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Manhood and Womanhood

Daniel Cho




  • August 16, 2013
    3:45 PM
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her father was not the last forty five minutes and five hitter you will helplessly as he must feel tired mentally and physically as well couples the cost to me to focus on this important topic and annoyed on student visas to Jesus and Snavely said and teach us on your children on the side of the baby Susan Christ in our life so that my first I said so I talked about inoculating fascinating question I thought there's an okay to send in be defined as a warning is located in miserly argumentative I was going a young while top-tier boy by Ms. on masculinity and femininity yes soliciting I is okay yes yes good morning just the companies it are interesting issues a long time New York late on the boat what else is issued in the world right okay on his life confusingly alluded about that it feels as you are I have an dilemma in Hungary right Dorothy Sloan those that embrace I been married as a counselor and on not initially intimidated I just reside conversation and on the Osceola what is the number one way to fix the financial Times she said visitation divorce and nine one this is a core pillar near the characters of Jesus eight percent Tuesday as knowing the rules and one can understand that lots of national others with so he is able to select the libido is our gender is an important aspect of who we are as right as cellular boys and girls by basis after you differently yes that they only way you can play defense I sold and how to identify you like all good cooties and I thought but I understand it that an data using the guys kind of the dinosaurs guys guys and girls is good senselessly to understand our items under our sex is July second nineteen ninety society talking about it that is enough besides talking so these guys hundred and about the show Sandberg recently shows that we do it wishes to see me to see oh oh G operating officer of Facebook as you would a book called VA and basically let another manifesto for feminism and she say no the woman in the business Lord are not cracking the glass ceiling to are you a glass ceiling is visiting the concept that you know you know the kind of corporate ladder by any soft like if I were good I finally now and then you climb the light manager and Director Nagel to executive leadership to what many now are underrepresented in executives position companies incorporate well anything they looking I'll be one of the limit of the tank as it is a glass ceiling this was his idea that the greatest black theory and what he does is that the problem that women are not going to those positions because late lamented characteristics are not strongly feel knowledgeable enough space she was bringing women and a lot of people upset life and is upset occurs in all of you complaining us will never own problems guys have to society a session and no Scott Alanis there is a gender issue and that Americans are okay I is a visual Goma okay the veterinarians in public is now so as you may or may not know who is only healing online publishing a recipe on bases like it's these on Bill Clinton signed a law defining marriage as a Janata woman thing in California the California borders borders on comical diviners is international women's as composition case but recently as in times past June I think the Supreme Court nice is America at least I found Alma and an published case is open door for wholesale same-sex marriage across the states it is as because they say are gender does not in any way affect how was there there is a snack foods and is it is all that they can open a newspaper in a newspaper reasons in addition him him or the issue is an issue in his asylum case I thought about that as 's giraffe clichés understands and to the south ha ha what with what feminism would you agree with that proviso learned a lot in the feminists and on Angela Simon is he he he and right right right so busy that tenant of feminism is this that are only difference being that a woman is anatomical case of our behavior and hard mannerism our role is is completely interchangeable as defined by colleges a life changing culture we changed no placement in a nice and relaxing the relentless in his some blurring the no authority one African-American goofiness can do this is no behavior no psychosocial difference is only only difference is that Senate okay and some of the rules of the LA Times analysis eyelashes about it she contended she and Maisie is going a lot shops is not the same as soon as our society so revered this may now a lot more nagging tone is no stay home by the same meal twice a woman via particular home nations refused to indict defendant people reside in a you all there will all your toys in the home field between men and women in and of I was invisible enough polyphenols for the nails now as I remember my face and I have immediately set out this would validate a sold-out exhaust particles ask eyes out now was the foot of the guys asking girls out right and I'm an electrician is the discussion is a good millions it will give a good guy I got it or should only be guys that goes out right and was glad the guy who asked in Paris and in the girl is in allowing you is a nose like the girls I is a nanny state is all something to me what and because the Senate is going a causes us to get in and know your advisor is to be likely you and you and you will will will will will and and and and Univar minister for economic times and it stayed a little financially because in certain social economic situations in your pavement it is difficult on facility on obviously medically similar in all meters is the wife is looking for the man lost his job nearing out because the economic downturn lots of sectors when men are dominant work-related manufacturing is often initiated shutting down in Austin man whose intelligence scenario is people situations living in the name of feminism is this is as it should be equally five the women is not more energy-saving and then they just finishing us e-mails and I just as good as any care as baby Jesse nosing into site is additional discussion about this is a principal issues in profeminist Castle position objects definitely all know every high charges on you by a huge study of what is in women's ordination to attend one of the elders and pastors I hated it since you should guess that isn't generously sufficient insurance and also our Lord possibly the Bible is not silence on masculinity and ten and we wanted to look over some of the Bible text as soon as I will set aside and with all the details for a developed good principles about and how we as men initially understand one similar to the Bible from the circuit solicitor solicitors go to Genesis one twenty six to twenty eighths cynicism the one twenty six to twenty eighths to the CNN is not their customers and Justin sold that God loving together to the one six then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness that in the meeting over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over the cattle over on your and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God created man in his own in his in the image of God he created him there is no created thing Illinois tax site and what is this so let's focus was on God created man and woman in who is in its in his willingness to put in because of that cause us about masculinity and this is something very when I presented the SDR discussion is yes the only on the point to be truly human is to have the character of God is yet to be truly human is to have the character of God when you are feeling a nailed all of us I called the Kent is now nearly always fatal the only humane we all make what we all make mistakes a week and then we are all sinners right and needed is a way I understand that but the Cleland nature is that when God first kudos police agency what this character to figure no pessimist humans are natural born stage we had the character got no but the gospel is what also wants a restored character back in Athena yes in both male and invisible mailings and I called the Kent K so how does they also eliminate the character of God hate it when people preach ethics will be viewing Jesus had wanted isolated on the right way because of God no words need to have the character of God was in African culture and patients can well sovereign John Wells God is love love K warehouse she knows he is good I should thought what better nothing in the guys in the mail of letters by Flickr and it was looking like God out soccer and cross country at UK adopted by UAE isolated Iliescu a rule what you do while you are entitled to relief as we know that you want to hear they did I dunked on the guy a note and copy down putting too many guys all gone behind the extent that it may now using expected to dominance over the other guy and as others we we can come back soon technical as I made my skin thinking of domination but not eventually master 's based upon this text know what to be human is to say since this is so you know there's expressing applied by God killing baseboards wherever faith we have come to associate that was emasculated but when the holidays like Johnny Craig Matthew I could imagine and I think humble novelty such as dominance testimony with fungal I have to ask Jacob to share your install great to win your income you have anything always a domicile if you think that's not much to me questioning it if the ladies at three thirty no of you taking to get a result the only vanity that I think you and I put South Carolina in an nine nine percent of introducing a listing of tenants for them I decided to give you a little decision by deciding the thumbnails it is definitely a Facebook cause itching to get his latest Valley is a mercenary but ill say it was a medical facility in the oil and the beautiful pictures I don't faithfully give a united voice people liking on the volume pretty girl Erin O'Connor 's right if a femininity I think the years the thinking is often any a single note because God could ask team to this end questions that God created us to be sexy it is his idea .net in love with sex is not to buy is like a movie and then are depicted as being a very sexual not self-control right are never talking to one I wanted but his friends was telling my brother about one of her friends as you thought about this guy but it would be talking to visit a girlfriend right is a con ago girlfriend talking to his girlfriend on the boy and what to put on the same time and is a kindness in my mind about my brother spent about this and what is what retailers know what you know I can remain in a single cause of any guys the idea is that you guys are just very sexual and little control over this sex and is to masculinity is no know Kate God created us to have to be actually here in a gone was sitting here is a video that is that in the wording is up and I know you thought the movie is one related to social learning toys esophageal and gone yourself self-control I said no honey honey of the guys enough he DISA is a beautiful so-called inoculating and I love to the building dollars but got to my theory has self-control as affiliated site could join on our analysis gossip in a day is really in woman they love to gossip and may just house hunting conversation with the list honestly my workplace I see I will look at a place anybody in the world is seen as thick as a family all were in open space and you cannot deny gossip gossip all day long and I knew they also evaluate the media was very nice stories and I thought about it what it's always this is a big they are females media talk about it that severely his fingers really didn't talk about it I hate heights of success and I think I on okay talk about it but that image is not possible in a good costume to gossip is not to give the best to Goss is not the cause of esophageal to ask an economist Lyndon Goff is white and chilly him and and and and and and and and and and and and and you and is in you and you and you and you are out with his and in and will and I and I and he and he is in know when he is in is a is is is is is he is a perfect pass is doing this and that I write this so they can guess that you know selfless love you guys can tell selfless love others and not enough people in the house this is the fourth man woman you must reflect this character I was so Levine can say anything is key create how many two male and female cases this has found a naked guy pretty soon this thinks sex is a good and pensioners one hundred and fifty sex and gender ha ha you know who is asking yesterday that he got exactly what a scheduled sex reversed through our anatomical differences okay and wild West standard half of our psychosocial and physical we are in an pencil reality only do they debug re- offenders they agree that there are two perspectives that they will they do not want to see that there's two different genders although they understand the Bible that there is concreted to nail if you know that they are good that it exists and that they are different causing off there isn't attempting all to blur the distinctions between male and female can hardly wait human rights is just as okay okay okay the Visigoth is satisfied that on wealth this suggests right right thing to the chassis known by the women and men just in the same trip were the decision came down anything okay so if you look at the major phone and I souvenir you are all well you know so I thank you and then he hit the iceberg and were going down to questions to the women and children get in the book for assessing whose address is automated and you know no running you can follow with you my review Sharon I need your name and I will do okay recently who have who believe that women and traditional first volley to say why women children and a you and is is is an is will on humanity and lamented in water is as hard as a very fair and breathing very so they would enjoy then as a way the unsung hero as they say is a inner moral instincts cause president within their safest cup protective aspect working on a Catholicism in the weaker vessel and so on so on Santa Congress involving as a whole is yes and so I is him and him and decided I asked as I said okay so I and as and will and will and he is because you will will will will and will and will and you and my role in letting you know you will and you will have to manually remain interesting on a resume me a radio talkshow with a Christian theologian his name is a common motor enthusiast this question the Holocaust was on question you call idea easy I and I is you see what you think a woman into a single first offenders called in and said no light no snow no you know the notion of emptiness and a half later messages in a week or this is a citizen difference rising after the knee ways it will eventually single verse is saying that is a different thing than a woman is that you yes it's using above some reason they cannot isolate is a no-no he recently I got an so then I was I know when you during your neuron that if you're on the Titanic he was easily my and on this I found more interesting I am glad everything is going to say that they are most of us are with area will be traditional for a suggested Verizon is a difference between the unclean thing the China gender clothing right unisex lawsuits but he was always coming out not right it is unknown yes yes being on the New Year's is lost until college transgender students in school is now an hour raise how how you feel if you are you watching with St. Martin than I thought I is for things that Britney is a fan is in his soul this old man to eliminating all gender distinction that encounter the sixth I remember you telling to watch and and I also been on for the male cubicle it was no no cubicle housing the homeless should not have enough of no washout you will write an agent on a Filipino there if you do need a script blindly what I hear you got undoubtedly will make a headache of you looking a lot better known in dialogue as a Muslim is realizing he is going to say you oh my goodness and not get yet used that lust is not good for me other than tennis to to push Tuesday because you do when the odds and distinction of course Daniel was a sci-fi session is essential on the stump is distinct and so on here there is all meant to be very clear that there is a distinction good week on e-mail and female guest on the nail if you know enough some commentary on operations on that night and seen as a result of feeling just as the world leader in a fallen world somethings and on Google volume when you're born is that but that does not immediately nor in a focus on exceptional seconds that it does not negate a norm case so I think we can remember boy and lastly it says a lot I think I'll stick to them what be fruitful and multiply what is the entitlement masquerading affinity can e-mail me e-mail a golden eagle to multiply as they work together to reproduce okay okay so I wanted the football guys okay well I make here is that your status is made with his sexuality wishes he can think of this e-mail you should get into a new if your mail you should talk into a female case annually others also bisexual bisexuality transsexuality all of these are our confusions in exchange with what God has defined masculinity and femininity I believe it but people custody to follow whatever we as Christians of something other sufficient note with foundation me a note clearly knew what bisexual identities and yes you are so as of this as the judges opted to sit in the plaintiff Joseph two fifteen twenty eleven get Janice 's I is happy to live in the twenty two so as we did together in the Lord God Matt and put it in the garden of Eden to what content and to keep this game is to keep it going to hear is that it will not by men of color Doctor said no pleasure seeking and innovating their biblical men are men of action not pleasure seeking having you notice a lot of going on than nothing begins now your faith is the funny thing with the couple in the subway indigo listener and kindly sitting on the little icon Nintendo DS something is a quick link to act is now not uncommon to see about forty fifty thirty two themed videogames and sadists their voice in men's bodies and busy like this still focus on pleasure seeking but when God create out of money saved up pleasure who a lot in the grass it is very difficult learning all day long is it what tends to pick and we has nine dimensions and women and men actually do something productive itself study the increase in the history and a family of the man of action cannot close seeking to Minutemen now the only one is just hang out play video games and you is a you and yours a free time building a productive know you watch sports like many hours you waste time and is not to difficult I know who has read on any of Beijing was easy and the Lord God said it is not good measure he alone how they can help her comparable to area is not good that man should be alone with this tells about masculinity femininity but it is not good as it was a very good guy okay well my name is Dave we need one another case in a violent nature is based on the gender wars K Internet conversation with a mere youth group near you friends and collated I was groping me know how your Internet as a whole you girls and was with my good guys which undergo the guys in all things exactly for the forthright and it came we are Nietzsche Quintilian when I saw woman I thought he would personally say that is in a smarter know ill effect on Chile 's appointee notices illnesses borderline homeless life is what you go go into the wedding song okay so now we have to like all live in a admire the females to support the yes they do a lady to become kind of immature irresponsible and on the eighth had in that it is okay to like and how rotten men in power nine to be all that they can be messianism that a model are you old boy with growing out there was so much here that this was all present away signs that now this is when it gets interesting okay I would helplessly I had enough happen by him for the sake of programming within a hundred okay is there anything that is in fact a man was created first that he is Lord of creation is the case yes explain the latest thing putting on quite a certain psychotic killer okay yes okay okay is if I do not abolish ISA was yes there's all the first Timothy two eleven okay with over thirty two eleven Niger has hit the nail on the head with individual eleven thirty now this is a very controversial vaccine allocated today either the integration will and a leading authority and Audi understand on the principle of the undetected for the need to let all your guests okay that's the together let woman learn in silence with all submission and I do not permit a woman to teach going to have authority over men are to be in silence why Paul was thirty four what there was long for us than it you know how far you know what miscellaneous eyes because I need a edition document morning meeting emotional tonight at nine eighths life in Orlando Chris was not good enough seminar safety to all there is no new drilling is the day you first created a latter-day solo may what mainframe prophesy so Paul is okay to one hundred to pray and prophesy in common worship case of a vitamin with a notice that the vision here is a authoritative teaching a inconsistent authoritative leadership namely as elders steps okay and not merely commuting on your verse three is set for August thirty 's sole and was the reason for that is the object in question does all day all causing all this is called to the Illinois foster youth and culture is a jackal is a is the reason of because he goes back to the creation order before the fall forsaken yes before sinking cases is something in the creative order the matter was referred that he shows that women should not have authority over nine Nashville scene positions of leadership can you see your name in question mark okay yes okay the more common of thing that he will learn the vocabulary they are related I have to believe me you don't have to do friendly I believe I fully agree with you though there is a difference right and that God has given in math and calculus is a help us in leadership based on the excommunicated some circles that suggested it to the plaintiff in integer setting faith that God has called us to to the theaters to interests okay the question is can we equal to how different roles doesn't know yes explain examples with an example the new yesterday fantasizing whether the parties W yes okay right what else your committee if you are right little different yes I exactly evenly among the angels it is the sizzling Angels talks about the way doesn't mean that one is lower in value before God know is different on the function choice right away right night I could hear the him yes you can equal in value and dignity and worth but how different is this what spiritual leadership when Carbonell has its principle is all about it and so God calls men to seduce his insights I had gone less even than here on houses they are not basically is going to Ontario conference on new leaders meeting at an late a percent of EU leaders are male or female I can and I think that would be ten the most cowardly to stand up right on but it was something that they encompass something by angry we all know we know that nails are armed conflict reaches in his nails the litigious in our hair I was a very African-American evangelical chasing the United States women outnumber men forty one may disappear I had done this season men are not spiritual teachers of the connect with them know what they are interested in your comments going there for the wife's right to their kids I on the gone needs godly men and men in leadership and then we have to be active in taking leadership roles right and saw how effective ladies know the audio rules to NAC again I think the cat of your daily grade if I'd be seeing more women help empower men encouragement and even then believing in all honesty we need some help the fact that David Dennis Wiesenthal sometimes it isn't but help is not steal all your men to be on the one that you don't who does everything take him us me herself I guess and I know that they concentrated other charges anyway now kind of idiot are you crazy where I stand on the issue of faith but a simplification and while adjusting to it and I am getting your study for something I thought and I sitting close AOL on this is a huge topic is a very relevant topic and audacity of it is a very important topic yes and all allies of the issues and I encouraged the authorities is going to save ourselves by and on your understanding authors understand who we are and what was he doing okay and help us to find a way through all the confusion palette confusing messages automatically on us all a society so the policies of the only think about it and I encourage us to talk about it the dialogue about it and I hope that this past forty five minutes at least in some season being appealed therefrom in the future by source goes on in the recipes I hesitate into a fatherly we thank you for your word ends for you created us male and female and you have a plan for each one of us please help us to understand masculinity and femininity on biblical perspective please help us to and find a way through all the conflicting confusing messages of society so we may represent you in our relationships homes interchanges commission you a donation to leave the windows guy is green and him and will you will want to live audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe this is more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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