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The Truth About Angels and Offerings

Chester Clark III


Angels were all throughout the Mosaic Tabernacle. In this study we explore their meanings, and the history behind the angelic conspiracy that demanded a plan of salvation in the first place.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 10, 2013
    6:30 PM


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on the evening it is a joy to be here with you tonight and to be able to explore more about the sanctuary we were really excited when we are able to contract the size mentioned to bring their full scale model here to Dalton and got even more excited when someone had the idea of doing a vacation Bible school the same time and made his sanctuary theme and so that's something that is really special for the kids and also for the adults is a little confusing so so if you're if you if you had some things not quite right way you are doing it is understandable because they've got these meetings significant meetings and got the tours and there were also together with all the different tensile believer that were just last week and we can have all this going on this week very busy week for all of us and regret he joins us now and there's one thing that I'm sort of assuming during our discussions here this week I'm going to assume that you have or will be taking the time to go through the seventy five minute tour of the sanctuary over here I'm not one to be repeating everything that they discuss for me trying to go another more detail and some of the themes of the sanctuary uncovers and in the Bible and its teaching breast today so that's something that I just want to make sure that you all are aware of this doesn't replace the sanctuary to her it's meant to be sort of a complementary more in depth in some areas study of the sanctuary as as you have the opportunity to go through that over there last night we also have a little move ahead a little handouts that friends can share with you and this is something you can follow along as you go through the study range of the little bit of an overview tonight of why the sanctuary anywhere and all that the overview the truth about Angels and offerings I titled it were to be setting some basic overview themes from from the Old Testament and the New Testament about how the sanctuary came into being and why it's important for us and what it means for us today and tomorrow night our topic is blunt prongs and blessings and that women looking more specifically at what took place in the book the first of the ceremonies in this and the courtyard at the altar of sacrifice and what that point forward you sort of reserves following our way through the sanctuary as we know this week but tonight I'm I'm just glad that we can begin and then we can begin with with an overview you might say of the sanctuary so as were going along it you realize that I've moved too quickly and you missed some of the things you are trying to fill out please just raise your hand this is the is not some units you can't make this interactive and down we can just go back in and out and and I can restate or we can look at the verses again whatever it is so we can get all of this filled out if you'd like to start with exercise and twenty five are saying I hope you brought revival today is releasing a lot of time in the Bible as his this is a Bible topic I'm not I'm not a portrait and night I'm studying the Bible with you were sitting together and so you have your Bibles that turn with me to exodus chapter twenty five and this is the classic verse that Moses saw that amount hears from God he says in verse eight let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them and this is one of my favorite verses because of what tells me about God tells me there's a God in heaven who wants to be close to people and that his real slice all this is one of the things this last weekend I preached about from Exodus twenty five Mercedes God wants to be near to his people and that is an amazing truth but as we continue on we notice that there were certain instructions very specific instructions given regarding God 's dwelling among his people and he starts off very interestingly you might think he would start off with describing the courtyard you know and they sort of like we wouldn't think of building a house and we know the house 's foundation and then we know we did the framing and an exterior walls and roof on Windows and doors and then we call driving in then right and then we start doing the bidding of wheels car furniture but when God gives instructions than Moses to build the sanctuaries and arts with a friend on any printer is what we would consider the last piece of furniture all the way in the very deepest recesses of the sanctuary was the most holy place of the Ark of the covenant and that's what Moses first has described to them very interesting here when we read and exit twenty five continue one person I verse nine according to all that I show you after the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all the instruments thereof even so shall you make it this half remind us of the New Testament we just raised a rest stop right now in Genesis Exodus twenty five keep your finger there flipped over to near the end of the Bible and in the end of the New Testament book of Hebrews and were going to look at Hebrews chapter eight and notice how all our line will be wrote the book of Hebrews describes what happened in this with the building of the earthly sanctuary Gingrich after a adverse one page over there he was a diverse lot now the things which we have spoken this from we have such an high priest who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens the Minister of the sanctuary now when Paul went right back to those writing this book to have after all that's how we give the name of the book as it was written the letter to his own people is written to the Jewish nation trying to explain to them how Christ was the fulfillment of all those ceremonies in and symbols and patterns that they had in the sanctuary a Minister of the sanctuary so when he's in the sanctuary they knew what he was talking about and of the true tabernacle he makes is this is a distinguishing word of the true tabernacle which the lower pitch and not many Sunnis and sanctuary is not one of the boldest self serving not the one that Mathias mansion built this is one built by divine hands and it's not on earth it's in heaven and he goes on anything he says in verse five who serve in the example and shadow of heavenly things as Moses was a modest of God when he was about to make the tabernacle and any quotes the five members nine four C says he that you make all things according to the pattern shown you so would we look back and readily in Exodus chapter twenty five we continue on this story here we we understand now from the New Testament 's explanation that this sanctuary which Muslims to build was a was a saint through the pattern after a true sanctuary in heaven right we can see that that very clearly and notice he says he shall make risk than they shall make an arc of Saddam led to Cubans and a half some of the link thereof and it's even half the breadth thereof and a Cuban half behind the rep it's amazing to me to see how God began his description of of the building of the sanctuary pinging is by explaining how to make the ark of the covenant and the Ark of the covenant will be sending out more towards the end of the week but just it if you're not aware of the government in the mostly place of the earthly sanctuary was wearing a Shekinah glory of God dwelt the burden residents of God was over the Ark of the cup is a godsend left in the new sanctuary that I may dwell among them and he begins by telling Moses how to build the very place where he's going to dwell and then he begins from the inside at such a wonderful illustration 's youngest and I think we are to be sanctuaries God doesn't begin by reforming us from the outside in he begins by building us from the inside how is that in the true teaching is a heart and the rest flows out of a changed heart we can change your outside changer externals but that doesn't change what's inside unless God makes that miraculous change first innocence of his only fastening things we did we just ponder as we look at these instructions God is getting the Moses the notice of meeting continues on and were not going to read this all believers eight drivers eighteen and you shall make their to chair mums of gold of the work you should make them in the two ends of the mercy seat and make one share on the one hand and the other cherub on the other and even of the mercy seat you should make the Germans on the two ends thereof so over the overlays the box which God described in detail was to be built by Moses the Ark of the covenant there was to be a mercy seat on either side of the first to see where these two angels or cherubs as the Bible calls them and if we continue wanted in his various specific instructions about how to build these cherubs or cherubim is plural and the champions shall stretch forth their wings wings on high covering the mercy seat with their wings and their face I shall look one to another report the mercy seat shall be the Java faces of the German-speaking and you shall put the mercy seat above upon the art and the artist to put the testimony that I shall give you and there I will meet with you and commune with you from above the mercy seat from between the two cherubim which are upon the ark of the testimony in all things which I give you in commandment under the children of Israel so here are getting very specific instructions in five yard with the remote and the testimony of the Commandments that he was going to give him and we know we we can read that later how God gave him member written the very finger of God unto tables of stone the table of his testimony in the Commandments and they were to be put in the art and he might be well to very severe thing you know thou shall not shop at above the Commandments was the mercy seat and that's where God will so here you see the picture of God not just being about mom involving about mercy justice as well as mercy complete mingling of these to which we see fully demonstrated on the cross of Christ but what I wanted to focus on for just a moment here are these angels these two charities or charity of their found several places in the sanctuary find them here these two angels on either end of the arc but we look in the next chapter annexes twenty six in verse one were to find angels are felt down elsewhere in the sanctuary also Exodus chapter twenty six in verse one says moreover you shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine wine and women in blue and purple of Scott and Scarlett with Jeroboam 's upcoming work you shall make them know it we went over here at the Messiah 's mansion we can see that the bottom of curtains that were perhaps use and there's lots of different artists renderings of how they might have looked but the and as I mentioned they used that use different colors to be pretty hard to make parks that were mingled together woven together right the colors are all there for representation but what we do see for sure is that in the curtains around the tabernacle itself there was to be sure also right there to be angels in the very fabric and it was to be with with that kind of work or in some and in some ways we can understand that to be the same word feminist talks about hand pounded work sustained if the same Hebrew word is being used in a cunning work and so this this is describing a a a probably a interwoven gold read that formed the chairs that could be seen on the outside of the curtains that made up the tabernacle if we look a little further in the same chapter in Exodus chapter thirty twenty six in verse thirty one notice with me another place we find angels or cherubs chirping and thou shalt make a veil of purple blue and purple and scarlet and find wine blend of cunning work the same where their cunning work cutting work that used over and over with Sheridan 's it shall be made F the question why this focus on chair why is this wire angels being represented in the sanctuary what would they remind us of what we may be here to tell us about and I want to look at little more clearly at what this what this all means this evening we wanted to replace is received your number at least these three places in the sanctuary we see them on the Ark of the covenant right there next to the very throne of God are the very mercy seat of God what you dwell we see them on the curtain of the tabernacle and we see them unavailable to separate the holy place and the multiple in place over prominently featured in the tabernacle is the chairman that we we studied about so what we make of all these angels in the sanctuary surely there is something that we are to learn from these symbols and the dirty words that are used for Angels in the Old Testament Hebrew one is chairman releasing chair I think that's the way you see that word we read it in the in the Bible chair Leslie I love saying it in actuality if you were to learn Hebrew they would they would teach you differently the chair is actually pair it sister is more of a hard hay of the new little bit of the mix between Kate ACH business got back in a keynote but then that's how you would say chair in the in the in the Hebrew and the and in actuality what happened here is that when the translators came across this word for some reason I believe God must've guided them in this decision the word the words cherub and Sarah were not translated but transliterated and that means that instead of saying well cherubim Hebrew means Angel so we'll just say Angel they said in instead they said we will try to roll a knife the word will try to use the English alphabet to simply write out how the words sound than he proves that make sense and so the word chair of our care of is literally a Hebrew word there is there is the number of Bible words better than that the same thing is done with him besides names and places of course they tried to do that means in places you you heard of Elijah when he fled from King Ahab Meadowbrook care if right same the same thing a lot of places are transliterated rather than translating what the name might need in the Hebrew writing and so we have Jacob which meant deceiver right but it is a deceiver they transliterated in the name and so forth the Angels or in the Old Testament shares and serifs were not translated but transliterated the they were put there so we could know what the original Hebrew word was and if we look at what that word could mean there is a number of scholars that I have written on this subject Jean Bramley Moore suggested that the initial Hebrew letter of care care in the Hebrew means all like it saved us it's like a simile or metaphor to comparison and the second syllable which is sort of the leave the RB sound of signifies one rate in power in wisdom and glory or whatever can be termed perfection in fact from this second syllable the the herb shall have say we have the another probably pretty much transliterated Word from the Hebrew rabbi is the same root that we have as part of chair is that route fifty Rabbi somebody is full of wisdom someone who knows a lot interesting and so this this Hebrew word charitable could be signifying one who is life who is like even divine wisdom and glory and it could even be signifying the character of the person who it is like networks and so the Angels of the lease this would suggest that the Angels were sent were intended to be like God in glory than event in character they were so they were a pattern not in his image like a man was that they were to reflect still his very character 's character wisdom his character goodness his character Holiness and so forth and so this is very interesting to me when I think about it and especially living in thinking what actually happened with the characters right with the Angels in heaven and on one angel in particular begins to come to mind as we look at the Angels in the sanctuary we have to start thinking about one angel in particular and so once again take your Bibles and let's look at Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen and were going to begin with first twelve Isaiah fourteen verse twelve and this is Isaiah the prophet and eighty and a prophetic and poetic I guess you might say passage describing one angel in particular Isaiah chapter fourteen and verse twelve and it says how art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations for you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high imagine an angel him in the likeness of God made as a Korean creature creation of God saying I'm going to I'm going to put the above God and all of what Isaiah is using here is century language this amazing thing I really like encourage you if you haven't yet gone through the tabernacle to make the times we've been so because when you when you read the Bible in the light of the sanctuary begin missing all of of of of the ballroom wing of sanctuary language in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of course the writers were familiar with these things right and were familiar with and will get more than the driven by faith of what they were trying to communicate in writing and health care he says I will I will this ascend into heaven we understand that part I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the mount of the combination the slide in the north you go to the tabernacle he will you'll see that they were a couple of places where there are crowns on the furniture and one of those is good people of showbread and he was on the northern side of the sanctuary of the tabernacle the holy place it would be on the northern side crown many believe indicates this is representative of the throne of God right there in the heavenly sanctuary obviously earthly sanctuary is just a a symbol of what is truly in the heavenly sanctuary and so on he says I will set on the size of the North Africa place and their other passages we can use it just seemed that David talked about the north as well when we continue like this I will ascend above the heights of the clouds again sanctuary will language because you have the altar of incense with the wow and then going on right and above that of course in the in the wilderness tabernacle you have the pillar of cloud by day so once again this is very saying I've been in the amount of the right this is where God if I'm to be up here this is his ambition I will be like the most high he wanted to be like the most high and power of course not in character now when when Isaiah calls this angel Lucifer we are not having a word fear that is is transliterated that the word would've been then shut our or son of the morning sun of the dawning but this is the laughing eyes translation of its meaning so Lucifer and why then would simply step mean close to what venture heart means in Hebrew that make sense and so is not really an English word that the last word and interface also could be translated the Herald of dawn or even the mornings this was a pretty pretty ostentatious title to place on an Angel it means son of the dawning Harold and Don or even MorningStar and in some places this workshop heart is also not just called warning it's also translated the life for example you might be maybe familiar with the text Isaiah chapter eight verse twenty two the law that the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in the master harm there is no light in them and so this this workbench harms son of life the son of the morning sun of the dawning this is what Lucifer means an acquaintance to his privileged role in the heavenly order of things are you could be translated a number of ways he of course I say himself translated for us when he says elusive rebel son of the morning then shall hire some morning and he gives us here and in Isaiah chapter fourteen verse twelve but as we continue on we noticed that Lucifer had some issues that arose because of his ambition and then let's look an easy guilt now Ezekiel 's account of this in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight Ezekiel chapter twenty eight and were going to be looking at several passages wherein we can see that the Bible is using symbols or different names to speak of Lucifer the same angel who is tempted to take the place of God Ezekiel chapter twenty and will notice beginning with verse eleven K eighty two twenty eight in verse eleven moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyre and saying to him thus saith the Lord thou see what's up for some full of wisdom and perfect in beauty and once again that that that description in the verse twelve that is pretty much what Sheridan means K that's pretty much the meaning of the word share them and he says you have been in Eden in the garden of God now if this was literally talking to the king of Tyre he probably wasn't still in alive who'd been in he and the dog got right since the Bible doesn't teach reincarnation this is a this is a symbolic phrase that is used to describe the same angel who is supposed to garner the king of Tyre was in the about people and hear the Lucifer is being described as the King of the higher you have been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was recovering sardius topaz diamond Darrell Onyx Jasper sapphire emerald carbuncle and gold the workmanship of your tablets in your pipes was prepared in the human daily cell is created first fourteen thou art the anointed chair cover once again we remember back in the axis shaft twenty five right God 's presence was to dwell on the mercy seat of the Ark of the covenant and on either side or chairs covering New York with their wings and here easy Jill describes this being as having been in that position thou art the anointed chair of the cover that I have sent the soap that was set up on the holy mountain of God Alice walked up and down the list of the stones of fire that was perfect in my ways from the data now was created till iniquity was found in the and he goes on a verse seventeen your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness I will cast to the ground I will leave the proteins they may behold you so here you have here you have once again a description of the same being Lucifer at chair of the right cherub I am on the end of people makes a plural is no such thing as chair of the lungs and it would be proper English even whatever you call it so the visitor was one of those cherubs that was around our next to the throne of God and he was at some point he was corrupted this is one of those things which we don't fully understand you can't fully explain how a perfect being can become a simple but there are two great mysteries that are spoken of in the Bible and one of the mystery of iniquity how soon could arrive in a perfect world with a perfect God and perfect creation but thankfully that's not the only mystery it is also Mister godliness is the mystery that God would become incarnate and live and die on this Earth for us and then choose to dwell in our hearts by faith and create in us the mystery of godliness I poses an even greater mystery than Mister iniquity but I think but it's also more powerful mystery of the more powerful reality that that God has promised to do so here it is described as ever as having become for lifted up with this pride and being cast down as a result so let's look now at another passage which describes this experience of Lucifer in the book of Revelation Revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve and were going to look at the story from the perspective of the prophet John and what happened in heaven with Lucifer relationship to twelve and were going to begin the first seven with their religion twelve or seven there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragonfly and his angels and her veil not neither was their place found any more in heaven and that great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast how with him now we see how several things that we see a couple of other titles for this being as well we see that he's called the Dragon we see that he is called the serpent it is called AA all-state water mains this fellow has right beside his original name of the morning that you are Lucifer and so this is double deep he goes about doing a I guess you'd call an insurrection against the throne of God government of God you know learn it in the news last week or so there's been this fellow Edward 's name the contractor that we go bunch of information to the British paper and has now identified himself as the source of the leak in the imagine someone with security clearance in the kingdom of heaven right next to the throne of God enters the engine the position of Lucifer was in Lucifer was in the most privileged position that an angel could be and he had no doubt the respect of many of the rest of the Angels right he had me the he had the he he had he was basically their leader he had a respect until his influence would be significant and clinically is found in Hennessy began to want to the place of God he began to influence others to follow him earlier in the chapter which says that a third of the stars were were were were drawn with him first for his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven cast near so we ended Sam the significant portion of the Angels in heaven a third were inventors left the service of the God of the universe and began following the instructions of Satan of Lucifer and he began this rebellion this revolt against God you can imagine what that must have done the heart of God God has created Lucifer as a being of one wisdom glory he minimized when Herod was care he was back wise beautiful intelligent and being trusted to be very closest to the throne of God and a revolt is begun that would not only separate Lucifer from that close inner circle but would take with him a third of the other angels well what a devastating event that must've been in the family of heaven what an awful awful ugly mess must've must've taken place and we asked the question why would it be that Michael and Lucifer would have this war why would he be cast out and for that I'd like to just turn in your Bibles to have field to little books back from Revelation second Peter chapter two second Peter chapter two makes it clear why the angels were cast out of heaven Lucifer and his cohorts second Peter chapter two and verse four second Peter chapter two verse four words read the first part of the first year which is fourth God spared not Angel that what sin to cast them down to hell are the best God spared not being then and so the reason that Satan and his followers were cast out of heaven was very simple because they sin and sin the Bible to find elsewhere first John get reimbursed for sending is not transgression of a while law now this is very very simple for us to understand God like keeping simple right even easy for us to understand and vote soon is simply the transgression of the law if the violation of God 's character is a violation of God 's commandments it's a good violation of the principles of on which the government of God is right and Lucifer is attacking the very principles upon which the government of God is the law of God and done so send it as is welling up in Lucifer 's heart he's not just content to be a sinner himself but he's going to have no others that go with them misery loves company you have noticed that and then refusing to go down you can have others go down to and so Lucifer is able to convince many of the Angels to send with and rebel against God to rebel against his government to rebel against his law and we know that a.m. in the assets of the questionable there were no ten commands at this time right there was no part of the testimony built yet with the law of God written on tables of stone but in no but there was long-running because a lot of the same yesterday today and forever in fact in Romans chapter four verse fifteen Paul tells us that where there is no law there is no transgression if there had been no no law no basis for the government of God this is the super couldn't have violated page it had been there even the very beginning he it was there is a found in the end this is a very very many Christians misunderstand because they tend to think of her we tend to think of law is being restricted when in actuality law is freaking out I never understood this completely until I spent some time traveling in Third World countries where there wasn't as much law-abiding you might say I guess there were laws there but they weren't really a working-class people 's hearts they were just you know externally enforced and and then everything have to be locked I member one place I stayed where I went to seven or eight and locked gates into my room you know and you start to realize that you know a law-abiding society is a free society isn't it when I grew up I grew up in a small town in the country South and my parents never took the keys out of the car still debating the other house or to their work the keys will be not an ignition bill be right there somewhere around a very visible at that because there was law right and people kept the law and you didn't think about it from reading there is liberty when there is a Windows rules of order right and God 's government was not a government of chaos it was not a government of no rule got principles has been always been beheaded always been the same and God created his beings with these understandings and was until Lucifer started saying you know what this is restrictive that the another thing you need is a problem no I never thought about it just like do they as good as they does it work on one of the day when I was wonderful right and Lucifer is the one that started saying you know why does God make us do these things why is God this way why Scott that way we could improve me is in heaven and I don't know all the techniques he used your life the use but whatever he said he was able to deceive an awful lot of people this makes it possible you have to say you know the listener was able to deceive a third of the angels in heaven who were cherubim as well right they were full of wisdom and intelligence smart beings that God created in a perfect world who knew God Lucifer could see them I think I ought to be a little worried about receiving medium to think I think I be saying Lord open my eyes and help me to understand your will praise God 's promise to free us from the sessions of the devil and then I'm not saying I should live in fear of the devil not nothing at all on saying is a pretty smart guy and he's since then he's had another few thousand years six thousand years or so of practice receiving utterly angels deceiving mankind and so does Lucifer guy some lady we should respect and it's a good reason for us to want Jesus to be a part of our lives because the New Testament tells greater is he that is in you than he did world that's true for followers of Jesus so so Lucifer yes violating the principles of God 's government he is expelled from heaven and where does he go notices mean revelation chapter twelve relationship to twelve were not too far away from there yet I don't think I've remember we saw in verse nine that great dragon was cast out the old serpent called the devil Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out of the earth as angels were cast out with them doesn't mean verse verse twelve therefore I rejoice ye heavens and even dwell in them good news for for for heaven but well to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea the devil is come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has but a short time because he knows that his time is short English standard version says so this is where the devil has now landed is planet Earth now some might ask that's not fair is it why would God allow the devil to come to planet Earth and we won't take time to explore all of that but one thing we do know the devil was not allowed to have his way on planet Earth without the permission or the cooperation of those it been given dominion over planet Earth and who was that of mankind those were our first parents of Lucifer would not be able to redirect haptic on earth this earth the dotted trade in the beginning called very good without our first parents the caretakers of planet Earth giving hampered protection our permission and one of the that the big questions that then comes into our minds and I've talked to people through the years many people who've asked this question why would God allow why would God allow a perfect world do you have the choice of sin meanness even agrees that are not white bringing the planner at all again goes back to the character government on the law and if you can choose one word to describe God what would that be love right first John four perceive God is love we like that the city but one as well as there are many many different elements of love we can describe it's it it's it's maybe it today is a shallower overused term one thing we know very certain is that there is no love without freedom is no love without freedom a member one time I was in the former Soviet Union who was speaking and then there are lots of young people coming to the it was a theater were having meetings and never been a Christian evangelistic series this ever had been built during the calmness years as a factory town and they were mostly use the Orthodox are a few other various denominations but nobody never done any meetings and I was speaking and there were six or seven hundred young people coming every night while the questions are going to forget that was turned into me was why do you come here and force us to believe what you believe force you don't understand this because of their years under communism understand they couldn't comprehend a God of love because America idea of authority net force but in God 's world authority means well a boarding service and explain to them that you know even if you didn't even if you don't believe what the Bible says about Jesus even if you choose not to use their thinking is punishing for that you truly own little bed and keep your sense the wages of sin is that but he died on the cross of the force you to do anything but give you a choice because without him that he wouldn't have a choice at it God had remove checkpoints from our first parents they could not continue to be being loving him and fellowship with him and serving him on what they would essentially be programmed to be a certain way and robots don't love computers don't love it freedom is absolutely essential to love and so God gives out of any of this choice and he allows it to be very very very simple with ongoing global details here because we have a lot had to cover the Genesis chapter two we find that story and work in a reading verses in Genesis chapter three and just summarize what the place in order to move on and see how that relates to the sanctuaries Genesis chapter two God said I made every tree in the garden there's plenty to eat there's just one tree you can't eat up right and back strain by the way it was not poisonous tree the serpent proved a proven at improvement there was nothing wrong with the fruit the only reason the only reason they weren't even was because the and that is when that is when God really tests our obedience is when it's not logical to squeeze if we only when it makes sense to us have never seen kids may be little children in a store or maybe in your home other homes whatever the kids had a propensity of saying why write why can you pick up whatever it is why not now why is a delay tactic right it's a little bit of a form of the well delay lease is not disobedience right and kids today and I've seen parents who who try to reason with their kids and always explain everything and the kids will not obey until they understand which is probably not the best way to raise your kids because the best way would be for them to obey and then to understand after the opening night that's just the way actually we'll begun to we obey even we don't always understand if we only open when we understood it would not be a test of obedience that make sense anyway I won't get too sidetracked and that I could've eaten of this trade except the guy said don't eat of it and so you know the story must get down and verse eight and were six and sorry when the woman saw that the tree Genesis chapter three verse six when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit made it and gave to her husband he ate in the eyes of them both were opened they knew that they were naked they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons and so forth and so on you know that was the beginning of the current the sand on this world because they had a disobeyed the command of God and they have to now also send right and as we continue on this story we find that God game then this opportunity to confess and he also gave them a promise in Genesis three hundred fifteen I'll put enmity between you and the woman in your seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and now suburbs is this is what in theological terms are called complementary the first instance of the gospel in the in the Bible in Genesis three verse fifteen and again we see a picture of the character of God God told Adam and Eve there was hope on the very same day that they lost their that in the very same David experienced fear and shame and nakedness and cold guilt God brought them the hope of the gospel and legal wills to save time or to skip down here just gone down the first twenty four so he drove man drove out the man anyplace in the east of the garden of Eden Germans and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life now in some ways we might think that these chairpersons once again we see Germans when I think these Germans were very fearful and very threatening but they were there for a specific purpose they were there to keep out of a need out of the garden and keep them from doing from eating the tree of life the sin would not be perpetuated the notice of me this phrase here in verse twenty four Genesis chapter three verse twenty four so he drove out the man that word drove out once again and English that sounds as though God is bad and he's vindictive and he's driving right that that that the that the the earned number that we would sort of thing getting pretty harsh but the word hubris garage and it's also using and here in Genesis four verse fourteen talking obtained when King was driven out from the face and hear from from his people but is also used in Genesis twenty one to talk to the divorce between Hagar and Abraham enjoyed working memory a Sarah hadn't had any children so she suggested that Abraham could fulfill the promises of God by having a son through her servant Hagar and when that didn't work out very well well it didn't work out that when Sarah had a son the son of promise and there seem to be rivalry between Hagar and Sarah and Ishmael and Isaac is Hagar and Ishmael the right and that the divorce of and driving out was the result of that that attempt by Abraham to fulfill the promises of God so to be cast outward to be divorced is another is another interpretation or understanding of this word garage and so a very interesting when we look at this we see that the Old Testament uses it in other ways as well says Malachi two number sixteen for I hate divorce says the Lord the God of Israel some people might think while that's talking about talking about infidelity and you know of the divorce among modern society today and it would be a wrong thing I don't think that God establishes families anyone who stayed together but this is something much more intimate Malachi is communicating Malachi is communicating something that God is God himself what the place when man sin and man had been driven out from the garden of Eden in essence a divorce took place tween God made man in the beginning in his own image after his own likeness for his own pleasure revolution chapter four tells us he had enjoy communion and communication there was relationship right God made us in his image with the capacity for relationship and gone one that close relationship with mankind and when men can divorce the place and that's a very painful separation and God has been through it himself God is not saying I hated it because I'm convinced of me saying it's painful to me to and the whole plan of redemption is about reuniting God 's people in fact this is called this process is sometimes referred to as testament as marriage the church is called dry right and Jesus is the husband and all the ultimate outcome of the gospel is the reunification of what was divorce at the fall of man at the Garden of Eden 's expense and the sanctuary helps us to understand this whole process so from the fall of man all the way down to the final restoration of all things were going to see this is God 's plan and God 's intentions now Genesis chapter three in verse fifteen we read that passage about the promise of the Messiah but I want us to notice what else took place in Genesis chapter three and verse twenty one unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin and clothing them the question is where it got the skin is from to make clothing of course they tried to make the big leagues right knee never worn any of those designer leaves the green clothes of I can only imagine they were not very comfortable they probably added guilt and shame that they had trained the end vaguely garments behind trees hiding from God McCartney God creates for them garments of skin 's replace or delete what had to happen in order for immediate skins something had to die right the very first sacrifices it appears to place proxy that pricing data center humanity and you can just imagine I can just imagine the horror of Adam and Eve having taken to live foresee the lives taken of innocent animals didn't do anything but in order for them to have clothes to wear that's what had and the whole thing was taught them as a type or a symbol of an innocent sacrifice that was to come huge and out of many were instructed they are we know how that all hearings and seven three there was a lot said between God and Adam and Eve evidently that wasn't recorded here but I know that because in Genesis chapter four will get a second can enable in our end they obviously knew what it was when they were supposed to do and it wasn't now pressing and reenergizing so they were told a lot we don't have here is God explained to them the death of this land symbolize the death of someone's income not be an die not because of his own mistakes but because of your and what a sobering sorrowful father must've been just like yesterday when move on from the skin 's environments we try to make our own garments our own righteousness is viral and human works right and they basically mounted big leaves life this is not dirty rags God says I'll give you my garments and again Mrs. language it stands from the book of Genesis here in chapter three four all the way down to the book of Revelation I'll give you my garments which is my righteousness in order for that to happen I'm the guy and his his garments are adequate human art art is art so we continue on here we see that the very beginning the first sacrifices apparently would've been made right there in Genesis chapter three perhaps the very first same data center entered the planet and they likely took place right at the gate of the garden I wanted to see this in Genesis chapter for now and were going to see verse verse beginning verse one and Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bare Cain and said and she said I have gotten a man from the Lord now this I'm really looking James version here if you ordered literally translate the Hebrew year when she says I have gotten Amanda from the Lord it would be more like I have gotten a man the low or he actually hold that the Messiah that was the common promise in Genesis three fifteen she hoped that her first one was going to be dissenting to be taken care of get over with imagine our disappointment when that first one was not the promised seed but was instead the first murderer and killed his own brother and that's a story we look at here is as you begin there is rather able unable to keep her she and McCain was until of the ground and process time aiding the past team while working on a lot of the further ground offering to the Lord and Hagel he also brought of the persons of his flock in fact derive and the more respected Abel and it is offering there's only lessons we can learn from the story first of all evidently God instructed them to bring what happens now wasn't hard for able because he was a shepherd he had devised that I was as an God respected the offering of able in and accepted that offering but it doesn't obtain and to his offering he did not have respect Cain said I'm not a shepherd and even though Lott said to bring a lamb hiding is just good enough to bring what's important to me right sleeve on his best friend say well he had good intentions no good intentions are not on expenses that obey right of Lord says something God and respect his offering and the Lord said to him that one has to go into this dialogue between God and Keenan Genesis chapter four verse six the Lord seventeen why are you angry while you rock and why is your countenance fallen if you did well shall you not be accepted and he did not well sin lies in the door and enter the Shelby 's desire and also rule over him and this is the maiden again and it is one of my century the more we study the more we see in Genesis chapter four and verse seven I read this scratch my head and not understand what it meant at all when it says here if you do Wellesley not accepted that makes sense right looked quite upset England arriving in the excessive so obviously it must be your phone and not doing the right thing and if you're not doing the right thing he says sin lies at the door and I always read that incident will that must mean that he was about to say but I learned that the word seen here the word translated sin is found many times the Old Testament that strengthened a hundred and twelve times in the Old Testament not been a sin offering single and it seems is what God is saying here we meet with that understanding suppose this is a new eleven assumption but it seems from what this verse is saying to me what was taking place cause they were going to the gate of the Garden of Eden to offer sacrifices guarded by two chairs right God says to Cain your heart your sacrifice is not acceptable if it had been eager doing the right thing and you would've been accepted but if not as a sin offering here you can use sin lies at the door the gate right there at the site at the entrance to the garden God was offering land team could have a sacrifice to get an note those last phrase and unto the Shelby his desire now so there was doing and what you want that last phrase makes no sense unless you understand God is offering him away he's offering a sin offering there's no other way that I know that I can understand that last phrase unless it was God saying you know what you're offering is good enough but I will provide anything that Jesus asked Greece friends that Grace God saying you can do it but I haven't offerings except I'll give it to the same as we find taking place as either Abraham and Isaac on the Mount Ryan Wright got provide God offers a keen a lamb but instead of accepting this the Bible says a keen talk of able 's brother and it came to pass and in the field the king rose up against Abel his brother and slew him Silverstein became the first murderer instead of Redeemer of the world as his mother had hope so we find here that the the story of Abel 's death able the righteous in fact if we we look in the New Testament we we find that that drove me there were wrapping up here Hebrews Chapter 11 in verse four I love this because able didn't have any idea what he was doing as the first martyr in no idea we would be talking about him thousands of years later he was Chapter 11 verse forces this by faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than team by which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his gifts and I see being dead yet speaker by faith the Bible says God on offer an offer and undergone a more excellent sacrifice I like that because sometimes we read the Old Testament leaving these sacrifices were done to to have merit in themselves is by killing the land able sins would be forgiven but not us now what the New Testament tells us able less sacrifices accepted not because it was the land because he offered me by Friedman one Abel was looking forward to the coming of a Redeemer Abel was looking forward to the land that would come as was promised his parents in there at the Garden of Eden and the Bible says a God testifying of his gifts and by exceeding that gets because I like that because Abel 's testimony still speaks to us today right it speaks to us today because it tells us to look by faith the way looked by faith to Jesus John chapter one verse twenty nine behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world Jesus was the one who was prefigured by the lands that were slain by Adam and Eve in the garden but were slain by able at the garden at the gate of the garden I should say Jesus was the one being pointed forward to and as we look in the sanctuary service all of the sacrifices offered for the forgiveness of sex were representing Jesus they represent the one that was to take away the sin of the world Revelation thirteen eight refers to him at the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and what that simply means is that he had he made that commitment the comment to be the sacrifice for man's sin and he would come as our Savior those who sacrifice those lands were meant to do it by faith of course we know what happened in miserable they forgot the land of the comments are trusting in the land they were killing no plans save anyone only Jesus only Jesus can save us from our sins Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world has other sanctuary services like the sacrifices instituted in even pointed forward to the great plan of salvation by which God purposes to restore mankind into oneness with himself they point forward to Jesus to his sacrifice to his ministry and to his reunion with his people the sanctuary is all about undoing the damage done with the fall of Lucifer in the fall at the sanctuary illustrates how God will deal with the sin that is called to have between mankind and himself and will bring about a final marriage once again at the end of all things when God restores everything unto himself are likely to turn with me last of the Bible book of Revelation and let's just look at a couple of sanctuary language instances we find the last part of the revelation last couple chapters of Revelation chapter one twenty one relationship to twenty one and verse one religion twenty one verse one I saw a new heaven and new earth for the first ten and the first earth were passed away and there was no more sea first for God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes it should be no more death neither sorrow the crime shall there be any more pain the former things are passed away as a selling replace the solid summary you want to be I do the notice of me says in verse nine Achaemenid me one of the seven Angels and seventy seven vials full of the seven last plagues and talk me saying come hinder I will show you the bride the lamb 's wife see that what they call Jesus the Lamb still the book of Revelation from the book of Genesis all in the book Revelation if sanctuary language being used and once again we have the Lamb Bingham talked about and you see the city 's new Jerusalem coming down out of God from heaven I says and inside the city verse twenty two Revelation twenty one verse twenty two and I saw no temple therein for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of that evening there's going to be a need for a plan of salvation heaven not at all no phases of the Lamb of the Temple of it no certainly three and the city had no need of the sun even the moon to shine in it for the glory of God enlightenment and the Lamb is the life thereof once again we see the Lamb in written in the new Jerusalem verse twenty seven days of the in no wise shall in no wise enter into anything that the files neither works overworking abomination or make an ally but they which are written in the Lamb 's book of life over and over again the merger the book of Revelation even after the final resolution binary marriage and reunion of his people as the Lamb Jeffrey twenty three verse three and there shall be no more curse but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it and his servants shall serve him they shall see his face and his name shall be and therefore had there shall be no night there they shall need no candle neither the light of the sun of the Lord God gives them life and they shall reign for ever and ever and he said is me these things are faithful and true and the Lord God of the holy prophets and his angel to show unto his servants things which must shortly be done behold I come quickly lesson is even keep the sayings of the prophecy of this book on so thankful for that landmark you the book of Genesis down to the book of Revelation we see the sanctuary feeling things written language being used in this wingman exploring in greater detail some of these services to help us understand and interpret what the Bible is talking about but the most important thing that we can burn me from our study is to have our minds in Iceland where Jesus 's sacrifice his salvation his righteousness tonight I just wanted to tell him I'm thankful that he was willing he was willing to die from license the land to the slaughter innocent for the guilty it took my dad and I might have his life went on that also don't you think this is for a father in heaven tonight what is grateful for your goodness was same for the weekend studied together from the sanctuary justice revelation we can see these things as a sleepwear this gathering and explore in greater detail I just want to print your spirit guide is tedious that we might learn and grow to love Jesus more appreciate more what he's done for us in what is now doing was building towards more than three Jesus in this media was brought to my audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to reason and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and him please visit www. .com universal .org


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