn't but then it eventually was about keeping the formula and a Wendy's in college to optimum them and she tried to get on the moment and what nobody would come to Florida it over and got his head between the rock before we can shut his helmet and not just defend but out of this car it was naked and doing here and be someone on the rock and spin visible coming to die so I got the former I forgot the name of the discourse between Chattanooga Ireland and what they were and I got a phone call and they said he has about four hours to leave my wife and I got in the company drove the least Thompson Douglas about my kids four four four five yes ago we didn't drive we frugal you do not need to have taken my private life I need a totality preheating nine dollars and fifty minutes we drove like crazy him in the ongoing but simply that they were afraid for being with me last night you need to think of it and with my junk in we labor in we God 's hands and did not let go of the page like to know what the deal life now the life is illustrated in the seminar went home and I to go before you do something he defied house of prayer we changed all apparently similar weekly dose hunting community site species life consciously may only be done however you can adjust to be saved regardless if you need on site safety in the DC area from safety life to save his soul then got an opinion that cannot defuse the salon but a precocious nineteen fifty but please use much of the faith and I thought that I said I have peace I know that God has on display I don't want to go to hope that I know that God has called me when you have a schedule essentially did he just stands there is no way that you can see that when it is notable that he will send a digital desktop and I give anything a vision vision will come into thy but the north end of pipe article that I broken so yesterday vision not we normally even a DVD anymore I went other mother you don't have to be peaked to be good Christian he's a husband right thing and so just like his father to fill and they said we regularly penalized on the I will send you this is the right side of the face to match the left side menu and you don't especially looking to you don't know that he ever had an accident he doesn't have a thought he's really good-looking so he wakes up from the thirty you can see nothing that I reduces I'm not good am I some believe will not articulate he says and I'm not how I thought it might be good I give you my hand in my ethanol sunk because it is stupid stuff like that do I have been undertaken no son you cannot have been done if you don't have open and he said will need enough people all and then he says and I think my life again and again in the and he says I want to change I cannot watch it I don't think the sun we don't have the power to change the government how many times we want to need to die before got to make us the system need to make a decision today is the day from today in the morning when you wake up eat a single head we got to me today leaving me and if I forget for a second cumulative basis and we meet again and this is found in conventional related relief that life from that thing in the morning he worked with subordinates to brief them on he says the one conforming to some amazing he's not what he did in the Bible he thought he did today he's not got this job is for you thirtieth the goal of fortieth and going he's been gone that these are life him when the hell you think you have anything I went from not voting dreams noting whatever you think you mean the kind of nineteen dozen and in dreams I the church was already back and he's a guy called fun I know that's not that funny but what they were accusing was fun and delight they become severe he says you know I got emotional forty four pages for your finger and I think that you will not really interested me that I knife the night my wife and I paid and he said we cannot leave the way we did not find his own the decomposed auction business is to have a lot of money went to that he went to consumers among those people who are willing to do on the left that and the other five in the one God to be about themselves and the one Jesus the Council and was given the head of the lifetime was thinking what can the church somebody supporting voltage Tracy says I got from the city not a declared level of understanding is not the best I go to church once a week and would be in the event you and thank you so much it is way more than I is that I have to give everything I says that he says people need that Jesus said to the young girl each of them and how much all that happy out of coming to set the ratio has because we are not allowed two it was to send all should in all of me for reducing nothing left to give it away in a nympho we undo Evergreen in the kingdom he said to me was after she announced in my life when I needed down undo grade or night from ten p.m. twenty five fifty eight December you keep us all on the number of minority from here before you will be in the morning and indistinct like a dog to give up he said they got this thing to give up the banana thing that I want to want to give up your business that may want to keep even if you know for anyone when you need to see that God still got plenty to do nothing so he is like and find the people and I think the Sony booth yesterday so and with the ninety five good luck and I'm already in the CD data some places they went in and he needs to orphanages in the making and he prayed again and got sick of them go back because I don't want my daughter I need your money we many thanks think that God needs what he had it on Council that folks remember so funny to want I don't have anything left over who got to go a difficult they went to the airport and why do I forsake you to checking into the contract baggage and everything on the any somebody comes by his to be binding on you and he said I'm cynical so also from the government will be done and I heard what I want to be part of MCA each of these cases the fifth two hundred thousand euros at an early three hundred thousand or more donors but that's illegal this is the case I know you can go to the airport fly myself a decent beefcake community a knife you and these guys are going to be nothing on any given that we went back to be of modern democracy is on the money and drinking that night he came back a similar document production go to Romania under the nursing home for the elderly as I sit here and if I think they got right to the Ephesians of the morality of anyone we never get to the media and huge example nobody came so yeah he's waiting you want to his license I we had been waiting for the sport over the legal developing and you can do whatever they don't know what to do and went to go beneath the company Company and the recording seventies in December nineteen the hotel and after a week of prayer somebody knocking the door I said what funny I found out what looked anyone I don't know the woman everything I guess I'm going for you you know so-and-so voting study that you are here to be the nursing home I'm an occupant I also have attempted to link groupings this is a grouping of the beauty is in the money because or I rupees enough of fighting to keep me going later somebody from Croatia on the door from the firm country versus I hear someone is him him them really got decided to give some money I had the money for the unit that they than a nursing home or I got to him I wanted to being some had the Ukraine to people that the church in the form as we left off secondhand loading and forty Jordan fooling the source of life and everything is the other drivers on these items of a symptom -based in the one WK is the book that the God don't let them go they say you don't want to let you still how we want them to be suitcases thank you in Michigan is on what are you all got to be a notice on our ability to balance into the regular of crazy money you can buy good quality nearly ninety figure will be made of premium cranium cranium pray again that I met this environment before twenty thirty I got an e-mail from somebody called on and he says I want to sit in the basin that doesn't answer what should I do I don't know I don't will be starting so even using the bring so now back to the study he said he will like it just me but I didn't want to do so we can so we are here on the blog of Ukraine for peace already Sunday to bring and I think to myself wanting so I go back to them with about one hundred and one hundred to abuse in the methylphenidate of them and the guy from the board I would love to but nevertheless I nominate my job you cannot be no formulas I was late if I was back in and be brave and to bring them to bring me and that doesn't eliminate the need to blame and the brain and other feminist so funny since they don't have to destroy the Mister don't know on this and goes we held an asset you will then got out of the way we want in a timely one that is maybe I was just don't see them by doing most of the time out of the brain process with an event back in the study so they decided on those wonderful readers in some storage space and go back home to the criminal did everything on paper storage for a month and indeed on when the orbital or domain is that you now get Georgia's members and get as much aid you can NBC the best sort from the lock from the storage of the best of sixty five and thirty people in each one two suitcases today and tomorrow and then got to make fun of them for a few minutes and you will did the day by day for the use of days examined the books explore the possible lead you nowhere another big massive and then God says once he is not how much money do you make sending you junk to the ballroom we don't make a big we want to do what Jesus did want to have the we want to make a difference we want to have given him faithful people we carefully the government says that he's no chief they note that the buses yes you have one I know some of the human race he is leaving the reason God thank you for your life in my life is now you can put in the delete on our meeting tonight and be decoupling the blastocyst seatbelt and show you delete anything that you can afford by but I feel great addresses my soldiers need to hear that because you and I will try to sort just one space under customs and eleven and since an APB APB is decently even on the by besides the monthly eleven soldiers conducting and got to know what they or didn't do what you want to be in for the costs of living so the battle post on this is funny if you believe that you didn't actually have something that please sometimes said to me I just keep short Google from Ukraine and I am waiting for the next releases since I sold my business my length changed and he said I is less than before I never among the digital month and they might provide for me just the same like when I had my business but somehow got heating me know what anyone know what justice would do that Jesus comfortable up-to-date we need to know the beautiful self denunciation to save anything directly to this then when I like trying on what but this is the harsh sign of discipleship him he died to sin nonreporting to be my disciple basically that's it you may think that you are my disciples but you are one you are not hot you are not called you a summary meeting Armed Forces if you are not the God I'm not mistaken is the most economically efficient because the people you never will make up your mind the peacekeepers of Filipino station the cost of discipleship to give up anything you forgot to bless me not to die daily by doling a member I took my wife in a society that is no month he does not on the okay felt that the study so my wife and I thought we should not have to pay for what we should have a BBQ Romania we so you don't need questioning universally effective prospect of cleavage joints and my wife and I thought he said we need to learn to do more on the one hundred percent meat and a member one morning the I might guess I suspect was cited by check and then those offerings I put some money for offerings and therefore the port and then I think my gift and I had the money for my first patient in nothing left over mightily when you put God first God is used to cheating on PC before you you know what that is the chewing gum you know that you can chew gum whatever never it in God and make a little money left for him after treating him peace of so that's what it him wanting to drop everything that makes you want to be left over left for him and we have a few good life I mean I consider myself extremely I mean that I'm not trying to be humble the question I customize a stimulus and so I had the money for deletion and as I I think an Olympic event in the house he may spend a mental disorder and confusion for myself I got in my pocket I got you never know I have at the sienna good and I got nothing to do for you and everything was sold as the main driving for my sadistic little around the block for things like government and they go to the regolith regolith and closeness when defending to discord likely somebody there after she dropped the children she is walking back home to the main issues client containing the right and I stopped than she items a few months before that when you quite like you walk home because I can open it you got to the customers in jeopardy I did everything I think you are economically dynamic and but your client the negative person for you this is where I invited her this is where the ghost of these so we got leadoff I love my job to make the beta apartment and delete it evening she has told us more too ambitious as I had no forth related abilities in the debate the negatively telephone and today we use the last four pages and you don't know what to go we don't know what to eat in the industry recently keep children in the neighbor 's house meticulously and unable to and that spoke in unison each focused on a regular the all I have is the vision money for negative edition North and South or North and you don't hear you didn't want up front okay after you have and we went upon you know I don't get you will start with uniform and I is a current stuff and just kind of mining the that's good news when they go back to the and then after we are not even I or the landlord nation what just googled like the development of an attribute to the defendant on the nation on seventies but I think I don't want to do because I don't want to bring any charge because he's not that just as with the rest of the people you get anyone with them even earlier than that so I said that's what you stitching because I did not happily I don't get why am I just do not want to be speaking on audio interview that he wanted to I said I don't can I get a number of the High Court of Boston amendment of the utility I think I'm on the door just before talking a religious how would you design from the Bible is not your name but a few not delicious like Jesus did on your location and when Jesus comes if I was born I was naked if a patient when he is seeking maintenance is more children like I can even use this example you give beneath his left lung and blood she didn't think that she got her the money she lost her job I can the money that I had in my pocket the distribution money for my son I need to give them all up the bulk of at anything you cannot afford more than me because you are quite a few awkward fit okay if they are nice for my editor Nathan this summer MSM and multiple personality we'd like this is what you know and I don't have disoriented I want you to get the money to get a note from the chamber but from your own project and I want you to think they can just compile and and and telephone twenty three twenty minute after getting you naked I wanted to find a job this month I don't care what warmer and then white he won't hear you find a better job next month manipulative but next month to come to me when you delete it from either something that you you have something I want you to do to enforce epidemic particularly that you have somebody that you can donate but after she was she started crying this is what you claim is just awesome I never had such a movie my quarterly these studies that's just this is not just sometimes this is immediately Jesus home than any hold my entire life I threw the pieces that you should shut on the entities issuing the operation late Monday evening so I went home and I told my wife honey identification when they don't have the money I think you have the money now this is what they did in my lifetime you said which one to another we shouldn't there's another product that he thought might lead to confusion that I got the money back from the confusion that they expected PMI got the money back from the facility the point is not what you do what you for the city to a this is a salvation that he continues that he will that's easy to follow Christ died to self I think we should find no longer I sat up on weak force into the ground and dies you can remain unknown but the dice there's much that he therefore God is one who never completed much before the money I got an uneasy feeling and I don't want the camera we don't have time right things to do this second zero zero zero zero cell but I can tell you one hundred percent and that God would use owning a question that never changed God can change that he's waiting for you and for me to die social meetings and then he's like he's been doing what's deeply flawed on again unto those who undergo and that to drink six before I pray when I say this but I had nothing in a campaign that means prayer I didn't know tomorrow when you find gets a second set willingness to say not taking I'm unable to do the thinking what ever it takes a big one for me because says physicist of prophecy in these computing is the worst enemy needs to be Christie Feith said in the worst we when we find we don't fight enemies define God the fight says so is the worst enemy you need to be crucified buried father in heaven what the preview him so you don't need but the means for afterglow on the part of your kingdom the father and Jesus unto Jesus you need them or have any evasive you want us to give up so and he deftly won't leave this message when the bridge is ridiculous and I find and that a leasing the church member expecting me an old youngest he will nicely and infuriating us and lunch on our life as Jesus said I thought it might want I don't do my own for my father I think it was agreed that type of an agent can use if you would unfold likely to have your eulogy and would lead us again again he will convict people like you are early morning I only will the lesson here is my hot anthrax mapping is a means you like to learn more and I signed a lease or not Anaheim is poor I certainly is www. online universe


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