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The Sky is not the Limit

Israel Ramos


Israel Ramos

Pastor in the Michigan Conference



  • February 10, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him is the disapproval is not just to meet of the year before our entire executive committee to be here with you and Emma Melinda he identical we we know that we know some of you but it is the last time I was here was just about like ten or fifteen people and had been open now there's a lot of and we get a man we want to take this opportunity to thank you specially all of you up involving you I see we know that sometimes because of the mention is grown quite a bit is hard for us to to personally thank you as as much as we wish we could both be watching his opportunity to thank you not just the volunteers that have an open general for for all of your support for what you are doing to advance God 's work wherever you're at and it's a privilege for us to be here also want to thank Tim for the opportunity to coming to share with you a little bit of what's on my heart is good sometimes just to come together and just took to talk a little Vanessa at Wimbledon to do with you today express a little bit of what's on my heart with you and see what more visas from their our message this morning is entitled what this guy is not the limit and I wanted I want to give a point of clarification here is another he has been producing audio first probably if it didn't need if it reaches the standard of that the message it was stolen this is a stolen title that I took from other Paul ruts are those that division president for the southern Indian Ocean Southern African and emotion division and that he was using an iPhone and that's a nice title of the limiting that so it's it's it's title you know I I I just graduate from high school and I was really excited about missions one thousand brought you want to the Philippines and I wanted to do something for God and I was really excited about doing something for him and so my first year in college I took some time off phenomenon initiative to the Philippines I knew nothing about like anything as a woman the Philippines my friend and I end as soon as we got there we met the handheld of a local small village check his name with brother Fidel but for the AltaVista Mike house to house Adventist phones and we went to the first of June was up there was a lady that anonymously to live there and we began to talk with her if you like why yes you were telling of your missionaries and so forth and him we were here just to try to help out the community and she said okay will maybe you can help me out and Lisa what's the matter he said while I have like this reading problem as Marana when it is and am yellow natural remedy book it looked like it wasn't like the nineteen seventies by looking at the cover but we use them in public that's all we had a mechanic look up and at what you do for like asthma and other wealthy found something specifically for Asmara out of a little of what we found but we did this treatment on her you'll be fine cold compressions and of the doctors are laughing at me right now but also we did us all when you have to do little did we know the next status lady comes up this diseases I've been healed for my asthma and were like really undercut thinking okay either she didn't have as much he's not really healed as overlooking appraisal like this there is that you have a similar we went back home the next day the next they were walking down the small village and were like movie stars were popular everyone knows this this lady was like the Samaritan woman she went out throughout the entire village telling people about how these Adventist doctors went down so we went from door-to-door with our little love pressure cuffs taking blood pressure and unable to become vegetarian and hotel after all their problems it was incredible what ended up happening people were actually being yoga blown away by what was happening we were there for about a month and just home after home yet about a hundred percent healing we are doing anything from you note just use common asthma diseases that they had to go viral diseases we don't even know what we were curing finally one of our translators was so excited he probably has a miraculous powers that he said listen my arms she's actually paralyzed we want to come in your and I thought must amend if we go and try to heal the solidity or popularity is the modality don't do it and so it I don't discourage incisive yet you know just what will keep that infernal see what we could get around to that just your lesson what happens and he said okay any kind except not pushing it honest you know what you come and visit my arm we need to heal her I was at you whenever we have time and finally one day we were walking he contracted your walking on the street he said there is my hot watchable year we have time right now and so my heart started beating really fast with that you know you can't cure paralysis not at right I mean no harm cold treatment is enough give paralysis here and done and he said just going you might just go and heal my heart and soul we didn't know what to do my friend and what are we to do weekend in the one of the world can we begin to do to this lady we want a killer with a lot a like burner that we don't know so we went doctrinal to do and you know perfect health as upon perfect situation for me when embarrassingly this is not in a heel you are anything but on your worst case you know you might have better blood circulation of two lifetime for the night and maybe they'll improve your help in some way or another month later with your walking on the street she was a lot like the change was what it was one those like phony healings the Philippines in this little place called moderately on and you probably see this lady will she was paralyzed when the waist down the sky is not the limit phone and we look at human wisdom and it's foolish to you it's foolish to you because we are logical people or so we think you are a God of the super logical emphasis now the one with the power that you possess and we grasp hold of that power as a minister for you this is our friend Jesus name amen twenty miles if you will to the book of Luke the gospel of Luke the gospel of Luke chapter five is not call my casino before the loop sorry for the loop that spoke briefly to the book of Mark Mark starts off his Gospel where the exit of them in chapter five Mark chapter one if you read my capital one you can pick up the basic things of what is happening at a very basic approach to help the life and ministry of Jesus begins in March everyone it begins very briefly John the Baptist was there John the Baptist was preparing the way for Jesus he was preaching the kingdom of God was at Hannemann Jesus comes and he says behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world Jesus approaching Johnny says John I want to baptize me to fulfill righteousness John Estrada beside himself how might you baptize them aside he baptized me after the little dialogue John baptizes Jesus and in the Bible says Aaron Mark that Jesus immediately goes up to the wilderness to go to the wilderness and was thirteen and he's tempted by the devil after he is tempted by the devil he begins his ministry there he comes down and he's now inverse of him at November sixteen no as he walked by the Sea of Galilee he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea but it were fishers and Jesus said unto them come ye after me and I will make you to become fishers of men at the year we have had like a brief history of how Jesus called his disciples the kind of the UNESCO take place prior to Jesus calling his disciples to become fishers of men Jesus is there John the Baptist thought of the ministry Jesus baptizing those of the wilderness you'll become the devil comes back here the Johnson prison and after that he asked his disciples to follow him but more of a Lucas is a little more of an interesting approach to this story I want to focus Yahoo chapter five chapter five begins in this way and it came to pass that is the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God he stood by the lake of Nazareth and he sought to shift standing by the lake but the fishermen were gone out of them and were washing their nets verse three and he entered into one of the shifts which was Simons and he prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land and he sat down me talk to people out of the ship continues in verse for now unless speaking he said to Simon launched out into the deep and let down your nets for a draw for assignment Simon answering said to him Master we have told all the night and have taken nothing nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net and in verse six we know the rest of the story in verse six the Bible says that they let down their nets and they can't such a great amount of fish that there both began to sink the notice there peters response in verse eight when Simon Peter saw it he found out that at that at Jesus needs Saint apart from the fly must simple man old Lord for he was astonished he was astonished and all that were with him at the drop of fishes which they had taken interesting story don't you think so I mean here at Jesus and his ministry would raise Lazarus from the debt right to raise Lazarus from the dead Jesus in his ministry would get with speed multitudes of people the miracles that Jesus performed in his ministry would just amazing much more significant than this little miracle seemingly in comparison for raising someone from the dead off just allowing Peter to counterpunch a fish yet the response appears like surprising because they catch a lot of fish Peter falls at the feet of Jesus and he said I'm a simple man oh Department meet because he was astonished at the amount of fish that they can't all these questions come to flood my mind and in order for us to understand the lessons that that Lucas find a point office here in Luke chapter five we must kind of look at the history of what is taking place prior to chapter five you see Jesus in in in in in in the foregoing tamoxifen also includes account in the job before he begins to breakdown begins to break down what is taking place Jesus here returns from his temptation they are in in the in the wilderness he did he returned from his temptation in the wilderness and the Bible thousands of chapter four that he arrived in Galilee and Galilee preaching bearing the multitudes and in the synagogues to the multitude and in the synagogues and all of a sudden the popular DeJesus increases he becomes a very popular man people are seeing Jesus he speaks with authority he's performing miracles and so people are beginning to kind of look to Jesus as someone who's been a be like this great prophet and be able to follow against very popular he gets very very famous of these teaching in the synagogues and eagles onto the next place which is Nazareth and Aaron he opens up the word and he begins to read the prophecies and identified himself as the Mets as an aside the people the Bible says are filled with wrath and are trying to kill Jesus but Jesus needs away Jesus takes away he stopped in Capernaum they are a city of Galilee and there he healed the man of unclean spirits he healed a man of unclean spirit and all of a sudden people are beginning this e-mail is new believe that Jesus is a man who speaks with power as a list out of happening here the ministry of Christ is that he's popular then he's unpopular bennies popular bennies on popular but the interesting fact that I must need the most the interesting that the struck me the most is that when you get towards the end of Luke chapter four therefore the end of chapter four and the fame and verse thirty seven the fame of him when all went out into every place of the country round about and he rolls out of the synagogue and entered into Simon 's house and Simon 's wife's mother was taken with the great fever and eight beside him for any state already rebuked the fever and I left her and immediately she rose and ministered unto them somewhere they are from verse thirty nine of Luke chapter four to chapter five Jesus and the disciples depart Jesus and the disciples to part what was Jesus doing if you continue to read the rest of the chapter for the Bible tells us that Jesus spent night after night a week healing every one of all the diseases I thought would be safe for me to assume that Jesus spent the entire time healing people and perhaps at night perhaps at night when Simon and the rest of the disciples were thick on the Sea of Galilee while they were working that entire night Jesus was working himself he was working by himself feeling all those diseases I like how this variable desire of ages that as these men are fishing or trying to catch fish to catch and she said that the night became a depressing night they started thinking about the past events that have just recently happen here Jesus called earlier to become his disciples and the Bible says there that they were his disciples Billy his disciples because just a few days earlier the day before Simon was with Jesus and Jesus was healing Simon 's mother-in-law but somehow the disciples and not come to the place where they had fully surrendered their occupations to be disciples of Jesus full-time at the now they're back to what they're doing and why tells that the reason why they're back to what they're doing is because they have nice feelings about Jesus you see in Nazareth Jesus popularity is going downhill and although there is a little bit of success in certain parts of Galilee we still don't know what Jesus is willing to take them out of pondering the fact that John the Baptist is imprisoned and he's dying of Jesus is doing nothing about it perhaps John the Baptist is actually already dead and they're wondering why why Jesus that he possessed the power that he claimed to have weigela that he in fact was the Messiah what about John the Baptist to die a lonely death imprison all alone they began to question Jesus all these questions they needed to get answers for that into the point what if they want to take a little break why don't we go back to doing what we know will bring us success and so the Bible says that there may go back to the scene they go back to the scenic of the professional fisherman and they began to try to catch fish they began to go fishing but this time they catch nothing Jesus then approaches them in chapter five and the multitude begets oppressed around alike felt that the reason why Jesus was thereby to see was actually to get away from the crowd you see the entire nineteen was healing people and every time you look out of the park to get some rest a multitude the following Jesus had compassion on him and he would heal their disease and methodology that is once again find a single break but the multitude begins to gather about him once again so great is the multitude that even this florist these floors to go on to Peter 's boat and he began to preach and I imagine Jesus seeing in the multitude people who would be the followers of him later on in history on imagining Jesus being able to feed with prophetic I bet you when I would be gathering together at Loma Linda Adam Holt looking for ways in which you are and I can also be followers of Christ as so that Jesus begins to preach to the multitudes about asking them about and about his power and are important lessons that you and I can learn from this story the Bible says that after this Jesus finish in the seventies of Peter I want to do throw down your neck glands you can catch some fish Peter begins the reason it is my niece is what we have toiled all night long we have got nothing what makes you think that in these clear waters of Galilee the fish are not to be able to see the next God you make no logical sense I'm a professional fisherman it is not logical for fish delight because in the middle of the day is not logical but Jesus is kind of thinking to himself it is logical it is logical if you understand the fact them about the command these fish to come into your net slot at what ends up happening there is that Peter sees the power of God divinity flashes through the humanity of Jesus Christ and Peter looks at himself when he realizes how sinful he is he realizes the fact that God is that Jesus is a person we can place his trust in Jesus does love amenities the staff at the power to you success in his life divinity flashes before the humanity of Jesus Christ Peter is forced upon his knees holding tightly to the ankles of Jesus Christ is saying depart from me for I'm a simple man of God Isaiah also when he saw the divinity of God sitting before his throne and Isaiah chapters explained what was me for I am undone it is only after this that Jesus tells Peter in the midst of his highest success leader 's and follow me and I guess what I'm trying to say to each and every single one of us is this that he went high are not qualified to follow Jesus unless we come to the forty way you when I experienced the same exact thing that Peter experience the five lessons that we learn your from the story of Peter the colonists he the first one is that God is able to bless about God bless the boat before asking them to have their nests and it before asking them to leave their nest and their fishing boats Jesus had given them the assurance that God will supply all their needs the use of peters book for the work of the gospel had been richly repaid Jesus look at the boys at Peter because he allowed me to use your boat I'm in a do something for your boat to make it sink because it's got so many fish that it can't hold opening the first lesson that you and I can learn is that Jesus blessed the bulk people less about what that means for you and for me is that when Jesus rep pays you when I put a service that we render to him you when I will not be cheated you and I will not be cheated as a matter fact White says that Jesus ripped a theater according to the riches Grace Jean Leslie St. Peter according to the riches of his grace what is happening to you and to me the Denison is a big debt is about right at the meta- data Senate is so great that the only thing that could actually pay that debt was grace that is how expensive Senate which means to you and to me that the value will raise is enormous it is actually so enormous that it is salvific it is what saves you and I we are saved by grace and so Jesus says that he is willing to pay you and I for his service the service is that we get to him he is willing to pay you an idea of where the payoffs according to the riches of his grace Jesus blessed the boat secondly Christ makes the difference Christ makes a difference the difference separate apart from Jesus Christ separated by Christ we do nothing but with Jesus we can do everything during the satellite on the lake when they were separated from Christ the disciples were possessed were pressed hard by a belief and weary with fruitless toil but his presence kindled their faith and brought them the joy and success so it is with us apart from Christ our work is fruitless and it is easy for us to distrust and murmur but when he is near and we labor under his direction we rejoice in the evidence of his power Jesus makes the difference degrees don't make a difference education does not make a difference Jesus makes a difference and slowly learned that in the story of Peter and Peter 's experience with Jesus the sky is not the limits lesson number three he who gathers fish can also impress the hearts of men the deeper message he says a deeper lesson which the miracle conveyed for his disciples the lesson for us also that he will work and gather fishes from the CD can also impress human heart and draw them before the law so that his servants might become fishers of men the deeper lesson for you and for me is that if God is able to command the fish to enter into a net how much more with the love of God and the Pentagon compel us not just to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ but the response of the love that he has demonstrated for you and for me what is that mean for you and I means that when we go to classes and we realize that fifty percent of our university is not Dennis are very classes our mission field and the very people that we are praying for people that God yearns to say for his kingdom and so we fight alone what it means for you and for me is that because we are called we are also qualified for that which God calls you got us fish can also impress the hearts of men and through all those men and women by courts of love lesson number four God seeks cooperation a lot of times we can get a minus what does God see what why neither do I need to become in order to be used by God to when my classmate of Jesus what do I need to do to be a medical missionary in the truest sense of the word on that or a medical nurse what when you are due to be a missionary business mentor those who are around your missionary lawyer or even a missionary pastor Jesus speaks cooperation Jesus seeks cooperation the Lord seeks the cooperation of those who will become unobstructed channels for the communication of his grace the first thing to be learned by all who would become workers together with God is a lesson of self distrust sometimes a lesson that is hard to be learned when you and I have degrees and then he says then they are prepared to have imparted to them the character of Christ then we are prepared to have imparted to them the character of Christ this is not to be gained through the education in the most scientific schools it is the food of wisdom that is obtained from the divine teacher alone she says the lesson of stop this first lesson that comes to a cooperation with Christ she says also they were humble and unlearned man those fishers of Galilee but Christ the light of the world was abundantly able to qualify him for the position for which he had chosen here we learn that cooperation is Lebron is looking for if you're not cooperate with Christ in God qualified as for the work that he asked us to do it doesn't matter if you and I have theological training and as a matter of you and I have medical training God calls us to do something he qualifies for and God will use cotton full treatment system to revive the dead lives of a woman to be asked with God seeks his cooperation evil qualifiers we must assess myself education is not education and in the common walks of life you and I are actually able to find men men with God would qualify for his work is work in the common walks of life she says in the common walks of life there is many a man patiently treading the round of daily toil unconscious that he possesses powers which is called into action would rise him would raise him to be twenty quality with the world 's most honored men she says in the common walks of life there are many a medical student many a nursing student just sitting there in class studying there plus unconscious of the fact that if God is God called them and they acknowledge that that they would have an impact on the world that would elevate them to the highest places in society places of which the most honored man I have gone is looking not for talent but for cooperation lesson number five which is the last lesson is the lesson that sky is not the limit guy is super logical with what she says here he loves Christ the most will do the greatest amount of good various there is no limit there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God she says that there is no limit not even the sky itself can hold you and I from the impact that God wants us to have on the communities around us on the people around us and on the very world that God has asked us to be a part of there is no limit at the UN I wrestle with the question I ask you a question you show me how big your goal is for God to show me how big the standard God has in your life and I will show you I will tell you what you sir if our God is omnipotent and if our God is all-powerful and if I thought is interested in our lives and in perfecting our characters to be like his there is no limit there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by placing so selfless site allows for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God that meant she continues if men will enjoy the necessary discipline without complaining or fainting by the way God she says God will teach them our buyout and day by day belongs to reveal his grace if his people he says that people will remove the obstructions he will pour forth waters of salvation in abundant screens for the human channels she says that there is no limits there is no limit for the work that you and I can do in this world and there is no limit to the work that God can do in our lives she said higher than the highest in a doctor reach is not ideal for his children godliness God likeness is a goal to be reached she says that you and I have capabilities within the next with within the PA within how God created us that allow us to expand eternal she said that there is no limit to who you and I can become we can become like an infinite God you and I can continue to grow to become more and more and more and more like Jesus there is no limit and there is no limit to the work that you and I can do for this life not limit the state of the sky 's the limit a summoning with God is looking for is for people who cooperate with what God is looking for is for people who would surrender their nurse there selves their lives completely to him for people who were not sent away from discipline from hardship but would enjoy those things without complaining understanding that the work that God is doing in your life and in my life right now is a preparation for work that the world would not be able to understand and contain as I ask you when I asked myself today what limits to you and I set for God I'll be like Peter sometimes we look at our classmates and your fault all the night long in fact nothing but yet we hear every morning in our devotional life for units down again always struggling sometimes in our academics and we think there's no way were to make it to the state we have told all the night long and get in the morning Ethel reflecting on our day and the events of the day ahead of us Jesus asked the hospital units into the water the success that Peter experienced from that point on was a success that the world would not be able to measure Peter would be with Jesus in good times and he would be with Jesus also and at times and at the end Peter would be crucified upside down but yet unless Peter experience that Peter experience there is no way that God would've been able to use them ahead of our lives we have successes and we also have challenges and the question is have you experienced leaders experience or are you being limited by reason by logic and by the natural according to God not even the sky is a limit


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