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The Key to Ministry Power

Ron Clouzet


Ron Clouzet Secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and Director of NAD Evangelism Institute



  • August 17, 2013
    4:30 PM
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how do we open the word and as we reflect on what you might teach others on the subject I pray that your Holy Spirit may enlighten our minds in warm our hearts to trust you and be faithful to you and learn from you in Jesus name Zechariah four six this is the word of the Lord and not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of some of you probably know about Boston probably he's a pastor in Kentucky now he is originally from Romania in this book written about him called one miracle after another and that's really exact that's well named well titled you can find that at the ABC and what the stories and I have it in my book too and it might be easier for me to read it but anyway I'll try to say it fast that he was it under communism in Romania he was he was a young young man a very skilled talented man and he was working with textiles and I was making a lot of money under communism it was making about a half million dollars a year as a businessman and he had this house in that house in this car in that car and went to Germany number of times to do this to do work and learn from them while the Germans wanted to partner with him which would have increased his salary to about two million dollars a year okay this is under communism you know how much money a pastor makes in communist Romania lesson two hundred dollars a month so from that to two million dollars a year I was just at this point when he was thinking about teaming up with a German company in a making that much more money when the conference asked him if he would consider mastering it for church of district know that Forrester just request trouble he had been a very involved layperson especially working with the youth can say to them in a whereabouts of May two million dollars a year we can give that up he teaches that into prayer and and and and trades along with his wife what do you want us to do God and so they were convicted that they should take this call what that meant is that they had to get rid of all their homes and had to get rid of their nice BMWs because that would not fit with the lifestyle on most of them for members in the church and so he did that and he got a little Russian jalopy to fit with the rest of the band members unfortunately a lot of trouble was going on that church there were a lot of people you know jockeying for position in every board meeting was a a a a field of battle and he was discouraged criticism and I give up all of this and in look at what I have a have to babysit these people who do not even were not even really basic Christians is so he started he started saying what a one-time enemy tried idea what it what we start praying together in homes just this have small groups of prayer and see what happened well over a period of two years the Lord started changing those people to the point that now the churches began to grow and be healed and got began to really work in their lives and in it was wonderful I mean it things really begin to happen things begin happening he was able to start having a evangelistic meetings because now people had a passion for share to share their faith and one of them was be in the city in this town in he was headed that was going to take place in about two to three weeks he was driving out there one day and all of a sudden the town idiot and I don't say that disrespectfully but it was a young boy in nineteen years old who was known as the town idiot he he had no motor coordination he approach with his bag and he with his friend thinking processes in everybody knew him everybody in the whole region who he wants his name was minute minute and even made fun of him they recall the minimum in it because he stuttered also well this this young man trying to cross the highway where he was driving and he came out of nowhere and he hit it in a sense enough to stop up the hill up above any came down and hit him begin run over can you imagine so they rush into the hospital she has a broken spine in several places she has a collapsed lung he has brain hemorrhage he has a broken hip and broken arm and a broken leg the guy is dying they work on him and work on him and he dies all the medical personnel to put a sheet over him and they wait until the person from the more comes up against the and and pastor Gloria is just despairing it's like what can you imagine the buddy wedding the this you have to read you have to know this guy what he does he starts praying he kneels down next to the body and he starts praying aloud for Jesus to resurrect because he says these people do not know the power of God their communist doctors they don't know that they don't know the Bible they don't know God in Lord you have led us to these meetings you have really worked and is in these churches I cannot really believe that this is really what you want to see happen because now what they guess a bit and it is faster killed it many minute and and so everything is going to go south you you must use this for your glory you must use this for your glory you must do something about this the doctor comes this is what you doing this on praying and praying to the God of heaven system tray says if you had a chance to pray you shepherd before his death his dad now even the God of heaven can't do anything about that go home so he went home and he went home and prayed with his wife all night the next morning he came back because she wanted to see the family offered his condolences and apologies to his family to the boy 's family but it was a big to do at the hospital even cameras even even you know journalists and in all the medical personnel was all about sure enough the the guy in the Morgan found this boy in a piece set up and he said fundraiser something to eat and so the doctors are all over him trying to say hot coffee this guy was dead we know that he was dead but not only that not only is he alive he doesn't have a collapsed line anymore he doesn't have any brain hemorrhage anymore he doesn't have any spinal problems anymore it was in three areas it was broken now it's all healed there's nothing wrong with this fine shoe 's hit is fine the only thing he has a problem with he said he has a broken leg and a broken arm and that's all yes he does not even stutter anymore so how do you think those evangelistic meetings you know fared two weeks after this incident cities were coming everybody was there they all wanted to hear from this pastor who who's God can resurrect people see the same Holy Spirit is available to you and me believe it or not is the same Holy Spirit that gives the lie the Bible says it was a Holy Spirit the resurrected Jesus Jesus said my father gave me permission to lay down my life and to take it up again but he didn't exercise his authority to to raise himself up again the Bible doesn't say about anything about Jesus resurrecting himself the Bible says that God resurrected him or that the Holy Spirit resurrected him Jesus did exercises authority to lay down his life but not to take it up so the same Holy Spirit can rest right right the Holy Spirit and this is happening to a a him him him a contemporary of hours are the things you're living for more of Christ for now think about that question for a moment are the things you are living for more of Christ dying for is what you engage in is what you spend your time in is what you think about worth the deaths that the son of God while the case of bubble boy it was it is ideology is engaged he was engaged in things that really matter that counted that got years for his glory and for the benefit of many but most churches are more concerned with survival than with revival you know what I mean most churches are concerned with just making it listen to this statement if God were to take the Holy Spirit out of our miss today about ninety five percent of what we're doing in our churches would go on and we would not know the different in the second part yet if God had taken the Holy Spirit out of the mist of the first Christian community about ninety five percent of what they were doing would have ceased immediately as a statement by Doctor Carl Bates he is a he was a Baptist leader but it applies just as well to our church 's in the early church the early New Testament church nothing with that was done the first few years nothing was done without the work of the Spirit of God and that's why ministry was so ineffective in so many ways in the book of that new flying twenty nine clear statements about grow tangible concrete growth such as the three thousand and were baptized one date the five thousand were baptized or the multitudes that were baptized and thirteen in chapter six or pagan warders or Jewish leaders that were baptized including priests that were baptized these are the very people that had crucified Jesus before entire town such as Sharon and were turned over to Jesus in and him became Christians former spiritualists became Christian miracle after another and then in the same book of acts you find the Holy Spirit mentioned sixty five times nine times in reference to panic cause and then they said you know the Holy Spirit filling people as they spoke you know I say spoke boldly for crimes leaders were set up the Holy Spirit can you imagine a eight eight eight a.m. a church a young nominating committee and the church saying the only qualification we will have to ask somebody to serve in this ministry of that ministry is if that person gives evidence of the Holy Spirit think about that but that's what happened then basic choose from among you send a man for all of the Holy Spirit how do they know they were full of the Holy Spirit they must the given evidence of that you know in the first session we talked about the evidence which is what a fruit of the Spirit of God and the giftedness but the fruit of the Spirit is the clearest and so this is noticeable when a person says Hoddle I know if I have the Holy Spirit well then that probably is there some deficiency there in case of Paul remember when he went to Ephesus any species almost twelve disciples and he says I be receiving the Holy Spirit when you first believed one when he asked that question unless he saw that there was no evidence of the Holy Spirit so the evidence of the Holy Spirit can be really concrete and real the reception of the Holy Spirit is speaking I spoke enough a number of times in the book of acts this very glad in the missionary journeys of Paul and the other apostles so the early church was a church led by him no wonder the cuckoo licenses that in thirty years the whole Roman world hard about Jesus that's all of northern Africa all of the middle east in all of southern Europe in thirty no Internet no satellite no TV no videos no DVDs no cell phones no texting you have to go there to talk with some so what's the key to ministry power in the Spirit 's Wesley Key to ministry power of the spirit on you keep this very simple to keep this very simple there are four statements of the great commission did you know that most of us think of only one of them right the one in Matthew twenty eight yes only one of the four statements Jesus passed on the great commission they're all great commission but they are all slightly different for statement in Matthew one in Mark one in Luke one eighty at one in the want to talk about is the one in Micah March sixteen were told in a goal and preached to all nations that's the way the great commission is there a Matthew is not make disciples of all the nations remember baptizing them in the name of the father single name father son and Holy Spirit teaching them all that I commanded you in Luke is your witnesses of these things that's go and tell them about the repentance of you know that there is repentance off I mean that there is repentance and forgiveness of sin for those who you are telling us telling them about what I went through in impacts weight in Jerusalem until you have power from on high so let's look at three of them here's a first one in Luke this is the night of Jesus resurrection the twenty four midnight of Jesus resurrection in this will give as the first PI want to show you three key the key is actually three and they all come from the great commission statements number one he opened their minds to understand Scriptures it is written that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be complaint would be proclaimed in his name to all nations you are witnesses of these things that you are to stay in the city until you're called all your clothes with power from on high you see that expression power from on high right so how do you get as far from on high heat or open their minds to understand the Scriptures that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in his name to all the nations shall take their focus is to proclaim for this upset him that that is available that is available through repentance forgiveness of sin so Gina but one tell everyone that God really really really loves that he is wanting to forgive your sense that is wanting to read Mankiw took Peter to start over with you tell people God really really loves you know that most people most Christians have no clue that there is a God actually loves I know not how one if your hand if you're Buddhist if you're Shinto as if you are at a Muslim you do not believe you do not understand a personal God that does not exist for you in a behavior and if you're Catholic if you're Orthodox if you're a member of the Christian denominations on the largest once you still do not understand a personal God because I thought is to transcend it he's still holding to either collect it away from you is why you need the Virgin Mary in it and all those other other mediums because you can get to know so that that that reduces the number of people who can understand a personal God it has a very small minority of the population of the world and then in addition to that many people who may understand it intellectually do not understand that experiential they may say it like you and me when belong to denominations that understand a personal God but we manage that it only been mental level it we may say what Jesus love me but we mean nothing by that and what does that mean that Jesus Lusby we take it for granted we don't really want to know what you mean everything is the truth of the matter is that if you really really our blog beyond normalcy beyond anything that I mean really really if you really know your it's impossible to statements it is almost it is how shall I put it is overwhelmed it really is overwhelming that was false message to the Gentiles the message of the Gentiles that's why Paul is so big of the Gentiles in Dallas best why such a beam in the New Testament because the Gentiles would consider dogs by the people of God would call the dog 's and dogs in those days were not your pets dogs they were mangy chicken dollars you even want to stay around and that's what everyone else outside of Israel was considered in they knew it and they expect that is so Paul goes and he says you know what God has done he has done it for you would Israelites he has really done this he has died for the world and he has loved the world any has left everyone in the world that he has he wants to engage with people in the world but as a concept that was totally sworn to any idolatrous nation the Romans had over three hundred jobs and one of them was interested in human beings because then in any the only interest God 's having human beings is to take some advantage of the alternate something found them or to or to get them to be appeased because they were more powerful but not because they love human being is such a thing that did not exist but look at these statements the Corinthians chance we are beside ourselves that means if we are little-known movies where little if we come across as a little out of our mind little crazy Jenny crazy if we are beside ourselves it is for God or sweethearts on mine it is for you in other words we we we had a little more serious in front of you because you think it went really out-of-pocket life she went where so many with God so happy with empty so marginalized that we come across as a little will I direct so when we're with you we're a little more circumspect for your sake that's not because of how we feel we feel really overwhelmed by the love of God he says for the love of Christ compels us because we judge that that he will die for all day and all died this is what we concluded we thought about him he says you would compel is to compel his life is the engine and vehicle if you have a good engine you can go up a hill by just tapping the accelerator and other cars that you do that you stay but if you him prior to going right up that's hell compel is the engine that moves you injuries and impulses beloved of Christ is the it moves as if one died for all then all I is Jesus died for me and should I live myself I don't want to see information for you for making guide to life again he put down a perfect life for me I get a put down Mike and perfect light from all died for all he died for also that those who live to live no longer for themselves but for him who died for them so Paul understood Jesus Corinthians you've got to understand his great love of God that's why we go get a wiggle wiggle really crazy about this and that's why we do things that you cannot understand because we are we feel overwhelmed by the love of God that's what moves us as what makes us two things for others he spoke to the ingredients and he says for this reason I bow my knees to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ that he would grant you accordance the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might through his Spirit in the inner man that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that he is being rooted and grounded in love may be able to Barbara and with all the saints what is the weapon length of the fun high to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the all I wish you would know the dress eleven in an death of the Lamb of God it passes I cannot teach you it passes you must experience means I pray for this is as I bow my knees so that you may understand that Ephesians basis to the Philippians what things were gain to me these I have counted loss for Christ it indeed I also count all things lost for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord that I may gain Christ in other words for Paul everything was nothing compared to Christ Christ was because he wasn't well our then everything else we says that I may know and in the power of his resurrection what powers that not a superpower that is really bound that's the power of the update of the Holy Spirit the part of the resurrection that can make things out of nothing that could change everything from death to life and the fellowship of his sufferings being conformed to his death in other words Paul was teaching this is the key to know how much gotten option have you ever really know that you know it is we make goal for decades as Christians without fully knowing the love of Christ 's in other words we may know that at an intellectual level only but that is not enough in the end the difference is whenever somebody else really catch on level experientially that something to write home that's something that that is unforgettable that's something that that really all of a sudden this car opens with why one early morning I was teaching at Southern nine experience something like that I was in my thirties I been you know I'm a fourth-generation Adventists and I grew up as adamant as my family 's solid evidence always love the Lord but never really loved you know what I mean really put them first but I do I did appreciate him tonight I was conscious of that but one morning I started I was doing research I went early to the office to do some research and I stumbled on this statement by desire of ages that is a statement that I have read many times before but for some the reason that morning it took on that morning it became very real in that statement on him have it here that statement is in desire of ages seven fifty five and seven fifty six where Ellen White speaks about what Jesus gave up at the cross for you and she seems saying forty D for these years as the King James expression for these she gave up for the heated days for the heated and I kept reading and I started all of a sudden I saw that the God of the universe the holy of holy new master of it all the son of God had done all the news for me as if I were the only one in the universe for whom he did and it was overwhelming so overwhelming I started by a started bawling I I started bombing I dropped to my knees and I cried and I cried and I was in that state for about forty five minutes I've never cried so much among Lycan baby literally are convulsions it was list like Avery thing about me was coming out in I kept saying why do you love me so much why do you love me so much and I find instantly understood that that hint of Charles Wesley voices that my God has has died for me my God hast died for me coming that's unconscionable not even the president dies for you that even your guys die for you they might been gone was overwhelming at one point I was afraid of two things I was afraid of opening my eyes because I thought that I would see Jesus it was so tangible so real so concrete and the other one is I asked the night I didn't even attend the point that it was such a holy moment if you will that I didn't want to speak anymore it seemed like a fight uttered any words I would soil the place you know I would which is bring something back and so I thought it knowing that God can read my thoughts and I said Lord if you show me more of your love I am going to explode quite literally I don't think I can take more of that I cannot I cannot if I understand more of your love I am going to just message is one glimpse on fifty six one Lynn 's imagine seeing it more and more I'm telling you all is right the love of Christ compels us know after that do you think I wanted to spend time doing my own thing you think I wanted to you now complain about anything you think I wanted to become self-sufficient this is not a it was like I don't even deserve to be used as your servant of God by him if I buy it but if you want something a if you want something then God if you can use me in what ever way you want I don't want a single thing of my own to mess it up for whatever you that's the key that seek important key in ministry effective to tell others this Jesus really really really really left that God isn't this is the kind of a guy working that he is absolutely out of this world and that is very real and that he will change our lives and that he will do the impossible and that this is the kind of God were dealing in you need to deal with that and a personal level if I do not know him I can talk until unglued of faith face a lot of Scripture in it still will not land it would not make much of a difference in fact it will do something deceptive it'll make me think I'm doing got to work inmates give me a false sense of confidence that I'm doing God 's work when in reality I'm actually not doing got I'm just going through the motions because it's not real yet is not real I remember baptizing a twenty one -year-old who was hooked on drugs for number of years and when we prayed there were three people baptize that afternoon we always have baptisms in the afternoon we made a big celebration on it testimonies and never forget in my office on the floor we were praying for us please send something so wise he said God I want a really really thinking waiting for for waiting twenty one years to call me to yourself you could have given up on me so long ago but you did not and you stayed with me until I actually answered the love of God in eighteen eighty eight the General conference session in Minneapolis you know the story of a Weiss is the James and WAC coming Johnson Wagner were two instruments of God two young editors who had a brief focus on the person of Jesus Christ and that would bring the great revival and the latter rain power in the church and the latter rain power was started in eighteen eighty eight believe it or not is pretty dry but it started then these are a few words the Lord in his great mercy he sent in those precious message to his people she wrote later through elders Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world they happen if the Savior 's sacrifice for the sins of the whole world see Adventists were good at Bible study and advantage were good at debating and they want all the debates because they knew the Bible better than anybody else but somehow they had lost that first that was during the millwright movement they lost that that is for God and that understanding of gazes on a personal level she continues to say a presented justification through faith and the surety and invited the people who receive the righteousness of rise which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God Manny had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person is married and is changeless love for the human family this is the message that God commanded to be given to the well this is the message to be given to the world it is the third Angels message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attendant with the outpouring of the Spirit and in large measure customers to ministers ninety one to you know what the church grew in the nineteen nineties as a result of this in an infinite if a relatively few ministers actually took hold most of them rejected or order were indifferent but if you took hold and Ellen White as well as Johnson Wagner and others started preaching in churches and revivals began to take place and that this church in the nineties ninety three particularly ninety one ninety three ninety five major revivals in the church in Battle Creek in the East Coast and West Coast and you know what happened the church grew by twelve four percent that decade that's a remarkable necessary and largest growth ever in the history of the five hundred and seventy year history of the church under fifty whatever whatever anyway twelve percent twelve four percent growth rate since eighteen nineties if that's the case is that continued by nineteen fifteen we would have had three almost four million members at that rate that's right look at what we would have had by the year two thousand when whatever had two hundred and ten million members by the year two thousand you see that that is on that rate alone if we had maintained that XML growth rate that will take place after these great revivals based on righteousness by faith now that's two hundred and ten million how many do we have today eighteen seventeen eighteen million nine hundred and ten million is more than ten times what we have today been asked by the year two thousand what it would have been by the year two thousand and ten you may hundred and seventy one million people that means that right now we would be half almost half a billion half a billion people would be Seventh-day Adventist my point here is what converts people is conversion what converts people is is relating to God is responding to God responding to a person not responding to a set of beliefs not a set of beliefs and this is why you know I teach at the seminary night siege all students how to preach evangelistic play and why have a greatly strong emphasis about bridging evangelistic late Christ centered sermons because that's the only thing that will change people 's line but it does change people 's just last Saturday week ago we baptized three people while we baptized fortysomething people but we baptized three people who swore weeks ago nothing about the Bible for weeks ago he reasoned well that's a lesson little quick for not if you have seen one was ahead of me it was a charter member of the Knights of Columbus who is that one of those message service organization that the Catholic Church the mother is a very active Sunday morning mass at tender and very active in the church in you know how old they are early seventies you know how difficult for anybody at that age with that strong roots in the Catholic church to make such a radical change in four weeks it's impossible except accept when they see the love of Jesus except when they understand the power of God and so these people surrendered everything in they are going with your eyes wide open because of a teacher so when I do evangelistic meetings I teach I don't just leave stuff behind its thorough and complete so it's evidence evidence that that God can really change people 's longing but that's because they are connected with God with the God of heaven who was written this wonderful word that we had where's my Bible in other words every every Texas Scripture I mean every doctrine of Scripture is seen through the eyes of Christ and that is what transforms people it is not well I'm not you believe that but I believe this past would normally be the case right unless there connected with Christ if you connected interconnected with Christ is no longer you believe that I believe this needs Jesus believes that I want to believe what Jesus you see of the love of God is an astonishing it really is an astonishing thing in this is going to be the subject of our contemplation and study for the ceaseless ages of eternity this is the inexhaustible subject that we will that will keep us all subdued and surrendered and willingly happily following the Lamb wherever he goes because we have understood this beautiful thing is much more than what we can think or imagined Johnny Barnes have you ever heard of Johnny Barnes Johnny Barnes is a Seventh-day Adventist and Bermuda he became anathema to some thirty five years ago when he became an avid assuming he fell in love with the Lord Jesus started reading the Bible getting about three o'clock in the morning and reading his Bible and he readies Bible for two hours solid every morning in the worship God and he prayed to God any surrendered to God and one of those mornings he felt very impressed that he should go to the busiest intersection in Bermuda to share a space and pain and you think will this is a little strange why because really it is an island only you know it's a is a British protectorate and there are only there is only short stretch of highway that is two lanes in all that is four lanes that is to each side very short everybody who works has to go through the so what do you do if you went to that intersection in here he is in you know what he 's doing he's got his hands cop like this and is yelling at the people in the car and he says I love you God bless you any dust that every single day from five in the morning until ten in the morning rain or shine every single day for thirty five years invasive as a little strange you know you had to be really inspired to do that well he was why because he was so full of the love of God the one morning he was interested after Sherry how can I do that with this whole island how can I do that anymore didn't think of anything better than just doing that and you know what he is so well-known he's better known than the Queen of England you know who is the actual a head of government in that island he is better known the date that the governor general is there is no there is no sculptures no statues of any historical persons in Bermuda except for one Johnny Barnes IAI I was amount to a room and I asked vacant parking attendant have you heard of Johnny Barnes and she knows her handbag and England center at another he said Johnny Barnes of course will know when Johnny Barnes and then when I researched it on Internet I found thousands and thousands of references to Johnny Barnes and eight eight eight in blogs who would say for instance I was sick this morning I didn't want to go to working on a test that's a lot of international insurance and banking a lot of money and that I didn't want to go to work I know that if I got in my car before I got to work Johnny Barnes would tell me that God loved me in he means and so people do that the London telegraph one of the most famous British paper says Johnny Barnes a devout seven and is this the face of reviewed his most definitive icon it's most photographed tourist attraction why because he knows the love of Jesus that's any expresses it in a very unique way because he can't hold it back in it doesn't matter when you can't hold it back when his real is real and people know it's real so that's a key is very important until then that Jesus really really really fast that's our message that's the key to ministry power in ministry effectiveness what is the next key to the ministry power in the spirit I mean if you only did that you'd be in good shape what's the next key Jesus says in acts one eight you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you said that right before his ascension you shall receive power under what circumstances did he say that him being assembled together with them he commanded them not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of the father which he said you have heard from me for John truly baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now and you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be my witness it might be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the Aaron is the overlay by praying together this doesn't have to do with focus a message just the first one the first one they focus on the message needs to be done that Jesus really loves them this has to do with method and assisted with practice and planning in business to do with what what is disappointing mechanism that allows us to have this power is key to ministry effectiveness and nice to me by praying to get their investigative get there to get there not just separately you know the story and probably preferred me speak you probably heard me about this story Murmansk in there is and administers a little town on their way up north you know above where I bought you imagine Alaska and Mary Jane of Alaska northern tip of Alaska that's where this is okay that's how far north nine months of this winter twenty two members of the church people don't move there they leave from there much as they can and so eventually the church ended up being a people husband and the pastor and his wife and six other men who worked in the fishing or in the oil industry eight people when they realized they were dying they started praying for the Holy Spirit and they started praying for God to use them to reach out to others in this dead town are we really in that town basically it you know how they did it they would go every morning at six o'clock in the morning to the walrus club force was a frozen lake what six o'clock in the morning when they would did there was stripped down to their shores they would go out to the middle of the lake they would break down the overnight ice that had formed they would kneel down no they would submerge themselves in all seven of these man in the freezing water come out and put their arms around him pray for the Holy Spirit to descend upon them and you may wonder why not pray in somebody's home by the fire saw in the answer that is they wanted to hold themselves accountable to God by saying God when I didn't wait until everything falls out before we baptize people we can be ready every day that you put us in contact with others to do your work and this was their way being constantly ready did anything happen sure enough eighty people were baptized the first year now the church from eight to eighty that's pretty good right what is that that's a thousand percent growth sixteen would have been a hundred percent growth this a thousand percent growth so if you have injected two hundred people it would have been twenty times now would've been twenty nine two thousand some like enormous crowd anyway in addition to that they planted churches and displays when there's nothing they started finding a church is always a little fishing villages swarm of the Spirit of God why they prayed together they pressed together the big storm heaven together listen to this promise they promise is made to this statement the promises made on condition that the prayers of the church are offered an answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to climate prayer you say that the management releases volume nine I believe it's three thirteen will see in a minute three oh three the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members of the left for God and for one another you see that using an official eight decades in difference between praying together no there's a big difference is bore portion eight to that commitment of doing this together what led to Pentecost what led to Pentecost according to acts one is that they prayed together they stayed in the upper room and the president you can read all about it in about four or five pages of the books be actually possible Isle of Wight read pages thirty five to thirty eight and that's exactly what we did what they what they did and I summarized it right here they gather together to wait for the promise they humbled hearts in true repentance they confessed their unbelief they recall the words of Jesus regarding is that they repeated to one another truth they remembered from Jesus they meditated upon Christ holy life they determined to share Jesus to the weld they prayed with intense earnestness delete sinners to Christ they put away differences and paint close together in fellowship they praised them in song for sins forgiven they contemplated the love of God with wonder and they took hold of the imparting gift of these things this is what happened during those ten day now Jesus and say pray for ten days many people think okay if we just do something for ten days or forty days that's another big number that people think about now get inside cases break until it only took ten days for the but for some of us it might take months or even years or maybe just things for something to start happening the point is we need to pray until until were filled with the Spirit of God how do they do this they did it together remember the statement in revival true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs this is first selected messages one twenty one this is this is this is the only statement in the one hundred thousand pages of off Alan White's manuscripts hundred thousand pages the only statement which she has three superlatives in one sentence the greatest most urgent of all our needs in other words there's nothing as critical as important as urgent as this chooses to seek this should be our first work our heavenly father 's more willing to give his Holy Spirit to them that ask him that our earthly parents to give good gifts to their children but it is our work he says my confession humiliation repentance and earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant us his blessing every viable need be expected only in answer to prayer and what are the conditions these four conditions and fresh and that includes braised by the way not simply confession like a confession to a priest in the Catholic Church compression the confession primarily in the New Testament is confessing the name of Jesus confessing how good Jesus is all humiliation that means surrender does not the same way in which we use the word today repentance and early spring a really coming together and that's why most revivals in the last three hundred years have always been taken place have taken place with young people because young people are much more willing to do this together it's normal for them to get together don't wait until your are this old as old as a I and this is a much more difficult thing to get together with other people this is why God begins revivals with young people who actually build this they actually do things Jesus said God said I am the Lord your God open your mouth wide and I will fill it is not a beautiful in other words unready to give you everything you need I am ready to give you everything you need now here's another statement about how we should really pray okay all I will read the new reference of the end shall not our halfhearted supplication be turned into the decisions of intense desire for this great blessing this great blessing meeting the outpouring of the Spirit of God in our lives we do not ask okay well let me finish this in a minute let you go and if anybody's interested in seeing the rest of it and then you can you can stick all that we do not ask for enough of the good things God has promised if we would reach out the hot air and expect more our petitions would reveal the quickening influence that comes to every soul will ask with a full expectation of being heard and answered the door is not glorified by the same supplications which show that nothing is expected he desires everyone who believes to approach the throne of grace with earnestness and assurance do we realize the magnitude of the working which we are engaged if we if we did there would be more firm in saying our prayers we would plead for power as a hungry child if we realize the greatness of the gift if we desire the attainment of the blessing our petitions would ascend with earnestness importantly urgency it would be best if we were at the gate of heaven soliciting friends and we should ask with an earnestness that will not be denied he is the life in light of all who seek him they measure which we receive the holy influence of the Spirit is proportionate to the measure of our desire to receive our faith to grasp in of our capacity to enjoy the great goodness of the blessing and to impart it to the Bible echo August five nineteen oh one the last key is remember that he is always with you best for Matthew twenty eight I will always be with you so the first is tell them that Jesus really really really loves them secondly old may to pray together and thirdly remember that Jesus will always be with father in heaven thank you for your love and your grace thank you for these important needs that will give a success in our ministry reaching a thank you for a Internet this media was brought by audio course website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio source .org


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