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To Jesus by Night

Justin Kim
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What makes a prominent, educated, prosperous individual give all to the cause of Christ? The Gospel of John records three encounters that one individual had with Christ, transforming that individual from a reluctant, cautious introvert into a radical revolutionary. A juxtaposed experience with both the Hebrew Scriptures and the humble Savior caused a spiritual recalibration in his heart, ultimately resulting in the beginning of the early Christian movement.


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • August 9, 2013
    7:00 PM
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him in the evening everybody is it some of the very huge privilege to be with you here tonight ASI is an organization that geared to a lot of us at UIC we were we just were enamored with what's going on here and incorporating some of the evangelism amazing facts in the organization of ASI the philosopher campus ministries in just all these other things are happening to thousands which is emerged into view I see to what it is today and it's a purpose to be standing here before you today yet if I will see you tonight were to be studying from the book of John and the that question needs to be at half you have your Bibles tonight is becoming more and more common for people not to bring their Bibles and begin reaping your Bible do we mean your hotel room or portable is the reason for symposium on your phone but it's great to actually have sex in front of you and everybody ran exiting the delving into the text there are different philosophies to understand Scripture which believe a lot of these long philosophies are entering the church saying hey you don't need to know the text just had a know generally what stories are in their we want to get into what Jesus has to speak to us and everybody is if you have your Bibles please opened the book of John the book of John John chapter three John chapter three and before we read was asking about your heads with me father in heaven we ask you tonight more you have promised that gatherings and convocations and conventions such as these these are your media to pour forth your Holy Spirit father this prayer has been asked already in meeting evil if we know how to give good gifts for own children how much more will you father give us the Holy Spirit to us that you cannot host Friday night on this ASI Sabbath we asked for Holy Spirit be with our minds to awaken us on the sober realities you would have us to realize and to be with our hearts cleanses the blood of Jesus any review the words of Jesus himself Jesus thing John chapter three verse one John chapter three verse one the sermon tonight is entitled to Jesus by night to Jesus by night it is a lie for me a nickname and how one character in Scripture it's very interesting how bylines follow you wherever you go you a story sixty two stories that haven't seen numbers and one for illustration sake I was once a little child that was not showcased before the church like we do on thirteen Sabbath liquidity tonight were each of the divisions come out on a silver case and the duties on the cute things and is loving kindergarten and primary degenerative things and to do whatever S and I was like no seventy nine ten eleven twelve years of our member and I had to memorize the thirteen memory verses stand up to the mike and I had a natural falsetto voice back then and when I speak into this mind and I think in Jerusalem on it all the while Ray Augustine are sort of Bible verses but an early age he praised the Lord that there were teachers who believed in Scripture memorization and everybody and we all finished their marriage versus the next person when offenses occurring insureds we worsen the jam where high above dislike Alec we are today and it is very nerve-racking fun experiencing on the kids are nervous parents also have to nervousness out attention and in the ground and in the scrolling up to the money and she's about the safer thirteen reverse is in her face he instantaneously changes and she becomes white not recently but the blood drains from her her face she turned one this this this Korean girl like you why NAC have suffered cheeks and she kind of pearls over into a bottle and in front of everybody about the people breakfast in public is the most nastiest experience I ever had in my life and then as a little child the unsatisfied so that we were wielded his life and we step away from this evening at that point everybody was looking for one person there were not looking for Lord Jesus Christ are looking for the girls mom clean up from that point on this story or this experience followed her the rest of her life we go in maybe two three years later like a couple years ago when you threw up at Sabbath school to be in high school can you remember a long time of your living room and primary like to regulate derivatives of the net we did go to college in combat Thanksgiving is a had a friend for a long long time else you use thereof at Sabbath school in regard to weddings and we get when reunion is coming together K something happen to you at Sabbath school that's for you through a lot and we never make her forget it this has followed her entire life in John chapter three Miley does not advise the most godly thing to do is think if I think to do but we don't do anymore but here into the John there is one character 's name is found in verse one and finished the same in a man insane and Ottoman that a man is a is a is a biblical word and everybody is not about a him to have your Bibles amen I say that see people get your Bible and through we pray for the next people in John chapter three verse one there was a man of the Pharisees named what's his name is not many musicians see some familiar with the story were not going to go into the details of it here there is a man named Nicodemus Nicodemus in verse one is a man of the Pharisees him ruler of the Jews in verse two is saying came to Jesus by one by night Nicodemus is mentioned three times in three times alone in the button Gospel of John and every time his name is mentioned this monitor this by follows and the one that threw up the one that came to Jesus by night beginning is here in verse one is a Pharisee and in and in and in and in my the Pharisees they were not church officials they just probably more of the Sadducees were priests of these Pharisees were businessmen they were upper class and they were very very spiritual a more conservative in their meetings here in verse one is a ruler on the choose and desire me this is a very capable leader perhaps once a year and you have me go to ASI I don't know perhaps is part of the readings the ruler of the two he was someone who can move and shake any you is is a top-notch guy is something about the Pharisees were at an early age to memorize is part of the culture of that faith education system that many children up to age twelve to memorize Genesis Exodus Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy and for those of more successful would graduate the secondary level of education MRIs from judges to Malachi at memorizing the whole afternoon and they would look for rabbis to follow and a rabbi would ask the many questions in the past these questions the Rabbi would say if you were towards statement you'd say in follow me which basically meant you graduate from wherever I go you go wherever I said you said whenever I eat you eat whatever I sleep you speed you will now become my disciples this makes sense of the twelve disciples that's the four fishermen when Jesus came to them by the way which he didn't ask the first five books you are sent off to a technical trade school you learn fishing you understand that your income is a Rabbi in talks before fishermen if any says follow me out of the Bible say and see right way they force their next straightway they forsake their fathers EV let the minister for the hired servants and followed its like saying Harvard Medical School gives you a free scholarships and in all a you drop everything and go yesterday some of us here verse one Nicodemus is one of those Pharisees and memorize huge portions if not the entire estimate how it's making today at seven p.m. as we need to become a people that knows our Scripture and everybody not in the pharisaical wing MN but in a way that is the the Scriptures can fortify our mind and only those who have fortify their mind the Scripture will be able to survive the heresies and sensible lasting payment here is one of these people verse one in man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews the same came to Jesus by night the context is here he's coming to Jesus by night what is happening and nice in these days him today sign is just whatever you do whatever you want at a 7-Eleven and everything you do in the time you and my time but back then when it was nighttime you did absolutely nothing no lights electricity when the sun goes down you go down the sun goes up you go on to hear you have a man high in education high in social stature high union finances if you were looking around in the neighborhood ministries not call he's not going to visit some seedy place even a visit a Jewish rabbi verse two the same came to Jesus by night and sent him Rabbi we know that you are teacher come from God sputtering Jesus and here I want to mention a company going to the actual the dialogue but here is what Jesus says in verse three Jesus answered and said to them verily verily I say to you except a man be born again he was network cannot to a man ability to say that he couldn't do something was a shock you can't see why a and again he says in verse five are they safe use of the man of be born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God versus the wind blows where it listed and now here's the sound thereof but ballots that Kenneth out the and is not tell whence it cometh Jesus says you three times you cannot you cannot you cannot does this have begins his attention what Jesus is doing is a profound context Jesus is talking to me to be missed one on one and by the way it is one on one encounters that makes Jesus is so wonderful and charming and warm for something attractive about Jesus said that Nicodemus is willing to sneak around to meet one on one with Jesus 's one oh one contacts are found by the John and John chapter three yet Nicodemus a guy of high stature in John chapter four have a girl of low stature and again John chapter three you have Nicodemus who is coming to Jesus in John chapter four and Jesus coming to the woman you have John chapter three this is that deep in the night John Tucker for this is at noon time using the contrast between the two one-on-one encounters when he came Jesus knew that Nicodemus was ashamed of Jesus this is the reason why he came to Jesus by night he didn't want the community you know he wanted Jesus to be an innate right relationship and nothing to be known in public Jesus says he cannot you cannot know what he's doing is this because you're saying because of the darkness of your heart you cannot see or walk discern spiritual thing some examples using the night as an object lesson verse ten Jesus answered and sent them are you a master of his nose not these things verse eleven verily verily I say to you we speak that we do know and testify that we've seen you do not review receive not our witness if I told you earthly things and you believe not how shall you believe what are you heavenly things first there can get this no man has ascended up to heaven but he did came down from heaven even the Son of Man which is in heaven and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up here you Jesus is Nicodemus in insights wants to have just like how that circuit was lifted up Jesus was for the supposed be with them this comes backward later him sixteen over sixteen very well this is the famous verse one and verse nineteen again talks about life this is the condemnation that light is come into the world and men who love what darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil for everyone everyone do it evil hates the light neither comes into the light lest his deeds should be reproved but he got us truth cometh into the light that his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God here Jesus is being superstrength and saying here Shane question having you here are ashamed of Christ maybe you're not here send a private ASI when you go back home and you're in your cubicle is on your offices on your neighborhood or new businesses you are ashamed of crimes maybe your schools maybe you're in a many civil law community organizations and you're afraid speaking more afraid of being liked or afraid of being a straight up old and confident Seventh-day Adventist and your relationship with the Lord Jesus is a private one my father is a tall man for reason this is very rare he's taller than me all sons are colored and their fathers in Korea except for our family my father in the sixties or seventies was a hippie just imagine a Asian Korean hippie and had longer hair and as a pastor Tony got to grow your hair on ethanol on the past I want my hair to be short we have these discussions that goes back and forth and findings is that Jesus had long hair and is no biblical sport for that I don't one time I went into my dad 's closet with my mom and dad closet and I don't know about you it is always someone are in any house is where you put all your stuff in that you never want to see ever again this is a magical grounds for young children so I would only child I have a very vivid imagination and I crawled and explored this closet and here are the addresses in there that I've never seen my mom where there is an hideous things and there is an old stuff in there is good matzoh narratives like my cleaning plastic bag everything is wonderful weird stuff as I delve deeper into the jungle of a closet I want all related incidents in the back of the closet is an CS Lewis story by the lake and in and out of the closet their wives get this law range rather sees him seven zero laughing your laughing is this was in fashion when you are young you you know what I'm talking about but for the be the younger generation like this is so this is disturbing for me and I still remember this is why in the world is there a suit made on a leather let alone why is the color orange and with his orange suit there's a nice limegreen tie hanging with it for some of you have circuits in your kitchen looks like this and I screamed out loud like that what is this and my father and my mother thinking I'm going to trouble I take out the same when what is this who is responsible for this kind of action of which my father responded to smile the methods one of those like reminiscing smiles might be olden days when you used to be young kind of imaginations all that's my series of man and what won't why and he offered to give me the suit and I said no no no no no no no I don't want to use Internet I am in an taller than I am in sigh when people think that in the suit by asking this why do you this is to imagine the no skinny Asian tall dialogue here and a purple of orange orange and green time and he says this that this is why when I wanted when I met your mother as somehow some party or set there for something as some kind a memory attached to it but he wore and my mom looking than Yahoo! three unlike know it all I don't want this to be happening right now here's the point at that point I highest that he this is old throat away and he said no I can't just hold too much met with sentimental memories it's too good okay and what are you wearing and what you say why can't the machines of the ecstasy is is in a intermediate in Terry state and it can't be thrown away and rejected but he can't be worn out in public it's just stock in a closet in private somewhere and as long as it's the everything is status quo can be maintained but stopped in the privacy of a clause for Nicodemus 's relationship with Jesus was a orange leather suit he came to Jesus and came to Jesus by minor things that for some of us the Lord Jesus is a wonderful Lord God and Savior he's the one who saved us and great memories within the church is alive meanwhile the Avenue 's shirts we love haystacks in the eighties the three AVN and ASI CYC and every other acronym in this chart that but the minute we enter into public sphere return price we are all about the Lord Jesus let alone be like the Lord Jesus in the public marketplace is an exact that some of you I know some of you having one that's not me I dollar now when I'm a public Christian second time when Nicodemus mentioned is found in John chapter seven thirty John chapter seven John chapter seventy feet of the same in aria aria aria concept seven John chapter seven verse thirty two the Pharisees heard that the people murmured such things concerning him and the Pharisees and the chief priests and officers taken here to the Pharisees the same Pharisees that God deems as part of their inning in many meeting and he finally make a decision we have a motion we have a monkey we are second guessing the second and he passed a motion to take Jesus and to ruffle them up and kill and take his life and I don't know where they got these officers I don't know what the yellow book you want an Internet but assassin .com they got two guys Faye and in my imagination is a seasoned huge guys with muscles and you have no tattoos and their Baldwin a lot about their blogging to the next and bulging in there to get Jesus birth thirty seven and in the last day that great difficulties Jesus the Christ thing if any man thirst let him to me and drink to that leave me as a threat said out of his belly shall flow rivers of water and he sees preaching here verse forty a lot of people therefore many people therefore when they heard the same instead of the truth this is the Prophet verse twenty one others as this is the Christ and son said John Christ come out of Galilee verse forty three there was division amongst the people because of him verse forty one I love this I see humor in Scripture for some him him in seeking him but no man laid hands on on here to these two big guys and analyze their men and their names and routers includes us to thinking why I would think he's running to Jesus to go to Jesus Jesus preaching in the public square were naked Jesus Armageddon and as the grenade detonated there listening to Jesus freaks and while listening to the words of Jesus they get lost in the words of Jesus is an amazing thing even the persecutors are getting lost in the sermons of Jesus and if different yet pioneering there to begin with verse forty five they came the offices to the chief priests and the Pharisees and I love this they went back and I'm asking myself why do they go back Buddhism Buddhist comeback in the committee that wanted to get him to did Jesus and are now fully forgot about her source of forty five why had he not brought him any answer in the offices love this never man spake like this firstly some as the answer then the Pharisees are you also see how many of the rulers or the Pharisees lead on him but the people who know it's not the law or curse the first fifty what is the first word in verse fifty Nicodemus Nicodemus is part of that board kneading naked Venus said unto them and parentheses just in case you forgot all the Nicodemus while first fifty see that throughout Sabbath was over the Bible says he came to Jesus by warning was originally ashamed one was originally shy original one was a really introverted the one advantage is finite was he due he raises his hand and he says this verse fifty one does our law judge any man before he hears and knows know what he's done basically saying you hate is is really fair maybe we should give them a fair chance and Zahra Baker says there was an uncomfortable silence meanwhile the Venus was right and out of sarcasm they say this verse fifty two they answered and said unto him are you also gal research on the front galley righted no profit numbers fifty three every man unto his own what is what level to Nicodemus is this this this whole process of the genus coming around the students three years how everybody for three or sometimes are some people out against three years and when and everybody thought an excuse some people think three years level one Nicodemus says no I I I I want to meet Jesus I'm ashamed to go to Jesus but yet I level duties as the genus level to Nicodemus is in a board meeting Jesus is being attacked and he raises his hand and he defends Jesus and the board today we need people who are willing to stand for truth form for Jesus to stand for what's right important even if it means incurring an awkward silence or sarcasm from the other side but still this was not the level of the Nicodemus had to be at an end level one to shy level to describe keeping up but he's still silent the third time the Venus is mentioned is found in John chapter nineteen John Chapter nineteen trying to adopt up in nineteen hundred everything in are you a lot of time you don't center nineteen verse thirty amen and when Jesus therefore had received the vinegar he said it is finish it out as having given up the ghost and use therefore because of the preparation of the bodies that remain on the cross the Santa Fe for that Saturday was a high day besought Pilate that their legs might be broken in a mate that might be taken away when you're familiar the crucifixion is death by suffocation arms are raised and ureter the pleural cavity seems down you have no space to grieve swing and when your feet are nailed to the cross yet stand up on your legs and take a breath and because your satiety sink back down on CD read again basically the op and down and breathing like this because it's sad with and because he wants out of the look nice on on on high day they said hey let's break his leg if you break his legs he can't stand the kid stand up to suffocate and die earlier rate in earlier and earlier time firstly to maintain the soldiers were delays of the first and on the other which is crucified with him but when it came to Jesus and saw that was dead already they break not is what I praise the Lord this is a fulfillment of prophecy firstly for one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side and forward them out there out blood and water and he has sought their record and his record is true any know if that he said what he said this you are you might believe these things were done at the Scripture should be fulfilled a bonus payment shall not be broken and again another Scripture said they shall look on him whom they pierced you what's happening here Jesus is fulfilling all these old testament prophets if you do a careful study of Psalms chapter twenty two the first words of Psalm twenty two is my God my God why have you forsaken these words were said by Jesus yes the last words of Psalms twenty two in the Hebrew is eighty is done it is finished of which the last words of Jesus were it is it is and many scholars say that while Jesus was on the cross if you have a chance tonight reads Psalms twenty two but Jesus is on the cross and have it as close to the father has turned away in the clouds are coming on everyone has rejected him and he's on the cross and the only source of encouragement and gets is from Psalms twenty two is from Bible memorization and in many ways he's rebuking all the Pharisees of memorizing all the whole Old Testament and here is memorizing Saudis he's quoting Psalms twenty two and has these qualities on twenty two but the actually cracks are happening to him they wanted to break his legs in your answer and I take it easy but his mother is on enough thirsting these are often found in Psalms twenty two what do I want at first four thirty eight and after this Joseph Lambert via via disciple of Jesus but secretly for fear of the Jews be sought to highlight that he might take away the body of Jesus and Pilate gave me became therefore and took the body of Jesus verse thirty nine there came also what's the name of Venus which at the first just in case you forgot who we love this was the one who threw up at the one that first came to Jesus by night one was originally sized board at second level and Anna P board meeting and what on level three if he misses this verse thirty nine there came also Nicodemus which after first came to Jesus by night and he brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes about a hundred pound weight and they took the body of Jesus and while did in winning close of the spices as the manner of the Jews is the very here Nicodemus has gone for a profound transformation and buys very expensive things and instead of coming to Jesus by night he's coming to Jesus by day and comes to the foot of the cross and he doesn't care who's want he doesn't care how much do these things work he doesn't care how much education he has a lot of people have order thinking he just doesn't care and more these Marine from all these things and the only thing he cares about is the Lord Jesus is at that moment all those memory verses that he's memorized are coming to life there was much Genesis three fifteen this is the season accidents this is this and this is the lawgiver from mount Sinai he sees the blood pattern is fine this is this is Pentecost Pentecost Passover at the twenty fourth is this moment in time now in the minute is all the sacrifices are pointing to this point now in a number is the cicada glory this is the bodily forms and now this is the common enemy from Deuteronomy this is the thinking that gave the Jets and this is the guy don't all estimate is pointing to an all these texts are often aligned with mine and he just can't be shy you realize is his moment in time some Dennis brothers and sisters we know a lot of stuff and then we know a lot of stuff yes a Minnesota will tonight need a lot of stuff gets enough in all twenty three hundred eight from the back of your hand as you know you said with all that Bible knowledge if Jesus is not the focal point incessantly Adventism becomes on the most dangerous religions out but if Jesus is right at the center of this is the most liberating faith honor and here you can mix goes all out in the book of acts of the apostles were called little more Nicodemus can I only says that Nicodemus and deed his account is my witness for the early church all those high contacts you have use them for the church use them for the gospel infused in the Lord Jesus Christ and it was not for him and his best friend Jill of Arimathea by the way which is very interesting he's looking over at his best friend is like wow best friend your rich man is a promisee that's easily buried in a deliberate man will seem leaving within the prophecy itself insists on his experience I need to go all out for Jesus right now and ask apostle says this he died a poor man he died a lonely man but he died a happy as he gave it all the sacrifice that Nicodemus portrayed in the early church will be the same sacrifice necessary and the latter-day Church Latter Day Saints seminary when I talk about today this is the time for the father 's business and we need to a.m. see all Lord Jesus Christ I'm not saying likes and hear your bank talking about finances talking about an EU reputation for the Lord Jesus Christ and your your you the energy that you have an piano character young or old even if you're nine years old the Lord has a worker you know you're still alive we can see all the Lord Jesus Christ this is in some youth meeting where is why younger the young evening is a very interesting young people to have much Sonya Theobald they did it willingly give all because it'll have much to begin with and I do not use meetings of Jesus and a look at their pocket the only a few dollars you give all the goal to GGG young people the larger sacrifice is give the rest of your life sacrificed your time sacrifice your twenties your third house Lord Jesus in the world wants our young people in their twenties and thirties the fashion industry they go for the girls in their teens and twenties and thirties the sports industry goes for guys in their twenties the military goes there twenties the business world most of the twenties and thirties why is it that our church rejects those people in their twenty 's and thirty and I'm offended unintentionally and everybody for the war for the probe ASIC for Jesus Lord brought his other programs I can mention you cannot prefer people who don't have a lot of time empty your accounts and delete the rest of your health pensions and ten at five oh one Taser 401(k)s with real one phase or no Windex or whatever whatever all those things out there empty your reputations for Jesus Christ this is not easy to do why because we rather be the ones who come to Jesus by not in here tonight and call here a aside I pray it is Lord willing but this be the last ASI is a assize on other people increase about of you upgrade this bulletin Nicaea demarcation line there some of you here tonight united in a level one Nicodemus is here because of the crowd you level one Nicodemus and encountered Jesus one on one in your spare time and have a personal and intimate encounter with Jesus and if that's you talking to your tonight and human alumni it's it's it's it's it's it's the experience of the Holy Spirit amen level two is some of you your your your your comfortable in just the one oh one experience of the Lord is calling you to come out in a board meeting and stand up for faith and upper principle stand up for truth do the right thing even though your reputation may may dissipate because of your call whether you're in a in a classroom to call in to say something against the professor say something against the chair of the board chair or the moderate interest unless you say all of us call out to the foot of the cross and to give the Lord Jesus the best and most expensive of our gifts and I pray and that every person in this room that we end up being a poor and lonely but happy in the Lord Jesus Christ and then fathers and mothers sacrificing children children sacrifice her parents husbands sacrifice your watch wives sacrifice because our sole focus from this point on is the Lord Jesus Christ and sometimes we need a demarcation point for that to happen and I am not tempted to give a call and ask you to come out on speaking with such a a a wonderful group that does this you've already come to many like this and you set up already the Lord is not calling you to stand up here at ASI the Lord is asking the stand when your one and one in your bedroom all by yourself the Lord is calling to stand in no small board meeting and the Lord is calling you to stand up when there's a new front of many many other people not your gifts are given how many here today want to be a level for Nicodemus having a personal essay Lord I want to talk the latter rain and I wanted to just where the order or the Venus razor hands on going on that area got that embarrass are you raise your hands high at this hand is for the cameras to see yes you making a public testament to the entire Internet world that last year maybe you're tired for a call like this and say Lord I don't know all the reporter Connie to what this entails that are not just me that the my bank accounts I'm not talking a money understand my just to be on set of that similar I can't delete it do it I enjoyed the darkness and I need to be broken and if that's you and the Holy Spirit spoken through a weird Korean preacher to you tonight when asked to stand up this is not the cat 's this is for the Angels to look say man a person has a problem of help this person if you're struggling with darkness and you can't give all the cause of Christ but you want in your asking the Lord 's help stand up at this time right now of us are those causes this they're some of you still sitting down and you're sitting down because your leaders of large organizations in your thinking a lot what people think of me and you're going through negativistic this is a message for you maybe you're not a CEO but you're you're you're you're a leader of a small little of a subsequent visit in the middle of nowhere yes and your grandma on my employees think of me what my All-Star think of me but I can't give it all to the cause of Christ God is calling you to stand up and give it up in the Lord Jesus will once call you today how do you want to be an naked penis the Lord Jesus Christ stand up now preoperative time for those who are standing up God bless you and what to pray with you that you sitting down one part of the lettering and my my my assumption is already we all recommend God bless you guys was praying father in heaven Lord prophecy has a wonderful effect of helping us see the larger picture and more naked and saw the largest picture possibly saw your son in every Old Testament texts this is clause there are certain pollution out of the message and see you that wasn't some kind of fanatical emotionalism but it was a fervent principle that refuse to be closeted up in father I pray you use organizations like ASI in Lord help us to get outside of the cameras outside of the largeness of this convention outside of logistics in the end and on the wonderful order here and help us to see what your site same to our hearts for now but as we go home tonight to look for hotel rooms are some people in this room Lord grant us no sweet surrender before your site and what we know that we were here inside the party giving you our hearts Lord there are other components in our lives help us to get outside of ourselves Nevada for the people were standing up in the ship into their hearts inject into their mind 's being grasped the word of truth I can see personal and enter cause a little love for the Mike and Amy Shugart board maybe no longer be proud confident in our riches education social stature reputations may we be solely focused on the cross of Jesus and his work is currently doing in every sanctuary this rate only rule is normally not on her own and you might not ever a poorly and not having maintenance services in industry you would like to learn more and I find them out and I is the word the free online newsroom please visit www. maneuver is not a


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