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Our Father's Business: Profits or Prophets?

Zeno Charles-Marcel
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Failing to follow sound strategy can lead to the utter demise of a business. Might we be in danger of lacking sound strategy when going about our Father’s business in these latter days?


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • August 10, 2013
    8:00 PM
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him him enjoy his wife had a bit of this inspiring thought informative seminar the live help and motivation we represent all available but if you know I have been blessed I hope that you have been to go to the finish without you there is still something else that he has in store for us and I am privileged to be the spokesperson this evening our theme has been as you can see it's time to be about our father I would like to explore for the next few minutes what the Lord has me on my heart I'll focus on the business on our front with and in that I will talk about forth the who we are and you what business were actually how we define success in their business and what we are actually did I like to pray and invited about your father in heaven we come before use evening announced one more time that you Holy Spirit will take possession of this will that you will guide our thoughts you will guide my words the will I will meals and I pray that you will change our thoughts when we need changing currently we need to be both so that we can participate in this great work and hasten your company which will be soon twenty fifth even you know if you don't know where you're going any religions it will get so instead but you are afraid from from a well-known story Alice in Wonderland enabling with our host the meeting going along a significant factor in two thousand would you tell me please which we are able to go from here got responsible that depends a good deal on the new one to go so she says I thought I don't care anywhere there is the cat it doesn't matter which we saw alone as I get somewhere out of thin and he says all is sure to doing that if only you walk long enough I believe that we have been walking for a long time and then and the question is have we been the most productive in that war we met last night from plastic him about Nicodemus in his journey from nighttime and daytime from obscurity to the light will challenge to hurry up and to get ourselves by God 's grace into the daylight to this morning with arthroplasty CD Brooks him a plan from the beginning from the foundation of the world to save humanity and God provided and everything that was needed at the right time alone that you still in the business today he has a plan and even today is working his plan that we have Council given the book education all the way back in nineteen oh three success in any line the mine reminds that definitely he will achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the aim where the of his endeavor we should think that the heart God has kept his aim in view but I'm afraid that not always we nicely including myself not always have we done our part to surrendering and letting him do his work through us know this is pretty unfortunate but God still has a plan we still have the work for each of us to do as we participate with him and that now the first thing that I believe will it do look at strategic is to understand who we are in this grandpa I do know that I want to look at a few people in the Bible who didn't realize who they were in this plan the first one I like to draw the attention is below nominal bailout was the king of Mormon you can find this in numbers twenty two he became alarmed at what was going on and he sent some of his emissaries to Baylor was the disk drive of the profit driven sends word to be elected tell him that he can come at first Israel but you know the rest of the story even though God had told him that he shouldn't go there Memphis is the need to remember who he was he didn't keep steadfast to his plan in the plan of the result was we betrayed the okay the first form of vitamin P didn't realize whom it was either he didn't realize that he would've had a part in this great land of salvation himself and Sylvia a rhetorical question when God asked him about his brother the my my brothers keeper of that is not a rhetorical question that is a real question because you see the answer to that is an affirmative use we are our brother 's keeper in didn't know who he will be once King Saul he often forgot who he was and this led him down a path that eventually instead of seeking God besought the witch and the soul didn't know he was but I'm very glad that the record is open and we can see other examples of people who didn't remember they didn't know who they were in this plan the first one that comes to mind is Daniel he understood clearly who he was he was living to unfinished the authorities in order to pray for God are we know the will go in and then we has Shadrach in the second Abednego who were not careful to talk to the keynote in those days you know wanting to be defied the king because they were serving another human you knew who they were but these are glamorous people that we read about in the Bible there someone not so glamorous little me who was there with Naaman 's wife she was a slave taken into captivity against our own will but yet she knew who she was and she helped her sleeve she knew she would of course the woman who washed Jesus 's feet with their own fears and drive his feet with her here with tool that anywhere and everywhere to the gospel is spoken that we should mention her with doing nothing like she knew who she was and she knew that she knew the grace of God in order to continue on that journey that she was so who are we need to realize that we are sinners saved by grace we are heirs to an adoption we have become children of the living we must never ever forget who we are children of the living God celestial then we are and should be interested in what is going on in our family and especially we must begin to him to do that and that is you see God business is a family enterprise a family business the thing is not customers distant relatives that police are to but they don't know that were related I have a colleague recently Linda she is working on her family she tells me that for the last two years he has been going through talking to different people I family members who see our original goals will then lead her to somebody else who was also a relative and she's going through this and she has quite a compilation she says of his family tree now she has been meeting some people in the town where she lives whom she knows our relatives but they don't know that you see most of the bank if you want to do some transaction and lo and behold it on the cash at the hotel in the relative gene loss that you have been on the list of the managers also which another bank manager doesn't know that the town is related to the its a fantastic story that you stomach and him just enough for her to finally disclose this will these people that it's even fighting overseas related to let you know we are all related relevance if the writer I would have rather than assist those who are out there out of this auditorium we have people who have been up and down the hall visitors to this resort they are members of God 's family if they only understood so where a family business the all that this deal but sometimes we don't understand what business that it had been like this family business is all about and if we don't understand our business you might miss the point we won't be able to complete what it is that God has in mind for us no Professor Levitt of the Harvard business school gives an example like to share with you this evening we was a professor of great renown of -year-old many classical pieces about what it is the in business and hope to make the business successful he said that growth is a requirement for any business in the tenant roll one die is a commonly of looking at it God 's business must drill or it will die would be a translation of what these God wants to expand his kingdom because the example of the railroads and he said no the railroads didn't stop growing because the needful passages and freight transportation declined actually be says that the need for these things actually grew the railroads are in trouble today he said not because I need was filled by others such as cars trucks airplanes and even telephones but because it was not filled by the railroads themselves exceedingly oftentimes think about the things that people become interested in other than God thinking that these things alone are the attraction when in fact it's because I will do that in the effect of the government see him on the railroad to continue failing that although the customers away from them because the SCO themselves to be in the railroad business but really they were in the transportation so what business are we in this the reason they defined the industry incorrectly was that there were railroad oriented instead of transportation oriented villa from the oriented instead of them are oriented they were not following a greater of the business of securing the universe and he will shut the mouth of Satan by showing that there are people human beings you and me who would rather die than offended even people who are willing to give all of themselves everything is the goal of the police we have Nazi guards business is secured he would like to be forbid the people like Joe and you and I can participate in the legacy he wants people to be like Sabra and Misa and Abednego people were willing to defy the odds people willing to spend for the right though the heavens fall you think you'll and Sabra and Misha Abednego Daniel Joseph Babel following another map when the plan of Jesus they wanted to be like Jesus and they were like God wants us to love you and love others more than the amount of sales gone when so love and compassion through self-sacrifice through a compression that requires self-control and the nine arsenals so if we can define the business we're in no wind so self-sacrificing love and compassion with self-control business that are hard to buy these means the kingdom of God is expanded by these means we grow so the next thing is how we define success simply this is it doing in your Bibles with me the second thing the peaceful second Timothy four verses six and seven this is all talking about his journey and coming to the end of his journey how he can count his success he says why am already being poured out as a drink offering and the time of my departure has come I have fought the good fight the first seven I have finished the course I have kept the faith in the future there is made up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge will award to me on that the and not only mean one of the state but also to all who have loved his appearing this is how we come a person this is how God comes our success the growth of that business is not about profit within their financial profits it is not about gain profits even though it is profitable for the kingdom the current fee is people the prophet from God is a taking back what was each person that God sees as being a potential candidate to have the testimony of Jesus the Wii will love not lives even a good note Willow familiar with that great fix John three sixty blog within this business because he loves the world that he repeated listening for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe it is just not there have everlasting life you see this is what God wants this is how he will come success with it all while many people memorized on three sixteen many people don't memorize first John three sixteen and if you were attending a Bible with me please what you have implemented for medium you can look at first John three sixty the fact that I have memorized this is how we know what love is Jesus Christ laid down his life for us is not a wonderful effect this is how we know what love Jesus Christ being down his life but the text doesn't stop it goes on it says solely therefore all the leads down our lives for the this is what methods severely clueless on the effectiveness and we need to know what what we could how can we be successful in our dad is the how can we share the in the marketplace which is where people write about the me and congregate everything I have been doing some reading about people who are considered by the work of the great and unlikely place iPhone a great person by the world standards his name is Wayne Chris Bell if you're not a hockey fan and I'm not even a noble delinquency but Wayne Gretzky is supposed to be the all-time number one hockey player and I ever known he is ascribed this particular piece of eighty one half clear plays with it being granted a hockey player plays with the clock going to be I stayed with is going to be not where it has been very good zone of the night we have been given sole much counsel through that revelation through Ezekiel the great controversy would be given so much comes we know to a large extent where the puck is going to be we need to be skating to where the talk is going to be and that means we have to take seriously what we have before us today in the twenty four twenty five twenty seven Christ in talking to his friends on the road that may have peace that all schools and slow heart to believe all that will you think a similar economy financial profit with Annette when God saw profit with the recent monthly foods and food to believe what the prophets of the one of the men said to Daniel Revolution that we are living at the end of the believe that the time is short the clock is ticking representation of the schools to the midnight we can be doing business as usual as the world accounts business we have to be about art that is because we are children and this is a family business with and bought with a price Christ's own life bought that we may return to God in his own in faithful service we have not time to give our energies and talents the world the Enterprises normal time for the Sally becomes law and serving the world serving ourselves and who was the general life of those heavenly bliss and those those that are around us who are living on us I pray not we cannot afford that every time that we have the way in the work of God even we don't have time to enter into business enterprises under the the have a different agenda now we can work along with and we can help them but we should not in any special things fall on the fear again Seventh-day Adventist and instead in the world of watchmen alike to us has been entrusted the last morning for a pricing world how do you consider it goes with change our minds and change your focus we have been given the work of the most solemn importance the proclamation of the first second and third Angels messages in that proclamation is not just my voice it needs to be indeed in action not just by voice there is no other work so great of importance we not alone nothing to absorb our attention other than this the most solemn truths with old ever entrusted the human being have been entrusted to those who want to proclaim God to the world every enterprise that we involved in everyone is a means of evangelism to everyone who becomes a project of God 's grace the Lord appoints to work not just for ourselves but the work for others individually we understand that in our stand and are locked in place and when there is a need we say here I am to send me delivered one of twenty oh one doing things and reset everything even the women not to enjoy that vicariously God wants us to have an authentic experience ourselves when we work for ourselves we work in an enterprise and many will not father who may not be Christian in the marketplace we need to be very clear who en banc review we have a Redeemer and he's counting on to finish the will to use all of our power and influence of God is what we preach on Sabbath afternoon meaning we need to understand the time in which we live in where the second operation every agency that can be employed in doing missionary work for Christ and the story the great and one of those professed to believe the third Angels message that shall be to bring along all of the practices of the we are to make a business of serving the if we don't read the Bible we don't understand who we are we don't understand what the word says then we need to start doing that now when they read the Bible and we understand what the word says there will be a hundred more people in God 's work where right now there's only one it doesn't matter what profession we it doesn't matter who we are in our civilian life we are part of the family of a part of the shelf above this morning there was quite a donation was made but now as I think the label for the salvation of our fellow men like we have never done before there are some will think that they give money to the cause of Christ but this is all that they can do but IW it is not all that we can do personal service personal service giving of ourselves our time and/or this is what he now got a gift is a constant need to his people beginning with his son is the object of his great affection he is calling us tonight nothing in the experience of if I were to begin a new experience maybe just maybe we won't have any assignment even so I loan will run on our discussion you must use my Hotmail address for the maintenance learn more and I find a way as for the online sermon is www. online universe


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