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Confession and Repentance: The Conditions of Revival

Ted N.C. Wilson Mark Finley
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In this week’s lesson, we will trace the importance of true repentance in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as it is revealed in the book of Acts. We will also contrast true repentance with false repentance. Most of all, we will discover that repentance is a gift that the Holy Spirit gives in order to help us reflect Jesus’ love to those around us.



  • August 10, 2013
    9:00 AM
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one of the most remarkable things about the biblical account of Israel and how God led in their activities is to review the ups and downs of how Israel listened and didn't listen to God that pose the question to you this morning could it be that in the Seventh-day Adventist church we are as guilty as ancient Israel could it be that we do not give enough credence and enough emphasis and enough humble submission to the word of God and to the instruction of the spirit of prophecy are we guilty of many of the same friends and sins of the ancient Israelite people want to tell you brothers sisters that's why we need revival and Reformation that is why God has intended for his people at the end of time the humble themselves to pray to seek God 's face to understand what it means to truly fulfill the mission the unique mission that God has entrusted into the hands of Seventh-day Adventists we are to fall at the foot of the cross every day you see as we learned last night in one of those beautiful testimonies by the young people when you truly allow the power of God to work in your life something dramatic happens I was thrilled as I listened to the testimonies of those young people and as an introduction to our Sabbath school lesson this morning five thousand Mark Finley and he is the author of those lessons and God has provided at the right time and emphasis again on revival and Reformation I want us to remember we need to remember how God has led us in the past and he is teaching in our past history as life sketches page one ninety six indicates you see the Israelites and their experience is summarized in Jeremiah chapter seven versus twenty three and twenty four and the Lord was speaking but this is what I commanded them saying obey my voice and I will be your God and you shall be my people and walked in all the ways that I have commanded you that it may be well with you yet they did not obey or inclined their yearbook follow the councils and the dictates of their evil hearts and went backward and not to see let's transition now today as Scripture tells us in first Corinthians chapter ten verse eleven now all these things happened to them as examples and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come as we segue into our current modern setting in the Seventh-day Adventist we need to remember God 's counsel never forget those I already mentioned in life sketches page one ninety six we have nothing to fear for the future except that we forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history in April of this year the General conference executive committee celebrated one hundred fifty years of the establishment of the General conference May twenty one eighteen sixty three was exactly the date upon which the General conference was organized we chose to meet in Battle Creek for our Spring meeting of the executive committee with a wonderful experience there genetics are very able leader in the white estate organize many activities many presentations many visits to historical sites it was a thrilling experience we met together in the Battle Creek at Tabernacle for the Sabbath services we met during our Spring meeting in Battle Creek to celebrate and I put that in quotes one hundred fifty years of the me pose the question to you was it really a very happy and good celebration one hundred fifty years and were still here and know some people may wonder well how is it that we can even talk about the Lord coming before this time because the Lord is on his own time plan and you can't in any way affect God 's return to tell you the Lord indicates to us that we can hasten his coming in the spirit of prophecy and the wonderful book of evangelism in this quote was from the year nineteen hundred half the purpose of God been carried out by his people and giving to the world the message of mercy Christ would air this have come to earth and the Saints would have received there will him into the city of God I want to tell you that we are on the verge of Jesus soon a second coming it is time for revival and Reformation it is time for us to remember God 's leading in the past and look forward with tremendous enthusiasm for what God is going to do for his people as we move into the end of time it is time to be revived by his word reading a chapter of the Bible every day praying at seven o'clock or anytime during the day for the power in the coming of the latter rain to see the event message is not to be passed to another group of people there is not going to be another remnant church you and I are part of the final last people group that God has prepared for the loud cry that is soon to come revival and Reformation it is preparatory for Jesus soon return and so my brothers and sisters as we now segue into our lesson study for this morning presented by Pastor Finley I want you to remember that God is leading in the life of his church and in and in your life don't forget the focus on God 's word don't forget to listen to the instruction of the spirit of prophecy don't allow anything to deter you from the leading of the Holy Spirit don't forget to engage in earnest personal prayer don't forget to share the Adventist message with others in mission for the cities and in many other ways don't forget Christ's precious sanctuary message is priestly ministry for us in the most holy place at the present time don't forget how God has called you into the this is my view movement don't forget the wonderful and marvelous twenty eight fundamental beliefs every single one of them with Jesus Christ at the center don't forget to fall on your knees to be revived and reformed through the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of God 's word Jesus is coming soon and as spiritual Israel we are asked the penetrating question as posed by Joshua of old who is on the north side are you willing today as we go into the Sabbath school lesson to say with Joshua but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord and then never to forget my brothers and sisters as we move into the unfolding last phase of versus remember how God has led us in the past and how he will lead us in the future if you are willing as we go into the study of this lesson on revival and Reformation if you are willing to recommit yourself to a closer walk with the Lord and to allow him to move you in unprecedented ways we come to the end of time the quietness of this auditorium as we study the less on revival and Reformation as we think back to one hundred fifty years at the beginning of the general conference and look forward to Jesus soon coming are you willing this morning to say Lord here I am used to me are you willing amen message what are Sabbath school lesson this water focus is especially on the topic of revival and Reformation it's possible to use terms not defined the when we talk about revive home what specifically do we mean we talk about Reformation what do we mean revival is the reawakening of God 's grace in the soul revival has to do with the reawakening of spiritual life it has to do with knowing Jesus afresh and anew every day like lamentations so well describes to his mercies are new every morning so what is revival why do we need revival it's like an old hymn says prone to wander Lord I feel it prone to leave the God I love here is my heart OT can see you let ceiling with the things above so why does the church need revival when you and I come to Jesus our hearts are transformed by his grace charmed by his love and changed but because we still have natures that are flown we tend to wander so God invites us every day to come to the cross to know Jesus afresh in a new some revival is a daily experience in the life of the believer it is daily experiencing God 's grace there will never be a time that believers do not need revival it's a daily experience what about Reformation when we talk about Reformation what are we speaking about we speaking about reform and the Reformation in the days of Martin Luther we talked about referent nation what are we talking about are we talking about a change of diet change address the change of educational system and changing medical system when you use the term Raven Reformation it can be quite in the US and it may mean different things to different people in fact there's actually group called reformat so when we talk about Reformation what we mean in the biblical sense Reformation in the biblical sense always follow three five revivalist this renewal the spiritual grace in the soul but Reformation has to do with the change of habits and attitudes and thoughts and leads me to a new lifestyle so revival always leads to the reawakening of God 's grace and Reformation has to do with this reorganization of life this reorganization affects this radical change of lifestyle where God points out things in my life there is always hearing that need change note in our series in the Sunday school lesson we are focusing on lesson number six which is written by which his confession repentance why could a lesson on confession repentance in regard in a series on revival Reformation because if you look at revival down through the centuries you look at revival in the history of Israel with Josiah William David's prayers and songs were you look at the revival in the days of the minor prophets they all focused on repentance and confession they are focused on coming to the point of a deep sorrow for sin when you look at the book of acts repentance is all through the back to get access to ask three acts sixteen and seventeen X twenty and onward there is a great emphasis on repentance and fashion in one of the things I want to do in the time we have together today I had this focus on this aspect that is really handy hints leaves you in a place of sorrow focusing on your own sin that's not for repentance at all the object of repentance is not believed an individual more discouraged than before they repented the object of all repentance is the focus on the goodness of Jesus the marvels of these graves the beauty of his love so that I want to be more like him any approach to repentance that says will sell rent you will absolutely alone and so he thought that these he wallowing in my city and is not beneficial that repentance this leads me to see how great Jesus is and will be like in is a repentance that motivates lifestyle change now we look at repentance in Sunday's lesson repentance God 's gifts that you have your Bible I'd like you to take it in turn to ask the subject I asked the fifth chapter asked the fifth chapter in my study of repentance there was something that was quite obvious that I often overlook here's a basic question is repentance is something that we were off or something that God places within is repentance is our desire to work up an emotional sorrow for sin or is reading and is a gift that God gives us access the chapter you're looking there at verses thirty to thirty two I want you notice carefully acts chapter five verse thirty two thirty two the God of our fathers raised up Jesus this is whom you murdered by hanging on every sienna has started salty to his right hand of the Francis Xavier three things about the passage so far first the passage talks about the crucifixion of Christ Christ on a free verse thirty seconds the passage talks about the resurrection of Christ the God of our fathers Eugene who is raised up Jesus resurrection thirdly the text talks about the high priestly ministry of Christ in God is exalted to his right and duty range and save you so you have the death of Christ the ascension of Christ the resurrection of Christ no notice because of Christ the cross of Christ resurrection because the price high priestly ministry he is repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sin and we are his witnesses of these things so also is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to them that obey him not affect his hat Christ Christ resurrected Christ is our high praise eighty years reading engines to his people so where is genuine repentance from where they come from everybody is repentance and he is just as salvation is a gift repentance is again so as I kneel before Jesus every day looking at the cross of Calvary sees goodness as I meditate upon his life as I walk with him in the dusty streets of Galilee as I travel with him down the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem as I see Jesus like the eyes of the blind in their open tax years in the death of their in stock is likely to see Jesus like the wicked man's arm as I see them break the bread feed five thousand as I see it and say to the woman caught in adultery go and sin no more I am so charmed by his love I see the difference between my war worldliness in my CNN and him and I see he had and I say oh Jesus grant immunity of them repent any places within my heart a sorrow for the difference that I have between my fault he will be in the life any as glorious righteous life so it is looking at keys 's that we are transformed is my understanding is perfection that we understand our imperfection is seeing his strength that we recognize our weakness so noticed repentance is a you is not something we work off is something he places within our anything does not come by looking at our rescue our understanding of our recognition comes from looking at him when I look at myself I never see any possibility be saved but when I look at Jesus I see no possibility to be lost in summary and his is a you if you will notice in the last thing I have quoted a statement and acts of the apostles page thirty six you'll find it in Sunday's last thing you'll find it in the middle of the page there as the disciples waited for the fulfillment of the promise that's the promise of the Holy Spirit are we waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of the outpouring of the Spirit of God unilateral rain power today are we waiting for that is God pouring out his Spirit on the church today certainly do we see they shower since the early rain definitely but before the coming of Christ will there be an additional outpouring of the Spirit 's power in the latter rain to a name the last to finish the work is that promise there the disciples waited for that promise when the disciples met in the other room upper room there are about a hundred and twenty disciples that met in the upper room the population of the Roman Empire at the time your different population figures that you have by various demographers but probably about five hundred and fifty to six hundred million people so about six hundred million live in the Roman Empire you have a hundred and twenty Christians that meet in the upper room which is a ratio of one to probably at least about half a million Navy six hundred thousand to one person the six hundred thousand people and others want access to every today about one Adventist about every hundred and thirty people about every four hundred people in the world today but one had four hundred world today but the amazing thing is in the upper room is one to about five hundred fifty thousand those disciples met they sought God in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place and thousands were baptized in a few short years ago there was at least a million Christians by the end of the first century the tasks that is before us is no greater than the task before them in fact with more difficult allotment in the days of the Roman Empire than it is today many ways you look at that sociological standpoint but here's the amazing thing they met they repented of their sin they saw the beauty of Jesus holiness they inherently true sorrow God poured out his spirit when the church is on its knees looking at Jesus seeing ourselves as we are Christ manifests himself to us our lives are transformed by his grace as he empowers us by his Spirit the word repentance in the Greek language is a very fascinating word is the one that cannot now for a long time I translated that worth a great language in a very simple way and I would say in other words that do not mean simply a change of attitude or it doesn't mean that but if you look at the richness of the work that cannot be with the Greek language we can much more than a change of attitude it needs a change of attitude that motivates the whale and this is a literal translation that cannot be the best Greek lexicon it is a change of attitude which transforms the whale and sexy in a direction of obedience you can have no true repentance without a mind set for obedience all for repentance leads far beyond the sorrow that is an emotional sorrow repentance is not just evaluating the Bible by my peers for my emotional grief is evaluated in the Bible by the desire for a lifestyle change now that leads us to Monday's lesson for repentance defined the stories told of a little boy and this little boy had his affect of meeting his room and Nancy he was about nine years old and is much as his mom wanted to have his room clean having clean his room he just had us real-time avionics out like that clean your room please let your room and he kept his room nothing on this particular day he got out all of this is like those in all of his life in his room was a colossal mess so that night at family worship his mother felt that she did you address that so he said he'd talk about repentance and out with sorrow for what you've done wrong he said his son now what you really need to repent of his mom as so if you clean your room clean your bibliography only like a lighthouse on around eating everything we know that afraid you're right right with the area sees us I am so sorry that I left my room still missing the day but it sure was fun is that repentance figure my loveliest second Corinthians chapter seven and so soft I left my room message enables you was a second Corinthians chapter seven and we look there second Corinthians chapter seven and were looking at verse nine to eleven second Corinthians chapter seven verse nine through eleven is one of the best descriptions in the Bible about genuine repentance and what it's about second Corinthians chapter seven verse nine now I rejoice not that you were made sorry now Paul is writing to the Corinthians these written the first letter to the Corinthians and somebody said that the church at Corinth was false etc. any of the church of Corinth members were suing one another they were abusing the Lords supper one of the big problems at Corinth was that there was him around nothing in the church so that that there was incest in the Corinthian church you can read about that segment is five and onward in the Corinthians were dealing with sin in the church and war they were treating it very very likely and so the apostle Paul wrote about in first Corinthians and as he did he broke their hearts and they entered into genuine sorrow about the toleration of sin that they had in the church all right you second Corinthians chapter seven verse nine now I rejoice not that you were made sorry that is sorry by my letter but your sorrow led to repentance so give at sorrow leads to repentance and your son are without repentance you can need to be sorry because what you did he is going to cause circumstances in your life you can be sorry that you said something to husband or wife and I got mad sovereign that you are dishonest and you got caught you can be sorry for the consequences of the action but not the direction from the article each for repentance is not I'm sorry because of the consequences what happened to me because I say it to repentance is I'm so sorry because I dishonored the I'm so sorry that I hurt another person I'm so sorry that my words cut deeply into your heart I'm so sorry that I criticized you and I'm so sorry that I talk behind your back and separate our relationship and I'm so sorry they did all that I decide not easy true repentance is where I'm on my knees same keys as you love me so much Jesus your grace is so amazing Jesus I hurt you with what I did so entail my seeing gives me the pain that it brings the heart of God I will never turn loose and so this is what Paul is praying about here this is what he 's talking about in second Corinthians chapter seven first nine now I rejoice that you were made sorry not to give a sense of your sorrow led to repentance but you were made sorry in a godly manner that you might suffer loss for us and nothing for godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation not to be regretted but sorrow of the world produces death so there is not a sorrow godly sorrow that produces repent is what is the change that I want my same the thing I want to love I now hate the thing I once did passionately now I turn away from you or the things that I once enjoyed doing now I loathe to do but it's more than that is the setting of the direction of the wheel it's used to let the thing which I carry that broke the heart of God go because I no longer want to break his heart so it looks at Jesus now notice the text verse nine now I rejoice that you were made sorry but that your now I rejoice not you were made sorry but your sorrow led to repentance verse ten godly sorrow produces repentance now notice this verse eleven it's very interesting for observe this very thing that you sorrow in a godly manner what diligence it producing you now when you sorrow in a godly manner introduces something what's the first thing that it produces what to produce diligence another words my sorrow in a godly manner and see that my scene is broken heart of God and I see the grace of Jesus I become more diligent not to do that thing again so what clearing of your sales and use sorrow in a godly manner if you have hurt another person you want to clear up that situation between you and the other person if you injured somebody else if you been dishonest godly sorrow and repentance when I recognize that broken God 's heart leads me to Ontario 's to reconcile if I broken their heart it says what indignation what would this mean what indignation how do Donnelly Sally indignation and indignation is a form of strong anger what is that mean it means I'm upset about the thing that I've done I have United Nations toward what I've done and I want to make it right what do you what the human desire what seal what indignation and all things you proved yourself to be clear in this matter so true repentance is this godly sorrow because I broken God 's heart set my wheel in a new direction it gives me an indignation or hatred towards the end and enables me to desire to leave the differently we talk about true and false confession in Tuesday's lesson and there is a statement in the book sets the price page thirty eight but I'd like to take a look at but before we do that let's look at Leviticus five verse five that's good Leviticus five this takes us back to the ancient sanctuary Leviticus five and verse five in the ancient sanctuary when somebody's sins they of course brought in offering sometimes the land and their other offerings in the poor brought PGR printer grain offering and Leviticus five verse five there is a clear Bible text about what happened when the person brought their offering it has to do with repentance and it has to do with confession Leviticus five verse five it says it shall be when he's guilty in any of these things that he shall confess that he is seeing in that thing what this this Bible passage tell you about the nature of truth that true confession is one very specific has anybody ever compensate you know if I hurt you but I what I said please forgive me if I hurt you what you know when they say that is not genuine repentance genuine repentance is I am so sorry that I said his specific thing about you I want to the people that I said it to have asked him to forgive me because I have hurt your reputation please forgive me that's genuine repentance in the Old Testament when a person came with their lamb they can assess the specific thing Lord I got angry with my neighbor Lord I have stolen something true confession and repentance is always specific when I get on my knees and pray I don't say Lord if I've seen I say Lord I watch that on television and I know that that is not in harmony with your wheel but I seem to be addicted to it looking at Jesus and his greatness in his goodness and his grace his mercy and help you or you were Lord make my heart you are and take that direction desire on my soul Lord I am jealous of that person please Lord take that jealously on my heart and soul so true confession is always what everybody specific in nature notes that Ellen White statement this is a remarkable statement that will help somebody here today true confession is a is under the section to say the page forty nine the middle of the page true confession is always okay what kind of character doesn't have specific character technologies particular sins and there's three things they may be of such a nature as to be brought before God and God only where are most of our sins brought before the part of the God auto no notice they lady wrongs that you can sad to individuals who suffered injury through them and then it goes on to say they may be of a public character and should be publicly confess how do you know what incest seemed publicly and how do you know whether the confession that same publicly would be detrimental to you in the church when we get you a clear ruling on them here's what it you really care the fence wire rope you repair the fence where it's broken if I have a farm and I fence on the north south east and west in the news on the north is broken and that she didn't have a getting out and I repaired it I try to repair the fence on the south that is nonsensical so here's going my scene is between me and God that need not be in any way to make public I think that's it again but if I stolen something from you I don't confess to the church that I stole something from the Steve or our sister Smith I don't have amendment and that that's not between them and the Jackson defense was not broken then but if I win a profligate life after becoming a Christian of open rebellion and defeating the name of God and the uses and others in the church knowing there maybe I'm at that point where I compensate you know I have lived a life out of harmony with God 's purpose it's publicly no and I've come to Jesus in my life has been changed I want to honor so when you make public confession only when there is conflict sin that is publicly known if this Ian you probably confess that the church you go to that person why because you want to be the older relationship with that person notice confession what is confession so I specifically put repentant infection together what are repenting a godly sorrow sees Jesus a change in the mindset the desire to be more like Christ session confessing civic sin to God to another I've wronged them the church only if my life has been profligate in a public way looking at our last lesson on Thursday confessions healing power and I want to jump over to Thursday's less than our last lesson concessions feeling paranoid to read that the paragraph their confession lances the foil of you it allows the poisonous process seemed to drain confession is healing in many ways it opens our hearts to receive God 's grace through confession receive the forgiveness of Christ daily offers us across confession he is feeling because it allows God to risk us receive God 's grace upon the closely the confession of your sin does not make God love you anymore or any less the confession of your sin and evil he received his law the confession of accuracy and enable you to receive his forgiveness to God for this on the cross of Calvary but I come to that fraud the confession that the forgiveness that he has wrought on Calvary becomes mine when I come to Jesus he gives me the gift of repentance I say I will be in for the uncounted I love the way is what the metal is young of their feet down look upon Jesus seamlessly as he father you use life unto me my wife Scarlett mine 's is a below cover with his life whiter than snow B are the wounds D are the wounds that transgression has made red are the same as my soul is afraid over to be covered Jesus with the save from the law that judges me longing for the joy of part two now Jesus holds a row whiteness Florida leaving my own class and I wear my pure life alone reconciled by his death for mice in justified by his life your employees is sanctified by saying his word glorified in Jesus I reconcile in Jesus I am justified in Jesus I have sanctified in Jesus I have glorified and that this revival of Reformation phrase for you is my audio only and not having to maintenance services and industry you would like to learn more and I find a coming out and I is a whore as a free online service please visit www. on my universe


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