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One-On-One Witnessing

Doug Batchelor
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Most people do not lead others to Jesus by preaching to a multitude, but rather through loving and patient one-on-one interaction. In this seminar, Pastor Batchelor will examine the techniques and approach of the great master evangelist, Jesus. Through exploring Christ’s exchanges with Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman at the well, volumes can be learned regarding practical one-on-one witnessing in our daily lives.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.



  • August 8, 2013
    3:30 PM
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will work prayer and then I'll share with you what I like to try to accomplish in our time together and hopefully you'll find that edifying simply with our heads father heaven we believe that you and your son come very close at times like this where we come together to know how to better serve you and in particular how to share you Lord we disaster your spirit will be present in this room this whole gathering this weekend Lord end up being every heart mind but when I talk about a lot of principles and we just pray the things that we do discuss that will remember and then even more important help us to apply them to our lives some units now in blessing we thank you for this opportunity shared together we thank you pray this in Jesus name and was starting a little embarrassment is probably good to be humiliated just before you begin I thought we're starting at three forty five and anyway my time with you I'd like to dedicate just talking about some of the principles of one-on-one witnessing the assigned course is about an inch first everyone hear me okay just wanted make sure time permitting I may actually pass around this microphone and right now turn that off to prevent feedback in the questions and again I do not consider myself an expert but I'm never sure with you what I have learned what seems to work for me and I think his work for some others when it comes to how do you share your faith on a one-on-one basis you know when you're in public evangelism people come to church you stand up to preach their expecting to hear you talk about God and religion that is actually easier when you try to strike up a conversation with someone on the airplane and I'm just like you in that sometimes I'm afraid I'm not sure what to say you don't want to be annoying or noxious the people but the same time I think we should establish some patients if you look in your Bible in John chapter three fiesta models with you John chapter three and a bit we can read verses one through three this is of course an audience for Jesus is doing some one-on-one witnessing with Nicodemus there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews in this man came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him and Jesus dives right in and says they have most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God the one reason I'm starting with this verse is because it's establishing the principle there are a lot of people in the world and most of those people are not being the kingdom of God unless according to so there is an urgency to our helping people understand what it means to be born again are sharing our faith with people is not sort of an interesting hobby or novelty it's a question of life and death heard about a man a few years ago that was working the drive-through window of the Taco Bell and there was a lady that was you look over her shoulder from the window all these cars were lined up under putting in their words we saw when you come to the counter that was great with child as she let out a yell why she was standing in line sorry the team one of the labor this right away what he told he was manager incidental someone call 911 when I proceeded to make her comfortable and the next thing he knew he was touching the baby well presented little time to away from the drive-up window and people were very upset that their driver orders were being delayed and they were complaining that was an appropriate the complaint again to stop the liver maybe what's more important Jubilee in Japan donates him and there's a priority in life right isn't it more important that people live forever does Jesus give us these priorities Matthew chapter twenty eight eighteen the last words of Jesus should be a first priority for his followers and he spoke to them saying all the authority power has been been given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore I notice he's telling us we can go and we can share for him why is even given all power when I'm going alone know therefore and make disciples of all nations is telling us to go to everybody everywhere make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the main the father son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things I commanded you are able to teach them comprehensively what Jesus taught and then this is a wonderful promise at the end when you go for God Hugo weaving on low I am with you always even unto the end of the world so there is no time there is no place that he is not with you especially if you are going or him so if you are willing to be used by God then he will work with you think about when God looks down on this earth for his priorities when he sent his son when he sent his son to seek and to save that which is loss pencil how important is it to the Lord people find out about salvation when he worded it differently is there anything on earth that is more important of the Lord than people finding out about salvation so if this is the priority with God will lord help those that are willing to cooperate with him so when I get scared about sharing my faith I try and remind myself this is something that is very precious to the Lord and God seems to intervene but that doesn't mean that every time it was someone in the market waiting to be checked out for you sit down next to a stranger on a bus or an airplane that can provide an opportunity for you to make a gospel presentation I look for those opportunities though I admit sometimes and on airplanes and I'm so tired I hope we'll talk to me I'm ashamed to tell you you probably have those days to but I remember I had a little wrist on my first flight coming here yesterday 's on the second flight a follower in the PC next galaxy would you arrange sometimes underneath your voice and then see that this time it was given the just whatever happened in his young men came on the plane and he kind of nodded and I was seated next to me and I thought all good looks like find suspect and is soon as he sat down he put on his seatbelt he pulled out his little backpack of being you know because we know not a yarmulke AAU you know you nasty Colombian username in Canada tubes are two pieces on the him how are these delivering them over his eyes as he slept the whole time and I thought I talked to this guy he is blind in the world is sorry on the firefly was a little bit with one of the leading here and using print for opportunities but you don't want to be a noxious and you don't want to feel like everybody do you pass going by every day to their eternal destiny ways upon you I met young Christians you thought the world was lost in the final column will be lost and it almost felt like they had to stop everybody on the street grandmother sure is a funeral for and I doesn't work very well either and you'll see Jesus doing and so eating the balance of forty four and being ready for the opportunities God gives us and he'll give you opportunities now I wonder what this will establish why this matters if you look for instance in acts chapter four verse twelve acts chapter four verse twelve nor is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved so for people to be saying how important is Jesus there is no other name given among men under heaven whereby we must be saved if people are to be safe anybody who is saying is saved by Christ the meaty one more verse on that theme first John five twelve he who has the son has life fee that does not have the son does not have life so it's kind of a frightening thought that everybody that you see every day is in a fallen one of two categories life and death some people offers a wall of sand right and the penalty for sin is yes this whole world is under an death penalty and if they don't have Jesus they are still terminal housing Christian God is giving you in the blood of Christ this see around for the disease of the world you've been given that the healing antidote for the sins of the world in presenting Jesus in the Gospel right so should be a priority for us to look for those opportunities and help people if they don't learn about Jesus what is their destiny you might be thinking well Farmington Hills is rich with someone else if they are meant to be saved you can think like a predestination Calvinist if determined to be saying Donald Miller however he wants to do it that it is true God has ways of overruling but this is a very big question are there people who will be a loss because God 's believers Christ's followers did not share the gospel with them or do not pray for Arthur people who will be saved and because we did if you if you think it doesn't make a difference in washer it is a question of life and death and there are people who will not be in the kingdom if we don't care and there are people who will be in the kingdom because we do care and so this is a very important basic for us to get straight in our minds does not answer prayer father prayers that God does not answer because we don't present me with any other person don't get answered because we never pray other people who will be lost because we didn't reach the scary thought is for people on the boat going to drown with Jonah did not fess up and offer himself they were on their way down is all are missing this is very important not only is it a question of life and death itself this gives judgment and death and so there's an urgency that I often don't see among Seventh-day Adventist Pinoy single Baptist Church in Pentecostal churches performance enhancements my father was raised Baptist but he pretty much gave up on it but knowingly than never burning fire burning hell I don't believe that but you know something they have in their favor they do believe that they are doing missionary work in SC people from the flames and so it's very motivating for their and so I think sometimes we need to be reminded that this is the most important thing in the world who would you agree with sharing our faith so that sense of urgency I pray before and is being very honest and open with you Lord help me love people more because if I love people the way Jesus loves people I think I work harder and better to try and do I can with my gifts to reason and all of you can say the same thing not everyone goes public evangelism but everyone has been given gifts that the Lord wants us to use enraging people that when you fish sometimes you fish with a net you got a couple stories in the Bible where Jesus multiplied their catch in their nests were full so they threw out a net hanging bar all dollars patient one time like public evangelism reflecting the preachers preaching but then sometimes you fish with a whole year member one time that some of the scribes and Pharisees came to Peter and they said does your master Peter Temple tax is on the idolatry does and then Jesus confronted Peter later innings and value are you speaking for me his photography or as promised in the Temple tax was illegal fishing and go down to the water and cast your line in whatever fish comes up he'll have to be singled in his mouth and so he was fishing with a pullout time were before Peter was fishing with a net by the way when Peter had financial needs he went fishing and I think some churches are struggling financially because of not doing evangelism and always worries me when a conference or churches we don't have money for vandalism because if she cannot bring in new people and you start to think about one new soul and how much time that brings into God 's work over a period of years and in the people that person reaches not to do evangelism is not the way to grow financially or numerically either so then you go down that road but and even sometimes fisherman that sometimes official told Jesus not only preached to the multitudes he preached to the individuals and don't notice it we just started with an example of an individual here talking about Nicodemus Christ was preaching it was a personal interview now one of the most important things is when you are doing that are when you willing every day pray that God will give you the Holy Spirit for a number of reasons one is to recognize those opportunities some people do just that they've got this radar where they always are looking for an opportunity to bring the conversation around to Jesus meeting you all know people who are just very what's the word for it a gift of hospitality and whenever they go to a dinner there always looking at everyone else placing all your out of this you out of that you need and that you want to drink soliciting it is natural when I sit down and eat how I think about is my food in my drinker might have him or sold her that this awareness sends an initial concern was so interested in everybody else is like a gift of hospitality but always looking for other people 's needs during the dinner and it's almost the same thing with so many having a sensitivity for women opportunities open up to share our faith be praying for me to be a few verses that talk about that John fourteen sixteen and I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he might abide with you forever the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him and you and you know him for he dwells in you and he will be with you know what is the main reason God gives us the Holy Spirit so we can speak in tongues accept wondrously but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will speak in tongues why does Jesus say he wants the baptize us with the Holy Spirit and he will be witnesses to me what happened immediately after the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost but have Paul Lasar preached they started talking about the wonderful works of God people were converting people were baptized here's a thought maybe God has given you a special baptism of the Spirit in the past evening news and I thought evaporated if you want the spirit of God to begin you and to stay with you using Cadillac a farmer at someone from the city they came to him one time and he said that what Wessel countryhouse I like my milk cow I heard he might have an extra locale and he said well men I will sell you my talents this morning soliciting men on the cow and diseases he had two good milk cow you know three gallons of the remote the Kalani is more next-door a few days later he came over in the city man was complaining to the farm races the counsel for not harming any milk at all farmers who are you are you milking it every day as well I know the one I need milk is what Jimmy's welfare needs of my serial uncle get enough of my serial if I get where I want a drink of milk at night I don't know enough for a single result brother account and try out is if you want that how to keep providing a lot of notices you got milk from all and get my survey I don't think it's a good illustration for the Holy Spirit if you don't use it you lose it God uses us the spirit from witnessing in the process of witnessing the other people we ourselves are filled with your class something happens to us here working to save others as part of your conversion process will never forget when Jesus is the Peter 's piercing his desire to happy that he might sift you like we but I pray for you that your faith does not fail and when you're converted strengthen the brethren and I thought when you're converted argument out teaching and preaching and Jesus said when you're converted you mean Jesus sent the apostles teaching and preaching and they were so arguing among themselves which was the greatest because part of their conversion process was sharing what they did have with others in the first step is in doing evangelism knowing something that someone else doesn't know about God you're willing to share if you wait until you know every when we search every deliver Sharon then not hesitate telling people this but the first two Bible studies that I gave I was in the mountains he became and I didn't have any clothes on and you think it will help you get a Bible study life that the people I was studying within them either that I knew so little about Christianity but I learned a few things and I was so siding everywhere the campfire a bunch of naked hippies study the Bible together I know you that I know the Lord was there and I didn't know much but you know if you share what you have he gives you more and I learned some things I was so excited when I couldn't wait to share with somebody else and obviously we did a study address reform that eventually change things but is certainly right and start sharing your faith so that is for your conversion process more on the Holy Spirit John fourteen twenty six but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance the things that I sent to you you know every Sunday night we have a radio program and I don't have a photographic memory actually I thought people I do have a photographic memory is the film my phone and so whenever we have the radio program Sunday night we kneel down and we bring in the distinction engineer she's not even know she's not part of our church we invite her to come in she comes he joins us we kneel we pray and part of almost every prayer is what we don't know what questions are coming in tonight we don't nonetheless testarossa writer however the guest speakers are we to have photographic memories it's like a one-on-one Bible study with thousands of people listening every Sunday night 's people we don't know what they're asking I'm always afraid is lousy deal wheel within the Wheeler something is missing I don't know but we say Lord bring to our remembrance the answers and sometimes all the thinking Alaska tough question I'll be praying a look at John Rawson Angel puts finger for me is I handling babies on the governance of that all is I think I got something on that Howard is one in order to frame every week it's like a one oh one Bible study and the Lord is sometimes with regional national and just gives it back to you right there at the moment and you know it's the Holy Spirit doing it because of you and quiz maintenance before about my knowledge of the Bible I never would've thought an adverse note the first time I learned this principle is I was a baby Christian and I learned about the Sabbath truth and I was studying about the law with some Presbyterians in this man was a youth pastor is missionary and his wife and I was telling what I've learned and he was saying were not under the law were in the race we don't need to keep the ten Commandments and he quoted me a couple of difficult versus undulations and I thought you know I know it says in the Bible that if you like meal keep my commandments and I know when you are was my Bible of her was John fourteen to a four-year in any sense on the Nelson language says that his commandments are not grievous and if we say we love him in Huntingdon 's commandments were lying that I don't remember where it is and I hope my Bible in the first place a little Bible was their first job through the whole Bible study and I finally started telling us what this is this is the Holy Spirit is not unaware these things are making little over the mobile and the first thing I look at and so I know I learned in the Holy Spirit will guide you you pray now him Holy Spirit will not bring to remembrance of things you never look at someone's alluvial principles even if you're studying your Bible I mean God will do wonderful things and bringing those recessive brain cells and thoughts back to the surface but are nowhere in the storage so you need to do what you can to be reading God 's word and keep those things stirred up in your mind and you know it's a lot easier when when things are not to bury for too long you can remember and so the Holy Spirit promises to help you without another one John fifteen twenty six but when you see the helper comes why will send to you from the father the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the father he will testify of me the Holy Spirit 's can help you tell others about Jesus now if for no other reason I would think it would be a thrill to be involved in being able to share Jesus with other people and seeing the Holy Spirit working in their life and to see the circumstances I was in them I was in a moment in Seattle last week not even a week ago I went to the British club recap meeting flew home how long layover in the Seattle airport wanted something to eat it was right at one time all the tables were full the place the airport it was jammed with people so I had my tray in hand my backpack and my mind luggage and I'm trying to find places to number four drop all my food and all the tables are full I saw this one table where there was a pilot city and there was a chair was empty so I walked over and I can't pass you know Gillian Saddam and so I sat down with his pilot and it made me think about the story you one of the ways to share your faith is you can actually ask a person for a favor to Jesus did I will well and getting myself set in the next chapter we're just looking at Nicodemus and so while I'm sitting there visiting with him I think it's great I got an airline pilot to talk to he was not quite done with his food anything differently at something what shall we talk about so when you meet a person and you want to start sharing your faith one of the things you want to do is how you gracefully fully in a winsome way break the ice and start a conversation now we've all heard people say it's not important you don't go out and preach Christ and if necessary use words you heard that preach Christ 's necessary use words in other words does live the life and help somehow people pick up the gospel is the way living while it is true you should live a life but you know friends and words are very helpful and if you're just saying and use words and is trying to consistent Christian off par with the Bible of God without words already the great sermons and prayers in the Bible so words are very important and you want to know what will I say and some of you and you are free that you can see long playing I just feel like maybe not eloquence or I don't like to see the very things enough in this person and if you looking for a way to break the ice and say something nice and you know that's another place we need prayer everybody here is different gifts don't try to communicate like someone else be yourself and just pray that God will give you an opportunity now there are some guidelines that you can use some of you may be heard about this principle before and it's called the globe is a couple of different ways is identified one is off for tennis I got my nose all scrambled to get someone needs to have a world was afforded authority and after four debacle late changes before but before it stands for family occupation religion and testimony how many you heard that before what that means is if you're looking for a segue into depends on how much time you have with someone if you're looking for a graceful segue how you can carry a conversation and bring about religious themes that might lead to a Bible study and you may not in one sitting have a chance to study the whole message it may open the way we think of a track it's great if you've got some Bible study material like DVDs some study tracking so you like to read and you can sometimes I'll ask people if they like to revisit out like reading a book the satellite residue identities almost always a little like arena like to watch and so we give you couple of different options in a few more times are local user would you be interested in Bible studies sometimes you're on the road and you just have to give them information on the website but Fort family occupation religion testimony you start out by talking about so are you traveling with your family or around the whole people always like to go to someone's house there was always in pictures on the wall is only get a beautiful family and did homage of the children are their grandchildren and domestic question of grandchildren enough during the thirties they could be offended so you wanted to see how to use tact and and then he always stands for occupation she has a family was when he do that when I sat down with a pilot I got right into the occupation part these are deceiving me was Alaska Airlines pilot disease at all over answer right away I can dive right into the earlier pilot in Isaiah I talked a little bit about that when you fly and he was selling and reselling the pilot I know is I so we started talking this over and build a relationship with people they find your nice in a normal person it develops trust and then you can start getting into know so when you grow up sometime to listen to a person 's accent and manner affected on are probably annoying last night I gotten about midnight last night because my plane was late I'd picture tools from the airport here that was one toll to the second floor like a lady I do not want when you're asking for nothing told him she's in the answer is an artisan New York and I could tell from her accent pencils sometimes a consumer you sound like you're from the sovereign Haiti in order whatever he does find a little background in selling from the Bible Belt there is value single ear and you look for a way to bring in maybe their occupation or family and then you can maybe talk a little bit about religion and I know that's where it gets delicate right time you get into that subject and feel that sort takes a little courage and you might even need something cold boldness we just finished this is hundreds of those other points family occupation this is for just some guidelines for discussion in starting personal Bible study are his religion see his testimony now North American missions has a similar acronym they call it casts same principles but with this is a connection build a connection with people activities and asked him what other hobbies she might talk about current events using an airport argument in your poor lot so I relating to the heretofore airport your sometimes monitor for Phil and his event on terrorism and whatever is my strength him I was happening was someone trying to political dissent is in the well what your other goal is and and then you can see how what's the world coming to your whatever and you know I think I wonder sometimes if worlds last people say I incident can open the way to talk about the alveoli at a market and someone will get in line behind me here waiting to go through line and other seasonal sake you want to get Ms. line because I was significant the slowest Linux almost guarantee you and if I think another one quicker and I change it then becomes the slowest line whatever I want and MIT's people for Sino Visigoth is a way that is I was the slowest line was helping Elizabeth because he strategies me patience and is as you say to be friendly you can't be afraid to talk to people go and that's what makes it difficult and so that's yellow one is connection is Comcast connection activities spiritual and testimony now you'll notice that Paul often shares his testimony in several examples of that quite I know some of these other thoughts about TM Holy Spirit the Bible tells us that we can be afraid you notice the woman at the well Jesus begins a talk to her on assuming we all know the story of the woman well John chapter four and one an amazing contrast to John chapter three you've got Jesus in Jerusalem talking to a Jewish religious leaders met nice who comes to him then you go one chapter yet Jesus is now in Samaria he's talking to a Gentile Samaritan woman in the meantime that he goes to sorry seems like showing whatever the circumstances you can share your faith in both cases Jesus is knowing one-on-one sharing with people one knew who he was one did not know who he was one of the religious Bible background the other one didn't have as much in so but in both cases is meaningless and what Jesus says to Nicodemus needed to be born again Paul assures a great religious leader he just comes right out and says that in there's no buildup to it you got ample data I'll tell you a quick story while were on the subject on schools one hundred and forty five twenty five years before I was a Christian but on years ago when I was a baby Christian I had a job believe it or not working I was in Annapolis I just accepted Jesus I was excited I was telling everybody I wish I were so excited I wonder why I never knew these things going up I suddenly discover the purpose of life when I was seventeen eighteen years old I was fearless I made a lot of mistakes just coming on too strong for survival studies I would give the people because I heard that Jesus is really similar as it normally does Saturdays is going to listen to why he is not in the port will have to when you are asleep until the resurrection happened under a little-known I is eighty and the first evangelistic meeting I did I do know what I'm doing I've never been to an evangelistic meeting I'm doing my first video I never even been the one I think of there was this one that I did then José Martinez and I remember I'm coming I was doing this tonight agonizes and this is in Dickinson Texas Disneyland missed church till you get the loving I've been visiting with people in the Methodist Church couple of Baptist churches in the church of Christ and started Bible studies nice I got a ten hundred to meeting with you had seventy people I was thrilled I was great the boy my sermon topics I just release his side of the Walnut Second Amendment is by him on the rapture I hit him on the day they went to church I get talked about the Diana I would right now that all my but do note there was even two people got baptized that series is that we only two my been worldwide known of not letting people digested and not trying to draw one so don't feel like me never see this person again I got it given the whole West Old Bailey hate in one sitting because remember doing evangelism is like farming some are already planting seeds you might come along and pull a few weeds someone else may harvest you might get them when they're ready to harvest that's always a lot of fun you might just be selling a few season covering over and is it'll be years so don't feel like you got into the planting and weeding and harvesting all in one sitting you notice when it's fishing or when it's farming in the Gulf illustrations Jesus uses about soul winning all of them tend to involve time efficiency patient's pain a lot of times don't get discouraged if you study with people one-on-one if one gets away efficiently get the scourge of one gets away in a traditional lion the people for leaving out over there in will him anyways I was never sure my face again soon there is sufficient however saith the line breaks are visible fish anymore now they pull it and they anointed back out again you know why they're addicted to fishing as they know how good it feels to catch a fish and if you get addicted to soul winning it's the same thing not all the songs tell stories on the ludicrous and I got a job plane flute in the car which I don't do very well as in a restaurant in Palm Palm Springs is called the peach is a fraud and I got off work like two and a morning of what the after hours restaurant when the bars the last place in town to go get some food and people thought I played and sang just like they were all drunk when they came anyway so I got off work and I have a little Volkswagen bug at this point and I was driving from one in Palm Springs and the other end driving downtown there was this man and his daughter I assume sitting at a bus stop but this is after midnight and buses stopped running leaseback in Palm Springs and the time is other waiting for the bus is poor a lot of tourists come to counseling a long turnaround is telling saved you waiting for my assistant and I can come to stop running and the guy cities and are actually recall the cabin hour-long he still hasn't come by significant what hitchhikers and so I instinctively singled out for a going George's for going to the hotel here at the south end of town it is diagonally little Volkswagen bug so he gets the front seat and she gets the vaccine as we drive along the way a bullet in the back seat which I thought was on as if you've been in the backseat of those Volkswagens and I looked in the rearview mere and I can see this was not a father daughter relationship him where he directed me to open the door and he climbed out because her good night and she still sat there and back and sit where you going about doing the same place I don't want to taxi that it's late at his condo hotel of the North and on okay so I'm driving along and I look in the rearview mirror she still sit back there and as I was going down the street interview passes streetlight her face would eliminate for a minute as street and she looks so sad nominally very done situations are certainly very honest with you I grew up in New York City my brother and I used to play on forty second and Broadway growing up back before Giuliani cleaned up the city there wasn't too much you didn't see about life if you are a kid growing up in New York City back to and didn't take me long to figure out what the relationship was between a man and this young lady and she looked so sad and I just accepted Jesus I was excited I was sharing with everybody again I don't recommend what I'm telling you you're just telling you there is a point of the whole this size is would you like to stop and I need to a couple coffee in person she's an sure which I expected she said as we stopped in the family 's restaurant years ago coal samples out of anyone who remembers their open all my long consent to get a cup of coffee so we went in there I talked or fermented and and then I just felt really depressed I just felt I got to talk to her about Jesus and I don't know how to bring it up and I don't know what to say and it is the Lord Russell I can just be as honest and direct as possible I want to send cellular him and is exactly what is and she is she cannot have and I then I can tell from the expression on her face she misunderstood why I asked that question him so then I followed up immediately with are you happy in her local expression changed and I don't remember all the details of the conversation I can tell you that I never forgot her name was Marlene and she was seventeen years old runaway answers living with some that would you know talk Sweet dream giver gives London in the early the next day and it was his real sick relationship and I started talking about Jesus and she began to cry a single goblins and I told her my testimony she used to talk about occupation and him and this is not an solo I started to share with her and was almost no one in the restaurant so it wasn't not know what to do and she began to cry a river segments dear was leaving riblets dart streets down her cheeks and and and I prayed with her and I said you know you need to go to church and you get out of the situation I had to go on you know you have nothing to share with her source material I wish I had something to share but I found that God directed me to be bold in the direct sometimes when Jesus says to the woman at the well cochlear husband thought my family right now it's one of those things in the one hundred he's offering her living water and she's easily husband she says I don't have a husband you like to change the subject Jesus becomes variable this writer will actually have five husbands and the one in your living room I know that your husband that if you ever attention and do you know one of the works of the Holy Spirit when you pray for the Holy Spirit was one of the Johnson the Holy Spirit conviction conviction people or not can be very interested in listening to what you have to offer in less they recognize they have to need for what you have an offer and sometimes in a loving gentle way people need to understand and you've got the engine you get a free and different people you don't want to be of noxious and drive people away but you do need an element of boldness it takes boldness even to bring up Christianity today in the conversation because never before in American history have Christians been unilaterally maligned by the media as extremists but you can here you can share people with just about any political or religious views you want as long as it's not Christian because there is noticed a sort of down upon selecting boldness to do that and I think you need to pray for them the Bible tells us notice in the regarding Jesus John seven twenty six and give you few verses quickly now when they saw the on-site on seven twenty six but Maloney speaks boldly and they say nothing to speak of Jesus Jesus spoke boldly set up a Christian is a follower of Christ are weakening of the gospel are not afraid to me for free to share with people you got to start somewhere I have more regrets looking back about the things that I've been saying in the things that I did say I know I'll regret something that said I wish anything that but you know more times than not I regret that I had opportunities I didn't say anything and so you know you're better off saying something along the insane nothing very well you're better off saying something a little wrong maybe a little too strong than seen nothing and doing the job sometimes silence is golden sometimes silence is yellow and as you can always be afraid I just pray that God will give you a holy boldness the disciples had it acts four thirteen now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men they marveled and they took knowledge of them they've been with Jesus so they said how we can tell they've been with Jesus why is observable this said Jesus spoke of late been with a president who might get in trouble if I start speaking boldly and can cause problems for me you're right it could but you know as we near the end of time when you have to reconcile ourselves with the truth that people like the apostle Paul and Peter and Jesus suffered for sharing their faith so if you're wanting me to tell you that I'm offering this new plan where you can share your faith with no risk there is no costless Christianity there is a risk you might think which it might just be risk of rejection you might be ridiculed in some places he might be arrested what's the world the day may come when he may be arrested in our country so I don't want patronizing and say this is a new method I found where you can share your faith in everyone's face of Jesus was no risk there is risk but you need to be bold anyway because some people are to listen and believe payment acts four twenty nine Lord now the disciples of train beholder threatenings and grant dear service that with all boldness they may speak the word they prayed in the place where they were shaken by the place where they were similar shaken they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with boldness that's in the next few verses I left on our backs thirty four thirty one so when you fill them with the spirit what are they due immediately after they were filled with the spirit I spoke the word of God with homeless youth right now you knew that a hurricane suddenly developed and was about to come to this part of Florida and we just scour the streets and people didn't know when you feel you had a right to be urgent with them as he went out on the streets and so there's an urgency people except your urgency by the way if people sense that he does an emergency and what you're saying but taken more seriously if I receive this building to collapse from a hurricane seat I decided nobody move but if you say did you know that your visitor be hurting as a shoulder thinking more seriously custody since then you have a feeling of urgency hesitant something we are also just pray to God spirit will give us these things are life-and-death Ephesians six twelve about the armor of God Ephesians six verse eighteen and nineteen the last part of the armor of God prayer and Paul says praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for the Saints notice information while you're praying for all the saints pray for me that utterance may be given to me that I might open my mouth boldly and make known the mystery of the gospel now Paul is saying do you think Paul is pretty bold he was asking the church pray for me that I don't lose my vote was about not intimidated by the at the prison the problems manager with and your song in your shipwreck in your prison might make you want clientele also I want client pray that God will give me that for example list share my faith in the reasons you from mountainous second spiritual gifts to eighty four preachers should have no scruples preach the truth as it is found in God 's word let the truth I've been shown that why ministers and not have more success this also applies everybody the reason ministers have not had more success is they are all afraid of hurting feelings fearful of not being courteous as they lower the standard truth they can see it were possible to pursue the area of our faith I saw that God could not make such successful that shoes must be made pointed in the necessary and necessity of a decision occurs while false shepherds are crying peace and are preaching smooth things in the service of God must cry aloud spare not and leave the results with God you're right not everybody can believe that some are and many are called you are chosen it really is translated many are called to respond but some will respond and it feels so good when you see that they do respond you remember when Jesus shared with a woman at the well after you shared with her the disciples came to him wondering why he was talking to this Gentile woman risen Lord you we get some food for humans is less little wildlife food so you and you contaminated by these Gentiles about including you're talking to a Gentile woman no less what's happening here and I can understand that he's all I got through you don't know about Jesus was beaming you know why he revealed that when he was the Messiah and what you should he was only when you share with everybody in the town and the whole town came out and they heard Jesus and then they believe because they heard Jesus not just on her she planted the seeds they came Jesus and Jesus are harvested hometown is converted because of his conversation one person so when you're talking to people one-on-one you are talking to the potential of reaching thousands through that one person I really became a Christian because a very shy young man who was raised the Seventh-day Adventist gave me some Helen White books and to my knowledge I don't know of any other people he may have that he bought the Lord but I became an evangelist and so when you're studying with person you might suppose you study with ten people and you only get one but one becomes a solar unit of the Mormons and the knock on doors using the Mormon missionaries going out to buy two and tell them right up front probably have to knock twenty five or thirty dollars before you get one Bible study they know going into it that they should expect also a lot of rejection that they are so happy when they get that one and in the know from the Bible studies only a fraction of those will mature into being a baptized latter-day Saint is telling you to go and exuberantly and they keep going the relentless visitors growing yes boy if we can just know they got the wrong necessary of life method just go out to buy two and are not pastors that are going on a Jehovah's Witnesses have no paid clergy it's the members of the ministers they got the right method to get the wrong message if Seventh-day Adventists once the laymen get to the baby concept that we can go out we can share faith you don't have to be a pastor one of them was always on the passage because I was a layman that was sharing my faith is all you can do that usually a pastor and I think his death on the ordinary we better do some about this is the layman is doing evangelism weasels and there may come an evangelist or pastor Moses Lehman and so anybody can give Bible studies if I can and I'm just like you I get scared am afraid that the whole of the newspaper when I bring up what I had it before the only in my because and pastor typically I'll talk to people asked about the family where he had a near human homework or whatever and an analysis of what you do not come a little bit about what they do and in the kindest wind siting is it what you do I'm a pastor newspaper was nice visiting with the NFC in the conversation matter what you know what really hurts is a passive doesn't really want church Sunday at the nice meeting you and him and her sign no sometimes they don't do that for my signal relayed what you believe a hollow glad you asked him about it the great Bible studies someone said it was indelibly the blood transfusions and will slam at the differences in as all kinds opportunities will open to get discouraged as someone closes the door you know you do your job you drop see Jesus is unseen is enough all on stony ground some seed is uniform among the weeds some single get snatched up by the birds before it ever sprouts but something happened bountiful harvest in the right is a dedicated scattering the seeds and you be so excited when the one spring up into spring up I wanted to just leaving you more I only got one page of notes a lot more like to share with you but I wanted to give you an opportunity and on top maybe somebody could be handled just like Paul will question a one-on-one witnessing honorable handsome little sugar my ignorance with you if we does have a few minutes left for you you forget Soriano may need to come prepared and if we can get the microphone to you all repeat your questions was on the take along as an action is as little I had trouble answering that question but here is a fact some of us do depending upon the town you're in the Journal artist and is usually a beautiful church options some churches were almost afraid to bring our interesting as we don't know what some individuals might save your what do you think you know him I want them to get rooted and grounded in their faith and meet with in every Sabbath maybe in the afternoon given DVD study with them and when the you feel like you I think now they really got a commitment to the truth than the Jesus then they can be exposed to the bigger family but EE I know what you're saying there's some churches and it's different from town to town church to church I've been places before then evangelism I thought all we had some wonderful interest here but they were deep problems in the church mental what's can happen to these people when they walked into the doors of his church with some of the issues are struggling with David the church and Jesus Chi now and yet the church group so we just pray you grounded I'd say you might use a home study group to get unrooted before the other and I him as an excellent plan is it is all been waiting for her all the amazing fact evangelist who has the Phrygian the baptismal class we talk to people about not looking the people that when they join the church 's commitment to Christ but the devil is to be threatened until trying scare him away and it's you explain the dynamic of what it means the body of Christ and there made there was a Jew is even in Jesus church as we try to prepare messenger point let them know ahead of time so that their mature and ready for that matter represent the next question you as I is in an is an right well when you are giving a Bible study the reason is important to bring up the point of religion that are is because if they say I have no religion that can affect where you go in the conversation of Visalia I go to church then you know your study with that person you can talk about things about various doctrines his and got a Bible background and got some context is will totally secular they need to first know about Jesus before you get into the Sabbath issue because I don't really care whether Saturday Sunday they're still in their sins are not even excepting Christ so it takes wisdom and we got some good Bible study study material and amazing facts and shows how to specifically present the Sabbath in any common arguments you can run into great website where a happy and me being a little compilation of the number one website on the Sabbath is the amazing facts one cycle Sabbath truth I think the only one of bonuses Wikipedia said you type in the word Sabbath Sabbath day on Google to come up with Sabbath truth is get some great studies there you can use the answer those questions couple more minutes of the largest questions as he had a rare on the summary is like okay I will you look like a really good candidate for the ethical program also him so him test for my program I know Iceland is a very secular society have not been there but that's what I've heard so it takes wisdom but you even there from what I hear you can advertise that this can be a Bible study a variety of ways invite people get a small group and you'd be surprised the Holy Spirit is working people 's hearts even the secular societies are looking for answers to another question in him and his and is looks great question I find I'm definitely racquetball living things Ali and he is a very devout Muslim in between games with you goalies and I went to the exercise room to pray as he prays five times a day he was claimed last week and he said I haven't had anything to eat or drink on things falling a plain reckless leaders as well Madonna can't unfasten it should be play racquetball not drink any water and so well I wanted to deliver for Jesus and of your fasting don't tell anybody but anyway so you look for common ground and I know with all the home will share with him certain things we have in common he really seems to appreciate and so is look for common ground he now understood some things in common and I said what you know but we believe this in the reasons we believe that and they believe in Jesus they believe Jesus was real the only basis on God as a book for any kind common ground to do so you know we know you folks believe in prayer and we believe in prayer to just anything he can find open the way and show you respect them but you have a reason for believing the differences in truth another as if some is very cute appear as a question well I was if I had time I was immediately a Bible study on the one-on-one Bible study between Philip and the Ethiopian treasurer and that was unique because by the time the study was done he was ready for baptism but the was that here's a guy who is gone to Jerusalem to worship he's reading his Bible and using the model said he already had all the foundational truths you just didn't know about Jesus I think it's a mistake if we baptized people before they have the foundational truths for example I know and I respectfully disagree there are some passes might say what I know they're still smoking the we should go ahead and baptized because they've accepted Jesus and I say please don't do that talk to them in the past to baptize me a semi- level and also smoking the residual that your born-again is not consistent for a born again to still be chained to the devil at those addictions and so should be put behind a one quarter witnesses of the person says on the brand-new Seventh-day Adventist and visible smoke in their face or you still have a beer in your hand it you just really and it's a lower standard of what it means to be a new creature all things made him so to mistakes people make when baptism was a wait too long and the other single too fast it's like awaiting anyone make sure user to marry a guy is not building his old girlfriend my and so if a person is still only available not quite ready for Baptist they need to be grounded in the fundamentals I would say if they can say yes to those thirteen baptismal vows very carefully develop their not ready with an in and in and in a and it is difficult to help my family was you are in a non- atheist or Jewish and not to be honest visiting I wish I could tell you I had better success with my immediate family and having more success with my Jewish family by a phone call yesterday some of using pictures in the military school I'm standing next to another kid 's names Bobby Boyer telephone call yesterday and they said some guy named Bobby Bowyer says he knows you any less of you site is fun and I got to give McCall easier Florida maybe I grew up with this gentleman but I can say seven two nine oh his sister was Jewish these are Jewish kids she accepted Jesus Debbie and I talk to her so it's hard with my family because it's my family it was all about money and success and saying they just didn't feel a need and they knew how crazy I was an adult idea to use it became a hippie lived in a cave accepted Jesus and so it was because it didn't take me seriously so you need to have a respectful relationship with your family and don't nag them when I first exhibited Jesus I ran to my model mother and said mom drooling with a married man you're committing adultery is a sin in Holland I guess I did it all wrong and that's the other thing is this pray for wisdom and tact and grace and if you're witnessing your parents you got a be respectful of the holding gets you really will and I are him him him a him to but will the Internet has done something that is really wonderful in that it used to be helpful if you could give them were and now we get DVDs and smaller but even with the Internet you can give them a car with a website or a couple of websites and this'll change your life take a look at this calendar like the amazing facts name we other websites of the reason is people they see amazing facts indicate interesting trivia they live in but if you tell that these are spiritual flexible change your life for as many other websites go to this website take a look they wouldn't know Jesus will change your life and if you like Bible studies is by universal .com or so the internets and cards is a good way to share information with nothing at these devices with your phones review tap your phone to another phone and you can send them the website I'm not working what I've seen over serious and just as he is in well he oversaw you find out how open they are I have some Muslim friends that are not real devout Muslims and when you contest within the seed of the Bible teaches a different version of the Koran and here's some reasons are open to studying others Uganda local relationship with them and study things that are more open to before you get to something that they feel like Christianity has been so personally think many Christians worship idols and get Protestants and Catholics and idolatry is a big no-no for Muslims and when they drive by our churches and receive not our church Christian churches and statues to display more different than Seventh-day Adventist single all we've got a lot of things that we can share with Muslims and their visitors a lot of common ground we could talk about we believe in the gift of prophecy notice anonymous prophet and the shuttles in studying prophecy there opened this and you and you them well in a lot of the common questions specifically that you run into with that group there is a website we can win website on Ellen White to answer some of those injections as a number of melt there and on the sanctuary I think of those things are addressed also I think you'll even find us and just remembers telling G Weinke neither the Ellen G White truth column I think there's also a section in there because of costs provisions of this worship talk about the sanctuary so that's what builds and development is a lot of material others you might know some of the material that is supports him a him a him how you know what is your other question when I run into former happiness is usually a different problem the sanctuary I never ever really wanting to Baptist or Methodist and I brought in are others Mendelson brought into the struggle over the sanctuary for some reason happiness really struggle over it and it's usually visit different issue going on there because for me the Bible tells us is appointed on the man once to die then the judgment the Bible is clear when Jesus comes rewarding everyone according to his works the idea that there's some kind of judgment before he comes it is assumed sole simple Jesus is our high priest to confess that people struggle with that and I could never understand why so we got a you know what I know self self-promoting study identical and vindication specifically on the judgment will deal with those questions is free online and vindication I think it's called justifying the judgment or I were running like I was startled awake someone a couple minutes late that couple more questions and what Titus and in and you will close out of truth Sabbath truth .com is a Sabbath truth .com this is amazing fact you do this type amazing facts into Google is the first thing that comes and now in an and is him a free some twenty years later I know this is an unusually there is an active probably a third of the time on their entity called the meeting villagers were usually put a schedule of the film would be delighted to know one another the address is really good to so far I'd be happy to do that all right we'll resume is her one more question on one-on-one witnessing specifically says full thank you very much for the on the website for the church sex and flood or any of your one sentence is hopeless ignorance will think you remarked well I hope we've learned something today to the bottom point is we need to pray while you're talking the person bringing the Holy Spirit to give you that regular don't be afraid of rejection pray that God will give you boldness study so that you have information stored away that the Holy Spirit can bring back your memory and start every day and say Lord give me opportunities today to tell others about you and help me recognize when they come along I prayed before and at the end of the day are realizing the opportunity and I was so self absorbed the message so you do those things and I think you know let's strengthen and you'll have a harvest you'll see when you come to the kingdom may be replanting seed maybe your harvesting maybe or pulling weeds and give you harvest and I'm sorry let's stand together and will father in heaven Lord we are just so thankful for your blessings in that the opportunity we have to know Jesus and to know the truth that sets us free and will we all had as we come together we discussed ways to be better witnesses that we might be energized by each other that your Holy Spirit will just give us to give us more love for souls Lord we know that's the greatest need of we just would love souls away Jesus does then I would do anything to reach them and also enables the knowledge is the hard-working is the knowledge and of the boldness to reach those are perishing I pray also will not forget that this is a matter of life and death are so many and thank you for the privilege that we can be channels that will communicate this life bless the holy açai weekend for that purpose for that we all might be inspired by all the programs and presentations of the year with Mrs. reprieve is thanks to sleep in Virginia with my autograph in our agreement learn hour nine and five hundred and one Anaheim is the word online zero reason is www. online universe


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