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The Mark of the Beast Exposed

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 17, 2013
    7:00 PM
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the this out it is not the Sabbath is I suggest you go to a Bible college I was a Bible studies amen and God is God amen I have a man a man I'm excited about tonight 's methods I believe that God has something very special in store for us I really appreciate the prayer time at the place you got to really open up our hearts and our minds tonight amen Heidi has been blessed that I can have you had an awesome summer a man about fifty keys to the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all these things shall be added to you do you believe that a man I never forgot when I went to call quartering I didn't want to go into Culp ordering I actually went to call boring one week late I cried the first night I got there a twenty four element crying I didn't cry I did have enough money to pay off my school bill so I did what God wanted me to do this summer was over I did even make enough at the fifteen -year-old call quarters in but when I was done with the summer I knew I did what God wanted me to an a week later I called up the finance lady at my school she was so excited about talking to me very surprising it's always difficult to talk to the finance person is when I talk to her she was really excited and she said I know your not to believe this I said what she said the day you left to go call according to an anonymous donor called paid off all of last semester 's death a advantage that you can believe it I said what she just called for you is and see what they offer next semester you do what God wants you to do he will interview a man if you do what God wants you to do he will take care of you amen this water does not return void it wasn't interesting I like to get up earlier like to spend time with Jesus like username and called me one morning about Isaiah fifty five twenty four the Bible says something so remarkable that this is before you call I will watch answer and while you are still speaking I will hear now I ran out about four thirty a.m. and I thought to myself you will be really great I text my friends four thirty a.m. in the morning busy readable text message the Bible warns us against waking up your friend with a loud voice like that I'm not taxing than I'm not talking them unjust accident so I think into my friends one thirty a.m. I think that words however I forgot the one of my friends would actually on this text messaging methods with whom I been very friendly towards Christianity he was an atheist impact seems to be a theology student when Michael fell away in a more tax the light had gone out of his eyes minds a lot and maybe MA MMA fighting for his life had changed and given up on God he did not believe in God anymore and I realized I had accidentally texted into a thought to myself there comes a curse words and sure enough I was staring at my door within a couple minutes later she text me back that document felt here it comes and it said thank you brother I thought to myself what in the world going on here is like that we believe that to me he said that I just had a nightmare and whereas I felt the same credible loneliness in this fear and misdiagnosis darkness was over me and I cried out as soon as I got out about them and I quite identify if you have sure yourself and as soon as I get my only not been fed and the law I call I will answer I him and why he is still sleeping I will here in a God is guiding even when our boys and not powerful God 's voice is powerful and going out right now but I believe the word and I was being opened got your Bible for your iPad iPhone things along the Bible really by a device that doesn't need to be upgraded in fact it fields are him to his time for us to ask for an upgrade amen the right father and then we just think you thank you for the promise in Psalm forty six verse attendances be still and know that you are God Lord we are praying for less of your spirit before a greater portion that you would end this I share and our summer of ministry with the way that would leave us Lord changed we just pray and asked that the Holy Spirit would speak mightily to our hearts today in Jesus name amen all right ladies and gentlemen limited service called the Mark of the beast reveal the mark of the beast reveal take your Bible let's go to Revelation chapter fourteen him will also Revelation chapter fourteen is all about raising a amen inside the Pledge of Allegiance happened to write between the methods were going to Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen and you are looking at the last morning convinced this will end this message brings about tendency from the world as well we're going to Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen let's start with person on than a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark on his format or on his hand and he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is for doubtful strength into the cup of his indignation she shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name the last method to get into this world is the third Angels message empowered by the Holy Spirit this method will go to the entire world this message is going to be the entire world in the world comes across this message and many began to resent this message and ninety rises up against the message it back when you read the pattern of Scripture you find that when in the plot story the father except in the younger son the longer son became angry and he resented his father and his father when you got back a little farther you find will that when God except in the sacrifice of Abel Taymor 's operating chamber I want to see in Scripture is a response to the third Angels message as we preach that message more and more of the world and become angrier and angrier towards this message but God has called us to be faithful amen the Bible says is a very interesting to warning it tells us to be where all the more obese and those who worship the beast and the Bible says you have know what they are and I do not get apparatus the Bible warns us that if you worship the beast and his image you will have no rest day or night now mortgages would quickly go to the very first book of the Bible you find out about the very first person who received among the beasts is the case was go there right now Genesis chapter four many of you are thinking to yourself where in the world isn't going with the sermon did Apple find out Genesis chapter four we had the story of Cain and it was sort of able to work chain is very interesting word it actually means acquired the word able means nothing is that when you go to Lucrezia for the worktable is like high blood which means in Ecclesiastes the worktable of Hannibal on his cable networks vanity of men's vanity all is vanity you find out the story of Adam and Eve they really believe that came with the promise to see turns out to shield his brother Abel God can for okay I want you to see what happens here is chapter four oh verse ten and he said what have you done the voice of your brother 's blood cries out to me from the ground so now you are cursed from the earth which has opened its mouth to receive your brother 's blood on your hands when you till the ground it shall no longer yield its strength you of fugitive and a lot vagabond you shall be on here think that the Lord is my punishment is greater than I can bear Shirley of Germany out of this day is upon the face of the ground should be hidden from your face I still be a fugitive and a while vagabond on here and it will happen that if anyone finds me will kill me and the Lord said to them therefore what kills Cain vengeance shall be taken up on him sevenfold and the Lord set a mark on Cain lest anyone finding him should kill him to find out in a very important book of Genesis that God actually marked to chain the same actually receives the mark of the beast in the beginning nobody very interesting about this is something so powerful now you listen to the words of God you missed it if you were not paying attention the Bible says this case is whoever finds me will kill me the Lord told today that you will be a fugitive and a while back upon the work that no one actually means one or the other interesting this is what getting a more deeper tasteless salt he was given the award of fugitive and a wife of one door but what is interesting in the next part of the chap really got the details of city lives there to change sound like a one or two now the final say she wants to be one of your so what is a wanderer and somebody identifying breast now be rebound off in Scripture they changed actually found a home but what do you find she never found spiritual brass the rest of his life and job and what we begin to understand about the Mark of the beast is that those who worship the beast and his image you know why rest day or night we find out about training although he had a house she had no rest for the rest of his life he was somebody the bottom of this built the city but even if he lived in the shade the Bible tells us he was still a one word he was somebody who never had spiritual rest the wrath of his life why will take a good look at the stricture against the chapter four verse sixteen then came without the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of nod on the east of Eden Disney can we begin to see something so powerful and so relevant for athletes and gentlemen that if it you have a choice to make in their choices this went on not you were going to leave the presence of God when the summer is over and told to leave the presence of God gets what it would be a land of wandering spiritual restlessness they will never know the direction God is leading them they will not think the Guinness presents wide because they made the terrible mistake of leaving his presence and ladies and gentlemen mortified into the why you so all we know why home in the presence of God and we need to understand this because I went out with this summer we got a wholly new year that's awaiting us and God wants us to be even more consecrated to him he doesn't want us to move away from his presence rather he wants us to move into his presence as a mentor that this is extremely important I apologize right now I felt like a ninety -year-old man but the word of God is still true amen every single day you need to be spending time with Jesus that will be your anchor in this world because Ruby bracelet a lot of situations a lot of discouragement WB bracelets a lot of loneliness and times that you are not surrounded by godly people but that's why the communion you have with Jesus every single day will keep you busy chatting with somebody who walked away from the presence of God and when you walk away he was just in the land of wondering the whatnot means wandering spiritually no aim in life and all you want with somebody who was floating around the Louisiana location he was somebody that never found rest and you make that decision to leave the presence of God but God wants you to commune with them every single day amen by the way the first person you find who really have a deep relationship with God was gaining the Juno had outlived all the way to the time looking at in fact that was one of the last things Adam Saul before he died you know why he was so important Adam the Bible says this about you seem walk with God and with what not for God took him many a few questions prior to that walked with God Adam back and recognize God 's walkway leading hears the sound of it is just all many of his descendents turn away from God lived all the way to the time of unit in any southbound defendant who was so deeply on how to thought that his walk was called a block and thought for added the wine because mankind without a mankind could have that relationship that she once had he and he was so important why because Adam was first given the death sentence he lived all the way to the time of the evening was the first man who he felt that that sentence again it must hope for Adam flight wings and gentlemen and it reached a place of command so deep it why both adults and this was such hope for Adam because he thought of infamous defendants walk away I love you like that she says this is so powerful there are UNIX today there are UNIX today link and gentlemen you can be somebody whose walk is so D you can be somebody who's community is so special with God that nothing in the world can shake you in regards of those things that take place the more you commune with God the more pure your heart will become in Italy during the time when even the church itself was mixing with the world that his heart became pure sure sure and as we see in the world long apart around us as we see the world will finally be people who are so deeply in tune with God 's Spirit that our character is being change they liked a UK I hate to say this ladies and gentlemen but I know there's some people here who will be laid off their communion with Jesus there's some people here I present a powerful experience are already starting to walk away the evening before they left this place but God is calling back to Andy's calling them back to commune with him and every day you live your life ladies and gentlemen you need to be seeking deeper and deeper the presence of God and this is any more and more each day as I grew older and that is no matter what happens around me I need the presence of Jesus they used to be a timeline set and get up at a slippage of my discernment I felt the satisfaction that nothing in this world could change but after time that cattle will basically time I go into the water and I baptized people in front is good praise God fifteen people in a row I baptize but after a while times I see people who would grow into and coming to ministry and they would get up and encourage better soon and then we praise the Lord after wild cattle begin to find out that the only thing that was satisfying my empty heart was communion with Jesus PC displays and zoning nothing in the world will satisfy you like God and McCain made that one mistake of walking away from the very thing that could have given him him 's piece that he thought was long before I knew to be raising a lot of temptations vividly brings in a lot of situations nudity phrase with a whole bunch of different things but guess what ladies and Jonathan God is calling you to commune with them every single day no relationship with it would grow stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger day by day you will be seeking the face of God by the way you know what couldn't save Lucifer who know the answer need to be dangerous and profits Jesse described when the rebellion began that God sent forth his son before the universe and they all begin to worship God and even Lucifer fell down and worshiped God and she says that the rebellion with LifeLock blog I don't and after Lucifer continued in that worship of God it would've saved in ladies and gentlemen we don't think that went much better than perfect angels that they are starting to find a fellow way how much more do we need the presence of God amen day by day I believe my last bit of voice but in about ten minutes of voice left undone I just want to pray that you understand this message because it's important to understand and grasp it there is one less thing you can learn and benefit is you need to spend time with God every single day come hell or high water you can knew when she visited every single day can you say amen to that I see even when you fail a million times in a day you go back at and you will find peace love and forgiveness even when you mess up and I can go back to Jesus and even we were discouraged by things in this world on your own feelings you are discouraged by people that Jesus even when no one around to understand who you are go back to Jesus and you will find in that private pieces that your heart is longing for don't make the same mistake they made don't make the same mistake the wicked will make at the end of time by leaving the presence of God and just being around him wondering not knowing whether going in life not knowing what happened to them spiritually searching for some new exotic some new stimulation some new things to entertain them because they don't have Jesus anymore and I don't continue many counterfeits to replace that but that's why it's super important every single day to commune with God I can't stress this point enough because I have seen countless number of young people following I done this enough times to see how many you just walk away from Jesus when the spiritual pressure is gone the devil is smarter than you that's what you need to be with Jesus everything okay and especially right after the summer you want to know when a block type is at its weakest irritable guy is right give the guy at the gym that likes interviewing advice about working out for me I get the advice given to me but that the guy is added we just after his workout and after the spiritual summer at the University of what you're going to be actually just enough light do you like never before determining your heart no matter what happens to me I'm going to spend time with God right now I know God is humbling me teach me not to allow my voice I believe God is speaking to hearts tonight and she wants you to understand what is necessary and that is free day you need to have a relationship with him every day you need to commune with him every single day you need to seek after his faith the Bible doesn't say folders awakens me morning by morning this is the Lord awakens me morning by morning and I got to spend time with Jesus he will give you the tongue of the learned he will comfort your hearts that we can spend time with God you will grow in grace and liked the nickel here after years spent that Communion diamond Jesus more and more he began to reflect the glory of God born MySpace began to shy the reason why God 's people their faces shine at the end of time were told in the spirit posse is because they have learned to twelve in the presence of God Almighty God wants to give you that experience and asked to see Jim more and more he will bless you amen but as you receiving the word God wants you to do the work to be working to share the word has to share that work for them or your experience experience will change your style we sounds before discounting my church told find a Bible study will look for a Bible study and you will find everything in the daily intercourse of life gone out somebody for you to reach and God wants you to get Bible study when you can get it to go out into life you will find openings every single moment for you to get a Bible study the also fighting for what I get this e-mail from this guy is a ending guy that I have e-mails me this last year and he says he manages a few questions about the Sabbath electrician I live in the area and I said I will answer the question answer those questions and then you e-mail me back this is okay what about this answer those questions as well and they said okay what about this answer those questions as well I realized that if I did get a Bible study will lose this guy see what I did I said this excellent voice as that a man lets me love to have a Bible study with you anywhere you need to give me the classic response which was this event I'm not ready yet I'll probably study with you little bit later on in the future and I realize not to let that pass to you I did a challenge to every e-mail back to them like you afraid I would lose my ability sees you he will back me know I'm not afraid like that let's study the Bible from a deliberate whenever reason you with my family and the like and you happen we met the Bible studies in his family got baptized him every single day human getting counters you just may think to yourself and just sort of just a little chance encounter gone with you to do one step further he wants you to try to get a Bible study on the outside manual section Thanksgiving type houses driving practice November last year body back after you have some elders house appointed property I was coming back and I was not inevitable to pretend he got everybody was gone eating turkey at their house and I see this guy all the way up to the Catholic Church the Catholic Church and this young guy got the floor and he's knocking on the door the Catholic Church but somebody forgot to telling the Catholic priest on Donald Thanksgiving day you shall know them but they were there that day and you happen was knocking on the door that was at the stoplight I felt this impression go talk to him and rolled my eyes of the Lord signal when in the parking lot like I said I'm not a Jew little girl when I walked up to people it's very confrontational looking and so I parked my car they start walking towards him I guess I is a human again I reach out my hand is a broken doing I said I thought you knocking on the door is a gap I won some prayer I see once and for the gap he's like I was going to the priest because I just got some stuff in my life I need prayer for sentiments about the pastor to pray for you and so is the guy so we pray I had some glow tendency glow I said I broke up let's use of back-to-back Michael Morgan Presley go get a Bible study I turned around and walked him noticed that a man everything about with anybody he's like no other like a list of study was a twice over just about thirty forty five minutes if you like a human to do it again that's what my life is like I so what we did we start saying the Bible about a month ago ad him anyway to tell me that I never got given a valid thing the Bible with him but I would just going over there what the Bible says about salvation he went out during Bible study to do I like to think all you need to go to Mary's divine forgiveness is something like you telling me I have to go to both priests and ask for forgiveness and families may I liked you better believe it and just like to know all my goodness you flipped out this matter right now he can't see love the Adventist church he calls me every other day to ask me what he should be doing on the Sabbath and what you should be doing on without him and you know in fact human beings a five o'clock Wednesday and he would like to find a brawl in which I feel like I'm really angry these concentrate now and I really want assume that what you do right now just wonder what I want to do is send relatively nonexistent and just be ninth-inning Scott God is working in his life adds incredible ladies and gentlemen see out the love Bible to guess what the people every single day who were coming and what have you the literature over thing either by tent and got singled the next Google then you start talking then it is not connected with when developing a longing that I was sitting there in his local winners comes walking in the dog encounters in JW this year I tell him I becomes in there and he starts talking to the lady was sitting down is there any section with everything that Jehovah witnesses believe in and then he turns to me and all the guy to reveal the him he will speak at once affected now I want to provoke discussion and economically relatively pray together now they don't like to pray in Jesus name it so what happens if these like I was trying to do economically great to just under praying before I could even think that things like our ILC later in their life is about to leave the dorms at two three of disuse a witness when they relieved to find that analysis like that really what an awesome witnessing encounter as you know I may feel like when you have a window think I know your back Avenue dislike of this committee good story over me I'm just like all this can be a great sermon illustration project you do not much of my motivation for trying to say people sometimes comes across that I'll comes along it like all visiting the great sermon this is really sought to fill out if I would write you think that student had done she exited her brother walked I just got a shipment had an outside guide Internet the way I was hoping it out I was going to be like knowing you're wrong to be baptized in the Adventist church that's what I'm thinking right you happen absolutely do I distillate down a little bit discouraged from the corner my eye I noticed a lady that he was talking to and so I turned journals like the wood you think about what he said and he's like she's like yeah I don't believe anything he said no what was interesting was what the Jehovah witnesses she basically in that short speech he gave the lady told him their stance in the military he told them about the state of the dead and what happens to the wicked at the end of time notice is interesting what he essentially said what not a contradiction of Seventh-day Adventists believe him things that many of us could say I I do that to you suddenly think that person anymore out as a winter drugs allegedly he said he was she was a flight and I don't believe that sites are down and I began to talk those limited friends at the athletes are going to talk with her presence away from that she began to this story about how she used to go to church and then when she had a child out of wedlock she felt the church really Chandra was an old Baptist Church and she left that church and she was in the place of wondering she didn't know where she can go to find spiritual truth anymore and as I began to search your Bible promises whether it wishes our duty and she's starting to break down and cry and that the landowners that system to pray for you we pray for her I even gave her the name of the local Seventh-day Adventist church and she said she was going to go there praise the Lord but ladies and gentlemen every single place around us and we'll see witnessing opportunity it just depends how you give an adult dress argument in the direct God wants you to take a step back and to start looking for Bible study you do not keep working you will die spiritually to understand that if you do not keep looking for souls to reach out you will die spiritually God doesn't just want to have a summer ministry he wants to have a life of ministry what you learn to incorporate God that that you go out and you go talk to people and you try to save them see how to get a Bible study or use it in the first e-mail I had my first Bible study I guess that's all that was commenced on Sunday was the Sabbath but you keep doing that him to keep doing God to bless you I wanted to try a few ladies and gentlemen AL fail on what you keep pointing out like UNIX experience and see what somebody who not only can you withdraw when he would go out into the towns to share the love of God and I love what u said that he may want than Adventists in England and Adventists the Midwestern Adventists and when even was we can still be in by the regulating interest of the few still doing what any dispute was doing in the past that he walked with God but he's still doing what he did on earth you know that right it was he was doing on our she was going out visiting other places preaching the gospel and ninety one Gulf War LMI FCC Finnigan vision she's even on some planet and she is like okay what are you doing here is that you won't be says no my home is in the city be looking at was doing on that time he was witnessing some kind of witness he was visiting other places and then he will think about my home is in the city talked about the heavenly city what he was doing on earth is still doing now is going traveling sharing the good news about God 's character took unfollowed worlds but then he goes back home to the city and what the city the new Jerusalem when Ingrid was doing in the past is still doing today and he makes experience can be our experience God wants us to commune with him he wants us to share his love with this world were told in the spirit of prophecy that two things became the focus of the early church and I was to represent Jesus to this world and to become more and more like twice more and more like Christ and Eric you are dearly communing with him and daily spending time with his presidents ladies and gentlemen your heart will overflow with wanting to share his love with other people the best piece of advice I can give you besides us communion with the Lord share the love of God made principal part of your life where ever you are it doesn't make a difference what you do for it just feelings to go back hope you didn't advantage of every single opportunity comes your way and you share Jesus holidays Google preaches that when you get up and use I would be discerning for this book their decision could be little boys like I do right now if you don't want them saying he will find other people think God wants you to take advantage of every opportunity and ask you take advantage of every opportunity you will know what God wants you to do how many people here would love to know the employment God has for them would you let another shape opens their policy movement know exactly what kind of employment you should be seeking in the future if you fall this ready for this education two sixty seven we need to follow more closely God 's plan of life was finalized but what he says right here to do my best in the work that life mirrors a to do your best and the work that life there is what opportunities got given you doing at best they want to she says to commit our way to God every single day you're getting up and you're spending time with Jesus you are committing away thinking that what he said next and to watch for indications of Providence these are rules these are what will I find this whole rules about what rules that ensure our favorite guided in the choice of an occupation you want to know what kind of occupation I was happy to know what you do your best and what that life there is no doing you can make you waste the number three you watch for invitations upon it and you can use our tool was sure we'll look at an occupation if I want to go into the leaders of which I do for the rest of my life to follow both reprints most negative part of your life you will know what God wants you to do you will begin to an understanding on the path he is leading you into either not to be grateful to those three simple principal place endowment and you will never know you will never know what God happy and the great destiny he has been especially in these times the time that God wants to do great things for his people in his now it's now you have to make that decision to die to self you have to make that decision to let the refiner doing is working you you upload make that decision to allow God to take you to that next level of going deeper and deeper and deeper with him once you communion time to be so special that nothing in this world could shake it ladies and gentlemen that ever is the time you need to be seeking for Jesus it's now I have noble words to tell you except that you need to seek for Jesus every single day to spend time with him even when nothing this will close my to come back to Jesus Buddha like that she's has gotten I want to justice we are sinful helpless a community is my prayer every single day I come to God Lord consultant for a so helpless a consumer need is but in recognizing that I realized God month it may come to him every single day ladies and gentlemen I need to come to the presence of God every single day I need to commune with God and every single day my prayer has been more and more God shows me to do something for you to lose me today to bless you to bless other people and day by day as you make these two simple principles part of your experience you will fulfill the will of God God has a plan for your life amen the little lady at church who says that she's right Satan is a plan for your life to it he's planning to take advantage of our weaknesses with intimate friends when the discouragement comes the trials come one should always realize you have a refuge that is in Jesus and you can see Jesus part of your life every day she will safely guide you through it will not fail you to fill not handling ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to be consecrated to him to see Jasper after his purity of heart purity of heart God is calling us to see chapter like that seek after that like never before a conservator something intended to my pills very simple but I believe it should be an appeal decisions submitted by action winds and gentle if that's your decide you want to be consecrated to God every single day don't you come for him to come appears similar to my designer I want to be liking I want to be like somebody was consecrated you not just for the summer but what the rest of my life I want the experience that he hath found for you and Susan 's human owns a new theme of different ethnicities religions will we come before you only have to break down the wall hearts that you purify us a list that you take away our stoning hall and replace it with a hard place we want to do something special for the second time Mexican time and money go forth and feel the gospel commission in Matthew twenty to go therefore she shown these appetizing than the name of the father the son and the Holy Ghost where Lord asking that you will equip us asking that you give is the desire for souls that we don't that you help us to see people with your eyes to stop focusing on ourselves our lives the things we want to accomplish our ambition and says we stand before you today United fellowship Jesus Christ we asked Lord that you will comes and then you will use us in any and every way you love the Lord God a thing that Jesus name I let everyone hear it I sure say and a media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. audio person or


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