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The Seed of Revival

Ralph Henderson


  • July 13, 2013
    11:00 AM
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loving father in heaven this morning as we kneel before you once more first Lord we just want to thank you for the beautiful music that has been given to us today we praise your name for those were willing to give you honor and glory through gifts and talents that you given we thank you that they were willing to sacrifice their time to be here with us and we pray that you will bless them for their service and we asked now Lord that is we are going into this topic today as we think about the communion service all that was done for us at the cross that today Lord our hearts will be inspired that we will be stirred with NSN that the seed of revival will be planted in our hearts in this church in this place today that we won't just talk about revival and reformation for the next two three four five weeks or through the next quarter but that we will begin living it out in our lives this morning we heard that there was a revival begun in a church in England and all of the charges around that were affected by that and that's our prayer today that you will begin revival right here in this place in our hearts and that it will stir up other churches around us Lord we want to see you come very soon and we know that you're not waiting for money you're not waiting for advanced you're waiting for people we have been told and inspiration that you wait for a people who will fully reflect you so Lord I pray that this morning we begin to get that picture and we will start pursuing that with all of our hearts fill us with your spirit today and speak to us now through your word because we ask it in Jesus name amen so this morning we are beginning the first part of our series and I can't tell you how long it will go I want you to know that we are to strive to cover every aspect of revival and Reformation that nothing be left out but they are two simple questions that I want you to ask yourself this morning as we began number one I want you to ask yourself do I sense the need for revival and Reformation in my own life now think about that question because we are the Laodicean church and the Laodicean church has a problem and the problem as we discussed in our lesson this morning is they are blind they are wretched and miserable and they do not know their condition so the most important thing that we can grasp the day before we walk out these doors is to really get a true picture of our own individual condition that means I'm not going to be looking next door my neighbor not to be thinking about somebody on the other side of the aisle that I wish they get it I'm go to be looking at myself and I'm good at me saying do I personally disturbing as for me by the way do I Ralph Henderson do I sense the need for revival in my heart I don't want to be part of layout to see that doesn't know where I'm at I don't want to think that I'm better off than I am and I'm praying this morning that God will speak to my heart in a way that will change me and I'll never be the same again question number two MI asking God to bring revival and Reformation into my life am I asking God every day is that something I'm saying to the Lord Lord revive me make a change in my life I want to be a new creature in Christ so please Lord move upon my heart because we need to know this morning it is God alone who brings revival to us inspiration tells us in the home missionary November one eighteen ninety paragraph twenty six and seven I'm at it again was something you've heard many many times but the next part I don't know how often we hear it she says a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most what argument of all our needs now we've heard that said many many times but have you ever heard this is a case of life or death with us we have been stricken with spiritual paralysis and everyone needs the help of the great physician he alone can reach our case you see there's only one way for revival that's for us to allow Jesus in here I want to go with me on a little journey as we look at a couple of words this morning and we feast in this chapter to Ephesians chapter two and working a look at what Paul talks about Ephesians chapter two verses one through five Ephesians chapter two verses one through five if you don't have a Bible there are Bibles in the slots in the chairs in front of you and I would hope that you would grab those and open them up so you can read for yourself what the word of God says if you got an iPad and a Bible I prefer the you turn the iPad often go to the Bible because sometimes when you have an iPad you start looking at some other things besides the Bible and I don't want to be distracted this morning were looking at Ephesians chapter two beginning in verse one the Bible says and you have see what what word to add in trespasses and sins where in time past ye walked according to the course of this world according to the power the prince of the power of the air the spirit that now work it in the children of what disobedience among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature the children of wrath even as others but God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we were dead in sins hath quickened us together with Christ by grace are ye say you see Jesus wants there quick enough he wants to bring us back to life and I want you to know that the Bible is filled with men who understood what it means to be quick in and to be revived let's go to the songs songs chapter one nineteen and were not to spend a lot of time but I'd say right now you can take your Bible and go home and do a study on the words quicken and revive revive revival you will find many things in the word of God God is wanting to continually revived his people songs chapter one nineteen songs chapter one nineteen and Morgan look at verses thirty seven and forty songs one nineteen versus thirty seven and forty and we could look at six or seven other versus Justin Psalms one nineteen were David speaks about God quickening and reviving the heart Psalms one nineteen and verse thirty seven he says turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity and quicken thou me what in the highway the psalmist says Lord look I know that my way is a way of death I want you to quicken me bring me alive to your way so that I understand the way to live in life eternal remember Jesus said in John fourteen sixth I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh under the father but by me the psalmist says now in verse forty he says behold I have longed after thy precepts quicken me in by what righteousness brothers and sisters if we are going to get into the kingdom of heaven we are good I have to have on the robe of Christ's righteousness your righteousness is as what filthy rags your righteousness is not going to get you in the kingdom of heaven you are going to have to take that rolled off and put on the robe of Christ's righteousness in Psalms eighty five in verse six David said will fill not revive us again that night people may rejoice in the yesterday when you're living in a church or eight a Christian community that has not got the power of God their miserable because they're trying to live with one foot in the world and one foot in the church and it doesn't work your partially converted Christian is one of the most miserable people in the world because they can't commit to either way remember now the two words quickened and revive are essentially the same words and both remain to restore life to stimulate to activate entering new they want to stimulate God wants to stimulate you activate you in his word and renew you by his spirit you know when I was eighteen years old I got out of high school and I went to work in a steel foundry and when I was hired on to work at the steel foundries they put me in a in a department called the mold room and fair we made all of the sand molds for them to pour the steel now as I learned a little bit more about it every day they would bring this big dump truck in with just your white sand and dump it in a big pile and the two guys that makes the sand had one of those big cement may genomic portable cement mixers and they would have Ace a.m. eight I bottle or a can of what we call sodium silicate and they had a certain mixture of sodium silicate that they would add to the sand and when they would add it to the sand the sand had this beautiful assault it was so much fun to put your hands in and let it run through your fingers because you could tell it would just bind together but yet it wasn't hard and they would put this in big barrels with bags and we would get those bags and barrels we would open them up and then we would take and start putting them in the patterns and we would form them into the patterns and then and then we would activate the sand with CO2 we had these little hoses with cops on him and we set it down over the mold and we go through and we would activate that sodium silicate and then we would bring the mold off of the sand and here would be this hard form of mold that would have whatever pattern it was that we were making and we would put those together and stacked them up and got a activation made of sand so strong that when you port twenty seven hundred degree metal down into it it wouldn't do a thing it would hold together until the metal had cooled and then they would have to actually take sledgehammers and break it all off of the metal and then run all through a process of cleaning it up and I was so thankful that I didn't have to work over there but you see my brothers and sisters God wants to activate us he wants to stimulate us he wants to renew us but you see we have to understand how it can work great controversy page four sixty four says before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as is not been witness since upon stall at times the spirit and power of God will be poured out on his children his the spirit and power of God being poured out on you today today we're talking about the seed of revival the very beginning of revival in the verses above we saw that it is Christ who brings revival to the heart but how does he do it and what happens in 's for revival to begin I want you to join me this morning as we look for a few minutes and I promise it will rebuke you as we look for a few minutes at those last hours of Jesus life his interaction with his disciples we will see how Jesus plants the seed of revival in the hearts of men and women like you and me go with me Luke chapter twenty two Luke chapter twenty two and verses twenty four through twenty six were all very familiar with the story of Jesus and the disciples in the upper room that last night together Luke chapter twenty two versus twenty four through twenty six there all together in the upper room and you remember this statement beginning in verse twenty four and there was also a strife among them which of them should be accounted the greatest and he said unto them the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors but ye shall not be so but he that is greatest among you let him be as the younger the that is cheap as he that doth serve Jesus was beginning to plant the seed of revival in their hearts because you see when you look at the disciples and you understand what was taking place in their lives at that very moment they were just like Laodicea you see they thought that since they been with Jesus for three years they were there you remember they were so good and only when I saw somebody else doing something in the name of Jesus they said Lord Julie Cal choir down on him home and they had a wrong were the holy ones what are these guys doing drug the pretenders Lord what he wants to do with them they were filled with pride they couldn't see themselves as they really were but Jesus had these last few hours with them and in those last few hours he would plant a seed of revival in those men that as you heard this morning a hundred and twenty would then go out and bring a million people into the Christian faith there are some revival or some revival and Jesus knew just what to do to plant the seed notice his interaction with Peter in verses thirty one to thirty four you remember this little interaction it says in Lord said Simon Simon behold Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat but I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not and when thou art what want converted when you are converted he said strengthen thy brethren any set of him Lord I am ready to go with the book and the president to death and he said I will tell the Peter the cock shall not crow this day before thou shalt three times Belfield thrice deny that thou knowest me even got stirred Peter up a little bit all man the pride was really well enough Lord look I am going although to do with you uses in his patient and letting a Peter Peter listen to me tonight you're going to deny that you even know me brothers and sisters Peter had to go through an experience before he recognized he was not ready he had to go through something that probably many of us will have to endure before we will really be ready for true revival you see we need to understand that Jesus knew just how to reach his disciples the new how to plant the seed of revival Peter was one of those who was blinded by his own pride he didn't know his own weakness follow me over to John thirteen though John Chapter thirteen verses four through nineteen pure finger and Luke to go to John chapter thirteen verses four through nine John Chapter thirteen verses four through nine this is still in the upper around Jesus is now gone one step further in planting the seed of revival John Chapter thirteen beginning of course verse four he rises from supper and laid aside his garments and took a towel and guarded and self after that he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded then cometh he to Simon Peter and Peter sent the nymph Lord dost thou wash my feet Jesus answered and said and to him what I do thou knowest not now but they'll shall know hereafter Peter sent them to him thou shalt never wash my feet and Jesus answered them and said if I wash be not now has no part with me Simon Peter saith on him Lord not my feet only but also my hands and my head you see Jesus was planting the seed of revival trying to bring Peter to an understanding of his great need even before we understand the Holy Spirit is working on our hearts Jesus is planting that seed and after he plants the seed as we see we in this interaction with Peter he begins the water seed but the question is whether or not working to drink when the water comes whether or not we will begin to grow now go back to Luke twenty two twenty two and look at verse fifty four Luke twenty two and verse fifty four Luke twenty two beginning in verse fifty four after they've left the room they gone to Gethsemane and now Peter has followed Jesus through everything that's going on through the night it says then they took him and led him and brought him into the high priest house and Peter followed afar off and when they had kindled a fire in the midst of the hall and were sat down together Peter sat down among them but a certain may be held him and as he sat by the fire and honestly looked upon him and said this man was also with him and he denied insane woman I know him not one and after a little while another Simon said thou art also with them and Peter said man I am not and about the space of one hour after another confidently affirm saying of the truth this fellow also was with him for he is a Galilean and Peter said man I know not what they'll say yes and immediately while he yet spake the cock crew and you can go to Matthew 's account of bad and Peter went to the point of even car scene so that he would separate himself as far as he could I want you to think about it for just a moment Peter was going through what he would consider a nightmare in his life can you imagine what it would be like I was just sitting with Jesus a few hours ago I told him I would go to prison I would die for him and here I am not only denying my Lord but I'm cursing so they think I've got nothing to do with them you think Peter needed revival wins are you think Peter needed a conversion you think Jesus knew what Peter needed you think Jesus knows what you need you think he knows what I need if revival is going to take place we have to come to an understanding notice Christ object lessons one fifty four at that moment Christ looked at Peter and beneath that grieved look in which compassion and love for him were blended Peter understood himself he went out and wept bitterly the outlook of Christ broke his heart Peter had come to the turning point and bitterly did he repent of his sin it was like the public and in his contrition and repentance and like the public and he found mercy the look of Christ assured him a pardon now his self-confidence was gone never again were the old bowls full assertions repeated two things that are going to have to happen as the seed of revivalist planted in the hearts of men number one is recognition of who you are you will never have revival until you recognize who you are and your desperate need for Christ and you see that's what Jesus had to put Peter threw for him to finally understand and get the picture my brothers and sisters there are people sitting in this room today many of us are going to have to go up through what we consider to be a nightmare before we finally recognized who we are and who we need the very first thing that has to take place before the Seda revival can be planted is recognition I have to recognize you I the second thing that must take place before that scene can begin to grow his repentance you see the Bible says that Peter came to himself your remember the story of the prodigal the prodigal son thought he was rich in increase in need of nothing and finally when it was all gone the Scripture tells us and he came to himself you see he understood where he was and what we need Peter had that same experience and all of us are can have to have that experience but the good news this is when we come to ourselves when we realize and recognize the mess that were in and we come in fall at the feet of Jesus and repent just like the prodigal son 's father 's arms are open why to bring us back in he wants to put on that coat that robe of righteousness he wants to restore us he wants to revive us to question us and to give us life in him if true revival is to take place in our hearts we must first come to the recognition of our condition and then by the grace of God come to repentance conflict encourage page one forty five repentance is the first step that must be taken by all who would return to God no one can do this work for another we must individually humble ourselves before God and put away our idols when we have done all that we can do the Lord will manifest his salvation as we bring this to a close go with me to Isaiah fifty seven and now let's look again at our verse for today Isaiah chapter fifty seven and verse fifteen Isaiah fifty seven in verse fifteen Isaiah fifty seven in verse fifteen we are talking about recognition of our need and repentance and notice what Isaiah says verse fifteen of Isaiah fifty seven for the best saith the high and lofty one that inhabited for each target the name is holy I dwell in the high and holy place where him that is of a contrite and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones you see God wants to revive our hearts and when we humble ourselves he is able to what when we humble ourselves and recognize our need and come to repentance then God can bring life he can renew us once again to thoughts as we close the Lord can do nothing toward the recovery of man until convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self-sufficiency he yields himself to the control of God then he can receive the gift that God is waiting to bestow from the soul that feels his need nothing is withheld he has unrestricted access to him and whom all Wells desire pages three hundred and lastly our churches let me rephrase it on the Sorrento is in need of a spiritual revival now is the time for the work of repentance and confession of sin to extend deeper now is the time for God 's people to allow the Holy Spirit to make clean and thorough work in order that all selfishness all wrong may be uprooted from the hearts what better time than communion for the seed of revival to germinate and sprout what better time to come to Jesus and say wash me claims me forgive me revise me again it all begins with recognition and repentance pray with me and you will a loving father in heaven today we've looked at the seed of revival and lower our prayer is simply plant that seed in our heart this pray that you would come in every heart in this room today Lord we long for the revival necessary the Reformation necessary that we may complete the work that you called us to do that we will become the people you want us to be so that you can finally return and take us out of this place a Lord move upon our hearts today and as we go now to the ordinance of humility may our hearts truly be reminded that this is our opportunity between us and you between each one of us in one another that we can come and bring and make things right repent and confess those things that keep us from being unified and being one in Christ and then as we come back for the communion service and reminded of your infinite gift of sacrifice may our hearts be stirred to the very core make it this week in January will not be with us now and you will ask you that you say in a a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio person or


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