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Forever Ruined for the Ordinary

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • August 17, 2013
    8:00 AM
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him is privileged to be eminently here with you I believe there's anything more exciting than young adults who love the Lord and are serving God passionately not spent years Bill Kurtis and needless to All-America partners for years with all your names and those that been doing for years and just enjoyed so much praying over those names fasting praying and watching what God has done with so many of you with the leaders anyway and a lot of you are just starting content great things ahead for you it's exciting I need to pray as I start to your father in heaven Lord I don't know why I feel so emotional but there's something about young adults that I know moves the heart of heaven because of the Angels to see that young people would come exhausted their tired they've worked hard all summer aliens are here this weekend to learn more to be refreshed and you father don't let anyone go away empty even if it's nothing that anybody sounds with Frank Bruno Holy Spirit to work in each hard minister to them what each one means you know what it's like nobody else would plead the blood of Jesus over this room over this whole program this today Lord your digital mining thing we don't want existing meetings we don't want to just have a good feeling seminar we want life changing event today and only you can do so we thank you thank you that that's a prayer you always answer him open and willing to train the youth please give me the right words and that Jesus would be left thank you father I love you Lord in Jesus name and I don't know I really struggled with what to share the text hiding from Houston and I said hi anyone who is doing as so many have heard me and yet God keeps bringing me back to the to the same thing and I'm sorry if you've heard it he was needed again finally I can say is that I had to by the way Prince and Jerry Jerry would love to be here with you but he doesn't see his family very much is winning we're so busy so traveling all the time and immediately felt a burden to go see them right now I have so many that really need Jesus recently a relative 's on cocaine and so pray for him and he and I had something horrible happened to me twenty one years ago I turned forty and I know none of you can relate to that it was a harlot because here in America and other countries they are like balloons black rape paper they brought me into this room I was totally funny not suspecting that all and they had signed up to you as you and I the tombstones in Genesee is die and all kinds and act just like laxatives another thing diapers and I moved from Pennsylvania I moved to California to get away from them and actually got called I thought this would never happen to me again when I turned fifteen happen all over again but even where we won't go into that one but you know what where you really young all you wait for your birthday you can't wait for Christmas you can't wait for responding at energetic you just live and ongoing maintenance is you and your parents you are and it takes a long and and go to school and can't wait for that day that you get to marry you to go to college he is all and are you are in an almost immediately as easy as we will examine something I very presume how many forty and twenty six billion and eighty and in you as you get older and life is busy and in the event they are using is busy now you just way and in fact they stopped selling England they need to be done every day and I stopped in my thirties Ensign what really matters what's really going to do all the things that need to be done to eliminate the difference in my son 's life was really a difference in my in my neighbors lies as I thought about that the birth which I know you know what how came to my mind in John seventeen three but this is eternal life that they may know he is the only true God and Jesus Christ and you have sound I learned when I was seventeen years old that I needed to spend time and I have read I have learned from a Bible teacher and never forget and said yes because I realized on wheels on the car is no setting time to die immediately you will just immediately down to me I am trying my hand my thinking I don't recharge time he died isn't that enough anything no no him him everyday I think why anything he don't spend time to guide you all know him and if you don't know him you will allow him he can't even walk away from the assignment after class isn't what I want to do that since the killings as usual is no set way to take your Bible and a friend and I said well a single lady tried thirty minutes okay I want right now is meeting again is in trouble getting up in the morning math I do not sleep he said I have numbers for you and I know you probably know that verse Isaiah fifty first for teasing you going to risk the home wow really I will command in verse is about CSS but the biodiesel said no you can claim it to an endless staff last night of the first is that he awakens me morning by morning he awakens my ear to listen as a disciple I started putting my finger on that I learned from glandular when I was in high school inadvertently using the prayer aphelion not many will plunge you are on a promising client and I liked a lot like one source says they were giving on the promise started seeing so many miracles happen I think that and Simon putting on a promise or not to wake me up any delay was happily early I cannot argue with them if I can get up this early kind of visceral hangout the Journal and I refuse sometimes I do it would multiply my reviews I found especially since I got married had ten really nice and everything I do not want to meet you in the news lastly I'm way less irritable way less headaches and family were here especially Jerry I not really makes an arrest and sold I remember that when I first try I was just a thirty minute alarm clock and let out to be sure I did exactly thirty minutes and I prayed I read my Bible and praying praying and he looked at the clock to see how much time I have left only five minutes and on my non-Communist then the rest is not willing to do but you will not easily will keep pursuing team trying to spend time with him he was always from the Russian White House and that time with him he was once went on his high and how he wants us to join him and let me tell you what you start joining God in what he wants you to pray about you as you will see things happen you can travel to me and yet you know I read the first part of that versatile much later in the first part says it tells why God wants to wake you what there's several reasons but this one is one that is really first part says the Lord has given me an instructive time to know to speak the word to sustain the weary God wants to Venkata he wants to spend traveling is something we can then from the company gives us know when covering others knowledge encourage others to Jesus anything horrible to me how many times he won't speak to me it was worn and somewhere during the day on or in person somehow delete me to somebody who needs the exact same words are documented and go to universities a personal will and can a loving God they can't so much as the college and I got so busy taking nursing early morning I have an outstanding time when God telling him we didn't know I can than to read my Bible and prayer lesson time when you log on when she is promising him into exams and I was hiking hypothesis and time again but that will allow that Congress is about it to the next exam week it was all he and I when I went to college like this up-and-down up-and-down I want to ask you working a full-time job at only eight nine hours in twenty four hours I'm an old guy I was hoping he didn't longer time than I got married earlier we had a little little baby to avoid in my job this is so good to stay home to take care of a baby you have so much time finally I landed to read my Bible and really November my mother failed to tell me listen up young women the county is twenty four and John take care of a baby absolutely on an all night sometimes I give your pastors wife everything is volunteer projects for you to do do not working full-time anyway I believe the morning and carry all your time I will find time for you in addition I will be a blast I'll never forget him I was driving down the highway killing him isn't this how do we last I know I haven't had time feel alienated and when you weren't not doing your work please legally with Michelle and before I know what I'm in my thirties just having up-and-down up-and-down up-and-down experience the guy so came into my thirties until just recently fully are you willing to did I wake me up and down that path connecting and I'm telling you is really praying prayer will take you out of I think you do here is Sherry how you kick me out and many others have shared their stories with me but he wanted to laugh if you want to give my older son Tyson he whispered to his friend one time he heard me sharing this when he was young anything you would like me saying that when he was young he is doing really noticed anything don't do really well and I later sold for anyways I started saving time and you know we've all learned about how we should start with a feather Psalms one hundred and thirty three Thanksgiving his courts with praise silent start in an enterprise in my guy and don't select universal time is now in a sense an important part of it but I think I went on to train and went through the sanctuary I went on to confessing my sins so I thought I needed to confess that there was one thought kept coming to mind and I think not I cannot stand my melancholy I have an over guilty conscience not on assassin and I decided to the side it would be sitting in meetings like that and you have operating time in franchise missing from my mind I don't know that one time in my wife's in time I couldn't take it anymore okay I know it's then I can deal with it I think Jesus could heal here is just too difficult for us is that we hear what work are not eating chocolate or something and you and you and me oh you're young you haven't had many years and he will remain in the past this is will identify the father never stop doing is not doing that one time only avoiding the real issues in my life because we deal with him to refuse any link and I cannot what happened to me then so many years later but my only has to deal with it in my life caused my whole spiritual experience what little bit I was having to drive and I'm timing the Bible when he was born in and all anyway I just didn't do anything that I went for the prayers and when I is feeling and I got into this vicious cycle of depression and I got to the point where I really didn't want to live anymore and generally started having problems and I just want as well that is why he don't tell anybody you know you have to keep going to the functions in and doing what you have to do with the church and when you can get I'm currently working with him while inside your dying to know I started suffering with depression in college and it wasn't until sometime later I realize why that was happening and I will explain why wise because it's something I'm hoping that you will avoid much so I gave up my worships again I didn't tell anybody whenever you noticed that it will remain I can't save me as to the chair is your one and two empty chairs Jesus my Angel and I'm sorry I just have to look into whether there is so I am at the time this was happening my life Jerry and I told Jerry either but became a conference president in Pennsylvania and it was tête-à-tête meeting thinking meeting people started coming up and congratulate or First Lady and and I say I want to close the same I always do nothing to change I would privately think we may alone know when the last weekend of his ten day can't meeting started coming in from totally different person after person kept coming up insane and what they sent last week but all we know on what was on the Holy Spirit and our speaker was teaching us how important it is that we pray every day for the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our lives and also he got us to commit to pray for the baptism the Holy Spirit in you and Jerry every day we're going to pray at six fifteen every morning in our prayer lives and the kanamycin I don't think you can find something big down there praying what exactly do you know my life passing along a live anymore for the next two years we be in a different church almost every sign because the jury 's job someone somewhere would come up to me in these churches and sites were praying for you and Jerry were praying everyday baptism in the Holy Spirit twenty ten our friends and family pray for you and Jerry I don't think you but inside I was dying but two years later to you and praying for me son and Holy Spirit started well on me and timely change in my life mean to start training for the baptism the Holy Spirit I know that is something you do know every day to think I continually pray for the holy spirit and because of how God changed my life my wedding when they called us to the General conference which was three years ago when we met him in June two thousand and ten Wilson and Jerry told them every reason in the world why nation had arrested I have because I know we wisely rely on an intense arguing we really want to encourage revival around the world so we started at and Jerry came to me one morning I had added as worship any sense of your life was changed to people praying for you and immunization they do that effectively also he said that's when you know we need to start up again at six fifteen in the morning of people pressing around the world for the Holy Spirit that's what was going on and so you can do is not one of his boss Jerry you know my husband Jerry summative we might have man's been seeing for twenty five years I think Scranton Pennsylvania .com is present in central cow and he knows to the GC is no longer keen keen has about four boxes over him and you know what I admire that man more than I ever have I cannot tell you what it's done to me to watch in infinite humility handle this new position it is easy to its incredible in vitro in a thickly placed the work is good leaders over him it's just different different from what you used to but with great grace and humility and on his face constantly before the Lord which by the way you know we worse terribly busy in central California but we know what businesswise was renovated and now and again we are determined as we see so many people so many are not doing that will determine we are not in a Lutheran time with God every day even if I don't see even if I don't sleep because you know there's no greater joy is what life is about to be so grateful that God has put up with me and pursued me for so many years continue to spend my time with you part of what happened to me the Holy Spirit is moving on with my dear husband pushed me into doing a women's retreat I want to do that and he tells me help right out of him God wants you to course talk about Punjab a guilt trip Tiger Pranav and so I got mad at that time in my life I was even pricing and and I told Jerry Welp Halprin is not to come back in a few days as a jury the Lord is salvation do this one and train men comes home all excited and tells me of involvement by whoever most things at a conference office I don't know yet getting out I did a three hundred and twenty I never told you under this supply was sure that when you prayed about and gladly tell you to do it so I had to my name was on the working of some unknown people in Congress on the boating community it is women's retreat site starting to plan one and I now announced a line of the speaker the only thing I need to do and tonight it is getting close to the time nobody's registering the common point you know nobody's coming in because they don't like me because I live and multiply there is very willing to be filled with a full half one hundred and eleven attributing it out and so I started complaining exactly one morning I think Jamie I'm doing these women can be a disaster to make you look bad during this time I stop anything to do it anyway and I want out of an empty when he is for Nike and you and you know what I think not as elegantly and letting my mind was pride for God 's plan another woman you don't bring that for this women's retreat I thought I had the idea yeah okay I'll pay for that I started praying that God would send another woman I always started spending time again when God every day because I was desperate and your support motive for seeking God I spent for him and glasses women's retreat Pacino gone the room will take you no matter what the reason in your thinking him he wants him to spend time with each one of us identifying the times and above my knees and until ninety nine and I don't know he was these in doing all this is not what you can save me and I quit my God loves me he started selling us are spending time with the launch is between black and white are not please show me that you love me would you help me love you would you help me with my husband language you would usually make this work line in my life which hung to pull and Ellen White's writings and of the gospel if the US is sizzling good morning this is why she says you need to do this for me for the women's retreat you know got started doing that but more than that he started happening in his lower intervening twenty one twenty weeks I kept pursuing the hiring a lawyer while I read how I did it I mean join me and only allowed me an incident like this retreat railings later I started pulling the spirit on me if I also during that time started praying for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and all other years you know I experience is a daunting experience his answers to prayer I really did not know how God would speak to me through his word personally just one I mean and would happily in his lot it was incredible to me I got so excited about it I started staring at my neighbors and my and my chin I didn't have anybody I have women's retreat no God sent the woman she call me on the phone I know that well and she said to myself strange but until I got impressively nasty of you wouldn't want to get together once a week the price a women's retreat I then I had a piece come over me I knew now God wanted to be treated what a disaster I got one of his retreat but there was one minor detail I forgot that was understanding up the printout lab with anybody at that time Jerry targeted private handling of I wanted to insurance the past is now let's divide up and reason for a together and I would consider a minor across the bathroom or something I think I'll will pray and heal double prime areas and all are my words are usually training long prayers by the time to get Jay get so distracted me you know you're not spiritual is against you and the prayers going up a dynamic day Gmail and learn about God Intel can plan out and saying they are the Holy Spirit will print to arms and it's okay with them all over words as these words are good we killed a Roman Holy Spirit takes our words and make them meaningful before God and you know what happens when you commit yourself to meet with a group of people to pray once a week you know what happens I know you do not intend to you same I can understand not everyday you get busy as Satan does not want to join it to do everything he can to stop you while I started getting busier not ever then I thought how I know that evening when and she's got some other women to join us but I determine I got to do that because gone in for me I mean wouldn't and I started meeting with you are well and we wouldn't be prior and I started praying large we are alive women's retreat these women need to be converted Lord we want a reliable one at times I'm praying is suddenly so in my mind what Janet you want me to help these women let's work on your life I wanted to turn this his work on them and I was there it was so loud that I open my eyes I'm sure these women get here but they're all like that I knew that in here enzyme in my mind going when you're not clear on how do I manually I'm a procrastinator I did not deal with it and a while later we were in a prayer conference Jerry dragged me there was on the other side of the coast of the United States and went to a conference in London and have a group prayer time since a person present at Siena since there may start assign someone read a Scripture prayer Scripture is not that I was too shy to put out what happened I just enjoyed being there the journey was an angel drinking out what was wrong and he didn't talk about that and went in the early nineties and didn't spend much time with him and he woke me up it was really early one morning it's still dark and so I wonder what Jerry had a sleep as I went in the past and how this got an infantry first got him sensing my health since his presence and I think what was wrong I nominated by the toilet here and here I don't think where we are tonight I know what Matt is simply what I just thought came into my mind I will immediately listen problem now and this particular sin problem that was after me about was a bitterness and resentment toward someone someone who is currently battling many many times as a number if you want to get them to come to my forgiveness then maybe I could say something that him anything about me maybe a little cool but nothing now and it was no response from God no argument and experience with body become sole professions on arriving in his mind and will lose what was happening and gave me the courage to get out and go call this person also one of Nebraska women's retreat was afraid he wouldn't so I went to the payout and down the hallway as they were in Windsor anyone in the hearing piercing apologizes for many many inside the ongoing lowering I presented me to do that the Holy Spirit and went through me and I commented helping Wendy home and I welcome so I just jumped in finally to asking your forgiveness and I'll never forget what happened if I did that but if I started asking their forgiveness knowing who this person probably would never ask my not now probably they never get you started asking your forgiveness line after another coming into my mind of specific things I needed to ask forgiveness for was totally shocked I know I don't and if one came with a lawyer would you forgive me Lord that this person nothing would you forgive me for that when I think I'll would you forgive me for this and I remain very specifically and I became increasingly forlorn lettuce which it says in Jeremiah seventeen nine Jeremiah seventeen nine it says the heart is deceitful above all things and that's partly wicked old I did not realize how I was coming across this person is how wicked I why I was saving myself I will never forget what happened is I asked everything is came in and watched weekly and the bitterness and the recently played and compassion for this person we still have our differences but we can learn we serve an amazing God can do that back in the morning that night we comeback them accounting software engineering and environmental impact back injuries as you know I wanted about the meaning you can now stay here while going online and knives and getting out my copies daily during Wednesday I stay there with you silently bitter and Morningside in a statement Jerry then had this urgency come over him he share when Jerry what happened this morning on upon was the Jerry Jerry had known the issue he knew the problem Jerry always been on my side wall that morning I'm imagining if I shared Jerry confesses this emotional wall coming down engineering at all times are a start same to me I am not sharing anything that Jerry doesn't usually ensure women went together but Jerry said you know yesterday I was pacing back and forth praying I think I'm why am I here this prayer conference I'm busy conference president and I'm here and in know-how for hated her to teach me how to pray in our conference in Janet Janet so spiritual getting up so early in the morning spending time with you how come she has trouble with so-and-so I only acted like he was on my side association that I'm going wow now this really is a God thing you ever doubt given that he's been gone down this path and if they doubt it he really and so I really was behind the windjammers and I'm going to go really poisoning the wonderful morning I'm feeling a little about that this is a bad thing I just love it when I know you weren't in my life I think as amended this urgency Janet you need to ask Jerry 's forgiveness for a number of things he is just twenty three twelve it says whoever exalts himself will be humbled whoever humbles himself will be exalted I never believe that any revisionist problem in its alternate if you don't have and they are everywhere you turn and probably thought I'm not doing our not being nobody's doormat a kind enough to meet as series forgiveness for several things I'm doing we have a partner is unique to the hotel reminds no I'm not doing that night though a very unique now you need to talk to Jerry I now had the courage to talk to Jerry and if I asked Jerry 's forgiveness for several things you just went on towards that he is trying to sell myself and I'm humbled but now as I am myself and ask forgiveness I was exhausted in June Jerry and I close together we can not go wrong and it may not do I sorry it took me so long to realize that they can take you so long in effect sure how it affects you in so many what you can message you want in messes you up so badly you want to get over it that my older son Tyson he was a young teenager that he comes up to me one day new sister I'm not your mom it is not my music changed my when you teach me the no changes the way you know I don't think those are worth and mother longs to hear from their child but I was a little vague I even hear his brother say that he can run announcing another negative money now we spend it ceases you see if you don't get only the bitterness and resentment you start acting out the same behaviors in some way some form as they done to you and that is what it happened to me I was not for my family is my husband and mens rea and what do you want to do that but it happens because of your banner and resentful resentful that is where your focus is is not on Jesus I can encourage you enough is somebody for you in your life and you haven't many other things in your very resentful I asked into prayer partner to pray for you for I gone to get you over at because it will know when your life will mess you up in all your relationships but what difference it makes women's retreat you know what you mean when actively praying that women's retreat we saw so many miracles a lot of them I didn't even realize month later but we had a woman who was physically held there she habits physical disease and almost fourteen years and her doctor could not believe she was making her come to see him for the next two years about once a month as he does now she still had this disease is later he finally said you were sealed and that women's retreat I don't understand that but your diseases gone but that was not the biggest miracle that he is now open they were the lines that were changed when I have pastors calling the same on three three when you come along totally chat is change our whole church I is writing me letters saying thank you thank you for when I'm at women's retreat our marriage was hailed as one twenty one I called me I think you could you do a mini retreat in our church our area because of what it had done and it wasn't anything special once in a special speaker in a window on the prayer that went up for by Sandy Springs Windsor casino Jerry's one one hundred dollars is canceled due to sit when he leaves what we have to do is start getting together with your family and praying for our neighborhood our communities are tacitly okay I can work that out so I talked to some people that I knew what comfortable train and we started meeting together alternating commitment to spend at least thirty minutes with God it will be time for you to spend time with God is trying five minutes five minutes prior Ms. Ranger Bible but then don't leave out the third most important thing five minutes of reaching out and loving doing service witnessing doing something you cannot cloud in God 's word and a prayer if you're not sharing and loving others it doesn't work when I was in high school got literally dragged me into doing spiritual activities on the campus and I got involved and then all that two minutes I went to college and I thought you worked hard on exhausted I need a break I got to college the kids were already there the new meter mechanic 's agent how is he going to go I said no not I worked hard on them take a break and I took a break I decide on the enjoyed nature on my get out and ride motorcycles that the guys and enjoy in the undoing my schooling all day long I need a break I worked hard for God when a challenge and I also did only work my senior year in the following year and I was in the days you carry big heavy books door-to-door forms a strong normal and I think I'm going to rely on the right now when the depression hit me and I never connected the two never realized until years later I guess I have an depressive problem what I know now the connection was between my unwillingness to be involved with what God wanted me to know and brought on the depression I can I know you're exhausted I know you're tired you been working hard all summer and you want to break it wants us to take breaks we need to take times of rest but don't totally given up as you go back home it should go back to school is through the years I've had so many down the alley work in the summer say to me tight for me pray for me I'm a go back into my life and I'm afraid I'll get sucked up into secular culture is so easy for it to happen I know that effort we pray for you please please don't give up that time when God is you can't do it early in the morning don't feel guilty and take yourself all day you didn't do it just fine sometimes you need to do even if it's only three minutes Warhammer child student on some time and you keep doing that I promise you it will well and it does grow in closed you hunger and thirst to have more time with God you can't can you I tried eat healthily and I try to exercise not someone has cancer and heart disease only to be an all-day seminar in a late but because I want to have the energy and strength to get up earlier to spend time with my God and have a clear mind so we can really hear and communicate with me it weren't my son Zach I never forget when he was Kurt converted he got involved in in nineteen Bible evangelism team and I never forget it was we are not my mom this is my item with like about that remain will that we mom I tried everything I have been involved in on extreme sports enjoyed to be happy even though I never could find it now I actually is there's nothing greater than doing ministry concerning others know he continues on in that joy of the Lord is just the last two years taken back to a deeper conversion experience he's been in the seminary needs to determine he would spend even more time in prayer and Bible study spirit of prophecy and violence converted himself deeply I only wish to be changed like this accident changed I want to have that experience like he's calling his mom and dad to a much higher level I can't encourage you and I know I did I argued with my family and taken this job is in my young people to do girls team retreat is to coordinate the prayer room exists young people interestingly in a job oneness with his wife I want to be when young people hanging my siblings and I got that out he wants you to do it and I did not know that but I didn't think that the job that might not work the overnight mail last month take this job here's the thing you know I think even be the privileged until the last many years I is not in the last several months and three you mean like UNC in Australia and Indonesia Indonesia twice and then before that one document is twice that was actually charge the second one but three is there to speaking to what in Germany and I know that in March is twenty three countries represent their over seventeen hundred years is unheard of in Germany that area how was is a secular but the Lord is blessing you many opportunities to do with your and my heart the minister and pride envy when young people are called Uniondale he will not disappoint you he will give you the desires of your heart and can tell you that one only tell you what here's seeking God change your desires to be designers in Kabul I really quit but I just cannot think and not for people that were determined they did not know how bad off I was to pray every day for the baptism the Holy Spirit in my life because of that is markedly injurious a Mac they came up with seven seven seven and with our revival committee may go in this depraved seven seven in the evening for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we got people around the world who are doing this and I hope you will join in doing this if you aren't already but don't try or other will go to pray and act as the Holy Spirit will get started with regulated at all this is boring but that is it will they say I should go to make a difference which will be installed in the right time to be poured out to see great things happen but in Papua New Guinea they got everybody and people walked for days to get to this meeting and infinity at Stadium there's thousands of people they are noted and come to hear me they came to your template but they were there and I got to ask them how many of you murdered seven seven seven almost every hand went up within RU pride in the ass where Brian and I met there joining their World Series and training for the baptism the Holy Spirit and I can answer that prayer in Sweden and music thing and in the summer January one this December and three more hundred meters in a mathematically sound like a lot recently and install guide anti- God so as you look into a miracle it's amazing what's happening around the world Wiseman happening as people and writing she is coming it's all you can almost hear him coming to the thresholds he's on his way to take us home and if so many people to read since I see them in the airport and I find them on the plane were in such a secular society but I would like to ask you this morning and I know I'm going overtime I know you're tired and exhausted and I know you may be going back home that are not that great back to a school to train but when you join me this morning and really committing to be totally submitted to surrender to Jesus Lord I may fall but I know you're picking Jesus blunt covers but just that you won't see that you keep trying just to know him if you are willing to do that which it does come forward and I don't know if there's anybody here who maybe needs to be baptized that hasn't chosen to do that yet and I might be moving on you if I can't even open on you when you come up on this platform would you be brave enough to come up and say I want to start studying on Bible studies I want to get baptized each year there's no better way to land there is no leaving which is all to you now there's nothing left for her now little left for me there's many people my age their living something I'm on the line in their miserable in Indonesia was just there I have easier coming up to me saying why hasn't anybody told that why hasn't anybody told us this when you're talking about the what God we never heard that we never learn that their parents don't know what they need to maintain us to go and tell them around as well as sitting in our churches here in the United States things you really can come and tell you can experience when I is going to charge in China because in reading about eleven and counting from your neighbor when he sent into no much more it's a powerful experience with the living God and I know you're doing that I know you're spending time with my garden if you don't quit you don't whimsically bad and no one even be covered with prayer and I hope that somebody somebody you can call one friend and I'll give you a prayer partner that you can finally you got is taken seriously such incredible journey of prayer is just amazing class research any money here there needs to make that decision for baptism would you have the courage to come up here on the platform I just feel like I need to call that one more time if there's anybody just come on up with enterprise would you just put your hand on the person in front of you Kyle saying that several being baptized today would come up and just put your hand on the person next to you Lord I am so thankful for this precious young man assist and for the many others that are going to be baptized also we pray for you Holy Spirit to blast down all my journey with you that's absolutely incredible we know the signs of the top we know the Lehigh but when you Lord with you we can do it need a fun of everyone in this room right now I know they're here because they love you that's what they are doing all summers working for you not come on doors in May he having people we checked the morning of a tired exhausted and a lot of them about back to secular cultures I need you keep and surround it with holy Angels keep them filled with your Holy Spirit she then focused on Jesus keep them praying for the baptism in the Holy Spirit everyday lives and keep us faithful to pray for them Lord we thank you we love you Lord is giving you put up with me for so many years thank you however give up on a crazy remain reluctant in Jesus name of this media was brought to you by Potter universe a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading seven audio and much more right he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio person or


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