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How to Have a Life-changing Prayer Ministry in Your Local Church

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • August 17, 2013
    4:30 PM
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him he decided he has any energy was his pride and ask on me not after having him gone permission to speak to you and the Holy Spirit to the unit is nothing I say this is wrong and use this time when you are now closed father mortgages thank you for the wonderful God you are I think you father that you will speak to each one of us and we just pray that right now for your Holy Spirit is each one the ideas the things they need to go home and maybe encourage more or to start a prayer ministry thank you five please give me the right words and what you want me to share love you Lord Jesus thing in this handout and there's many more books that can be there I really need to add Morris it's hard to find webpages on its visit bibliographies a list of books and I can't find it anyways the last there is yet thank you for the page fifty four there is someone that page two one evil as anonymous as resources for prayer ministry at these books I found extremely helpful I can write about that no and that the chapters nonwhites writings from asking to give in Christ object lessons to faith and prayer at home March section in heavenly places is really good on United prayer an important center and in the book of prayers and Pacific presses put together and when however the teacher and sets the crime but on below are books that have a lot of practical things the things you can do in your church to start a prayer ministries and to keep it going and the one number to the praying church sourcebook that one and also number for the praying church idea about the blocks and white encyclopedias reference book they are full of ideas of things to do in your church to encouraging and get everybody frame from little children to be adults in your church but I just found all his books to be a real blessing in your ministry started in a charge I found different in every church I don't find that there's a set way to do it that's when I find it really is to try and ask God how you should do it I forgot to lead you to who you can have this is a committee you need to have a little committee at lease and is not people will just come and give ideas and taught but a group that will pray together for God to establish a prayer ministries in your church and to me during the week printings Percodan is no come together and they just spend time talking and how isn't it pretty ain't you you want to delete the blasts I is in the prayer for me one things I found helpful is to make an appointment with a pastor to go to him with a notepad and hence asked the pastor what is on his heart what what are you learning and then write it down don't talk don't take up his time talking talent in your ideas down what's on his heart and you know is not a church management institution ought to go to the leader of that from eight yards out in Jerry's apartment spread and I think Jerry was on your heart for this conference and I pray for these things getting people to join you really pray for a price until you seek audience with these things and get your pastor or your leader on board with how important prayer is in the difference that it takes speedy but your prayer committee it should be people who commit to spending quality time with God every day praying I can't stress that I'm not spent enough time with God the matter what you do in life if you want success in your ministries in your career is the most important thing you can do is to be on your knees pretty inconvenient Bosworth 's been living in Knoxville blessed my life and brings so much success it's clear that prayer time and they can get people that will commit to do that and there's a guy Jerry called into that you know we juries the ministerial secretary for the division on the juicy and he called in the sky who is to do evangelism go round train pastors do evangelism and his office right next door to my and my went into his office when they were taught by sentiments of the uses set success of your ministry I said well I is diagnosing thousands that is coming away he said I was a young pastor I was enough for you numbers forty number church and he said we were going nowhere I went to the Congress president said could I money site into a evangelistic meetings him to send when you have a Bible not in the city I have a file and you don't need money to cellular in the past or last all discouraged you know how I can make this happen and grow our charge any goals home any screen at the Lord led him to start painting his time United twenty four hours a day he started giving to an half hours to God everyday and you know it may not necessarily be that you can do the whole something one time but you need any given hour and a half now and in our half later in the somehow a story and doing and how is that God started sharing with him what to do with his church to grow it will not charge from forty people to over four hundred people and they had to build a bigger church of course I know the law but the way to start in leading him to thanks the new in one local church in Michigan misses several years ago now they were tiny and had fourteen people this was written up in that the union paper several years ago and they had fourteen people and they decided to meet him him it was a young guy that was at the seminary that is actually from our conference in central there getting his degree and then he was assigned to the church to take it on and he met with them they said we got to meet and talk about organic milk is when I am not so they met together and as a meeting and what can we do what can we do to grow this church how one woman racer he says I have an idea to choose alignment this book by Evelyn Christensen what happens when women pride I think we need to pray with all that's a good idea and let's pray so press forgot to tell him showing them what to do to grow their church got let down start going around their neighborhood prayer walking when I was two when Clinton or to stay on the sidewalk train while the two went to the door they go to the door and say we have a print of this meeting I was once a week or what .net the church and we want to know if you have any prayer requests you'd want us to pray for and people would examine their prayer requests with a call back and they faithfully pray for these request that in a couple weeks they go back to the houses not criminal has anything happened how should we keep praying that and got led into some other things to me that church from the fourteen people to sixty nine people I will never find it there walking their and you know I am not sorry how much talking again about the territorial stop whatever that people think that I read about on his hitting and praying to the people that are in the are in the business is that Indonesia however he was in charge there have been twenty four hours of prayer and asking enjoying cited for some of it and sound afternoon for a hour we were going to go out there walking and so we do welfare want missed we divided up into three and we're going on the size and weight related prayer walking as we do so want down the sidewalks and pray that people these homes as we know an existing brochures and now these homes immigrated to the Mizoram twenty five prayer was an evangelistic needs to sell where going down this train and sometimes you know people come out a house is a come down the sidewalk and say what you don't like and might open up an opportunity to bring them and that's okay that is one of the Street suite or over on the side of the street or they think you know this is okay but what is not found in doors and offer to play with people and I of course do not think you what is a slam the door phase or wagon I'm scared on Monday the twenty second until now I just said Warne business guys are you sure you can immediate need for the friend request on the argument of me thankfully pray for if you ask and you will start and will do and so I was with these two young adults I said yeah is not in our life 's okay okay well I'm a paper and pencil writing down the door and knocking at the request is often behind is now in your faith that's more comfortable so is when young adults and will just go to the doors got impressive the stability is okay okay so now the street not all the money in the first half I go yes this is good and they go about it but she stops and turns around and says no we get to go back to the house so we go back to the house the house has bars on the windows and the screen doors and bars across the eighth they knock on this house a woman opens the door but not the screen door she keeps it locked she does what you want Mason will wear from such and such a charge and we just walk in the neighborhood 's scenic people have prayer requests that we could pray for she just can't believe you're here to since my husband and I are both out of work for like six months they lost their house their living with her in-laws she says I can't believe you're here I just been telling my husband this week we need to get back to church we need to get back in time I can't believe you're here so they prayed with her women I'm not trying any she unlocks the screen the door comes out who wants to shake our hands and says when charging you from we can have one piece of literature that said what church we were from and then she just as for me then we went on the sidewalk maintenance in the next house with the next one the door was open was an open door just just a regular screen door in his communist porch enclosed porch carrying a concealed light on one braver now is your first house he was nice I thought lead the way up on the porch and we knocked on the door all of a sudden I just turned is stopping you why this here you will answer the door I jumped on the boards I'm about to see what is annually learning on an end of ministries and adults in the sky is really little and he looks up to or where he is going around the name is anything antiglare glass or from such of the charge and she goes you can pray for me to pray for my whole family my son just died yesterday the first house without a word that wants to move the second house the second is the third house the sun had die here in Saigon was hitting outside they had to get out your shyness is a world out here I need to be reached for Jesus and this woman when they payment or she just now she said I know got sent you here today to pray with me thank you thank you thank you for coming attention we left her head on down we then motivated and want to go to the next couple home but finally picked one we went out one is a young woman at the door and I slowly given out why we were there and some shooting eleven Cal watches the non- resident shots that order but she was not a shooting slump in the door and not look at my watch is not always get back to charge casino people become in and for the next hour a printer that would be a different kind of prayer demanded back to the church is the only you are so I start leading the way back is not more comfortable for me to get back in this price in the safe environment of the charge assigned leading the way down the sidewalk and these are short driveways the houses there is not part of the houses and pardon the street and as I'm walking that we go by this garage door that is open eyes music playing there's these young adults and I just think Alabama prayer tonight as did Marchant heading to the church but this one when she's in bed overalls she comes out gets what he will finally get a handle on all well we were paying for pain reframe people I mean it's embarrassing that I was embarrassed you know that saying and but that I sit in a chair a reset on something there in the Karachi said the legal point that family over there this is a died yesterday and Ms. Young adult God is with us he says we didn't pray for them we just pray for them how can we pray for you these young guys in the gloss is holding the beer bottles and alcoholic bottle in his hand he looks down on illegals there's no hope for me I tried out hiking when there's no hope for me in the young adult with me said yes there is hope gone to agree on alcohol and drugs he can save you out of it to can we pray for you and his younger idols you may now anything down there on a sizzling do I have to write similarly if you want to and so he let us pray normally just one trade at the door we were so low all three of us paid for it only open our eyes this guy has tears in his citizens church is fun and locate you have any meetings you have this winner you P will you are from somewhere on out there that needs to be arranged and is one of the things in those kind of things really helped the church why importance of prayer ministry when I think so now and was a visit with her I can't seem to get don't you than say we need to try and get handed by common nihilism pray don't do that instead half testimonies how people get out and share unanswered prayer they've had something that happened I will eventually get people to come but also in one search nobody wants to meet the crayon now and then I got to do that in the lonely it was a prayer leaders will I know I said you start reading about and so she and she picked a book that was on Francis and you don't have to try and how we just get together and start studying the book again how can we do that they did they for how long it was several months he read through this book once a week and she called me we read through the book they still will pray what I know to get another book is for sissies and what book would you recommend sell whatever nothing can and named Rensselaer but I don't know if it was with a second look or what but they started realizing they just start praying and they started praying and it was at the time the transition was happening the pastor they had the last and down is basically a pastor who did not believe in prayer or Ellen White urges meals strange situation and so Jerry is looking for you much much prayer was going up for new pastor while waiting for Jerry to find a new pastor for the personnel committee he pray for becoming a lie see I sent him now later became passionate about prayer God was hearing them for their new pastor well anyway Jerry traveling and we were come into an airport jury said in August that pastor 's wife is gone meet me at the airport we got semester tinier and when interviewed and would you mind sitting in and in coming with me I felt I we interview them and as we get on the plane Jerry said when you think about anything higher I said yeah very good couple that I said that the pastor he doesn't yet when it comes to prayer nine now that he says he does I believe in prayer it are likely but you can just tell my time doing he doesn't get he doesn't really understand that there is a power unleashed in United prayer that we will not experience only pray alone and just like the quote I just read that cooking and ninety was at the previous meeting okay I get confused when I don't want in your handout on page twenty four is a quality number one chief Matthew eighteen nineteen and twenty it talks about the two of us agree to gather you know God is answering then she signs right below that the promise is made on condition that the United prayers of the church are offered and in answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to private prayer she says something similar to this in other places the power you will be proportionate in unity and the members and their love of God for one another you know I'm convinced that the reason God allows more power when we pray together is because he wants us to love each other he wants us to bear each other's burdens like it says in Galatians sex but there is just way more power when we pray together and I will be sharing in this one about how we started prayer slowing to the health and something that will show our people that United prayer really makes a difference let us a Star Trek environmentalism often and he took a huge amount and never forget when to make a million men into my on our past that business license I do the same guy and unpleasant I'm not a huge amount which I love the Lord let them to do that or not he's never been paid out now but we have continued Christine housing market and a croissant but we had continued every year given over a million dollars last year was eight nine years running eight or nine years running but they got a million every year we go from there during and on three areas to sunny Los Angeles Kansas Jerry and Janet during the last three dollars every year and another million dollars that does not happen around this world people from different conferences countries they call how you and I and Jerry are Karen Riverside and we pray yeah we know Ukraine but we really do need a caring will tell what I can tell you what we do which he says unless there's a prayer is not a and even sure with all prayer will go was doing this not because of pricing for big amount was doing this to show what will happen with people united when it was an millionaire cannot make you want to get out of the command that started me still inside the building the gynecology clinical conferences for this goldeneye plays you know Jerry what you do religious school learning well Jerry would hesitantly say to the casino what the response would be we pray and what the courts nearly pray what really when you really live him versus oh yeah I think I will be done with the prayer that made it happening this is the miracles were not yet now I've forgotten why started talking when I was headed somewhere about me okay I want to take Mister Solis Master who I don't feel really get that prayer is this church is the hand held or comes in the sand makes a point in his office and said I'd like to be your prayer partner that housing other podcasts are yeah okay and the pastor thinks now whether this one time many two were solid and elderly tired of it is a lie on this elevator is daunting to try with this pastor as we week that LA does not take up his time talking whatever he says let us pray every week he's playing with his pastor on top of that there's a prayer group explain while this pastor speaking and meeting other times and praying about whatever the pastor wants that he's in that church and you know I'll never forget that pastor calling the outline driving somewhere late Saturday night returning it home so maybe and he called me on my cell phone in an instant meet God 's timing with people calling I was discouraged at the time and about getting people to believe he calls me on Janet Janet don't go don't quit simply inane consistency telling people to pray to you calling for prayers and churches he's a cheater and exchange my home ministry is saying my license today he says I have a certain all planned I got up to preach and how my mouth came a totally different sign of his environment Megan called all these people and boys wanted to be baptized and obviously rebaptized he's absurd things are just exploding in my church and I just saw him recently him he's still saying the same for this evangelist happening the church is growing it we don't know what happened as quickly as they have their in churches I'm feeling sometimes it can take a few years but don't get discouraged in one church 's couple that people can reason with an equivalent of this church the pastor just preaches reader digests jokes and things were the servants and he welcomed a prayer meeting and you don't want no man's illicit meetings this is eventually the addict what is on a church nearby and urine I bagged and pleaded with him don't do that you need to stay in the church and I need to pray for the past something that they stay in they started praying the Lord giveth Holy Spirit filled pastor and an iguana in the player can't complain about anything so all in praise glory and the Holy Spirit filled pastor they pray for several years the disaster suddenly changes I started having some illness problem and that's what they're what we suddenly changes and he starts preaching going from jokes to the investigative judgment to the atonement to second coming is prejudiced on Sabbath and he starts wanting to do evangelist immediately start wanting to come in for me on Wednesday night in the sky please didn't happen overnight it took a while printing I was speaking and in Oregon and a woman pastor 's wife she was there she was asked to provide out as came up to me she said do not we can't win anybody nurturers and I don't know what the dollars I said Frank Prato is empty pews and Hutcherson hit people the program was going anybody to join her but she started crying over the empty pews once a week because she clean the church so she cleaning vacuuming whatever you cry overall interviews I saw her a year later in another meeting and Idaho that they asked me him she came running up to me just so it works it works just as I started praying over the interviews to people and adorns when the weather coming from planetary and then another insurance is very essential cow on the Church of England no farmlands I tried to evangelize a meeting having been baptized anybody with a meeting administrator how did nothing to happen around the country well that the pastor was transferred somewhere else in the elders why she burned up writing she and some women start praying on Sundays well we had church ministries training and asked me to do training on premise reseller and then pushed into it but she dragged her husband there you can now be acting pastor is now pastor any sense he's Mayor Wayne became earlier sitting there waiting for begin and I said I said you wanted to your day yes now I am wanting my wife Jackie and sigh when I grab your notepad and the panel tonight gave it to him he says I threw it out I said I gave and I said take notes you can alert and he determined and I wonder how just anybody but I knew him well and were like brother and sister came out seeing intellect and he said he told me later I determine I may send hereby are not taken notes well this spring training I had an elderly and share how his charges been changed by praying for that as well as a medium priced and then I had a pastor and another elders do not share what had happened nurturing sometimes untrained time was done this young in the film is going to tremendous meeting at my work so he goes home and started calling for prayer and it is church service time he started having a special prayer time in the church service time called the lowdown on Wednesday night prayer meeting is I make incriminating her and this is a novel idea was started praying and people started bringing their neighbors and friends who needed prayer to Allah doing things I see people coming the doors to come to their church and innocent Ms. Elder started doing was not told in the new is far from these people came in the door he keeps sticking out the goblins in the Bible can go up to me to write down anything when you forget many key you're talking to them and they would invite him home that he now that bedroom is little church for my forty people in well over a hundred in the last time I spot since so how many United Church of Christ is generally quick counting as we got some economy and neurosurgical list that was not a side frame member now trailing the empty nest and gone to school with kids and seniors I was coming here this afternoon to do some alignment is principal of the school and she said Janet are schools that for fourteen years or more before I ever came to an season through prayer by now you are hundred and eighty thousand dollars that he wore it once I've had to just how make something enrollments now they start praying over the empty draft day after day and uncles and students again we don't see God work that quickly it may take a while but I just found over and over as were on the line I found in a wooded interesting to have different types of organized prayer times and you can learn from these books on that note how will that middle do e-mail prayer there's others a phone chain prayer with you him but when you train your people gathered surprisingly now don't be just timely they pray for all the requests and for everybody who's sick at all important but needs to be more salicylate you know we've done a lot of fair weekends and churches and will have Sabbath afternoon a special prayer time and it's interesting to listen to people 's prayers it's all about their relatives or friends whenever hardly ever do you hear prayers for the community and convinced the reason that I seen so many answers and things happen is because I spent way more time praying for others I ever had myself or for my family jumped forty two ten is not the way it's worded Nixon James it says John 's captivity was turned around when he prayed for his friends I have found my captivity so melted and turned around as I said way more time praying for others it really makes it ever end there some I do a study on this I'm trying to back him not very far we get Joe tells Job 's friends that they were wrong they are wrong with their kinky kissing to override any tell them you don't get Joe to pray for you not talking to them and he joined the Job to pray for understanding sense Abraham Abraham lies about is why a igneous sister what is the second one and it's from Cincinnati thank you God tells him this is Abraham 's wife you return you get Abraham to pray for you the gods talking to the guy the King and tell you get a grant there's something that I learned this is really important about prayer in Ezekiel it's it it says in a gauntlet for someone to stand in the gap and there was no one not even warranting intercessors that will pray for this lost world convinced that he is limiting himself to our prayers and when anything we now got to limit himself to work through glass right the very rocks can dry out but God wants to work to us to reason why why because when a mouse blast weight loss blast is when the ones went missing in reaching out to people got it helps us to grow spiritually and blesses our life the same thing with prayer God as Lenin himself to ask me for people and we are the most blast by praying for those we cannot pray for everybody but we can pray for the ones that got put on our heart the one God within our faith to pray for a it's really important i.e. Vizquel I have an organic meat therapy GC or not there that often but they keep meeting and what they tell me the reason they go is because I give them a prayer list every week with the answers with the updates that is an incentive to get people to keep rain it really makes a difference we did not essential and in eighteen ninety eight and sometimes can take a couple hours to throw it together Jerry he saw it makes such a difference having a prayer team and social cow that he would take the time almost every week sometimes equipment and I had to almost every week he would work for an hour or more putting together the praises for Thanksgiving that's so important arm that and then the requests the incentive to get people to keep prying is keeping before then constantly the answers how God 's word him that help us to keep praying I love anybody has any questions or thoughts or maybe you have ideas and why suggests how sorry I expect he'll speak up now in this starts with the Thanksgiving phrases and they are such a cowardly or general comments and then below that I'll list the answers that we sing the praises and then after that output the prayer requests for prayer needs that is the way we worded now and then just list the prayer needs you know something like when we were on in the conference we couldn't tell the group you can't tell an everyday impersonality shoes that you couldn't tell but we can say is a personnel issue would you pray for this course they would take it on and really grateful we saw such miracles happen with personnel issues are literally dissolving people actually come in and year and apologizing saying this is good for man I'm thinking July since it could happen and want take care of it all without having to begin price will hike there was a lady here the devil or something sure yet Ryan him him him will have a long way to think about how you have some miles again my answer on what to do is to get together with those who understand and pray even fast as God leads fast and pray an incident in which she just said prayer meeting up in a different time that scene gone change the mindset who was it was just telling me on an e-mail she sent to finally my church is doing that instead many leaders chooses are finally doing it when it comes to the short sentence prayers and now they got several homes are divided up having these programs praying specifically for some outreaches it doesn't happen over and the little booklet on OSHA got the little booklet printer and take staff play over those and for the Holy Spirit to get people to read that and and like the things I find good work the best is is if they will allow you to have a short three minute testimonies somewhere in the church service primer intermission people sharing testimonies of answers to prayer and God 's work United prayer and and just get those together who will do it and keep Ryan for the Lord to work on those intelligent example of operation out of the group is you will look like this gives holier than those ones or rainbows again evening account that I don't know if that helps the end I don't know what else to you know and I pray in the labeling will continue all day without a source of all my benefiting now sorry when I'm sorry this guy is either in space is a day and a great less than six months so all are seeing over and over and churches yes I know which one it was for the first thing you want to do is to pray pray I'm serious about this really cried even spend the night fasting is gone please Lord how do one convince anyone to look by bringing the people you want me to work with to make this happen who have the same burden God leads you and show you how to do it I usually in some colleges you know when it starts off small way to advertise for people who might want to get together and try start off with the one I found is when you need to pride limit the time don't let just go on and on and on people it's the same way to get a Bible study you want to limit the time otherwise people can enter dread getting together not only enjoy it but they don't have time to do it seize stick to whatever you are you are in an course the conversational United prayer really makes a difference I think it's more interesting in the cable list the wavering about whether a elevator in intimate again to print out what kind of fast God wants me to do I can when church or pastor wanted to evangelistic meetings and he asked its members to join in ten days of prayer and fasting christening is equipped on ten days of fasting and he said that all I want you knew is no sweets knows desserts for the ten days not that the big sacrifice for some people reason but also I want you to know media no media sacrifice and no radio are no newspaper when you would do any of these things right pray for God to make himself real in your life as so discharge member started doing this now so I know how often the thing that the church to pray to the conflict zone what happens when you do that you start Craven I make himself real engineer sacrificing your giving up something that strikes do it and the people started having this alive experience with God they started coming over teaching time and time and they were so excited when the meaning started in Mrs. in a busy area where they say evangelism can happen if the traffic so bad in everything and the passing of the meetings himself he doesn't bring an evangelist he baptizes thirty two people but the people in incumbent in the church they could sense the church is alive and resident Brandon I'm making the funeral itself we what do you want to a new sense no two and you may really want to stand up on appeal and all my gondola and I that our people and they need help to know to understand the activities were home with people wanting to continue fasting one day a week and because it can make sense of their but just find the time of passing your talent like talks about not long that we don't need to do a long pass Jesus already done that for us but simple to three days max of just simple fruits and vegetables and bread cutting or even we can go three days without food if your doctor praise but she she talks about Jesus is done the longer task force is popular now to do all white raw vegetable juices are both organic people commented Daniel 's diet of fruits and vegetables in the diet is healthy he can't go wrong and in everything that the answer is almost finished this is one woman her son when having ended with a charge when she came in the know he's off to college now and in the meeting train together for ten days fasting praying she comes running in the last day and she says Mister Sonia call the night before incest with mom monitoring assumptions is what my mother really interested will pay money for you to reunite her college is a public college and he says no money or understand he said mom God spoke to me he told me to read the Bible he told me said that I needed the law can more than I love you are my girlfriend when that happened if we had spent the day fasting frowned at the same time we did that it was a woman who wanted her mother converter mother lived in Mexico him she would have anything to do with her daughter when she can happen in a shambles wanted in this owner is an entire religion so the daughter didn't the doctor will die what's is your mother converted and the mother the mother calls out the morning that was our last day calls up and says to her I just want even now I met with my priest and I told him that the only people I know with joy and happiness are Adventist and I'm going to become one we just year of for years their essential ice Wednesday on a people whatever joining me now in seminary fasting your today we meet a private eye and fast Sunday I just see God do so much steadfast and I don't understand at all the Lord had taken this one church it was a church plant in the past way to get started on your people came in there would really like believed in having bands and loud rock music and some of the members didn't like that anything is good and in people men church would really take holding and lead out and Ellen White in limine why will this little world of women started meeting and praying Lord help our members to believe in alibi like to get rid of the rock music one please help our men to become leaders in our church and hidden gauntlet and make up a bookmark with prayer requests and I don't know they had so specific that have a specific one hundred they had other ones listed for vandalism and whatever you know the number a month the people that were so strong with a rock band music left for whatever reason then they laugh and people started taking an interest in spirit of prophecy and started studying I started rising the front to lead and to preach on sour and a little bookmark they started seeing answer after cancer after answering that will bring on a church elders we only started meeting together like this Thursday night or Friday morning and they started going from classroom to classroom plane over every classroom paying for Monticello people with children with you these elders had so many testimonies of what God did from there for months praying over all these classrooms across filling with people in the church to when they start going around Frankfurt on the filter their formulary their kindergarten we can does anyone again I am not it was not a year later they come to me just bubbling over the weekend we don't have an account now no stories go on and on how your prayer ministry you will look in these books are recommended will help you but when collecting leaves you in how he wants to looking your church and pray for God to give you some kind of token something to show the members if need be the pastor that prayer really makes a difference in United prayer I didn't know if anybody else has acquainted you start only answer when I only ask like an answer to as I is him you know right now there is a big worry about half totally emptying your mind and letting God speak to you and going into Mansour Chan are just totally and in your mind and your opening the way for the Devils to talking and doing not talking about that at all for me sixty two the word sometimes though he gives me impressions but we have to be really careful with that in the back of the hand out put together a lot of quotes from Alan White on hearing you guys voice just things that she says and also some Bible scriptures and the committee all of us need a spiritual mentor in our life for me my husband and I some impression and it usually disagrees with what God 's word says I know it's not from God God does not go against his word as to how group earlier I had a woman Colleen said Goss told me to leave my husband in my worship devotional time you come here and I said that's not not as if God would not go against what the Bible says it's her husband had committed adultery none of you she just got told her to leave him in that's not in this equality Merrick I got listed were Alan Weiss says we must be very careful with impressions of Satan in disguise himself and make us think it's gone speaking to it so we need to be careful that's why so important to be in the word as if we know what the word says we will now if this is not from God because it doesn't agree but let's say you get an impression that some gray area and you don't know where they too were not aware on some things that he knows not a bad thing whatever I need away I hope well I find God was leading blessing for them I'm not sure about I will go to Jerry and I know that Jerry will pray with me about and I can encourage enough somebody in your life if you don't have anybody pray for God to give you some that you can go to that will pray we need somebody who just counsel and talk to somebody who will be quick money pray with you about this affect house the only thing that I have an appeal hearing of an earlier seminar times about journaling does not have prayer requests so glad let me that my sure this morning I started having this great experience that is fun I wasn't stating submitted were hidden sense in his presence by federal Amazon it took three days I kept asking a voice artist shall meet through if I was reading Scripture is what was Israel's biggest problem they forgot over and over again I got a circle in one of my Bibles with Viking they forgot that I forgot I forgot about it sadly forget what got them done and God is letting me know if it's important to you that I answer your prayers that I tell you things and write it down patient began and it's true and and so I started writing stuff down under an elected open my mouth and the way he was planning to marry this girl and window with his parents this is not a girl guns cause them trouble in Redmond and Pollyanna airline later flight manual that you can find a sideways madly in love and but we got her hardest praise and and and then I had to get started right in the journal I think dear Lord this time with my son needs and I started listing very specifically the things I thought he should have him no one would really love and cherish in his tender heart I will get huge it etc. but will have passion to win souls for the kingdom and when the cook healthy food they won't raise my kids from a TV in rankings and I put our malls are one hundred I like the high selfishness anyway I say we tell you do you know why I was not several and Ratliff several times never forget I was an easy speaking with Jerry that when religion and theology majors as a standard father Mrs. Young woman on the front row and my heart is drawn to her as just the suppression this girl for Tyson to an she wasn't like some wow gorgeous girly be dry dishes is a plain normal looking world but I made the mistake of telling my son 's person and honor he said I take care mandating life not the end of it that can't lie in my journal about her lawyer this is the one bring them together and then I started writing Lloyd maybe she's not the one who ever this is the kind of early well God brought them together on his own I mean and do it in the bottom together that the whole nonstory and maybe Mary now eleven years she's a godly woman godly woman and in season raisin my grandkids in a godly way I wish even around to help me raise my son as they let you know what I never will in my journal multimillion dollar law that will me because I was not a son Mary's upset Ameritech a widescale zooming in she loves me she likes the cold frame together selected comparable and you can only see how I design our first altogether when I can writing is little to do hiking anyone traveling off and my second son I trained my boys were handsomely praying here talking about their prey in NASCAR they talked about Tony and nobly I need to talk to enhance the brain and the right wipers voiced fisherman friends when they were three -year-old told the kids print now elections coming up right now that may I waited too long and that my younger boy he makes the same mistake is all this will not does an education on so I can't put God in a box echidna going to the same thing twice in the next meeting but I was smart as I started writing out my prairie grass again gorgeous wife he needs exist in great detail what he knew that an elevator again I would like that there was a young woman who took an interest in me off from the Princess became really interested in prayer and she started e-mailing a link they wanted to pray together as I started praying with her there's nothing more fun than playing with a teenager because the law states that readers especially persons it was about ministry announcing the teacher converted and whoever and but when I press enter I just felt led to pray in your time in your way bring the right husband into her life and my heart I pray it can be made so that when I realize my son wasn't worthy of such a girl could this girl is a Holy Spirit film and sci-fi a lot he is not worthy of accounting out Solaris lawyer may confirm where the center Holy Spirit come girl and make a long story short I was sitting at her graduation from Academy I couldn't be there for the whole weekend I just welcomed him for a little bit on it and I'm planning on watching her go down the church aisle and she's going down the aisle I suddenly feel like another way and I'm going not been worked into heart him which will make it a lot I don't tell me something and just a thought came to marry her son I'm going this is a God in a way I live in a relationship two years going on you can marry the girl this is the Holy Spirit will borrow my son is not a Holy Spirit old man I know you in this instrument drawn to girl looks like that's not completely God is this you should even if a big huge story it's amazing what happened but they are married six years this date December I never told them that I never told him that that that guy talking I tell all about a week before they were to marry I told him and he looked anyways and what is the whole point I think as I didn't want them to be the reason you got together she's a godly woman godly woman and she loves is so cool and he is my son in Los Angeles the price together and now they haven't had kids yet but I know should be a good mom but anyway exists I can encourage you and not to spend time with their God every day and in the Egypt becomes dryer brought pride gone make it ready making meaningful and don't believe Satan 's lies will come in and try to make you think it's a boy that you wasting your time to even though you may not enjoy getting much out of it you are you are the benefits and rewards that relationship with Jesus are incredible to pray Lord I thank you for these patient people it is set so politely listening to make Babylon is not a father thank you for the wonderful you are a father I don't know I would love to hear everybody's we are building their lives in how much fun it will be having around the tree of life and we can share the father could reach one is if they will be leaving tonight Lord bless them if you're wanting to start up a prayer ministry has school and church or wherever lonely guide and lead then you promise in Psalms thirty two April meeting guide and direct our staff and we know we are the one wanting this anyway so father given the patience to wait on you cannot stuff I had not liked behind but to go in your perfect will in the language you would you before you go home would you put in the hearts of some of the other members hunger and desire to do the same thing and that when they go home and they come you leave them to talk to these people will just be confirmed that you are moving for this to happen I went crazy we thank you and Jesus came and a a this media was brought by audio parents the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio tours or


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