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Why God Said Remember, Part 2

Ralph Henderson


  • March 30, 2013
    11:00 AM
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Billy father we come into your house once again today on a beautiful Sabbath day you given us as we come into your house to worship you and reflect upon your glory your Majesty the wonderful works that you created and made that we might be constantly reminded of you we pray that our hearts will be touched deeply today that we will remember just how important this special day of worship this and realized that it is the connection between you and your people to tell the world that you are still on the throne of the universe we pray for your guidance as we enter into our study today we ask that your Holy Spirit would be poured out without measure touch our hearts baptize each one of us in your spirit today and guide us through this study of your word because we ask it in Jesus name amen let's morning I want to thank you for coming in being here for part two of this series and I want to do just a little review of all be a huge review but a short review for some who haven't been here I want to remind you what we talked about last week so let's begin as always with the word of God let's turn to Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two verses one to three euros never last week we talked about how God had created everything and that in Genesis chapter one we saw that God was essentially the subject of the entire chapter God said God saw God did God bless God was involved in every act of creation and you know it's interesting because the world today remember we talked about truth and we talked about the importance of trade this morning as we begin the first question I have for you to ask yourself is do you really believe in the word of God are you really grounded on the Scriptures so that as time comes and our feelings tell us one thing but our principles tell us another where will you stand when the world starts to put pressure on you Genesis chapter two beginning in verse one it says does the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that Internet he had rested him all his work which God created and made remember we discovered last week or were reminded that it was God who rested on that first Sabbath day because he was the one who had done all the work and of course not that he needed to rest we discovered that that word Rast is Shabbat meaning that he simply ceased him all of his work and we know from inspiration that he sees from all of his work because he was satisfied that it was all well done we also noticed that in the beginning that God instituted the Sabbath and that man began to keep the Sabbath from that point on and sadly for those are always looking for some exact word to say we have to understand that God in giving the Sabbath commandment illustrated the keeping of the sap so in Genesis chapter one God is not necessarily giving a command to keep the Sabbath he is illustrating how man is to keep the Sabbath he is demonstrating that for us he is instituting the Sabbath into the lives of mankind he gave us the perfect illustration the Sabbath was meant to be kept or observed and that's what were to be talking about today as a memorial of creation a reminder of our Creator phase special day that God has set apart and blast and given for mankind now you remember that there are two institutions they came directly from the week of creation the Sabbath and marriage and I want you to see very clearly this morning as we look at both of those institutions have the devil is raining his attack on both of those in the reason why is because he knows that if he can go into a home and divide a family that the chances of him getting the entire family are much greater once he is separated husband-and-wife so this morning you need to understand that God is trying to help you stay close to him by keeping close to your wife or your husband in your marriage and understand that as we look at the news around us there is a huge assault on marriage the institution of marriage and why is it happening because the world is not accepting what God says in his word man is wanting to come up with his own ideas his own rules and regulations I thought it was interesting the other day I was listening to someone he was talking about as the Supreme Court is about to turn over this ruling that marriage is between a man and a woman there was someone talking about it and they brought out the fact that that the gaze of the homosexuals or lesbians should have their rights just as well and if someone responded and said well if we go in we take marriage to the next level then who is to say that a group isn't going to come along following that and say we'll been those who think incest is okay should be able to do what they like those you think piece theology is okay should be able to do it they like to know what the person responded he said will those things are morally wrong now I wish I would've been the interviewer then because the first thing out of said was where you get your moral compass where are you getting the morals that you live up to if you think that's moral wrong did you find that in Scripture where are you getting your moral compass to see my brothers and sisters we live in a world that doesn't believe in the word of God and in that world those people are not setting their moral compass by the Scriptures of God so when you follow the Scriptures of God being you indeed are going to be a unique and peculiar person amen so we want to realize this morning those two things but two very things that God gave to man before the fall in a perfect world in a perfect environment the two things that God gave to man are under the greatest attack today we want to keep that in mind as we continue on there were three specific things that we saw in Genesis chapter two that God did in instituting the Sabbath we know that he rested we talked about that we know that he blessed the Sabbath day and that he sanctified it now I just want to briefly touch on those before we look at how we keep the Sabbath number one and resting we know that God ceased from his labor not because he was tired but because he saw that all he had done was very good he had completed the work of creation in Exodus thirty one verse seventeen we are told that he rested on the seventh day and was refreshed and that word in their Hebrew rat rested or refreshed is no flash in that word means simply to breathe like a side can you imagine what it must've been like when God finished creation any look at all but he done he went never get something you know you finish sitting you step back and you look anyway Jim that's what God must've done as he looked at all of creation and saw that it was very very good number two he blessed it or is the Hebrew word Barack says now it's interesting because that word means to bless God as an act of adoration isn't it interesting him together on Sabbath we are towards your God with adoration and praise and that very word last means in adoration of God or to bless man with a benefit and God gave us the Sabbath as a benefit a blessing to us in review and Herald August three eighteen ninety seven if the in this way God gave the Sabbath to be a blessing to man it was to be to him a memorial of God 's creation it was to remind him of God sacred rest for which reason he had blessed the Sabbath and how would which takes us to the third thing that God did he sanctified the Sabbath he made it holy he set it apart is a very special day it was significant among all the other days of the week and what's interesting is how once again man has tried to make it insignificant man is trying to choose this layer that and you know as time progressed we were starting out with just Saturday or Sunday but you know I listened to a strangely enough a Baptist minister just recently a well-known one Baptist minister in the Orlando area and as he was talking about the Sabbath my ears perked up and I thought well this'll be interesting to see how explains the Sabbath and he began talking about the importance of the rest on the Sabbath and how we need to take time out from our weight and as I was waiting and listening and then he began to say this which really took me by surprise now he said no you may not be able to rest on a Saturday or a Sunday you may have to make your Sabbath a Tuesday or Wednesday and I thought isn't that interesting now really just whatever day happens to work for you can be your Sabbath and you remember one of the truths that we studied last week as the just Sabbath is not yours or mine it seems it's God 's Sabbath given command that we had the privilege serving look at verses this morning as we think about God sanctifying the Sabbath go with me to exes chapter thirty one and verse seventeen Exodus chapter thirty one and verse seventeen Exodus chapter thirty one and verse seventeen skews me its first thirteen not seventeen thirty one and verse thirteen I was in a start reading thirteen and you'd been on seventeen and you decide what kind of versions you have so I'm on verse thirteen are you there with me okay Exodus thirty one verse thirteen speak thou also under the children of Israel saying verily what my staff that he shall keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that ye may know that I am the Lord that was dust sanctify you you see when God sanctify the sabbaths it was not only to set that day apart to set that day aside is holy and special but it was also to let his children know that he is the one that does the sanctifying God is the one who makes us holy we cannot make ourselves fully amen for you with me there let's go to one more verse before we move on this is an easy kill Chapter twenty easy kill Chapter twenty and verse twelve Ezekiel twenty and verse twelve of these are verses that you're familiar with but this morning what we are wanting to do is were wanting to build a foundation that helps us understand very clearly why we're keeping the Sabbath and what it should mean to us individually if we do not nurse Dan then when a test comes in our life we are going to fall and more to give up the Sabbath because there's more pressure from the outside notice what the Bible says in Ezekiel twenty in verse twelve moreover also I gave them my sadness to be assigned between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctifies them you see God gave us the Sabbath not just so we would remember who years but as we look at his creative power we recognize that he is the one who can read create our hearts amen inspiration puts it this way and Marinol for page two forty four the Sabbath is a sign of Christ's power to make us holy and it is given to all whom Christ makes holy as a sign of his sanctifying power the Sabbath is given to all who through Christ become a part of the Israel of God in you remember last week we talk about how as time has progressed we've gone from literal Israel to Gaza last remnant spiritual Israel a man are you with me there we know that were not all that have to go through Israel begin to the kingdom is that right it's all through Jesus Christ and all those who accept Christ as their Savior are becoming a part of spiritual Israel so it tells us that the Sabbath is given to all who through Christ become a part of Israel of God the Sabbath I love this line the Sabbath is a golden class that unites God and his people you see when we understand the blessing and the beauty and the sacredness of the Sabbath it is a class of golden clasp that unites us to God and one more in our father cares grade one fifty three sanctification means habitual communion with God there is nothing so great and powerful as God 's love for those who are used children you know my brothers and sisters this morning I hope you grasp the concept that God loves you more than you could ever imagine or think and if you are going through a trial a struggle if you are battling with the temptation in your life God is their longing to empower you to gain victory and he says that if you understand my Sabbath you will understand that I can make you holy but here's something interesting to consider if you are levying of an unholy life during the week you are not suddenly going to live a holy life on the Sabbath it is important to note that God is the one who made the Sabbath holy it is the only day that is set apart special sacred and in keeping the Sabbath we do not make it holy already he is holy do you understand the concept you and I don't make the Sabbath holy by keeping it and that's one of the problems that I believe the Christian world faces today is a think that they can choose a day and make it holy there is only one thing holding and I don't say that to be proud or cocky or anything else I said because that's the truth of the word of God God is only given us one day he is only blessed one day and made it holy there is only one Sabbath day and as you can see in the world we live in today it is becoming more and more of an issue in a controversy whether we observe it or not it's still holding you know I shared with you the story of when I was a front end mechanic last week and I told you about how that went when the owner came to me and he basically told Meijer not to work on Saturdays Juergen have to quit I walked out he came out to the truck and he was telling me that I told them if they needed me unsatisfied work well all that got worked out you know when I kept my job and I continue to work for couple of years more but you know I I love softball and for fifteen years I played fast kids softball I was a pitcher and didn't say how much I love softball back then my brother lived in Paradise California which was about two and a half hours away and he asked me if I would play on his team so once a week I drove to an a half hours up played the game and then drove two and a half hours back but you know what I got me a little bit of trouble because the owners son like softball any plate on a tournament team and he wanted me to come pitch for their team and I told Mister Jim I can't do that you play on Sabbath he said look don't worry about it it'll be okay you're not working or playing and I want you to know myself he promised me said look if you plan on our team Ralph you can rest assured your never have to work on Sabbath I will never ask you work and I won't let my dad has to work on Saturday and you know I started playing on Sabbath and tournaments and one day in the middle of the tournament one afternoon I was sitting on the field waiting for the next game and all of the other team members were over and they all had a few beers and most of them smoked and they're all sitting around I had nothing in common and sitting by myself over there and I want you to know that I believe God does talk to us it was an honorable but I sensed God speaking to my conscience and it was like a boy said Ralph what you doing here on my Sabbath day why are you out here you have nothing in common with these guys except the little white ball I want you to remember my sound I want you to come back and spend the stay with me and you know I went home that day and I was confused and I said to God I said no more luck I don't know what I believe anymore but I'm good at how would you right now and start taking the Bible and the Sabbath is really the truth and Juergen have to show me one one of silly things I mean Genesis to start so I began studying the Bible and more and more began to realize that this was truly the day got it set aside and everything that I had learned as a boy growing up was truth my question for you now is you know the truth for yourself you see your mother or father 's truth your brother or sister 's truth will not save you and get you into the kingdom you have to know truth for yourself you see man does not pick and choose the day he will make holy that was done by the creator at creation so this morning as we move on how do we keep our observe the Sabbath day this is a question that comes to many people and often times new believers to come into the faith are wondering how I keep the Sabbath what's right and what's wrong I hear so many different things let's look at a few principles this morning were I believe we can stand firmly upon in Leviticus chapter twenty three and verse thirty two the Bible tells us that from even the even shall ye celebrate yourself now that relates totally back to creation doesn't the Bible tells us in the evening and the morning were the first day so God is letting us know that at the very beginning of the Sabbath on Friday night to the very inning of the Sabbath on Saturday evening we will be keeping the Sabbath now you know what's interesting and we need to understand that as time progresses the Sabbath is begun to come a very prominent thing in the world and I want you to know that God is already moving I just recently saw maybe many of you seen it there was an interview that somebody posted on Facebook a young man his name is Yvonne Franklin and Yvonne is a Hollywood executive in fact he is the vice president of production at Columbia pictures you want was talking with none other than Oprah Winfrey and you heard of Oprah is anybody here this never heard of Opera 's I tell you something this morning he was having a conversation with Oprah Winfrey and he was talking about his faith and hope are asked a question she said no where you get your faith how do you establish your faith and disbelief and then she kind of narrowed it down even more she said in other words what denomination are you he said I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and over said and what it would've Seventh-day Adventist leasable first Seventh-day Adventist believe that Saturday is the true Sabbath of the word of God and he said and we keep Sabbath from Friday night sundown until Saturday night sundown and he went on carrying on and sharing with her about his faith and then he told her now you may be sitting there going yesterday 's working in Hollywood brothers and sisters God is going to use people from everywhere to let the world know about his truth and we should never judge someone on the growth that they have we don't know how God is leading this man along and I want you to know that this man is standing up in a place where it's unbelievable sound and that yummy began his career in Hollywood and the interesting thing and it reminded me so much of my own experience he went in for his first job his first interview in Hollywood where they produce movies and everything else and they're basically working whenever they want all the time and he walked in and he said now I'll be a part of your organization and now be helping with production all that I will not be working from Friday sundown Saturday sundown and strangely enough everyone that he shared that with said will work around that we really like the work you do will work around that I want you to know what he said that morning because this really made an impression on me and I think this is something that you always need to remember if you are ever tested on the Sabbath issue in your life he was talking about Don opening doors and he said if I embrace who I am it will open doors not shut them if you embrace the fact that you are a child of God and you are a follower Jesus and you keep it as long as Commandments God will open doors not shut but here's the important factor to remember and I was very impressed with the statement if your faith won't fit through the door don't walk through the door because if God is opening up a door for you it will be big enough for your faith you understand what I'm saying this morning brothers and sisters you are not to have to alter the things that you believe that they are truth God will provide now he may not do it on the first time you may go through a trial and a test to know whether or not you are really going to be faithful and whether or not the Sabbath really means something to you or not but this young man was willing to put his job on the line every opportunity that he had to stand up for what he believed was the truth may we be as faithful this morning knowing when the Sabbath is is important because preparation for the Sabbath does not just happen at sundown Friday night are you hear what I'm saying now I don't know if you're like me but I know how the week goes and that's part of the devils plan to get us so busy and so tied up with everything in life that all of a sudden we almost forget Sabbath is coming until oh it's going to be sundown and twenty minutes and then we begin the frenetic rush but you see what God is wanting us to recognize is that we don't think about the Sabbath just on Friday night to snap we think about it all week long because if we really love him we remember that it's that beautiful special day and were planning him because we know that that's a special appointment that we haven't gone unlike any other day of the week it is something that we plan for from the very and of the Sabbath we just kept it should be the day we look for to the date we know we will put aside to spend time in communion with God and with our families you see the devil in his attack on the Sabbath has caused man to be so overwhelmed with the cares and the burdens of this life that man is come to the point he thinks he has no time the sound but inspiration says something different councils to the church page two sixty two all through the week we are to have the Sabbath in mind and be making preparation according to the commandment we are not merely to observe the Sabbath as a legal matter we are to understand its spiritual bearing upon all the transactions of life all who regard the Sabbath is a sign between them and God showing that he is God who sanctifies them will represent the principles of his government they will bring into daily practice the laws of this kingdom daily it will be there prior that the sanctification of the Sabbath may rest upon them every day they will have the companionship of Christ and will exemplify the perfection of his character every day their line will shine forth to others in good works you see the Sabbath should be a joy and a blessing of data we look for to know one of the old man in its July this is not to be over till eight thirty or nine o'clock it should be a day that we look forward to but you see the problem is it some people have a approach the Sabbath was such a legalistic subject to an adult do this don't do that you can't do this you can't do that that the Sabbath just like the Jews did him and during and those children enrolled in a home like that I can tell you right now the minute they have a chance their goal is seen and that's what religion is like and that's what God is like I want to be a part of you know a few years ago it almost made me chuckle because I received a newsletter from a self-supporting ministry they had gone to the point in their newsletter of talking about the scientific difference between baking and warming so my question for you right now is if you turn the oven to two hundred degrees are you sending is a line one seventy five where is the line on that up and handle you see my brothers and sisters what you better grasp this morning as God is talking about a principal in one week take things to that degree to where we are sitting there and talking about the tiny minute difference between cooking and baking we have taking the do 's and don'ts of the Sabbath to form I'm hoping that you are understanding that the principles of God 's word are so that we are planning ahead as we start thinking about the Sabbath the week before we are planning ahead and recognizing that on Sabbath I want to make sure that everything that I can have is ready and we are making plans for the Sabbath as it comes you know all my life one of my favorite things to do is to go wash my car and gas it up on Friday afternoon I I don't know why but that's just something I always wanted to do I was want my car to look nice on Sabbath and ours will make sure I have gas in my car and those are two things that I do in preparation but the simple thing is as all week long we need to be realizing the Sabbath is coming and I don't want to become a fanatic but I want to practice the principles of God 's law I want to understand that that's the day that I set aside all of my practical and worldly labor so that I spend time with Jesus you see the Jews have the same problem go with me as you see this illustration in Matthew chapter twelve Matthew chapter twelve and and look at what Jesus dealt with in his day remember Jesus said in Matthew five he came to fulfill the law not to destroy the law notice what he was dealing with in Matthew chapter twelve and I'm going to begin in verse one as we look at this little situation with Jesus and the Pharisees Matthew chapter twelve beginning in verse one the Bible says at that time Jesus went on the Sabbath day through the corn with his disciples and they were hungered and began to pluck the ears of corn and to eat but when the Pharisees saw it they said I be him behold thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do the Sabbath day you see the Sabbath it becomes such a garden that if somebody were to take an ear according to stick it off of a accordance stock they were sinning notice what he says now but he said into them in verse three have you not read what David did when he was in hungered and Dave that were with him how he entered into the house of God indeed eat the showbread which was not lawful for him to eat neither for them which were with him but only for the priests and he not read in the law how then on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath and are blameless but I say unto you that in this place is one greater than the temple but if you had known what this mean if I will have mercy and not sacrifice you would not have condemned the guiltless for the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath day and then on down in verse eleven actually it was continuing nine cc the rest of the story and when he was departed thence he went into their synagogue and behold there was a man which had his hand withered and they asked him saying is it lawful to to heal on the sabbath days that they might accuse he sentenced them what man shall there be among you that shall have one sheet and if it fall into a pit on the Sabbath day will he not lay hold on it and lift it out how much then is a man better than a sheet wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days you see my brothers and sisters sometimes we have made the Sabbath such a bargain we have gotten so legalistic in our view of what we can and can't do that it's turned into a day of do 's and don'ts instead of a day where we remember our Creator and focus on him you know this morning I want to share with you a simple principle and I guarantee you that it will work if your heart is surrender to Jesus Christ and you are focused upon him and you want to do all that pleases him Jesus will be impressing your heart what you need to do and not do on the Sabbath the things that will draw you closer to him and the things that are taking you further away desire of ages page two eighty three the Jewish leaders accomplish the will of Satan by surrounding God 's rest day with Bart and some requirements in the days of Christ the Sabbath had become so perverted that its observance reflected the character of salvation and arbitrary men rather than the character of the loving heavenly father the rabbis virtually represented God as giving laws which it was impossible for man to obey they lead the people to look upon God as a tyrant and to think that the observance of the Sabbath as he required it made men hardhearted and cruel we do want to do that with the Santa Fe we want to understand the principles of the Sabbath so go with me now as we start bringing this to a close to Exodus chapter twenty Exodus chapter twenty in her Scripture for today again versus each room Exodus twenty verses eight through eleven Exodus chapter twenty verse eight remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days shalt thou labor and do all five work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it thou shalt not do any work thou nor thy son nor thy daughter by manservant nor thy maidservant nor thy cattle nor thy stranger that is within my gates for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it so now I has those of you who remember Pastor Mark unpacked that for just a minute if we can and I want to just think for a moment six days to do all of our work you see God gave us six days in which we were to do the things we need to do and he said you know that's your work during the week I want you to go ahead I'm giving you six whole days I'm just wanting one out of seven but on the seventh day I want you to focus on me so in order for you to do that you need to cease or hearing me you need to cease from all of your labors you need to cease from those worldly things that distract you from me you need to cease from the obligations that you hold on during the week and you need to come and set this time aside for me you need to plan ahead do not be so overwhelmed with the work that you do in life that you're so white down on Sabbath that you don't have the time to spend it with me you see the Sabbath is not just for us to go to church and then to go home that afternoon and practice some light activities the Sabbath is for us to also do service for God you see a Sabbath afternoon is a day where it's a beautiful blessing to go and give literature those in your community to go in visit shut-ins to go like we have in the past to rest films in different places and bring some joy into their life by sharing some of the music of heaven and some of the encouraging words of God again in the book our father care state sixty four when the Sabbath is best remembered the temporal will be not allowed to encroach upon the spiritual no duty pertaining to the six working days will be left for the Sabbath during the week our energies will not be so exhausted in temporal labor that on the Sabbath when the Lord rested and was refreshed we shall be too wary to engage in his service a day to remember our Creator and the best place to remember that creative power is in nature that's why it's harder sometimes to keep the Sabbath in the city because you go overcharging your sales with everything around you is busy and hustling and bustling I believe that on Sabbath afternoons especially if you have children you need to get them out to place in nature you need to take them out and let them see the glory of the wonderful works of God because you see it's through nature I remember Sabbath afternoons when we lived in Northern California we would take the kids on a walk in the mountain and you know as as we go up inclined trails and go up to the mountains and look out across this expanse of mountaintops I said to myself how can these children not believe in the majesty and power of God is a look at this beautiful setting there's only one way something could look like this and that's if God himself created my life today two eighty seven says during a portion of the day all should have an opportunity to be out of doors let their attention be called the tokens of his love in his created works as they view the beautiful things which he is created for the happiness of man they will be led to regard him as tender and loving father as a character of God puts on the aspect of love benevolence beauty and attraction they are then drawn to don't let the Sabbath become a burden let it be the blessing that God designed that it should be seek God on your knees floor how do you want me to spend to stay with you what are the things Lord that they keep me from having that close walk on Sabbath what are the things that I'm doing that they keep me from forgetting the cares of life and happy focused on all of those and forget this and that I need to spend with you we need to be making sure that we're focusing on the one who can show us the way to keep the Sabbath our last verse let's go there as we close for sure Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight verses thirteen and fourteen Isaiah fifty eight verses thirteen and fourteen the Bible tells us if thou turn away thy foot from the Sabbath from doing by pleasure on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord honoring him skews me holy Lord Honorable and shalt honor him not doing thine own ways nor finding nine own pleasure nor speaking thine own words then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord and I will cause the ride upon the high places of the earth and Phoebe with a heritage of Jacob by father for the mouth of the Lord have spoken my brothers and sisters God created the Sabbath to be a delight to mankind it says to make it honorable you remember in I believe in second Samuel twenty in verse twenty work Samuel said you honor me I will honor God will honor you when you honor him are you honoring him in the way the you keep his Sabbath today this last thought from Marinol for I saw that we sensed and realized that little the importance of the Sabbath to what we should realize and know of its importance and glory I saw we knew not what it was yet to ride upon the high places of the earth and to be fed with the heritage of Jacob but when the refreshing and latter rain shall come from the presence of the Lord and the glory of his power we shall know what it is like to be fed with the heritage of Jacob and to ride upon the high places of your then shall we see the Sabbath morn its importance and glory but we shall not see and in all its glory and importance until the covenant of peace is made with us at the voice of God and the pearly gates of the new Jerusalem are thrown open and swing back on our under glittering hinges and the glad and joyful voice of the lovely Jesus is hard richer than any music that ever fell on mortal ears bidding us entering you see my brothers and sisters as we do we saw last week the Sabbath was given the manic creation the Sabbath is going to be tapped throughout eternity but the question this morning is for you keeping the Sabbath in a way now so the one real test comes upon you as a Sabbath really have meaning to you or you just following the religion of your parents does the Sabbath really have meaning to you or you just following a list of things you think you're supposed to do and not do this a Sabbath hold the importance in your life that when your test comes and it will a you will be able to stand faithful to God my prayer for each one of us this morning is that we will study for ourselves to know the truth what it means to us that it will be a part of our being and so that every day as we go through the course of the wing every day and the sanctification of the Sabbath is live down in our lives will live in one or are a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more certain that please visit www. .net verse .org


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