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Prayer Power - Intercessory Prayer

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • August 17, 2013
    3:30 PM
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him find the start what we're going to talk about in the second session is intercessory prayer operate powerfully my name is Janet Haines immigrating to pray for mom I did a weekly wages Jim got permission to talk to you during this time even if that is nothing I said the supervision of the Holy Spirit speak to you now was a father please let us bless this time now all I pray your file you will speak each one with a named ignorance it's nothing I say that during a short amount of time please help me to only share what you want share what's important and I think you father in Jesus name amen this is one of my most fond subjects I did a lot of talking about this because I love seeing our God work just and anything more exciting for me you know I spent years trying to do the things I wanted to do my favorite thing was to be in the outdoors all canoeing go backpacking a lot will need to think the thing in a not multitask when he was always dreaming about your money back that is ever hiking mountains or whatever energy how do you miserable will be one of the table and doing it I wanted to know that all chains when I had an experience that here this morning I started feeding the first and I started doing what God wanted me to do in my life and the unit what wasn't I started using me the desires of my heart he started opening up opportunities for me to hike mountains that over fourteen thousand feet one after another and never had the opportunity my life I understand why they can afford to weekend opening doors for me to do all these things and more things that I wanted to do this like you pursuing you seek God first and in what he wants to do in your life he will take care and he will bless you you will work out bring you those desire to use a Sony but what about intercessory prayer and the high remember early on thinking doing is frankly not eliminate a difference in opinion you have no spots there's a chapter that has been such a blessing to me and I read it over and over and over again average sentences power packed it is in Christ onto glass it's the chapter asking to give you read that Irene and she was so good that years ago I photocopied it and carried it everywhere with me was totally worn out marketing marketing market now with an iPad I don't need to buy I still like my paper copy better I have to go lighter weight traveling to bring out over and over and nine one two it's good isn't it in the book education called prayer in an phase imagine early writing that's a powerful chapter and then in early writings it's just two pages is the opposite I think it's faith and prayer they are one of Satan prayer of his parents eight they convinced us to Christ the chapter on prayer he markedly right that is a house all we also admire that is more than a general conference not to know him better he is living proof of what happens with someone who is right and who makes God 's word for the first the man's breast of wisdom is is is that you know I is a big issue of this is administering the church and Microsoft to do the devotional talk had one of the committees and Mark takes the book of acts and I think it was one particular chapter in the next twelve and ending as a whole book about the cavalry unit all work and homework and a united forty times and come to find out by thinking he does this a lot with God 's word he will read it over and over does he create invoice help me to get out of this what you're trying to tell me it was just skimming the surface to relate to the and is not released reading other commentaries or whatever because reading the Scriptures over and over provocatively showing I just had to throw that in here why is a link of astronaut asking again he cannot read that chapter this election that show you up how to train why we need to put more money if you want telling your prayers this is what I believe and I found a social in people 's lives and God knows your God noises about getting answers about having a relationship with the living universe nobody is one relationship with and that comes start seeing answers things happen in the number one is having that living relationship with God the other thing that I find really easy reading first second third John about law HI we must love one another before not wanting others to enhance our prayers there has been a theme he honestly doesn't it goes together but she will she mentions in the book and the chapter asking here she says they were not faithful and are tied in offering you not see God answering and she quotes now we says Acer thinking here faithful I will pour out a will on you so it's important that we stay faithful and anti- offerings and they cry will be kind I'd love to go on past the time and offerings in this talk about hitting what God tells you to give guys taken Jerry on tonight on a journey that Susan Crandall is having a supplies denounced the money for evangelism and yell for years I worked to all the time for the charges I never received any salary that is certainly saving a little bit and confusing I really think you guys any given evangelism would you know how can I you can't go on you doing what God 's calling you to do she kept increasing the amount of increasing the amount and and and to tell it literally for a number of years it was half our income between times offering individuals applied to come into how anyone features Sally F Noll on Monday and in that he does not have a piece of paper over and over and it was the best brain injury Jerry Michael Stanley is living with whose business is than backing up what is this time we started working together you have to love is money is the littlest closer order Kenji Eno because they had to sacrifice and give up some things you think that would make them angry but how are people closer to God that is both Mary and their families is that I worry about them because they do sometimes sometimes I think the monument leave us alone if you don't have time doesn't anyway those are the things that seedlings and the other one to win in the eastern Bering asking the yen and other places and writings if we must take time every day we spent time with God to let go search our hearts there's too much in Christianity it was just having this nice little devotional time and we go to church and we worship God and we don't deal with the same issues in life anything that we have to deal with them but we need a link on deal with but we need to give time and went off search our hearts always easy for me always want to hear what he has to say I just keep writing with dignity courage and waiting to encourage you northward at his red something I keep reading it over and over so powerful I found it on my last trip find somebody somewhere in the heavenly places these page one twenty eight she talks about the garden promises and how important it is that we take time and just meditate on the promises of God 's word and what it will do for us and you can't manage what did you think this is boring this is boy name is not in a high learning as a teenager from Glenn County United Way his book is still in print called the ABCs of prayer you haven't read it yet and he's got the money once tube is sold on evangelism for reaching people many teachers you put your finger on the promise ask claim belief in God is so as a young teenager I started it when I put my finger on James one five Lord I need wisdom my mother wants me to make good grades I'm too busy doing other things to make them great lords anyway since I make ingrained in every dad put my finger on that promise and and you know I suddenly have this motivation to start studying instead of saving from aesthetically and I started started started studying and I went from like a C average the straightaway anyone got certainly infused me with wisdom but he gave me the motivation to start studying my brother was not doing well and was breaking my parents heart with his lifestyle so I found this verse first John five sixteen if you see a rather stunning as Senate is not indented at pride not even like I said well you know that applies anybody can have to be just a brother by surgery my finger on that promise every guy as a boy convert my brother said my brother for your team and it didn't happen overnight it took many months ago I didn't use a preacher in my studies Wendy Little Lord is amazing but he'll be in the enough seen those answers you realize we need intercessory I believe the private time with God training but if we really want to see things happen in this we need to pray with somebody else we need United prayer this handout I won't really go through a whole lot here but I just can't encourage you not to reason I've has a lot of good things the Lord is listed to put together as a couple pages there on abiding in Christ I have that new beginnings and gone has this power taking from Pastor Downing you know I have been there I was telling my feeling is it is really good in helping you with an experience with God but it is a section on unprincipled SS repair and is doing and why why we need it why is it important as any will you read the Gospels Jesus Jesus didn't so much in line when she was named a price so much for the disciples and for people and you want Friday I love Evernote might my sons actually pay out has shared ever notes with me I can see what he's finding and final day we know many parts of the city 's findings but this is so more about prayer power of prayer and how it will change people 's life is walking down I had a woman call me up one day she had done I do normally Western women in the community and church member but she said to me I've been married thirty two leaders in adolescent congratulate Mrs. I want out I feel you want how she said yeah I'm miserable he was miserable in fact I packed my car with everything I thought it would limit out and I left Jesus I'm driving down the highway and I start train Lord I know you don't like the boys got unelected know I'm miserable he is able I can't take this anymore when we do God right and she sees a huge white billboard and on and in big black letters it says turn back now exit she took that is from God and came back home and what letter to call me I don't know I never asked her sister calls and tells me such as this I'm thinking I'm not a marriage counselor what he wanted to do it as you know privately praying as outlined on the same offer to pray with her once a week for her marriage possible how long once a week I felt like I said forty minutes is okay I said into her I'm not a natural thing that I be willing to get together with you once we can pray for your marriage is a white love that so we started meeting once a week to pray for married in the first time we had she started pouring out all horrible Mary she had horrible man she's married to I would encourage you like a prayer moving on now people will meet the price does anybody have any prayer requests and she'll get one she'll give line citywide will start counseling her wanting to try this if you do that I needed it all all were our time to pray while you have time to practice mortgages private quick anomaly you think we can just make Satan so happy because we did not try the reason for not talking about the grant request or the counseling the prayer request any lot in itself I cannot experience that when we went out with people to pray let's just pray our prayer requests and will come in and pray that saying problematic to and people won't not wanting on and on and on and on and on and on and on about their prayer requests when they prayed a prayer shorter and he needs that's the one encouraging the great shorter that's the other thing is you maybe you like it I personally have a hard time with the long prayers I keep thinking of spiritual because you can't stay when they're long for her to be so years ago we started doing just a short sentence prayer just one subject at a time and is so much and inherent only fitting since the Holy Spirit a chance to impress us how to pray as if we're just praying back-and-forth is talking with me just spewing out everything I can right now and then you pray I'm getting a chance to impress me how he wants me to pray for so much fun never forget the first time I would do that is driving on the highway I got back from school he's complaining about somebody or whatever school I suppose I was just print out as we drive home will just buy shorts to wear the him your money if I was I didn't but that was in beginning the others in doing questions and I started doing laundry and asked me to pray with them in reasoning that by the time we do it together and only great as long prayer and start train and present hearing snoring and as we change that's just doing a short sentence prayers one difference that made all your social life is to walk we walked together and will spend fringes between back and forth started off with praise and confession mingling and intercession we see so many answers doing and driving down the road in a car when we used to travel a lot my car we would sit and play back in for Samantha my story time meeting with her and I encouraged is okay for now I worry about this marriage problem which is twenty and that hasn't also I want you to commit to spending time with God everyday when you do that she says okay Dana and if the tree was first on the meeting this woman just something savory notion of this two thousand and she had no assurance of God 's salvation became know as the monthly by spending time with Jesus she started having the assurance she started being filled with joy but as we were praying for him and when I say this before I forget that the Senate last time one of things I find really helpful in my spiritual walk is to take time and I try to do it every day but sometimes I can't stop a couple of times a week I will meditate on Psalm twenty two if not some twenty two and in Isaiah fifty three the last part of fifty two and fifty three and if not now the twenty seventh starting like around verse twenty four so and take that and I don't just read a single boy making meaningful committee break my heart with why would Jesus do for me I know that it becomes old hat okay died on the cross noises here was something and so I think this every week a couple of times a week is going by what Jesus did many meaningful is so powerful to do so powerful and it will enrich your spiritual life but also the title and desire pages those last few chapters disseminate highly seasoned courtroom with different priest Chrysler knows fatal incidents in powering the changes your life and if so I'm moving this lady and with waivers he would pray for her marriage pray for her husband 's PR woman problem running around and you know what happened nothing that I is now worse than ours they met as I and I would like to encourage you that when you use somebody or a URL into Friday and things get worse praise God Thanksgiving because if you pray from a sincere heart God is answering but we don't know how trauma Isaiah fifty five tells us his ways are not our ways his thoughts are higher than I thought we don't understand how to work that I miss you he's working and enameled education that chapter I told you about yourself they are like me to ask for we need to start out and start dealing him that he's answered him in his timing in his way the answer will come but we need to believe in Windows Vista and believe and so we did we started trying to bring in I also got smart finally is starting same Lord how do we pray and God led to pray what was lethality was God they got led to pray that it would be him I allow for his wife in the DC area the way he did when they first got married and that she would see her husband who got dies and so we started praying that we also started praying that God would give him up your mind and we mainly calculated we would pride things keep getting worse I got discouraged praying for this couple in fact I didn't want to hear their names anymore and that Jesus would you pray for my children she had done several adult children who were married have their own families and none of them were in the church known other than that along one of them had been free of someone having had been so we started praying for them for their families to be converted and you know what happens we pray for them they are wars they are fighting and having problems in different cities I never met and gone my worship time as a tire pray for these people another's how many pages that they thought that Satan is trying he's trying to discourage you keep praying so and then we can't meaning we kept praying and asking God what Scripture do we pray into this man's life I don't know if you do that but I find that so powerful to praise Scriptures into people 's lines you can take Colossians you can take the Ephesians you can take so much of God 's word and prayer in the somebody's life and input their name in it are sometimes and he worked it we were a number of years and the whole time he kept resisting the urge to take law and English law is glorious though have a good reputation and I want to be like no that way but you do God was calling into an enemy of God was his wife Lily finally he gave into a knee-jerk law but now he's working almost full-time he's got a little baby on the way which makes it got into law school part time him him or call when I while he wasn't making very good grades to begin with pretty pretty low grades is why I started meeting on the phone praying because we live in different cities and we started playing Daniel Daniel wanted to his life along with other places to make choices Daniel proposed in his heart he would not defile himself who started putting willingly pray you help Tyson to propose either you will not defile himself in any way and then on down now gone and brought Daniel into favor and go well with the chief of the start of training that for Tyson a jury may find out I hope that in the county is not needed but we start wrangling human good favor with the source is cited as the digital is no liking for Tyson and we graduated you know they were giving him always in a high meaning does have a special relationship with some of the answers but also how we're praying for seventeen has for these four men young men gave them knowledge and skill in all sharing wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams will not never he had given Tyson yet all visions and dreams but he took him from low grades to the third in his class and more talking out of the nighttime classic ten day time class when he graduated he graduated with honors when he graduated he was such a miracle what God did for us to St. Louis claim James one five four two and anything else that we bring Joseph Joseph but just got cortisone will and can sell when praying for this guy praying God 's word into his life and into her kids live ammunition words words words two years ago by this woman she's having a wonderful experience with the now him everyday she now has the story this assurance that God loves her and she hasn't met the changed everything the same questions happy now studying a lorry and the Parthenon statues happy now while her husband starts to notice a wife happy wise what's going on why she happy so he starts to talk to find out what's going on why is I think what she starts sharing about Jesus and he comes after a few days later he says could we start praying together and start having worshiped together and she said yes you continue to have a private devotions you don't want change from having private suggests emotions with somebody she had her private and should happen with him and be one of the screens when their praying together you know what he started praying he started praying like give me a pure mind exactly the same words we can train for that for some time and this couple that were never together and have this horrible marriage became likely because they were like young lovers always holding hands and is getting laughing and giggling altogether and she started going when he traveled during the day doing his job she started traveling with him and inmate had this big old car and she would sit right next to him in the car you know it was so cute to watch but they just exist in the sentence holds all some time later she got cancer she was dying we had anointed and we pray for it until now she has been hailed but it will be on the resurrection morning and she called me to her bedside she said Janet I just wanted thank you neutral time at your busy schedule to play with me about my merits and and my salvation she says I will how will one evening that I have no end in my marriage had been healed her her husband not knowing that she done this a while later pulls me off to the side and says the same thing to me I think you're not that you took time in your busy life to playing with my wife I know how he will face this but our marriage has been healing and now you know we have to use words holding indicates in your handouts to page twenty five in testimonies to the church volume seven page twenty one it's number seven is why do not believe are still a deeper concern for those who are Christ why not to wait dreaming together and clean when God for the salvation of some special one and then for still another is so slow stronger one it says here first Matthew eighteen nineteen and twenty November eighth two show agree together on earth as touching anything they shall ask it shall be done for them on my body was in heaven for where two or three are gathered together in my name Mary M in the next Matthew eighteen nineteen inch White House committee and I will answer your prayer and on down Alan Weiss has the promises made on condition that the United prayers of the church are offered in an answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer private prayer and those other places where she talks about this is the most powerful than the power and will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love of God for one another you see I'm convinced the reason God allows more power to be available when we pray together because he wants us to love each other he wants us to be in unity Galatians six says the bear in each other 's barn is what better way to bear somebody's burdens him rare I like this by the way this couple their kids I never had another sense God moved on their cans and they started going to a church went to meetings and were baptized on prayer is powerful to hear people say we should just pray we can work me tell you what prayer is more to people who are trained are working on I remember in central cow are preeminently meet on Wednesdays people would come in no time still my prayer partners a way to do some job or didn't sound as they know is that people learned to stop cheering would take different wines to become white pastors because this will mean that when installed or spending time with Jesus every guy who consistently keep doing that you will start seeing people one to the kingdom you can't have but not to start using you take to do that and that you know we we in the in central air and we were compelled me to start a prayer group at the office on Wednesdays I was scared to go to comment on and that he just can't afternoon out in a hurry the skies that are conscious of trouble burdened with and finally tonight I had angrily out of the pilot how can women do it his message of peace come over me I know and I sent to my signal how long do I how often advisable I decided on the once a month and I said how long I felt like I was saying do it from ten to one three hours sounds over three hours ago hey we didn't showing him prayers and telling the time flies by and people love it when you first when they can combat him apologizing to think you are doing this in a slightly hesitant prayer team and I tell thank you for taking time to pray virginity they finally told me when they generally stop it stop why is it stop thanking us for the ones that are sold last minute this video is a blessing to come and pray I quit thinking that when we meet once a month when we need to pride I just miss a session of my brain once we get it it was when you know how nobody has time to do once a week I had time to do this once a week but finally after many months I said to him you know how to do this once a week angle for three hours I sat down and I realize you can use common you can come only once a month so I'm pretty much the only one Van the rest of my people in the office when coming in when they tried asking missed only one there and the more disorganized departmental directors would come rushing into my committee will mark training what I is yummy and here is one of the lantern frame we need this one for our committee it was embarrassing and I started crying I think this is Smith commuter train is nobody here to NE .com and pray when they did nobody here I want to encourage you that if God is calling you to pray start prayer group and only shows that are many only one person that don't get discouraged he doing it be obedient to what God has called you to do it God 's problems and bring the people that you know over a year went by with it like this they come once a month is pretty much me the rest of the time after a year got started bringing the people and he started bringing will your room you want I think I was scared sometimes this is them and me with Yahoo wanted my point magazines as women and then drank the and opened the lid and went to Costco to do anything but it's always racing as miracles happening and Jerry I was a prayer request from Disney's president of the Congress anyhow we were losing these and so we started crying from these things that he wanted prayer for and we started seeing miracle people are going to believe in United brand inevitably people don't always believe that it really discouraged me I mean that people didn't believe parents a start and ran low I only pray a criminal group something that will show to people what all happened when we pray together that it be relationship power what I thought was to start praying for our business marketing has taken opportunity and it's only place they have to raise money for an end that gotten one hundred thousand the year of the first year that we were there in minutes next year we started praying is a prayer group behind twenty five thousand without the social people will God doesn't just bring it on a twenty five he brings in like iron thirty five or so and that is not always brought in more than we pray for and so we ended up sharing it with the outcome is in their own in Oregon to live join in praying to about it until the next year constant and the whole year before that part of the same let's pray that twenty nine thousand and and maybe letting God brings an end of that and then they start training for a half a million God brings in only what can we get random one of reporters when they called you will pray for a million I don't have to insert vagueness is when the economy crashed in the knee socks and on new years and you know what problem everybody say no way can happen will be fortunate if we get a hundred thousand in all it came in like seven hundred thousand discount building and never forget the year eighteen million and he didn't remain just a note it comes in over a million the site three hundred thousand over a million something like the beautiful part that was happening was gone I was taking all of us on a journey with him as people the only thing they does everything that happened years complain how many are asking over money I said hello how do it in the season to make and it twice and has been very and I all do it and I was joking but he's a good utility to a finite now goes up Saturday morning and I think okay I didn't want to admit that I was joking and sound so I was right before the Friday night meeting and I just came to our cabinet change that their team and idling neuritis fell down the middle of a visit to Orlando to announce the offering I this was in the beginning I was praying for God to take the offering bigger and they laid hands on the end is really great for me I'm not an articulate person I just does not come easy to speak at all never forget I ever had up on the platform and when I have one way say what you do and I get there to the Mike I'm looking at this audience might help Jesus do I want to my parents we need Jesus to come would you try and ask on what you should give her vandalism and seeing how that's also bad time to start working on me we dressed and then you asked me how much you I took down this incredible journey of almost getting huge amounts that so we are remain private not what they should yes what happened to the people started praying together as couples are just praying and asking that they started planting huge amounts of money that they would actually come up with additional winning in the glossary taken on journeys Secretariat office decisive plants five thousand dollars she doesn't have money abiding by containing a changing hate it off anyone can enter a house for help there worked out you see I mentally given on the just all kinds we started anyways testimonies people do have fun sharing how God helping people started by March having the plaintiffs paid off and whistle blasts and training in more money when people pledge money usually like eighty nine percent actually comes in the first few years five hundred and ten percent hundred eleven percent was coming out of and how it is people wanted to get on board and were getting and giving even more that you know people still in the land they now do you think this is happening people the authors they never has to talk to me after a communications link between how you should go well we pray anything well we know you pray but I really do it I really are happening are tiny when we first moved there essential they were in it they will look and they might have to shut it down they only had they were like almost two million dollars in debt and me then you have any students the buildings are falling apart and Jerry comes only since Janet wants an uncanny similarity to do that they wanted something that academies are doing well when we had and said we know all we need to do Jerry we need to get prayer partners Jerry the latter asking for prayer partners around the conference was sent out in the union paper and a least three hundred send and medicating another three hundred or so signed and we started sending my letter and asking annual Jubilee Academy would you please probably forgot to bring the money we need to pay off in the right principle brings students helpless except knowing if you believe in candy for a new big comics committee voted for Jerry to try one more case meeting before they sold the place and vote in and shut down because they are noted to close it now recently let me just try it once I got to see and so they did sometimes and everybody pretty I also filled with people but also fill in his presence now we need to have team as we only seem to be the life of a conference in the nineteen meaning so many people started coming it even appeared it was many many decay they came to the point of war fighting and came meeting long registration list ability hair beautiful part was that first year he reprinted so much forgot facilities presents that the sound of the fourteen eighty starting down walked the grounds and pray over everything pray for Bobby Young America's convert and pray over every meeting twice people who deliver trailers for people to least during the week has said over and over again we don't know what goes on these grand but when we arrive on these grounds no matter how troubled and upset we are piece comes over the manager of one of these leasing companies told one of the lady she called up to Lisa a trailer and she said she now we all talk about it is submitted on your grounds away most of your new matter has struggled her upset you are a piece comes over us know we were trying to him entertained again we're always inviting these guys and deliver these trailers comes in the meetings that first year or so praying for God 's presence a lady has sung along with a refrigerator in her trailer and I prepared was called occasionally try to fix it Declan is why Gephardt becomes acting within apart she says smiling he says nothing just but you hardly spent all his time fixated and enterprise value money he says no lady is related is going on these grounds and I want to charge money I'm telling you there's something about specifically praying over your churches over your areas Ron Halverson on me never heard them talk about prayer walking my way I'm not talking about the pair walking some preachers are again am casting out demons or territorial now that I cannot you frame your dog to their something about wanting an area where the name or city that opens your eyes that helps you to see how to pray for places with easy to stay in a Roman triumph Friday evening run out of ideas sometimes and so walking those grounds is done so much when the times you have deserved praise the people clean restrooms we converted it that time early on in my experience I even know how much you were cleaner what come to find out to the thousands of people communicating they had to have somebody there almost twenty four self-cleaning of so we started praying the prayer life of people cleaning the residence to be converted they needed to and then when the prayer hall printing came in alternately contemporaneous in that year we saw three people come to Jesus Christ McLean the rest is no one can take heart from using it this is what they are ablaze and hard to produce things I was so excited about that and to pray your job is sticky and Kelly says he's going to be Sir I don't know how soon are when Williams going the answer but the year you know the thing to communicate down in a million and then a million the next year and then jerking me again how she did not make the gold for and I wanted challenges he wasn't ongoing when I thought Kerry won the really terrible when it is afraid of what you wanted to be the amount they wanted to want people to be disappointed thank you so much money was coming in a form that evangelism committee ceases when you have a committee that will pride in faster that has spent this money was so beautiful and elegant just start up having given the Demons Bible workers and all kinds of wealth I started previewing worship possibly what to pray for us and not the goal got the benches which we pray for a second thought two million and I can't tell you nice and I think I'm crazy to think it's a bad idea it took me a while to finally tell the prayer partners on Wednesday I started praying on Wednesday and just as I thought one of the guys sorry think who you don't need more money what we needed to work for God so is the Danny I didn't play it anymore at least not when he was there and be pretty much convinced myself but then when he came with the salad before walking the grounds we split up different and it was just Jerry and I conference treasurer and another pair partner week we were up in with the use of call on peers in part the young adults we were up there for some reason at all in the area where God started impressively printed evangelism often saw not their and I just have a sergeant at I will dairy over this and premium the word could you please let the two million this year and vicious silence and open my eyes and look in the choice controversy knowing their prayer partners like this and Jerry's is rolling his eyes that I has had ninety nine when you flip now you know that first found a candy the offering came in like a hundred thousand eight zero in a panic because the little King enigmatically MySpace praying and with environment next Saturday night the last Saturday night they were Mike and Jerry at the speech was speaking that night the offering to come in it was like nine hundred and ninety eight thousand what is that right it was within a few dollars and in a million and is an e-mail once it was announced he will be rushing down the aisles in the last couple of dollars where they might keep him out this man comes up to me said so the house evangelism often knowing there's a really good where were going to make the million word within a few dollars this is often good to have them get some crazy prayer partners are praying for two million guys is really too high and he says he knew really main advantage of these designs is why he says well I met today this afternoon with my brother prior to how much we should give and said I was planning that we would just get like a hundred thousand we thought he probably need that make up the difference so you can make your millions pieces in place that has felt such an urgency we needed to a million on top in your million and we set mission of the guy doing the Mike is just like the hearing of Pillai and idols but I know how to do this I'm how injury came and got musical talk within the prewritten him I is pouring the norm is not only he does anything with tears in his eyes he feels out of place envelope from nine dollars and since I am over Sarah when a lot of things going on about this announcement I'm not sure if it was in January or December anyway and I'll never forget when that check for a million dollars ride I took it into the prayer room we prayed over that not that that money was more important than all the other putting was okay I want one and will and interests of the majority is not offering was coming in a little window switches and gain a few hundred dollars there is now than it initially almonds coming in from small amounts of people just dealing with the more enlightened and then at that point again but this man we had now been praying he had a building in Las Vegas that was to the hospital veterans hospital at the last minute he built building in the US government back down on eight payment is visiting to the court any lost and he told Jerry counting out the prayer list now it's lost injury Tommy hang out where living and I thought I paid I just can't pay off this means even know not steadfastly begins around the world and less as so many ministries I don't believe this is God 's glory it is an and so we tested on the prayer list and kept praying we do something unbeknownst this man took it to court again appealing appealing cooperative I should know has been the Laurie Cunningham has been a boy I think I'm having challenges one day Mrs. month later with my cell phone rings and mechanicals on the Bears this is how do rock music going on as what triangles in an hourglass is why what happened second according to SNL really is not even in the time that charge will you pass the government in bad favor he said this has never happened before in the history of law he said it is such an important case is going to be written up in the logs of history is on top of that the giant made them pay all that the US government all the court fees the lawyer fees and also include a sixteen or seventeen million eight for this building I can't encourage you are not God called you to pray about something do not keep praying that the Lord will give you peace to stop for a while but then you get an urgency to pray about it again I keep meaning announcements pray I had people say to me sometimes you know how our church school is not doing well I would estimate problems in a single and you get together with a group of people which you pray about it home he at least tried that all year trying that hot how long you try home at least three weeks we pray I will about you but most of the things I see answered way longer than three weeks sometimes you see things and selling the majority taken way longer to process those petitions to the throne and do not give up if you're in your doubting about how prayer frequently we put together in here read that chapter Christ onto glasses but also in the Bible you think of Dania Daniel he reads a seven year prophecies coming to an volatile scrawls of the appraisal I got and you know take care things here but he doesn't do that what standard do he goes to fasting are for three weeks yes they are nowhere as of now is in and what if I like you trusting God to I start praying asking how to pray for this I start I spend a lot more I learned to spend more time praising God faking and for how is working the past which in the beginning of your handout is a whole section on praising God holds on how harmful is she sat satellites as if you want to see more answers to your prayers praise God more human boy Thanksgiving and you'll see way more chances to your prayers you wonder how pray to God more she goes on and on any kind of this way more quotes we could put together we can read those over and over and over and there's such a blessing they are spending a lot more time thinking and praising God that he is answering our operational and what scriptures do I claim in the way out we started praying for God to get out of debt gone and it was dramatically brought in the right treasurer rolling over money that came in and he is almost two million dollars and down on the buildings that need to be replaced and a lot of alumni came in his life except buildings but they still needed to be more trained on you get people to do this evidence bring happiness to fix up the school doing everything I did was bring running a year or so do you know what I brought non-Americans who started putting millions into that school to fix it has out all happen I don't know if I don't see answers to everything I do I will leave you press there's many things I haven't seen answers to but I will keep putting them before God 's throne he tells me to quit or see answers is more than can be shared IV Levaquin I guess it's time for a evening before we do is there any questions as a Scripture that I live in second Chronicles sixteen nine I like the way 's wording in the milking James version and subsidize the Lord want to throw throughout the whole earth to show himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to me is looking looking looking for people we can work in behalf of the shell the mining ideas and Daniel eleven thirty two it says the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits guys is wanting to do this in her life that you know the stories I love Elijah and about the mount caramel experience right when this came across this in a dislike volume seven of the commentary visit Alan wake comments on different things in the Bible and it hurts a comment on Elijah kisses Elijah holding cell until he was in the condition where he could not take the glory to himself this is a condition upon which God hears prayer for then we shall not give the praise to him on down it says this is after you know the big miracle it happened when the fire coming down everybody laughed and why to start crying here she says the servant watched while Elijah prayed six times he returned from the watch saying there is nothing no class no sign of rain but the plot and did not give up and discouragement he can read viewing his life to see where he had failed to honor him fast as handouts continue to apply because soul before God while watching for a token in his prayer was answered as he searched his heart he seemed to be last and last both in his own estimation in the sight of God it seemed to him that he was nothing in that gauntlet every day and when he reached the point of renouncing self while he clung to as Savior as his only strength in righteousness the cancer came the servant appeared and said behold there arises a little cloud out of the sea like a man's hair is powerful out there is so much in how the commentaries volume seven is elements writing but their review and Herald our age May twenty six eighteen ninety one but can't not in their eye I haven't put them in their sorry eighteen ninety one review and Herald May twenty six eighteen ninety one but he gave been put together from Alan White's writings of call prayer and it's got a lot of the stuff and I know that this particular quote but it's powerful but also teach publishing put together one the power of prayer and it's really good to those voting they'll help you so much about intercessory prayer of this media was brought by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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