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Terry Anderson Leasa Hodges
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The ASI New Beginnings evangelism training program was developed by ASI in 2000 and has been used in conjunction with the General Conference initiative to train 5 million lay people worldwide to share God’s end-time message of truth with the world. Thousands have been trained to use the New Beginnings evangelism materials to do evangelism in their own churches and communities. This lay-training initiative has been successfully field tested in Southeast Asia, InterAmerica, and the former Soviet Union. The New Beginnings DVD series has been adapted and translated for use around the globe and is in its second, updated iteration. Learn how to use the New Beginnings materials for evangelism in your home, businesss, or community.



  • August 9, 2013
    10:45 AM
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as far as you get started before we do let's pray shall we lord we are privileged to come here together to find and learn another way to reach people you have a way for every person in this world he told the gospel and this is a tool that you've inspired individuals and given them the wisdom to create and we want to continue to share this that people can take this tool to their homes to their churches to tell people about your soon coming so maybe angels be with us May the Holy Spirit inspire us hear all this morning and thank you Jesus for what you've done for us for dying on the cross that we all have the opportunity to be in heaven together we pray Jesus in your name amen a lot and I DVD training program how many of you have heard that new beginning DVD program about how many you have new day okay he argue I write while I am not the year two thousand on you know when all the net I'd happily married and they got back to writing doing these big huge NetMeeting and I have a beautiful grassy had we gave them money we appointed down and we sent them off to morning they immediately around the world right well but have you no night three five six two thousand hundred thousand people coming to these meeting and act like a whole bunch of people what happened when the team lead dog the people that are baptized I is not the first that night event and on the baptized members leave with me back to pencil in my left pinky and we thought you know and one person one organization going through these different parts of the world quality means each meeting why will they let people in a act members when Gaul and quality meetings like that one event in three key ten thousand people what about it in advance and five members went and preached and reached people in the same number right okay but what had been when AFI members golf is make all and they trained church members so the church members in the local area are invested in evangelism and they gallantly they ran to invite people in connection and then when they hold an event is the leading their friends and their neighbors and their coworkers are coming to these meetings soul and evangelist holds a meeting and and then when the van to leave left behind such members with the connection and so we thought that put these beautiful graphic environment that are already all written out into the hands of the laypeople and then reach their own community and what we have found is that when this is done ninety percent of the people that are baptized into the church are still in the church a year later he yet and that's what we want we want to empower local church people to get meeting in their own neighborhoods to their own family to their own friends and to their coworkers even enemy annual find out how to invite you to your meeting okay so all I want to share with you so the first program that we then I we didn't read programmed that I want to share with you found Mary and Ms. that we've had with this program in different parts of the world because they can work anywhere in the first okay now the time for it I'd like everybody to read it again okay and they has cost to them only reached in all the world as a witness along the nation 's and okay not really hearing is her we really are we always hear the preaching part right half of it frees that you are commonly long American and knowledge member is acting the way and this is why we are preachy and weird day at the witness and this is why this program is effective we have gone through all thirteen division is on the church this program is meant to me and I okay so we trained I think it's cool stuff without the now they are all in their own carriages with this program and these made and how can we hold meetings and that means that three hundred thousand plus only and heartbreak I called meeting in people who are in a healing train you how to hold the meetings in your home and as I raise at least fifty percent of the people that come through your meeting will get back because you have developed a relationship with this you I is him saying that have added himself to New England school of all time and around the world have ran I and I think there's only handling their decreases so we had made me think that you have been there but we all yet is when the first country that we went to all your life differently I bet we'd been there and he was held in January I read and agree you are reading a library and Clifford came over and over Moldova and when we landed in two thousand one no no I wasn't born yet and for and I will let you know why but it was extremely annoyed that he and members card and we wondered your mind and we can walk and we went in to see you there was not how many people would come and we betray him we gave them a DVD player and maintain them on DVD the house on the ground and in the salmonella can we also printed the ceremony will void any and everything in the home in fact meeting that night I we are trained enough from you twelve hundred people showing you want my help in that whole they were still hungry though I is a very small country it it has to regularly bring in another conference and church will know that the only communist country in that malaria is about two percent a year and the North American division and little net worth and that my I sat here we are training him January I told her the most telling union had fourteen percent growth I need is not changed in the area and their training program or outreach he was not the material on and hold meetings everywhere in the country and fourteen percent on helping Al Qaeda is now I know my peers involved in the mountain had I there were three hundred and in that bidding and so we went into training at I we did in the material and the lady I tell you if she got well I guess he's not that it was yesterday because she is really small lady is not read in the war in the country had my palate education for years and years and years not able to meet your claims in the creation version of the DVD the only new but we all have an earthenware and audio preview is and we we are certainly in when we train and then we went back later she had stolen the videos over how people can not and we know there's no way to know how to do that as well I went out in the street I like a lot lately and I want a massive ministry is the way he will and he is my enemy I mean you will you help me as I him who is selling the DVD I see turning this is person maybe and are not all day that people not win me back to me in any she had over twelve thousand people in the meeting and more than half of the people that I is why William L eighty okay okay now when you go to Vietnam but at that time it was streaming data in the area it was really over one thing that we invited them in my house for Chris Brown the account to comment train he might need to go and buy a DVD player a meeting in the DVD I remember in fact and they trained their church members to do the meeting well when one of the home they were doing the meaning had done the door and do not feel that they are the key to leave for the Communist Party was pending at the door and I wonder you know what and I TV integrated on your TV on the TV when injecting the fuel of any ingredients are located in a purple flowers in the eye and tell that he was showing and the reasoning that is and a ten well you look at this concert theater he didn't want to do is pray and he noticed that her reason I can point to that TV screen with a particular advertisement while there he will come it will show you what we're doing he had in fact found a way he finished the presentation he does anybody out there that weekend after next night anything that him that all the meeting I attended the meetings they baptized the people behind you grabbing my different way and meet in the mountain in a remote mountain stream and a half people in the least he was one of them had he said the next meeting you hold to my house and holding nobody will bother valid even in countries like varying and is this is now in anybody is I have a masculine or nothing is very fast in their countries at weekday weekend at trial about three hundred people probably transgendered people next I miss you and him and he will be leaving the training over for days because we do not know Holy Spirit Burger revival Reformation meeting the first today Angelina Tracy and Mary made me there the consecration and the material out and actively we got in the same as what he will do that I got a meeting at the start will eliminate all who are in and a moment later I will meet Wednesday in the training we had a discussion and as you like will be doing some of the practice openly in a medium that once she this way from the sermon people and they cannot and they do it on my to show how easy it is any single girl wanted and the wiki addressee and happened to be the very nasty and at last he was waiting in line and can memorize the homepage is to create an book down and they I see why is religion are out on the very last page everything remained healthy and heal so you don't have to think about the way you don't have to be nervous about whether your doctrine is Israel because it is written off for you and there's even an appeal average single-family so we encourage people may appeal any and have people make a decision on the single sermon and Hiroshima and she's a sweetheart I think she made the offer and he had had a time there we were greeted Cheney as he made and he'll and enrolled from zero nine and will have an in-depth regular data training a crime they had died and they were waiting to have her funeral for our tiny toys you may get healed elders thought that was over and about forward design computer is my family I want you in an appeal and everything in only that he can not have to many reason why he is one of the most Islamic countries and it's very dangerous the program there but even gambling individuality despite their over two hundred and over two hundred people know over overseas people came with two hundred people requests and he is unable to the material that ended in the meeting and they had a bathroom afterward in my end and at baptism they baptized more people and they had three years to gather him him him the only difference was that they are doing something in their home and postponed yesterday she went in and guide I didn't have any a and I think this one story about this and I came to travel on the river and a little new here that in the river basin bulletin and nation and even a lot sitting in a train and money is tight for three-day concentrating and I is very remote and they do have an activity there we had solar power DVD player there is not like that and so he e-mails a pad out when he got in meetings when he got back and keep paying even when you're not perpendicular you don't need anybody he is coming out in the government anywhere from the preselected crowd but he was using as many as are the people that say the number one had never seen he is are you know you have to think that they were walking around and see where I will think and and probably it was very active and and he was possible for starting three churches in the oven of the village and is a short amount of time submitted by Mrs. Connelly Congo and we trained the laypeople there is no gentleman here and either laypeople on the structuring condo is very there at all because of the Civil War and when they were in I held meetings in the home they are he has an Anglican visit after he had turned his and he and he gotten an invitation to learn that revelation seminar and he was drunk and I will learn from his members well and he was convicted now I knew exactly restricted and he had been preaching what he was learning the history of every Monday so he is that I imagine his drinking he could no longer meter after because he referent is that three out of the six churches deciding they would understand that Mister Justin and develop alternatives to detain with okay Ms. Y Brazilian and their fever the weekend when they say and I think that's in apply to all we are not many people are having learned not to enjoy this case of all were saying they are and I recall thinking that I can handle and in the train in the military I'll bet you can optically when I okay after going okay you two going okay then I be wheeling and training in Guatemala and how people in these numbers in January for that convert and ninety three people got back I think that you are leaving about seventy eight we need to train you February eighty nine in my people started holding meetings in their home and resume from at eight hundred and forty eight okay him transferred to a forty one hundred and now I think in a different time no N/A Karen Palestine who in them the remember feeling he now is exactly in the mulch is never active in the dining hall meetings in their home this one is a different and just Lisa Conway the same people in this room today that's right you and high can have the same impact in your church that they've had all the will including Guatemala there's no reason it can't be different and where this training has gone on to things happen he and Mrs. Ukraine North America live in Guatemala networking and the network mapping but we are really difficult area that he ran anymore and people are hard to reach what you think of my weekend in Paris where I will ask you around the world is very different I got the different parts of the world know around the world is very different Holy Spirit now they'll win the things I'm individually then once again be long and painful she is exactly okay him him me that they are different things your turn in your conference to how missile in North America in North America we did Cheney and what happened there when we call in the country were okay and I will get over fifty percent training is different and we use in their home in North America when we asked for commitment leaving eighty hundred but that's okay you have a congregation that he is training for in Oregon next evening that we have people that have written all the whole meeting on the one we really want this program is extremely low in one big problem we believe that everything is in the amount of insurance you are now in England in one thousand and twenty nine million milligrams I you really look hot in regard to show you now how can be found in my last life ahead I will train you now how to hold these meetings in your home and you and you will we would really like use of trade claims define your church to do these media are okay I know about how to organize the meeting I need four volunteers to help pay for nothing I you and the gentleman okay gray okay how do I know what we want to be when you will you not believe academic meetings in your home him a lot of effort I Amy Hall and I and all I see that as a hazy and the winner okay so when you do nothing at home in an extremely working on anything not what we advocate you to do and what we really encourage you to do and more he and your church can no longer hear and I and and and Arielle and I fell in an year or then they will and a description of the people in your game and you can be in the theater the day and there is incomparable relearning learning and improvement the sermon okay and we haven't been bigger I've been eager to preach the sermon still thinking he gets run over by a month or something like that probably not but they are somehow we get somewhere this is Peter and learning the sermon presented now across he is truly nuclear former all will be one the meeting I okay then we had the call our hope is not I will provide a way to hold the meeting usually in the whole on a Romania we trained three hundred young people and for the people on him haunting of the mulberry and they were extremely poor this culture was very very poor and I know will begin up to hold a meeting are you is a very humble carrot and the rich man in the whole district the big house and then even more young people that moment we enter when you add and in trying to get grown-ups otherwise they would not have been hot and the biggest one is probably not in the document that we would like the whole Bible ninety in your home is not we don't have enough place and what these young people paper three-day first international that he used his garage is is clearly leaving the mouth and made easier in their canopy TV I don't want to hold the meeting in his home now you see them I wasn't kindly gone as well there will provide a handy is called in the evening on ability and I know people who are antiwar more than anyone could be great if you have a community center that will give you a paper free or very keenly you can do that but it works really well in the home okay sorry he is not messing about the whole and will prepare humans that don't prepare a meal I think that he will maybe look on the file from the number you have twenty five meeting in your home you prepared to use me out even I do not know that to Lisa is the EU what I wanted like an avenging evangelistic meeting you want to be efficient you want to start on time and you wanting in on time and when one is over generally you want the people to go in and you'll have time within later on training on you we'll socialize with them but you want to get them there in the modeling that we feel more comfortable when you invite people over to your house and and they don't know you too well and you would buy it and they knowing exactly what what's that happen they feel more comfortable they don't feel like they have to stay than they come in and they know you're serious about what you doing that's right I love you I went so he offers that he will be in theaters businesses into me I knew a number you know the same time the person made after trying to reach the reason that could turn maybe a row now that you've been witnessed they don't respond to anything we leave China Trenton Wisconsin no one will care he was eighty nine years old and he and I and I think after World War II and her husband and children and they had children in human therapy children was brought up in your enjoining them to their drinking that you would never conflict management and metrics and she was getting ready that he was ninety two and he wanted to reach again and so she took the material home into the honey is that kind volunteering to host private dining room in our home by car on the things were well suited to the conversation you know we recommend he of course I was in the ones I know that a person you have to be in you and I in you him why he wanted my weekly prophecy seminars and he became a member and you and I didn't lady all by the year and allow away but he was so happy because he died in the war and healing and as you I know feeling that her pay I got her into but he would never let her take I think the half we join the church he figured out how much all that I live and you can you know and you know that we need to me why that is bad and you will be why I will be very foolish opinion on your team and if they're not human born in an long matter if they have yet to buy whatever the law you all in on the and you go them to be under the red is you don't know the Lord agreement in the People's life and now Europe is all you and what do I need here is your wedding and Brazilian rehab and he is eager and in the helper and yet I think you know much okay all I really know how your team is organized in twenty six servings of the North American version this twenty five international of your shirt is going to have more than one he doing the meeting charges will have much more or I think he is doing is unique within five yeah there how any means are weakened by half because you're going to hold the whole meaning for that team meeting in the home I think meeting on the Mac the other two are and he said that I am on the team who is going to be the final paper for the last seven or eight meeting in the near pastor only be two of you acting holding the meeting in the home and we need to finish the adventure continues that happened Monday for comment on the baptismal candidates from all the teams I feel like I went to one another the baptismal and it was in May I think this is the energy just feel lonely and these people when they were baptized they were harmed and while they had been in annual because anybody doing examined the meetings in the home you know each other and me still have your fourteen members who are acting in North America and her two people will come to your meeting place for him and he'll have more visitors throughout the eight visitors and you are you become he and the women will the church that they get to know the other people and you can involve your asterisk is the capacity to know when the visitors are adding adding that he didn't know that anything of management fever I met him in so that your visitors can bond with an integrated baby involved in somehow him him him anyway I will really not bigger it really is living in your terrible speaker continues you as you know I remember the first time on classroom and going overseas Ukraine and holding my breath series of meeting I will need a bigger English I need out in the background electrolyte and he hung the business person and what he do when you have a problem you right now I never had anywhere and so we got there and I was is that he had the first time I have every right interest ninety one offering the primary and at but you know I have prepared my sermon is not okay you would not do something completely I contacted three and I was trusting in my own preparation and I and my script I live in three and nothing made I remember they need a first amended always in the right you will and he will make green in an way you mean in person and leave they are not all in and out of the area that my knees were shaking so hard my different line line nine and I really be an eye cream and in any media now I remember going to my room and just crying and crying and crying and saying Lord on the whole business I know that I can do this by candidate I pray that not one of the morning you will need a down payment of Peter Sally not matter that you I think these are the same dignity and he will not feel I is not in the will in the city willing and now I just love the Lord unwilling to help me know and you know after that everything went well and forty seven people were baptized one he thought was a university professor who was a Navy will add you and you have any and afterwards I often than I said let me give you what made you decide that it is you that it was your first sermon is professor of history he knew all they knew the history of the world and he said every white unit was on Palestine need a year experiment in that sermon in the holy directories and you know and even adhere a terrible speaker Islam is your willingly and I can get the years if he's not actually hear like to hear you you believe in angels actually sometimes in the audience and plugs people 's ears we should hear more changes the word silly I hear them the way they're supposed to be as it slid into the heart is Lawrence looking for and you and you and you do the meetings in your home they're looking to looking for the heart that was successful I know you are all nasty trade he was nine years old is that I've been in my whole life generation had been brought anyone to are I think even before I die I want to think how might the Lord and how he agreed him uneasy home I painted it in half and united with these meetings I went and he was a powerful paper all my goodness you an accordion so Martin turned white and you and you and all I wanted in life that I've been at there be light and there was light in the morning on the first day in court and I think you must sell all my goodness is all I hear people came back okay and that will be back in and there were three people that have nothing but we didn't have such group behavior I is he not the messenger is the method will not happen then you really believe that had you in your own life in Michigan that was changed and he decided he wanted a meeting Monday made a physical picture cards increase from that of the theory and the backpack to one for every year they are I is the cat is alive I hope that so Lisa using we talked about the team the organization we get an audience well okay this is hard I thought you are you holding them in your bouquet hiking in the organization I can get more people so what's the next column I believe these people to come to my home well Lisa tell him why he is in your gather and pray now let's stop there and I am on for lack of a better term for well what I have seen an amazing answers in our church is my live recently through prayer it is so important to approach this with prayer from the beginning and everybody be committed to this trip for your church to pray for this article in your church or your Sabbath school class to pray for this every day that where you really need to start and then the rest of the pieces will start to come in and tell them about how to get the client to your home he will keep I have a season of prayer and I and all over the net we pray every day naps galore was it I invite you an e-mail and name people selling you the names of the people and people you will is okay that I might hear from you press okay and you are called where I will not enter into good design and development you know you are sorry I believe that her friend are going door-to-door inviting people to the meeting today laziness one hundred and nineteen to the door and more there was probable and he had to anywhere where you need to start and he had no money and a person officially he's tiny metal hanging out everywhere wow I will needlessly inauthentic then we have in Bible study meetings you call me had happened in the that the fire and using now I want even as he landed one of my homework with them respectively in the door and you and I heard you and yours Pennsylvania Flyers and Villa the Bible was going back to the car and is not anyone I think that when the meantime and I will not name than the one of these ideas is definitely an item that you don't join you I was reading her dry mouth and I was remodeling hair and he had been organized I forget I'm black leather that he was climbing that it will not ignite documentary you but yeah I like reading them I every night and ignited by a and a more England nine and he got even been cleaner I believe every night while legal uncertainty I necessarily think is a program within a matter and he was one of the Bible records is not the half of training of the Bible worker his hair was standing line young glassware you know you love me I was a pastor living on related video glee because there is nothing drastic change in his life parents who are on the verge of divorce got back together and started writing the Bible we leave the church there in that city they were the holes for the next United meeting and his younger brother who was totally into drawing the formal life today in the coworker in Australia winning all in all now so you never know this is crazy hair as they are really in traffic and Holy Spirit have a life that is my person he is on the Internet altogether forty okay so you go after we put you down there on one after that didn't offer arbitration members and praying over the Navy command you name for at least one week and I knew you naïve argumentation and I highly read this event I is an even use whatever word you want to you and let the day menu you play the address of the play and I and he is person to never did hear a lever that can invite them to an employee named you only get between four to eight people to come tonight Kerry said he currently is proud but you also need to be very organized and meeting time finish on time if a computer meeting and want to be there for up to three hours and will not come back to me January one I believe meetings in my house or I might be I try to keep the meeting will no more than an hour and the sermon will take about forty five fifty nine degrees you have entertainment and people are in your head thinking that after adding in him me know and I think I don't know anybody that when things and on regarding invitations and also people are inherently in the church members who are active in the that you know will that is worn to be a great place to talk to people and ask them to come to the meetings asked to help you with these of price hikes I personally without an attorney for about fourteen years but I would go to church about once or twice a year and in my heart I was secretly longing that somebody would ask me either to come to lunch or the pastor come visit me and it never happened so there are many people including probably something your church that would jump at the opportunity to do this so give them that opportunity so think about that and pray about that that the Lord will lay on your heart people in your church that would be good people that have not met their member they've not given her heart to the Lord that would be a good individual to be part of your DVD training yet he is you will not I is gentle are even not so gentle persuasion I will call for help people will help generally in the house and younger he will begin I know I will be very likely and learn how you will have an introduction to finally understand and I don't have enough feel is really really important that when you are preparing to preach that you may heal the people I make a decision and will do what you have altar call him have people all banging off or what ever is really what CNN that I respond any your initial sermons are many very easy it was immediately that the Bible is the word of God you believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world you will kind of efficient and very very easy and people when there is the preaching is one thing I hope everybody had been taken for granted that he is in is really like for you is not okay and people the attention and time needed to make the decision to become a genuine user training is involved with I know when they are not to be very easy to envision along the way when you come to the station in the back life that your prospect to ensure in him and me finding all along the way I help with finding and keeping for them to find that the harder decisions but if you have given them the opportunity to make is in your house near the vision is very difficult for them so make sure that when you are programming your home and then people the opportunity to file any knowledge that is now live and make decisions in a group setting so if you live in that they get to visit them and Mister three secret system went back to you and I know what it okay the first secret is to visit people okay I present a biblically ninety minute edition I may because somebody visited in the home to a secret number two oh oh how many people here like to visit how many people you are you raise your hand says other is other sooner like to know if I want to go visiting you know what it does take being bold we do not have to step out tell it's an old saying that you don't have to get out of our comfort zone on Fox but it's true if you were involved in the Lords work Morgan have to do some things that we don't initially like the one she do and it's like wow how come I haven't done this before so that's important to remember it's got to be visiting one of visit I want to invite people but it's when you do everything you're not even successful the first time it doesn't matter the second time for the third time to be successful so the court visitation it's not some people 's favorite thing to do but it is important if somebody would come and visit me sooner I would've been up back in the church soon talking with somebody to come visit me that it will help our economy and in him is this the number one and number three in the Wii I I he I was thinking this where I was involved with while they are I will that in a group setting and people have a hard make the decision and in a good and evil negative vision just because I'm from Minneapolis and you don't will permit the Senate bill three we are able to live in their missing a meeting with the amazing club meeting I didn't like the moment at wanted when he as Saleem when they may have meant nothing this is why when you are going to get them to the letter I bet his vision to Ms. Hernandez and I think for you pray that the reason and will make a decision in coming to the meeting all the time and making anything they can going to happen I don't make them visited with ninety one eighty nine hundred and thirty need them when you moment and then there are three questions that you the best one is in this new field implementation and and and you understand what clear that he and I are in a you are not only will you want down with you this is what I heard I know when you die you go to purgatory where we want to have how do I know that you know in class in England and I think you that when you clarify something you know maybe the time people don't come back to the meeting because they have been using a lot and I must admit the menu don't know if I have a friend who was holding meetings the young men in the background and every meeting he would come forward forward forward for an exiting the Brownell and he was writing millet he was in the mouth and you give them he might even come an element fragments validity and when you drill down the street he didn't see the guy in the window but when you start out in the dark but he rang the doorbell again I think I will know exactly how we him that I read before I saw you in the design of the house and I was climbing out the window and he only will you and you know you want to see you today and I finally found an e-mail in the car and then I said he is my friend and while nobody is giving exaggerated by why not an e-mail using their new life Baptist Church and I called my dumb people I love my job and I had configured all the way down and my friend had to know our children he is an event that all will I think today he is a you are not in this meeting would not know what he was visiting that you need in your people not present any decisions about the applicant will combat the visitation is a report and you don't stay long the fact that you may seem to be in the meeting I will bookmark away versus something given to them and I wanted to you and a blessing to me and I'll enjoy you you may not even going so I'm not knocking even if he will go down in a you know I had a friend who lost people and she went to the later her first visit in person and she's been there for an hour and I him she received related to meeting you is eternal life often on the door and go over today and have them wanting more in the long okay I don't think the lot I was in the question specifically the only further information don't know that I really encourage them here there is long and pray with no freestanding delimitation and pray encourage them to come back next so we get about ten minutes life so what we got five minutes will do for questions okay so now the program okay it is shown in the graphic that having a new beginning a DVD that twenty experimental that all the sermon on no so you can go back and the so this is one of them this is a slight hill you'll see the this actually has graphics will be on your screen so you can you can see this and this is that this is the train as you can see in the end of the hour on it at all show you the sermon notes on your view a couple 's life so will be able to access playlists on your DVD player now all we may be able in one or two minutes on bike and show you that the eighty eight ASI website if you don't have a chance to go we don't have a chance doing today go to ASI ministries .org and you can download all of this information you can download the server knows what they're also on the desk this Sir Ellis there is a manual on how to do that so all the stuff that were talking about today is on the website are also on the website will be busy as pastor family giving about an eight hundred and twelve minute description of each one of these sermons and what to cover one of the high points what kind of an appeal to give what kind of prayer even you might want to pray for that so there was a lot of material here to help you and you don't release him or myself Barbara on to train your input on here you can go on the website and get all the information you need were also available to give you some questions I would be happy to answer them on but this gives you an idea of how the other than the kind of graphics is the same thing that he is being used on why some of the top evangelists and it's all in review it is absolutely accurate in its theology and its delivery you know we we had this one is revised this is the revised about four months now and were going to be translating it into many different languages right now we have thirty six I don't know the number on this one probably twenty five hour starting out in language that justice I know so you can go on the website along with them so you can year using the graphics here of what you're looking at now let me go to the sermon notes will quick note that in an so this is the sermon notes for the screen so and you can read on now it's always good but I will tell you how many people here part me of why have to sit on I have a bad back right now how we people here have kids and when young children we knew before you had your first child your kind in shock did you know what to do I was born and you brought home in your life in my life when I was looking Michael was more willing than we do now okay it's a little bit like this is doing your first one you don't you don't think that if you're doing things right and it's not working out and we don't have ten people resources it doesn't matter just do it the first time you'll get so much experience from the first time second time will be much easier your second time then you become an expert soldiers just remember that and so so anyway through the sermon as you can see and acknowledge who each one of the slides to show you of anyone to say and generally even review the notes for him sometimes people just get the book out and they read the main point that Lisa and I want to make is just do one or the other you don't have to have it memorized reason is as Lisa said the person who went in and it was kind of not most interesting person to listen to try still baptize three people that I really have to tell you that this is strong enough actually in the version was written by Mark Finley he became in heaven having appeared in heaven having a thickness and having been on that him I don't think most of us don't talk like that and the way me and I found I could and now I I practiced passive and make a myelin adult changing the square that when the ICANN and winger competency is not comfortable for you I doubt I will you want to come up here and is very likely one of the laypeople on that network try out if there is this how bad he is not around the world training other people you know how a meeting they need home or in the future and if you cannot give you my public life anything against terror the millionaire experience in the program and know that he will I I I and is a you is is a is for you when you will need a a he will in a and a is a is a is a he is a he is in him all day long and I is for you and is the online by an as a all in and I is a mark in a is in a will is a high you will have a is an is an and all will will will will is in the eye of a you and is a will is a law is a law and is in an and is a him to an all I had oh is a working and is solidly in in in in in in addition we shortened the sermon and go in and updated the information is updated and very glad I know that things like use that when you have hardly been assaulted I think when you see them I found that water income I unite your heart if I baptized or something and you will I and our prayer is that each of you will the experience of reading the Lord 's gym and got had an three hundred thirteen of the ceremony is one thing that you than anything you haven't then I your character has and told to have one in my design I want to encourage you not to do here in the presentation by I really want to the Lord in this something I can do I think the hard personally and realistically indent on this one he will not be home to do something like that to go at this time we want to ask if there is a money here that would day in material home and holding a meeting all they know myself and those who are voting to come up here him as I think about a had he banished the Spanish ones are not translated them in the process of being translated in the same year we will have a prayer for you and I'm all over here they are okay they are in and that he has covered the fly out on you and you are you committed to doing okay wonderful to come on here and we wanted to family and all of this is the only one is there is not an easy call I want back in Manassas Ireland that is not in an is he you he he okay I will make you more committee is doing a wonderful home and what we would like to do is to hold all your video now and we hiked back to the picture and hey what not to check on you and okay I him him is they are really he is I think your high level of my feelings have tried video when you will need in the pictures really like to hear your experiences and hiding the truth the very first meeting I hated and home that he we had one visitor and my team they are you know we need to post this here on in Pakistan that would be a much better in other so one and he is glad to know we can play you have to get going even if we get one person while the third or fourth night another person came from iron this and by the end of the meeting we had five people coming in first person I came he was the only one at that time that phrase alone and try to you know it might start out small you need to know and appreciate some leaving a message this guy well okay you okay we really nice to pray for you in this environment is my immediate partner in the Cheney and I might have to you have a bear patiently and letting it is able to share your word with others we know that you are coming soon we know that we have work to do and we just pray that your Holy Spirit will bless each and every one of us here that have consecrated our lives to be your witness in a time that is growing darker and darker each day we asked Lord that you will bless us now is we believe in constant greater hearts and minds that we won't be in tune with your Holy Spirit and that we will follow your will on the days ahead of him Jesus bring you a you was my noncancerous horny and maintenance services and industry learn more and I find a on any assignment is worth as our free online newsroom in these visit www. on my universe


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