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Don't Leave Home Without Him

Ralph Henderson


  • November 10, 2012
    11:00 AM
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you know those of you that thereafter my age or thereabouts her little older you remember back in the late seventies there was a commercially came out that it was a very big at instead don't leave home without them your member Karl Malden big nose in the habitat on in his his overcoat and he would talk about the American Express checks and how important it was it we don't leave home without them talking about all the calamities that can happen if you don't spend your vacation with American Express Travelers checks I know it's interesting because just ten years later in nineteen eighty five Joni and I went with her parents to Hawaii and Garrett was about a -year-old and down we took American Express Travelers checks and we're very thankful we did because we had only been there about two days and somehow all of our checks and disappeared we don't know what happened to them but we didn't want Johnny's dad to know because he was panic or to begin with so we just quietly one afternoon went for a little walk with Garrett in the stroller and we walked right on down to a local American Express office we gave him all the numbers for our checks and that they reimburse is right on the spot and so we were very thankful that we had not left home without those checks but you know today were talking about don't leave home without him anyhow so often we we get up in the morning and wheat we have a good start to our day we get up and we spent time in study and prayer and then we want to remember that we need to take him with us from that time we don't want to leave him on the table or in the bedroom we want to take him with us everywhere we go like our song said this morning take the name of Jesus with you we want to take Jesus were ever we go on this morning I want to consider what we can do to make sure that Christ is in us and with us well the whole day throughout every moment of every day and this morning I want you to know something as we begin I believe that today I've been impressed in the course of this week that this is going to be a very personal message working to talk about how to keep Christ in you the practical ways that we keep Christ abiding in us but I want you to know that it's going to hit home it doesn't matter how long you've been a Christian it doesn't matter where you are in your experience I want you to know that God is impressed me that today is going to be speaking to our very hearts and I'm praying this morning that if you listen to this message that your heart will be stirred to the point that you will want to make sure that you are putting the principles that we talk about and practice so as we begin let's let's go look at our verse again for today Hebrews Chapter thirteen verses five and six the other thing that I then I'm always encouraged about is that the Bible is full of promises God ask us to do certain things but then God always seems to follow those things up with a promise and so we know the promises are conditional and the question that we need to ask ourselves is am I taking those promises to heart recognizing that God is asking me to do something so that he can fulfill that promise in my line and as we look at Hebrews thirteen I love the statement that is made that the beginning God China gives us a little bit of a warning and he gives us an indication of something that we need to do beginning in verse five he says let your conversation be without covetousness now in an Barry's translation he had it was money but we know that covetousness is much more than just money we know that we can be covetous over many things we've seen people come to the point that they covered someone else's wife or husband you know there's that there is a consciousness that takes us to a whole new level and so we need to realize God is again when he says this consciousness is a part of his law and he's asking us in a sense to make sure that through his power we are attempting to keep his law and follow his ways and then he says the content you see when were not content is when we begin to covet other people 's things and what they have and the success that they give you realize sometimes people are coverages of the success of a friend that they had and that's a sad thing when we can't be rejoicing when someone else is doing well when were so upset about our own circumstance were not content with where we are and therefore we covet the success that they have God says be content with such things as you have for he has said I will what never leave your first safety I will never leave your perspective this morning I want you to register that in your mind God will never leave you there may come times when you leave him and we probably all could raise our hand this morning say all there's been plenty of times where I left off I just walked out the door and left them in the bedroom are circumstances where we have left God behind but God promises and in my Bible those words are all capitalize I will never leave the nor forsake the and then he goes on to say so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do unto me go to one more verses were moving on Joshua chapter one and verse nine out we know this this verse it's a song actually that we sing it for meeting Joshua chapter one and verse nine Joshua chapter one and verse nine those of you that go to prayer meeting member the song have not i.e. Matt and the DED strong and good code the Strahl to be strong and of a good good good good and but notice what he says have not I commanded me to be strong and of a good correct D not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is what with the weather soever thou go itself I could have taken you through many many verses this morning but I think those to establish the simple fact and that is that God has promised in his word that he will never leave us do you agree with that this morning God will never leave us the Bible is very clear he says that he will always be with us remember last week we talked about God 's desire to be witnessed so much that he built a dwelling place here then Jesus came in the flash then he opened up a gateway into the most holy place so that he could be near us this week were going even further because God not only wants to be with us brothers and sisters he wants to be in he wants to be in this today not just with us but in us look with me at the words of Jesus in John chapter fourteen John chapter fourteen versus sixteen through eighteen Jesus wants us to know that God is doing everything to make sure that if our heart is open that we can have his presence in 's not just with us but in John chapter fourteen in beginning and verse sixteen Jesus said and I will pray the father and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you what forever even the Spirit of truth when the world cannot which the world cannot receive because it see if him not neither know with him but ye know him for he dwelt up with you and shall be in you I will not leave you comfort list I will come to you now the question is asked and maybe I'm the only one that ever asked that question but then why is it if God has promised to never leave me or forsake me then why is it I have those times when I feel all alone anybody ever feel alone when I feel like gods abandoned me our first taken me when I feel like he's just not there for me while I have those times I have those circumstances or those conditions where I feel like God just isn't there we say I don't get it I take the time to study to pray sometimes I study and pray for hours and yet somehow through the course of the day or the week some besetting sin comes along and I fall again sometimes it's the same thing over and over again I lose my temper I lash out at someone I harbor bitterness I covet something someone else has made either money may be their relationship with their husband or wife I fall into the trap of talking about others comparing myself with others feeling prideful when I hear of others Sam remembered the statement the warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever for the yielding of self surrendering all to the will of God requires a struggle but the soul must submit to God before it can be renewed in holiness now we were talking about that in our Sabbath school class today warmly in James chapter four verse seven submit yourselves therefore to God I want to share illustration and I've probably got a few of these in my own circumstance but you know you get up in the morning you get up early I'm any good like this study early in the morning before you go to work a Amiga like the study late at night before you go to bed soon how different we are but you know some of us you know we like to get up early in the morning like to start our day off with the Lord and will get up real early one day you will think me and I'm going to get this week on right and I'm going to get up early and spend a nice quiet time with God and we we study and we pray and then we get up and and were feeling really great about our study time that we spent with God and we go off into the day and we get busy in the day begins and all of a sudden we come into a circumstance where our characters tested you know I I I think back I think I shared this one with you one time I I had a cell phone with Sprint and down I was not real pleased with their service and so my contract was up and I was in a called him up and tell them that we're go to be dropping our coverage and going to another company and and when I call the very first thing they told me was that while the other phones on your line they can't drop because there are contracts not expired yet and I said will Melanie ask a question I said no art those phones under my contract and they said yes once and within what you know to do when I cancel my contract because they're certainly not to come in and rewrite one with you and assist conversation progressed he just wasn't V switch and you know what started happening is self started to rise up now I had a great devotion that morning and I even taught us for a second and I said you know Lord how I might get it how this man firmly but still be loving and somehow the loving part laughed and I finally started beginning to be this grouchy old man and I said less than I don't know what you're thinking but I got some news for you I'm dropping this coverage get it and my daughter and my wife are not coming in and re-sign with you do you understand I'll have to get my supermarkets or supervisor and after I got through guess what I was it was sprinting but you know what I was feeling like inside I was feeling awful because I had let self take over total control of that circumstance I want you to listen to the first point numbers share with you today this is from education page two sixty many even in their seasons of devotion sale of receiving the blessing of real communion with God they aren't too great haste with hurried steps they pressed through the circle of Christ loving presence passing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts but not waiting for counsel they have no time to remain with the divine teacher and with their burdens they returned to their work year what I'm saying you see we can have a great time of study but if we really haven't sat down with God and internets of those sacred precincts would Jesus and actually left the board and they are with Jesus were to take it right back up and take it into the day the other thing that we need to remember is it's not really how long you study with Jesus it's how long it takes for the hard to be surrendered and subdued to GE's we need to make sure before we get off our knees before we walk out that door that we have surrendered to Christ we haven't just said all I had a great time talking with you this morning Jesus had a great time reading your work this morning now we have to say to ourselves I want to make sure that my heart is totally surrendered and that when I walk out that door I been leaving back there at the study table he's right here with me don't leave home without so two questions that I'd like you to ask yourself am I taking the time to enter into the sacred precincts of Christ experiencing personal contact with him on establishing companionship with him look at verse real quickly Mark chapter one and verse thirty five Mark chapter one and verse thirty five Mark chapter one and verse thirty five we look at the example of Jesus and it says that in the morning rising up a great while before J he went out and departed into a solitary place and they are praying to things that Jesus did now the one thing I need to help CQ grasp visit says rising up a great while before day nothing my wife does that because I think anything before five o'clock in the morning is before day that's still the middle of the night for me but she gets up at four o'clock in the morning and she has her study time I have to do my little later in the morning when I'm awake but I want you to notice that there were two things that Jesus did he found a quiet solitary place you know what it's like if you decided that you're in a study and all of a sudden you've weighed or you've wait until the circumstance comes and there's all these other things going on around you there's no concentration you're not able to go into those sacred precincts because there's too much distraction even if you're still able to read your minds not able to real only come in I love to get up on Sabbath mornings at four o'clock in the morning because I feel like on Sabbath mornings that's when gone and I get that final connection for this day and you know that's when I noticed that God is right there with me but I make sure that I I ask him Lord I don't want to leave you here this morning I want to take you with me to church seat I want to be a blessing the church I want to be a blessing in every encounter that I have and so I'm praying that you will come with me today that I will just go there and just be a Whited sepulcher but you'll really shines out of me in every encounter that I have you see Jesus wasn't praying for himself he was praying that God would use him that he would do God 's will and that he would be a light shining out in darkness he prayed he communed with the father number two when my devotions are over ask yourself the question when my devotions are over do I pick up those burdens that I just brought to Jesus and take them with me RMI actually able to leave them at his feet and say Lord I want to swap these out I want to leave these burdens here and I want to take you with me ask yourself the question am I really doing this because if you're not doing it then you might as well know that the minute you walk out the door Jesus is in there and you're out there and then you'll understand why sometimes you may feel alone what were talking about this morning is is something that we've heard all of our lives if we grown up in the church were talking simply this morning about living the surrendered line when you think of surrender what comes to your mind you think of battles you think of when general lease signed over and surrender to General Grant you think of things like that you think of somebody you haven't give up in defeat is that what comes your mind surrender sometimes we look at that where remember when I was a young man and my brother is about four and a half years older than me and growing up as a boy you know what that means guys when your brothers for a half years older than you he was always you know comments showing me who's boss let me know he was the big brother and so as time progressed though when I got into my early twenties I became a front end mechanic and I was pulling a lot of wrenches and I started to develop a little more strength than when I was younger and my brother was always every time we come to visit my mother we are always having these little challenges you know and finally one day my brother and I played this game where you grab each other's hands like this and you start at the top and you try to see who can make the other person give well-being the younger brother I was not thinking that I should win this and so we went along but as we kept going I finally found this one little slit that I did and I got one of his fingers and was going way way back and all of a sudden my older bigger brother dropped to his knees and gave a field seduces a property in a fermented I was going okay on TG but I didn't feel good but you know we think of surrender sometimes we think of someone having to give up and I want you to go with me to a verse in Galatians chapter two because I want you to see where surrender is actually victory rests surrender is actually victory Galatians chapter two and verse twenty in fact I wrote a song that talks about the greatest victory you will ever know is total surrender to the one who loves you so those of you that have my when outcomes are known although I am in the moment I am that those words but now Galatians chapter two in verse twenty were talking about surrender and notice what Paul says though he says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me you see the surrender Paulist talking about doesn't lead to defeat but to victory but that victory may not always be painless sometimes we experience pain in our lives as God is refining but I want you to think about if you look at this next verse this is another encouraging verse Ephesians chapter two inverse ten Ephesians chapter two and verse ten Ephesians chapter two in verse ten for we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them you see you ever considered yourself to be God 's workmanship when you look in a mirror and you look at and say I am God 's workmanship to you know that you're a masterpiece do you know that you are one of his most beautiful creations you are a masterpiece but seldom ever do we think of ourselves as a masterpiece must of the time we think of ourselves as I'm a failure I've let God down so many times I'm just not worthy of his love and his power in my life there's no way God will give me victory but we have forgotten how the relationship works you see it it is gone it holds off with the right hand of his righteousness we don't hold him up he holds us James for verse ten humble yourself in the side of the Lord he will lift you look at another verse Philippians chapter two in verse thirteen Philippians chapter two in verse thirteen week we may have touched on this one in our Sabbath school class today but it's an important verse for us to remember Philippians chapter two in verse thirteen for it is God which work is in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure you see a surrendered life is a life submitted to the leading of divine will not just now and then but the will of God becomes the factor in how we live steps to Christ page forty four puts it this way he invites us to give ourselves to him that he may work his will in us it remains for us to choose whether we will be set free from the bondage of sin to share the glorious liberty of the son of God in giving ourselves to God we must necessarily give up all that would separate us from him whatever shall draw away the heart from God must be given up we cannot be half the Lords and half the worlds we are not God 's children unless we are such entirely a surrendered life will make plans without you instead of making our plans we learned to wait for his plans in other words the surrendered heart learns patients in other words don't leave home without being you see our biggest problem is that we often forget that a surrendered life is a moment by moment process we must not just begin the day with Christ but if by needing him every single moment of the day there is where the greatest battle is fought there is where the true test of our allegiance to him like the song says I confess that though your love is in me it doesn't always win me when competing with mice and I want to listen to the words of the song before we carry on him a real friends yeah I'll would side of wasted and led to suicide and then say he's in town were in the menu is not a thing lasts will love me and me in a sense of always win me when he and my sin and a graying being all that stands than a friend goal one knows and all land will avoid GE's of I down on mining the him I read and I is a man BDI is a bank said in a man inside a reading tonight and runs to my cell and I can pass I need you to buy me a sound business as we find me and say in my overall zoo I be needing no alone is you that I will bond man is high we can all only and alone with the use of writing the only known non- minding the list we are all in the will we use the love downloading online he and I mean really and are those my warm-up now will move into the sermon to see a surrendered life is willing to follow Jesus and the good times and in the bad it's easy to follow Jesus and the good times but the question is are we really following him when everything seems to be going okay if we expect to live the life as a follower of Christ we must first surrender to him without surrender he is not Lord if he is not our Lord many is not our Savior we must he must rule on the throne of our hearts as we surrender unconditionally to him without surrender victory will not come in heaven will not be hours remember we are his workmanship his masterpiece and God doesn't make junk are you ready this morning to become all that he desires for you to be are you willing to pray with me this prayer today heavenly father do whatever it takes to mold me into the image of your son make me your masterpiece in Jesus name I pray now the problem is when we pray that prayer forgiving God permission start making some changes in our lives to start chiseling away at some of those defects in our characters we say we are willing to pray the prayer but when he begins to pullout the tools for the process we say wait a minute wait a minute what are you doing Lord he says I'm taking everything out of your life doesn't belong there you see remember Arquette are scar quote this morning and steps to Christ by giving ourselves to God we must necessarily give up all that would separate us from him whatever shall draw away the heart from God must be given up God says I find that most of my children when it comes to the process just want to talk they don't want to do the work so he ask you this morning do you want to talk or do you want me to chisel a Lord I want to change I choose to chisel and then he tells me that through the Holy Spirit he will reveal things to me in my life the need to be changed after the apostle says that the office of the Holy Spirit is distinctly specified in the words of Christ when he gets calm he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment it is the Holy Spirit convicts of sin he begins to chisel away things like our anger yes he created anger but it seems that we always use it in the wrong way in we cringe as he continues to chisel another blow because you compare yourself to others instead of me you tell little white lies because you want people to be pleased your lazy but you try to full every body by looking really really busy you have a problem with last agenda chisel takes another notch it's painful we cringe we pulled back we pause God you are doing some really good things in my life in and I think I'm looking pretty good right now but then he says look in the mirror what you see we look at a merely say all will I see me he says when you are other people look at you they need to see my son so were not you we respond to God sometimes when I look like Jesus even my friends say that I have the holier than thou attitude he says so you would rather play God sometimes and have me rule over you all the time we say maybe we should take a break for a short time God all just stay right here and we can continue a little later and God says that's not how it works you're either moving towards me or wait for me you don't ever stay in the same place he continues to chisel but stop stop can can we just chisel around the areas that I want that's control you want to change you want to listen to me you want control or do you want the chisel with a chisel it can which is aware I want that's called control okay chisel now this is right here the secret sin as he aims to chisel that keeps you running every time you're hurting angry lonely or tired you think you're pulling everybody with this secret sin but it's making you all whited whitewash to are you ready for me to chisel this out of your life and we say yes and so he begins the process it's painful it hurts he says the process is not a sprint it's a marathon it's your whole life are subject lessons page sixty six says that every stage of development our life may be perfect yet if God 's purpose for us is fulfilled there will be continual advancements we worry so much about what others say about what they think about us but God says the greatest words you will ever hear is when Jesus says well done thou good and faithful server is when you want to do is keep your eyes focused heavenward he chisels more in the pain is almost unbearable we paused I don't think you understand how much this hurts God I don't think you understand the sacrifices that I'm making for you report on all of heaven so you might have this opportunity remember Gethsemane remember Calvary don't tell me about sacrifice then he says to you know the definition of insanity insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results and you've been doing the same things for years these empty wells that don't have anything to offer you you keep going for them that's insanity allow me to chisel them out of your life allow me to produce character or you keep focusing on image we say but I thought he says your thoughts are not my thoughts but isn't there another way he says my ways are not your way we say I can't be says your right but I can easy to chapter thirty six versus twenty six and twenty seven he says a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you I will take away the stony hearts out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and ye shall keep my judgments and do them do you really want to become his masterpiece this morning and don't leave home without them anymore choose to allowing to rule on the throne of your heart live the surrender life allow the chisel to do its work given all of you have older you are and all that you ever hope to be you see his love for you is greater than you could ever think or imagine this is a quote that was in our Sabbath school lesson Joni shared it on Facebook but we must never forget these words all the paternal love which has come down from generation to generation through the channel of human hearts all the springs of tenderness which have open in the souls of men are but as a tiny rail or stream as we were found out to the boundless ocean when compared with the infinite inexhaustible 's love of God tongue cannot utter it can cannot portray it you may meditate upon it every day of your life you may search the Scriptures diligently in order to understand it you may summon every power and capability that God has given you in the endeavor to comprehend the love and compassion of the heavenly father and yet there is an infinity beyond you may study that love for ages yet you can never fully comprehend the links and the breath the depth in the height of the love of God in giving his son to die for the world eternity itself can never fully reveal it yet as we study the Bible and meditate upon the life of Christ and the plan of redemption these great things will open to our understanding more and more do you want to live the surrendered life you want to allow Jesus to chisel away truly get rid of the things in your life that you know are keeping you from having the character of Christ the things in your life that you know are just something that you cover up with the image that you want to have before other people this morning I want to invite Aubrey to come up as we close someone you to listen to the words of the song and I want you to think as were singing this song are you really willing to give Christ all the you have all that you are and all you ever hope to be all in all the and to me and him will will and will and I'm pleased to my line in the all in seeing where you will and will I and you live on in my soul my loans hands him to a survey in all will will and I will assume you will in my mind you will will and in and laying as I sit in surnames will him will me saying the name and now I can use my in my salon and him in the room I survey the area will will and I is and will I find the home to me and I sang the wrong way now I'm in the nine nine nine nine and I know about you I ain't mad so I can't view my on line nine p.m. you my soul and Taiwan and my center and there is will will and I will assume you will timeline and will you and balloon my mind you know in your thought this was going to go longer than when you leave just yet when I ask you this morning just a simple question everyone of us in this room unless your you know you're ready for translation and then your a lot different than I am but this morning I just want to ask you in reality is if something in your life that you really do want to give to the Lord something that you've hung on for years he knows we were going through that area where we were showing the chisel God wants to chisel those things out of our lives but you know he won't do it without permission that's the one thing about God that's different than the devil more than one but that's the big factor God 's not to force his way into your life he's not to force you to give up something that you're still holding onto you've got to make the choice you notice several times during that little discussion with the chisel that I said the word I choose to chisel go ahead chisel in other words were giving him the permission to take those things out of our lives this morning I want God to take some things out of my life I don't want to have them anymore I want to be able to stand before him with a clear conscience and him and invite you just now that if you have something you'd like to get to him you'd like to surrender today and say Lord I'm tired of going over the same thing over and over I want to give this to you today and am pleading with you to chisel out my life I want to come down here with me you see brothers and sisters we are so close to the end time and sometimes because we go to the church that we think is the right church we're with the right group we think that's the key to the kingdom and unfortunately it's not the key to the kingdom is when we had totally surrendered everything to Jesus because you this is very clearly when he comes easy to know who we are because we are going to be like him and unfortunately in the eyes of God these things that we keep from him they're knocking to be hidden from him we won't be able to paint that white wall of sepulcher and make ourselves look good to go on the outside because he see 's rights record very hard so this morning him and ask you to kneel with me and let's pray and let's ask him to chisel one needs to be chiseled in our lives our loving father in heaven this morning we've all come before you Lord you know the things that we have in our lives and you know for some of the Florida may be something as simple as we just have a little bit of a quick temper for some of us it may be a little problem of we fall too easily into gossip for some of this it may be a little more maybe week we struggle with the lust of the flesh with covetousness maybe for some we have a little problem with telling little white lies in Lord today we just want you to to chisel those things out of our lives we give you permission we choose the chisel today and we know Lord that as we grow it's probably going to bring some pain from time to time but we know that you've promised you that nothing can separate us when we surrender that you will help us to understand that that pain is only bringing us to a stronger and firmer character so this morning we ask that you would look upon every part here every heart that is coming out before you and that you will fulfill your promise that you will never leave us or forsake us but you will uphold us and that is we have humbled ourselves before you today you will lift us up above the fray of sin selfishness you would truly begin that process of forming us into the image and likeness of Jesus so that when we look in a mirror we won't see ourselves will see Jesus when other people look at us they won't see still see Jesus and we know Lord that when you finally accomplish that within us this work will be finished and we can go home so we plead today chisel chiseled to your hearts content Lord cleanness clitoris out of all of this rubbish so that we can be like you this is our prayer and we thank you in advance for answering it I'm already learning to move and I guess me asking her and her as a lot as I assume is that God 's word to me and audio and much more I like to know more about a person 's life is more so than is www. audio person or


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