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Not My Will

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • August 5, 2006
    7:00 AM
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for him him him to all all is said and lost the Hills calls Nike July sales Academy and out came to our Academy as a senior as I first got to know how when you first arrived he was on my construction crew until story on the arrive from California and having never done much of area construction before I can remember him arriving and my crew had been working at me for a year or so we were building a new staff house where putting shooting on outside her building with a metal sheet metal studs and their and him are screwing all the sheeting on into the metal styles and if you've ever done adding one hundred and nine Re: if you don't it's not too hard to get usually but Mister Gunn and Mayor Michael ones and out came he regretted a single off of the mountain as it once you're in your life that live in our way but one of the things that I appreciate about Al is that he was a testimony to meal nuclear hardened something you decide to do it God blesses your efforts and out became one of my favorite faithful workers on my construction pure able and skillful not only but is risen but almost every other every area never the testimony medium when you get your talents to God he may not have appointment you first arrive when you start using avenues are doing and he grows and I cannot I was having to Leon and I turned down the valley are in charge now in one of the other fills the denominated as he did in the in Novell Iran as a whole law is rooted in numbing the section they frame it up again back is all that is done great and often only has he been in that area that you know how I seen him mature grow spiritually and is a sought after speaker travel around the world through Asia mad particularly speaking young people that use meetings and I can easily work in Asia and and various places he spoken many times our school and he is working with general youth conference some of you may be familiar without you I aren't you should and I would challenge you to go and get familiar with it this fall hurt really December in Baltimore there's a Congress something like ASI but it's only for young people your age and older affected mainly for young people to conference over the Christmas holidays that focuses is right on scrolling and being challenged spirit to spiritual excellence outworking about as the logistics of her the coordinator for the housing and so forth is is involved in any areas of ministry for the Lord and so I know were to be blessed tonight by the messes that the Lord will share with them also in the morning I just encourage you at seven o'clock and I may seem early or have special times when God hears out to share with us some more in the morning through the morning devotional what time some hardware here is a reckless or after breakfast before you a you are throwing is generated to represent deliver as not however programming myself and and joy are the timeless spiritual dollars and the other young my wife might have married one things I we offer is what Dennis she has made is that if this is a decision by this bunch of recess my swing is if it is something that can enhance my spiritual walk with God is by far worth the effort be in the expanse whatever the case it is not how we grow closer to God and so these are time that are offered by many people commonly like to sleep in a nice hotel about a is never been in a asylum is important I bent you know this is one incredible voice this is ever sign always either by my fifth noted to use good but don't neither get too comfortable turn your eyes upon Jesus things were canceled strangely seven one nemesis dark so I got presents out of heaven or by just asking my blessed out into question many times as I have sat in his audience listening and I pray Lord that you might anoint him again and he might share message from your word for us tonight it would help us spiritually know what you than when we finish and leave this room that we might realize that your presence was speaking to our hearts giving us a message normally to hear the Botetourt lies practice and that because of our times then here that we might be ready for you when you come back one day very soon or the sign outside the times in this world are rapidly fulfilling indicating we may not have much time left I pray father that you might urge us on this reflects on some piercers throughout asking price you can do this I wish had a third arm didn't always make it easier with the handheld mic but I maybe we can use a thank Mister Neil for introduction it's always interesting to hear what people say about you and your introductions particularly when people know you Mister Neil as you can tell nosy quite well and I he was gracious enough to lead all experiences where he left me with a project and he came back and it wasn't done properly but it was a learning process nonetheless and I just watched a little bit with you about the general youth conference before I get into the nicest night I should buy stuff thank you we have a boot I don't remember what number we are but feel free to come drop by with an emphasis in information about our upcoming convention this December in Baltimore Maryland our theme is by every word and the purpose of our convention this year our theme is really to emphasize the relevance and importance of God and his wife writings in our lives in all aspects of it and I just want to encourage you that you not settle for just what the world says is good and right and best because there is something far greater there is realities beyond what we can touch see taste feel hear that is worth our time much more than the things that occupy us right now and UIC tries to instill within RSS young people a principal and what many words it's a principled I think if the grasp and understand and apply to our lives we can end up being the most happy like Rachel talking about earlier most fulfilled and the most successful people in this world is successful I need to follow that up with understanding a successful based on God definition and now the world definition the general you can't discern volume two look at in fact registration is open as of yesterday for individuals and talking more later for more information about the general youth conference now a little bit of explanation what we're going to be doing this weekend together tonight is going to be the first meeting am sharing with you and then every morning from now on out what time everyone says then where right here very good the theme if you want to have one for the messages on the hearing is going to be call the servants of God and with in this broad theme I want to look at some practical aspects of what it means you serve why is it important what does it mean to me living in earth history right now what are the practical implications of being a servant of God and tonight the title or the theme for this meeting is Jesus first and I thought the title of my message but I believe through the message that we studied together in God 's word we will be able to better understand what it means to be what it needs to put Jesus first what it really in plot we talk about no making Jesus our personal savior and we think Jesus is my best friend and Jesus has to be number one we definitely see this first if the Christian cliché it rules are long as though it's just bypasses all send through the reason and choice it just comes out as one of those things whether the remaining one dozen means to place Jesus first in our lives at the purpose of our message tonight and the title that I have given to this message is not my will not my will so before we open the Bible I deflected by just how he has with me one more time fun and heaven be are gathered here seeking to understand better what it means to place Jesus first how often we have wondered how it is possible for us to gain the vibrant theories without war how can we be a steady stable growing dynamic Christian how can we have a zeal how can we be so faithful how can we be a servant of God what assay you teach us through your word this evening may we hear with open hearts and open minds what your spirit have to teach us prepare these things in Jesus before actually began I just want out of curiosity how if you brought your Bibles okay I have some homework for you please bring a viable star meetings particularly in the mornings because I have nothing good to say my life my experience is not that special it's not interesting it's not important but what is contained in the word is important and that's the way here to study and also interested in as I'm sure you bring your Bibles and if you don't have a viable share with someone of the good thing for Christians to share and look over someone's shoulder I'm sure they won't mind I would in a state of Bible together so to begin let's turn our Bibles together to Revelation chapter six Revelation chapter six this is a passage that we will be coming back to you later on this week together so keep it in mind what we are going to say what we really should check the sixth of June reading inverse well and I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal and Logan was a great earthquake and the sun became black SF of hair and the moon became as blood and the stars of heaven balancing the earth even as a fig tree casts of her untimely figs which is shaken of a mighty wind the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places and the kings of Europe and the great men and enrichment of the chief captains and the mighty men and every bondman and every free man hid themselves in the dance and in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sit on the throne and from the wrath of the land for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand the passages describing what's called the opening of the six seal of revelation revelation is divided into several sections one of those sections are called the seven seals in a fixed field simply put if I can put as simply as I can possibly muster is that it is a description of the second coming with events immediately preceding such as receiver think he'll open everything about him even when the six seal is open we recognize that there is calamity disaster there is also the earthquakes and and and natural disaster than the powers of heaven of how the protocol being shaken right before Jesus and the question is asked in verse seventeen for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand at the very important question by come back later this weekend would want to answer this question but to put the perspective before us this is the stage this is the launching pad that we need to establish for the remainder of this message is no becoming that is that there is something that must happen before the six seal is open there's something I must happen before the last thing and that's what a disaster the events that lead right I didn't see the second coming must have been something half the first take place what is it like in Chapter seven after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the year is when should I blow on the earth nor on the scene on any tree I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given for the earth and the sea saying hurt not years neither deceive nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God and therefore hence if I can draw the progression here we see the picture of the end of time all the calamities and disasters right before Jesus returns but then there's the method is way way way before him for the strife and destruction and disaster loses first we need to find a very special group of people we define this group of people that are call servants of God and they need to be set apart but if they called the seal of God would want to be discussing with the seal of God means later on but tonight I just want the staff is very important fact about it until the arises a group of people which barely characteristics who qualify the recall servant of God Jesus cannot the end of the world will not take place if God does not have this special group called the servants of God Albany in fact I was interested to hear what Mister Neil was going to say because the last time I preach this very same message the manner into Disney introduced me as the servant of God having heard that before when the preacher gets up to speed somebody introduces him Brother so-and-so the servant of the Lord of sermon of God he's going to bring us message down it another one of those clichés that we use us Christians we often say that was a servant of God that he was a great is just a title that often is void or just edit the any significant meaning but the Bible places such importance on the group of people called the servant of God that the last thing an event will not take place until back of the people are identified until they are found so what does it mean to be a servant of God that is our purpose this weekend identify to figure that out to find the answer and I will make this disclaimer now in case some of you wonder that is in a few short days for meetings there is no way we can cover this broad expansive topic in its entirety is no way so we're not going to do an exhaustive study on what it means to be a servant of God you go to your strong concordance or your Bible program and typist servant of God you'll find this terminology the idea repeated so frequently that it will take a very long time just to study all those verses out but I hope this weekend we can look at several practical aspects of what it means to be the servant of God is not I want to take that word servant I want to understand better in the Christian context what it means to be a servant what does that word mean on the turn our attention first choose the English dictionary is Webster is eleventh collegiate dictionary the definition for servant this is what I found a service is one who is employed by another for such offices for four other labor so someone was hired someone else to do this work but the second definition of the second part of this definition to me is very significant this is one who is subject to another's command a sermon is someone who is not okay to a no there is a man what the sermon what the definition primarily I want to work with his definition be subject to another persons connect and elegant definition of the originating original language using the Bible like a strong concordance a servant is one who gives himself to a number of persons will go to my own words a sermon is someone who submits his will choose someone else a service is someone who submits his will to someone else one more time a sermon is someone who submit his well to someone else stop right there think about this from that tells me that if there is to be a servant there must be someone else you might think that is so simple in your view did US but think about in order for there to be a servant first of all there must be a master 's in order for us to be his servant fundamentally we must acknowledge our master who is our master that is the bottom line when it comes to being a certain someone else who has the control or who has the right upon armed with that disaster or that our Masters degree in which up to sixty two chapter sixteen members thirteen which of the sixty first thirteen fifty and of a parable that Jesus teaches but I believe this verse gives us the principle that we want to identify no servant can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and man specifically Jesus is dealing with the issue of money but I want to expand this concept just as concept of no servant can honestly serve two masters he will either love the longer hate yet it elements of this TV in God is our master that we cannot have a second one in God is our master we cannot have a second master follow the street about me and what is a servant a servant is someone who submits his will to his master as when God is our master and we cannot have another master the question is if we claim to be the servant of God are we submitting our real to our one and only master weekly disco keep this thought in mind because this is the germ of the idea that we want to develop was a master to whom do we submit our will is there someone else other than Jesus who has my first lacks and what does it mean to be a servant of God we continue our study Matthew chapter twenty two Matthew chapter twenty two will read from first thirty seven Matthew twenty zero thirty seven Jesus said unto him thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all my soul and with all my mind this is the first and great commandment the second is like unto it and found shall love thy neighbor as thyself on the East two commandments hang all the law and the prophets Jesus called these two the greatest of become magnets the first definition we look at for his servant is one who surrenders himself to another's command or to another will and the will of God is alone with all my heart mind soul and strength and our neighbor as ourselves the question it even we are claiming to be serviced if we wish to be his servant I will be submitting our lives to his commands I'm not going to spend much time elaborating on the Commandments I'm sure you've heard many messages and you thought about these things yourself but this idea that the coming man of God dictates what we need to do if we are to be service is fundamental because often I've heard things like photons coming out of my own mouth I've heard life well gone will understand on the other you be mean for us to do this is not really necessary given it's just someone else's idea is just what the pastor things is just what my parents are trying to shut down my throat away the second is that having the mind of a certain witty comeback that I thought at this point I just want to look at an example I want to look at a practical demonstration through the examples an experience of someone whom I know we look up to very much who explains Lessig demonstrates was what it really means to be certain with me Philippians chapter two Philippians chapter two beginning in verse five would be shocked to verse five let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Paul asks of us to possess the mind of Christ what is this mind of Christ let's look in the next few verses verses six who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross look at verse nine wherefore God also highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name Jesus Christ that's rather an example of what it means to be a true servant we see Paul have let his mind to see the mind be in you a lot of online what is the mind of Christ the equity issue is simply given Jesus Christ was the key obtained Lorillard equal with God a visit with God but he lowered himself humbled himself brought himself down through the ranks of created beings to be one with Matt that is what it means to be a certain genes is humbled himself he lowered himself to be what any other created being with even cringe to me if all in human being Jesus took our body he lives in the dusty dirty dangerous change your to reveal to loss what it means to me a servant of God and Jesus gives us the example and he humbled himself even becoming old deviance of the debt the death of the cross but we see that Jesus did not remain at the tax of degradation as a fallen human being he did not live forever in this earth but he was exalted above every name in Matthew chapter twenty in message twenty we see Jesus given an explanation of how God you serve in the and its relation to greatness Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty five Jesus called them and then I said you know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them and they are great exercise authority upon them but it shall not be so among you but whosoever will be great among you let him be your minister and whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister to give his life a ransom for many our world today conditions us to think that we need to fight for our rights we decline to the top meeting of the king of the hill we need to be the best of the best or else we are disgraceful it is not worth our time to be a servant to be home more to lower ourselves to be another persons serve the site gone greatness is not constituted by what we possess what we can do what we know what degrees are after our name how well you have accumulated but greatness is in the simplicity of serving our fellow man and being a faithful servant to go but Jesus reveals to us what it means to be kind of a certain what it means to be great in the sight of God with me in John chapter four John chapter four John kept for is the story of Jean as with the woman at the well Jesus had been traveling walking for long time and he is tired he is thirsty he is hungry and he is weary and he sits down like Jacob 's well asked as his disciples going to town to find some fruit and Jesus said at that well and received his woman coming up the heat of the day and he'll destroy working as begin the dialogue and he reveals it is woman that he brought others in the blood the past that she had live and he can bring convictions are alive as she runs back to the town of them this man had told you everything that I've done even though it wasn't very glamorous for passes as of the disciples came back they found Jesus sitting there Jesus asked the woman for water but she forgot all about it left a lot of fun ran back to town Jesus never got the water that he wanted he never ate he expanded his mental energy in it and his emotions to win this woman and the disciples come back and say Lord please eat something and notice what Jesus responsible in John chapter four Johnson before inverse thirty two was begin in verse thirty one in the meanwhile his disciples praising master each verse thirty two but he said unto them I need to eat that you know not therefore so the disciples one to another hath any man brought ought to eat Jesus saith unto him that my meat is to do the will of him that sent empty finish his work what is the definition we discovered earlier for certain one who is this himself to the will of another and even give the example of becoming a service of Sir and what does Jesus say about his relationship to the will of gone he said to the will of my father is more important than even my physical food more important than physical drink more important of the theme he says your point that the medical life Jeeves is submitted himself to the will of God to the point where he was willing to surrender the next step that the physical server by Internet accomplishing the new all I hope you're beginning to understand the bigger picture of what it means to be a servant of God we continue in John chapter five John chapter five verse Jesus says versus thirty of my own self do nothing as I hear a judge in my judgment is just because I seek not mine own will but the will of the father which has sent me Jesus Christ to lay aside his divinity submitted himself to the will of God DNA by day to the point when he said all I all so I can do any submitted his with to the father in all aspects of life the book design pages tells us that you him will the father so completely that he may no plans for himself from day-to-day he simply awoken in the morning sickness God has simply allow the Lord to tell him where to go what to do who needs what to say Jesus life reveals to want in life the issue servant of God someone who submitted his will in time to the father Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six receipt perhaps in the most drastic detail the struggle of the human will but we see the reaction of Jesus Christ at the face of the greatest trial of his life Matthew chapter twenty six verse thirty nine anyone a little further Jesus went a little further and fell upon his face and prayed saying online font if it is possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but I found with the software within Jesus human nature I don't I don't know how it could be a somehow we see clearly that there was contention she then somehow did not want to go through what he was about to go through that was something that was rushing him but yet he said when even if that means I will never come out of the gray we are told that he cannot see past the portals of the to the CIC 's and then his will so completely that he was willing not just to go through the sacrifice but he was really even if it meant never to rise me to be a servant of God means surrendering our will to God and Jesus illustrates to us through his own life an example what it be to have this added to of submission and surrender to be a certain dog needs to surrender our will to God it all lies aspects and Jesus surrendered his will day by day sold completely so and I that is more important than his physical food is more important than life and this is where I have to give myself page because the Bible tells me that before Jesus comes back before the final event culminates in the second coming will be group of people and others like that are likely to possess the character of Jesus to the eighth that is surrender there will did expect that Jesus surrendered his I want to perhaps bring this down to a little bit more practical level also I have wondered to myself why is it so important the following user and don'ts why is it that God tells us why what to do how to live a house where supposed to do certain things what was supposed to eat how to dress line of each hair about all these editors and often I catch myself saying but it is not a salvation issue it is all had a few do this some are not necessarily morally wrong or wicked are evil why is it that God still care is not so traditional is I'm not getting that I have lived by to adjust once but I have to catch myself because the issue is not so much to the dong the issue is what goes on inside you God is not only interested in what we do it outside of our body outside of our mind God is interested in the process by which we mean in this idea of being a servant it strikes at the very root of not just what we do with it the very fundamental attitude from which our thinking and our actions staff how does a service fee to his master the cervical disaster and say you don't really expect me to do that you I mean on your service you expect me to do what you want me to do I mean God you're my master shortly you're a nice guy it's okay him I guess they glad I stayed in duty just this once you really mind to you you don't really mean what you say if we serve and how can we speak that way for next the reasonable response for a survey is simply to say the Lord one will how may I be of service what would you want me to do because it is our duty to obey the will of the command of the next exit if I can give you a little spin on the Christian experience on the paradigm in which we exist and live and think as Christians if we claim to be true servant of God no longer should we start talking like God do I have to do that God do you really mean that even it okay if I just go that way this wants but I think it will become the thinking of a true servant and that is more what would you have me yes there are things that God desires us to do that is not clearly stated in the ten Commandments they do and don't yes there are things that God say that is the best option this is an acceptable option you can choose but the issue is not so much what we do estimate how we think God is interested in the surrender of all little heat interested in the process by which we reason we will begin to think more if that is the best advantage your will I wanted to instead of thinking how I will still make it to heaven what is the least amount I have to do is still squeak those pearly gate you see the issue of being a servant of God to write more than what we do more than I have been like a strike at them attitude by which we move as Christians what is our motivation are we motivated to do things because it is the will of God and we wish to do what pleases him or is it based upon requirements I simply have to meet together how how can we be a servant that there is life with this paradigm with this way of thinking that we don't live just to do what we think is okay what we want to do as far as his okay but the live our life in such a way that we want to please God in every aspect even if it means going above and beyond the call of duty Paul gives us the answer in Romans chapter twelve Romans chapter twelve beginning in verse one Romans chapter twelve verse one I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God as you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good him several and perfect will of God Romans twelve verse two explains to us that there is a way that we can live and prove the will of God and Paul explains how we do not first we present our bodies a living sacrifice second we are not conformed to this world but certainly we are transformed by the renewing of our mind three steps number one present our bodies a living sacrifice now when you take that for a living sacrifice you see a somewhat of an oxymoron somewhat of a contradiction of terms to live me to lead to sacrifice something by very definition need to kill it so we are to somehow die but yet if I can put this in there is this thing within each one of us that inspiration labels with four letters S E L at South and we're told that the battle with cell is the greatest battle ever fought as Saul is not defined in my own words is the desire that I have what I want to do but yet we have this other thing called our will and we also told that everything depends upon the right action of the wind and we are to live again dies something must live and something must die within a bike and just put it simply like our wills must live myself we must be able to lose yes delicious hubris twenty says that not no longer on that later the crimes that news in the end if we are to use illustration of a dead person if my own desires are my own inclinations in my old English rest I feel I is for five one definitely means is that there is no reaction no interest or responding call our from myself by simply look to see what is not real for me oh God and do that which he has intended for me the second step be not conformed to this world the world tells us just do it if it feels good do it you are your own boss you deserve it you are your own master that is a message of the world the Bible says be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind we knew we look at the text earlier to possess the mind of Christ to be willing to take the lowest position but not just for the sake of being harmful but doing what the will of the father is in our own lives from day to day today what does it mean to be a certain simply put today our definition some rendering our will to another and we are to be the service of on this surely John must be the possessor of all is the one we come across decisions in our lives when we are faced with difficult circumstances with something within us tell them I don't want to do that God dated bill is that we do this direct and decision will I be assuming no and I going to forsake my own desires and I want to present myself a living sacrifice and do what you are intense for me to do a will I continue to serve myself as my own master as young people often we are faced with relationship issues addressed in more more in this area than in other any other area we find our tools conflicting with what is unknown will sometimes we get ourselves into situations where I think now is incorrect not right are we going to surrender on with to do what God asks of recently I talked with several friends who are questioning gone does he really expect me to do all of these things to move the helpful line to use my time constructively to fill my mind with a listing and edifying thought does not really expecting to do that fundamentally it is just a revelation that their bills are being cross by the will of God if I may put this simply to you him mental cornerstone if I may say so of the Christian experience is the surrender of the wheel to go if we are unable to learn to place ourselves as a living sacrifice on the altar of God with we cannot be assumed in May I even say go to the next at the same we cannot be H true Christian are real must be placed before God we must surrender our will in closing I just want to remind that Jesus Christ submitted his enemy garden Gethsemane somehow he struggled to hair Jesus went through this experience of some knitting his will for the five chief five Solheim I trip out of this poor and I can say honestly I have not struggled to surrender my will to that extent be a Jesus rendered his real e-mail to the boy on and that is what's required of God 's faithful generation before you return if your faith in which all renewals of surrender soul complete and we would rather obey God 's command and is will rather we would rather die than to disobey as of today will we be certain are we going to send it our will to the Met since it is now the days of our youth there may come Hans Lurline make the wrong decisions perhaps we have I is not too late right now to make the movement to save more I want to give myself entirely to you to do what he will really smile and want to be so faithful even if it costs one I'll be faithful unto death to sit there we'll see you at all the facts what it means to be a servant as I designed you want to simply say the Lord I give myself I want to surrender my will and God knows our wills are weak she knows that this appeal is simply for you to raise your head if you wish to say more I want to make the commitment but I need your help my hand is raised because I want to be Certicom the star has together for prayer fun in heaven tonight as we discussed just for a few minutes this fundamental issue of Christianity of placing our will on the altar of your your real gas that you will fill us with your spirit that he will convict us when we are heading in the wrong direction that we will have a new attitude that we will no longer ask what are the limits of our require its what is can we what if we don't then we will begin to start thinking within new attitude towards your will in all we will simply live life seeking your highest pleasure in doing whatever it is a few desire of us Lord as we continue to share this weekend together may grant us experience of being your sir help us I surrendered to staff please have this software is American as administrator please provide me with preventing two thousand six ASI Internet health by thousands of lengthy and leadership gathered together fifty ninth annual convention to provide valid character and experience sharing Christ in the marketplace this is a digital recording of optimum cell phone seven thousand six hundred percent for the largest selection of authentic genuine administration available visitors to their website at www. 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