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Team Approach to Health, Healing and Hope

Wendell Lawrence
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This seminar will focus on how God used a small, weekly health and nutrition class in Dr. Lawrence’s dental office as a bridge to Bible study. It will also show how the collaborative effort of physicians, nutritionists, lay pastors, vegan cooks, musicians, and Bible workers helped to expand this small Bible study into a major evangelistic series. Dr. Lawrence will also share practical tools used in the office to meet the physical and spiritual needs of his patients, and how that eventually led to several baptisms.


Wendell Lawrence

Dentist in Southfield, Michigan



  • August 9, 2013
    3:30 PM
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you never want to assist out their first value that could be here and a presentation this afternoon is the team team approach to health healing and hope and is pretty focused on a kind father thank you so much for the privilege to be here at ESI and to share and learn the most sought we thank you for the privilege we have two good vessels in your hands to give your glory honor and praise you this now is he going to a seminar and the Holy Spirit be here now to be touched and lastly changed his voice messages and for his sake and how many medical specials we have in the room I said good about Doctor Novalis is a and that all medical professionals and the let me introduce to you first before I start we got out of the office in the Detroit area and Metro Detroit area and God bless us over the years to be able to do ministry for office and expresses from endlessly and that we just wanted to rest some handle thoughtfully signature long as one unit of Detroit is a very depressed they are right now because of the bankruptcy and all things going on the Ghana still blessing promised a blessing and I just wanted in addition to the team that works with us or the last few years and we have him all the way past to hear how reading and his wife Loretta Green season and is cool partly here and in ministry in the they work with with my office and that Doctor Julie here she is on a nutritionist and she works with officer at closely but he has a office that's right in the same building of hours and that she is a great help to her to work with and then we have Doctor McDowell came in from Florida hundreds of some selection on meetings and will be the easier the network ministry wouldn't call United hands with his wife and was director and that we ought medical ministry and that we were part of their work for them and that Goddess certainly blessed us so we wanted to discuss with you today ten practical keys to helping vandalism in the dental or medical office and I know we have a dentist Daniel Dennison room this one here and that any physicians here here okay so I am so the first thing we didn't want to act years ago got impressed me to societies meetings my office about that means my office over the years and that God is truly blessed and this year we wanted to do something different we wanted to make a team approach to suit to the medical evangelism so we assessed the community and the needs of the community Troy was really going for time people were audit jobs no insurance and things were pretty depressed and as a result people were more receptive to the gospel Morris health education health education so there is anyone other than the main reason why most medical professionals don't actually are hesitant to do medical ministry through the office so whatever anyone has any idea that that that that's one of the main fears if I thought what religion my office I could be labeled as a religious fanatic I lose my patience they will build the upcoming and there is something enough to leave them on the motivations and then also some people are fearful that are if I take time off from my busy practice to do medical evangelism I would lose revenue and that I can't really afford it I can't get the time off and but we found the opposite to be true the months that we are the week so will we going to intense evangelism take a lot of time off if you look at my books at the end of those months revenue is is greater sometimes double and also we find that the Accounts Receivable has dropped so low it is the more people paying the bills on both of those months so God makes up the difference he supplies of resources for our world ministry and so don't be afraid to step out and what was that text suite we talked about seeking what first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and what all things will be added on to week we would be the him other than the golfers allies and practices in everything we do that God will supply the need he was private resources and as we found out so we advertise right in the dental office we leave flyers out leave magazines out there we have our view the spring of living magazine is a very complete magazine and that without government counters we would meet up some flyers health healing and hope what is left of an economy we didn't go to people and say what would you come to our meetings we just left things available for them on the counters everywhere and people can fill things out on conventional DVDs for the office leaving the patient rooms up on mission trips will show pictures of our different activities within the videos we had and that people will see those they ask about it I was so we've just lost awesome meetings office that feature the same thing would you like to come and they will more happy to come in the sign-up sheets in the office it was with sign up and left the building the team building and team we had when we decided to isolate Gaza by myself before I was in the office and was a team states that only have noted how these novelty members here what's what's the importance of the team building and team you very very good events that the whole concept and we decided to build a team of various health professionals and medical medical specialists and Bible workers and we had about a working league titles and team and we had a nutrition team will wear the duties on ahead and that and we had a big chaplain arrested illegally pass bathroom was a chaplain on the hospitals and he can work with us and the often low emotional counseling to people that is processing the events of the people leaving their what they accustomed to doing and will coming into a new way of thinking that a lot of emotional strain on the relationship with your family is counting numbers don't want you to think you're going to some strange awareness of student group calls and sold me that they not emotional counseling for these people to run an prior to let them know that that that this is development at breaking a tie in a brilliant try with you found what I've been off the size you you can still go take care of you undoubtedly need for this process of a change in food service steam and we had a music team appraising and then we had a children's ministries team is one thing you realize when you start meetings in your office and that you want your patients to attend if you don't have something for the kids to do the availability or I can come because my kids account which is run on the office while we kind of do have a passive meetings or whatever so we sat on of the children's ministries team that will triple for my wife Linda she was very helpful and and and and and leaving him that the team also and activities of the same program that we didn't get all they need a lot of help for the kids do not have a separate room or conference when they went over there but activities and she is actually turning the parents out it anonymous the next meetings of the campus so excited about the program is that they would actually bring their parents all of these of them is a single meeting and the vessel that what the power of prayer the powerful prayer a no we had prayer teams in each one of those teams are listed for you praying individually would pray individually and prayer is so important and in before enjoying evangelism that we decided to to have these health healing and hold different consumer registration to you register on here and you put your prayer requests on here for this person who wanted to come to the seminar so we know ahead of time what the various print needs or requests were and so every personal sign up on before the meeting started we pray on each name every single day so the Lord will submit the decision and bring them out to the meetings and we pray for the day means that they had to and that God has blessed tremendously we thought we would have a small fifteen twenty member in attending series and we started all meanings of it we had seventy five the first night they kept coming to my and my will waiting room seventy five people see them and they will think that back in the reception area in the whole and also it was developed that you hear it you know road was like you know and so people just came out and God bless and felt as we saw something about praying praying with the importance of prayer as people start to come onto the meetings him will you and their soul when we started the meetings we have a sized importance of prayer and all the proteins of the appraisal fee would bring together outside in the hall what it came into the meetings the only the Bible working team would pray together you know I hope all of you my people together pray with them and the visits of his ministry 's delivery together for the people got there so that it was at the effort of soft prayer and focusing that I think ought to this team 's users and hardly wanted to be a blessing to the people coming on and seventy five people showing him understanding lonely amino unless you know and then I became coming week after week after week and we decided to make to the B&B new start program that mean health emphasis but Denise offers nutrition right and doctor 's doctor Stilley Thompson came in from from the timings in San Antonio to help me out with meetings and he and him I pray for long include out of the nicety and we were impressed why stop the meetings the nutrition list offers with trust in God the focus because without a focus on on God and trusting in him everything else is Utah and you tell people how to do things how to live healthy things to eat was a drink at all the different things but didn't have their lifestyle is such that they have been addicted to select pop to sugar wrongful was wrong myself the cigarette smoking to drink King who I saw this there is in the know what we should do but we need to be introduced of the source of the power so once you introduce them to the salt of the power first true trust in God and you know people solely on skin pigmentation swayed by this heavy emphasis on on on on the Bible is wanted to be the opposite people will talk to that I became for that and that always it was it was tremendous and every night we had the leave the preaching singing the panel right and in the small November in the waiting room and that people talk to destroy this looking good I see that idea running and that identical kids enjoyed himself we serve a vegan meal every single night and we have a food service he was so important and so the vegan meal each each side and people look power to it and the food was so tasty one of our local restaurants agencies and supply the food for us and we would put it together and service adequacy it was just a tremendous tremendous blessing and that less talk while below but now about the importance of visitation you know the vision is so important during the meetings of the people come out there obviously the globular Chris caught holding concerns within these were telling me we prayed for them prayed with them but this is also important and what we have a powerful newsagency in here in Bowling Green and his wife Loretta the car is nice to have a team that husband and wife seedlings a home where it's it's a female myself you don't worry because both of them for the very as human rights so I will put together and that is little whenever hot on the continuity of husband enjoys visiting some of all patients and and spending time with them and playing with them along what was nice to thank is in Florida what was nice too is that the request can't sleep you look down again a family member was sick who died of cancer who was in the moment in hospital so we would get the problem is together and have Allen's wife would close on this unannounced for the family member was sick in the hospital I wonder when and and that that needs us an impression on the people attending that you can visit my family don't even know them they were now you know so it became it was like a large support group all quality will come we supported each other because we pray together so that Sprint was always there and of course the Holy Spirit was to feel his presence every night and I'm visiting in a home creates friendship and nurturing the people know that you you really love them and want to spend time with them my wife brings out that I was thinking that back is somewhat parallel to some less and less talk a little bit now the conclusion of the meetings we run the meetings for eight weeks and I thought Doctor documenting the week seven and a tremendously midweek days to do to get that medical focus towards what readings and then we of course nobody wanted to be an okay because people 's advice and is not will you have belief in the soul and again is okay not enough wins Venice Salinas will see later but there is no part of phone relationship with you now okay and then they are the patients of the friends of your visions of founding members sold me want to be embraced in the community should so we decided to transition to more intense lifestyle classes on Bible classes so we had to of seats within notice of the last day of the problem meetings but women to continue with the more intense lifestyle classes and more intense Bible classes admitted to the sign-up sheet if you want to attend both you and your lifestyle and I mean always we will so we had Sony people will get thirty two people sign up they want to continue and that most of them wanted to actually have both Bible and I start classes and instructors wanted prayer physician at home and so we when we lose us on a novelist also and we started to have the class is not to choose a new sponsor is enough there is a nice lesson best night for the most people the importance of weekly classes and the importance of continuing weekly classes and notice I didn't say we made an appeal stuff on the time for it would incite the make of the last anybody want to their life to Christ we went for all the previously a law that healthy mental of all doctors and so on in this testosterone analysis around but we as the type of the is not now yet okay in fact lost out would only make an appeal okay once I thought I was was also well for us and repetition the use impression of a we learn another class is one of held out reinstatement sings repetition deepens impression as you see things and as far as studying God 's word as far as nutrition and health needs and press on them I know they are being asked in the mind the brain and give you a little medical science of evangelism here in the back of the brain of the approval of cell called a ridiculously ridiculous titillating system RAS American brain and that filters everything that comes in the online every day you get bombarded by a lot of stimuli the things you see people say things you would utilities noises so that our address filters once what's important when want you to remember you know sometimes you might heal a friend with a new cell phone and maybe a red cell phone right and you never hear itself on the four and also never was and that's for example exhausting with cell phones everywhere you know the name of the along with the party are interested in running register that so now that your friend has one is important to you so that artists register that is important since it went live with God 's word and with with with health evangelism as he repeats things need important to the person that RAS registers it and is important and makes changes in your life now small-group study is so important that we we we we edit our meetings we stopped when at the more small group study it is often time for questions right up to for feedback and for an DOS/Windows and nutrition part of our class to start off and this is also live that with us I saw the importance of that feedback and that that that you bring to the class ended assignments are definitely due to come back next week and yes and in every region givens of the bring back holder of the world for the next week don't make this a child for the week so it is meant for them to come back into the to be diligent about what they do and that that really work well for us and some have even called him during the week to see how they were doing that we we need to be connected in fact I would have my cell number so we we just text back and forth a lot of times we were busy and they would answer back and keep encouraging them all to the week to the connection going now the process of attracting new members two glasses of eight the process of attracting universal class you want to also focus on renewable dropouts all coming anymore up to seventy five located twenty thirty three was still coming off and on both of them succumbing and you want to keep more people coming soles of feet into the into the about something that you haven't every week and so we had a monthly health seminars of the Julian decided to to come to my office since we do the conference room for the small group probably ten to all people drive into a monthly unlimited dialogue to avoid the waiting room while monthly mission we beautiful silver knife knives and that I know are that worked out so well for us you don't focus on how we did we talked for the this health study no can we does it was a losing group of people who live in the Loma Linda area and we talked what is their lifestyle holidays begin healthy and that we had cooking classes in fact Doctor Julie would go into the homes okay and actually talk a bit about that and on and on and grocery shopping field for this article at their annual was nice to is that a lot of people came to the classes would ought also to have visions of it coming from into the job when I was working on them follow-up visits may woods me so excited about the class that the patients and the other laboratories means will we hear what was going on and get several new humans the class because it will hurt the excitement of another patient talking about how God is blessing them with their losing ways off however there is so excited about this new lifestyle in the change and they would be jealous while was completed and likely to fail and so we had old quality people come from those particular types of eavesdropping out you know and I'm really eventually inviting them in the enemy came and I'm the sort of auto class today because of that and we also did great controversy giveaways on the front desk okay this will shortly controversy book and get it all the elite of these from remote publications they become invasive the cellular box of a hundred inexpensive and that we put on here compliments of health healing and hope class meeting every third this is what if I examined the phone number there the people can start reading and so on a limb on the call the office number and medications of people were dropping them all friends and family and this was a big feeder for all our meetings have been easier for all class and that really really how know the process of transitioning number nine to worship in church attendance okay present the truth of God 's word only and is okay and the power of the Holy Spirit will convict the heart is we never invite anyone to come to our church and we never end that I would really want to keep the Sabbath we don't we don't do that okay we just present Gospel and present God 's truth and they always ask ask when you guys go to church and the like well you know as soon as he recalls that Muslims but when you go and what they go to church and our linguistic metaphor for a couple minutes there claimant thank you run out now and then we found out that some people have asked us where we were in the church we told him where it was duly addressed is not coming on their own you know and so we had several people we had at one point cannot talk to becoming the church compound was studying and five most people just got baptized in the last eight months okay I'm in all patients and their their their their their their one family okay and they are reaching out to their common room is not what they want their findings are part of this whole thing okay right now we have we have four or five people who are ready for baptism is more word-of-mouth is and if anyone turns everyone in the amenable want them out of the church we never want to let the Sabbath but they learn about it as we study God 's word to the ten Commandments anything else and in the wound where he worshiped and it's not coming of it there are more feelings will write the members in becoming teachers and sold all pastel pastor is having a ACV does not hold the area this fall in Michigan is having did not succeed starting September and September and the time and be baptized now and so we we we we drive system that is not encompass insurance policy temperatures of all didn't know the pastor and then by that time the reminder e-mail in fact they are witnessing to get other people to keep the Sabbath I have been on your side library that is to become teachers the glass upset that he's that he is awesome but in the not add on the job and maybe refused to accept the Sabbath and he says that he will baptize you anonymous you know answer the infectious is infectious and you know something is wrong these meetings and so on we get the bigger blessing as we as a result and the Holy Spirit sensitizes our hearts in all minds to the leading of the above pop-up of God so we become sensitive to what people 's needs are we become more receptive and that I've been looking with people in an health evangelism I want to talk a little bit about this in my platonic scanner him will machine here has to revolutionize my practice is revolutionized on ministry it is revolutionized health evangelism it's called about twenty scanner and it's one used by Doctor odds in his in his hour on on television that's my first saw it and then God sends one of the local rest of my office in his wife to demonstrate the machine to me even known editor know him he just came and we we have machined on offices it right here and what it does the Bible County scanner that scans the the the handy of using the machine and the hand right over here this got out of hand right here hold it for a delicious turn on connected computers hold on therefore ninety seconds and reads the skin the level of antioxidants in the body okay and that gives you and I'll call it gives you a edition gives an indication as far as the colors if you open this reins in the forty five to fifty thousand reading range that you are on toxins are pretty high eating well you don't get the picture of your health of course not all three seventy five thousand feet eleven recorded by this machine down to the CDC he lives what he saw what he preaches in each and any exercises sole I'm sure all all you have high scores high reading scores you know you know what it is is is more accurate than any blood testing that have a law whatever and that the company will ask you to get my machine you know you can even release it from them in when you can buy the machine and I I don't release the machine so that I can make any money this month is one of nothingness one of no one into Okavango that they sell also would that help to the beef of your immune system and your aunt antioxidant level but we are we just use them must be seen for a test of patience because we found out that your antioxidant level is a direct indication of inflammation in your body the lowly Atlanta Hawks on level one commission anybody to hire your your adults and level of misinformation people with gum disease have high out I have traveled a little and also level effectively was he using read probably around ten thousand dollars located from below below zero in the living room machine and you know they are full of inflammation that body and we know that information for some of the physicians are on here leads to what systemic disease and cancer diabetes on different things so it people tend to want to get their score and is interesting to show you here this that people card is that you are seen as a new computer and turned up in the computer on a set of computer whether any scan the card versus personal card and put this on their Keychain and they wanted to become this four hundred thousand with the score is considered to be tested in six to eight weeks after I knew I will do the right things to do is show them how to eat healthy right things to do you are knowing that berries strawberries blueberries those could all the berries are high in antioxidants you start using those annual school will go off you know he's exercising vigorously your score will go up okay and we find that also drinking water people who slow down muscle scores people who drink a lot of alcohol muscles scores so it is nice has a means for us to draw people talk class also good visit what can I do to become healthier my score so low so they sign up for this would be a classicism that an incentive for the classes that are obsolete once you come to our class will introduce you to the source of the power and okay we were introducing salt of the power to give you the strength that you need yes we knew we knew the box on a scanning policy to configure and use it to your holy offerings when that when the company initial articles of new patients coming in becoming with the hygiene department first before therefore the data cleanings there things you think they convicted the test with this okay and that will give them an indication in with a score in the being below and we system check received from the x-rays in April we never have the disease this is the reason why your skin is indicated the present information and because of the gum diseases creating that the drainage of the all fluid why yes I am immediately once the information that they get healthier incomes get better as we treat them as a total healing process in question this is the all people which are twenty Autodesk and because it's green it's is insignificant in Austin this will often the Raleigh County Java but more know and understand every business for a cold coming out that way you can leave a billboard also and that this machine is going through a transition right now becoming a with a new one since I was half the size and is a focus on iPad now okay and it also checks for the regionals for four leading weight so it'll tell you if you have that you wouldn't you go death also conduct a level and for that gene full of local week what can you get what you wait so different that GNU you know that she will test for that it's brand-new technologies coming out by machine aristocracies are you in a very few people refuse on it all I have met some people in the Austin was skeptical at all some people are skeptical and if someone does have its way up into anyway okay is not about making money smugness providing a service for the no authority got lost wax always but he always does it for yes all kids in fact a couple came in the mother both house to help us was no exercise and eat well is so healthy in all and she's not coming to the meetings and we try to get it to Caesar the things and see it all probably wasn't was is very those images should be what you said he was as we tested her as I was below is going freelance who is also very upset you know what the CWI she does not buy it off until the truth and is tested by test myself you can do so before you did was enter my score final unless for a visit but it is always accurate you know an daughter was upcoming meetings also notable is that I think even nine years old because the daughter had the exact same score two one one one the difference 's amusement was sitting in the same food as in the same lifestyle the mother even though she was a good younger kids in and so it was interesting that parents and kids use within the mother 's food you have the same score yes I have heard of IPO about how the camera I does happen it sounds like is good I have a reptile called on the room several months ago I wanted to have me come and have lunch and learn with my office and I was a little busy at the time and then global skeptical to do so by Eagleview call me back and in and in a month or two months I am would recommend what he in you it did did does it work for you for you starting yes yes this is yes this is awful website you know you can want to buy goods in them didn't want to get it in the hands of the wrong people and everybody wanted web seven five in all the living they would have people making false claims of the company that makes this farm and ask okay all you skin they are need you torment even you could want for their labs they are they have over two hundred times looking for them and then it's unethical unlimited physician the big baby research is sold his soul on precise and exact and sold under law all that the soul physicians who might receive the common twentieth facility in whatever town they want to unannounced if you want to and see how to see how they test the machines how to run the test and and the technology behind it all and this is a tremendous tremendous machine than any of the questions all you see it we'll have nothing in the about I would say hundreds and have improvements yes once you follow that diet plan or the some of them are so loaded designed by some of the supplements and it is going to come fingers and supplements underscores immediately googled glop it all in fact ten fifteen thousand points in an eight weeks something that's hot what was left twenty points in in in in in in a week 's the right by me I've gone up almost fifty of twenty thousand black males I was still in diapers but I wanted to get twenty thousand despite be more diligent what I do an exercise on the issue you guys exercise gurus I know that you know and it's such an important part of all of all of him testing because he will want to get an access regime and the right things young escorts unissued right up his customers to write up the usability of the more important but not coupled with exercise is his soul is so vital is so vital yet yesterday 's the wealthy in the running or what was says in the honesty level of the person in all of you know I have people like to tell you that in a healthy and elusive things literally and also the machine machine breakdown let's develop this is where you are I've had nobody been extremely obese who's had a high score no not extremely obese slightly obese you know the way to become a good score but in fact I've had people who had cancer when intensive treatment of cancer decided to get very healthy and and and change their lifestyle and cheated by it now on supplements for what it would be the cancer treatment as far as you know nutritional supplements and eat a lot of fruits and then their score is pretty high the layup if you have cancer okay I have a young lady who works in which he owns a raw restaurant okay so she needs role associates you know and she smokes a chain smoker she said she couldn't give up the habit of teen smoking even though she easily out the okay when we tested her about six weeks ago for the first time she's she's had that done this calls very good at school this call was an excellent post was probably the second-highest ability we took that day okay where is in the eye because it needs a healthy now I isolated you that smoking difficulty levels charts as you know the soul is seeing a chassis supplies and food for my my our meetings some sums involved with my meetings and she is she is working on right now with with some of the support we giving her a giving up smoking no and once he wants you how smoking is it on obsessive I just like to do restaurants Iran's as this time they are is not solely it is not a right you know to set them exist in the past so she is she using get the last fool and climbs over that hurdle Seawolves she will remain obsolete computers into some kind of individual who is also the power that you can do that last revenue you know you've got Jesus Christ Q you commit just talked to him he would take you without asteroidal is your view of human ministry in your restaurants the people to be around other people you that's a loaded question him about how the rule requested in and the is a loaded question and even though we are on biodiversity I will say that on all churches are summed up from the most receptive UK we have a lot of rules and ostriches who try to attack and attack we weed members coming in pretty coming in and so we have to sort up we looking to mono on we never let them lose service okay my thousand class that I teach okay and we keep them under that envelope you know we mutually sit next to them in the same year women do we always do that okay yeah Weitzel we went we would modify the protective covering over that okay I would pray for them constantly okay that God will give them pray covering in a yesterday yes a lot of people not terrorists you know are probably cultural of Venice and they agree or not truly they don't have the loving spirit that we should have also a lot of other people do and so you want to to protect them from that that those onslaughts of the enemy had a drink with him he looks with enough in all ranks also we know that God is the blessing and exists our time is almost over the license a wonderful experience and weaknesses we are starting in the fall and the new program with the call now it's called the dead the water industry Daniel challenge what would you do not believe is an acronym for Caesar okay okay what is called Daniel challenge and it's all it's all in the new life challenge for you charts okay and you can Google that and is a new program to be using a lot of universes are not found by a young younger set of agonists are professionals in yet and they are it's it's it's just winning souls left and right people are really embracing it at some of all secular universities and songs a week and what we are trying to do is reach out to all a Marine health professionals mothers in the area irony have three or four dentists who was signed up themselves yes that come to meetings in all because they is amended to limit Jewish and they may just want to have it helps hours of it all in the fitness and health and an alternate vegetarian or vegan whatever but we can and we can bring them on slowly now and see how the law works too so we can share our faith with them I think probably I would like to have a fitness team online I staff what do you guys do we do now that component he duly did some really wrong but initially convince some people that you attract to the meetings were who are wanting it fits on the necessary little one and would be eating way on the sell you whatever will be easy to bring him on that win so if you are a nice fitness team to be part of all our meetings down at Army divisions therefore for us over the rest of how often and with us will we don't shy away from the Sabbath we just present the ten Commandments as they are in a mental tally and you know what we talk about Doctor who and if you love me keep my commandments and if you don't keep the welcome mat is weakened dramatically don't realize you know so maybe we should limit about with as all liars will end up in insane so no one wants to be a liar so that means you have to keep the commandments to have it out that is a minimum two-year know we we we start our first visible here in about questions answered it has a lot of information in here and so without office with that and then then held out together was with the myself than we fallen but he doesn't will send in the Bible study for us yet for some good and we escorted me to the team members yesterday there from our local church you know you couldn't busily result will be doing a local church and all who are on you you know the ones were dedicated in all who long for some of the Lord and with regular isolate people ostracized him him him him them within the bosom of people and you have a degree in something within a minute of it it covers the bring into the office that you know so we can those kind of people and doctors what will get back to you know her time is up in the media with my on Everest and I haven't been like to learn more and I live in a shot a whore as for online newsroom and www. outmaneuver us


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