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How God Does the Work

Ron Clouzet


Ron Clouzet Secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and Director of NAD Evangelism Institute



  • August 17, 2013
    2:30 PM
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the father wanted thank you for your goodness to us I want to thank you for I share and the commitment it has two share everywhere the gospel of Jesus Christ in these beautiful teachings these beautiful messages it would have from Scripture that are relevant to the last day world in the last a church and father I pray that you be with us as we explore the subject may we come closer to you as a result of it in Christ's name Douglas Cooper tells the story when he was a little boy about four years old that he was at his grandfathers farm and he said that this was an in the Midwest and more than Ms. Weston during the winter time beyond everything freezes and there's a lot of snow is very cold but he was playing in this barrel that had frozen over the top of it had frozen over and he was he was fascinated by the shimmering light that reflected off the eyes of this bill and so he leaned further and further into it in order to try to you know playing with dad and so forth and will behold suddenly he lost his balance and the boy went headlong down this frozen water in was aimed at his son 's making imagine imagine a right little boy for five years old pain that is side cannot get out cannot cry out for help is most of his mother underwater is headfirst his grandfather doesn't know nothing about it because he is there some noise were these working so he he didn't hear anything in how long would it have well he would have a few seconds and then he would drown the can you imagine the tragedy of a drowning by your grandson in your own farm in such a thing like that I mean it's really tragic to think about it well just at this moment the milkman NEC 's these two little legs going up like this and he put two and two together and immediately ran to it and pulled the boy out of the water in he couldn't live again he could breathe again and Douglas Cooper says that he never forgot that experiencing you can ask you can imagine how that well that would be the case because it was life or death and he said it was then that I understood how important air once most Christians live what I call below the waterline we are so used to it that we don't even realize we live about three inches below the waterline we are in an ocean in the world of an ocean of water if you will we lived below that time and we know that there is a whole new world of object we think this is they way things are and where half drowning but soon this is normal and public Christians live on the lives that are not victorious lives that are not joyful lives that are not meaningful of that are not lives of overcoming or fruitfulness because we are just so caught up in the world in which we live and yet God has a whole new dimension planned for us and that's the difference between living by the Spirit and not living by the Spirit as the difference between really breathing and not breathing and thinking that that's the way things really are Jesus said to Nicodemus you must be born again of water on the spirit notice this to send this to Nicodemus okay I was Nicodemus was Nicodemus a strange gang member was Nicodemus a bright affect was Nicodemus a criminal person who was clearly ought against God 's will now Nicodemus was a church leader he was a theologian he was a all his life he all his adult life he had instructed others how to know God better him Jesus says to this theologian you must be born again about how to be that a significant because most of us think that being born again is something that needs to happen to other people and yet Jesus doesn't have the context of quote unquote other people he talks to us people were very much involved in the church in a ministry any sense to office you must be born again water and the spirit this is what Jesus says in John six thirty six it is Ms. Palin who gives life the flash profits nothing the words that I speak to you are spirit and their life now this is a beautiful text okay so what Jesus says if you if you swallow those words this is in the context of reef he speaking about him being the bread of life about how much we need to eat and breath life and the Bible says that people were offended at this word and they laughed in all whole bunch of them no longer walked with him he says the flesh profits nothing the worst that I speak to your spirit help God 's intention is for us to see their word of God be make such an impact in our lives that it would be the equivalent of new life of real-life versus no life whatsoever so what will the Spirit do for you what will the spirit of God do for us the night of Jesus Passover when he sprinted with his disciples he spoke about the coming of the Holy Spirit that I believe the more I study is the more unconvinced this is not exactly what he had in mind that was not what he had designed in his mind to talk about necessarily why because Jesus I mean the logical thing but for him would have been to talk about the cross about his soon to take place sacrifice about what that would mean for six months got had been saying Jesus have been saying that he would be taken by the hands of sinners in that he would die and on the third day he would resurrect in the Bible says that that evening in bizarre mages also corroborates this that even already fellow press by the weight of Satan on his on himself on the Internet he was carrying for us in so much so that the book of Luke says that he thought he was dying he he was grieved on did that so what was Jesus need that night Jesus knew that night was the support and companionship in friendship office of the disciples he needed them to say Jesus we know you're going to goal through a terrible ordeal but we're praying for you and be there for you we understand why why you are going through this not nodding and that they understood any unit only disciple that really understood Jesus death before he died was Mary mag she is the only one that none of the twelve understood or others insult he says she turned then he turned it up to you not instead of instead of expecting compassion in companionship and support from his disciples which is what should happen he gave it to them because they said you know he's setting in in John thirteen he says you are sad because I'm telling you ongoing to beat leave you no longer I'm going to take off in your site because of insole then he introduces to them the Holy Spirit he says I am going to ask the father securities I tell you the truth this chapter fourteen verse sixteen it is your advantage know the section actually chapter sixteen verse seven it is to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away the helper will not come to you but if I go I will send them to you network help her or comforter and is the word that is the warp pipe plant thoughts in Greek product that those means one who is right alongside you we still use that in English we use the same opera position in English we use pop pair of paralegal parallel right that's around something that paralleled goes right along write a paralegal is some of who does the work of the legal person right so you have I if I do not go away the helper of the spark that does will not come to you but if I go I will send him to begin and he money cons will convict the while you notice that the Holy Spirit is being sent to his church to his disciples but that will convince always we will convict the world you notice that it doesn't say that the Holy Spirit will convict the church says that the Holy Spirit will convict the world but the Holy Spirit will not be sent to the world it will be sent it will be sent to the church when he comes he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment for years I didn't fully understand what these three things that the world would be convicted off really met but after some time I began to understand the context of the context of the world that doesn't know you realize for instance that just over one half of the whole world does not know does not have any idea who Jesus Christ has not heard the name and they don't know what it Bible is they may have no clue the only understanding they have a say in all there is that they are Christian can countries in the West that's about it but they don't know what all that means they don't know who Jesus is year know what he has done for us nothing that's just over half of the world population over three five billion people have no clue the context of the world that doesn't know him and sell Jesus is saying I'm going to send the Holy Spirit to the world is what he will do for the world he will convict people of seeing righteousness and judgment what is that mean I sent it he says concerning sin verse nine because they do not believe in me concerning sin because they do not believe they make concerning righteousness he explains because I go to the father and you no longer see me what is not me and concerning judgment because the ruler of this world has been just what is that mean a right here's here's a little bit up by a help to understand I have in this table the factors in righteousness and judgment and what's the reason Jesus gives the reason nobody to understand the meaning are right so what's the reason the reason for saying what he says is because they will not believe in him sure enough not many people do not believe in Jesus because they do not know Jesus they don't have access to Jesus the same way that you want me have access to Jesus right so what's the explanation it is this political would convict on other grounds think about it for a moment Jesus came to show us the father that was one of his objectives right in he did so through three and a half years of public ministry but that all that was only limited to a group of people in nine time he would he went to Tyre and Sidon he went to the catholicity and over of the site in Jordan he went to a few pagan cities but it was very limited right why we have the Gospels in the Gospels we got the word out but that wording out got to mostly the Roman Empire in the Roman Empire they are Christians and became that were in the Mormon Empire share some of that in some of that went into Northern Africa nine in doubt Eastern Africa and some of that went into into accessed on what is today Pakistani and not in the butt it is a fairly limited and obviously it was Christians Western missionary missionaries who took the rest of their word you know to the rest of Africa to South Pacific into Asia etc. etc. but the truth of the matter is that Jesus had a very limited time to show who he wants but the Holy Spirit will not be limited by any of those hindrances seeing Jesus right now is one person he can only be in one place at a time can you think about learning best part of his sacrifice for us that he became a human being forever this way but the Holy Spirit can be anywhere at the same time infecting insole when Jesus is they will be convicted of sin that's not because they believe in Jesus is because the Holy Spirit is going to work in their lives in such a way that will have a sense of right and wrong they will have a sense of awe of what they should be in should not be doing in fact there are fascinating stories over his eighth time in history prices and income and income came over chief who became convicted that there must I was greater than the greatest they had been raised out they had was a son if you start it reasoning is it is not was so great how come a single cloud can trace anonymous in Sony started concluding that there must be a God that is bigger at a God that may be is responsible for the sun as well as the cloud in middle by little he started thinking all their beautiful at evidences of Byzantine history of making conclusions that are actually meant local inclusions about who God is in he instructed to the debt due to debate penalty of that all the keys all court as well as they the higher classes that better educated classes to question the unknown God to worsen the God that cannot be seen coercively got cool case that must have created all these things okay know who you think the Braves brought this man to that conclusion he doesn't know anything about Jesus never did well that is the work of the Holy Spirit in in in it I mean there are many stories like that from all over the world for instance stories and Thailand were in Miramar for instance where is why this all of a sudden they in their stories they told stories that are biblical about Jay says about God about right and wrong and then all of a sudden eight hundred years after they began telling those stories that a smarter therefore Lord DC the first white missionary with the Bible it when he still in the Bible they said we already know this party while this because there was a oh eight eight mean who shot after one of our teams and he told them this is the truth about this guy is the work of the Holy Spirit in spite of the fact that Jesus is not known a second one righteousness how will they be convicted of righteousness love cases is gone to heaven he says he is only go to heaven so how can they be director of righteousness see whenever Jesus walked around people were convicted of righteous because he was the first limitation of white and and and invite when Jesus nonholiday happened well this spirit would be the one convicting what is right and that goes right along with with the previous point in how my judgment Satan has been Jack he says Jesus gave her the reason Satan has been judged what the explanation is the spirit would convict people there is a day of reckoning have you ever met people who are not going to church we don't go to church at all but who have a sense that something is not right about the world and they have a sense that one day we did have to give an account for what were doing will call you think brings that conviction to people 's mind that is the Holy Spirit that is what the Holy Spirit will so that's why White is correct when she says that the last movements will be rapid once because God the Holy Spirit has been working with people all along the biggest issue is not the world 's conversion the biggest issue is that churches can because we already think we are born again this is when the spirit would do in the world and we could really spend a lot more time about that but I want us to get to what he will do in our midst I will send him Jesus said to you the church in when he comes he will convict the world so how does God intend to convict the world through paths while he intends to convict the world to exhibit a in exhibit a are those who follow him exhibit a are people who are actually honestly giving their whore lives to the Lord Jesus and he is working through them follow the Holy Spirit manifest himself in the church that sticky in the church so that the well will know that there is a God in heaven that really is you know that would bet that would get them to be interested in this God that we speak about what the New Testament teaches to manifestation okay the New Testament teaches the manifestations of the Holy Spirit a lot of people think that the manifestations of the Holy Spirit is speaking times or is some kind of miraculous manifestation or something out of the ordinary evenhandedness believe that who do not know much about this they has simply assume that to be effective of a big-name you may think well this must be so nothing really special is going on my life therefore the spirit must not be really manifesting itself to only two manifestations by the fruit and by those are the two manifestations of the Spirit in our lives what is not me while the fruit is the direct result of the source right if you have an apple tree that I have oranges know you have apples right in about fruit is healthy you will probably have healthy apples good nutritious healthy apples so this has to do with assorted fruit has to do with what's going on inside you so whenever Jesus speaks about us giving food or bearings who is about what kind of character he shaping ourselves to be in that is the byproduct is this is what happens with what God is doing offered has to do with the nature of the source in the health industry the better the fruit it's about character when God is doing in you and that's why the fruit of the Spirit is mentioned the way it is in Galatians five chapter five verse twenty two three write this is the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control so it's and nine flavored fruit but as a single fruit and when you really compare this with other list by Peter G says etc. you find great similarities this is really the totality of what Jesus is like his character what he is like so the fruit of the Spirit is this it is not speaking in times is not doing some extraordinary miracles they've been evidence of the Spirit is this us the first evidence of the spirit so I you know people ask me all the time and since you know Hotline know the Holy Spirit is in my life and I said take a look at that list is that happening in your I is a you are you finding yourself to becoming more more loving more more joyful you have inner peace is that every a senior life if that is a reality your life that's obviously the Holy Spirit working in your mind if that is not much of a reality in your life maybe you're keeping the Holy Spirit at a little bit you're just running your own life on your own listen to Jesus in John fifteen verse eight wide this is my father glorified that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples so Jesus minces no words about this assist so that you bear much fruit is not even same fruit is as much fruit is like a ton on it right he wants us to bear animals on this fruit in and that cage within a being that will prove to be that we are his disciples I speak at linens that we are his disciples it is not how many Bible verses we can recite it is not all found in all our our our our church attendance is not how involved we are a ministry it is how much the fruit of the Spirit is evidence in a evident in it if that's the case we are proving to be his disciple listened to this statement in Christ object lesson sixty seven the object of the Christian life is fruit bearing the reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be reproduced in others one that's a mouthful look at how clear the spirit of prophecy is on this the object of the Christian life is further very nice the object of the Christian 's life that's the goal find investing subjective that we may bear further which is this capture this Christ character in his right and so it will impact other people know what about the gifts of the spirit what about the games will guess at times they're not just haven't their opportunity there's an education temperament everything God has given you for part of a gift sometimes we think is Virgil Gant I something that is something again supernatural or unusual or or strictly spiritual when you really studied the subject of spiritual gams is it is much more encompassing than that is whatever God has given you and God has given you an opportunity for education in everybody has a different temperament and so that's part of your gift mix that he intends to use for his glory right guess are what God is doing through you where a positive fruit is what God is doing in you you see the difference so he guess you again so that he can use you to help other people and to interconnect with other people but he see you there for so that you become like him more and more like him in working church alone white says the medical ministry three thirty two and working churches and living church church members that the light shine for him and she mentions of you think your employees your freelance your time all these are gifts from God in order to be used in winning souls to Christ so time is also again in fact she says that over all the gifts God has given us the gift of time the all use of the gift of time will be the one that he will act you will require the closest accountability how do you use how do I use my time this is sovereignty Nelson Banda said Banda is that a quite an extraordinary young man in Zimbabwe when he was twenty eight years old he was a lay preacher lay leader and he was so successful in holding evangelistic meetings that the conference approached him and I said look we have a really really bad district that is not growing hasn't been growing for long long time there's a lot of spiritualism they are and I would like to ask you if you would should be willing to take up the challenge of meet up after their two to church district about two hundred and seventy people in both churches every time they had started evangelistic meetings for instance the police would come and close it down the next day I mean nobody no insurgent was was rampant in that region in that area she took up the challenge now this guy is a fairly unusual fellow came he lives by faith prayer and Bible study those three things in he really doesn't when I met you know I had read about it and I had researched them years ago but then when I met him last November I was really struck by his humility that was a very very impressive thing very humble very Christlike in so many ways it was just it was like we were we were talking with an angel little bit like can also Christlike he gets up at two o'clock in the morning to pray right he gets up at two o'clock in the morning to Ryan Reyes is praying for rain or shine and he says I asked him how many hours do you pray in use as well I don't pray as much as I used to a little busy now and of course he's busy he has over a hundred churches and and he says i.e. I pray about for five hours in before that I was eight hours six to eight hours before that six to eight hours before that he started doing personas during the local schools and hospitals and police stations you know these people who were against adventure and he started winning them over so much so that most of the twenty most of the hospital personnel today is Adventist most of the public schools and ventures okay I'm trying about all these features in being interested in the family on the top members how to have a devotional life in any organized them into ministry groups now eyeing in sub-Saharan Africa you have a tribal system in you hang in it's a little easier to simply tell people they wouldn't do this there is not not a lot of discussion about that just do that right but you know that even if you want to remain a unit you can you can throw the plan of array if you don't want to the group 's minister to the community they started visiting the sick they help the poor they gave Bible studies they shared their faith and that is when it started exploding and this is little district that was not growing exploding he's self sacrificial you know he gave us as few people do seeing he has a very modestly all salaried by the offering a way that he gives about eighty percent of his money away many days he doesn't eat because he's giving that money to other people okay one example one obvious early converts was a really bright young man of eighteen who was in it who was a son of a well-recognized businessman in the community and it's unusual to get most people are poor but he was not and his father had these visions about this boy going on to medical school in being a very important person eventually in the government and old major hospital being administrator and he had the brains for the body when he was converted he decided to surrender his life completely bored and decided to go into ministry but of course he didn't have any money now because the father who was going you know support him financially to be a doctor now withdrew everything is as you no longer myself so he is without any of the Council of the pastor he went nevertheless to the school you went there hoping that maybe there could be something they could work out and maybe he could work and then it didn't do this but the truth is the school system were not even getting to be a job until you put eleven thousand Zimbabwean dollars as a deposit as a you know to get started is not the equivalent of eleven thousand dollars American dollars but it was a lot of money in heat didn't have an Sony called the pastor in the past you know what the pastor said to bond he says let's pray about this Lord will have a solution is a great about him he went to the conference office and you would think that he's going to the conference office and see if he could get a some kind of a loner for this promising young man to go to school but that's not why you need you want to talk with the treasurer the treasure kept waiting for about three or four hour service at meetings what he wanted to do is to ask for an advanced a four-month advance on his own salary to give that money to the young man what happened in the meantime is that another businessman who supplies size something to this goals in the conference popped in a non- Adventist pop into the conference office in recognized him and made small talk and learn about the situation in and then in any serious and went out and then unarmed that an hour later he came back this non- member businessman came back with a fifteen thousand Zimbabwe dollars shack to give to him and he said you don't need to ask the conference anything you is there is the eleven thousand for the boy is four thousand dollars more for you and your family well the pastor did the pastor went up there and gave the whole fifteen thousand to the school for that young man to my point is Christ likeness also shows in this way in men's sacrifice great sacrifice in God is perhaps one of the reasons why God really blesses some bomb and a lesson is simple and two and a half years of faithful work in this and this plays in this place was not growing after two and a half years on this is what the results are the district membership one two hundred from two hundred and seventy three two twenty one thousand two hundred and fifty six members and from two churches to over hundred and twenty churches into a half years young does our accurate numbers I know I just boggles the mind but think about this student leaders into an a half years so were talking about the kind of percentages that matches some of the amazing stories would find the book of acts and more so when it came to CS when we had it when we were able to visit with them personally she told us it I estimate you have any any any event domestic meetings going on right now he says over ninety nine the evangelistic meetings she has in his own district going on at that time that's howbeit trained his members invest in they were the ones that are holding this meeting in many of you can understand the kind of amazing incredible growth that's taken place but this is not because of methodology this is not because of finances this is not because you're cutting into this is because God is really working in a hand in there forever Verizon 's in fact the bond bears much fruit in character and ministry in character and ministry but it takes a radical type of commitment to you know how many pastors today would say I'll be willing to form goal four months of my salary to help somebody a new bus would be so modest the spirit leads you to bear much fruit and all right that kind of fruit hot as the spirit leads lead us to ban not much fruit and this is this is where they then meet them it will take place and I invite you to take your Bibles did to John chapter fifteen and will read it from versus one two five oh have it on the screen to this is what Jesus said I am the true vine and my father is the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes a way the meaning of that AC takes up and I'll explain it in the and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that it may bear more fruit in verse four are biting me and on and I in you verse five keys co-op abides in me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing holiday times do we find the expression bearing fruit there four times four times this analyzes this is his process for us to bear much fruit he we start my bearing no fruit any takes us from bearing no front to bearing fruit and then he takes us from bearing some fruit bearing fruit right and then eventually to bearing much fruit how does he take as from bearing no fruit to bearing fruit the Bible says in verse two every branch in me that does not barefoot team takes away now most people are a few casual reading say okay that means they need this price that he takes them away like trash it is not the same firm as in verse eight in chapter and in verse six and verse six it is to destroy in in in in in the conflicts is very clear that it is to destroy with fire and everything but impressed unless not the case the verse two is a different verb that means to take off to build the now I used to live in Northern California is the bastion of the California were there a lot of vineyards and I currently live in outside of Berrien Springs in kind in the country in I'm surrounded with Benjamin Hairston in eleven specially about this time in about a month we start smelling they the big sweet smell of grapes what happened with the these farmers is that many times the lower branches they still down and they get trampled on by animals or people in the get meshed with the weather in mind and they do not have exposure to the sun they do not have exposure to the rain as the rest of the branches what right it creates problems and sauce why do farmers they do they deliver them up they better them out of their comfort zone because they are naturally going down right and so the list of update timeout they clean him up so that they can be exposed to the sign into the rain into the air be taken up and this is exactly what Jesus is talking about here if you do not bear any fruit under the then view all of your comfort zone I'm going to ongoing to force some things to happen in your life so that you are exposed more exposed the main business in all anyway and if branches are not lifted they draw nourishment from another SARS that he is from the ground directly instead of divine right but the health of a branch is dependent on how well at times it needs to the mining not how well-intentioned is due to go into the soil that's an fine issue not a branch issue right shall always need to do we are branches all we need to do is we need to be attached to them and be exposed to the healthy properties needed for vine for branch to grow and to develop into marriage in other words adversity thus the first tool that uses he does not allow our lives to go exactly as planned because in that process than he he wants us to be more exposed to him listen to this word from mom ministry of healing for seventy and seventy one many will sincerely consecrate their lives to God 's service are surprised and disappointed to find themselves as never before confronted by obstacles and beset by tries of perplexity they pray for Christ likeness of character for a fitness for the Lords work and they are placed in circumstances that seem to call forth on the evil of their nature they say if God is leading us why do all these things come upon us it is because God is leading them that these things come upon trials and obstacles are the Lord 's chosen methods of discipline and his appointed conditions of success PCs that somehow powers and susceptibilities which he rightly directed might be used in the advancement of his work in his providence he brings these persons into different positions and varied circumstances that they may discover in their character these banks which had been concealed from their own knowledge he gives them opportunity to correct these defects and to fit themselves for service often he permits the fires of affliction to assail them that they may be pure for show only somebody who is really being used by God in our show you somebody who has a lot of trouble that is the way it is sometimes we may not do in LA is not apparent to anybody else we look at grades men and women women of Don God in history or even currently some of some alone law is effective ministers are or preachers are you know godly people and we think that their life is altogether we don't recognize that they go through a lot of difficulties many times but what there nowadays that they are exposing themselves to the sun of righteousness that there given themselves a bit turning to God every time they're turning to God they are reinforced to do that because the only other option is to walk away from them altogether but by turning to God God is using them all the more for his glory but that is just to bear some fruit God is not finished with from bearing fruit he wants to take us to bearing more fruit bearing more fruit the first of every branch that bears fruit right there in the middle of that slide he prunes that it may bear more fruit okay if you saw that got been bending you out of shape was uncomfortable imagine what frightening will be like right was pretty writing is your you know he's hacking victim farmers asking that you and in and in getting rid of excess for lynching Geron read of tendrils that are unnecessary in order for each of what to ask to be healthcare yet to produce more that's why pruning takes place and everybody who knows anything about gardening or or farming they do for me and they don't throne in order to minimize the output they actually present in order to maximize the output of that tree friends is that fruit Jesus says that's the same thing God does your but now he comes with a Sears in that hurts the disease actually taking some part of you out that's what he is trying to do and see rights and New Testament scholar put it this way the vine dresser God is never closer to the mind taken more thought about its long-term health and productivity then when he has the knife in his hand and that's a beautiful statement think about that Scott Reich that God is that that heavenly physician knows exactly where to cock and how to cut it so you know because he lives you write he loves me you know that if he is going to God it's going to hurt and it better be the precise just for what it needs to do so I think into right is right when he says that he is he's never more careful than when he actually will cause you a because his objective is to bring healing back all the more ill all the stronger after the Silvanus got gave you can take you from bearing more fruit in a not as a repository for a moment how may times we gave it if somebody are left on our friend has cancer or they may meet with a tragic accident or they have a terrible turn of events in their life we tend to think many of us tend to think you know God is punishing or God is forgetting or where is God in all this when in reality God may be using that some serious pruning serious pruning twelve years ago I almost died of malaria team back from Africa contracted malaria and when they finally I was in way from home when that it was in the states that I was away from home and that came in hundred and five fever could not keep anything down could not even keep water down that none is as bad when you cannot even keep water down your you know you sort out barely made it back home merely made it back home they rushed me to the hospital in I lost consciousness I was already it was posted from malaria and it was already affecting my my brain and I was delusional I was seeing things and experiencing things that were not real malaria kills people all on anything surviving they don't get malaria again there's what kinds of malaria the other three are milder but they will keep popping up again with also from malaria you have to be infected a second time before you can have it again well I almost lost it because this was in Tennessee and nobody knew anything about malaria because there's one case of malaria in the whole city every five years nobody knows anything about malaria and hospitals didn't have any inning medicine from it I know was designed to my wife Noah Stein and my friends my medical friends were put in putting a lot of pressure on the hospital personnel to really do something radical to say this life uses urine it was this guy and I was thinking what a blessing to read get refocused seldom have a experience as much peace as when I was so sick and was ready to die because my life was completely in his eye I chose nothing I I plan nothing it was exactly where it needed to be and in it was a beautiful thing to experiences that level of surrender they are so well you were forced to surrender he has that may be but the point is I know that God was in control and if he wanted he only did good help me if he didn't want to heal me he didn't have to because he did only anything I owed him everything everything in our member they anointed me one Saturday afternoon in that night my wife thought I was not die she spent the night there with me you know people will often not room all the I all you are the malaria present casino all yeah that's right I didn't realize a gotten so late yes I am I say what I'm going to do am to finish in five minutes and then stop for five minutes and then resumed the next one won't be as long and what happened is that that night I survived the next morning the doctor then the specialist says you know the funniest thing they bloodwork showed this morning you don't have malaria anymore we don't know why three days later I was I was dismissed and I was teaching a week later I know several friends who have had malaria that take some months to get back to a full schedule bearing more fruit how does God take you from Mary Morford to bearing much fruit listen to this will abide in me and I in you he who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing why applied in May when the branch is a natural appendage of the mind now think about it why would Jesus occurs the branch to abide in the vine when the rancho was just right is a case that that the analogy doesn't work no it is not the Bible says we are not natural branches to Jesus Christ the Bible says in Romans eleven that we had been grasped it onto Jesus that we do not grow out of Jesus we had been imported into heaven in fact even the analogy is beautiful because the Divine have to be in order to be insight into just like Jesus he had to be gotten out so we come you bought them right so to show you what happens when there is in case of bomb organ transplant what's the biggest issue the doctors have the first edition range action drew rejection in a year here's a that's going to actually let you live and yet nobody wants to reject the source of my right that's the natural tendency by class as sinful individual in Jesus as I want to go on my mind means to hang on mind away that's an old English word it means to hang around long to meet and hang on to meet is the same as that life will donate to reject me we did not choose in line he chose that he did not choose me but I chose you that you should been going bear fruit that your fruit should remain this is what the Spirit does for you in the name of Jesus he makes you bear much fruit now it's fruit John fifteen eight good fruit is a blessing to others that you didn't write it in ours a farmer that's the to do do fall objective those blessed recognize a good basis is working to get as you know what we're using this for this is so good right insulin points back to the origin so that means that their input is revealed in two ways bearing fruit is reveal in two ways a Christlike life that's the fruit of the Spirit in your mind revelation of Jesus from the inside out Christ in us that's the sort of the Spirit at work in a Christlike burden for the loss the mission of Jesus Christ through 's and that is the use of the gifts of the spirit at work will only fight until the story and one minutes severe flood was a Swedish missionary very dedicated to God nobody wanted to word in the nest area where no white person had ever been before she finally convinced of husband to go there the city fathers said if you come closer to than about half a mile we will kill you so imagine how can you do mission work this is a long time ago before the days of Internet stores or phones or anything how can you work with the people that you because the closer you can be to them is a half-mile is a close as you can be to that so seeing began to pray and then by-and-by and eight -year-old boy came around selling eggs and CVS said this is God 's opportunity in she started telling him all the stories of Jesus all the Bible about the God of heaven the God who created the whole world every week and she kept asking him to come as often as possible every week and that she would buy all the eggs see how to offer and sure enough this happened for number of months the mens rea flat at pregnant and when she delivered a few days later she died she got malaria and she died her husband was so discouraged he gave the little girl to another missionary family he went back on he was totally depressed about this the two the other couple that worked within the actions they gave up also hopeless no no no they were killed they were killed asked what happened to them so all of this work for nothing a know all this effort for nothing right will this logo was given to an American mission missionary couple and then they went back to the states she grew up in the states years later she got married to minister in one day he saw a paper in Swedish in her inbox and her mailbox she can read if yes on the estimated and made the reason if she saw a picture of her mother 's tombstone in central Africa and wanted to know what was that about two years later she went to a international conference of a pop evangelists in all in London in one of the speakers West from Don eight feet tall this great stories about how God is really working in their midst and that now they were one hundred percent Christians in it how could that possibly be somebody else must've gone and what happen you know I initially sought to speak with him afterwards and it can be listened to her their voices I know who you are you are that little girl that was born to be a flawed when I was a little boy of a in game sold a exterior what happens to be a front for Jesus on to him on that little eight -year-old boy so much so he shared that with his family shared that with his friends make good parents were so convicted they were converted to whatever they could be converted to all of these stories of the manila converted to that story and they said how we teach our children about that and so they started the start of the school can you believe this new missionary nor why won't nothing they start a school to teach others these great stories about the true God by this time I mean after video they had like six hundred people already been converted indoor and that cannot spread and spread and spread until thirty years later a hundred and ten thousand people it was via flat who led me to Jesus Christ I was a boy who sold eggs to your mother before your Christlike ministry in Christlike life in that work of the Holy Spirit in your life bearing much the spring father in heaven we think you for the teaching of Scripture and for the power of God we thank you for how much you hope happiness good evening then you only will Jesus and this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio source .org


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