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Why God Said Remember, Part 3

Ralph Henderson


  • April 6, 2013
    11:00 AM
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well just a little brief our review for those of you that were not here in part one of our series why God said remember we were reminded that the Sabbath is really God 's day and it was instituted at creation and given to man as a gift a reminder that he is our Creator and as we saying just now that he alone is worthy of our praise and worship it is not a day for the Jews it is a day for all mankind throughout all generations I day of worship and rest sanctified and blessed a game that will maintain its sanctity throughout eternity in part two we saw the importance of observing the Sabbath we live in a world today where man is trying to downplay the importance of the special David God has given us to the point that even those who claim to be followers of Christ don't keep the Sabbath the way God originally intended that it should be capped and so we were reminded how important it is because in observing the Sabbath we are testifying to the world of our allegiance to God and our faithfulness to him today we're going to look at the Sabbath as a sign of our allegiance to God the Sabbath will be the final test the man will face before Jesus comes and as we began this little journey this morning I want to take you all the way back to the beginning of what most Seventh-day Adventists understand is the great controversy the world pretty much understands that there is a battle between good and evil but as Christians we know that there is a real controversy going on in the spiritual world around us and that battle is for your soul and for mine the only difference in this war is at the side of love I will not force their desires and their will upon you or me yet the other side will do whatever they can through whatever means they can to steal your soul from the kingdom of heaven this great controversy between Christ and Satan began as we all now in heaven when Lucifer rebelled against God is a little server was looking around at all the glory and majesty of heaven Lucifer holding a pretty high rank in the kingdom of heaven decided that you know really I think I should be the guy up there I want all of these angels to worship me and you see the issue of the great controversy began when sin was found in Lucifer 's heart Isaiah chapter twelve verses twelve to fourteen gives us a pretty clear illustration of what took place Lucifer had determined in his own heart that he wanted not to be like the most high but he wanted to replace the most time and as the controversy continued we know that the controversy was then brought down to her and the battle continued as the war went on although cast out he continued to seek the worship of man and women in this world now most of you know that this is a true fact that the devil through his sophistries is trying to lead men and women astray and even to the point of desecrating the true Sabbath and making people forget the true importance of the Sabbath and what it means I want to just remind you of a few brief illustrations and were not to go down to give you scriptural references if you want to write them down but due to time this morning we won't go to these because we have some things I think are more important but I want you to see some illustrations of the issue of worship as it began in the very beginning you remember the story of Cain and Abel if you go back to Genesis chapter four verses one through seven you will see that little illustration of the controversy that the place over the issue of how to worship God remember able brought his sacrifice to God which was the accepted sacrifice of a lamb and came wanted to bring the fruits of his own labor and God said this is what I ask you to bring you see my brothers and sisters we need to understand it in the plan of salvation it's not what you do or what I do that our existing way to the kingdom it through the gift of Jesus Christ we are saved by grace through faith it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast then on down through time we saw our Joshua challenge the children of Israel your remember that in Joshua twenty four versus one and two and fourteen and fifteenth or Joshua told the children of Israel choose you this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house we will what way will serve the Lord you see there's always this continual battle the devil is trying to divide and conquer even in the midst of God 's people again the children of Israel remember when Elijah stood as it seemed alone on Mount caramel first Kings chapter eighteen and verse twenty one jackass the question how long halt you between two opinions and gave them the same opportunity come back serve the Lord don't serve Dale don't go off serving other gods moving on down how about the three Hebrew worthies there got to be the subject of our study today and also in Daniel chapter six Daniel himself was faced with the issue of worship you see as we said so many times the issue of the great controversy is an issue of worship not just how we worship but when we worship and of specially who we were version so I want you to turn with me today if you will as we began and let's see how the Bible tells us about the Sabbath being a sign between God and his people Ezekiel chapter twenty Ezekiel chapter twenty verse two verses that you're all familiar with Ezekiel chapter twenty versus twelve and twenty and we touched on these last week but we want to look at it one more time today as we launch into our study on this final study on why God said remember Ezekiel twenty and beginning in verse twelve the Bible says moreover moreover also I did what I gave them my samples to be assigned between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them again in this verse we are reminded that the Sabbath belongs to God he is given at the mankind and man is to keep that Sabbath as a sign that we understand who our true Creator read and if you look over Ezekiel chapter twenty in verse twelve God says that in another way says and how what my sabbaths hello my sadness and they shall be assigned between me and you think ye may know that I am the Lord your God you see the problem is is the devil has done such a good job in his deceptive work that the world is confused as to who God really is but God says I am the Lord your God how do you know who I am because I am the one that created the world happens in the year I am the one that created you and I am the one that has the power to re-create your hearts and never with a tour verse for today Exodus chapter thirty one were to start a little earlier I didn't want to scare you at the very beginning but were in the starting verse fourteen now I want to read that person first fourteen exciting want you to be afraid before we even started but I think it simpler we read verses thirteen and fourteen of Exodus thirty one because it's important that we understand what's going on in this controversy Exodus chapter thirty one and I'll began in verse thirteen the Bible says speak now also under the children of Israel saying verily my sabbaths ye shall keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you that we all like that personally that's a good strong verse we like it because God says again it's a sign between him and us that he is our job it sanctifies is now the next verse we may not like so much you shall keep the Sabbath therefore for it is holy unto you everyone that the file that shall surely be put to death for whosoever do any work therein that social be cut off I'm among his people verse fifteen six days may work be done but on the seventh is the Sabbath of rest holy to the Lord whosoever do any work on the Sabbath day he shall surely be put to death the carry-on verse sixteen wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations for a perpetual covenant and those of you there were here last week remember that we saw that as time progressed and Israel was rejected by God it now became not literal Israel but spiritual Israel Galatians chapter three verse twenty six through twenty nine we know that spiritual Israel is to follow through with this covenant with God in keeping of the Sabbath day does that make sense as morning okay so we see that we know the carrying on of that covenant for ever is carried on by spiritual Israel or God 's last day remnant people and moving on to verse seventeen it says it is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed and finally inverse eighteen and he gave unto Moses when he had made an end of the communing with him upon mount Sinai two tables of testimony tables of stone written with the finger of God when we look at those verses there are some very important things that we want to understand as we move forward we see that God was saying that anyone that violated the Sabbath would be put to death now what we need to remember is as that the Sabbath is the very center of the ten Commandment law God is not and we know that the Bible tells us in first John chapter three and verse for that sin is what transgression of the law and Romans six twenty three tells us that the wages of sin is death therefore we can understand why God said that if you violate the Sabbath you are violating one of the Commandments and if you violate a commanding your transgressing my law and the wages of sin is death but praise God this morning the gift of God is eternal life you see my brothers and sisters we may have sent we may have aired in our lives but we can confess our sins and we can be forgiven and cleansed of those in this morning that something important for us to remember as we move forward James also tells us that if we break one commandment we bought we broken them all so you see God was laying out something for us to understand but he was also pointing forward to a time at the very end of time that final warning where God was going to let people know that they were going to have to make a decision as to who they would worship and Morgan will look at Revelation thirteen at just the moment but I want to ask you a question how many do you like to read books a law I wonder how many of you when you read a book you go and read the last chapter so you know what happens and then you start over Arthur's a few brave souls that admit it Morgan again this morning and I think it's important as Morgan a look at the last chapter before we go back and start the study okay so let's take and go to Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen is a very very powerful chapter it's a very important chapter in understanding the great controversy that we are in and I'm I'm go to share with you some things today one of the things that I love when I study the Bible is I love the way God will from first immerse you know we're told in Isaiah chapter twenty eight verses nine and ten the study what line upon line precept upon precept here are a little there a little and what I love is when I follow that pattern that God has laid out as I'm studying a particular subject as I go through his word and I searched things out what I love is how God will put phrases that are almost word for word so that I can know without a question that this subject is connected and I can follow this path through no notices we begin in chapter thirteen Revelation verse one and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy now those of you that have studied prophecy knows that you've been gone through the book of Daniel in the book of Revelation we know this to be what beast whatever speed you want what what least we know this to be are you afraid to say that word okay it's papal Rome or the papacy are in and as we move on down we want to see in verse three is says and I saw one of us has as it were wounded unto death and is deadly wound was healed and why all the world wondered after the beast I want you to keep that in your mind because as we continue one were to see what kind of problem that presents with all the world wondering after this beast and in verse for it says and they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worshiped the beast saying who is likened to the beast who was able to make war with him and I want you to skip the verse seven down it says and it was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world if any man have an ear let him hear so now can we just say without trying to figure out who all these beasts are with this first one as we look at it can we just say clearly that there's got to be an issue that comes up on the world of worship that make sense to you are right and as we progress now through your chapter thirteen we find in verse eleven that another beast comes along in verse eleven is as I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had to Lawrence like a lamb and he spake as a dragon and then go down to verse fourteen and it says that this beast the second beast deceive them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do and decide of the first beast saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should megawatt and image to the beast it's important that you remember that which had the wound by a sword and did live so now we have a beast in the first ten verses we have a beast and then the second eleven verses are grieving on for verse eleven and onward we have another beast that is making an image to that beast of them make sense aren't so we carry on in verse fifteen and it Howard to give life unto the image that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed any cause at all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehands that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name so now you can see that between these two beasts we are going to be forced to worship someone or something right that makes sense we're ready for us to worship someone or something and now what I'd like for you to do with me is that like for you to go with me now back to Daniel chapter three as we look at the beginning of the story you see the Bible points out very clearly one important factor and that is that so many times history repeats itself today we're talking about why God said remember and I'm hoping that you are able to just remember that there is going to be an issue over worship in that book of Revelation chapter thirteen and this is a very very interesting story in the book of Daniel we know that Daniel and Revelation her sister books it's always good to study these two books together and as we go through our study this morning I read you Revelation thirteen are red points in Revelation thirteen because I want you to see as we look at the book of Daniel how there are phrases that are exactly word for word the same in these two books in Daniel chapter three as we begin in verse one first I'll recap for those of you that might not be familiar with the book of Daniel the children of Israel had been taken captive into Babylon along with the children of Israel there were young men who are very intelligent they were very healthy there were very fit and these young men were taken into the court of the king to be trained so that he could use them in his system Nebuchadnezzar was an unusual man most things when they go into a country and they overtake a country they would wipe out leadership they would wipe out any wonder they thought could stir up rebellion Nebuchadnezzar was a man who liked education he wanted to learn about other cultures about other civilizations and when he would bring people in under his reign if the wood framed them and also he would try to learn things from them so these young men were brought into the court of Nebuchadnezzar and in chapter two you remember he had a vision and he couldn't exactly remember what the vision was and he needed someone to come in and telling the vision and then explain what it meant lo and behold Daniel the slave from Israel comes in and reveals this vision reveals the meaning of the vision and now in chapter three we find that Nebuchadnezzar is not unusual for most things in that once he figured out what was going on he wanted to change the story began like the fact that he was only the head of gold he wanted to be the whole image right so notice now as we go on inverse chapter three of Daniel Nebuchadnezzar the king made in the image of goal now regarding hearing a word to you heard in Revelation we Marty got image going together right are right he said he made an image of gold whose height was threescore cubits and the bread three score cubits and he set it up on the plane of Jura not drop-down we know he's got this big image set up on the plane of direct and notice in verse four it says then the herald cried aloud to you it is commanded oh people nations and languages now want you to go with me for just a minute in your mind to Revelation chapter fourteen verse six and we know that there is an everlasting gospel to go to be preached to every kindred tongues nations and people right so here we have he is called every nation and people and language together again we start seeing the beginning of a false message going forth against the three angels message is that possible that as far back in Daniel 's day the mystery of is an iniquity was already at work trying to confuse people over the truth of God 's word going on in verse five that what time he hear the sound of the cornet flute harp sac but sultry dulcimer and all kinds of music you for down and worship the golden image that they get back to Revelation thirteen were supposed to worship an image right and then verse six it says and do yourself all if not down and worship shall the same hour be cast in the midst of burning fiery furnace now Revelation thirteen works a little differently if we're not willing to worship the beast and his image we will be killed right so Daniel 's day killing people just happen to be tossed them in the fiery furnace so hopefully they figure out some little quicker and more painless in the last days but I don't think so Daniel chapter three and verse seven therefore that time when all the people heard the sound of the cornet flute harp sac but sultry in all kinds of music how many people all people the nations and the languages fell down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up so in other words the God of heaven has set up something for us to take time to spend on a Sabbath day and worshiping him and the king or a ruler of men besides you can alter what God has done so he calls every language and representative of every language kindred tongue and nation together and when he sets up his image he wants everyone to fall down and worship the now he doesn't do this on the love is not going door-to-door retraction saying you know I love you and I would like you to come worship my imaging in hand on little track no he has them all come together and he says you see this golden image now if you don't kneel down we play this nice music I've got a warm place for you to warm up in right over here a fiery furnace my brothers and sisters the Bible tells us that everyone on that plane knelt down to worship but those three Hebrew warranties now I'm guessing I'm guessing but I will be willing to bet that there were other young Israelites that were in that group and I hope that your understanding this message as we begin this morning you may think that you're in God 's remnant church you may think that because you show up Sabbath morning and you put five in the offering plate that you are faithful to God but brothers and sisters when the test comes and you have to make a decision and it may even be for your very life the question is Kennedy then will you still be willing to stand and pizza you see is this controversy progresses further down my friends it's not going to be easy it's not going to be for the faint of heart it's not going to be for those who don't truly trust God and have all of their faith in him and make a decision just like the three Hebrew worthies did that whether or not I'm saved at this moment I will not bow down to that in as the story progressed so when you go to verse eleven verse eleven it set a new cell phone look not down in worship that he should be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace well you know how the story progressed they they did this kneel down now there was such a huge crowd there that Nebuchadnezzar couldn't even tell that they can kneel down details had to come up tattletale 's aviary did your brother sister who tell on you and your little dimensions make you man you know they have it a monument mom you know what guess what Ralph is well that's what happened that day there standing out there and you know they're being as bright as they can be standing up and all of a sudden everybody else is on their knees but these three young men are called up before Nebuchadnezzar and now I want you to notice how they respond to this game go with me if you will let's start in verse fifteen actually burst fourteen Nebuchadnezzar spake said of them is a true host Shadrach me Shaq and Abednego do you not serve my gods nor worship the golden image which I have set up I want upon to write their DNO that when these three young men were first brought into the kingdom of Babylon they didn't have those names it you see in this story the names have been changed but it's not to protect the innocent the names have been changed because Nebuchadnezzar was trying everything that he could think of remember this this morning Nebuchadnezzar was using every angle that he could think of to take them to distract them away from following their God now I want you to listen carefully just quickly to their names Daniel 's name was God is my judge sets would Daniel me canonize means God is gracious me shell means God is without equal in Azariah God is my helper every single one of those names reminded them of their creator God now notice what Nebuchadnezzar did the minute they came into his court their names were changed Daniel to belt the Shatzer belt the shadows are meant bail will protect his life tendinitis Shadrach Shadrach worshiper of the moon god me shelter me shack devote each of the goddess of wine and Azariah to Abednego Sir Meebo you see the devil works in little anchor Ms. and we need to remember that he is he's trying to move on your life as he's trying to steer you away from the kingdom of God he's doing it little steps at a time and he may be doing it in a way that you think why not nothing I can do I can't stop it brothers and sisters you can stop it by keeping focused on Jesus Christ the author and finisher of your faith and as the story continues on look now at verse fifteen now if he be ready that what time you hear the sound of the cornet flute harp the sack with the sultry dulcimer and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the image which I have made well but if you worship not usually cast the same hours it's in the midst of a burning fiery furnace and who is that God shall deliver you out of my hands you think this is a time for God to stand up you think this is a time for God to let people know who he is and who's get a win this controversy ultimately can you imagine what God must've been thinking when that king said that would notice what these faithful young men said in verse sixteen Shadrach Misha and Abednego answered and said to the King old Nebuchadnezzar we are not careful to answer the in this matter in other words they said we know what's at stake here as we give you this answer we know what could happen but we want you to know in verse seventeen if it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of thine hand these guys made a personal they didn't just say God will deliver from their fiery furnace they said God will deliver us out of your hands you think he was stirred up a little bit you think he was a little bit upset at that response but then they carry on inverse eighteen but if not be it known unto thee O king that we will not serve thy gods nor worship the golden image which thou has set up now my brothers and sisters today you may not face the fiery furnace but you may face the loss of a job because you want to keep the Sabbath you know as we talked about it last week I can't say how many people I encounter they tell me what you know I become in the church but I can't lose my job if I quit work on South I be coming to church and I know Sabbath is a right day but but I've got to take care my family you see my friends I believe that God is wanting us to know that if he's the creator of heaven and earth and he surely can take care of us but Morgan have to step out in faith and sometimes as we mentioned before we may not be able to see around the corner we name may not be a list see what's beyond that fiery furnace but God can and he says trust me with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways a good knowledge me and I will direct your paths now notice what went on here this is just incredible in verse nineteen then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury and the form of this message which changed to get Shadrach recheck and Abednego therefore he spake and commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more than a want to be heat and I think about that the other night on a piece on on the if you saw it on that that movie there buys watching the Bible and you know it in the movie when Shadrach recheck and Abednego walked up and they failed to do what they're supposed to the furnace wasn't even lit they walked him into the furnace and they all walked in and stood there and then I got through master something in and let it and I'm saying I'd say right now that that's not the Bible snoring I guarantee you that when Shadrach meets Jack and Abednego look at that Re: furnace that was heated up seven times hotter than before they were saying to themselves okay Lord I guess this is it I hope you remember us because I think this is the end you got admit you'd be thinking the same thing and my question is how many of us would be going you know okay let's talk about this one more time what was that about the music and fiercely many of us when we see something like that because you know maybe been burned before I've been burned before let me say I made a mistake one day and through match on up on a big pile of wood that I had thrown gas on actually think back was a match is one of strikers general was thinking that I reached out like this and I collect it like that and it exploded and before I shut my eyes and blew back ten feet I saw flame running straight at my arm towards my face and it blew me back ten feet and when I got up soon still my eyebrows were burn off the front of my hair was Bart I had on shorts the hair on my knees is burnt off they are on my arm was gone and I'm thanking God an angel I swear put his hands over my eyes because I watched the flame come right up my arm so my brothers and sisters I know that many of us know what it's like to be burned and we would not want to be in a situation like this and I believe that those young men knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was not going the right way and they said you know Lord it looks like you're calling us to give our lives for you today and I believe that many of us in these final hours of verse history may be in a circumstance where we think we're giving our lives as for Jesus but weird to see miraculous deliveries look at what carries on mail in verse twenty and he commanded the most mighty men that were in his army to buying Shadrach Misha and Abednego and cast them into the burning fiery furnace then these men were bound in their coats and their hose and and their hats and or other garments and were cast in the midst of the burning fiery furnace therefore because the king 's commandment was urgent and the furnace exceeding half the flame of the flat fire slew those men that took up Shadrach Misha and Abednego things on in these three men shall correctly check and Abednego fell down bounded in the midst of the burning fiery furnace and then you know the story Nebuchadnezzar looked into that furnace any Tennessee three men burning up he saw for in the Bible says that the Fort was what life into the son of God when he looked into that fiery furnace he recognized the son of God because the character of those young men he would not have known that fourth person was heavy not seen the character of Christ in those three young men you see I believe in keeping the Sabbath remembering God 's special day is much more than just a legalistic I do this because I believe that I'm going to heaven it's because we love God and we know it's a sign of our connection to him and no matter what the world says we are going to stand for him under any circumstance we know how the story ends Nebuchadnezzar called the three young men now they came under fire furnace and the Nebuchadnezzar did what most men do is see you then made another decree that everyone was supposed to worship it you know it's like people just make you see God is a God of love and he wants us to serve him and worship him out of love and devotion to him he does not want us to do anything by force he doesn't want a bunch of robots it just do what he tells them to do because they're afraid there to be destroyed if they do contrary you see God is a God of love and mercy I want you to move on with me he will to Daniel chapter six Daniel chapter six why my sharing the stories with you today because I want you to remember this morning the Sabbath is more than just the day where we say I'm a Seventh-day Adventist I don't work on Sabbath I keep the Sabbath I want you to understand that the Sabbath is this a revocable link between man and God that he serves the Sabbath this is signed it tells the world that we are connected to God it is assigned it tells the world that we know who our Creator is it's a sign that tells the world that we know who our Redeemer is you see the Sabbath is this beautiful sign that God gave us so that we would never forget who he is and all that he is done to redeem us in Daniel chapter six I believe that we can see this connection between Daniel three Daniel six and Revelation thirteen because what we are seen in Daniel three and Daniel six are those who should be the ones representative of the character of those who will be standing in the time of Revelation thirteen and notice in Daniel chapter six beginning in verse one it pleased Darius to set over the kingdom a hundred and twenty princes which should be over the whole kingdom and over these three presidents of whom Daniel was what Daniel is first that the process might give accounts of the damned and the King should have no damage then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and Francis because what I'm actually spirit within him and the King thought to set him over the whole realm then the presidents and princes sought divine occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find none occasion nor fall for as much as he was faithful neither was an error or fault found in him not you think that that the people of God to read a Church of God that the devil goes to make war against in the last days you think that those people are to have that kind of character relatively quickly keep your finger right here Daniel six and goes me to Revelation fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen and remember what it says here so you can once again see how God connects these verses together it says but they could find none occasion nor fall for as much as he was faithful neither was there any error or fault found him in him Revelation fourteen versus four five and six these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they which follow the Lamb weather soever he go at these were redeemed from among men being the first fruits undergone into the Lamb and in their mouth was found no guile or they are without what are there with without fault before the throne of God these are people in the last days and that the all only way they're going to be able to do anything contrary or against them is by doing something that will cause them to have to give up their God or their faith because they can't say anything bad about their characters are you working towards that in your life today you know the other day I was I was I was at the bank and I was just going to cast a check in and I've moved you know so now to different bank and and and I started going through all these problems with this person over just cashing this check and I felt that he coming up and you know and I I I found myself talking a little louder than normal to redo them and you can tell when you're talking you're saying and after you finish talking you don't you know I know that didn't sound good and you know brothers and sisters think about character is the only thing you take into the kingdom and if you're not developing the character now you won't be in the kingdom to God isn't to change a character you do everything else for you but he won't be changing your character because I character will been developed because the Bible tells us in in the book of first John that when Jesus comes will know him because will be like you know Jesus this morning reflecting his character in your life you know when those young men were thrown into a fiery furnace they were disrespectful to banking in fact they said we know what were doing here we know that by responding to you this way but we just want you to know the we serve a God it is much more powerful than you and we have to stand up for him no matter what you say to us today and you see in Daniel chapter six it's the same issue carried on it's an issue of worship and in Daniel chapter six what I want you to notice is just like in Revelation chapter thirteen that it is man who is setting forth decrees and those decrees are going against the law of God the understand what that means to you and to me that means that we are going to have to make a decision am I going to serve God and his law or am I to fall and serve man and do what they tell me to do that's why the mark of the beast is either got to be in the four-hitter in the hands because of it's in the format you are what I remember all the world wondered after the beast Philip Amar goes and therefore had that means they believe that with everything they got but if they received the mark in their hand they didn't have enough strength to stand for what they really believe they wanted to make sure they could still get a paycheck still take care of the family and so they said here is my hand he given me the food in the money and I'll keep following you please see the people of God will receive the seal of God and we know that the seal of God be our sign of the seal of God is his seventh ASAP because the Sabbath commandment is the only one that reveals the seal of God right his name is is a position in his territory and we know that that's the only commandment that reveals the seal of God isn't it interesting that it's at the very center of the Deco isn't it interesting that that's the only commandment were God said remember you think that it's got to be an issue in the final hours yet when you look at the story of Daniel Daniel was faithful he was so faithful to the point that no one can find any fault or error in him but you see they went to the king and under false pretenses notice in verse seven all the presidents of the kingdom and the governments and the princes the counselors and the captains and counsel together to establish a Royal statute to make a firm decree that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for thirty days say Neil King he shall be cast into a den of lions and now link oh from the fiery furnace to a den of lions which you see Daniel was faithful and here's a question for you and for me because you look down in verse ten and see how Daniel responded when he saw what was going on now when Daniel knew what the writing was signed he went into his house and his windows being open is chambered for Jerusha one field upon his knees how many times a day three times a day he said I know they're watching me I'm not going to close my windows I know exactly what's going on here but I am not altering the way I worship and serve my God are you willing to do that today you know we say all what we don't want to know I want people to think I'm not I want people to think I'm weird and that's the problem with the remnant church in the last days because everyone likes to be excited except it everyone wants to be accepted so we're trying to figure out how can we be accepted by the other churches so they don't think were weird or not but you see were told in Scripture that we are a peculiar people a chosen race a royal priesthood that we should show forth the praises of him who is called us out of darkness into his marvelous light there's a great controversy going on and somebody needs to tell the world the message that Jesus is coming soon and if they are following after the beast and his image they are not going to receive the seal of the living God and if they don't see it received the seal of the living God will they make it through this time of trouble such as never was they will not be able to intervene into the gates into the city C McDaniel remained faithful even at the peril of his own line you see my brothers and sisters when we go back and we look in history were fortunate because we have the example of young men you know inspiration tells us that when Daniel and his three friends were taken out of Israel they were only fifteen or sixteen years old young man young men and I'm thankful for young men and women that are willing to stand up for what they know is right because they're so viewing the world that will stand out the brothers and sisters they need to see you standing up Dennis started this morning we are having trouble with the world because were just like the world you know can the world look at you in the world wants you for a week for a day for an hour and see that there's something different about you than them and I want you to know this morning it's not just the way you dress it's your character and you know what the characters can be revealed more and more as time progresses so you better be on your knees and you better be seeking the only one that can make a difference in your care you see in these last days the issue of the great controversy is going to come to a head and just like there's always been throughout the course of time it's got to come down for there is only two groups and the devil is get a be so deceptive that the second group is can I think that they're serving God the second representative think they're doing what God wants them to do remember Paul when he was going through Israel and he was persecuting all the Christians he thought he was doing what God wanted into until he met Jesus face-to-face on the road to Damascus and when Paul met Jesus on the road Jesus said Paulo what you doing to me what you mean Lords will you're going to run your killing all my people what are you doing Paul make sure you know you're going in the right direction make sure you know whose side you're really all the Bible is full of men and women who thought they were going the right direction but because they were not willing to surrender everything to God they were going the wrong direction and brothers and sisters I can say right now and this is what this message is all about the this morning why did God say remember because he knew that the Sabbath was going to be the final test for man he knew that the issue is good to come down to a day of worship and if you don't look at the world around you right now and see that it's being set up for this very thing and you better start opening your eyes a little wider you'd better start studying your Bible a little more because the world is being set up for this very issue of the great controversy and God 's people are going to have to make a decision you see the thing that we understand through the stories of Daniel is that circumstances do not change principles circumstances do not change principles culture does not transcend truth you think that Daniel when he went from Israel and Babylon went into a different culture you better believe he did but you notice that culture did not transcend the truth and the principles the Daniel cap compromise leads to complacency complacency leads to a loss connection with Jesus Christ you see Daniel predicted in Daniel chapter eight in verse twelve that the truth would be cast to the ground Daniel foretold in Daniel chapter seven verse twenty five that there would be one who thought to change times and laws and I want you to notice it says he will think the change you can't change God 's law it's unchangeable all you may issue a man may degrade but you cannot change God 's law so make sure my brothers and sisters that you are serving the golf who created the law and not following some men who think they can change Isaiah chapter fifty eight verses twelve to fourteen we had been called to be the restorers of the breach to repair the breach and to remind the world once again why God said remember why did God say remember because David he rested upon the daily sanctified the day that he blessed is a day that will be observed by all of his true followers throughout eternity why did God say remember because the Sabbath is to continually for ever be assigned between God and his people that he is the God that sanctifies us this morning my challenge to you is to hold on to the truth study to show thyself approved unto God a workman needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth this morning I challenge you as a professed follower of Jesus to make sure that it's more than just a profession in your life to make sure that you understand that the seal of the living God is the day that you worship on and up and that's the outward symbol the N-word symbol of the seal of God we know is a settling into the watch through the truth this morning I cannot challenge you make sure that you are learning the truth for yourself young people are all attainable whoever you are make sure you are learning the reason for yourself in a media was brought by Hotmail address and website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more so than is www. audio person or


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