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Ty Gibson


Something amazing is about to happen on a global scale. Everything will change. Are you ready for the revolution?


Ty Gibson

Co-Director of Light Bearers and Pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, OR



  • August 10, 2013
    7:00 AM
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you are alone are not the rather friends good morning all and I'm not too awfully long ago I was at a friends house breakfast is convenient I love breakfast and his wife emerged from the kitchen with a platter of freshly baked bite-size blueberry muffins for those of you who are wondering they were whole-grain each one had three to five plump blueberries in them the sunken looking forward to breakfast now I distinctly remember that she said as she brought them to us bite-size muffins and if she offered them I took one from the play and I inserted it in my mouth my began to each who has she watched with a puzzled look on her face she stood there holding the play I took another I inserted it in my mouth I choose and enjoy them swallowed and she was still staring at me kind of on this is there a problem she said you're putting the whole Marsha in your mouth at once I said you told me that they were my size surface are they not bite-size muffins and once with her call but so I crossed my arms I think you show me how it's done so she took one from the plate and it was such a long drawn out affair three four by him a little bit he bikes so I took another and I'm through the whole thing came out and showed her how to be done she did not follow suit and I have learned over the years that there are two type world there up our big bite people and there are little like people and this morning I am asking you to take what he suppose a big bite I'm going to ask you to put all holes must send in your mouth that means you have to sit up a little straighter and breathe a little deeper I know it's early I feel it too as I said on the previous morning my body is still in Ireland so please engage your mind with me as we pursue this material this morning and I believe that we will be immensely blessed let's pray father in heaven we love you this morning you are so beautiful in heart and minds in the way that you have interacted with us down through history were deeply impressed with her you are please Lord our rest our attention this morning and show us who we are in relation to you in Jesus name amen one to begin this morning by making a statement that will require some historic analysis and the statement is simply this in keeping with our theme it's time for us as Seventh-day Adventists to via about our father 's business why not then you have women's it's time for us as Seventh-day Adventist to be about our father 's business was the common air but our estimation an idea of what that business entails has not always aligned in our history with God 's idea of what that business is Murphy 's use problem with disagreeing with God he's always right that's the problem and we doesn't keep all historically disagrees with God and that disagreement has never been resolved now in order to move forward and to discover by means of Scripture and the prophetic accounts as well as by the modern prophetic voice among us as a people that has been speaking into aspects of thumb all these many years in order for us to grasp what that business is and to begin aligning ourselves with God 's idea of what we need to be about in this world sufficient enough to push the eschatological buttons if you well and become the people that God intended for us to be all along in order to achieve that we need to look at our history the fact of the matter is we as Seventh-day Adventists believe we carry you have the way of a dual identity on the one hand we bear the identity of remnants we are the remnant Church of Bible prophecy do you feel that you feel that way and in relation to that aspect of our identity as a people God says with prophetic hope to your RNA the key enhancements of by virtue of the faith of Jesus but we carry another identity as a people the layer to see an identity and with regards to that aspect of our tool identity God says you think you're rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but my estimation of you is that you are wretched miserable poor blind and the kids you are experiencing a spiritual poverty God says Titus and say God says that has me God the creator of the universe experiencing nausea to the point that I feel like I won't say the word you can does Rita in Revelation chapter three so we we as a people carry the weight of this dual identity the remnant Church of Bible prophecy with a prophetic mission and calling with an identity that God envisions for us but is not yet reality in the sense that corporately the second coming of Jesus has been sufficiently he sends to become a reality in fact the prophetic voice among us when he is a very heavy word to describe our current position as a people and that is that we have to want delays the second Advent if we were to just hunger the gravity of that reality of the people it would be more than we can bear and so got been very kind to us and he is circled around over and over again trying to communicate to us as a people now we trace our origins this is get right down to business we trace our beginnings as a people to eighteen forty four if we do not trace their beginnings as a people the eighteen forty four if this date if this prophetic date comes into question if it becomes suspect in the ad finesse theological awareness we've already lost the great controversy in our part and at before we take another step forward apart from this significant date in history and the fact that Adventism was birthed into existence at the fulfillment to a prophecy that reached to this year apart from that prophetic identity we literally have no reason to exist at some cabinets as a distinctive people in our position in prophetic history is crucial when we exit the exist somewhere in time in the prophetic timeline and it's very important for us to understand that because I say so but because God has given us the books of being on revelation and have actually given us face areas of what we call great prophetic lines that move in a only been fast sent in a repeat at a large fashion through Daniel and Revelation grounded in history and then reaching forward to the second Advent each of these great ascetic lines it's crucial that we understand our position in that race we are prophetic history where are we in time and what is our identity directly relational to that position in while according to Daniel and Revelation this is the short version is identical to a lot of trouble to demonstrate review because I'm assuming that there is biblical literacy in this group to the degree that there is a I would encourage you to explore the subject in greater detail but I'm not to be proving anything and what I'm constructing a picture right now that is composed of Daniel seven eight and nine Revelation ten through fourteen roughly that's the passages of Scripture those are the passages of Scripture that I'm drawing upon to construct this suite of history and are proficient and so what is our position according the book of Daniel and Revelation but specifically Daniel chapter seven various what we might call accurately the Arena bad religion a colossal counterfeit system a system that purports to be Christianity and in fact is not Ms. rain of bad religion occurs down through such a large sweep of history that it literally impacts the entire human race and according to Revelation seventeen this rain of bad religion becomes the mother of all the I see your that has had this power has so sufficiently misrepresented the character of God in history that the entire human perception of God has been radically impacted for the worse twelve hundred and sixty years this power ratings over not only the bodies of human beings to quote revelation eighteen not only over the bodies of men and women enslaving human beings but this power reigns over the psyche the theological awareness and this power reigns diabolically over the human perception of the character of God and God is defamed in human thinking through this power according to Daniel chapter seven as well as chapter eight this power is characterized by two chief characteristics there are more but these are the two that stand out for our purposes this morning this power number one is characterized by blaspheming the most time blaspheming the character of God in other words in more modern easy-to-understand vernacular this power purporting to be true Christianity in their rightful representative of God on earth has formulated a doctrinal system that grossly misrepresents the character of God this power speaks great words against the most high in its doctrinal system it's a covert operation it's a grand masquerade is purporting to be God 's representative it is purporting to teach the world who God is and simultaneously slipping poison and to the message so that human beings begin to serve God out of a slavish groveling fear on the one him want to shape their fifth in the not very existence of God because it psychologically emotionally untenable to actually love a God like that so you got the rain and bad religion characteristic number one this power will blaspheme the name of God that is this power will the theme the character of God in the thinking and healing process of human beings are you with me so far this power reigns according to Daniel for a significant swath of history that encompasses what we call the dark ages but then according to prophetic history when we come to the book of Revelation chapters ten and eleven which parallel Daniel we discover that something happens in reaction against this defamation campaign and were going to refer to that as the reaction of modern atheism that is to say according to Revelation chapter ten in jurat psychological emotional and eight Lorraine Jean my wife reaction I didn't think both Christianity and the people picture of God human beings began to declare that no such God could exist and in Revelation ten this power is called the beast from the bottomless pit not to be confused with the beast of Revelation thirteen that is the beast that is the reign of that religion that is the beast that is the papal power but the beach from the bottomless pit that is the modern emergence of atheism in human history manifested first in the French Revolution if you're unfamiliar with that aspect of the prophetic scenario you really need to go to put Ray controversy and read that you the French Revolution the French Revolution according the Margaret controversy figures into the prophetic scenario varies significantly why because what's essentially happening according to Ellen White in that chapter is that the rain of bad religion that is the people picture of the character of God RI that picture of the character of God begins to become so untenable so unsustainable to the human spirit it is made for liberty and freedom and for love that according to Ellen White there begins to emerge on the reaction I chanced that picture in Western Europe and the French Revolution is the birth of modern atheism and we realize that atheism didn't get its start in our world as a scientific atheism but rather the protest atheism Darwin 's theory of evolution would come from many years future to the French Revolution and yet atheism was getting off the ground why because it wasn't a movement that arose on the discovery of certain aspects of biology it was a scientific atheism it was a protest atheism one author calls this reign of bad religion that is the work that was done by the people power down through that twelve hundred and six year period of time one author calls it the unrealistic station of the character of God and God was made so ugly in human thinking that people began to shake their fists heavenward and say no such God could exist if gods like that no thank you the birth of modern atheism the beast from the bottomless pit emerges on the premise of the doctrinal system that includes things like purgatory and eternal torments him this is the entire package of ideas that misrepresents the character of God to follow very carefully in the prophetic scenario in the history as it unfolds our position is precisely here in other words terrain of bad religion which misrepresents the character of God which then gives rise to the reaction of unbelief then the rise of the Advent movement Adventism was born to the scene of human history in order to be God 's answer to the misrepresentation of his character by false counterfeit Christianity and seems to have the bullying gene world that was reacting to that false picture something beautiful to believe that a picture of God an accurate picture of God that would convey his love and his goodness so incredibly clear and beautiful that Adventism came into existence content to the world an unprecedented picture of clarity regarding the character of God what would go so far as to say belief in her ministry but over and over again throughout her ministry but this particular statement she would go so far as to say that the last message of mercy to be given to the world that is does anybody know a revelation of God 's character of loud why what in her contact she says that God has been misapprehended a darkness has settled upon the world theologically intellectually emotionally human beings have reacted against a picture of God they cannot harmonize this is free well cannot elicit free well in voluntary love you cannot believe that doctrinal system that the papacy foisted upon the world and not experience either fear or deny health there is not a third option you can't deny the pictures inheritance ugliness and so you only have one option really and that is to either deny at all two options against deny it or save while I don't want to be found fighting against the God who could do that to me down through all eternity future burn me forever and ever and conscious torment so I'll I'll I'll get on my knees all worship all go through the motions I'll do whatever he tells me to do but there's not a third option is not the option of looking at that theological picture and falling in love is not the option of adoration is not the option of saying what a beautiful incredible God in all of your giving way to voluntary love is not an option in the theological perspective and so Adventism is born to the scene of human history for the specific purpose of repainting the character of God on the hearts and minds of human beings and the prophetic Scripture above all others that gave us our marching orders if you will that give us our initial understanding and are self identity art awareness of who we are is you know it fourteen this scripture if it doesn't mean what we as a people historically have interpreted to make interpreted it to mean it in the late fourteen as we understood it is not true then we have no right to exist people two thousand three hundred days and then something is going to happen the sanctuary will be cleanse now what we often miss is that these words in general eight fourteen are spoken by an Angel all of this very carefully these words are spoken by one angel answering the question of another angel in verse thirteen Daniel overhears the conversation between these two angels the one angel says how long and then he talks about certain events how long will what's the context wife the angel crying out how long how long what will in the context of Chapter eight Chapter seven of Daniel the question is how will will the reign of God religion misrepresent the character of God through its doctrinal system answer using force and coercion persecuting in the name of God by the way current medical statement I'm just reminded that I said there were two chief characteristics I gave one and I just now inserted the second this power defames the character of God and uses force and coercion the name of God purporting to represent Jesus the crucifix in one hand and the sword in the other the union of church and state can only lots produced a misconception of the character of God and what he's after what he wants and yes and so this power this power is stealing it's desperately needs of misrepresentation station down through history and an angel cries out how long is this going to go on and on and on how long until something else happens in history to bring in and sued to challenge this colossal misrepresentation of God how long will this power be able to go on it and then another angel answers back that Angel and Ingalls is overhearing this and jelly conversation at fourteen the other angel says two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed now this bit anyway fourteen is the answer to the question regarding God 's character being misrepresented through theological system and a practice of persecution and the angel the second angel is telling us in the conversation that the conclusion of this prophetic something different and new will begin to take place in human history and another kind of movement will be borne on the scene of human history that will begin to set things right the sanctuary will be cleansed the language here is very specific the rain of bad religion had brought God down to earth in a system in which human beings were taught to look to God through human works and through human priesthood to gain salvation but this true sanctuary in heaven with the one and only true mediator between God and man Jesus Christ with eclipse from people 's view and now in eighteen forty four there's going to be a shift of focus back to the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus as our mediator in our high priest ministers on our behalf and salvation by grace through faith alone not by tenants not under threat of eternal torment no purgatory that you can pay hard cold cash to get less minutes hours days years in that entire psycho edifice of false theology is going to be challenged now with a new system which is really a recovery of truth and putting before the world and irresistibly beautiful picture of the character of God that will make love possible again in the relation Michelle baptism is foretold in this Scripture as a move meant to be born now the parallel passages in Revelation chapters ten through fourteen and then into eighteen but in chapter ten specifically you will remember I hope you will remember that in Chapter ten asks John to engage in a prophetic enactment so to speak these is John I want to do something yes Lord we wanted to eat this book your member so John eats what is called a little blood is a very strange metaphor is about to eat a block but it can only mean one thing process the contents of the book understand it right so junky fellow bugging me the people understand that the little book is what the book of Daniel Daniel 's prophecies were sealed the human understanding and now at some juncture in history those properties are to be unsealed their to be understood and Jonathan acting what's going to happen in the future in the birth of yet that movement John eats a little book and it was what in his mouth sweetness mouth but it was bitter in his stomach and we called this the great disappointment being anticipated the second coming of Jesus because they thought that the twenty three hundred a property reaching to eighteen forty four would be finally realizing the second Advent when Jesus didn't come that sweet anticipation was disappointed and it was bitter in the Valley but here's the crucial thing to understand right now while there was a bitter disappointment the last verse of chapter ten a revelation says you must prophesy with the word again for many peoples nations tongues and things the movement has experienced a great disappointment the people have been scattered that is not really the end of the movement it's just me beginning this movement have been saying something to the world prophesying to the world teaching something preaching something to the world now I think that the movement was for not falling apart and got trapped the movement on the shoulder and said now it's not over just the beginning you need to prophesy again and it's going to be on a global scale many peoples nations tongues and teams get ready because we're launching a movement were not in the movement so you must prophesy again what what are we to prophesy will ask that part of history unfolded this is so fascinating these are young people by the way you've got Ellen White who is a mere sixteen seventeen years old at this point you got Jan Andrews the scholar among the group whose just around fifteen sixteen by the time he reaches his twentieth birthday he has most of the New Testament memorize so he just sits there as they are studying he says while chapter and verse that'll help here that's convenient abducted in the room right and ask this movement largely composed of teenagers and young adults in their twenties regroup and begin to try and understand the disappointment something begins to happen and this is so so crucial for us as a people to understand God it just that you must prophesy again right and so they're studying their poring over Scripture to understand what had gone wrong now watch that Revelation eleven nineteen something happens the temple of God was opened where now in Houston and the art of this covenant was seen in his Temple these people are not literally geographically as it were transported to the heavenly Temple how do they enter into the to the sanctuary by Bible study and by faith as they search the Scriptures the young and hip movement like the self standing in the sanctuary but they find themselves standing by Bible study and faith in a very particular part of the sanctuary according to the Scripture where they find themselves standing on the courtyard not in the holy place but specifically in the most holy place where the single article of furniture is the art of covenant are you with me so far if you buy Bible study and prayer find yourself standing in the most holy place you start to notice things what are you going to notice as you look around flipping the pages of Scripture there you are there they were a little like Jane Andrews Joseph Bates the old guy among them Uriah Smith are there in the most holy place the temple of God is open to begin a notice things with a notice will first of all denotes the arc was this all about they lift the lid the solid gold lid called the mercy seat and they look in your Bible study to discover to rediscover the content of the box there is the ten Commandments praise God in his income of the ten Commandments the seventeen -year-old girl goes in division she comes out of vision and she says great discovery and I just had a vision and for some reason there's a halo of light in my vision around the fourth commandment home it's look at it again in the Sabbath truth is discovered and rediscovered the immutability of God 's law is discovered DC what's happening is they stand in the most holy place a doctrinal system is being composed through Bible study they pore over Scripture over the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation over the sanctuary system as they pore over the content of the our you look around an emotionally placed they not only noticed the mercy seat they not only notice the law and the fourth man in particular the benefit thereto covering cherub 's parts are either end of the art and to begin to study and to understand that there's a cosmic dimensions the great controversy that angels as well as men are involved they discover the identity of one of those covering cherubs as Lucifer who defected in the great controversy narrative the great controversy being begins to develop an Adventist understanding they turned around and they see the veil that separates the holy from the mostly place may notice that it's different than the other two curtains the one into the holy and the one in the courtyard this one in the most holy Place is distinctively embroidered with gold thread embroidered with Angels winners came in the most holy place you are in the presence of the law of God you are in the presence of the mercy seat you're in the presence of covering cherubs and a mystery of one defecting here in the presence of angels that are surrounding the Shekinah glory in your realizing the big picture of a great controversy between good and evil the somehow centers on the law of God and the Gospel represented by the mercy seat you see what's happening a doctrinal system as these young people and a few older are poring over Scripture to understand the disappointment a doctrinal system of truth emerges and they now have something to save the world what did the Scriptures say you must prophesy what again which face the question prophesy what what are we to say Lord will the message was forming a followed this very carefully right then and there there were two early visions that God gave to be edible but one he gave to William Miller the other David to Ellen White these were what I call what I like to refer to as course fifteen visions this is God in the early part of yet have movement saying here's the direction I want you to go and this is what I have in my okay the first one by William Miller is the vision of the jewel box or the jewel casket were tested just met box or chest treasure box not just as an coffin okay but William Miller finds himself in vision you can read it in the book early writing the whole vision and if he is in the vision he finds himself in a room and the room he sees that there is a table and there is a box then there is a single key attached to the box of course he takes the key just as you what he opens the box and if he does he sees his words not mine all sorts and sizes of Jules he describes them there are diamonds there are rubies sapphires Eric Emerald is describing them and in his vision he says that they were his words not mine beautifully what's the word are arranged these jewels these are the jewels the gems of truth that God is reassembling with the advent movement to be given as a precious treasure to the world but as Miller is envisioning he sees these jewels beautifully arranged people begin to come into the room and handle the jewels and bring in counterfeit jewels he says in a scattered around the work of the room and intermixed with the debris that they brought in on their feet and Miller is so distraught he stands back in the room he is looking at me confusion and he's just so overcome with grief at what's happening to these precious jewels him in his mission he says but then a man with a dirt brush entered the room we would call out of room and Mrs. Jesus in his vision Jesus in the room and begins to swing business and interesting parable of our Savior 's work is sweeping the debris in the false joules out in geniuses the man with the dark brush takes up the true gems and puts them back in the box and then William Miller says this they shall with ten times their former glory this was an early vision in which God was saying to the other movement a shining luminous proclamation of truth that will reassemble the gems of lost truth down to the dark ages this movement is going to bring it all back together and give that treasure chest of knowledge to the world what a powerful vision but then the young girl Ellen White she's just a teenager at this point and God gives her a vision in her vision she says I saw in my dream I dreamed of seeing these are her words not mine I dreamed of seeing a temple the picture the younger Aussies in vision she sees this massive structure but it's a peculiar architectural design she enters the room into the Temple and she says that it is she saw that it was supported by which he said out loud with me supported by one immense pillar strange building big edifice one pillar this is the temple of truth this is the doctrinal system that God is composing with Adventism this is the entire picture that God wants the world all structure of theological truth is supported by how many one immense color and if the young girl Ellen White ponders what the symbolism might mean she looks closer at the one immense pillar and she says to this pillar with time a lamb all mingled and bleeding was the pillars symbolize what does it represent the cross of Jesus Christ we talked about yesterday morning that one in Minsk color of truth is the matchless Ellen White's words not mine the matchless love of God manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross this is not saying through an early course setting vision Vietnam movement you're about to discover this is incredible system of truth but there is one pillar of truth that supports the entire edifice of truth Jesus Christ and him crucified is to remain single sure role to the Adventist theological understanding this is God early in our formative stages of the movement saying this is what it has to look like in order to make sense for the world later on she would using no symbolism simply cut to the chase and tell us exactly what's going on here that I would buy page fifty there is one great central truth to be kept ever before the mind that in the searching of the Scriptures what is that one color what is that one central truth Christ and him crucified I watched this error free other truth can you name some of them if this movement discovering some truth yes or no audio can some of them the immutability of God 's law the investigative judgment the second absent the Sabbath prophecy to see what she's saying not me her DC what she's saying the prophetic voice among that she sustained one great central truth Jesus Christ and him crucified I watched every other truth is invested with influence and what power corresponding to his relation to this theme grammatically contextually what is this thing Jesus Christ and him crucified that if the power and influence of the Adventist message or it used to be now at this point a death-defying diagnosis was in order because the new movement has been lots launched these people are studying the Scriptures this system of truth is being discovered and God has to step forward early in the stage of Adventist development with a diagnosis on the one hand watch this carefully to Philadelphia in Iraq of the church the air of brotherly love was one in which God said I have set before you would be happier people by the way historically an open door no man can shut it was the open door the concept before the advent movement the door into the most holy place that gives the Adventist interpretation and understanding of this verse but the specific interpretation that we hold as a people the most holy Place was opened God 's door was open but our door became closed then the Philadelphian age gave way to the Laodicean and we find ourselves as a people in a precarious position between two doors one is open and one is closed store is open into the most holy place and all that he envisions for this people but our door became closed and corporate leave this verse behold I send the door and knock while it can be applied to individual hearts it should be it was a corporate diagnosis got sick you have an estimation of yourself speaking directly to Seventh-day Adventist you think you're rich increased with goods and have need of nothing but your wretched miserable poor blind and naked you have need you have spiritual poverty you have needs and I'm on the outside knocking to get in to Adventism this is astounding in our history Ellen White early on in eighteen fifty two and then again in eighteen fifty nine very early not the dates in our history began to identify the Seventh-day Adventists the Advent movement as the Laodicean church the words addressed the Laodicean church describe the ethnic peoples present condition perfectly I was shown that the testimony to the Laodiceans applied to God 's people the present time eighteen fifty nine this is very early in our history and then a series of diagnostic statements were made through our history please follow the centimeters for them this is Ellen like the prophetic voice among us making assessments at various junctures in order to create this picture first of all notice number one diagnostic statement number one pitcher through this time is broad in its outline far-reaching and embracing many doctrines would you agree with you say amen to that okay but it's these doctrines are not detached eye films which mean little what you mean they're not detached items doctrines God has given us are not free floating truths that are unrelated to one another they're not detached items what are they then they are united by golden threads forming a complete line hole with crimes as the living center so something was going on and out into them and which we were beginning to segregate the truth that God had given us and to detach them from the centrality of Jesus Christ and him crucified and the property is warning us diagnostic statement number two we began to develop something that she put her finger on a sensitive nerve on the one hand religion assets generally that is the why evangelical and Protestant world of Christianity on the one hand religious generally what are they not been divorced the law from what the gospel discount antinomianism laying aside the less than abolished it's been done away with the law God is unnecessary because you know me and track of theology on the one hand religious generally have divorced the law from the gospel but that's our point while we leave as we hear who's we hear some bad for us while we have on the other hand we have done almost done the same from another standpoint obviously we done Ellen Prophet tell us what we done we have not held up before the people the righteousness of Christ and the full significance of his great plan of redemption we have left out Christ and his matchless love and brought in theories and reasonings and preached argumentative discourses Adventism became known for this argumentative discourse kind of first world this is a test item point by point which in another itself is not bad to but becomes seriously problematic when Jesus is removed from the equation and the cross and God 's matchless love is not entered into the picture and so we began to formulate a method of approaching the world that was probably best characterized by Uriah Smith's book synopsis of present truth you have your hands on the book you'll read the whole thing or just the table of contents and you will find this approach developed in the fine arts diagnostic statement number three might be offering of Cain the danger has been presented to me again and again a bit entertaining as a people false ideas on what subject justification by faith I have been shown for years that Satan would work in a special manner to confuse the mind on this point what point justification by faith the law of God has been largely dwelt upon and has been presented to congregations almost as destitute of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his relation to the lies with the offering of team she's describing developments in Adventism now we've moved in another direction in overcorrection were now we have the tension in Adventism of a legalism on the one hand and antinomian tendency on the other hand because the pendulum has been swinging an adjective some downturn history diagnostic statement number four the preaching of Christ crucified has been strangely neglected by our people how many who claim to believe the truth have no knowledge of faith in Christ by experience astounding there must be a life-giving power in the ministry life must be infused in to the missionaries in every place that they may go forth giving the trumpet no uncertain sound but with heaven sent awakening powers such as can be found only in the preaching of Jesus Christ his love his forgiveness his grace and such of pictures developed in Adventism that we need to ponder and choose between the first picture that developed was characterized in eighteen seventy six I think the date is discernible they are in the lower right-hand corner for you this picture was created as an evangelistic tool it was created for the specific purpose that we create PowerPoint today or new beginnings DVDs for the purpose of commute it's a communication device and they would set this up on a big diesel and with a stick they would point to various parts of the composite picture schedule notice the picture and in the picture there if I hope you can see it there is in the picture that was commissioned for evidence of vandalism preachers there is the tree of life that is large and imposing in the middle of the picture with the two tablets is it worth the ten commands hanging from the tree of life Jesus Christ and him crucified is present in the composite picture slightly opting your rights and receding about that's the picture now watch this this is eighteen seventy six this is the general picture that is being developed and this is a picture that Ellen White stuff that to the commission with some alterations in eighteen eighty three same picture different picture actually in this picture the three title Christ the way of life and noticed what the large imposing point of attention and sweated that you said Jesus Christ and him crucified is the law present in the picture at all where is it now is represented by Sinai what for you would be the upper left-hand corner and in the upper left-hand corner you have Sinai with the clouds and that the lightning and now it's it it it it's a picture in which the law is a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ but a lot of the knowledge of sin but there's no saving virtue and even the ten Commandments Jesus is the Savior and he must be preached with our pervasive throughout Adventist theology so that the obedience to the law that this people are called upon to render to God is obedience of faith so that it is a people we are we become a people who see the commands of God yes by virtue of the faith of Jesus so that that day that Paul says that work stories energized by Lau becomes the foundation of our obedience this is neither antinomianism the rejection of our minimizing of the law nor is it on the other hand legalism this is the lawn God put in its proper perspective in relation to the gospel getting a quality of obedience that is fueled by the love of Christ and this was the picture that Ellen White recommissioned to be given to address evangelism preachers and be given to the world threatens the bottom line is that's an Adventist history God called us to a specific mission the mission that God gave us was to give to the world a picture of the character of God that would arouse and produce voluntary love returning back to him a quality of obedience to his lobby is actuated that is fueled by the love of Christ the system of truth that got been featured this people is only as para powerful at its grounding in Jesus Christ and him crucified Jesus must be held central not a flimsy sentimental shallow cotton candy Sweet Hollywood Jesus a powerful diseases with contents the content of the entire doctrinal system but a content that produces a quality of relationship with God that is by faith alone in Christ righteousness by faith in Christ this is the message this is the picture that God has asked us as a people to give to the world this is the business that we as a people are called upon to go about getting done it's time to be about her father 's business and that business is to preach with power the full or Adventists message prophetically and doctrinally censored in Christ and him crucified to give it the influence and power before the world father in heaven thank you thank you for calling us send anybody in the world who will hear to be a part of this movement this reveille him call into existence this theological revolution that is intended Lord to give to the world a picture of your character that is so clear so beautiful so doctrinally advantageous that it is intellectually tenable because of the picture that it paints a view and at the same time it is motivating because Jesus is so central to the picture in all his matchless love and beauty that people will want to know you and love you and worship you I thank you father ours is working on gnome we are as an assumption here is my audio address is added to maintenance if you would like to learn more and I decided I will not answer I is him and he is uncertain please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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