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The news is filled with reports of unprecedented natural disasters and atrocities. Is God really in control? Join church leaders and ASI members in exploring answers to this and many other questions regarding the final scenes of earth’s history with moderator Don Mackintosh and panelists Mark Finley, TedWilson, C.D. Brooks, EdReid, LewisWalton, and Andi Hunsaker.



  • August 10, 2013
    4:00 PM
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back in everyone and welcome to this program we've got your head Sydney for prayer their heavenly father we thank you so much for the blessings you have given us this weekend thank you for the opportunity that we have had to be here and this afternoon I pray that you will come be still so much knowledge on us that we are ready to take you forth and share the joy of the second coming thank you for their thirst for knowledge that you give each of us and I pray that as we come in contact with others that they will see your love through us we thank you for the love to get each and every one of us every day in practice in Jesus name amen good afternoon ASI if there's one thing that Seventh-day Adventists believe there's one thing that is even encapsulated in their name it is concerning the address you the second coming of Jesus and today were to be discussing that topic which I think is near and dear to each of our hearts and years ago numerous times from the prophetic than a voice of LOI the church was all that price and tries to come in price becomes the today and what we want to do is talk about that second coming or going really look at the three basic categories I will look at this in three basic sections and in between it has some lovely music that focus on the second coming on the first section really talking about why are we still talking about the second coming why is Jesus yet that sexy number one then were going in another section what in the world indicates that God is on the move it is about the return look at some signs in the world some signs in the church and in our final section will be looking at what can Seventh-day Adventists Church members and five members due to hasten Christ's coming what kind of things can we do now in facilitating this I want to thank all of you for or many of you it always seems like all you and him requested the Cayman for sending in your questions there are more questions than will be able to answer but what I did as the moderator was Frank collate those and then got together with our seventh day Adventist that they are the seven of us and we discussed the questions and then we would I group them in categories so you might have like an amalgamation of your question might be that's my question is but it's maybe smashed together with together that were similar so it sounds like it wasn't going to start screaming but it probably is a similar type of question to the others will assist forehead before we begin this discussion and meet our guests and then begin to talk father in heaven Lord very fact that we are here discussing this as has been mentioned already today in the divine service and an even before is somewhat of a rebuke to us and we do long to see you come and we while we enjoy ASIS it is a piece of heaven we would rather be having ASI in heaven will bless us today as we talked and as we discussed in May may your Holy Spirit do something for us individually may this be something very personal for each of us that that we could even have a recommitment renewal and revival during this time in Christ's name we pray amen our panelists are oh family system for the president of the General conference over many years of an evangelist I first met them I was nine years old but he doesn't probably remember that and then Andy Hunsicker see his position at Harvard in the woman's hospital swears he is in charge of neural imaging department anthologies it'll take an inside look at things with us today and then we have our teleconference president Elder Ted Wilson who has served the church for years I still remember his father coming to my home was a little boy always remembered my name no matter what I look like her what I had been into another's other city Brooks was a blessing to have him with us today for the divine service and the former field secretary general conference still has an office there you want to get nailed him to send it to the General conference CD rocks and were glad he's with us then Elder Reed who is now serving with W AR world ready evidence rule radio and in development for many years was dealing with financial issues is written a number of books on the end time is well worth whether he's with us and then attorney Lewis Walton tax attorney in LA I believe and for many years has also serve the church in on the Kennedy circuit after writing books that have provoked a lot of thought on the subject of us get started I want to lay some ground ground rules for my panelists and that is we want short questions that are also complete a short answers that are also complete I know that's kind of almost impossible but as distinct as you can because we want to cover more material and also that the second thing is under the try to get each one of you time to respond to questions I may call out one of you individually to answer a question and then if you don't really feel like answering that question you can always pass that onto the other is okay him lifeless again on why are we still talking about the second coming why have we not yet seen Jesus come that's our first section and that there was a question that came in under that section like on of but there and I want to address this to the doctor from from from Harvard foretold in the Bible as their proxy this is a question that came in that the gospel was given to the whole world by the early church in the first generation after Christ has been a colossal number versus an outline agrees the truth of the gospel which is come to you as it is also in all the world was preached to every creature typically rats will that finishing the work is to make sure that everyone hears the gospel message and then Jesus will come but if that already happened of every creature already heard it two thousand years ago what was lacking must there be more finishing the work is her something more than just message propagation and distribution I think I know why Don has asked me that question because I know exactly where that question came from I think my great husband for that question but there is a really nice coat that I like certainly the Gospel the Bible does say that in several passages and white agrees but I think that there's certain things that the Lord is waiting for and I just want to read a quote from Alan white that says that Christ is waiting for his portrait to be painted in each of his disciples and I think that to the extent of that port is not painted he's waiting I think that message propagation is one thing but he wants to actually see himself representing interests were told in Revelation eighteen one new life with his glory I don't think that he wants to come back to be duly elected anyone else want to add to that following up okay elder agreed it's interesting that we all talk about Matthew twenty four fourteen when the gospel is preached in all the world well as you mentioned and I was preached in all the world in the first century but Jesus told us two things to look for one his conditions and the other one is a great prophetic timeline and when commenting on second Thessalonians two three Ellen White said you know that the coming will not take place till the falling away in the medicine revealed and so on she says that that's the two hundreds of twelve hundred sixty year in that in seventeen ninety eight and she said the second coming of Christ could not take place before that time is right conversely three fifty six it is interesting that from that time on the great awakening in the about movement and so on which makes it very very relevant and prophetic and fulfill fulfilling the unique contribution of Seventh-day Adventists have connected Christendom is in understanding the Bible to the great controversy the and as I look at the context of the great controversy seats and challenge the government Satan said that God was a vindictive judge is a wrathful time when he was self-centered in the entire panorama of the plan of salvation in the coming of Christ to the earth the first time was to reveal the loving grace of God and we know what God is like by seeing what Jesus was like in the context of that great controversy although Jesus demonstrated clearly with the father was like the Bible says in Mark chapter four that the harvest of the fully right so that God will reveal through his people to a waiting world watching universe God 's marvelous love and why hasn't Jesus it is not simply that the gospel has not been preached to the world it is the oil of heaven in the entire universe are waiting in a scene filled world for God to read God 's love to be revealed through his people as a contrast selfishness so in the context of the great controversy God has his longing desire to reveal himself to his people this move onto the next question and I want to direct this to Attorney Walton because you and I were talking about this as well and there were a number of questions that came in that word and giving various statements from the pen of inspiration concerning various kinds for LOI said he's coming in fact some of the things that the medieval even standing here will be food for worms and I've always noticed that when I was a young man a man of intense and so all of these different statements to use any light on the state 's fourth let me quickly speak to the issue of food for worms my mic is on and that is that within the context of a great revival of the place in the church in the eighteen fifties when everybody nearly everybody expected the Lord would come as a result of that it was a conditional prophecy Ellen White said her angel said that she didn't say she got back from the Lord there was a period of time about thirty four months in which after that period was over Alan went to the Lord has given the Laodicean message time to do its work revived and reformat and his men bring on the second coming the second coming could have happened before the Civil War according to her now the question here will immediately begin the basis oversight of the cloudburst I am convinced that if the spirit of ASI were shared by every member of his church we would not be here this morning we would be now looking back on the sea of glass the welcome home supper we would be hard work in the cosmos disparity in this group yet it infected the entire church with his delightful excitement and an commitment could finish the work of God is enough horsepower in this room to get it done one of our mission field was inside the church as well as outside the church today as you know why we feel here Ellen White in eighteen eighty three said Christ could have common areas eighteen ninety seven all again have the purpose of God been carried out by his people Christ what areas have come eight more years went by now she's in Australia she says if God 's people had the love of Christ in the heart of thousand dollars of usefulness would be open Christ will come to be here there is our my going with this three years later in nineteen one she repeats that same statement but now something ominous is creeping into her language when she also adds we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years they goes on to say but for Christ sake don't blame heaven for that if not Evans plan and the question that I want to pose to us in an answer to that issue is how we be insubordinate and might I suggest a good way to do it would be to lose sight of our mission what are operational orders in this world why are we here volume nine says the most solemn truth ever entrusted the mortals have been given us to proclaim to the world that's why were here how can we be insubordinate we go to free chat message without acting as if we really believe in how can we do that one way would be to let Hollywood into the heart of our home through the kind of entertainment that scripts us away from that commitment we still a legally may I respectfully suggest that he is the single best method we could use you lose are you which would then lead us to a second level of insubordination that would be a disrespect argument and treat them as if they are an inconvenient age group was only real function is to be entertaining ladies and gentlemen we have seen exhibit a here at ASI that our young people can do more than ahead may I also suggest that that means we should have a very acute interest in the quality of our educational institutions do our kids come back from Bears cooling 's solid in the word of God convinced and more able than ever to explain and believe our doctrines including even stuff like how we got to be on this earth so number two we can be insubordinate by drifting away allowing a world that is not centered on the second coming to influences finally number three we could be insubordinate by forgetting the final fact that this church is a world church and we need to act like the world church and this church every division out of every conference every images need with one voice and follow a common plan toward home thank you for that short to say then definitely complete answer of yellow he's an attorney when he asked questions at him and had an want to sue me for my taxes on okay guys I have I have a question for Overbrook Academy you all when and onto the bed and maybe I should defer to the wisdom of the meet and see if you can work with this question directed over Brooks the disciples were one accord in the upper room before the Holy Spirit was poured out the general conference is currently calling for prayer for revival of the Reformation but there are many factions within Adventism what efforts have been made in reaching out to reconcile with them is there a way we can have the Lord when we are so this unified color Brooks I have a perspective that will be unique with me the question came at about eighteen forty four and the great disappointment I can understand because in eighteen forty four my people were slaves under the most inhumane system to have all recorded about history I had no idea what I learned is that it that people thought I should copy wasn't coming and take anybody anywhere without us and him and the moonlight says that Neville was a time that Neville was a time when the truth should not have been presented with a sense of urgency I almost got it right Paul and the apostles told about time the citizen had died in their day the Lord had a clear voice behind the giving of the unique bubbly eight what you does Mister Drummond secure all of these things of interest by Soviet project beyond that and I really think it's best that we don't know that they are now all is not limited of course it's enough to make it we don't know living on the hour but I know that Jesus is coming soon the signs that are hoping all around us speak to us in a way as never before I saw a meteorologist on television following one of these capricious action of nature and he was gone and Mayor Debra that's a man who studied the science of meteorology is a man who got his degree in such a manner does it professionally Jim what's going on these unusual and then he looked likely into the camera said I don't know the truth is he doesn't know what we are seeing things that were not supposed to grab an idea and run with it as though we have the last word I believe in the organization of the judge I believe in leadership I believe that women study something in these councils or recommendations at the end of producing that I support him then I'm willing to go along with that you're not going to find out leave his life giving wrong advice the Lord should've gone dear this project maybe it we have an opportunity of being with Christ convicting him we couldn't attack that if you come in eighteen eighty eight in other suggested times I drove you to enter loved one other question studios and I don't know what to do let me come back to the one that I think that you still we still did not deal with them and open up the rest of panel that is if you know we saw unity in the upper room and that brought the Holy Spirit we don't see unity now Ken seizes without unity is is the question I think God the doctors can help her in the inside of that my favorite passages in Scripture I think is John seventeen I don't ask myself if I was being executed facing immediate execution what I pray for and use MySpace for unity because the text in John seventeen and I want to look at John seventeen the same twenty four and then verse twenty six he continues most important race for himself a basis for these disciples anyways I'll believe it when he says father this was twenty four father I desire that they also whom you gave me any reliever I am the baby behold my glory which you given me for you loved me before the foundation of the word oftentimes I think we look at that with me where I am as being in heaven right with him these I'm with you on the same page second Jesus Christ praying for unity among us and I have been on the same page if you are refugees is huge okay held over Finley one one the lifeline for your recently in my study of the Sabbath school for the saddest lessons of the research cited in preparing for a series of revival and Reformation I reread the book of acts numerous times asking myself the question was raised one of the elements of unity in the book of acts obviously peters dispositional traits were different than Thomas is dispositional traits and they were destroyed then John's dispositional traits so unity is not everybody having the same personality of the same dispositional traits neither is it everybody eating same addressing the same or like insane foods unity and uniformity are two very different things uniformity has to do with external something external unity is something internal if you look at the book of acts there are four basic elements of unity commitment to a common Christ in the book of acts the disciples were sold out for Jesus Christ they were totally committed to Jesus they were passionate about Jesus second they were convinced they were committed to a common prophetic message Jesus was the ailment of Bible prophecy doctrine played a major role in unifying thirdly they were committed to a common mission they were passionate about reaching the world and fourthly they were committed to a structure of church governance you had the Jerusalem Council you had a system of leadership those elements bring unity commitment to a common Christ commitment to a prophetic at this message commitment to a mission and commitment to a church that God is the finally raised up in time to reclaim a message to reach the world him and him and I wanted to double the question to thank you for that panelists on one address one two Elder Wilson what if anything Elder Wilson does Isaiah fifty eight have to do with the second coming I have a love of the comments on the kinds please amend and other times but fifty eight and Isaiah absolutely critical to the way in which people are supposed to relate to others showing Christ character and his ministry of knowing Christ went to the Temple be read from Isaiah he read from from Scripture and is recorded for us and look for eighteen and nineteen it is the way in which we relate and this is one of the very major ways in which we are hoping mission to the cities is going to work that people are going to church members be able to show the character of Jesus in a very powerful way as they reflect the fruit of the spirit and Christ character so I think fifty eight and an understanding of how we relate to people and that in reality our ministry is to affect others is going to play an incredible part we use the term medical missionary work which is a comprehensive health ministry whatever term we would like to use and were told that it will be the last work that we will be able to do when we will not be able to hold public evangelistic meetings beautiful congregations like this we will be able to do medical ministry medical missionary work and it is the work of every member not just health professional so I think the Lord is preparing his people now for us to understand how that can fit into mission to the cities and many ways in which truly the second coming can be preceded by a reflection of Christ character okay another question and let's see I have not directed one specifically to the regions of regard this to him could the reason be this is a question agreement could be the reason the even for price I coming to be the same as why he did not return in eighteen forty four and then again after eighteen eighty nine eighteen eighty eight is the reason that we have nothing in common because he can not responded to his third Angels message in embarrassing what question she says very regarding his American message inherently is justification by faith and I'm glad to say and don't deserve it receiving more about that in our church every day more of our preachers are preaching about more of our people were experiencing a and another interesting factor about this in this is a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives of course the amazing thing about it we accept God 's justification for us but I found this interesting statement when I was teaching stewardship and that is one of the reasons is such a great during the spirit of God which is the transforming HTML I talked about what happened the Nicodemus no one sees the handle is the burdens on Wednesday of God comes one of the reasons is that we she says such a great during the spirit of God is that so many are robbing God and I don't really expect that we could receive the spirit of God Weller robbing him that's what I think about that particular topic and of course the Holy Spirit 's role is to transform us into the finishing touches on character and give us the power to finish the work and we all want that so I'm encouraging faithfulness the question that I want to disrupt each of you you know we hear a lot about them even her than answers from the panel today that what needs to happen is that we need to perfectly reflect the character Chrysler of course that statement is that the something were hearing panel then within some will say well if you are present too much people will talk about being perfect and they will get into perfectionism in the be a problem with that and others talk about what we do is point out the problems in the church so the sin and whatnot and and and that if we set another hill have to come and step in McGrath and another say you know what we really need to do is is create a as many devices as possible to get the message out as quickly as possible and we need to work on the mission of the church there's always this tension between these three of which one of them is right how should we relate to do these receiving we were being views concerning the second coming of the second coming has to be rooted in your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ Christ has to be central in everything that you do and think about that I don't find it difficult for in my own understanding how people cope without the hope of the second coming it is an absolutely something that just an amazing and I'm just so excited about but I think the sense of urgency in understanding what time in which were living is something which has to be paramount as we try to recapture an understanding of the great controversy theme and how God is intending to use his people at the very end of time and as I travel extensively all around the world I try to emphasize strongly the second coming of Jesus Christ in fact every sermon that we preach somehow someway on to have Internet element of a sense of urgency of Jesus second coming and I'm hoping that more and more people will gain that understanding begin on this old sense of urgency aspect and how you fit that in with the mission and how you live your life and all that it's an age-old problem in second Peter chapter three tells us exactly the people are to be scoffing pointing questions whereas is coming in the Lord says it is not slack concerning his promise and then he says in verse twelve looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God and I think somehow we have to recapture BR seven to eighty yes you just join us for talking about the second coming why are we still talking about it as the Adventist church and the why is their domain in our last exchange we heard a lot of of the best day of your help things and the last question I'd ask and are the province president responded was to this tension between him no character and being like Jesus and some people would say if we focus on that lead to sell down perfectionism and then also this idea of love of the sin we understand the idea that the wrath of God would be poured out of the step in as he did in the flatter when the Amorites there they are a sin reached a certain level but also missionary work maybe focusing on this a work and just before we came back marked in the gunsmith that I really want to say something about that so going thank you for letting the elderly spokesman Robert Brooks the two of us have we been around for a few years the promises of the IPO focus on God he is not on who we are so when you look at three promises simple promises Hebrews twelve verse two looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Jesus began a good work in us and he'll finish it Philippians one four six being confident of this very thing he Jesus and begun a good work and you will finish it so righteousness by faith is not seemingly by presumption righteousness by faith and grasp everything that Christ has done for me on the cross everything that Jesus is doing for me in heaven and sanctuary and everything that he will do for me in the future that's why in first John chapter three verse wanting into it says below behold what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us that we should be called children of God verse two beloved now are we the children of God when you when I come to Christ when we understand his grace when were justified through that redemption am across we now are the children of God look at the rest of the text it has not yet and revealed what we shall be but we know that when you see is revealed we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is the child who is in first grade of elementary school is just as much in school as a child was getting ready to graduate in the eighth grade when we come to Jesus we are children of God and if we are committed to him and stay with him finish the job in our lives I thank God that I can trust that he will finish in my life what he has started me revealed his loving character to the world as I focus on what he can do not what I can do thank you for that I know I'm going to have an exact and so on that allow you Attorney Walton fifteen seconds five of which you are to use up the idyllic family but that so well you know the term is righteousness by faith not excuses by faith why is it important in the time is now whole seven billion people in this world about the face and issue words wife or death decisions and the only example in a seed of the gospel really works losing your life it's an issue of due process they deserve that from you thank you Your Honor outgoing as you know I actually got absolution from mop to be able to speak still you know I'm glad and not uncover the elephant in the living room and imagination needs and that he did mention eighteen eighty eight note that something on his face is staying on the church 's history and you know that was not come to Jesus moment after that time algorithm written text in second Peter three but was equally possible check repeatedly listen I it says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count him into a sobbing that anywhere you want to come to repentance typically we use that as people that have not heard I think that text is for all in a window when Moses was recounting for the people into joining a healthy male cost of all the back anything in the prevention of work-related and go through those were not the people that were present at that time and so this talk about repentance I believe that we hasn't showed me his leadership anybody think of me as members many have to grapple with that statement on organ on the national history unrepentant rejecting but the Lord is the most precious messages want to and I think once we do that there will be showers of blessing okay let's move our second section now which is that question what in the world and in the church indicate that God is on the move what are some signs of his second coming one of the questions that came in because that is someone wrote and we are told in great numbers event a backsliding searches close their eyes to the sign of the times so we want our new agreement on him search we want to know what some of the signs of the times are and we have a panel year that literally has traveled the world and thought about the second coming of our message in many different ways some of them know about the economy and taxes some of them know about politics to some extent and some of them you can comment on other other trends of the world so let's talk about the world first and the will moves the church will open up to anybody what are some signs that you see from your travels around the world that indicate that Christ is coming soon one thing is interesting as most of us would agree that it seems the world is coming on glutamine things are not like things to be it's quite incredible that you think of the economy of the United States for example reportedly the most prosperous nation in the world and our country is seventeen trillion dollars in debt has a massive unemployment student loan right now is beyond one trillion dollars the outstanding amount it is so big and so precarious that Senators Tom Harkin on the floor of the Senate recently said it could be the tipping point for the next recession in America most of you are likely aware that there's another hundred and fifty billion and private loans one trillion is this a portion of student loans their government-backed and of course since a number of years ago students who go through on loans and then bankrupt after graduation you can hang it on anymore when you have always loved you pay it off or die this is incredible because there are whole cities in America that have already thought of bankruptcy or in the process like Detroit Stockton California and so on and this is an unusual time for our nation and to borrow money to fix the problems we've had most of us are well aware that's not to fix the problem some were in a precarious time but something amazing is that in spite of all these problems people are still supporting his work in a strong way and I'm really glad to see that silly as you told me once on the mountain in Colorado do your giving was living so you know it was going to get your money into the work that would usually give us one other interesting thing that I might mention and that is when I did research for the book son is coming I decided that I would study all the Bibles reprocessing about Sundays of course the Bible doesn't win mention awards Sunday in English translations like Ellen White doesn't mention one thousand eight hundred and ninety five times I printed them all off which is about four reams of paper and study them through and looked only at the relevant ones I took out all the duplicates I got down to about one hundred and twenty original relevant statements on white face and she says the patient for something will come about as a result of either one of these three things either a financial crisis in America a natural disaster or a moral crisis now you think about all of these things every one of them are evident right now are you aware that since June twenty sixth of this year just about six weeks ago now the cause of your spring court decisions thirty percent of Americans live in jurisdictions where gay marriage is legal and he encourages this is the United States welcome to be in times I wasn't yet I think as to read as emphasize certainly economic situation politically when you look around the world there are situations politicians simply cannot handle today things are falling apart from ecumenical standpoint were seeing movements that are directing activities for the restriction of religious freedom but I would say that one of most glaring things is what Esther Reed mentioned and that is the area of social change that has happened so quickly in a number of places around the world same-sex marriage homosexuality acceptance all of the which is a direct review against the word of God now we need to be certainly understanding and caring every person and as a child were all sinners at the foot of the cross but there is a solution for the sin problem and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ I think the social the social developments are a very powerful understanding that were coming to a very critical time in her sister and we talked about the economy we talked about politics after Finley is there anything that is not evident to the common nine if you been thinking your talking to lots of groups around the world and is a manual I see this with other people may not see the system anything like that there is one item that really lets it at least indicates to me that one of urging God this is a great conversation this is before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of God a revival primitive godliness Satan desires to hinder this work and before the time shall come he will endeavor to prevent it this is a quote by introducing a counterfeit in those churches they can bring under his guidance he will introduce false religious awakening so before the final visitation got deficits at the last plate still be a revival the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will take place in the latter rain and given but before that they'll be a false revival could get the vitamins in a generation that wants instant solutions that the devil is a pommel counterfeit style of religion based on so-called Holy Ghost movement to Libya this movement will cost of churches and other charismatic churches in contemporary worship style churches with the new using introduced to them sleep thousands off their feet with a emotional form of religion rather than a religion spiritual experience that leads to studying God 's word that leads to the knees it leads to a heartfelt desire for character changing and and that leads to reflect the image of Jesus could we be seeing in the growth of many churches in America today a movement that really borders on an emotional form of religion in against his former religion so I am certainly what's going on in the world of what is going on in some Protestant churches that passes offer religion and passes office your actuality and I think we should be acutely aware of not only the size of the world besides in churches which can substitute for a genuine spirituality anything else thank you and in the same way that goes from the world to the church but anything else that we see in the world on the Overbrook waving at me I don't think as a friend but because he has something to say just look on the Bible says the Lord knows was under his and we must not underestimate the power and work and was in the Holy Spirit something is going to happen Weiser sounds and will even join the bug when they do other thousands will come in and take them places and the ranks of the Lord shone they will not be diminishing our liberties hope I live with these promises I don't know the Lord will of the Roma is coming soon but I don't worry about the things that he has revealed to us and you don't have to be a philosopher to go to heaven the Bible says when Jesus phone remote or we don't have to have all these traffic software is wisdom is a word about and when it becomes a part of our lives as part of our thinking we are a different fact that most everybody else twenty three percent of Americans agreed with same-sex marriage in February as August was drifting away it was eighty three percent and now the remainder are you embarrassed to say I began to be very wise I chiefly does want to be very wise about it but it is not right Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be also the days of the Son of Man then is likewise as it was in the days of law like we've been song of Solomon is given a name doable version sodomy we all agree on what range of everybody of Sodom satellite and yet he learned in the same file because they supported the polls that agree with the film I want to just bring up several questions and thank you for that and everyone moved to signs within the church is several statements were written about various world religions major world religions other than Christianity and the idea was to these factor in in in time events world religions that lead people away you know from the message what is the role of these world religions and their almost increased activity and magnetism is that does that have anything to do a number of people requesting some of that with the end time okay fifteen seconds or more something it seems very clear from Revelation thirteen and seventeen if there is a globalism occurs in the design and has a religious so therefore something is going to happen whereby religion or a form of religion seems to be a global goal I'm not smart enough to figure out how this will happen but it's predicted in the word of God I can take that pretty good value and were going to see some kind of unification globalism at the end of time around a form of religion is the ultimate threat sector forgot through people wasn't it definitely these world religions are playing a major role in shaping culture and in eventually forming some kind of alliance which will be against the main theme of the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen and that is turning people back to the true worship of God righteousness by faith Christ righteousness which is the core really of the three Angels messages is in total contrast to every other religious belief system because there is a a self initiated approach to working your way through salvation whereas a complete reliance upon Christ is the message of the three Angels messages and really I think were seeing a permit this effort on the part of many world religions to to somehow place and their influence on the world 's perspective and that's going to affect all of us and we have to redouble our efforts to present the complete full message that is the reason seven they added this have been called at this time I guess my disconnection I don't like a broken record but in Matthew twenty four talks about the external signs and often ignored versus twelve to fourteen where Matthew says and because lawlessness will abound one of many biblical video in your state and in answer BC and the kingdom refused to know the wound and that he would enjoy anything contradistinction to what is mentioned the need to monitor this and many going cold so that enduring to the end many Logan Hebrews twelve list to which Mark reference that he can deal on the cross despising the shame fifteen Elizabeth a says that a love and yours all things love never fails so in any time someone signs up and endorse people will be a copy of Christ and you need to look outside all these things are happening and get ready but I hate to see you think everything is in a precipitate the second coming is going to be just all he's doing everything we as a people need to recognize looking federal and hot because that can precipitate the second coming I don't think it's going to be of the things thank you for the Internet site where the student focus more on the size of the church in one of the signs are suggesting is that it will be the enduring love for Christ in the midst of conflict among the same one that you didn't send the family my moderator must become a little more moderate than the rest of you you know I've read a number of books recently one from Harvard one Stanford were the number one horse to stand for the public that is his urine for is a desire to have self-control and that's another one course before attending as I read the book about the class notes and another one that was related from another Ivy League school it almost was a summary of the Adventist message they went through and they said if you want to have control in your life for instance one section was on the right lines right wine for the ten Commandments visiting semantics if you have something incentive from God you just hang him think the memories of your office studies now show that you have left cheating less dishonesty compliance that if you hand out a policy or to look at this event this was a secular thing they were saying what you really need is the ten Commandments display prominently in your in your building life of the early churches that have attention is on the front and they saw them not as the law that you had to keep on his promise got been keeping you and then somehow this brought no of this event so thank you panel for allowing me to use my position to make just one small point limits of your many points which are excellent let's move on now to this idea of the church what are signs in the church that God needs to come maybe good many that are less sexy women talk about what we can do to hasten his coming so don't take although I'm talking about sides of the church in I have a number of questions here if you need help one of them is signs in the church the Bible says my people will be willing in the Danish power and it's incredible when Jesus last words recorded in the first chapter of acts to be witnesses to me in Jerusalem video scenarios on the earth and if you look at the projects were supported by ASI summer local summer the summer worldwide and I can tell you what people are thinking about their estate plans now different and what can we do for our local church when we help of evangelism or conference one of the world feels so these are positive things that I see and were told that near the end of people will give hundreds it certainly is dollars and given today that is a good sign that our church I believe do not let me just throw the question here that someone told on the directives openly since he was wanting to speak of my question is are we holding up the return of Jesus by our current lifestyles within the church there seems to be a relaxing standards which is looking a lot like other churches in the world I've remember say when I talk about these things this is not a salvation issue of what I'm talking about his modest dress and jewelry and makeup and the diet of Hollywood entertainment is is this a sign of the end of the church pieces the solution is the standard problem is not a judging others whose standards may not be the same as my own neither is that solution focusing on those standards the more I get to know Jesus the more my heart yearns to be like him and the more selfishness and greed and lust are no longer part of my lifestyle so the solution you know Jesus as Paul says in second Corinthians chapter five verse twenty we are ambassadors for Christ when I come to Jesus and I really know him I wouldn't want you one thing that displeases him and if there is an article of dress there's something I'm watching on television that displeases Jesus I wouldn't want that in my life when I talk to young people and they say to me is it wrong to watch this on television are what's wrong with movies my approach to them is simply this I would say to them in Philippians chapter four God gives us a screen for our minds when you put a screen on the window in the summertime keeps out the mosquitoes and keeps out the and God gives us a screen for mines in Philippians four God says in the peace of God verse seven which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus the devil wants to steal our minds Jesus wants us to keep our minds then pauses finally brethren whatever things are true art is what you're watching true whatever things are noble it up with you build your character whatever things are just whatever things if you weren't whatever things are lovely good reporting there is any virtue visiting Fraser think on these things or meditate upon these things the Bible gives us eternal principles and the question you ask is what is your motive in dress is to be an ambassador for Christ what to draw attention to yourself what is your motive in what you want in what you watch on television and others is that going to prepare you for the kingdom of Jesus or is it to feel your mind with something that deteriorates from the kingdom so to me focusing upon Jesus allowing eternal principles of his work to shape my mind solves the same problem was that I wanted to say something about a very positive sign that I see within the church as to the nearness of Christ coming we have humbly shared the idea of revival and Reformation you would not believe the incredible grassroots response that we are receiving from around the world and as Nancy and I travel as others travel we visited local churches in areas all over this glow and there is a resurgence of a humility he for the Lord I think it is absolutely clear sign that the Holy Spirit is doing some extraordinary be the whole understanding of a return to Scripture reading the Bible and understanding it as it reads an understanding of the spirit of prophecy passionate prayer life and that of witnessing activity and this is most remarkably seen in our young people in order tell you even though you can find challenges in the area of youth ministry and challenges to try to draw young people back in nursing any readily large interest on the part of young people to get back to the basics and work for the Lord to become a dreaming of one minute left and the other signs in the church you want to bring up I went to an SUV discussion about the two etc. etc. and when asked by the physician if someone comes to your office as a physician with complaints of chest pain may be some neck pain medicine sweating five three six guilty Simpson is a reason for the symptom I think if we try to pick up half of the season what is actually going on twenty one and wrote pieces there's one great central truth you can't ever before the mine in the city the Scriptures Christ and him crucified I think if all young people came to church every week and be sort of collective safety and every week coffee and convincingly presented from the pulpit we would not be having a problem with jewelry and that is getting them ad infinitum so spoken as a radiological cardiologists would get to the heart of the matter well welcome welcome back of the unit maybe just joined us were in the midst of a panel discussion on the second coming and we have considered several questions why we still talking about the second coming why has price not yet returned we had some vigorous answer that if you just wanted to may want to give the chamber was into again as if there to do see with the panel assessment secondly what are some signs of economy both in the world and that in the church and we we are some exciting things about what the Lord is doing in the church I want to just I know that sex is done but there was one other question I want at there than we do not get to and then we'll go to our final section which hopefully is really the take-home message what can we do at church members to hasten the coming can we in fact hasten and what can we do but before we get to that section a number of people rodents I felt like we needed to address this and and and all the questions were similar and I think they were grappling and most of these questions with the delay in and they were they were saying and I will maybe those prophecies made sense you know back then but maybe they need to be reapplying again thank you some portions of Scripture have been reapplying those of various prophecies and whatnot so I ask you what would you say about these dual applications of prophecy that were seen within the church I let Mark answer that when you answer backstage but I want to talk about the delay and that we discussed this briefly also and Ellen White says the apparent delay or cherry time is not so in reality at the appointed time he will come I believe that Jesus wanted to come early that he will not come late thank you and now to the other section of the question over family what about the reapplication time prophecies you have to distinguish between application and fulfillment if you look for example at an example if you look at the seven churches is the seven churches apply in a historical period of time emphasis Smyrna permits by a tyrant etc. but their principles from the seven churches that you can apply in every generation so when it comes to the application of the supposed prophecy you can have more than one application the Bible is always relevant it's always true but fulfillment is a different thing every time prophecy Bible it is really historically in time as one fulfillment there is no exception when you look at the fulfillment of prophecy let me give an example the twelve hundred sixty years five thirty eight eight seventeen ninety eight you have a fulfillment so Seventh-day Adventists look at a historical continuum we will get back to wielding Daniel to Daniel seven Daniel eight Daniel Levin as a historical continuum bafflingly of Persia Greece Rome the rising papacy break break of the Roman Empire and eventually the coming of Christ so we look down I continue on now what about taking processes like in Daniel twelve twelve hundred ninety days reply saying that you know that may not apply to life agent seventeen ninety eight there are those in here 's release I believe it I'll give you my own personal opinion I think it's a fundamental fallacy to try re- time Saturday and there are two reasons for that and then one of them is found in Revelation ten where in Angel 's wares wherever we have this angel revelation ten percent and each says in revelations as he swore by him who lives forever and ever created heaven and the things that are therein entering the things are very and that there should be time no longer so here you have angel lifting his hand to happen saying that fulfillment of the twenty three hundred years in eighteen forty four that time overtime and reducing finals across the time runs out so after eighteen forty four there's no longer a message based on time what is gone looking for he is looking for three things the development of the people that reflect his public character and love them so much that they cooperate the gospel to the world is looking from the what is selfishly serve him to serve the world for Christ so the issue is is not figuring out on a time shot the issue is no longer figuring out some time chart that one person understands that nobody else understands it really would understand he's gone the issue is now the development of a character like Christ the passion preaches love to the world and the reflection of his character in the desire to see every human being no price this low unemployment so looking at time is no longer an issue here is a statement it really is help me on this etc. by the testimonies nine seventy one John White says the people of God will never again have a message based on time so it's no longer time they were looking for the people that are so committed to taking the gospel to every nation kindred not people in the world thank you for that going now forward to our next question or final question I think of this section we have about twenty three minutes of development and that is healthy and search members members of the Roman church be involved in working to finish the work how can we involve the men and I guess before we get into that I have a specific question that was put before you because the number of people wrote in and they were concerned with this emphasis but I think also as a biopsy tech sexy about of a note about his actual text of the Bible talks about hastening the coming of the Lord and so I probably got fifteen or twenty questions to ask can we really even hasten his coming that seems one set that seems like a real word for him on me to be other income now I'm supposed to do it how can we even say what was Nathan is coming and some of your unwanted incident yes Esquire I like to propose an answer out of all time classic at Hinduism and that is to remember when we were living the period in which were living we are living if anything we never reached and the leave is true we are living in the day of atonement this is an rehab in for a hundred and sixty nine years nice as I said the other day if that is not true and we have no reason to be here if we are living in the day of atonement then how should we live what did Israel do they cleaned everything up they clean their hearts they stood in the door of their chance which symbolize they didn't intend to be in the desert very long they were headed home and so should we be Israel still there and they need through word used to describe what they engage in it I'm not it means D self introspection searching of one's own life in what way am I still outside the will of God and I just believe that people living on the day of annulment to take their relationship with the Lord Barry very seriously so what did that hasten his coming they knew when it was each year could you hasten the day that John McCain at a certain time the question was really can we hasten the coming of Christ and what you think of the Wilson I definitely believe that the Lord wants users to hasten is coming and I don't think we can do it ourselves it says we place ourselves in God 's hands I think now we are developing so many opportunities for church members to become involved in any of you been involved in the beginning was in the small group ministry in public evangelism some of us just come out of a wonderful experience in the New York City area when you are involved in preaching the biblical truths as they understand the end of lifting up the three Angels messages with Holy Spirit power failure the changes that take place in people 's lives and the this is when you actually presented as the one who was preaching in one of those meetings it absolutely reinvigorates your belief that Jesus is coming soon and it is one of those things which all of us you may not be able to preach what you can do medical missionary work you may not be able to proclaim something publicly but you can talk to your neighbor you're going to see I might add a stronger emphasis in this area of personal ministry of reaching out I mentioned comprehensive health Ministry were to have a tremendous global conference on health and lifestyle in Geneva next summer sponsored by the General conference where people from all over the world are becoming to help know how all church members can participate in the way that Jesus worked so I think that there are many ways in which each of us can now be involved have any questions just go down to the exhibit area you'll find all kinds of ways in which to witness and that I believe as we humble ourselves truly humble ourselves and ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain I believe and that will hasten Jesus J Doctor something again I wanted to drop my physician background sometimes they go to the doctor to give you a difficult diagnosis it's hard to swallow and I want to just look at revision three executive Tony can he send a confirming of the Lord the game is a diagnosis that we do not like visiting executives at Laodicea write that I know your website I could wish you were cold or hot so then it was a warm because usually I respect have become wealthy need of nothing I do not know if you are recognizable for trying to make that diagnosis appraisal and he didn't even space and I comes in you because you have all these medical issues spiritual issues to bite the bullet would find fact that righteousness that he may be rich and white comics community close and the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and then Zechariah and talk with you and I will call the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and supplication and they will look on me whom they have pierced they will more than one more only son and grieving is one priest for a firstborn I think the concept of the ceiling to the racing that the coming of the Lord is to recognize and accept for diagnosis at the same time recognizing that he gave us the diagnosis is loving and merciful and has a remedy for us okay I would get a couple questions I know you have other things you like to say that other people are wanting to speak as well is one for a reason zero Suzanne I really believe the regular time but I believe that for thirty years but now I really know that it definitely is the end of time but it's always hard to know what to do do we invest invest the 401(k) there were about confess to prepare for retirement what do we do it with our funds I have asked the Lord in prayer for answers that just don't seem to come I feel that I perhaps make bad choices in the past taking the board was coming soon yet I know we understand the end is definitely get you near I guess my question is how do I repair for retirement retirement before the clouds of total financial collapse comes on the horizon well it's very interesting that people are concerned about the economy finances something we all have in common it's amazing that people are beginning to think more seriously about that in relation to the end I think everybody recognizes this is important understand now that everyone who leaves this earth alive that means you're in the same group will have gone through a period of time when you cannot buy or sell how you prepare for a similar question just like what you've asked and I personally think there are several things that we went home and one of them develop our faith in God that we can see is through these difficult times in our lives in harmony God 's will and Ellen White was such a strong spiritual creature that frequently but she spoke he would come down the aisle spontaneously here's Verizon site should we sell our house is young with you the same answer put it on the altar and if you have more than one houses and lands divest yourself of these but the money and the cause Sunday were going up a walkoff leave everything as we see it being burned as is true and that we know reduces value considerably even imagine the whole idea is when we put ourselves in God 's hands all we have this belongs to God and that will be I think important there's a little trying to put in faith and finance a new book on storage in which his retirement anytime same thing make sure your needs are met then the next level your family and finally your spiritual legacy that your people like Kathy and I know taking care of our guests were taken care of someone would you have a great focus on finishing the work we should all be honest about IRS every year on contributions only get that part Lenny Lenny Jocelyn in your I really agree with what it is said but let the Lord lead the important things put it on the altar and let the Lord make the decision we could make the wrong decision with the Lord we have to throw this question for you is what rules and this is talking about how members could be involved I put the question in this section what part of this church member activation of the words being inaccurate members have in the process of receiving the latter rain don't we get a letter rain to empower us to do effective evangelism why do it before then you should begin thinking that my age I don't hear as well as the but I have a concern that I think gets to the bottom of will God has a special law by this religion now we know this is true to say that this license you says his remarks and he hates the workers even more chilling aspect of great controversy therefore and the remedy on many of our churches is to simply preach the message God has given to us they need to hear it in Georgia and then Sharon industries this is what God has said it will not become discouraged here is when I heard a young man say he was administered just assign that he said to his friends I'm glad we don't have to preach that holds the anymore some hot tractor that he is God has given us in the entire message White says the three Angels messages on less than I sometimes asked what part of last visit we don't understand it is the last warning message to the world we didn't know in the second coming is a lot of are you going to be a just Russia party do this when you're going to repeat the same in others lives are long over and over and I said no you don't have to do that you must repeat the tax in the programs but you don't have your map thirteen ways to reach second in order we enjoy discovering how to do it and yes it is fresh and when we understand on the and when we pray in a revival of spikes and absolutely and we line up with it then it will be a joy to share it because we as about something uncertain that this message is the truth I will have it out so how long will I serve than I would trust that all of us will be soon unfriendly your Bible says it is more blessed to give it easy to receive one of the reasons to get actively involved in witness and share your faith is because if you do that you growing in Christ God could have reached the world without us and what he gives us the glorious privilege to participate with him in his mission or winning star selfishness to dad asked if I were at the parcels one oh five says strength to resist evil his best game progressive service the Pharisees prayed in the crucified Christ the Pharisees memorize the Bible in the crucified Christ how can you pray in memory survival increased by Jesus because he focused on himself sharing your faith in using the gifts God has given you witnessing star selfishness instead the more I love Jesus the more I share and the more I can do more to what Jesus was as such on the point about the lettering believe the Holy Spirit is working in a powerful way and is working right now there is going to come a time when the latter rainbow fold in unprecedented power and that is something that the Lord asks us to pray for the humble ourselves for Hosea chapter six this is a call to repentance and revival and Reformation I think that's echoing again what Ernie Walton was saying this is the day of atonement the sanctuary message is not just some nice collection of interesting apartments and things that we can talk about is a description of God 's plan of salvation and were living in that very description and Hosea six this return of the Lord he's born but he'll heal your bind us up to revivalists will that mean alien and insight with us pursue the knowledge of the Lord his going forth is established in the morning and inverse of the anniversary he will come to us like the rain like the latter and former rain to the earth and I believe that that latter rain is is going to come how else we can reach the entire world it doesn't mean we should stop our mission activity so beautifully exemplified here at ASI and how the church is working in general but God has promised something very unique in the end of time and I think we need to pray for it on a military follow-up on on the comments of notables because were not requested the right to this idea in A connecting it with a loud cry so number of people rodents and what is the loud cry didn't I read somewhere that it already started so this is I think is is is is a very big concern as I got a number of questions the one is a loud cry didn't already start our talking about music but didn't already start well I let one of these two master evangelists answer it if they wish but you know Revelation eighteen which is argument referenced is is one that describes the incredible power that will come down much of that connected with the work of publications and media activity that will go into the hearts and homes of people I I truly believe that the loud cry will come at a particular time in an extended way when the conditions are such that people will have to make an absolute decision I think that is I think I can see the convergence of so many things that are coming very soon I met with outcry will be shared in a most dynamic way already one interesting thing is we're told that the Holy Spirit does not come on awaiting churchmen a working church that's what I'm than we just mentioned and Wilson as well and so if we want to receive God 's spirit would become active and I think that's important one other thing I should say when you study about the role of the Holy Spirit it seems to me that Ellen White makes this amazing statement we should refrain from the early rains experience as well when people got the early rain carefully listen uneducated fishermen were able to speak in languages they had never learned without an accent so efficiently they want thousands of people to the church in addition to that they were able to raise the sick people even race that Thomas is incredible and she says the latter and will be more abundant than that so I think are priority start me growing with the early rains like me ready to be finished off


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