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Witnessing Made Simple

Barbara Taylor
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Today’s technology gives nearly everyone an extended circle of influence. Christian leaders desperately need to learn skills of sound leadership and effective use of influence. Learn how to lead with courage, intentionality, and passion. Discover timeless insights from the leadership treasure-trove of God’s Word that will help you lead with purpose, wisdom, and stability in very unstable times—over the long haul.


Barbara Taylor attended the University of Denver and has been in sales and marketing for the past 30 years. Her sales and marketing experience has covered the hotel industry, General Mills, Lord Jeff Sportswear, Barlo Inc., Preco, and Between U.N.Me, Inc. She taught a course at the University of Colorado in Professional Women in Sales and Marketing. She was selected by Corporate Connection magazine as one of “Six Women to Watch in the 90s.” Barbara resides in Copper Mountain, Colorado, where she is helping to plant a church. 



  • August 8, 2013
    10:45 AM
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we want to share with you some and ways of sharing Christ in your marketplace and your home in your community and your business place of business and your church and through evangelism when I first joined ASI it was approximately twenty one years ago and when I first came to ASI I was amazed as I walk through the exhibits and I saw all these unbelievable yet effective witnessing tools all these moves have and I thought you know we need to do a block now this was approximately four years ago when I finally got the idea we need to make a book of witnessing tools simple on witnessing tools that people can share their church when they go back home they can take it to their person who is in charge of their evangelism and church and they can also share with their friends and their church so that they won't be excited about sharing Christ I've been in the business world all of my life my background is in sales and marketing and I hope this morning I will be giving you a motivational talk because in my background in sales and marketing icing on the various companies in various organizations and I went to get people excited about selling and telling about their merchandise in their product so what I want you to know this morning we want you to walk away in the end motivated and excited about sharing Christ are witnessing and are working go hand-in-hand we don't go to work and we don't stop what were doing anything I guess it's time for me to be aware where breathing and inbreeding now the big news of the gospel also every time when we share price is continual sharing whatever our lifestyle may be the great gospel commission says OEMs all the world but my check that I like better is Mark five nineteen words as a whole and tell your friend is what great things the Lord has done for you I think that's where it all begins once we start sharing what great things God has done for us we will become excited so before we meet again I would like a bow your heads as we pray are great kind heavenly father we thank you this morning for the opportunity that you give us to be in England witnessed to be an exciting witness to be in joyful witness for you we pray that as I share these ideas and witnessing tools that you will help us through your Holy Spirit to becoming that is excited about the great opportunity sharing the good news of the gospel in Jesus name we pray amen I'm going to be correlating some of my business ideas and finalists and winners are witnessing tools should hearing my various business careers I developed a philosophy calls simple sample and our business is having strength imagination motivation personal narrative listening and enthusiasm there is also great for simple techniques in showing and sharing price life is difficult the sooner we learned the easier it becomes sharing Christ can be difficult but the more we love Jesus the more easier it is to share the good news of the gospel Sharon Christ this Paul first we must have sincerity then we must be involved we must get involved then it's important for us to take times meditating on God 's word and one of the most important thing is our prayer our prayer life and everything we do when where witnessing the first thing when I wake up as I get on my knees and I talked to the Lord and I say Lord today you know the people that need to know you and you need to hear the good news of the gospel help me to be a good witness to those people I come in contact with the law of loving others and encouragement will be discussing each one of these is Google throughout the program if you have a few anecdotes this morning it says that he never asked us about our ability or inability just our availability do we make ourselves we spirit that we show others that we are Christians might just what we do and say how many times do you feel that the Holy Spirit is impressing upon you to do something to say something to someone a lot of times people will come into my life and now tell me something that tragedy or something that happened in their life and Holy Spirit is saying Barbara say words of that person say something to encourage that person and I'm busy working I have a lot of things to do and I think the layout well and sometimes I miss the most wonderful opportunities to share with others because I don't take the impression that the Holy Spirit has given me an share that with the people now well-known Christian authors Ellen White said you found our leaves of autumn are later like the leaves of autumn now many of you when you really all AL how little we've seen tool in your briefcase and your purse and your business suit or any way that you're going to share for that day hours tell myself that I be sharing a little witnessing tools now I've asked Nelson to become a little feisty here here today but one of the things that I put in my purse every day is a little will track me out and I obviously haven't my cars are my business cards here to see my business card out there in a minute but on this side is my business card is between you and me designs I have men's sportswear wholesale to retail so I have between you and me design particular resident and found that I have this a little amazing facts which I think are in his final universe that now I travel all over the world when I noted these different countries of the first thing people want to know is in English even in Hong Kong and anywhere that I don't time anywhere you want to learn English so they wanted this little website and I think there to learn English whether you learn one more thing so we want to tell people about the good news the gospel sister wife says he sees little leaves a lot of hands and leaves of witnessing and spread them I believe the water we can also have review and Herald what makes this is by the way this is that business card on my business card little as a spiritual message also on the business card that's another nice thing about my will and will not you familiar with my window .com Bible info .com has wonderful CDs in sixteen different languages which includes Bible software in a nice bookmark tell me where you can find this information you can also take small books from the voice of prophecy or it is written him amazing that the quiet hour and of course load tracks so let's talk few places where we want to leave these leaves in the bottom now just as this is a small example but even leading to the doctor 's waiting room they were demanding guests lounge you can put them in an airport trains or bus terminals and vitamin stores all laundromats GM's when you check out this hotel be sure for witnessing tool and remember doing in both English and Spanish because a tremendous amount of people that were our services Eloise speak other languages so it's important to take English and Spanish with you the only marsh off GM's company break rooms of course when you pay your waiter or waitress is sure to leave trash women nice generous and because that's very very important Nelson just take a few minutes and asked in this paper you can tell me a little better I just been amazed when I hear all these wonderful ideas about the book tracks and how the responses then so I want him to share some of the ideas he has was sharing the track and in some of the testimonies of people and I don't know the Lord heard him him for it but I wanted to tell about the great to remember the great the ground well I'll tell you about the reality don't remember and I think somebody from your hero Association came to an day had this track on Michelle what's the title of a business cannot help myself now this lady when hands of the sorry see all the lantern umbrella and what was sitting on top of the electric rail but Nancy about health and she and she took it home and you know that she is all below and she said I have time they just died this was so important for me to hear the truth about Hal is a testimony that we just cannot believe how that works one lady news and she left a message on your message machine I don't know who told that I heard so I have to believe that that's one thing so here's a couple Hume has from Nelson about and you know is whether Melanie is as though he is seated in a story that I have heard that you are right now my wife is down one and as his press of his ego is less and is all over amazing facts and does just as use of a zone is an arterial wounds were little who in his usual is is is at the seminar is 's long-winded amen so where is the love and you know what I must share of zero okay ally is singularly or as a zero-sum in these and in that is the past thirty one Wednesday three one million is down seven and we haven't not going to languages you will receive only a is in a word is him as people are flowing and crazy I have high as you have the yes was all statute and even thousands of the area is nonpublic people inevitably come up missing was that it is what it is done as a man in uniform I will is is is opportunities as your Savior example the hotel in your life is literally well to his dignity in my is and is and he is everything you hear is gender as Los Angeles and will work one day as will try to console somebody on the other end of the line they just have something in humanity 's ideology he brought out his will is will is is is a hurting meaning to the receptionist what she saw she actually broke down in tears as just what I needed to get his conversation he is or city I was just so final resolution visitors on the other end of the line actually on the other and this is almost as these so the generative level staff that she had hidden in a hotel humanity generally only is he is going to be motorized as a result plans and okay and USI is so as to who that is closest as he came in solution and the remaining is no one of the horses obsolete I is not going anywhere I and more of the Williamses most only is right-hand man and he wasn't himself he s on health you read that all is the way and he didn't call classes next date on everything getting on his last name and not in the exact same time I praised him as he ready to all of the Limon will rather than as listening right now to help as many as were his words now ring will came in and he is a is for you to do is talk about the message passing officers involved painting thank you now thank you well we can just hear it I was forever concise testimonies are so important to get people motivated and excited when I think of that another one I heard evidence that someone took a little track he is like an adrenaline X important that I went to the store and it will attract the shirts as they went through the stores that I never thought about that but whatever works you know you will a lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience conscience don't leave home without something to witness be sure to witness every single day some simple things that you can do and these are things you can do around your home in your neighborhood hello I ran over to a neighbor on neighbor 's mail to your water their plants or feed their past when they are gone this is an act of kindness when you are in recipe and share the person who works all day okay I don't know about someone you know when I come home at night time I'm exhausted and I just want nothing to do with having to fix a meal somebody will come over and say hey I had some extra food I prepared today and here's a nice meal this isn't just a nice kind gesture send someone an encouraging note now here exam this is what I was just handed from Patricia and she says this is what I send out a nice beautiful bookmark so when you're sending out an encouraging note what a beautiful amazing green card inherent you can do you will this is a nice little book Mark Teixeira this is what she said slides too fast it says Bible not answers to life 's questions engines Bible .com so these are simple little things I wish we had more time as I can tell you everyone in this room has some different ideas that they can share facility in the bookmark or some little white wimple information that's a good idea here's another one that we happen to have a salvation the state in the day and put something like that in these sincere when you talk with someone they really understanding and find what you can say to help encourage them as I said earlier the most important important thing to do is pray with someone when you pray with them a lot of times I've seen people walking around with a prison ministry 's man I pray for you but then I think that's important you'll see this coming up later on where a nurse made at this beautiful but may I pray for you and response to her just going to the different rows people say when you pray for me and that's what a blessing I have a sign in my office that says prayer is now moving my site near you well welcome to and but kindness is a oily taste of friction on why most people want to serve God but only in an advisory capacity we want to serve Jesus with love and kindness remember one thing you may be the only Jesus that someone will ever see now how many of you have children or no families that have children when you have children these are the best things that you can share with it you can get them some Bible first story lessons you can get a sense of DVDs or CDs of the best way to memorize on our ceiling touch memory verses you can also have children's health lessons are children's programs such as Genesis added and they had three a.m. I know the other thing that's really encouraging is that what someone on it is written with help me out here is the children's program and help me out I is yeah he is thank you very much Seattle G England stress has that wonderful little program I place with Jesus so yeah necessary hours in story hours for care kids invite their friends because this is a great way to share the gospel of Jesus Joe and bring our friends and then using the material from the story hour these are great to bring witnessing tools they also have her older children may have been the psycho ministries these are for the older kids him you can't say having mission trips just to mention a few things a simple way to get to the heart of the parent is through the child now you still haven't started to work well you know I'll tell you something you can tell I'm getting hold because everybody is all over now Barbara always pay my bills electronically I don't use a checkbook anymore well I am getting old I'm learning but I'm still not used to having electronic pain electronic bills but people that have checkbooks what you get when you get your bills in the mail what do you receive with your bills and stoppers why cannot the statements are so when you get here in molecular meal you get your phone will you get your credit card bills on the building lots of statements that person nice postage-paid envelope in some cases to send it back to check with the mail what he wanted and you want when I went missing tool inside so that you can go back when you share that here to share little witnessing tool so every month when you receive your bills as a missed opportunity on those little statements are risking your checkbook so when you go to the store you can write a check and then just ten on track to nowhere you can have a voice of prophecy you can have amazing facts evenhandedly it is written so as you can have health pamphlets again creation magazine is a great way to share creation magazine with people so we want to do things to share in our witnessing a statement that I made in my business is to try and fail is to learn the sale to try is the software can ask the cost of what might have been so we want sure we share Christ with our thinking about failure again most important and got in two years but only one mouth and because he wanted us to spend twice as much time listening as talking our assignment because he knew listening was twice as hard as talking I'm one of those people when I'm working I'm busy talking talking talking talking to some salesperson and I want to talk to my London this is somebody out and in the meantime just that the way talking away everything that pages will need to listen they don't want me to talk to know my nephew I have to tell science very having units forty five now and my parents and my family came from very dysfunctional family and my nephew left and I never heard from him for five or six years he was drinking and doing drugs and he was literally almost abandoned as a little child but my sister because she was out partying and drinking and doing drugs and all these other things and when he was thirteen he started drinking and doing drugs and he came up and I try to help and money trying to encourage him that he didn't every time I saw him he was either stoned or he was drawn and so it came to me one babies and Marbury said I'm leaving and just misses women to become anachronistic NSN ice grab this it is written by but with a little texture with a little less lessons in the back and I just hate it when I sent my I love you and I'm praying for you and I handed in the Bible and I never heard from him for six years she left and I never heard from him on the blue one day a couple three years ago he called the Santa Barbara this is my recent calls my finger where you using adult talk I just wanted to tell you him myself I want to do anything so important most important I was going to sit and listen and he told me what happened out in left and gone to Phoenix and many had gone up to Sedona he started reading the Bible lessons in the back as I so you know something we don't know got known as the timing the we don't know what we need to know that it's important for us if we hadn't given him that my willing to simply said I love you and I'm praying for you I may never have happened he was at times a year the last few soaking in your prayers she still struggling again one of the other ideas you can have his place and had an why is connected call six oh three five five five two nine three or whatever it may sound like a funny idea but in early people read the personal columns and how the wasting of you and Matt White single male WS family something like that looking for whatever whatever and I only say what you are looking for a white single male let's look for the Met whenever you forgot so he can personal columns and just they want to get connected to God to put a phone number in another great idea that I have in my office and in a shoebox for recipe box with some index cards loneliness Angels and energy in handy in your office or your car and so if somebody comes in and you're in a hurry in your taking care of things and you need to do things in a hurry for this little in his incarnation and somebody comes in and he just tell you they lost a lot one or this discouraged or disheartened or they can illness you don't have to search through all this later you can just go to that index card you want to help witnessing tools and well there was little ideas to your inbox another way to share Christ in your business yes let's list some ideas here because herein at the bottom of your stationary but a nice Scripture reading for what I just than a spiritual thought you also as I do here is my business card on the front is my business the fact is my witnessing tool I am going to share with you will estimate how many of you went in the new members breakfast this morning wasn't now wonderful testimony to any is not about a simple idea and I want you to put this down to get out and it's all there at I think it might be on here yet involved her and he lacks EAS he LAX .com now this gentleman is the most faithful witness he knows every Wednesday and he passes out only eight doors now some people say all I don't have time to know something how much time would it take to a neighbor 's doors in your neighborhood or in your community and just go to those eight doors and share price and he has a most fantastic testimony great way to share and talking to them I just love his approach so I encourage you to go to www. nonholiday all her dad these last single longer using the bottom here C language there's a lot here yeah you see all L K E R .com 's immediate and Elliott Wright yet he a SELA exile and just get information from him you'll be amazed the practice went into an I is not a crime idea what a nice error message on your product label another great thing like Christian music on all what your customers are on hold you don't have to listen advertisements as much as you can listen to the music would just make it very encouraging again here's Milo for errors is or should be our first resource not our last resort is a that was in my office immediately is how now all the time because I had occasion walked into my office that little sign and they love that prayer should be our first resource is not our last resort this is my e-mail that I sent to someone and put them out of your e-mail the spiritual message at the bottom of your e-mail so these are some other thoughts we can do in Montréal there is likely a Christian on your voicemail again when I hate when I see my voicemail I say S they are very difficult customer from New York City and its customer he was every time you call there was a problem every time you call here the situation now as we always resolving and one day I went home and he called from within the opposite he called my answering machine and I just said you know this is between your name arbitrator I'm away from the office please leave your name and number and I'll return the college 's arrow return your call as soon as possible and have a blessed day is what I said I'm singing this in a hurry that's when I said all of a sudden I get the message back from him this is what you think they these I can really I thank you for that comment thank you for asking you have a blessed day now I wish I could see was not the person that would be appreciative in my mind of saying thank you have a blessed day so is there on your voicemail tracks like the season you're on and him putting herself on again on your answering machine salesperson enthusiasm is just a clerk a Christian mind is the motivation share price is spiritually dead inside mommy times he walked into a store and you want someone to help you there standing there and maybe they're talking to their friends the knowledge being in the sun is one person that's enthusiastic I'm going to some stores have them pay Nintendo CEO and let's say I show you something and can I help you and your things I think it is exciting I have somebody who is really interested in selling out the same way when our spirituality if we are not invaders and excited and having people dancing in the singular side of Jesus coming to seem too excited about sharing this good news the gospel still trying remember we need to be motivated if you do what you've always done you mean where you've always been people do not care how much we know until they know how much we truly truly care so let's talk again one of the things I taught a course at the University of Colorado and professional women and sales and marketing and one other things that I taught the course for you have to have three hands to succeed in business for having me then you have to have a name then you have to have a net profit in the fourth and has knowledge for those of us who can't spell important thing here is when we're sharing Christ sorry one where sharing Christ we must fill the need to find the names we bring more than half of Jesus so most important is the unwritten witness for Jesus the smallest things he is better than the grandest good intention to reach out reach out to their names I'm sure some other things with you and just allow the smallest deed is so important Jesus said to be fishers of men we can't stand but he claims them most important whenever someone comes into your church you will and you give them a hunting tell them how happy you are there and never ever criticized I have to tell you a little testimony of a young man came in to our RSS church one day she had long hair he had appears therein and I don't think John mine if I tell this testimony about him and he had walked again shortly after 9/11 and he walked in and said that when the macro was because I was back so I can welcome the guests and when I'm just marking time came John reached into the pew and grab the Bible and he lifted it up and he started to cry and he said I love Jesus I want to be saved I think you said I'm lost and I wanted to say and he just sobbed and sobbed with one out in the hall I went out with him and hug him and held him and he sobbed and sobbed really started coming to church and a few short months later John had unbelievable change you were not his hair was short I thought he had just shaved off and he just totally changed over the Internet going to arise and what you think John is doing today John is the first is in charge of youth for Jesus Wescott more and see and I sure am interesting I wish you could hear his testimony but this is the type of thing that happens when people come into our church they now want someone to walk up to them and criticizing they want someone to love and nurture them to meet Air Force and to make sure that the area they are because Jesus loves them he is going to clean them up who are not going to clean him up were just going along absolutely sure and that's important in this world in opportunities for hinges initiative and life and history and integrity and have been the gates of heaven swing for hinges Paul Patty Cowher Holy Spirit as an employer makes the hinges were Islam so we have to have this wheeling is overwhelming this is harder what do you want well well well well I'll be back in Michigan industry integrity that's in your business world that you need to have that swing in the journey that will get out get back to you later in the hallway and happiness and health always very community and the oil that makes this work is love another little anecdote is an optimist laughs everyday obsessiveness forgets the last now we know that it's important for us to have a joyful happy attitude and we have to remember that Jesus had a wonderful sense of humor I mean just look at creation if you don't think Jesus had a wonderful sense of humor I look at these things that God created everything to myself what Jesus meant this funny looking little creature out there and yet he must does that make Barbara laughed and I sure this funny looking little creature that I created so she would have a joyful day today so just remember that promises a safe landing on passage don't get discouraged Jesus must've been on a daily basis when people were throwing all of these terrible insults and throwing all these terrible things at any no matter how successful I was in sales and marketing the most difficult sale I've ever had to made is a free and of eternal life when you're trying to tell people that this is free it doesn't cost anything that God paid the price Jesus paid the price you will not have discouragement when you think that Jesus had a lot worse discouragement so we need to never never give up God will take care of us the math testimony in general not many of you have heard my testimony and you know that if I didn't take me from the gaps of sand in the depths of depravity in the sense of my lifestyle and bring me to know Jesus and love Jesus and share Jesus with others I is when Nelson was talking about getting on a plane I will sharing my testimony when I'm on a plane because I know they can get out of the plane and the whites hold so they can go anywhere and I challenge is to short-term time a little bit about my testimony and I can tell you story after story after story on miraculous miraculous people there said to me and just like Nelson and just like you will understand people know that something is wrong in this world and they know that Jesus is going to come again even if they don't want to admit it in some cases so this is the best thing is to share your own testimony must be there were expecting but the successful will do a lot more so we need to share Christ you are is there a missionary for a mission field you have to decide you want to be a missionary review want someone new to share the gospel congeal that you want to be a missionary and that executors this is an old photo and winnings in a moose in your menacing time and times and times and tracks sometimes and tons of books and CDs and maybe I just wanted dollar will live in Indonesia I have a dear dear friend who's I prostate cancer and aggressive form of prostate cancer he's a staunch Catholic and I had in him this will God has promised I will tell you if you saw how he has marked this book and underlined it and just read it and read it and read it to the point where the case is almost torn and he just loves this book and iCal people think of something that you can do to encourage people some other things that we can do in our business again is the inspirational music on your phone I don't know about you but every time I call for an airline reservation I'm having all these commercials that I hear I think it myself well why not put on inspirational music as opposed to some low commercial and just them on hold for an hour you can also hold daily or weekly Bible studies in your office lunch room or conference room and is not a single whoever shows up you can help prayer breakfast for our power luncheon at your workplace and invites local businesspeople there to attend how the dialogue as to who you are now one of the most tragic things that are churches as people are not aware of our lifestyle centers are not aware of some of the plate is him how all people and attorneys so we need to let people know a lot happened home in cash are not bad to you now and we marvel his designs while the Black Hills health education Center Y South center of American bridge I think lifestyle Center has closed as you are okay but we just let people know I know Eric has a place in the below for help in getting soldiers let people know this is again an older picture Ms. Sweeney out marvelous products from inspirational and have nightmares ministry remnant publications audio Ursuline Street is now helping you here out everyone and he will be here were going to help we have a young man named Scott Reeves among that has a series called media on the brain and I encourage you this is the most powerful wonderful series is and he is marvelous marvelous series on what happens when we have children that are watching TV and playing video games and what happens when adults are watching TV and I will tell you one thing I know that there's also a seminar here this morning without what's his name from little ministries and and Mrs. again people like Madonna won't let their children watch TV or watch movies and major Hollywood people won't let their children watch them in some a similar white want to his symptomatic plots I think they like the bad influence and here we are Christians were not teaching our children what it affects the effects of the mind what's happening this is going to be a wonderful master years longer ideas if you want to have people know about things in a little e-mail is Sara on this site where you can get inspirational Bible verses change your e-mail I related in an very encouraging to me check out this website I is him since our daily bread Dial daily retinol ever heard of that is a great little website and then Elder Wilson is encouraging people to do is not to reply by his word war and just reading one chapter in the myelin day this is a great way to share you know every year around Valentines Day I send out to my house and my friends a lot letter from God and I don't make any bones about it I just sent out this love letter and I say I try to make something simple but then I include some time away into alike audio and a certain truth to frame a beautiful picture of Christ in my office and change is important to your church and your community and also in church together in unity this is one of the greatest tools you can do it I tell people every single day trying to enter the church involved as a family you know I'm working with some churches and I sat there and they're not friendly and are not happy either not drive all they're just sitting there going through what I call the routine but if you want to see an exciting church and you want to see a Catholic Church the church is involved in sharing evangelism so when anything can bring our church together appears again from family heritage magazines you can do these in both English and Spanish these wonderful boxes that you can put all kinds of literature into Iranian living in putting in English and Spanish signs visa while the storm do what you love love what you do and deliver more than you promised ministries has on your own dating Asian I will off-season a result and they almost an entire conflict of the series that they've done in the death people and this is a marvelous thing they also have in mind the Christian right services so I encourage you to install like I say go down to these boosters and other materials for the deaf people obviously were trying to reach all nationalities and on base all different religions and wonderful things for Jewish people or Moslems all these different things that have seen what was life in this way quickly through I saw some wonderful things now here's the thing I say a lot of church members that are singing standing on the promises are just sitting on the premises in the house and going to share price because we cannot sit any longer can we leave my share price now obviously you all know about three ABN their books or CDs or DVDs and if they're not in your city is trying to campaign together to get them on TV I always tell people what area do you say TV channel I just bought my manager Island condominium in a ski resort and I don't want for my manager and his wife a broken dish out another year her broken but you can get all these channels on your road to have high-speed Internet and when you get to keep the bachelor now this is a young man who really really we need to pray for Mike and Monica and is he really struggles he's wanted a wise amelioration in the next day he wants to drink beer and states and always other things but I think he realizes that we are moving closer and closer to the end and I tell people do what you can last year alone over forty four million five so download podcasts sermons Christian music the Bible many many other spiritual materials people and on Facebook I don't understand I'm too old I guess that people land on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and I just cannot marry you now they say I went to the grocery starting and thinking that witness Daniel and arranging annuity away on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter it can do that I want you to know did you hear Randy Newman 's last document is it even get a chance in the seminar I will tell you they are doing some marvelous miraculous thing and I encourage you to go to life and health or to see how they are sharing in just a little short snippets I'm using my mental health messages recipes it's just marvelous triangle and here is not in how Sony is it's just wonderful sharpening ways of sharing Christ ingenuity and make yourself happy or miserable the amount of the work is the same so you decide you want to be happy to argue whiny miserable he further school and cost of the postage stamp Project restore your project restored your last cost of the postage stamp you can mail out all these magazines to your community dear neighbors your friends and people nation rallies and these are what I call concerts and theater of Indonesian court religious concerts than you can handle the volume I don't know you were somebody's rock 'n roll Christ's musicians and their families being conscious is why don't our magazines all of these rallies on in these invasions we went to the Democratic convention a few years ago in Denver when I was held in Denver is the first time before Obama was elected we pass out all are later or very recent date is so learned senior church will pass out these letters are these different places that you can do is having a strong diecast or on the Argentine my project again steps to Christ this is a great great master may also have a is a video but they now happen in ending the need for I don't know about you I have a lot of friends including myself to get stressed out and I'm exhausted and I'm stressed and the best way to relieve stress is against some of the marvelous marvelous DVDs taught for holidays for a user especially bands and this is from Edgemont video and I don't know if you've ever heard of easement if you happen I'll tell you right now it'll all you down it amazed you relax it'll make you realize the beauty of God 's nature in the beauty and serenity of listening to the right kind of music as opposed to be in hiding with all the stress in the world all we have in our life every day seems to be stress stress and more stress don't let your worries get the message you Melissa started out as a basket case so you will not worry as to make it through you can make it through some just relax our dire witnesses and produced a landmark public monitoring tagging area public facility we just had a community making dinner in Vail Colorado have you heard of the Colorado mail is a very upscale I mean the people are very very very well be all the wealthiest people sometimes in the world townhomes in Vail and beaver Creek and all of that area is any doubt I went over to mail we put on community banking hair and we shall lecture on whole natural home remedies and we put in their free community dinner we know who I thought was the Michelle I thought all employees that where there is no free will know you know there was not one single person in your home and we had to turn it only takes sixty legal as of the facilities we had turned twenty four people away that's how many reservations we had every one of them were affluent affluent people and they were going to have Doctor Natalie on December nineteenth eighteen nineteen twenty twenty first and he will be getting a health lecture in Vail and we're going to have appetizers and have felt like you're never going to have Friday night concert in the Sacramento bee at Copper Mountain to share the word I can tell you right now that communities that are affluent people need to be reached if you want to reach your communities we have begging and your every corner in Summit County where I talk about Mister Frist a senior center and we had a daily Summit daily news and I had a front page article meaningless in the mountains and next month I asked them to pray for me because I am going to have going to share my testimony my personal testimony and to Frisco for the community taxonomy from Hollywood to home and then I'm going to have a four week series on how to have a healthy life him four weeks of dysfunctional lifestyles how to fail with all encouraging while all of these series are going to be just for my own personal experience I am sick to pray for me because one of the biggest crises we have in the ski resorts and him and resorts where I live in the biggest crises is depression because the young people there may CNN drink and they do drawings and they have a list of sex and that's their lifestyle and so depressed because they have no home so I asked to pray for me because were driving new interest in March September and now I just pray that you will help me a prayer for me or your local yellow stop evangelizing series at home church or community singer ASI will help to sponsor with an application and we encourage our new to get involved in sharing the gospel the new beginnings leaving he didn't get a chance the seminar tomorrow because that's going to be a wonderful way of learning how to share Christ by doing the needing a new beginnings got called all of life and while I called mom and not in comes from a grateful heart kindness in words creates confidence kindness in thinking creates profound menace kind is to create his love invite your friends to a concert that's another way to have people where V unveiled December twenty first document is numbering probably seventeen different young people and they're going all the most marvelous holiday concert Friday night and this is for the community and of the cretin male and all that area is a great way to get in and win souls for Jesus so let's again talk about I another world is that we do an enzyme in that talk about another idea about marathon in Denver those of you who went to Europe and new breakfast new membership breakfast in this young couple that they went over to Africa and they ended up not only supporting that girl over there in that building a North American shopping with water and all these other things and how is everybody married his best way to see the world and take your neighbor you may well come back changed forever in the last one he shared him and that's again a marvelously married on bills share hand shares is also message all over the world and I love these two ministries and just marvelous want to share with you you know we saying onward Christian soldiers we wait to be drafted into the service wasting allover found sometimes to say but we don't use the one that we have we sing a lot to tell the story and we don't mention it all week long wishing the whole wide world for Jesus and we don't invite our neighbors and friends to church he held this work will be finished by the Lane in a Malay women in the church are creatures who don't have time and they don't understand that the late people are going to be gone army in the last day we must tell the world that Jesus is coming soon we have much more influence in our communities and where we go out we travel the pastor only since there don't misunderstand me and said there would at taking care of the parishioners so we must be the torch and a world that is growing darker and darker every day when you go out at yourself well I left my light shine will I be a witness for Jesus oh well I see my light under a bushel and we don't want to do that it's time for us to recapture the love our scam people if you are the Lord let your face knowing is if you don't have a smile on your face and hear from previous years of sad you share many of the Lopez and they will answer however today wider than she had a smile why doesn't she show this love that Jesus has given her every single day so most important try to keep this file this Gospel tells us for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes so we want to be a light for Jesus tell them now before the doors are shut has to bow your heads as we break their loving Christ we love you so much we just cannot thank you enough for giving us this opportunity to digest Sarah small amount of wonderful ideas that we can do for others we know that time is short and every single day we see the signs of the world collapsing around us and we know that if we don't share with someone that someone will be lost because we weren't willing to share their good names please dear Lord don't let that happen don't let anyone come up to us when you come and say why why didn't you tell me please how question we won't be faithful we will be true we won't be loving help us to share the smiles on her face and him so much we cannot really tell others in Jesus name we pray amen and in communion with mine on every morning and maintenance services and industry learn more and I find them out and I is worried our free online user www. maneuver is not


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