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Becoming Health Reformers

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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our father in heaven I also got our conversation today as you say that I principles of health that you've talked how you develop in this church we would learn something about the move now near future I have this gift Jesus rumor something from the chapter that she read and there is a lot in their listserv rightly online and gain our son James McCain said that James had a series of James in a series that's like strokes in his life he was taken to Danville to the doctor trawls placed of getting better and it did not involve a lot of good ideas get a lot of good ideas Doctor Jackson thank you Doctor Jackson have a lot of good ideas one of those ideas though was that too much religion creates all kinds of health problems and so Doctor Jackson would prescribe for too much religion playing cards going to the observed on that having a general role of nonreligious social fun time also complete rest from all sorts of useful labor not me just bed rest but you know anything like playing board games and be just up his alley what was only shown in contrast to this the activity was good for us that feel who are too sick to be very active on the we lightly active and him and that she anticipated the discoveries of modern science person else from what you read this for a long all right almost not sure to health reform as a general principle why was shown things after the church and arrived at down by a the means got refers than revelation what is that before we do use our hands study didn't didn't does make revelation and meaningless what a revelation divorce edited more than confirm that confirmed selectively so that where our the manner following might be going the wrong way inspiration goes the right way for example Doctor Jackson was recommending a nose salt diet so what you recommend he recommended that whole grains eating fruits and vegetables dispensing with cheese spreads mincemeat is in no tobacco using no alcohol all these good things plus he recommended no soul development was dependent on him for her truth she would've followed him in his truth as well as his error but issues depend on a higher source you to follow him where he was right and then left company with him where he was wrong you can tell that the teacher PRG if I think that you're cheating on the compare your paper to the person that I think you're cheating from yes you get the same ones right as she does I will think anything of it but you get the same ones Ron in the same way she got them Ron all know you're cheating Mister Kircher okay exactly menubar Stacy Michelle and she was okay with like that no alcohol noted that goes fuzzy notion use any of those but when it came down to know me Ellen White's experiential view of Eugene is that meet is the source of being full satisfied it makes the food taste good basically everything else is garnished for the meat and the meat is the meat of the thing going to talk that way today work soft commercial and and so she went when she went off me when she replaced to meet with you and I was given to him like and you can receive it thank you that Mister rises reminding me that I said something about her not to neglected visions so I'm pausing our health reform and lecture for forty five seconds James White became so irritated at the accusations of anti- seven they keep it on the nest they would say you get your doctors know like your doctors and your wife and your wife gets and sometimes from you so you're just a little circular thing and stuff so James White 's for a period of time stopped publishing White's visions before radio before television sulfur emissions are being published there not being used to access through undersigned that and what happened when he stopped publishing revisions in the church papers exactly a decade of November she saw her work for the church was done which start with the anyway it wasn't to be sour and helped reform as part of what changed all that resuming our original lecture personnel through chapter okay giraffes is addressed in this chapter I was on an anti- LOI website last week some of it is goaded them just to make sure nothing 's changed and the effect that it was it was an excuse zine that L Y on the basis of her inconsistency in regard to dress it quoted that at one point she was saying that we should have dresses to clear the felt of the street by an inch or two and then it was another statement were said that they should be eight or nine inches off the floor and was at origins of these are obviously contradictory silly ignorant publisher to clear the filth on the streets where horses are writing that were rain is coming on muddy streets in modern day 18th-century 19th-century you need to have eight or nine inches off the floor to clear the bill manager to get her sound PR by Ellen White to make a change in relation to her for brass will assist the reform dress for an issue the idea of a different dress for women was very apparent at the health Institute really went home that there and you plant pictures of this in your book of the American costume it looks just like a lady wearing pants with a miniskirt over it that's my memory the thing that if we can find a picture quick and if not you'll see the rest I got pictures and doesn't log difference I believe this is she smoking this picture although it's not that's not the one of the city yeah these are nicer than the ones I think in the same book they have the ones I'm thinking of cell at picture of Mrs. Austin Doctor Austin nineteen fifty one wearing her pants with a dress over it which that design there is pretty similar to the one element ended up recommending just a few inches shorter the skirt than one oh one and up recommending Mister learn what because it's Doctor Austin I would doubt she was really against those so what Holloway began to recommend a change in dress what were the principles involved it came through admission one of them was hygiene not to collect manure and wet stuff on your address and also not to have cold wet stuff touching your ankles because what happens when your ankles get chilled your circulation through your toes and capillaries is restricted and so the circulation for the lower extremity of your body is restricted new and up having a much lower reflex to disease you get sick was private and the risks of few other issues one of them was modestly because the bloomers that were worn underneath route skirts often became visible in ladies had to get through doors that were made before skirts were popular as a terminal sideways to get through this nurse something else from what you all in a supposition that only change interview health is so important but the fourth Angels message going to the world is so much more important than ladies having a certain style of dress that when dress began to take center stage God 's counsel was to drop it not the principal had changed but is still true today you'll find people who dress is the big issue in their mind and turned on and there are few issues ought to take less presidents my life than this one here's something else of what you read Doctor Russell and he is was sort of pushed out by those who are bringing in Doctor White ended up going to let close to Ann Arbor 's additional aunties notices in your think of is that salon today went to a started there I hydrotherapy program that's the end of my knowledge the story yes him him him him him absolutely spiritualist have often been undone on the vanguard of good reforms as are obvious reasons why I made that not the devil wants to reform the world that he would love to get industrial confounded with spiritualist just that type of association benefit veteran doesn't does for us today and we don't let the devil manipulates you by his tactics will let me guide your memory sounds like a direction I want to this lecture so old lights her family suffered from within the diphtheria epidemic that the most you probably guess when you're younger private shots make sure you never get diphtheria a disease that doesn't tend to morality more than you really Kellogg young people in the past dyspepsia but this theory it ended up catching own lights to two of her children and what it should do to help them out a yearly event tuberculosis which is a little after this the story is a little before that exactly that she doesn't get done basic stuff what they needed and they recovered but she was following a prescription by another man a doctor who had written in a health journal about a proper way to treat these kind of diseases she followed that regimen and it worked for her such a gantry and others outweigh the unheard children Henry and Willie in the order came down with pneumonia and tracking of pneumonia and so they had a trusted physician and a trusted position in a and puts that physicians at work and Henry died also as he died Willie got pneumonia as a mother would that make you panicky I was around here when Chester got pneumonia and got very sick with it and was a thousand miles away from his mother I saw some not help you are when their children get pneumonia that are really sick with it so what I don't will he do in the second stage situation yeah they went for an simple things they could do a home and they took counsel God gave them help and really recovered was at the diphtheria of the pneumonia where she was shown that they were being stifled by the air in the room needed fresh air pneumonia episode there should experience led in the fresh air that a lot of us now don't get enough fresh air because of our fear about waste and central heat knowing about woodstove open window doesn't seem too bad the snow stays warm and you go you know it works out but when you're using central heated literal waste of money to open a window we kept our window opened I went on vacation so I got back we had armored opening yet do you remember anything in your chapter about John Harvey Kellogg John Harvey Kellogg was going to be his Guardian teacher could end up in a future yellow bar like that they may don't want to be something they want to be a teacher anything you do well your end up teaching our pastors teachers doctors teachers our nurses teachers accountants might not be teachers said John Harvey Kellogg and what was sent to to be trained at the help Institute he came back ended up replacing Doctor Russell and that when he first became in the physician in charge what the changes happened immediately at the Western health Reform Institute Battle Creek you are a you all right so the twenty people how Mabel the six that went to Ypsilanti and then to just plum quit and here is a twelve left on twenty dollars and that's the second six left and to left and left and not stirred Kellogg also did some other changes were needed with magazine and you notice that he was pretty good with public relations from health reformer to go to hell and he invented a word but where did he invent and you know it serve the church well for many decades it started out now best choice dollars in was called out by another was his reason for changing the wood names the other one to be improved because people do go through phases you know and what can officially going through in the forties they want to reform over the going through in the sixties one of the approved reforms to highlight now and we are to be on the ball like this is one man to having young people in charge of things young people are much more flexible roll with the changes going on I'm thinking of the web websites that are like big now not many of them were started by people in their fifties or are owned by people in their fifties were in her forties for that matter so Kellogg with begging except the position of being in charge on the condition that he would only be therefore why year and saw how long was he there until he died he was there and that was a long time let's go back in our story to be for Kellogg was known in the eighteen thirties there were some help reforming going on among a non- Adventist yeah Joseph Bates saw Joseph base did not like being in control for Joseph Bates and add some rough times like in in the war of eighteen but see that one couldn't make sense that it was eighteen twelve he was Wednesday he was fifty and forties many was a very young man at that point very in man saws a very young man and one of the wars he was taken captive as an American and thus held that a British prisoner of war for some time brother dates gave up alcohol they give a permanent first get up in an up-and-down experience for him you're not anyone like that with trying to change their life to should note that doesn't mean it's hopeless but eventually he realized that he was looking forward to that one goal lasts more and was looking forward to his nourishment in the meal knows anything in the something is out of balance it was an enemy of most holding it like that you got rid of it was the next thing you notice like that guy we went to a party and at the party is given some really strong teeth need for a getaway home lay down and just thought asleep they concluded that he was an enemy and coffee and give them a he was in a Christian yet in between those times you have friends that give up tobacco in eighteen forty three and forty four the last year expected that these are on earth he became a vegetarian that didn't use cheese and didn't use Doctor was at the end of Joseph Bates reforming cell commonality that postdates and forty four the disappointment he doesn't go back and everything now the world the last much longer is he now starts spreading that ham and eggs on his note even becomes more and study us to the point that he decides to live on bread and water she just spaces have a biblical guy and bowel talks about bread being the staff of life now is bread and water the very best diet you know it's not around enough but it's better than a lot of diets needed to get sick on it previously added some fuller things in what was it that he'll notice that young people working around this fifty five -year-old with a notice about him the other guy had a good posture good health he could walk firmly needlessly getting sick every few weeks because these young guys that were intellectual brains like Loughborough and Andrews and James were often mean prostrated by illness think think think think think the all you think they know what to say and you know it was not becoming for her for people doing God 's work I was just based different stable during the Haskell in this maybe he wasn't named in the section about him okay you read about what you are about swine 's flesh are in fact there were some administer working that means one of them was Haskell Haskell is doing on the basis of Leviticus eleven it does look to him as plain and simple and from Isaiah regard condemns those that eat the was the mouse in Isaiah and I looked at him like unclean meats were still valid you can look in the storied book of acts Peter as a Christian says a Nokia Eagles unclean things of course that's an illustration to say that we shouldn't call any person unclean by a looks like a still and foreseen and Peter still believe in not eating unclean meats so Haskell began teaching James White thought that that was a bit extreme not depicts than L White wrote about in the first volume of the testimonies and think your book doesn't reference there you can find in the first volume and this is also urges an argument against a licensed ration did she say in your book quoted the entire relevant passage that you say what was quoted that swine 's flesh was good to eat no an fact she surely left the door open for God to remove it from our diet what you say about it the exactly were never forgotten and often individual tangents and make our own little old doctrines of what is known except will be part of God from the church if she had not dealt with that then we could have the Congregational is an health reform you can enjoy an average church unless you agree not to use baking soda bonbon they are not citizens so so element reject the car geisha lasagna and verse version of health reform and that she was eventually shown about pigs yourself Haskell took that graciously by the way or anything else from your chapter okay so that's our cemetery was not intended to be a Catholic toll program like will fund the church via the sanitary got intended the sanitarium would be a service did you discharge for his services than what we charge for arts is true Jesus operated without capital funding without a recalled overhead is a good word for unthinking you think you but on the automated expensive is a great thing to do besides something that really wasn't addressed directly in your chapter but was addressed well indirectly was a book that's been written called Ellen White prophetess of help are you for this book element prophetess of help is not a good book the summary is that the book says it's making a unbiased investigation because Elder White said it that she wrote her health reform views before she read the articles on health being published in the various journals recall reading that your chapter and the man wrote them but concluded that that had to be a significant exaggeration you should know that are you getting the evidence that proves that it was an honest statement that was Ellen White's difference on the issues that were Ron in the journals that she was accused of depending on so a question ask is how did those other guys come to all those positions it really looks like and the great awakening when people were depending on God for help the God really did teach a lot of people a lot of things that most of the reforms that could buy Adventism were advocated during the eighteen forties by on the groups that were very Christian does God need to use a prophet to teach us as well unless for very tall and new tell most of us are because most was when they come to those conclusions without a profit but someone did hear anything else from your chapter okay they started out that way and then it went away from that and where using the ignorance passengers riding on help and then rip going back some that did not last forever since we had our own position became graded in our own physicians and God did what he wanted to all along are positions became the most common physicians in the treatment of the sick winners in the head and not the tail dress or something Terry this is a super word the development from Ellen White's writings the connection of the mind to the body if you want to read a section that is profound on this point in my character and personality stronger than anywhere else I've read I learned a lot going over the last week so thinking gloomy thoughts set you up for disease there's another book you know the name of the story of our health message the book I recommend reading is just really great and you learn a lot however there's something in this book that you'll find was also your chapter this book trees and on nearly humorous way as the article called appeal to mothers in your book your appeal to mothers the main thing your textbook mentions that was an attack on masturbation really that's what it is you read it here you'll think that it was about a lot of other things ever since was not about it is the smaller things even find an must her Robinson who was a related or relative with all my list talk from an analysis appeal to mothers it's another place realm was accused of being just utterly unreliable in that book she attributes to what she calls a secret vice solitary vice and other places she attributes of that small were ads tumors insanity to name a few things lethargy and attention a lack of desire for spiritual things in fact the list of symptoms if you put them all together and be hard to find a young person that did have one of them is often used to mock her but no Montréal that died that's how it is with a number of systematic illnesses have my illustrator or you can just see it far to ask you what are the illnesses that can result from over eating you know you could just not say anything because it causes a few fundamental problems of themselves cause all kinds of other problems and doesn't mean everyone overeats and that getting heart attack or diabetes or tumors OR insanity nova overeating certainly causes some are such a transaction most illnesses we deal with today I picked over eating because in some ways it is parallel to masturbation it's an overindulgence of legitimate appetite and is overindulgence of their legitimate appetite for food cause problems it causes so many problems so how do people accuse Ellen White to being off her rocker on this topic first they show that her day it was common for four people to condemn this practice as being unhelpful initiative that she doesn't to that may come down to the present and show that now modern science is shown that it's not an helpful and you can take a hundred psychiatrists and psychologists and physicians and ask all three hundred of them what they think and almost all the titers of enrollment in a few of you they don't know I'm still what was dependent on the wisdom of her times and that if I could did enforce Wetten S general and just out I were talking to Doctor Nutley about this tonight he's a position about after his opinion he told me something so interesting he said that in all of the history of science that he has gone into and if you just look at the back of his books you know that he researches research as he looks at studies and find what's been done on topics there have only been done while in the study Warren the double-blind study on the effects of masturbation only one in all history it was John in the nineteenth century in short a direct correlation between masturbation and mental disease then the next question he poses what unwanted everyone was such an change it wasn't based on study was based on a development of Freudian concepts of psychology not by analytical data but by taking a fundamental belief and taken it to its conclusion so which side is on the side of line science on like this you know that your anything else from your chapter some introduction your chapter was apparently written in eighteen minus eighteen seventy five some like that a good picture of early nap will initially show up baby has just died to mentor talking about it and one of says I heard her baby died their guises yes poor thing we had four doctors and we bled it and we put leeches on its temples and we covered all over with mustard and we given several ponderings with Colin L and and and and after just a week 's illness it died talk about it there I there is a reason why they said it died or he died here and there is no name involved David say using many people did not name their babies until they were months old some until they were a year or two years old because infant mortality was so high it just a baby the baby from that introduction is also helpful to help you see that if we say on lies and on her sources that we have to give her the very best of credit for how choosy she was regarding her sources you see that she could have chosen the wrong sources and presented a lot of very goofy stuff Sylvester Graham was he in in in in in in in in in if the man was resurrected today we went to Walmart hi Alan showing your Dr. Dre on luck in honor of you we've invented a graham crackers how would he feel about it when he looked at their ingredients change the name guy that they are and that's exactly because he is advocating on refined foods to chapter deal all with fanaticism who was it that began going to extremes Doctor Traut had the opinion that we should go off of sugar that I'm sure it was based on his and solves sugar and salt I'm sure was based on his research there at the home could we say he was right that too much salt and too much sugar is bad for you certainly those things not upheld but he went to the extreme of absolute cutting out so your book brings out why this cause problems for our magazine rule where did most of our subscribers live live in the Midwest to live in the Midwest and that you don't want global warming I tell you it's been going on for a lot longer than people talk about it it was much colder in the nineteenth century than it is today winters were much worse so you're going a long winter no fruits we know you have a few vegetables like you might have potatoes and squash as they keep really well the script is actively welding sauerkraut you may need you can make it keep but with a really living on is very an immediate account meets is rough stuff so you can learn stuff there how fast advocate principles as fast as the people can follow out of Verizon Lithuania that person had gone there and began advocating a vegan diet and taught them recipes that used used flakes and tofu as fundamentals Lithuania where you will not find a store that has used flakes nor one has tofu we discussed my good news in this class the premise of what letter summarizing password doing is not a single thing about anything else the next two minutes health reform it came into our church through a study by individuals but typically what happens you have a large body with a few your heart health minded and many that are in our denomination has become known for help from London to the other that is because of the spirit of prophecy all my contribution was to take what was would be symptomatic of a few reformat individuals and inmate gets the nomination wide and as the Alpha of apostasy came to the channels of the health reform omega of apostasy it seems to be following a similar track talk about that some other time you are dismissed


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