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Blood, Bronze, and Blessings

Chester Clark III


The first article of “furniture” a visitor would meet entering the Mosaic sanctuary was the altar of burnt offerings. In this study we explore the early biblical history of altars, and seek to gain a better understanding of the altar’s role in the sanctuary – and its meaning for us in the plan for our salvation.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 11, 2013
    6:30 PM


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Abraham have you ever woken up early in the morning Abraham was awakened that morning early to hear what he knew was God 's voice speaking to add as he awakened he heard what was to him some very very strange instructions if you have your Bibles Internet rated Genesis chapter twenty two Genesis chapter twenty two and were going to begin reading with first one just as twenty two is the fountain of the Jalalabad 's okay RA editing tasks Genesis seven twenty two and verse one eighteen the pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham Artest Abraham and said to him Abraham and he said behold here are my and he said take now my son thine only son Isaac whom thou love us and get me into the land of maria and awkward and therefore a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell you of can you imagine being awakened to such instructions from the voice of God can you imagine how Abraham must have felt Abraham is not just instructed to take his son Isaac but God reminds into the language that he uses that is his only son I am not only is his only son Isaac but if his only son Isaac whom there wasn't anything close to the heart of Abraham and Isaac Isaac is I the one that was a mere child then waited for him they tried to remember using their own attempts to fulfill the promise through Hagar and Ishmael the that wasn't acceptable less solid I had in mind finally Abraham told he was an old man I know she would be on our services the online usage however miraculously had some this is the son of whom God promise I will make you a your see ratings like the stars in a number of you can't number the stars need only mean one number yours eighty eight when I was the one there was question is fine and yet God is telling him in no uncertain terms go and offer your son for a burnt offering what would Abraham do my records and verse three and rose up early in the morning and saddled his ass and took one two of his young men with him and Isaac his son enclaves in the woods with a burnt offering and rose up and went to the place of which God had told him Josephus recorded this is not the land arrive but what became known as arrive very important skill in Hebrew history and it says that on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off and Abraham said it is young men apply here with the assets I am allowed to go yonder and worship and come again to you and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid upon Isaac his son in each of the fire in his hand and a knife and they went both of them together and Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said my father he said your mind my son and he said behold the fire and the word but where is the lamb for a burnt offering all you see I knew about offering to the Lord will look at some of this history of burnt offerings in a minute I was familiar with the other Saturdays in the garden lead in self limitations regarding the two shared a winner there with their wings spread over they need an environment that the light in the presence of God between then and there all throughout society D there were adamant even Cain and Abel are least able sacrifice there offerings of land but people had continued the tradition it wasn't just a tradition it was the instructions of God they were to offer these offerings as a sacrifice pointing forward to the Savior that would come as I knew about this and he says he hears the word and here's the fire but where is the Lamb and Abraham said in verse eight my son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering ovals a prophetic words Abraham himself didn't even realize what you say when you say God himself will provide a lamb for a burnt offering they went together and finally as they built the altar and and laid the wood in order the time came when a Manhattan hotel I think I the land that God is provided the offering that God is instructed is none of the then you know there's lots of ethical dilemmas that we could start to question and quandary about the fact is that Abraham voice and he was following Scripture report I have was was following the instructions of God being tested and proven by God according to the Scripture and he was seen the province of God in fulfilling his prophecy that God will provide a lamb that I could help passing of these handouts once again Brent thank you what I do now and why Abraham and Isaac were both so familiar with this offering ritual why they were familiar with these sacrifices were to look back at the very first altar that is specifically enumerated in the Bible record and we talked last night about the fact that there must've been a sacrifice right there in Genesis chapter three on the very first data center in Atlanta and why we see that because we saw that Adam and Eve were closed by God in the nose and had come from animals animals have to die and so we we would understand that even though this is really describing specifically there must sacrifice me and we also saw the evidence from Genesis chapter for the Kane and Abel were coming to the date the door of the gardens offer their sacrifices there and they are God was also willing to provide a lamb for Canadian only help our because we cannot even our own sacrifices that we bring God our are really not good God is the one I is peaceful we saw the raise they are once again and engage in the garden but I want to look now the first specific instance of an altar being built and women to be following this through into the sanctuary tonight Genesis chapter eight and this is a story of no and this is after the floodwaters recede in the waters returned in the arts is as around I know I have sent forth his word finally enabled me the land is dry enough for them to actually leave the art and they do leave the art and what is the first thing you want us the Bible says and knowledge and no in Genesis chapter eight verse twenty and Noah build an altar of the Lord and took of every clean beast and every winged fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar now why is no one all offering these altered these offerings on the altar why we built this altar after the flood he built it specifically to give thanks to give appreciation for his deliverance in the front deliverance of his family from the flood if we continue on in the history of ancient altars we continue of your chakras further in Genesis chapter twelve and I hope once again he brought your Bibles I guess is just as well and beginning with verse seven this is the account of Abraham Abraham is the man who follow God by faith out of his hometown urban counties in into the promised land and has these journey veers a there's a promise given to them verse seven Genesis twelve percent of the Lord appeared to Abram and said unto thy seed will I give this land and there built he an altar of the Lord who appeared unto him verse eight he removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel and pitched his tent having on the West and hey I am at least a very golden altar of the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord what is Abraham doing even none at this point he is building altars to worship God right this is his way of worshiping and making supplication Canadian making requests to his God is building altars and it would continue on Genesis chapter thirteen the last verse verse eighteen eighty then Abram removed team member welcome the plane of manner which is in Hebron and built there an altar of the Lord we see a easy training taking place here everywhere in Rome when he built an altar and altar was his way of worshiping God at all there was his way of saying what a lot of instructed his ancestors to do phase of a coming Redeemer Abram was building these authors now hoarse today we don't build liberal alters human we have I guess one out in the courtyard here is a rough but we don't use it as a means of worship is following God called a morning and evening a woman gather his family together and worship all enemies who are five by God 's presence in the regular systematic way and your families into the worship of the true God and leaving our families into supplication blessings from the true God and even gives a wonderful witness of the man who was reversing a pagan land but he was unashamed and worship the creator God of ashamed that he was the one he was worshiping a God who was different than the gods of the pagan nations around them and a round the first meeting the first name and alter that result if you notice me once again in Genesis chapter twenty two the story we began with his running Genesis chapter twenty two we find that as the God provides a a sacrifice for him there on mount Mariah the Bible says in verse fourteen Abraham called the plate the name of that place Jehovah Gyro as it is Saturday in the mouth of the Lord shall be seeing Jehovah and I read we need the Lord will provide Abraham became the first name one of his altar is that he needed the job because he believed in God worship was incurred by God a God that could come through it even the most extreme of circumstances let's look at different Ephesians four alters and I hope you all have a little handout now we've notice is that Noah built the first altar specifically mention the Bible Genesis twenty but we've also seen a couple of different purposes or occasions for the exalted to be used Nelly has been very to his altar as a an occasion to thank God for his protection and for saving him and his family from the flood Abraham uses alters as a means of worship worshiping the true God and let's continue on down to some of the rest of this list we won't look on all these passages is a good time tonight but in Genesis chapter twenty sixty five Isaac himself building an altar trusting in God as a defender from the Philistines and Jacob we find a altar being built after his years of sort of trying to do things his own way he finally surrendered the story of an item wrestling right surrenders any building alternate all risks involved in his heart surrender that he now makes to his God he surrenders his heart completely to God Job also build altars in this very interesting to get Joe to build his alters and offered sacrifices the Bible records he offered sacrifices for his children I like that because it is once again a it is a model of how we also pray for one another we pray for others at the biblical example of joking is in fact Joe is an event predecessor of the all of the sacrifices in the Hebrew sanctuary that would've been made on do one accommodation there are some people there are some people who don't realize they are spiritual danger there some people don't realize their spiritual needs Joe felt that he needed to pray and offer sacrifices on behalf of his children unless there's anything odd will save someone against their will I pray for you and God forces you to be safe a situation off but because Joe was framed for his children God was able to work in their lives and waited my wife works in the same sense the happy sacrifices on a daily basis made in the courtyard of the sanctuary of his English sanctuary in which there was a sacrifice made for the whole congregation it wasn't there a sacrifice dismayed when one person 's entertainment investors to send that sacrifices offered this was a sacrifice made on a regular basis morning for the whole congregation because the principle is this even though some people aren't aware of their spiritual needs they still have I am not aware of why special id. I don't even know all of the sins of the Holy Spirit will be reviewing my heart and my awareness I've taken Jesus but right now the sacrifice of Jesus covers those as well I have one so that I can learn and grow in nice reasons that make sense so the very military life we live if I can use the words of of the apostle Paul as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made online at Disneyland in the living room what it is increasing the person because of Jesus Christ because the sacrifice of the cross has been given the opportunity this is why otherwise there was no cheese is to think about it there was as Donald Ross and for those living with one across if there had been no promise God Curtis is it there was no Jesus we should not be unity because the wages of sin is what separates us from God God is the source of life and our sins are infinitely the art of my excited he so on a regular basis is the sacrifices were made in the same courtyard even for the congregation wasn't bringing specific set wasn't being specific centers anyway we decided out for an practically enormous after five fascinating passage you but Joe is interceding on behalf of his children and you and I have the opportunity through the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf to live to be alive and to make the decisions having trouble life is the most poor decision we can make men moving on we have Moses and Moses Golden offering and altering exes chapter seventeen with a celebration of the victory this is after the crossing of the Red Sea and so forth Sanyo builds an altar and testifying to God 's leading and establishment of government of Israel even though it wasn't God 's first choice for what he wanted for them to have a team they nonetheless offered a sacrifice and testify to God 's goodness and leading a life it restores the altar on Mount caramel and this altar is a signal are a sign of the turning of Israel to their God and Reformation you might say revival in the Reformation and the engine is connected with these biblical altars were injured moreover the history of God 's people and record that in joy or sorrow in victory or in the feet faithful men raise shrines worship the deity and to remember the one with to die for their sin all of these alters some way prefigured June Jesus intercedes for a try Jesus is our peace is our protector Jesus is the one who provides for all of our needs in every instance there is an aspect of the ministry of Jesus and the death of Jesus is prefigured by these alters and so Jesus is the one that is symbolized Jesus we remember we read last time in John chapter one verse twenty nine John the Baptist announced and had to laugh God takes away the Zen of the world right those lands being altered were not being offered on the alternate were not themselves able to say the Hebrews and they know what or Abraham Isaac and Jacob know they are not safe from the blood of bulls and goats also Hebrews very clearly cannot take away sin someone else had done that those animal sacrifices simply pointed forward to the great sacrifice that Jesus would make one day on Mount Calvary and so the Lamb of God was being prefigured the good news is that just as the sanctuary service does not area at the altar noted that most of you can go to the sanctuary now if you don't this is usually it is not composed of the courtyard and alternate is after the altar of burnt offering is more appreciative after Jesus is saying the two oh one third is the sacrifice on his thumb across was completed it was full was he satisfied but there was something yet for him to do is install the book of Romans is raised again for our justification he was his ministry is necessary and are have you been looking more later this week coming a couple nights that we have together at the ministry of Christ in the other instruments of the same street as well as of this symbol of the altar prefigures Jesus who would die for our sins and also be raised again to minister for us I find this very fascinating first this is before the Temple is instructed and that is twenty five probably back in excess of twenty five years some very specific instructions about how to build altars in helping this time we don't know much about how the keynote no one else in author knows this is a description of what that ultimately we know that got Abraham built altars we believe they were probably made of stones is from the context and the words we use their but as soon as he will not look like an accident is one of the last verses of the chapter God specifically said in the urban alters so some thought about maybe laboring work way warmed altars they were just all they were never just to offer sacrifice on the ground that wasn't acceptable there always the elevated they could use it on alternating even one large stone sometimes would be used but there was something specifically that they weren't giving it a Nader alters out of Stonington Maine in altar of stones God that you shall not will use zone for a union is your usual aligning you have your domain is a very interesting I might be very fascinating because the are we just seeing all hundred twenty four two Jesus and perfect sacrifice that he would make in our behalf we understand that overwhelmingly it is justification that is pointed forward to buy the altar right and the justification is something that we cannot all work is not as your works your works are not to be included in an AlterNet is symbolized becoming a new building on Colorado's zone if you don't we find some way I need some way to actually and I see them not as a form in my mind that God is about the human works out of the symbol of justification the altar of sacrifice important that corruption at the very end just twenty humans with the union this is the kingdom and we might think that all the ten Commandments were are symbols of legalism of salvation by works in a way from my reading that person some people have certainly made that I is relevant that they weren't there some installments very clearly just that they weren't supposed to understand they weren't supposed to God here book in the chapter of the ten Commandments with instruction about the altar the greatest symbol of forgiveness like me the greatest example of justification through the work 's license of Jesus and he is as specific as from their normal and human works are not injury also on the promise sometimes we don't mean the rest of the story sometimes it is really hard and we does really know you don't read the rest and I this is something I recently learned I never saw the next twenty I never realized that in the last part of that chapter God was using symbolism that he intended people from veganism from salvation by works that can be good works so because if you use usual one if you have profaned this and this is a a a a fascinating juxtaposition we see here next this chapter twenty now we come to the altar of the sanctuary we turn to Genesis Exodus chapter twenty seven let's look at Exodus chapter twenty seven at the instructions that God gave specifically about the altar of sacrifice and they mosaic sanctuary exercise forty seven we find the first versus the instructions about building being offered sacrifice and it says in verse one and often make an altercation with five cubits long and five cubits broad the officer before square the height thereof shall be reviewed and so you're talking about roughly two meters oh five and have six feet the seven habits of VZV some are very different understandings of what it is some legal language is some say it's a little more fat is but if anything is talking about a proxy for the square and an approximate four five feet high altar and the it says those make the horns of it on the four corners thereof his horn shall be of the same and you shall overlay it with brass sources look a little not specifically at this altar there were two materials to be used in constructing the altar acacia or as the King James sent them would with an overlay of copper or bronze plates and weaknesses compared to materials we find the Bible speaks of them in various places as an sort of contrasting ways what is spoken of in first Corinthians chapter three as being perishable something that it is tried by fire it can drive him to bring about them I would be paid and just a simple rot and bronze on the other hand is something that is newly add in the Bible used in ways that he seems to be symbolizing my and strengthen power we can all these verses you can look some of the life in the future but that using simple using me talk about for example you talk about those voracious races these would wrong we may talk about Zechariah the amount of from the mountain of award and Mike and Job etc. and have bronze is acting on an outlay of two metals copper and ten mingled together if we were just like the brass is more like copper convenient and all three copper myself and our boys we would giggle brass bronze all we were visiting time of Moses and so it is difficult to say exactly which of these metals are combinations of metal is wrong over whether you if you might notice a few genes is wrong altar make it out of his easy as brass office may seem like a very outgoing and him a him a him know that God may be symbolizing something on in this and this these materials humanity to be represented by the word in many instances people are described as wood or trees from one talks about the righteous man entry by the rivers of water Isaiah points forward to crisis a tree in Matthews refers imagery etc. and so we we may see here enabling re: him and him and which became a little more time in the divinity of Christ in which he is close and he is protected from the sin of this world there's also interesting to foreigners of the alternate Scripture corners earth for the Franklin power notice that in Psalm eighty nine twenty four thousand notice also that once refuses containers for anointing oil and horns were used as instruments to call the people to worship your all so please only put horns were used even in spiritual rituals of the horns of the altar were sometimes used as a rough refuge for desperate hunger there are a number of occasions where someone ran into the sanctuary route on the horns of the altar well it was actually something that God provided that this was this was a is a way that name is huge when their meaning from punishment weather is just for a time just and a good place himself on the section of that it always worked there were five people killed blogging anyone are holding on the physiology the that was that there were neither martyrs and him and the blood of Zacharias was there in the Temple and during the New Testament but there were also in situations where men held on to the horns of the altar and God instructed her to Joab was one of those after he had an yet it murdered inappropriately he went and held onto the horse the author and God directed he so warns represent these many different things such as symbols of protection symbols of anointing but however you alter the victims were not killed on the altar and some other pagan rituals you might have suspected that he the vote was limited use to some house and do more to laugh down the victim 's when they were killed because other and other nations around Israel some of their sacrifices were offered why for that matter to you now for John some of his right and for those purposes and often alive offering you might have to type in victim down on the sacrifice down the fort would be killed and then burned or burned alive without you see fit altar in the sanctuary no sacrifice feel actually on the same were to sacrifice the field for the overplayed on Neil 's music is one of the author there there was one which the priest would or the center would place hand in his hand on the head of the via sacrifice confesses then and a transfer of his to the sacrifice simple horse and then with his own hand it was a sin offering his hand was flying through other of the offering and the priesthood collect the blood and parts of the on the burn parts the off captivity by the creation will get into that and just a little bit more Muslim wife is also the altar of burnt offering is one of the names Ms. saw Halle from Hebrew to ascend and I a conjures up an understanding of the smoke that would come off the top of the altar smoke means out of this as a symbol of complete immolation or consumption by the flames and consumption by the fire another name for the altar was altar of all offering and it wanted to they can lead again consumption of every portion of the sacrifice and two instances of these names of the author referred to our annexes thirty the altar of burnt offering and Deuteronomy thirty three thousand interesting when we look at this the main altar call offering we see that this is a must of been what Paul is referring to when he speaks in Romans chapter twelve Catharine Bible and their when he speaks to Christians there is a New Testament forces replete with sanctuary language especially the book of the writings of Paul Paulding 's scholar of the Hebrew system of Romans chapter twelve see here Paul using clear explicit sanctuary language when he says in verse one hundred therefore brethren by the mercies of God and present your bodies a what living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service and be not informed of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and so the symbolism of a net mental picture of it all with me raising in the minds of his countrymen would be that we are to make ourselves as sacrifices for Jesus and I doesn't mean that we offer ourselves literally physically model but we give him our best and are all right the only sacrifice that God is an accepted wholesale we can just get him part of our hearts part of her life he wants our our whole hearts unfortunately though we have we have wandering hearts and sometimes it's easy dressing we win good intentions we want to place ourselves in the halter is sometimes a one hundred and don't stay there and it's my prayer that I can learn to evermore be rendered on the altar he is as one person grade for my life to be to be to be a sex for him as as Paul Gray I won't last very landing in a century language I will very gladly send NBC for you be warned about how to be more like a flower offering his friend there in second Corinthians I will very gladly spend and visa for you so these are the names of the author will be given to be given and was referred to at times there were other names as well that those who live this will get briefly here this is now as we look at the way that a center would approach the altar will look now little bit of this briefly this I him a sanctuary service the Mosaic tabernacle and we would notice that if we were a center we would have to approach the altar we would have to get to the altar by some means in the very beginning when God told Moses to build a sanctuary that make me a sanctuary that I mean what I may dwell among them know what God wanted to be close to his people but he could not he could not equipment on risks and misunderstanding or the lack of understanding of his people and they should not realize the seriousness of so God is feeling uneasy he's doing united and mobility juggling act here to try to be as close to him and his people and yet at the same time communicate his holiness and the exceeding sinfulness of sin sin separates us from God that pretty clear at what happened in the beginning we look at last night the Angels the second project to restore Oscar not being those that send right calf and out of heaven God didn't stare at any order and we didn't be consistent in need and right-handed divorce them out as that if you weren't essentially means you separate them team the regime from a very intimate relationship which desired and wanted and in time for you to send them out of the guard and so sin separates us from our God and so he's he's coming down in the camp of Israel in order to be close to them and in the same time communicating his holiness and their need for some rectifying of their sin problem places the sanctuary of the things with process as a way of approaching him and if you'll remember there was about there was a distance to be kept from the camp of Israel to the marker of arc was where his presence well two thousand two zero about over half a mile around my so they were to be it is so I haven't found actually any artwork to improperly illustrate that because these are hard yet half a mile of energy plasma with the Bible records around the pattern would be hard-pressed to see he is tolerated and even though miniscule things on this but him he's a idea that that father is the much larger and as a person would be convicted of their sin they would realize they extend and they needed a to exercise faith in the coming Redeemer than one would die for their sins their coming sacrifice as enabling and they would start passing through their neighbors as hearing a land where there is more than hearing into Journal does is forbear to offer that they can carry a flower right there was nobody to be excluded from the sensory service as a team with their sin offering whatever a lot of the method of the board as a team meeting at their way through the Genesis you can just imagine what people would've done right and eighty nine is different today we have people like the Watson whisper him notice that only teenagers much different and I can just imagine what Jeff is again one hundred and one note of his life one hundred and one reviews recent rumors floating no it didn't matter as the worship of God is between the soul and God bless people saying that they're going to say but in order to make your way to the temple in the first please hear more thought about his life and what other people one hundred makes sense that it is humbling a prime and that's harvesting is the first set towards getting closer to God God is there God is wanting and well the Steve Levine one one ninety one eighty personal relationship with us to do that we have to put aside what people think and go to seek the favor of God and Jeff it would make his way across that closet and into the temple in the end of the courtyard and into the courtyard he would go through that phase and even if you are in my consultant heard something about that that he represents what or who so much of the same trigger diseases is Jesus as I adore talking about John chapter ten is deceitful right I am the door someone will enter you find safety upon completion and so the door Wednesday injured in the courtyard represented Jesus there is no other way there's only one way into the sanctuary godhood of mitigating and Israelites coming from all four directions of all twelve tribes scattered around the venture good and mitigating in a formal or without notice the symbolism of the right as they came into the sanctuary God made very specific instructions as to which way to St. George the oriented so that the team is a Jesus as they entered through Jesus and the door they have their backwards direction the nerdy rephrasing what they're back to the East and the most common religions of the day were actually some worshiping religions and they all orient their temples the opposite direction so that in worship services they would always talk to help you turn your back on the things the ways the world unity a hundred and eighty degrees different from the way the a world where will worship the way the world of things in your face in the opposite direction combat to those things why because your injury through Jesus the only way you are entering into the into the door into the path of salvation if you want to say and so these symbols living would be confronting each center Jeff whoever he was as he made his way in the Temple and has SDE got there he would take his lamb and he would confess his sin allowed that he was able to offer it as I mentioned other sacrifices that he was unable as he confessed his sin on the head of that land I want to be very clear he wasn't confessing that central trees Leslie at one point in all this was a ritual really a between the center and God is the priest wouldn't have to know what that sin was that had nothing to do with it was symbolically transferring the sending deals of that to the head of an innocent sacrifice within Haiti for that with the very life and death as I mentioned that the blood will be caught the same with me to be at the center would cut the throat of the land the blood would be caught and then some of that flash to go to the altar of burnt offering some of the good feet and reach some of the blood would be sprinkled on the horns of the altar and sprinkle before the veil inside things result of symbolism of what would happen in the church in which the Lord is not meant right all symbolism is this a lot of time looking many need details but essentially what is happening here and and I wanted out of this very very quickly running out of time as this then is transferred to the Lamb the land they is divided different we thank you have the sin being transferred to the breezy become the thin bearer and as a sanctuary to all which also bears the sins of the people is very important for us remember is when we talk later enemy now is what would happen I'm not sure living at home it was all about reconciling the sanctuary itself not just the things you had to sacrifice a number for the priests for the congregation of the things are November was a sacrifice for the sanctuary felt beside initial no ordinary night like when you call the christening whatever however the dedication is designed originally that is only on the off her leather sacrifices made for the sanctuary itself and because throughout the year sin was being transferred by the priests carried by sanctuary records is that within the next signs and finally done away with four other untraceable that's a whole mother study will get them to talk about Yom Kippur Jesus becomes as priests are taking of the flesh Jesus becomes our sin bearer in time you understand and will look at the Bible not just just a second so that if reason is that sin is that land representing part of that sin allocated and not as a couple of things before you move on here Jeremiah chapter seventeen in verse one if you if you question the fact that you are is understood their sins to be entitled in figure transfer to the sanctuary renotice legitimizes and Jeremiah seventeen is one he says the Senate of Judah the pen of iron and with the point of a dying it is great even on the table of their heart and upon the horns of what you're altering now giving your mind is literally saying that there is a record of sin that is engraven in some sort of micro- engraving on the horns of the altar of letters referring to the different mobile century altar in the courtyard of the altar of incense because blood was sprinkled there's well known literal records for extended through symbolic because that's where the blood was sprinkled that was represented the cost the line of the innocence and is transferred to the sanctuary is transferred to the priest to a of the flesh and bikini sin bearer synchronous shutter five hundred twenty one makes it very clear what happens and not that difficult but in the real plan of salvation for he has made him to who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might mean the righteousness of God in him think about matters for one this is probably one of the most amazing amazing mysteries held by the latest sins of the world my horse on the face how it is not just is not just this first goes beyond just Jesus Barron said to Jesus the mice just like the preceding the flesh of the sacrifice that will become a part of him Jesus is in a real sense of my place he became for me and not just Jesus is coming soon and always a great prairies is he who knows for you and I our consciences are somewhat negotiating my home and opening the passage but we live in this world and soon becomes a little more Monday but we don't realize exceeding four of sin but for Jesus he knows how to secure conscience who always had unbroken relationship with his father for Jesus to be common sense to the Romans didn't kill Jesus they were shocked that Jesus is always been dead for a while his letters are separated right to the point as well with an candidate for a while across the guilt of Jesus Christ low means of portraits that people live for days over a week off on cross from across and Jesus died not because the nails killed Jesus died because the weight of the sins of the world broke his heart and he could not physically bear your sense licensing he he he the price I pay of our sin is amazing amazing verse seven five twenty one God made him to become sin for us no sense that we might be made the righteousness of God in him that first race model in line with the phrase Gregorius is God offers three his righteousness for our righteousnesses are as filthy rags but Jesus Christ is offered that it might be applied to our account we might become who he was he became who we are that we might become who he is he suffered our that we might experience his life one is what is storing no wonder it's called the good news I am so when we find it in the sanctuary service are all the elements of what we would invade terms called justification we find repentance where we find repentance and the sanctuaries are what is repentance is in its eighty sorrow percent right if there were more states say it's it's feeling sorry for getting caught Judas Lessard got caught betraying the Son of Man right of the sorrow that we've done something that hurt Jesus and the willingness to turn away from every center for just the delete is in a walk through the camp of Israel carried a sacrifice to go across the classroom of all the wagging tongues and busybodies and and in a loss occurs there must've been in the camp of Israel it's clear that he had part of repentance relations supposed to write that was the whole point sure people eventually got to the point where as a badge of honor they were proud works it was supposed to be the homeland and a willingness to take this journey through Israel for forgiveness and then there's professional life as he would confess his sins on the head of the lab there was a confession that the place and there was a and forgiving power of the blood in so this is saying the same element with you and I are called upon to think of the name right were called experience God is a gift from God repentance and the Holy Spirit works in our hearts when we see what we not receive it the way that our lives have have fallen short of the glory of God not because all of our life have seen those aspects that were not proud of and were willing to say Lord I'm behind me and we try back on the things of the world and we need we want to the Temple seeking Jesus is the door and reinjured it in fasten for sacred sens with all the elements that God clearly spells out for us in the New Testament of the gospel of forgiveness of justification and so this is exactly God wants us to have Roma seven five verse one he says therefore having been justified by faith in we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ how would justify my the Bible says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just do what forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness though forgiveness comes when we might see claim the promises of God we might they are looking back at Calvary just as surely as likely as sinners back then were looking to count three it's all about Jesus the only way that a center to see whether Abraham Isaac or whether the two thousand and thirteen the only way is saved by the blood and by exercising faith in that the only way that we can be saved and the altar of sacrifice symbolizing particularly the cross symbolizes particularly are surrendered to him is in a large way illustrating just Asian in the sanctuary service but they are not story in Genesis chapter twenty two the angel of the Lord called Abraham Abraham and he said here I am in Genesis chapter twenty two verse twelve God said do not lay your hand on the laugh or do anything to him for now I know that you fear God since you have not withheld your son your only son from me and they are in that story says behold I provide for your RAM and as Abraham looked up and lifted up his eyes he saw caught in the bushes there a RAM that was just just in time and just the right place just the right specifications for a sacrifice and he called the name of that place Jehovah Gyro and on that same mountain some years later metal eight hundred years later Solomon built his Temple and a thousand years after that nearby called Google son of God would be crucified between two thieves and once again Abraham 's prophecy would be fulfilled when he said to Isaac God by a land for God so loved the world that he be his only begotten that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life when I think of Walters I have to this and in part or all and in part amazing part just once shame and humility to realize that when God provided a land he provided his only son who he loved me let him die for me I think overdue thank you and I'm thankful that God provided the lion and Lamb that ran saved in Iraq by fading the Bible says he was eleven Abraham was willing to offer up Isaac because he believes that he can raise from penalizing someone he believed I could be raised from the dead think about it there's no that anyone prior to that time had ever been raised from in Abraham 's life they believed God so much as willing to sacrifice was nearest and dearest to his heart and became a type of God 's sacrifice flows years and years to his so that we might the question you have to ask yourself some ideas are we children of the faithful Abraham believed God and that she was willing to willing to exercise that kind of thing there's a Savior who died on the cross invites us to exercise that same statement that ours can we forget we got better land sanctuary we have to believe Jesus died for me for you perhaps but you must follow thank you so much for giving us opportunity to study and learn about the sanctuary would look tonight it alters there is many purposes for altars as those are still many purposes for which we can stop just bow on me a couple of your hearts to you below there's no greater service of greater desire to have been then we come to the altar on which Jesus laid down his life that we might by faith except his death and Harvey that we might be willing like Abraham to have such faith that we believe those promises are for us that you will fulfill those promises just like evil film the promise that an aide and I think you're seeing whom he called you'll also have a full of promise to and we confess our sins you are still faithful and just forget the source and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness you fulfill the promise that therefore being justified by faith we tonight can have peace with God or Jesus Christ but as we look at the altar of sacrifice leaders want to pray that in another sense we might be willing to put ourselves our hearts are my son now turn our turn our backs to the things of this world and enter through the door and behold me yours as Paul says is our reasonable service we thank you for this I think every person here desiring their will on them what is a a media was I audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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