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Fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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have you ever got me started about the fulfillment of the base of trumpets in the history of the Christian church you had the experience of Jesus dying on the cross just prior to that was the experience of the Lord 's supper following that by fifty days was the experience of Pentecost being as it were fulfilled this of the phase of unleavened bread and the priest of the Passover and the feast of Pentecost and HK the feast of also fail on even the same day of the same month as the face occurred in the Jewish history that interesting unleavened bread available on the Lord 's supper both assembled a feast lasting about was the Passover Passover the time just died and then the Pentecostal and Pentecost what is pent in the units referred to fifty days it's seven weeks after the Passover what happened on Pentecost the feast of first fruits was a reference for the wave sheaf in particular was a reference to those who are resurrected with Jesus but when he died and were taken to heaven with him when he ascended Al about to move to a different set of of peace these happen in the first two lines the first two and a half month of the Jewish year and represented the events in the beginning of the Christian age but beginning in the seventh month Simon being a number that often hasn't represented the and or completeness in the seventh month where another series of feasts those where the beast of trumpets which is followed by the day of atonement which is followed by the beast of Tabernacles Windows-based all happen in the seventh month representing their fulfillment in the end of time Adventists are more typically familiar with the name atonement being fulfilled in eighteen forty four when Christ entered the most holy place what did he endlessly place October twenty two word to get that date from we didn't get it from Daniel we didn't get revelation we got it from the feast because the fees are fulfilled on the day that the feasts happen as was Pentecost as was Passover as was the feast of unleavened bread is there anyone who is lost would like me to say something again yes start over owners like me are there were seven feasts in the first two months to represent things that happen to begin a Christianity and there were some feast in the seventh month represented a vast happen in the end of Christian history those three feasts are and the three were talking about right now the address for judgment in the three and the best and the three men are in order trumpets atonement tabernacles trumpets atonement Tabernacles Rick the feast of trumpets came before the feast or the day of atonement the feast of trumpets was an announcement that the day of atonement was coming the trumpets were blown in a celebrant announcement that the judgment day of atonement was on its way adjustment is coming would you like to prepare you what and the feast of trumpets was placed so that you can prepare for the day of judgment coming how was it fulfill prior to the beginning of the judgment nineteen forty four God sent messengers around the world to warn the world of that is soon coming judgment of God soon the coming of Christ to never talk about a number of them I want to personally mention them by names that they work to multiply the fulfillment of the feast of trumpets the mix at that time going forward I if we render them chronologically we might start with Bengal he wrote in the early seventeen hundreds kind up too early perhaps for us to put him in this last Bengal BEM GDL might as you have to listen to the word know which they are bangle was a reformer who wrote from the prophecies of Daniel revelation about Christ soon coming he pre- decadence based in the prophecies of Daniel just as William Miller did later he was in Europe at their something about the European expositors of you probably ought to know they never had the kind of unanimity on the dates that the American expositors have been exaggerated said parents everyone under William North America as they believe Christ's come back about eighteen forty three well if you go to Europe a look at these expositors they were united in that way they would say some eighteen sixties some eighteen eighties some eighteen forties some eighteen twenties yester like seventeen tens long before that's right Europe did not go through the kind of disappointment that existed in America because it was not united in this respect Mister cutaway areas this here is how I would get into it the feast of trumpets was a seven day beast perhaps showing not that there were seven days of announcing the coming judgment but that there was a period of time and it was happening all through it that's the best I can do it for the ballot question one SSL before midnight best answer to find a better one get back with me to understand his question I yester I've never say one right on it not where some of O'Reilly because I don't like guessing it is also somewhat that you don't know right well made I the next significant expositor was a man by the name of the manual well like kinds of manual well it's MA and UBL I think like Lindsay is one of those beautiful words spelled phonetically he was from the country of Chile South America but there came a time when Empire the Spanish Empire that was over Chile became irritated with the Jesuits manual at Lufthansa happened to be a Jesuit and they expelled whichever was over Chile expelled the judgments and on the reason it's confusing to me to say Spanish discussion over he went when he was expelled Spain I'm trying to harmonize up my mind is not working too well but anyway that's where he went and I know itself may look like a console went to Spain and a few began to study diligently revalued and already begun study more diligently the prophecies he realized that his team that what he was finding was not in harmony with Catholicism by the way are our judgments typically scholarly no they typically are very educated men and it should not surprise us if judgments join us in the future and I fear somewhat the reception the deli save if they try we audit the kind I'm going off the manual console was a Jesuit who wasn't Adventists who because of his fear of the Inquisition and what it would do for his writings published his prophetic expositions under a pseudonym it was a long pseudonym but the short version of it is been as rough BEM space easy are a course as rebels considered the ultimate scribe and was then the Hebrew son so it be like the son of that teachers are the son of the scribes and our words it was a name that met students than Ezra as the author of this is prophetic works was known caused a significant stir throughout Europe his words were translated into several languages thankfully when when the sky was operating this is beginning in the seventeen sixties is the second one chronologically it was not till after his death however that his works were published that price saved him some trouble after then as riot timing the rest chronologically becomes much more complex because there were a number of them like William Miller that began studying at one point and teaching privately in another antigen publicly out another and so were dropping the chronological stuff now and just going into a list of them more by what they did that access to a dissent but it makes sense story wise to go to that Mister Irving Edward Irving for our next person Edward Irving by the way is a man that is appreciated as a founder of a number of religious movements but talk about him he was born in seventeen ninety two no I don't know history so well to just have those kind of things in my mind I decided to write about ten minutes ago is born in seventeen ninety two and that he marketed to thirty he became a priest and the search up well in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland he apparently was an extremely zealous loving affectionate teacher and that it was not long before he had to move to a significantly larger charge to accommodate his growing congregation the intelligentsia of London was coming to his chapel yes there was a strong Scottish movement in England Presbyterian movement Edward Irving got a hold of a book by Ben Ezra he could read at Latin and we're rather laughing but it was not originally written in Latin original was written in Spanish and so she learned so much from this book on the prophecies that he devoted himself to learning the Spanish language just so he could read and more original accurate rendition of the work of Nazareth he organized a society to studying the prophecies about Christ second Advent and from that study group this was why the center of Europeans Adventists on they concluded that many in the study group that Jesus would come back in the eighteen forties Edward Urbain when he was just about forty years old marriage about eight or nine years into the study experience growing in popularity growing in influence and equivalent in some ways of a combination of Joshua William Miller put together that is he had the knowledge combined with the PR genius he was preaching in his church one Sunday when speaking and tongs broke out in his congregation he had started reading his Bible thoroughly enough to know that there would be a pouring out of the Holy Spirit in the last days some of the conservative members of his church immediately condemned the speaking in tongues movement Edward Irving was not willing to do that because he said he he did not want to pin down what might be the prophesied revival hey there started whether North cited against however those that decided against it remember this was a Presbyterian Church not a charismatic one those the sided against fixed putting him on trial for heresy for his unwillingness is passing us take a stand against he was removed from his pastor Shep wow this movement grew he became sick and died having taken a stand neither against its performance I will tell you my personal opinion that I have good hope of seeing Edward Irving in heaven because I know someone else was inclined to take a run position on something going on and that got sick and died inexplicably committee but understandable to administer was that was William Miller when you take as much as he could take God late in the rest so that he would not fight against the troops and of Edward Irving was it seems perhaps about to sign with the Pentecostal movement it could be that he was laid to rest for that very reason he died at the age I believe it was a forty two there was another movement that he's credited with founding and it's not such a good one but he really didn't sound he only put up with its and countenanced it a lady in his church that had the gift of tongues began to speak about a secret rapture of the church Edwards Irvine was it wasn't client believe that this was the truth as I told you he died but sometime after his death this idea was picked up by an American by the name of Schofield and from there it became the dominant doctrine of prophetic interpretation among the Baptist from there to evangelical religion in general so that there are two movements that oppose each other greatly the Baptist evangelical movement and the Pentecostal movement and both can to some extent trace themselves back to this Adventist expositor Edward Irving November interest those who believe in the secret rapture which are characterized by her are primarily the Baptist and evangelicals today another very notable man who became active before Edward Irving and was also active after him by virtue the fact that Edward Irving was not acted very long was Joseph Wolf Joseph Wolf I believe but I'm not certain of this began to his priestly ministry in Italy I truly don't remember what that sort was actually said that he began somewhere else and had to go to Italy to be spied on better because he was not conforming well enough to through it accepted Catholic norms maybe I should mention Joseph what did not grow up as a Catholic he grew up as a Jew his conversion to Catholicism is very interesting it was only Christianity and that was anywhere around him maybe you've read about it in the great controversy he'll was reading in his Bible one day his Old Testament is Jewish Old Testament we found Isaiah fifty three and he wondered what was about and he asked a year rabbi about it and was severely revealed for studying it what you suppose the Rabbi thought that a young boy comes and asked what Isaiah fifty three was even talking to certainly he has but it works so but did make a difference to the young minds please forget the study was a young man what a study result of the study something he went after Isaiah fifty three concluded that Jesus was the Messiah gave up Judaism and joined the Catholicism that he knew his Christianity but he wasn't obedient Catholic he continued studying for himself decided to offer himself as a Jew Norris Judaism Catholicism or personal religions and if you end up leaving wondered privately the other he did eventually became part of his own religion the creature that had been here I think he put the dates based on the splicer date prophecy at eighteen forty six but also possibly fallible memory by think that's right and agent forty six this is the credit I get the Joseph was he saw personal message that not only to defend our judgment is come but instead that the gospel should be preached to every kindred nation time and people will need rather than were people present England more people preach and in Scandinavia your patient in Germany and the writings of that has ever circulated in the Spanish-speaking and Italian speaking countries of Europe nervous wasn't being preached here was at old world so why did it he began traveling he went first to Arabia he went through a number of Muslim countries threatened with death repeatedly he just kept marching is told in a doggy count marching and the story and it is incredible how he kept going in our party went he went in the wave is done preaching zero and what was the known world there did think it was done in a relatively gentle America by boat to preach you see was ahead of William Miller in some respects Joseph what was a great man but there's a chapter about him the great controversy is just mentioned to find the chapter heralds the morning another man who preached on the continent was Goss and G a U S S E N this can relieve Goss and this is nothing notable about you and mine accepted that it will go to America what is it about William Miller that sets him apart and stands him alone a lot of these other men are all Helen the feast of trumpets preaching weather weren't what they were doing there is something that sets it apart and that is he was right more right than our words these other men were doing the right thing that is they found the package is coming soon they started at song they were studious they believe that they preached at they went on got the message out God gives them credit for that they were doing a good thing but William Miller was a more careful Bible student for two decades he went after a serious study and this is why she was accurate in his presentations on so many things that they were wrong about for example they believed many of the European expositors that the Jews would be converted in the end of time that several literal reading of the book Revelation they had other error other doctrinal errors in a lack uniformity but here's William Miller because he studied so thoroughly his converts adopted his theory almost in the whole and who was most inclined to accept this theory the people who were most biblical so that a mosaic last fertile ground for the kind of extravagances that happened in Europe this is not to say that nothing happened fanatical and memories tell a bit about the life of William Miller William the where was raised in a family that was Christian but in a community that had adopted deistic sentiments you might ask what is Deism I don't remember so here's the answer deism as the book is the belief that God exists that's the word deity but that's about it it's a balloon the DSM it is one rational account to get around the question of why does God allow a sin and suffering deism approaches a question like this guy obviously exists because these things could not have just happens it obviously does not take a personal interest in this world because all these terrible things happen before those two steps of logic LSD is Thomas Jefferson was an deistic sentiments of my comment something about Deism about why I had such an influence in the vegetable and Miller adopted Deism much to the consternation of his religious mother and relatives the deism around million dollars area was morally bad rectitude moral rectitude that is the DS there were honest in trade faithful to their wives did not cost and swear and were not alcoholics they were exemplary citizens and for the also hard more exemplary than the non- DS take nontheistic call contemporaries of the less educated nature that is those that were once a word it's not roast what I'm looking for base maybe is a good one uneducated people many times are more vulgar in their speech less less noble and the relation to others who were someone amended the Deists enjoyed reading it might have her names like seeing its UN be and Geneva he died his face looks evil his name what Voltaire exactly than his name sound able to select vulture and exactly both are Voltaire read a very bright mind and of what he rejected it was Catholicism but what he thought it was was Christianity the big trick delis is a lot coming the trick is this the trick is to get you tart reject truth by having it presented to you by the a a poor source and distracting myself going forward so when Miller became a Deist believing that God was not personally involved in this world he just let things happen that is not not like you watched it will happen but he created and went on his way pride to another interesting things making other worlds and other situations and know God was a big guy and do my thing is why we pay attention to the Spitz week low world is hard to match the growing astronomy of the times he realize how small the world is how could you believe God is paying attention Willie Miller ended up being a captain and war of eighteen twelve and in and out more she was involved in a certain battle where his force was supremely outnumbered not only by numbers of people but by quality of ammunition and also via experience in warfare that is the enemy had all the advantage and why did they not just surrender immediately because they believed in the America would win eventually and they're willing to give their lives for this to win freedom for us so they're willing to fight a hopeless cause it is somewhat grateful to people like that anywhere they didn't lose they want and the tide of battle was so remarkable to William Miller that the experience over through DSM percent on experience and overthrow Deism was it wasn't by the tenants of Deism God is not involved with you observe in the battle God was involved we observed was that credible incredible pro- auto service cat hat in favor of the of his son is a province determined that they would win so Deism overthrow it made him want to go back inside and he what he found the Bible was a savior just such as he imagine that he needed William Miller began a methodical study of the Scripture he did not like the Nazarite and and Gossen Irving kind of hot in the prophecy in the middle he began with Genesis one beside the Bible chapter by chapter verse by verse it was when he came to the prophecies of Daniel that he studied them one of the most remarkable virtues of William Miller to my mind was this at least if you can credit what you said about himself that after he'd been preaching the message of the soon coming Advent for more than ten years publicly opposed by hundreds of America's greatest scholars of all persuasions that never once had an objection that been brought against this doctrine that he had not thought of before he even began he went further he said and there were many objections that he had thoughts of against his own position that no one ever suggested to him description when he was criticizing his own possession that any objections to his doctors suggested themselves to him but he started out over through that no one else is entire life ever brought up as an objection against his doctor if we would study that way we would not be shaken out intellectually in the shaking spiritually was still might be in danger Mister Cervantes yeah I did the unanimous response is this question is that how did William Millard rebuffed this idea that no man knows the day or the hour here is the way that he rebutted that from eighteen of thirty three Intel October one eighteen forty four I agree no one knows the day of the hour over certainly commanded to know when it is near and there's no reason why we cannot know the year and is a possibility it will happen early because there are prophecies that he will cut it short in righteousness so I will say that he will come on or before that year William Miller was not the one who settled on days of the year he resisted that because of that biblical statement however in October of eighteen forty four about two weeks before October twenty two that power of the Spirit of God will read behind that October twenty two movement and that Howard what he observed and the logic of the reasoning was such that William Miller did conclude that October twenty two must be the right day I suppose if you'd asked during those two weeks how he would answer it he would say he doesn't know how to harmonize these two lines of data that this line of data looks stronger that the gas of never seeming respond to that question is are some answer in this question when William Miller began preaching in New England very many ministers enjoy a bit enjoyed having my Miller come to their church they remember from your own study why they enjoyed Miller preaching exactly that William Miller in his preaching style Mister Alastair has a position majority of conference I'm preaching to you about this and for anyone else ever ends up having that influence their peer comes in this'll get audio verse so for anyone who listens of this hero hits the greatest revival in all American history came from a man who was anything but charismatic in his preaching he was nearly what someone call boring in his speaking manner but never was his audience board third interest was riveted by the bedbug called content of his message his manner and appearance was so far below what we would associate with a public evangelist that when he was invited by frame to come speak at the charge of Josiah Lynch when just violates met him he was embarrassed to go on the pulpits with him in the briefly introduced him and sat on the front row as an evidence to his charge that he did not want to be associated with this fanatic who notably Miller began preaching which was taken with the preaching God ought and went and sat behind him for the remainder of the sermon which is interesting in this respect because he was only the second minister out of hundreds that apparently accepted scores that had joined Miller in preaching he was only the second one who lasted more than a few weeks that is what happened to Miller's movement while the scrolling many ministers countenanced it like that encouraged it but they refused to put their energy into it they totally refused to find much of much of Mark much of William Miller 's correspondence early correspondences between him and a pastor named Hendrix Hendrix is not the first minister that's even ask I'll get to that in that Hendrix was a pretty typical minister he seemed to believe what William Miller taught and William Miller encouraged Hendrix bio letters over and over again to particular power pitcher with power it was one million Miller had died and hundreds handed over many of those letters to his biographer Sylvester Bliss Hendrix didn't do it who was the first one to join that was Charles H not write that name down just because your pension be honored to scribble it Charles Fitch is an amazing man anonymous history checklist of the amazing things about first of all he was sweet and meek is going to be in heaven is one of only two people I know of Ellen White saw as being in heaven you know how he died baptizing people and they had to break a hole in the ice the baptize in a couple weeks before October twenty two eighteen forty four there is no time to wait for spring so he stood in the icy water baptized and caught pneumonia and died on the Tuesday before the great disappointment he was married and had two boys his mother was a thorough convert to his teaching and told her boys not to weep his funeral they would see their data just a few more days Charles fishnets and another positive besides being the first man to join William Miller with his energy to teach she was the first to conclude the meaning of the second Angels message that is you can give William Miller credit for being the one who announced the first of those message in North America behold our good judgment this can't that was the message taken up by most of the Miller writes but in eighteen forty two the second Angels message began to be preached by Charles Fitch and was adopted by a number of others that one is fallen is fallen which of course comes with the revelation eighteen message come out of her my people know is a big difference between Fitch and William Miller William Miller never called people to leave their denominations in fact he discouraged the forming of an Adventist denomination he thought it would only be a hindrance to the promulgation of the truth to make a denominational issue although William Miller eventually did join Charles Fitch and his views because the churches turned solidly against William Miller began to disfellowshipped from numbers that have his opinions I suppose you know one of the prominent members was disfellowshipped for having his opinions can be know someone who was the harm in such right Ellen 's family were disfellowshipped from the Methodist Church and for no other reason than leaving in Miller's Doctor are anybody read chapter two and light bearers of God half the group is doing the pre- reading is a happy all right in our last five minutes since there is a hundred things I haven't gone over designing the highest euros interest view that you'd like to mention from your reading that we haven't talked about something you don't raise your hands all need something that is an opportunity for you John notice about the preaching of Scandinavia who did it it was very similar to what happened in the Middle Ages in Scandinavia and children preached with the very words of Scripture that could not yet read I tell you Heidi I plan to have children like the next couple years well child help me will get to them two years putting out the plan to get started is a possible if you have children this age that they will cop a something in God 's final work for only five years old when things wrap up teach them right and it's very possible that Nelson noted that encouraging there are some bells and statements you could find around like indicate you might not want to have children this age just so you know you look around you know that they had people preach in Australia will find that on page twenty eight all right if you look on page thirty three LC a picture to silence their will close with this just hi Wes made his contribution that doesn't by making by introducing the exposition of the seven trumpets Daniel Daniel William Miller was sticking mostly with Daniel to silent space in the seven trumpets concluded that Ottoman Empire would fall in the fall of eighteen forty as he got to the middle making forty concluded that would be in August as he got to July include that would be August eleven his confidence in the fulfillment of prophecy was increasing and on August eleven eighteen forty because the silence was a very prominent minister this drive if you make a prediction like that in a very specific when having a very specific day this is dull like some to the general public because if you say a general thing will happen generally the future I can send a big war between America and communism in the future how can you be evaluated few profs I correct that you say August eleven eighteen forty on Empire Falls you can expose this hoax for what it is so in August eleven eighteen forty a number of newspapers in North America it ran headlines list fails and has a lot of flounders false prophet embarrassed and whatever large letters they could get to do it it took a while to get the news over here from Europe than August eleven eighteen forty just as the Ottoman Empire had risen to its power by by independence from the European control that it fell by submitting to European control was incredible to silence began to receive letters from infidels and there were infidels aplenty at the farmer 's history because the deism of twenty years before it is a developing system and what is Diaz and end up eventually eventually you can see clearly that you don't really need God once you have the doctrines of Darwin being promulgated government publishes exposition in eighteen forty four so what happens was a claims allege that he receives thousands a letter from a thousand infidels stated that they had given up infidelity and become Bible believing Christians based on the fulfillment of the prophecy of bit of Revelation chapter nine that's enough to learn from one day you are dismissed


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